Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1958
Page 2
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Page TWB HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAI New Rambler on Display at Trading Post DETROIT — Amniicnn Mntni<! laday Itiiiodurrc) Us new IWO Dnm bier which fonttiros titvw oxlruoi and Interim sl.OIng, nlid rnpiiioii- Ing changes designed l<> ftiithei increase Rambler ecotionn of opr-i ation and durability The t08 Inch wheel-base Rambler Six and Rambler Hefcel V->» models \vtll KO oil sale al the 2 fiOO li.im blw dealerships acros" the country on Oct B, according (n Roy .Aiberndthy, Vice president of nutn- inotivo distubution ;\iul niniUetrnu The company's Ambn-^nclot VH nnd RnrnblPl Amt-i'irnn ,»iotli>ls also Will be nlncod on sale Ocl 8 at the 'finding Post brie "Rambler Kales sel a now sill- Jime H-eoicl in 1050 because of tlu> gio'nl public swiiiK t" 'he concept j of compactness, economy ,md m.in eiH'ui ability." A'beinetrty Mild We) nnVU'itante even fuilhei ptoduction > and sales gains In 1050 since muit^ motorists each yeat nre becoming | uWnrc of Die Humblei concept of motoring." Eleven models, including station wagons, bnidtops and -U'tlam, will bs' offered in the Siv nml V-B sn- ies All are four-clooi model 1 ! Fif- tdon slhge-lono nnd 18 two-tone color combinations, including many metallic finishes are available 1939 Ramblers on Sale October The compncl ttamblcr, wWdh set an ttlltlme W«h isnles rcrord thi« >par, fualiifSB new styling hud engineering cliiin«fH (Icslgni'tl (o furlhi-f Increase ceonottiy of opcrnl!«n urul durabllHy for 1959, Thfe new <.ls-c) Under nnd V-8 mmU'lijit'lll (!« onj&\e at ({niliblor i across the country on October 8. Shown \a the 1»69 Hnirihler Cross Country four-door station whgon, the most [Kipiilnr mudt'l In the Rambter line. All Rambler bodies arc "decp-dippcd" In R rust-preventing primer dtirlng liiiinufncliiring Id give the ci>r longer life. _ c H \, \ U. S. Escorts More Supplies to Quemoy By SPENCER MOOSA TAI'PEI. Foimosa (AP) —US. Navy ships escorted moie supplm* to Quemoy locl.iy as the Communist cease-flic conliiuiecl into Ihe second dny. Nationalist guns on the offshore jslqnds also wero silent in the ib- sence of nttnck fiom the Kcd artillery on the mainland. The Heels had announced they would holt their attacks on tho islands for a week banning Sunday midnight if. the Ameiicans slopped escorting the Chinese Nationalist supply ships. But Monday and again today they ottered rto opposition to Nationalist convoys which still were shepherded by ships of the U S 7th Fleet to the thiee-mile limit off Quemoy. Supplies ulso wore dropped on Quemoy from Nationalist C40 transports. Reports from Washington said it was experte<l there th> American escort,jjportvtions would be' suspended .fn a "day or'tfro. And 1 that , the > suspension would continue cfs long as -.the cease-fire did. The Niitionahstb hnd virtually no expectation that the Reds would prolong the truce beyond tho om 1 - woek period they set themselves, The local pir was filled with predictions of mnior Communist mil itftry oction when the period ex )1jros Sunday midnight — or even I'pfore NationBlist 1 * Intelligence sourges reported thnt the Communists htul beon commnndeerine motoiixod junks piling (he China const from ITong Kong area northward for n possible invasion of the Quemoys. The Reds weie reported to have ordered that none of the crewmen , should be under 25 years of a OUR FUTURE IS , GREAT GROWING XrtEJ?ICA a fREE 24-pqg» oklfl w|lh lh» grssl >! APYERTI5IN9 NX 30, Mtdtown Slqilon, New Yprkl?,N,Y, , trativn with Thfrtivfrttfing Council, Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkansas, October (i. 1958- City Docket Tlichard Turenlinc, Raymond C. Aaron, Willie Ray Harris, running stop sign. Forfeited $, r ) cash bond. Henry Phillips, hazardous clriv- ng. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Theodls Primus, drinking liquor n ;i public place. Forfeited $5 'ash bond, Ruboin McGhce, sale of unlaxed ntoxicatinii' liquor. Forfeited $100 •ash bond. Donald K. Weifiland, passing In i restricted zone. Forfeited ?5 •nsh bond. Liseo Lacy, fictitious car license. Plea guilty; fined S3!5, Riloy Fountain, no-breaks on car. Forfeited $5 cash bond, James Edward Jones, disturbing .nice. Tried, fined $25. Ivory Scott, Claudie C; \Valkcr, disturbing peace. Plcu guilty; fined $25. Charles Richardson, resisting arrest. Forfeited $50, cash bond, Elbert Williams, -No driver's license. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Liseo Lacy, no driver's license. Pica guilty; fined $5. Calvin McPherson, speeding. Forfeited $5 cash bond, E. B. Bizzle, drivihg while in- loxicnlecl. Plea guilty; fined; $50 and one day in jail. Beilin Evuns, George Jones, Jesse Atkins, Mnrvin Wnrren, drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Lloyd East, Berlin Evans, Frank Smith, Ulysses Mac Young, diunk- cnncss Plea guilly; fined $10, V State Docket Robert Ro\yc, 119 driver's license. Foi foiled $5 cash bond, J, W. Rood, James Henry Biown, cnrryiiifi n conoonlecl weapon, Plen guilty; fined $50, K. R X, Lines William Gilliland Bnrwick-Miller, Inc., iVo PSC nuthoriiy, Forfeited $100 cash bond. Kimbell Foods, Jackson & Cope- Innd, Malvern Brick Company, Uycle Roe, Overland. Forfeited §25 cash bond. Ciyil Docket Pnlton Hulsey vs Otis Dunonn, Action on nccount (or $101.00, Judgment for Piainliff by default fen; $140,00 J, D, Hnll vs, Zeb Hnnna, action on account for $23,15, Dismissed, Arkonsan Killed in Nebrosko VALPARAISO, Neb, CAP) —An rkansjin qnd a New York resident were killed Saturday night The victims were S-Sgt. Bobby C, Daniel, 32, of West "Memphis, 27, of West Monroe, N, Y- They were jn a'par'together, Seven other persons were injured, because gp]y experienced Pico wqre wqnipd. Reports to tho Defense Mlpjsf,ry said sjftee the halt in the artillery war, J.500 wprHprs had been seen repairing old, gun ernplpeemeuts nnd buildinfl now ones on lh,q Communist is3F ( nd. fortress PI Ampy, sis miles FaubustoMeei Continued From Page One on an appeal from an earlier nil- ink In the case The earlier ruling was by U.S. District Judge John E. Miller, who' declined to accept the case, saying he was without jurisdiction. The NAACP appealed uiid got u temporary restraining order. The order of the three-judge court yesterday said in part: "As Ihe simplest and most effective way of continuing the necessary protection to appellants un til the hearing of the case on its merits, said temporary order Is hereby renewed and extended to nnd including Oct. In, in all Its terms and prohibitions" (and applies to) "appellees, their officers, agents, servants, employes and attorneys, and all persons in active concert or participation with them." Road Requirement Is Ruled Out LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The at torney general's office ycsleidai struck down n requirement the Ar Kansas Highway Commission had set for accepting county roads into the state system. Asst. Ally. Gen. v Roy Finch Jr said the commission had no au thority to make approval by thp federal Bureau of Public Roads condition of acceptance. The roods in question wore of force! to the state under tne Ml him Act, which permits each coun ty to design?to 12 miles of road li) be added to the stale system Rep Wcems Trussell of Dalla County requested the attorney gen ernl's opinion on the commission' policy, H was the second lime the l at (orney general's office had rulei naninsl commission police on th Mlluin Act roods. Previously, the commission hai been told it cou'd nol require coun tics to provide free, cleared right pi-way along the highways ns • condition of acceptance into th Mate system- 19 Counties Con Get Full Turnback Share LITTLE ROCK (AP) —The tut f counties eligible to receiVb h ull share of state turnback funds ext year rose to 19 yesterday vith the addition of Deslia, Ihde- endehce, Union and Woodruff ounlics. Those four were certified by the .rkyinsas Assessment Co - O'rdina- ion Dept. as having reached the cquired 18 per cent property ssessmcnt level. Five Arrested in Remmel Burglary NEWPORT, Alk lAP) — , arrest of five men in conHctUoii with a $1.300 but-glary at nearby 'iemmel WHS announced yesterday by Shot iff Erhest C, Dyke All uete charged with burglary d mane! larceny of the MnCfart- ney Mercantile Co., by Deputy Prosecutor Nlax O. Bowie They waivpd preliminary hearing' and Were held in lieu of $1,500 to $V •600 bond. The suspects Wci-e identified as Butl Ashworth. 24; Edgar SaUftr gaitner, fll; Roy Lawhorrt, 21 ji Lonnie Clark. 49, and his brother Df-lmox Clark, 36. All live in the Tupelo area, 18 miles south of (lore Sheriff Dyke snid tne money had tint been recovered 1 .' H and a 500- pound srfc Were taken from the establishment last Tuesday night. The men Were arrested during the weekend, the sheriff said. Temperance Official to Speak at L. R. LITTLE ROCK iAP)M»-s. Fred J Too2e of Evanston, III., col' Secretary for the Na Two States Study School Problems §y ASS6CIATEB .Plans ?re being made to pro* vide educational facilities . for some of the I7 n 000.youngsters idled by school closings m Arkansas and Virginia and the dynamiting of tHe high schol al Clinton, tend Fourteen (jschools af-e shut down in the three states. In several sec- lions, legal spurring continued be« tWeen state and federal authorities while statcmonls oh Ihe Into* gregation crisis, camo from Washington and Florida.. Supreme Cntut Justice FelN Frankfuiter asked Monday for n donsttuctive ;1S)§ of lime in school integration ih getieral but STid that lawlessness if not checked is the' forerunner 'Of anarchy. Me issued an opinion concurring with the court's unanimous decision irt the Little Rock case last wek. Trt Litlle Rock, (3ov. OrVal E, Faiibus eXpresed belief that private all While schools- would be in operation by rnid-October. a ils, thcltirtiHg 15 . td shi!l classes Id an elernrntafj school at Oak Midge six milSs from Clinton. Principal W. D Humah said ,3s he outlined" 'plans to send InS youngsters to Oak fiidg*e by BilS. probably staiting Thursday. The Atomic -Energy Cofnhntssioh SU thorbed Use of the Vacant school at Oak ftidete because somd chllj d^eH of AEd employes altendeo cllnton. Clinton High Ua«5 integrated by federal court order two yc-afs a^d. Several ineiddhts occurred 1114 first year but the MtUaliott c|illefed down later'. Jn Virginia, Duncan C 51bb chairman of d eltlxefts^ commltd which formed an educational fottn» dalion ih Warren County, said jlln* iGrs and seniors of the closed high schol al Front Royal would start emergency classes Wednesday. Eight other schools in Charlottes ville and Norfolk remained closed. federal Judge Albefl V. Bl'tfatt refused to dismiss a suit SeeW'HS. admission of 14 Negroes to two white high and three elementary Schools in Alexandria, Vu. Me'set Oct. 30 as the date for arguments in the case, Cotton Picking Conteit Opens Ark. (APJ Stfeet dancing tonight dflefts thd foUf 'flay National Cottoh Picking Contest here. Activities will continue Friday whetl the wirtfier of thtf cotton picking contest will be named to receive a $1.000 feme" (Mher festivities include a beaitlV contest fhursday flight and a pfw fessiohal basketball game hifcht Matching the St. LoMi« ' Mi! fespohding secretary lor tne JNO* • , , n giVtement a few hoiif< tional Womens Christian Temper. ^ appellate court in St n ^, nn ttviirtrt \iit11 nn t-\l'mr*iVinl ^ . . f . . ti _ , .^ . . ance Union, will be speaker here tonight at a meeting of the Arkansas WCTU, Mrs. J, M. Splcer of Slullunii, state President, snid the annual convention will continue throueh tomorrow. ber of other counties have applied for certification and checks are now in progress- , Under the assessment law, counties which fail to reach Ihe 13 per cent level this- year will lose pal'l Injunction Suit Hearing Delayed CONWAY, Ark, (AP) —Chancellor George O, Patterson, yesterday put of fheanne an jnjuhctlpn suit fisfainsl piqke'tmg at the Arkansas Children's Colony site here, Ilis action left In foree a temporary order which p"ohibits iho Common Laborers Union from ekoling construction at the sife Tho chfinoejlor said he would pass the case while State Sun SHY Jones, attorney for t|io Nflbjiolz Construction Co,, dctejv nines whetlnr he pan force fur- her delay because the Legislature echnically is ( in session, Nplbholiz seeks tp prevent the union from resuming picketing the colony construction project in n abor dispute Jones said he would ask the Supreme Court to clarify the status of the. lawyer members of the Legislature, The attorney eontpnds that a state law exempts ]]im from appearing in pourt white the Qeneral Assembly is in session. Jje said the law should apply bepau.se Iho Lpijislatvire regesscd ( rqtl^or than a'djourned at the end, of jts voooul 'epial session, fioy, Owal |5, Faubus kept tho }|wm?kei-s on a standby bfl'sis at end of the sjessioi}, eajjed. to t anti • integ'yalion legislation, Jones pontends th?it , Such a status amounts to t} continuing m the next time yov'rs in town drop in to iee mi * DemonstraHon ot N,ii R, 'student hej 1 ^ to ,.,. 4wxonitrsl#cJ MRJ- iprlh, «4ttt? S^ High ^OV ( p, , „ ., % - , > - fljc-mte Department officials said a-num- 1. of their State turnbacks after Jari Louis extended until Oct. 15 a ban on operation of the four high schools as private, segregated in' stllutions, Dr T. J. Raney, president of the Litlle Rock Private" School Corp.,' said his' group planned to begin operaling as soon as possible in private buildings with private 'donations Without waiting for the Oct. 15 federal court' decision. At Clinton, state and federal authorities continued searching for clues to the identity of the dynamiters while 850 high school'pup Louisiana Would Aid Little Rock BASTROP, La, (AP)—State Sen. W. M. Raihach' ot 'Summerfieltl said he would ask Gov, Earl Lo»£ today to .proclaim a "Litlle Rock Day" to collect funds to,aid Lil- tle Rock's fight against integrated schools. The MorehouSe Parish Citizens Council made the proposal at its meeting here last night Rainach, advised of the aclion by lelephone, said he also will ask the "governor?., of other southern states to join-in the move. "A "Little Rode Day," Rainach J. u\v infill inr>t^»»«*'f «••*. -»-. — - 1-laWks'and Ihe Philadelphia War- flors ' the beauty queeft Will receive ft $§00 cottoh wardrobe and a trophy. One of the judges Will b Sally Miller of Pine Bluff, the HP\ Miss Aikansas. said, would present an eJ-lcclieht opportunity for Louisiana to sh6\V the people of Little Rock that it is 100 per cent behind them not only \vlth its good Wishes .but with hiohey, , , ~ - - - i" -'i Legol Notice ___^ Ih the Chancery Court^lj Hempstead County, Ark. Gunter Land & Timber Corporation . . Plaintiff vs. Joe B. Trotter and Mary Jane Trotter, Defendants WARNING ORDER The Defendant. Joe B, Trotter Is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Gunter Land & Timber Corporation. ,« Witness my hand and the seal ott snid court this 22nd clay of Sep- lember 1958. (SEAL) Clara Byers, Clerk ' By J. P. Byers, D. C. Sept. 23, 30, Oct. 7, 14, 1958 High horsepower "heavies'' too thirsty? Tired of parking a big, bulky car? Longer, wider '59 cars won't fit your garage? Little foreign cars too little? HE COMPACT CAR WITH THE BEST OF BOTH: fir • NEW PERSONALIZED COMFORT • EVEN MORE ECONOMY FOR -.1^ .' / . ", r ^ • t^ "r " r-- i • ' \*»"< ' ! {N . /'\' ^" • NEW I 1?>. 9 RA'MlliR CUSTOM 5R05S CpUNTRY, Features new pefiwty, new egonomy, }6g,jnqb wheelbase, JE .most wW rstif r fpr gse tlwn *v§r? • • 'Bsa gmsrt iww interieri w^b wem/or'afo 6»fcpt«rp. 'fry

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