Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 7, 1958
Page 4
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1 Pap ROM ITAH, NOM, AftKANlAi Tuesday, Ociel)§f ?»19S8 Likes Bobcats Over Crossetl RED CHINA in By JOHN R STARR Associated Pl-cis Spurts Wntrr Just on the faee of the -ehr Ihls Week's Bfinu — i",|i,'i i.i! Hip ftit; Nine C'nnfrrrPc-e easy to plrk. Off the vefm rt of 11u Weeks, they're nevri i : Here ynrs. ;,nv\v;i.\ Little Hock CYnti.il I. Furl .is ru; llnirr ' Smith 0 The Tlyi'i-p a On dpfplisp aflor t\vu yr nffensno |jfnvrrhi>ii<!r ,in- Fullerloh'R jniidi.nco Thi d I/7.1U" 5 Can hold the smrr down. bu'l they'll be hard - pii-^nl t.i bri-.-i'i even in ground Ruined. North Little Rnek H Lilile Ruck Hall 7 The Woldents shnul.l «--iM< ll\vay With Ihis one. but we've «nrr ly llilfljndged If.', II (he (-,,-isl '-v-i Weeks Still can'l i.'ii-k 'em lo win btlf call It close. El Doiado 28. Pin. Bluff 7: r,p-e the Improving Zi-hras n fniirh- 'rlown, bill Die \Vildr;iis. in hi.Ji spiiits after lart -WIT]<S sqtKv/" over Nolth Little rtnf-k. won'! be denied. Jlol Rprlnps 21. TexnrUana H' The Troians buunre bark from last week's moral victory. If we were picking Texarlcana, we'd stick with this nctxr. And we'd select Rlylheville over open tlnle. but pa«l experleiiea dictates that the Chirks pmbablv •have an engagement Ilial doesn't j appeal' on anybody's schedule / Elsewhere: Faycllcville over Springdnle by the hardest, Subiaeo finally win* one over Harrison. Rogers to take Huntsvillo, Van Buren to mutilate Clarksville, Marianna to pull ;i (David on Forrest City. Helena to roilt Brinkley, \Vesl Memphis ovei' Jotiesboro. And: • Newport to trip Pnrag'ould. Stuttgart io handle Wynn. Benlon to collar Mabeh'iile, De Witt to rip iTocksonvillo, Mnlvern to slash Catndon, Conway lo climb over Little Rock Catholic. Morrilton to nail Russellvllle. Arluuleiphia to •ttuimp Fail-view. Hope to take Crossell and Magnolia over Menn. 2,500 AIRSRAFT NATIONALIST" CHINA & 560,000 500 AIRCRAFT n SHIPS 2.5 MILLION MEN 65% 90%^ f^\ MAINLAND ^ffi[#\ .^UM CHINESE •iffilSl rtl •5T FOftMOSAN 35% 10% ENLISTED MEN OFFICERS OPPOSING FORCES-'Tho relative military strengths of Red China iind Nationalist China are shown In Newschart, above. Backing the 2.5 million first-line troops on the Red mainland are some If) million reserves. The Russian-supplied air force is 70 per cent of the most modern design. The. bulk of the Red fleet, however, consists of lorpedo bouts and Other smnll patrol craft, although a number of new Russian submarines have been added. Lower right shows the standing of tho U.S.-aided Nationalist forces and their changing make-up. As of 1957, native l-\triiiusaiis hud replaced over a third of Chiang Kai-shek's original army. Fishing Around Arkansas Lakes LITTLE HOCK <AP>—Here is a fishing repon mid forecast from tlio Arfcupsns Game and Fish Commission: LAKE OUACIUT/V VyNU'i- cKnr. Bass .fair on 'artificial bail; rrap- pio fair on minnows and ,-irlificial bait. BULL SHOALS LAKE: While ba % ss 'fair on artificial bait; crnp- pio Jfiir on winnows LAKE CATHERINE: No r-- porl. LAKE NOI5FORK Black bus* fair on crawfish, fair trolling and Turley Sticks With Curves and Sinkers By WILL GRIMSLEY Associated Press Sports Writer Auburn Takes Lead in Grid Rankings By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Spahn -said; "I'll be ready, bu» ,'s up to the manngor. If he asks me." I'll try lo do the job for him.'.' Stengel listed four possible Etching choices . . . Don Lnrsen, ?yno Duren, Johnny Kucks and Ditmar "Hight now 'Ditmar would be he closest man that should litch," he said. "He's bolter low th;:ti he was last year. I laven't had to use him in this series yet. but he's been my No. 3 early inning relief man all thn vay through. I didn't use him because I had no spot for him." Auburn's Tigers, back in the fa ' millnr spot at the top of the na NEW YORK <AP> — Tho New | tionnl college football rankings York Yankees are still alive in .,i co on Kentucky next Saturday the World Series because Bob Tui Icy had rather be a "culio" than a powerhouse on tho mound The B-l'oot-2 2)4 pound spcedball- cr risked Manager Casey Slcn- pel's wrath and n niche in tho doghouse In pitching the Yankees to a 7-0 viclory Monday at Yankee. Stadium. ffe didn't do it with blinding fast balls, for which he is renowned, lie did it with curves and sliders which had Milwaukee's sluggers gawking with bats on their shoulders. He was faking la gambling chance. After Turley had boon shelled from tho mound in the first inning olViho second game at Milwaukee. Ivith DIP Yanks finally losing 13-5. Stengel reportedly was fit to bo tied. "The fancy stuff got him." Ston- grf said. "He is a fast ball pitcher. He should slick to his fust ball." On that occasion, T u r l.e y ' s curves, sliders and sinker.? wore missing thp plate, forcing, him to come in with his hard one. This was a)l the. Braves wanted. They waited and toed off They wailed again Monday, but without the same luck. Turley's teasers were clippins; Ihe corners and bending over the plate. The Braves' big films — Bill Bruton, Unnl* Aaron, Eddie Mnthews mid Wcs Covlngton — wore constantly being caught' qff balance-. "I guess about three fourths of my pile.hes were curves or sliders," he said. "I threw side-arm and overhead. I felt I was in control ull tho way," ' Stengel hud reason to bo pleased. "The- difference in the way he pitched today and hist week," commented tho dour Y a n k e e manager, "was 1 that today "when ho throw a cu.rye it was a strike and they couldn't bit it. In the other gamo w/jen ho threw a curve il was a ball and they didn't have to hit it," n an effort to become the first earn to hold that place for more ban a week this season. Auburn, national champion las •ear, was rated only fifth in the iroseason Associated Press poll o: -•ports writers and broadcasters Ohio State was picked as No. 1 n just two weeks (hose position: iiive been reversed Ohio State slid after its second straight close call, a belated 12-' :leeislon over Washington. Auburn climbed to the top will rather impressive victories ove Tennessee and Chattanooga, draw ng a rush of first-place votes fron .he experts to load Oklahoma b; <)9 points this week. According to the voting,., tlii Game of the .Weew should be tli< mooting between third-rankei Army and fourth-ranked Nolr Dame at South Bend, Incl., Salur day. Another meeting' of top 1 teams pits Michigan State, No, E aguinst Pittsburgh, No. 10, at Eas Lansing 1 , Mich, Auburn drew -\3 first-plac votes from a total of 107 ballot this, week and 818 points on th usual scoring bp.sis of 10 for first second, etc. Oklaliom trailed with 24 first and 714 points Behind them were Army, Not 1 : Dame, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Mis Mssippi, Clemson, Michigan Stal and Pitt in order. Although th ranking order wns eompjotly sjiul 4 lod, the only newcomer to tb top 10 was Pitt, replacing Iowa. VfhaftNGW'...: at YOUR house ? Anything new in your home- furnitui^ 1 . . . rugs, . , appli- " pncc'5 , , , clothing , , . a new ,TY, perhaps? And if,they were destroyed by fire tonight,' ;,5ypu)cl your insurance meet lo«; Malay's higlu'f costs',' - ? Think it over, 4 |'uciiiy,' you can payer i" one -''policy most of the risks you ;; |gco in your home-ami you siiye money, tuo. We will b£. , i ; r.' • '>vhat kiiul of insurance yovi W& jtnd how much, to cover J'ou?' persona) bi/lpnji'ii'&s «/'(/, * '~ ' OUf home. J*-' sl SW us> » ''»"• A»4 ri'incnibc'i, if you're not SMU-Porker Freshmen Ploy Thursday The SMU-Aykansas freshman football game, sponsored by th? Temple MPtnovi£>i Home for Crip plec( Children, ylll be pjayec, Thursday night, Oct, 9, at Qnnym Stadium at TexarKflDfli 1 Many H,opp fans will see .,., game in Which Hope'.s PWJI Tommy ppik will play, Mfliy other grid- dors familiar to 1'aps here m.a.ke up a large part of, thp U4 team And Hope's 1 * Hig'» . .School band ig the pasting with artificial bolt. LAHK co^\yAY; ^?ss fajr -to good on artificial bait and win nows; cvappio fair an live bass fair qn^avtifiqial worms, Simon topwatoV lurps when schooling, white bass'fgir on topvvator ' when sphooliijg, LA1SE- H/VMJLTQtj! .Bass to goad on ayUflciel te&it ctapp.ic fair ,'pn mlr a? cvjp^ets sn4 The loading teams, with jlqc'c votes in pfirenthosos: 1 Auburn ( 3) . 2, Oklahoma (24) 3. Army (7) ... 4. Notre Dame (7) 5, Ohio State 18) (i. Wisconsin (C) . . • ,7. Mississippi I 8. Clemson U> 9, iMichigqn State (U 10. Pitisbugh (2) Tjie second 10: Louisinnp State 12. first 81 ... 71 67 G"> SB 45 35 21 Purdue 14. Mlohigan-' (1) 15, Ortogfro 1C, Texas 17, Iowa 10 i! , 9 .„• .-:.,:,.. 8 0! G 3 18, Southern Methodist (1) 19, Colorado • Houston Foefs, .„ on World Py THg Standings of Mjlwaukpe New York Fir?t game Duren Spahij and runs—Npw game fit gOO/QjQ I— 4 10 ;a) %.a ' L- SHowyon Ditmar, Spahn Likely Hurlers for 6th Game Assbtlated Peels §poKs Wcitef MtLWAUklS'tV (APi—two-tirnd irflKvaukoc winner Warren Spahn nd New York's Art Dilinar ap- earcd to be the logical candidates oday to pilch Wednesday's sixth ame of the World Series Bob Turley shut nut the Braves '0 Monday. That pave the YaH< ;pcs their second victory in fire ;ames and fanned their faint opes of becoming the first team n 2:1 years to overcome, a 3-i andicap. Neither manager — Fred Ifanoy f the Braves of Casey Stengel of he Yankees — has announced his itcher as yet. They said enough, owovcr, to indicate that Spahn nd Uitmar would get the call. Asked whether ho t h o U g'h t ipahn, who pitched a brilliant two- liter in the fourth game Sunday, ould be sufficiently rested by Classified Ads AOS MUST BE IN ONMCf DAY BIFQRI PUBLICATION — PHQNf 7*3431 FOR AD TAKER •' • . - ....,- i nir innn in i i in IVcdnesday, Maney replied: 'ot all winter lo rest." "He's The schedule of Soluftaf as printed below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that Buiineif Opportunity OBNBftAL iM'dse. "store. All ftx^ tures. Sell stocK cheap. Living quarters. 12 acres with pecan orchard. Long rental. 12 miles N.W. Lewisville. bale A. Landes. Rt. 1. §ox 50, Lewisville, Ark. 3-Glp MAN OR WOMAN. Responsible person from this area, to service and collect from cigarette dispeh* sers. No scllih'g, Car, references AUUiCi't *•**»* ^ WM*. wnj/ 1-7 •*«• v ---» w St? 1 Di If VJ 3 VI11J lg,l ihXU* f l\,I\,ll.(il«w> you will be fishing lit good territory nric ) 5000 to $1800 investment nee of hunting in good covet 1 durlflg these times, If you Wish to find the best sport that each day has to Offer. • The Major Periods are shown; In boldface type. These begin.at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown.in regular type, are of somewhat essary. 7 to 12 hours weekly nets up to $350 monthly income. Pbssi' bllity full-time wol-k. For local interview give phone and particulars. VVHte International Distributing Co. P.O. Box 805, Oklahoma City, Okla. G'Stp shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Tuesday 12:05 6120 Wednes. 1:00 ?'.15 Thursday 1:55 8! 15 Friday 2:55 9! 10 Saturday 3:50 10105 Sunday 4:45 11:05 12!40 6:45 1!35 7:40 2:35 8140 3:30 9,'35 4:25 10130 5:25 11!30 The Negro Commijriify Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 uise I had no spot tor him.' gentleman or lady only, but to bo Stengel was especially pleased fl m , m fl womun _ Herbert Spen- by tho way his charges went to ,, u work on Lew Burdctte Monday LL1 ' onco they had th^e Yankee-killer pn the ropes. *• Afler touching him up for a run r\i Li-r luuminig 1111 u u]j in i 11 i i»i* j. iiu riupu vvuJi j. A n. wui IIIU^L un on Gil McDougald's third-innl_tig Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 7;30 p.rri. idme run, the i Yankees routed him HJl I (<-; I III J ( fU»J*.ACt«J** «-***» ji^nn-fct iiftt- J.(|L LJUJKitllll HJl UIV? fVt.iHJJo yyiJJ with four hits'hi Ihe sixth. By the cons jst of a'workshop. Theme "In- time lefty Juan Pi/arro put out the fire, the Yankees had scored six runs and the game was nr> longer In doubt. It was the first lime the Yankees had been able to iboal Bur? dctte in five fall meetings. , ; Burdelte didn't appear depressed. "They got only one good hit off me in that sixth inning," he said, referring lo Ypgi Berra's doubli) "As for McDougald's homer, it was a freak. .The ball hit 'thn screen alongside the foul pole. It would have ibccn a foul ball in our park." J3urdeUe would have had to pitch a shutout to match TurJey's brilliant work, Tho strong-armed right-hander doled out five hits, all singles, and fanned 10. He walked three and was in trouble only once, Thai was in the sixth when Bill Bruton icd off with'u stnglo and Rod Schoendienst followed with a soft liner to left con; tcr that had 'base hit' labeled all over it. Elston Hosvard. playing led field in place of Norm Sin- born, dashed in and made a spcn- taculcir sprawling catch in the out- standinsr defensive play of thp series. Scrambling to his feel, up throw to Moso Skowroi), doubling up Bruton, Tho Braves did not threaten after that. More Changes Made in Hog Grid Lineup FAYETTEVILLE. Ark, CAP) --' Tljo University of Arkansas Razor.- backs m'ay present P reyarnped lineuu against Bice here Saturday in th.eir Southwest Conference clash, Coach Fjrank Broyles mado thrpo changes in his first team as iha Porknrs settled into the wepkg drills yesterday. Two of the chfinees wore prompted by tho everrprpsmit neprl to solve the woeful kipkjng problem, Broyles said. < . . These involved (lie moving n/ LcsliQ Lelsinqer of Bis' Sancjy, Tcs., a sophomore, into thP PP S * of Wilson senior Billy Tranum, at loft end; and tha promotion Billy Kyser, 170 • pounder f; Cnmden, up to left ha,l(bqgk. to .. . plaoe Fl'eddy Alters of 81.ythpyi}K''. The thU'sJ change - PUf Maj'Un Epp pf Y/JPhHs, Kan-, in si rJfiht tackje Jnste'qd of Paul of But even as ho announcec] R!<? changes, Proylos ?{ud Jhej' • TV pro not necessarily ppcnw*<??$•' The Poi'Hef CORC)\ §914 iCniPhasis would be put pn offense Jfl Ih? r«' main{ns drjlls this wppfe. Sonhn and DIP*™ Ford, Pojfd,'. B««>k4 m Bjirw- ' Thought for the day Never educate a child to ibe a Real Estate for Sale Help Wanted WAtfftESS of trainee, Apply; 1ft person. Oaks Cale ahd Gift SttoJJ, l94'tfto.-C $20 tJaily. Sell Luh> inous nameplates. Write Reeves Co.. Attleboro, Mass. 3-im>p WANT' AD RATES All Wont AJs src poyd!-.'* in advance but ads will be .'jccepfe'J over the telephone' arid ar.:ort«ria- lion accounts ollowed with the un- dersfdndirig the account is pnyablo when sfdtefneHI is tendered. WANTED AT OMCfi, Man or WO' man to supply Hawlelgh house' hold necessities to consumers in S. Hcmpstead County or Hope. Full or part time. For details Without obligation see CorWitt Crow, ftl. 1, 6ox 30, Nashville, Ark. or write ftawleigh's, Dept. AKJ-641>271, Memphis, Tehn. Nurhbef 6( Words Up to 15 16 f6 SO 21 td 55 24 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 46 41 to 4$ 46 to iO One Day .45 .66. .75 .90 1.05 I.JO 1 35 three Days .90 t.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.-10 ?70 300 Six bays 1.50 ^.00 2.50 3.00 '3.50 4.00 <l.!iO 5.00 Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 ' $00 16.50 12.60 1150 15.00 Calendar of Events The Hopewcll PTA will meet'on The program for the evening will creasing Our Voting Efficiency." The program: General Assembly; Song "Count Your Blessings," Prayer, Song, "What A Fellowship," Group Discussions, • • Area I '• Why We Vote. "The Dempcratic Privilege" leader, Earl Bradley; consultant, W. V. Rutherford; reporter, Mrs. Hazel Lincisey. Area II ...... i How We Prepare to Vole "Getting Acquainted with' the .• Issues and Candidates" Leader, Mrs. E L. Hicks; Consultant, U, L. Wiley, Beporter, Mrs. Jeneva McQueary. Area III How. We Vote . . "Mechanics" Leader, Mrs, 10. S. Conway; Consultant, C. G. Carmlchoal, Reporter, Mrs. F. B, Buchanan, General Assembly Reports'. Area I ... Mrs, Hazel Lindsey; Area II ... Mrs. Jeneva McQueary: Area III. Mrs, F. B. Buchanan, Question and Large 3 bedroom home, double carport, 2 lots on South Main near High School. Buy equity and assume FHA loan. Small 2 bedroom home on corner lot near High School and hospital. FHA loan available. Near Garland School, large 2i bedroom home in gopd condition. lOTn down on" FHA loan. In Beverly Hills, large 3 bedroom home almost new. GI or FHA loan available. On" Rbsston Rpad, nice 3 'bedroom home, garage, 3 large lots. School bus by front door, makes this ideal for family with children. FHA or conventional loan. Clpse in just Pff Highway 4 east, 10 acres, 5 room' brick veneer, good garage and putbuildings, city water and natural gas. Ideal suburban home. Priced to sell. 247 acres east of Hope in Nevada County. Approximately 150 acres open land. Ideal fPr pasture or row crops, ample water, lots of young pine, Fenced. In M'cCaskill, beautiful 6 rpom brick veneer, deep well, natural gas, electricity, good.'.'barn, new tpol shed, 60 acres highly improved pasture, 2 stpck ponds. On pavement. SOMEONE to do yard and flower work. If interested call 7-4097. OVtrs. M. L. Fox Sr. 7'3te For Sale or Trade H-FARMALL tractor. Excellent condition. Good tires, motor completely overhauled with super-H kit. Has late type cultivator and mowing machine. $1,000. Need one row tractor. Roy Cagle, 1413 South Elm. 3-Gtp For Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, Insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9 HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p Answer Session ber Election" "The Novem- Panelists: W. V. Rutherford, R. L, Wiley, C. G. Carmicheal Mock Election . . . Hopjweli teachers in Volmq Muldrew, President; Mrs. Hazel Williams, Program Chairman. White Rose Chapter 418 ot the OES meets tonight at 7;30 o'clock 'at Davis Chapel Methodist Church. Nelson Hill Ladies Auxiliary No, 427 will meet tonight at 7:30 at Hicks Funeral Home, GREENING . INSURANCE & , REALTY CO. Real .Estate — Loans — Insurance 209 So. Main Phone 7-4661 2-tf Notice WE Buy • We Sell - W« Rrat HEAL ESTATE R. D. FRANKLIN COMPAKT A. P. Delouey, Manager Howard Collier, Salesman 17-11 Lpng Distance Call Collect 592. Free Estlmatei, Lowei Bfitei, Have Vans — Will Travel PBESCOTT .TRANSFEB MY home at O7.an, Ark. 5 rooms front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p 1950 STUDE'B'AKE'R pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in gooc condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 3 times 6 tirnos SOc pec Inch 65c per inch 55e pet inch Rates cjuoted above are fof eort- secutive Ihsertions. Irregular or skip date ads will toko IHe one-day rale. All daily classilied advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m. for publicaUan the following day. The .publisher retcrves the fight to fevise or edit all advestisemeiits of fered for publication and to reiect any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups of. figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Slar will hot lie responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE:'PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Sfor of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H.' Washburn, Secy-Tros. of The Star Building v 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas MIXED' HAY — Lespedesia and grass. 35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland, 7-3731. 3tf H. C. MURPHYtS 1958. Chevrolet. •Excellent condition. Less .than 4,000 miles. Call Murphy Estate. 7-3742. 6-3tc ONE half "Jenny Lynn bed with Serta inner.spring mattress. 512 W. 4th. St. 6-3ic Services Off«r«d LET us renovate y«ur" old mattress. 'We special^tV In preaaurl- ted liinersprlnj. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone ,7-: RALPH Montgomery Market, cu»tom slaughtering, We have meat tor your deep freeze, Se« ui before buying, ~'" STORAGE CO, PRE8COT1'. ARKAN8AB 18-to Leasing Has Proved Good lor Business 'pyslnpsp Neyvs Analyst NEW YOR*v <AP) — Leasing equipment,for a factory or story jnsjopd of buying outright has won new Adherents in the recession ""^ today is reported more ap- than ever jo businessmen the recovery un<Jer way, the Jatpsl com 6 !' t° IM.9 iieTd ot reni *-W« *« 'j y, sir 1 ' r £»-•*-* •" ^* • *r ' , pf Jt'g j?igge?t boosts. 13ijt the rate scienti ic research have made older mac hin, ly y . obsplwpeot is tempting sji« W > °P "' JJ » t look Into the Oli»g ngtl^d jpf financing JSf.)/pf Plants witlT e fewt eornpetiUye machinery g.tprtn ecjuipmeflt tlyee ywrs or more AJRUNETRA1N1N.S. lJVisi]>ess. ss plmnijna loacls fnonds . ID pvpd ot it lW^iw ! l:i?mia'M;)>w VYt-W ' ','•'.', )WARi*1,'***i w 4* vJf.-JFVj.SSr, H«?!-' V *S *M ^ar •"* *&#. : ^'^'• _ w ^_^. '* ," . TU^WV..,,rt.t/,-nrici Hltf,M?n "r1AU' 'U'nl'K r . SUBSCRIBE to Texarkana Gazette, Cpmplete sport and new? coverage, 35c week. T, V, programs, Early delivery, Phone Ray Duke 7-2743. 17-lMo, BARHAM Brothers House ' Mqv- ers. Insured and free estimate, Write" Barham 'Brother? Gale, Arkansas, 214 Mo. NO hunting or trapping will be aV Ipwed without a permit on my land in the old proving ground, This land, js posted, W. I- Stroucl. 10-1-Smo, e Room and Board ROOM AW> BOARD room an4 bpgrd, tcooHins at best, w}th clean comfortable "with innerspring mattr«?s« Bnyfcep For Sole or Leose "Gvo?ery adjacent Jo home,' Situated Pll cpj-nev iqt oti fjorlh Haisel. p)\onp 7'3742, For tie Jipaler," across Murphy 1 ? SJore on N. 1-jazei St. CaU Mrs.. J. p.-Schoojoy, 7-2577 B "ving room, den, w$- carport at 419 g. )3tb St. Plenty putdoor jntQ)'p?tsci pall SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales-and Service, ,513 East 3rd. L, E, Booth, Phone PR 7'6695, 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snylcer Hotel, Phone 73721. ' 23-1 Mo, FOR a complete line 'of pumps, water wells or work pvers, Call 0, T. Clark. 711 E, 6th, Phone 7-4364, ' 26-1-mo-p Instruction BEGINNING lessons in Oil Paint' jng will begjn Oct, 3. Interested persons may contact Frpddie Jones, 514 East Third St, or call 7-2732. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Sup*. Entered as'second class matter or the Post- Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of "Circulations . .Subscription Rota; (payable in advancci) By carrier In Hope and nelghbirirvi towns — Per week . . . S_,30 Per year 1^'" By mail in Hpmpstcarl, Neyadn, Lapayette, Hpwafd and Miller Couh- tlos —, One month , •• ••, $ >*5 Three /rrfonths j .' .-" ' 1.85; Six mohfhs" ,.,1. .," 3,50, One vcar ... . '.50 All other mail — One" month ., •.•• • T.30 Three months 3.90 Six months 7,80 One yeor , .... 15,60 Not'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn,; 505 T -3xas Barik Bldci., Dalln" 2, Texas' 360 N Michiqan Ave., Chicaoa I, III.; 60 C. 42nd'St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; • Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. . , Member of The Associated Press; The As«tr.ip}pd Press is entitled exclusively to tho ijcr> for reoufolicatlon of all thf l n/ "pl n "«"i printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. BEGINNING Lessons In oil paint' ing and pastejs, Interested per,sons may contact Freddie Jones, 514 East Third Street, or en]} 7" 2732. ' ' '23-tj / AIRLINES HAVEQOODJ.QBS ' - > HOSTESS, STATION AGENT, "" TICKET A6ENT,-- • RgSERVATJONS, COMMUNITAT10N§, , . FLIGHT CONTROU and Interesting, WAHTED ; TO BUY Pine Pwlpwooo-by Truck Cut in Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HEN ORIX < phone PR 7^4321 • 1§th & Louisiana, Hope, Ark. KOADK/NG ^ Npyy' 9,p?n 'Fpr SMITH'S GENEJlATOR ond STARTIR SHOP 19§ §,r nl -maes & sf-Qensratars and §tarter« ,, \\>orWs most you avp a hig 37 to 30, with 9 ity, in,ye?tigate ROW nqt and . pnp pf __,.. _.j'il^is$ries"7f scjxool' ^('.a^W^te, • - - persona)' ap U Jf9H training with Write MTT RISSB Into J.nnr. . A

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