Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 8, 1958
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To City Subferibtrs: If you fail fo ggf yduf Sfaf )bleas<* teigf>h6fi§ 7'3431 by 6:30 p, ffi. and d sp^ial eaff igf Will deliver yduf Knife For W«ofh«r Report! See Cehrmn at Seffem ef this S9TH YEAR: V6L NO. 303 Jan, II, 111* HOP!, ARKANSAS, WIBNISBAY, OCTOBER S, 1958 Death Near for Pope After a Second Stroke By PRANK &RUTT6 CASTfcL GANDOLFl, ItulV (AP)—Pope Phis XII w&s neiii' death loday afler a second sti'o'KC Mis heart weakened, fcnd his doe Utfs had little hope that he could JWrV/ve. The second stroke came this morning, two days after the first. "The Pope is going fast," was the word in this town where the 82- year-old spiritual leader of the roman Catholic Church Was stricken. A member of the papal hotlsu' hold was reported by a Caslel Gandolfo police official to have sent lhat message to the Italian •pvernmcnt, ^Heightening 1 the emotional tension were false reports that the Pope had died this morning. The Italian news agenfcy Italia issued one such report, The Vatican officially denied it. It was reliably reported thai the Pope had been given Extreme Unction — the last . rite for the dying or those in danger of death — for the second time. It had 'been given for the first time as he lay f a coma Monday after his first stroke. Al noon (6 a.m EST), a Vatican radio broadcaster, speaking! from the Pope's antechamber, said al Ihe time Ihe Pope was "resting." He added thai the condition of the pontiff was unchanged from that reported in the. medical bulletin which several hours before had announced the second stroke ant « id the Pope had made some ght improvement. The broadcaster said the Popc'f temperature was 37 degrees centigrade (98.6 Fahrenheit), normal but his pulse was 103, very high. The radio spokesman addec that "at. that moment" the ponlifl was in a stale of lethargy, "probably under the effects of tranquil- Continued on Page Three Memfeifi tht Aususlti) Preti i Audi! Bumau ol At, Ntf Paid eifti. t me*, cndm* *>pt. 30, 1958 — PRICE Se it COULD HAVE STAYED LONGER — A huge crowd was on hand to greet the atomic submarine Seawolf as the undersea craft arrived at deskside in Groton, Conn., after setting a record of 6(1 days under water. Her skipper, Capt. Richard B. Lanlng, said the submarine could 'have stayed down another 30 days. — NEA Telephoto Experiment Station report for 24-hou.rs ending al 7 a. m. Wednesday, High 83, Low 63; No precip iilaj.ion; 'Total 1958 precipM.a(t,iort through September, 40,17 inches; during the.same period a year ago, 53.30 inches, Arkansas Regional Forecast ^ By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ~A11 sections of Arkansas; Partly cloudy and mild this afternoon, to night and Thursday with a chance of isolated showers, Friday partly cloudy and mild will) scattered showers, High this afternoon low f!0s central and northeast, mid 80s southeast and southwest, near 80 northwest; low tonight mid 60s central and northeast, mid to high 60s southwest and northwest, high COs to lowf?0s southwest, ARKANSAS — Considerable cloudiness through Thursday with a few showers,'Not much change in temperature. Lowest 65 to 70 tonight. Highest 75 lo 80 Thursday Extended Forecast for the iod Oct. 8 lo Oct. 13 ARKANSAS: Temperatures g to 5 degrees nbove normal. Normal minima 52 to G2, Normal maxima 73 lo 83. Cooler a.bout Sunday, ^recjpitatton generally moderat* in scattered thundershowers main* ly Sunday and Monday, LOUISIANA — Partly cloudy through Thursday with a few light showers north portion.?; THE WEATHgR &L?§WHgRg Py The A.§§QSIATgB PRg§§ .,, High t9W Pr, Albany, cloudy AlbuquQi-Que, cjea.1 1 Wjanta, dear pisrnfirck, cloudy gg ^j Boston, cloudy §5 (H Buffalo, cloudy 75 54 Chicago, clpudy 7§ 5§ ,?a Cjeyejand, rain ' 75 '5§ Q? Denver, cloudy PQ 5,g 'Pes jVloiijcs, cloudy 73 ' 3§ «03 Detroit, cloudy Fort Worth, cjou4y ilclena, cjoudy 65 81 5? 79 3§ f pnsas Ciy, clout(ly 05 Angeles, clear ' Lpui§y(}le, cloudy JY[pjmpnis ; cloucjy JVfi^mi, yjoudy Milwaukee, cloudy Mpi>S.t, Paul, rain Orleans, 94 72 18,43 78 0J J?Q ?Q 7Q JSQ §0 S3 ?0 J5 n 11 11 &§ S3 Louisiana Demos Having Tough Fight BATON ROUGE, La. (AP>— Camille F Gravel Jr., 43-year-old veteran of Louisiana's rough and tumble politics, faces a grim, uphill fight for his 1 job-as'.'Democratic national committeeman. Tha showdown today, before the State Central Committee has the Alexandria attorney on the wrong side of an issue wjih a strong' grip on Southern emotion- segregation. Gravel, a Catholic lay . leader, faces an apparently overwhelming coalition teaming normal political foes, Gov, Earl Long and State Sen. W M. Rainach Louisiana's segregation chief. Segregationists have been after Gravel for more than a year because of his support for the national party's position, on " civil rights. <- f - ' - A - «* R ?-< i Gravel replied he was meiely carrying out his pledge to support the party and its platform,, in his votes on the Democratic National Advisory Council, where he represents the South, A close friend of National Chairman Paul Butlor, Gravel is a member of the National Executive Committee, Butler declined comment pending today's Central Committee session. Most of the country can look for temperatures in October to average below seasonal normals, except for near to slightly above normal in New England'and along the south Atlantic coast. Above normal is predicted for West Coast ilatei and near normal in mountain areas. - ; ^ifef< t •:LIGHT?;'.j;r r ' EXPECTED PRECIPITATION HEAVY \~\ MODERATE ~^] LIGHT Man Buried Under 100 Tons, Rescued CORONA, Calif. (AP) — What does a man buried under 100 tons of rock and earth think about? Those digging machines that are biting clown to free him, says Carlos Ramirez. He svas burled for 9 minutes Tuesday in quarry rockslide. "I've seen a couple o£ fellows killed by machines trying to dig them up," said Ramirez, wh<? came through the ordeal with oniy minor injuries "I thought thai might happen to me, but I still couldn't move. So what could I do?" The steel helmet he wore saved Ills life. It made &n air pocket over 'his head. He wqs planting explosives nt the base of a 150-foot cliff when [he slide buried him, A steam Shovel went to work and removed 40 ions of earth and rock. A smaller rnachine was sent in and >-o* moved another 60 tons, Fellow yorkcrs (hen started in with -band shovels, f , Ramirez, 54, was motionless lien he was uncovered, Recoil Pej-itions to Be Deloycd LITTL13 HOCK 'or recall of four of the fiye aers of the Little RocH School 3oa.rd W)H 'not be filed fur s«vora.l weeks, Margart C. Jackson, pres- .dqnt o fihe Segregationist Central Mothers League, said the ?ignaturcs on the -petitions would lavc-Jo be checked against the list o W958 pol) lax holdprs. She shp undcrstpotJ the ijo\y }i4 not J?* availa|pje fpr two or three 'weeks. ,pjily {|uaj)ficd ele'ctors are wli^i' 3lo tp sjgn Die petitions, p lyfothers League circulated recall prUtions but-failecj to lie tl>em vith the Pulaskj Qount) 'p?|0|-e the 5|§7 poft taj* J,. Kainfal) for the period is expected to exceed normal over Ihe eastern third of the nation and also in the Gulf states, Subnormal amounts are predicted west of the Continental Divide and in the northern plains. Elsewhere, near normal precipitation';s in prospect. Backs Closing Schools, 3 Per Cent Sales Tax C. 0, Wakjuist, Prescott newspaper publisher and Nevada County Representative Elect, spoke out harshly yesterday against recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, integration, and the proposed repeal of the state 3% sales tax, He spoke before the Hope Kiwan* is Club, and touching on Newspaper Week, the speaker expressed fear thnt freedom of the t press and freedom of speech 1 was in jeojardy, if the U.S, Supreme Court is not curbed in makjng decisions on what he called adverge to the Con* solution and Bill of Rights, He upheld Governor Fau'bus in his fight for states rights pnd scg- regation in the public schools of Arkansas, contending that "we would 'be justified ir) shutting down every school in Arkansas" if we could win the'battle agaiqst integration, ', He flayed the NAAPP^and said it had close connections with Com. munis.uo fronts which 1 hp declared was striving "to take • gontrol of the United,States. In regard to the proposed repeal of'the three, percent sales tax which wjll Appear on the fjoveniber bal* lot, Mr. Walquist predicted that jf the people vote for repeal ~r thtn the next legislature ivill see the gieatest ava}an,eh.e of tax bills in history- " " •Eel Thrash an4 Arljs Trput were .jtj-ftduced .as new members, an.4 Charles pari'^t 1 Pf was a guest., Stewart Youngest of U. S. Justices WASHINGTON (AP) — At -13 Potter Stewart is going lo be Iho ba'by of the U, S. Supreme'Court, But Stewart, appointed lo tho court Thursday, won't be thu youngest justice ever to sit on Un' high bench. Justice William 0. Douglas was only 40 when Franklin D, Roosevelt appointed him in 1930 Two early-day justices, Thoma-> Todd, appointed in 1807.' and Joseph Story, appointed in 1811 were only 32 at the time. Ages of the other present jus (ices; Chief Jusliee Warren C7. Hugo L. Black 72,. Felix Frank' furter 75, Pouglas 59, Tom Clark 59,, -John M. Harlan 59,' WiUiatN J. Prennan 52. and Charles Evans Whitaker 57. ;(J,S,Cal(sOff Convoy Duty to Quemoy ', By JOHN M. HIGHTOW6H ;, WAMWCTON (AP)-Thd United Suites announced today the con- Voylng of Nationalist Chlne.se sup,ply vessels on the Quemoy run has Slopped. It said thnl If the Chinese Communists start shooting again the escort system "will be resumed forhvvith," Slate Dcparlmcnl press officer Lincoln While told reporters the "entire purpose of the U n I I e d Slales in Ihe Quemoy crisis has been lo bring about a cease-fire and obviously we hope the present cease-lire will continue." The Communists began an an- fio^nced seven-day truce period Monday Secretary of Stale Dulles ai'ld other Eisenhower administration officials are trying to figure some Way lo gel the truce extended into a permanent cease- fire. There were reports here thai some Communist .diplomats In Western Europe were passing out word thai Ihe Chinese Communist regime will' exlencl Ihe no shot- ng 1 order beyond next weekend. The U S. views will be cx- n-csscd to the Chinese reds in dip-' lomatic lalks under way al Warsaw. U. S. Ambassador Jacob Beam is scheduled lo meet the Chinese envoy, Wang Ping-nan, Friday. Governor to Send Out Letters Over Nation Appealing for Funds By SPENCER MOOSA TAIPEI, Formosa TAP)—A top American military adviser lo 'Nationalist China said today the Quc- rnpy blockade has 'been broken Continued on Page Three Cotton Crop Estimate 11.6 Million Bales WASHINGTON (AP) — The AgrU ulture-- Department, today estimated Ihis year's colton crop at I),675,000 bales of 500 pounds jross weight; This figure is 430,000 bales l<?s.s han the forecast of 12,105,1)00 ast year and 14, 136,000 for the en-year (1B47-5C) average. The crop is being grown'on an icreage restricted by a federa ci'op control program and withdrawal of some land under the soil bunk payment program. These measures arc designed lo help orevent over production. The department forecast th ,'ield at an average of 469 pounds icr harvested acre compared with i88 pounds last year and 317 for he ten-year average. The indicated production com- jares with a department forecasl hut around 12,500,000 bales will jc needed to supply domestic and oreign markets. Supplementing the crop will be a reserve and s-urplus of 8,700,000 bales accumulated from past big'-crops Much of this is stored under government price supports, Jn an accompanying report, the Census Bureau said 2,026,554 running bales from this year's erpp had been ginned prior to Oct, J compared with 2,492,490 ginned to the same date lost year and 523,648 two years ago. The indicated yield per acre and production, respectively, by states included; Arkansas 446 pounds per acre and production 1,00,0000 bales, Tennessee, 515 and 440,000; Mississippi '453 and 1,080,000; Missouri 496 and 310,000; Louisiana 307 and, 310,000. Hurricane Leaves 19 Persons Dead MIAMI, Flti. (AP) — Hun-lean Janice, the season's most dadlj filnrm, spun Us winds of 73 m.p,L in Ihe open Atlantic today, n men aco lo unwary sailors, Its victim numbered 10. , Janice was iocaled early loda> about 455 miles east of Jackson ville fioeonnnisancc aircrafl one ships reported Janice was irVovinj between north northeast am northeast at 8 m. p. h. The Woalh er Bureau said the course wouk keep the storm's center well of the' East Coasl. of lha United Slnles. Gale warnings were lowcrcc south of Capo Hullcrns, N. C, lo Vero Bench but continued lo tl} south of Cape Hntcras, N. C., to Wilmington. Janice become o killer when '( whipped through • Bahama waters Tuesday on a drive to the opei sea. A 46 fool Haitian sloop, try ing to make shore In heavy seas swamped and 18 persons aboarc were drowned. In earlier tropical storms till, season, one death wns allribuicc lo Alma, the first, and five lo Ella, the fifth All Around Town ly The Star Staff If there is any pppijsiUoa to the i pity of Hope purchasing outside Tpowoy ar>d placing rrmnieipal Water and Light Plant on a standby basis, H hasn't been very loud , , , at least! Ihere ' -wasn't,.a single .pbjecljort; when th e proposal was ssubrnHted 'to the jgoard of Directors Mond«y ni^ht , ', , generally lh.p comment was, ''jt shovijd '•jjjyp'beeri done 10 years ,ago." , . , howPY'er, local folks ,jjj-e concern^ about what will happeri J 0 ^e yrosent W^I< J-4P n M crpw , , , first tha cU/ must main-j lain its distribution system, the ?arne as now . . t a standby crew \vi}l fee 'maintained at the plant . . . and severa,] of the erpw a<;e eligible to retire , t . even so t U is esti-! about half ej the crow) April J,j # - -1 -I ... .._- i Faye Loomis of Prescott as presir dent last night at Memorial Hps- pital, Mrs. Mary Lehman «f Hope, vice-tprcs,, and M§ry poo} of Prescott, secy.-Ires, , , , and Mrs, WHina Booker of Washington, chairman of the nominating com .mittec . . . Installation was carried out by Mrs. Juanila RJCO — out* going president , . , Mrs, Ruth Broinao, Litl'e' Rock, diseussecj care of cnppjed children. The VFW meets.tonight at f,3Q at the Hut on Highway 67., cas|., r—*^"— '"•"' • Jack Walton,* father of {Colly suffered a fractured hip ,. 1 — ., C.. II ., t I. : _ t . i in a fall at his tame a.t Bids Taken on $1 Million in Road Projects ,LJTTL72~KOCIC <AP)— Bids wil be, opened here Oct. 22 on nin road and bridge projects with ai estimalocl lolal cosl of one mil lion dollars .The bids were asked by the Ar kansas Highway Commission .yes lerday, The projects by coujitks; Nevada — Approximately 1.307 miles asphalt surfacing pn stale Highway 07 in Prescoll, beginnmi near Mil ICrcek Bridge and ex lending lo Monson Street. Sebastian— Approximately 1.82C miles of grading, drainage and as phalt surfacing on stale Highway 22 (Garrison and Rogers Avenuoa) m Fort Smith. Pul&hkl —• Approximately .97f miles of signing, signal control- and channelization on stale High way 10 'La Ilarpc Boulevard) h, Little Rogk, Lonoke — Approximately t).-12u miles of grading, drainage and bi luminous surfacing on slate High 1 way 13, from junction slate Highway 70 in Carlisle southward. Pulaski — Demolition of Com mercial Warehouse Building Ir Little Rock (to make way for proposed expressway). Washington end Madison—Ap proximately 0.040 miles of grading, dralnasfc and bituminous surfacing on state Highway 74, frqni junction state Highway 10 cast- ward to near Wesley Washington and Madison- concrete bridge and tw<j concrete end steel bridges on state Tligh- way 74, spanning While River Tuttle Branch and Richard C.'eek between junction stale Highway 1C and Wffcli'y. Craighead- ,221 miles of gravel ba.se and asphalt surfacing on State Highway 18, iibout one mile nortbeasl of Lakn City. Randolph— Approximately 5.533 miles of grading, drainage, bituminous surfacing, two bridge length culverts, one c o n c r e to bridge and i ailing on two existing prkjges on stale Highway 93, between junction with Highway 93 and ?plnt .4 miles casl of Eleven pro* Fsyor Retirement Plan yi'TLB BQCK (APJ A DQsqd retirement plan for all y employes in Ihe state got support of the Arkansas Assn, yesteiday, The association agreed to worH with pther pyunly officer Jiinjor Fo.sl.er o| Ljpwjsyillc a letter frc^rri the Qume a,n(i Cornrois?lon asking a. J[r : ;;Me^efS- m.b-$$8f& $$ %$ >%$$%£& s«SW-/SMi -Wne M$$ aePflcd .'imm-QVBinenls.T.which have o push the pi un, which Pulaskj County C'lork K. S. CBobi Peiers s^ , Monday would be put before the J950 Legislature. • imridorescmenf of the plan coni^ a.s the asesot'S closed their gee- OAd annual vonvwition here '4t an election, L, 1$. T<?4ford vf^, puiaski County assessor, was renamed to a one-year te«W i»S ON-''TRIAL —' Mrs.' r Anjette Lyles Is shown leaving the courtroom In Macon, Oa., after first day of her Irlsl for the Arsenic poisoning murder of her 9-yenr-old daughter. The buxom, 32-year-old widow, an alleged voodoo fancier, Is charged with poisoning the daughter, two husbands and a mother-in-law. — NEA Tule- photo. Feeder Calf Sale Planned on Thursday, The first cooperative feeder ealf sale of the Farmers-Handlers J r ct'd Calf Producers Association will be held at Hope this Thursday stales W. Lamar Williams of Fulton, president of Ihe marketing or gani/.atioii. The facilities of Ihe Sulton Livestock Commission Company, west of Hope on highway (i7, will bo used by the group in grading and selling the mostly HJfJB calves al auction by the pound In uniform! groups. About 000 head of Calves owned by 32 producers, will be offered in the Thursday sale that starts at 2;30 p. m, The calves will be trucked direct from ftirms and ranches to the sales pens where they are tagged and weighed. Cattle are sorted into uniform lots according lo breed, sax, quality, weight and condition dt-r ihu supervision of the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service, A. L. Owens, Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist, Producers and buyers are invited and urged to watch the weighing conditions and sorting, and to inspect thy cattle in the numbered pens before the sale starts, All calvus are vaccinated for blackleg and shipping fever with, the shipping fever vacHnaUon don« 10 to 20 days prior to Ihe sale, All sale are to be out (J f good beef heifer calves are vaccinated for Bang's disease. All calves in the cows and su-cd by purebred beet bulls. The Hope sale Thursday aftoiv oon is the final of 10 Arkansas feeder calf sales condueled over thy state since September a. Some 8,C'5Q head of stacker and feeder caltle h«ye been su marketed di» ijct from the funns of producers to feed lots in several The officers of the Juoal feeder cylf marketing gssoeiaUon other than Mr, Williams art; Vice-Pres* dent Bill firm of Okolona, Treasurer Dale Jones of {lope, Sucrulary iny Lawrence of Hoj.it', and Board of Olrectors, Conrad White and, Charlie Allen pf prescotl, Jno, J. Vdson of Columbus, Frances Bell irtd Lonnie Rose of Mineral Springs, Wade Gilbert pf Washing. on, Rlioy Marquis oi Fulton, and Claude Sulton of Hope, Plans to Use the Cash to Finance Private Schools • By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ; A nationwide lest or sentimental the poekelbook level—of privalc schools as a means of .preserving segregation was in the making today, Arkansas Cov. Orval Faubus an- noiinccd thai ho and Dr. T. J. Ha-' hey, president of a corporation seeking lo establish all-while* prl-"' vale high schools In Lllllc Rock, . soon will send oul thousands of' letters appealing fo rfunds. • ' He said the loiters, written on i the governor's stationery, will, go,, lo people all over the nation who have Written or telegraphed 'com-, mcndation of his proscgregatlott*; stand. They will promise n pro rnta refund of any unused conlribu-' lions should the state, now^-en-j joined by federal court docrcc^bev able later to provide money- 1 fo'r,- the purpose. Meantime, fourt Anderson County, Tenn,, school officials arrive'cl ( , in Washington to take directly - Icr'.**^ Ihe White House problems arising 1 ;'" from the devastating bombing of.,"/ their integrated Clinlon High 1 ,'' School. ( ',--_" They had'an afternoon engage- 'jV JV mont with •presidential assistants,v-1 Rosco Siciliano and "Ed McCatoe to ' discuss, among other things', who is liable in the case of destructlvUji'pi.,; acts, • ;, I; " In Ifarrlsonburg, Va , Ihe first'? court ,aj.lack.began-'on a Virginia.- low closing schools** t to thwart' in-/s tograllon, Negro plaintiffs'" went' before I_T,S, Judge John Paul seek- •• ing orders lo reopen Hie Warren, '""' County High School at Front Roy- V'- al and an elementary and a'high»'J school at Charlollosville, , ^' In Washington, While House , ,'• press secrelary James C. Hagcrly .,-1 said he knew of no plans for Ihe, -'President lo see Ihe Tenncsscc-t,**f,> delegation. . - *rj "LITTLE ROCK; Ark. (API — Gov. Orval K, Faubus again today ( stepped into the drive for privates school funds by preparing thou- ' sands of Idlers appealing nallo'n- ' wide for money. , , The letters are signed by Fau- t bus and Dr, T. J, Rancy, presl-'i dent of the corporation seeking to- establlsh all-while private high schools hero lo replace those closed by the governor lo avoid' integration The appeals will be printed on Ihe governor's slationery and will 1 be ready for mailing in about four, days. They W'H go to the thqu« sands of people who have written"; or wired Faubus urging him' to< stand fast against Ihe fedeial government, , ;>,'' The appeal letter promises' „{! /.J pro rata refund of any unused pur* i,"* lion of contributions should Ihe Conlinued on Pago Three GC Endorses PlontoBuy Outside Power Chinchilla Staging are Oaritcn Q. ,'jje/ry of Junction pjty, ffomty agse?§pr, fy^t .vicp Ami 0- T.' Qlds Jr. pf, Piggot. assessor ' A- ''St. Tins chinchilla industry Is g a come-back said Paul a talk betore the LUMJ» Club Jonday noon. \\'t\\\u no put- expects it industry to_ reach the fantastic eights Qf sc-ve^l yyais back when pair of these UtUw pyarj-gray nimtijs sold lor $1.000 tu $.2,000, Mr. Mak>y &uki \h$ sale- gf pelt^ nad inoi'eased Irom 3.0QQ Curing to rnorv tbpn, fiy.OJiQ sy~{av pelt bjring? the grower it ttffe&s wp pelts Hope Chamber of Commerce last'' ; night endorsed the proposal pf thV J, Hope Water & Light Commission tQ_,'•>} purchase electrical power froj^ Arkansas Power & Liehl, Compa and to keep the municipal plant on/,a stand-by basis, ' - - = Thw unanimous endorsement oj.t,?*; the chamber of goiumerce director's-j' came after the appearance jhe group of members of the Water & Light Commission "_an,4-'',V, CU> Manager Garland Jifecjd.q'rs,,' 'Mr, Modelpvs a_nd. members o the fomrnissJon pxplgjijecl (he lon and thorough §tudy it' had :rr,a'dj!;'< 1 'Kj over the pasf several mon'lhs '' 5 Hope's present an future ejpa posver needs, and pf its lengthy rjp ? , S port »ncl recommendatiofl ,to, the. t ', City Boar4 of Oirectors lyfonj night, The directors approyed R s*ft '«•';! yte>'&4

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