Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1958
Page 5
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ct 6, 19S8 H0M STAI, MOM, A ftKAKlAI Pag* Pl .*,-/* Turns Awoy Sour Negroes -»' -«-< - *** SP •» *-" -i**" 1 !" LfTtLM fiGCK (AP)--FbUf gf-oes atieftifciled td efilef afi V,-hHd Saplist 'thtlfef) day but' toef-e tui-fi£d pastof said they teft fhe Negi-oos—two hl§H t a boy and a glt-i— at-HOed at the ddft-H* Imvh Secofid Safiilst ChUfeh shaH* 3y aflef set-vices began. They Wefd ftiet at the doof by hVo doScotts \vjjg eohfei'i'ed With them bt-Bfe they Walked slowly Cf, Baits Gowlitig, the said the Negroes left VdlithtaHly after the deacons told ihcfri thelf pl-esenee Wolild disrupt the Service. "They did not insist ofi ehter>' ing," Cowling Said, "We waiild have admitted them if they hadi" The incident ftiafkc.d the see6nd straight Sunday that Negroes weff present, at \vhite churches hef»» Last Sunday a ttegro woman was nrigilttcd to services at the PUlKS- ki'TtetghlS Methodist Church, Both Cowling and Dr. 3. Ken» fleth Shatnblin, pastor of the Pulaski Heights church, have ob-' ed other ministers in advocating integration as the only way tV reopen Little Rock's high schools, closed by Gov Orval E. Paubils c,s an anti-integration 1 measure, The ministers labeled the-church integration incidents as "efforts ;to embarrass them because of" their s'Cjid on the school issue. Sftcr the Negro woman attended last Sunday's services at lh» Methodist church, the church's governing board voted not to all'W Negroes to attend services "during 'this period of tension." Cowling said the deacons at his church had followed a policy of long slandin? in turning away the 1 Negroes yesterday, Ha said, the policy was adopted soon after tile U. S. Supreme Court's s'chol do- sA'cgation ruling of 1954 and called for deacons to instruct Negroes that fk would be bettor it they did not attend the church Familiar Folks ,A||9I| tJa.tt'tf Igamfhtft. l«f*lhe ' Obscuf e i2 SfieififtfieaB ' 4 JV{ 0 7e 56 Missive' service 40 WoHd War il 0 felt 25 MalaHal feVer admiral 1 Headgear SfiMofe Uhiisual 41 Foe 8 Peruvian a'IMeafisof 4 2 Skilled fliers fhdlahS transportation 9 Gift's toy (pi.) 44 Awry 10 fcussiah city 28 Mohstor 4d To be (¥t.) 11 Scottish girl 29 Good Queen 41 FJcldlibg 1? Turkish inn ftohian 31 Weirder 48 Mythical niiM&ct*' 23 Little EVa'J 33 Scottish rivet S4Mlis«*» playmate nobletnatt 50 Mam's partnef " Mullet 1 " 26 Scent l rtfh • 30 Consented 32 Hairy coat 34 Basked 3d nights of ' steps " " 36 Watch 3? Depend 39 French 40 Father ' 41 Make " '• mistakes 42 Win^-shaped 45Sine\v4 ' 49 Smoke 51 Eagle (comb. " form)', 52 Always 53 Microbe 54'Arid\' •55 Look for' Finds Some Drugs May Speed Cancer By ROBERT GOLDENSTEJN Associated Press Sci e nce Writ e p CHICAGO (AP)—A danger sig-' nal was Clashed today in the widespread search for a chemical.cure for cancer' Two researchers contended several drugs under study mory and church school facilities and spread of tumors. ] The report was made ,to the ^jaerican C^pllcgo of Surgeons -tby Urs. .Tatsijhei Koncio nnd Goorgo E, Moore''.'of- "the Departments of Surgery, Ro'swell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, N,Y. If a chemical compound fails to knock out cancer colls and causes an undesirable body reaction, thuy said, it actually may .stimulate the tumor to grow and spread by lowering the patient's normal rc- sifjnnco, ,They based this conclusion on ajgmal experiments and observation of patients in the Into stages of the disease. Their report said; "At the present time, most 'Of he anticancor agents toeing used are toxic (poisonous) and they arc ineffective against a majority pf tumors thus, the possibility of deleterious effects such as have been demonstrated experimentally are great, , , One must CQIJ. elude that • \mtil more , effective nontoxjc chemptherapeutlc ageni? r4§ /ovft?d, tliey must be used moie cautiously lo^t moro- harm than good result." ' • , ' , Tl^e surgeons said they observed, the "phenomenon of qn apparent st/imula/t,iot) p4 ,Tjo p'a } "., turner grpivth 1 ' in P group o/ advanpe.1 cancor patients treated, vvltlj TSPA, aotinomyoin D. r.nd E ROACH i HUOHIS INSURANCE ,HtP * FJre * tiff * 1P§g, 3rd, Hope, . lond-O-Lokw Farm ly dielf Turn** FLASH GORDON SU2? WHV, NO, ALLS', Hfe'S OVER to W JAIL... ABOUT FO02Y SOUUHAW JUST AS HORN'/ JUSTICE S OPEN! t 5HOWEP HIM AW IWPLATOPLAWS THAT T«. lh|. UA pit, ott., 4> mi kj NMB.rvt.., Ira.' 1 LOVES''TO PLVl WE VOU THIWK V HOURS fALKIWfi VARBER'S IWTEREST N\MM TAK6M HIM BWK ro cewrR/xt: AMERICA, AFTER. HIS" DIMOKCE? MAVAL RESEARCH HAP B66N-TESTIMA IS If 5TILL / WAS LOSt POUR "That'll be $2,50 for baby sitting plus 50 cents I gave him for going to bed without -fussingl' 1 ' FASCINATED .'-HAD TcJKWOW ALL' iw rm$ vidiKJirvry ASO WHEM A STORM. U; APPW^BMtUV BL6V By Nodine Se.txer By Kate Oiann CAPTAIN EASY OH.YOUDARLING/JI 1 '" ' 'HAVE WONDERFUL EYESIGHT DAGWOOR I LOST MY NEEDLE,SO PLEASE KEEP AN EVE OUT TOR IT "They've' brought her again! Quick—hide the chopstictcs!" , T-< • © )>5» »/ MA SMm, Int. TJ*. B'f U.S. Pit; OH. By G«lbrnfth "It puts" ideas iii my hea"d,,too. j'd'love to Have'a cheese,'""*,' .P.,^M V rj' " 'turger," FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I'/Vi COHPUCTIM6 Mf IVOLUN- TO'TREAT THE GERMS THAT SET BETWEEN MOW, COME we HAVE TO BRUSM Tf=!=TH ALL THE'TIME? AND J ASSISTANCE / I AM/ PUT If THERE- I'M /N<5 WITH POP QVTQUl W4Y i r ,J, It, WJHL«f«» -pU|l ._,,,„._, .ypUAW'THAP Y A&TM51PT .VyVB AIN'T«pT IF vow HA'P ; > ITP PUSH pAgv ) KNOW-we <SIT l >flv, BUTJM, PR (pNepAis^p^p I JUSTA§PAP CPP \ IV^PU'IAMY KPFF'i'SPT WAV.AN'W ^" Y TH 1 WU5E, OR / J'VP WPRN PUT ' 1*3 pKE-ANEWy( WWW OP^T) B«sSlBf?kMP/ / FAMIUV "Sii BAeVf '/=^ T OOfJoH/y-^B// I fiOTAUL 'V< I P^ITIg? |A^;Z4^1 V^^^WR.^JWM^.lpeNE/. "I'm just too tir§sJ,tQ'go bowling tonight. ha§ j?e§n waxing flsers ail flay 958 b> NE< S»ttl«. ln«. T.M. B«g. U.S P«. pfl. /P^ ^^^i-.J fa ^-~, a — .UU~.^-> ^.^— w ^^ r 4,^ F ^^w- •

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