Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 6, 1958
Page 4
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Foil? MOM ITARi HOM, ARKANIAI Mandfay, 6, 1958 Corker Coach Encouraged by Showing a! TCU by ID LA VAN WAY feft,;,M IIU if ti U ViM«. Ark Frank Brnylee. bniFhlng n. fc ide Rpeculnlion on I he fulurt. Inday mapped a week of dulls expected to Include plenty «>f punt art work for his University of Arkansas finznrbncks t "I'm Very onenur.iijrrl " Rnn-V" said of the Porker's (>i-i formnnco »vns t\\ Fort Worth Riitorr'jy n«.iins» jfh-si Texas Christian University. 'The Porks lost 12 7 a* a result nf a Inst-ditch drive hy TCU. f^Vored to wind tip on tup in Smith- tvf»st Conference standings. Chapter XXV Lane should have explained to Mitchell nbntil lima nnd lhu shrriff. but ho hud found hiinselt .•issHilfd all ill mice by cloubl. Ir- inn lindn't tulrl Lnnu she loved him. Tom Colt- hiid handrd him Hint infiiriviilion. nlong with o swni nn )hi> jnw. They might havo kissed .iiul much- up mirl wrrit cm I" town t" gel mnrricd Lnnr \\ns worried then, and ho gl.irl ulii-n Webster iintl tho men t'odt* up to relieve him of the hnrd. Ho would find out fnr sure now vvluil Irma ant) Tom Cole h:iil done. The thunder seemed more remote, less e.'iilh - j.MTinK. arid l> *But Arkansas put up a stubborn , could be that the storm hod spent fi'bnl for three qnnrters. holding n 7-B Ifnd and uiviiiK iho TVxnns mnrt.V anxious moments. '"Let's not BO into the future Just y6(," lie Knid. JSroylos' plans foi the Hn/.or Its fury over on I In- Pcco.s. LnnP (old hiinself. A 1 a m p \vi:s burning In the kitchen of the ranch house, As l.anr nnd the sccnnd-gunrd Wfid- lies chnnceri th"lr saddles to their backs during this week's drills In-'nig)-,) horses — already caught up ,'_ elude putting the regulars up a- i gainst the third team In blocking f 'workouts. " '-''Our firsl two tennis hnve be,--'! ,', Working against our filth loam in ^_ ; _ ..,.. j'ljlbcking drills." he snid. "ano they ; uhnt vVebster had told and tied (o the fence — trrna showed in the dnorway. ".lohn." she called, "how many steers did wo hnve?" Sho couldn't see Lane, of course, but know hy "]ook good because of the Inek ' competition " ""From here on out. he plans cIFminatc thnt u*"JThe workouts against the third ' r • Lane would be w i t h the men i who'd just ridden up. 1(1 "Didn't Ken tell you: Twenty nine hundred nnd ninefy-t li r e i 1 head. It menns you cnn squnro still won't prepare thorn j orf wi ,|, Colonel Richards." fdr our opponents, but it will offer j ,. 1( mt , nns \-\\ | lilv p money a closer approximntioii." • -Saturday's game will be the first .conference clash for Rice, which was* cjalloped 24-0 last Saturday by left Notre Dome, Army Meet This Saturday !» By ED CORRIGAN • Associated Press Sports Writer '• Nolro Dame and Army meet for ,the- '•last time in their current ''series i Saturday and it couldn't be '• n-JTjorc important farewell. ."'".Both loams have set (his year , v ns,"the,target date fo ra high spot fin -the national rnnkings and .both, i'sb^far, have showed they mean tl. £"'nAvmy is ranked No. ~i in tin 1 ^weekly Associated Press poll and '"Notre Dame No. 7. No one at Army m- Notre Dame np 1 j, peril's ready to sav when — if ever |4_" t (he series will be resumed. f ? It will prove a mighty test tor ^Army's bazooka offense ' *Army beat Penn Slate 2fi-0 Snt- ;Hi"rdav. doinii all its scoring in the 'first half Coach Rod Blaik appnr- £rcntl,v didn't want the Irish scouts fi- oset; too much, .10 the v^-aps .-Lweve placed ovei the Cadets in v'the second hnlf. ,.; Oklahoma. No. 1. h;«l a scare. "Winning by G-0 against Oregon, one 'of the top defonfive clubs in the '^country, ;-'•£ This week the Sooners take on '."Texas, the long nndeeafted team i the Southwest Conference The 'Longhorns ir'Ja«t week, 5" ' There are a counle of potential John, lols of it." She said nothing further until tho men began filing into the cookshack: then called. ''Come up hero nnd eat, so wo can talk." Lane came toward her In the dnrkm-ss "I'll see you nflor I've shaved and cleaned up." "Nobody here but Aunt Fay arid I .-ind Elizabeth. We have plenty of hot water. Go yet your things, John, and shave in this back bedroom." The room he'd kissed her in. While Lano cleaned up. Irma set a place for him and filled bowls with food. She made a trip to the cooh. shack for some of Schnltz's hot sourdough biscuits. When Lano was ready to eat, she sat down at the table with him. She inspected the bruises he had shaved around. "I 'thought yon and Tom were going to kill each other." "Pawing' uo dirt like two bulls Over you. Aren't you glad." She shook her head. Seriously she said, "Want to put our cards on tho table.!" "Go ahead." "It's too late now- for mo to gM out of marrying Tom if you don't want me. Don't you waist me?" "1 want you, but it's not a new want, I was born with it. Whnr did Tom say?" "It's best for you not to know what he said." "I guess he told you I was a killer from Lampasas and that you'd be sorry some day that yoji ever knew me — stuff like that, wasn't it?" "No. lie said ho would <T> again when he was feeling vou fie* whipped Texas Tech i H.,-.-- After n moment she said, "John. I changed my mind about 'down for SaturcUiv when i,M,iphisan State olavs Pitt nnd a,'Jp>»a goes neainst Indiana. Rnartins are advertised as the No 1 threat to Ohio ' In the Bie Ten fthey_ don't 1 plnv each other). Rot the-y'-could id'p no 'better than n -12-12 Standoff fr_!--!„_, jyijphJunn ir> their last' out-' t, which ilpf-iv would IOVP to tho Eastern title, had no easy aonipst Minnosota n3-7~> Panthers have a rough siViort- Ivth Armv and Notre Bvon i f thov don't win. this ' will toughon thorn up for thf -ones to come, { for Jowl, pnnthr>r Rif Tp<1 r'ciP 11 ruled No. ,8 in tM thn Hrm'k"vps worn hold |firi"9 13-13 tie by the Air Force has a tint" with cnnfp' i eni i o fHnm. »r>ii<' v h fmvtTl back West Virwinin 13-12. rn. ranked «"eo"d to Oklo- find too notinntil c > h:im r >'t i ri ii|r nl-"'* Tfpi-ilnpkv T'*" whinrjed Plinttnnoopro Sfl.ft •xp-i>' inn ton«h f" v Kentucky, -rated 0'ii^ £••>*«» whjph wovriee wit' 1 Washington < J;.4n TJuke iS-l3 This. io. could Tom because he's no longer the best man on this range " "I am now, huh? Sure hopr> someone tells Tom Cole thai be. fore I tangle with him again " She got up- to got more coffep and said off - llfinderilv \\-he-ii h"r back was to liicnr,.'•'.fact's get married. John." "«'* •> "Nol tonight." ' "I don't care about any kind of din." any more,.' "1 dont care about anv kiiul of a wedding, myself. You won't either after you've squared off with Colonel Richards and find vourself holding his check for SI1,- 000." "I wQn'l be holding his chock. You're 'the forman. You'll handle tl)at end/of it, Whv, I might ta,ko that money .and hlto a crow to drive tho nessers off of Tortugn. Orer»k." "Thnt's exactly what I meant. Irma." Lane drank his coffee and got tin from the tablo "We haven't got any business talking about marriage until wo slarl see- inu eye to eye, have we?" Sho tossed her hoact, and turned to clpar the table, Lune cot his ray.or and strop and mug and went out, headed for the bijrjkhouse to get a coup! of hours sleep night-herd, t 94,14 In (h«i 'PPITIP of Oie ingrit r*i sorf<: !n pi State 13-n. to fjegroes well Baptist minister told after urjjversily before going on The herd was still safe, still bedded rtpwn, for the voices ' of the men on guarci reached thorn, Quite a ways back, J^ano yelled. and three other riders met upon 'the |ew nipmbej-s pf thp eon gre-ggtion ,wlio turned gway ths students- to pray (< for Q(?d's for. The Negroes, $(udpn|.$ at Shaw ITnivprsitv here, iiad sj|i'eecj (Q si'. in 'the balcony of Pah'siry. Enptist Church if allowed, at thp services. Many njeiyibers to|d, ihp ter attorw'srii Jhul Jljey SU T , his stynci |ij 4gKOan^iHg khe lApor? openpd"tQ all. A fevv Tigers Take It Again by a 30-0 Tally The luckless Yerger Tigers suffered their fourth kiss of the season Saturday night by a 30-0 tally at the hands of the Tpxarkann Buffaloes. llnpe showed its best defense of the season In the opening quarter but it wasn't enough to hold the Buffaloes who managed to come up with six points. The second period was much the same and a SO yard run gave the Texarkanians a 12-0 hnlftfmc lead. In the third period the Texnrkalin bnys made it 18 to 0 after rerover- ing a Yerger fumble and completing a ,'iS yard pass play for a i!t)-0 tally at the end of three. They pushed over the final tally In the last quarter. The Tigers haven't scored in 1(1 quarters although they rushed for 408 yards Saturday night and got 70 yards through the air. The Buffaloes picked up 5GO rushing and made good two of four passes. Mope players were Reed. Mc- Faclden, Dennis. Scott. Wltherspoon McPherson, Brandon, Prater, Knox Turner, Tyus, Warren. Edwards. Dee. Criner and Tyus, This Could Be the Day for Milwaukee Team Braves Slam Yanks for a 3-0 Shutout By TED MEIER Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK C.P)— There wasn't much to second guess about Milwaukee's 3-0 victory over the- Yankees in the fourth game at the World Series Sunday There were a couple of ifs. If Norm Siebern's loose Play in left field hadn't set up all three Milwaukee runs, and it' Yogi Berra hasn't broken stride running to first base in the fourth, the Yankees would have taken a 1-0 lead and things might have been different. Actually it is doubtful the Yankees would have averted defeat because of Warren Spahn's amazing pitching. The 37-year-old southpaw yielded only two hits — a triple by Mickey Mantle and a single by Mose Skowron, Only four Yankees reached base ris Spahn pitched one of the best games of his career. In addition to the • two hits, he issued two bases on 'balls. Ho got stronger in the closing innings. After Skowron's single with one out in the sevonth, Spahn retired tho last eight batters, and striking out three. 'iH'c pitched an amazing game," Yankee Manager Casey Stengel said "He was bettor than in the first game (of the series) and did you see those fast balls at the end He cut down on his walks from four to two and his hits from ciplit to two, Amazing." Tho Yankees threatened only once, With Spaghn and Yankee left-hander Whitey Ford locked in a scoreless duel, -Mantle tripled of the left field Scoreboard with one, ^ out in tho fourth, /Spfijm worked carefully o n Skbwron, The crowd of 71.50S buzzed ns the count went to 3-1, Skowron swung hard pt the next pitch, but missed. He fouled off tho next two pitches, then tapped to Spahn for an easy out ns Mantle held third. NOW came tho Berra play. Hr» hit a drive toward right that looked like a hit. Second baseman Red Schoendiensl jumped as high as he could The ball hit thp thumb of tho glove ap4 landed »t his feet, > Barra, tlnnkinc the ball been caught, broke stride, began running hard when hg (lip ball fall. He dove into first bnse, but Schoendienst's whJPl'H' throw just beat him. Suabn never in dan?,er thereafter, By J6 NEW VOttK CAP) - Tho New York Yankees knocked their fieHv osis. Lew Bui-delte, out 6f the ba.H today imcl crushed the Milwaukee Brnves in the cniclnl fifth gams of the 1958 World SeHds 7-0. The once mighty Now York Ynnkees appear rendy to tnke t e. count. They've never been ns "down" ns they are right now. il would nppoar that Manager Casey Stengel would havo to bo a rnirfl' cle man to get them up again. The stage appeared set too. Tllg pitcher the American League! champions must got by today in order to st.'iy alive is that old Yankee killer himself, Lew Bur« dette- He's beaten the Yankees fotir-for-four in the last two series The Yankees dropped their third in four games to the Braves Sunday 3-0. The loss was In the pattern of the pair they lost in Milwaukee—woeful hitting and leaky fielding. Warren Spnhn, the brilliant south paw held the Yankees to two hits Sunday The day before, they managed four hits in their only winning game. Their team batting average is a misroscopic .168 Their fielding percentage is a respectable .988 but it doesn't show the many mental lapses nnd er- ors of omission. Stengel, frankly chagrined over the failure of Whitey Ford, his left handed ace, to register at least one victory in two starts nominated Bob Turley to pitch the "must' 1 fifth game. The fire-balling right- hander was shelled out in the first inning of the second game of tho series last Thursday, It is not surprising, therefore. that the odds-makers havo declined to accept any more Milwaukee money that the Braves will win the series. For today's game, however, the Ynnkees were favored 13-10. Yankee left fielder Norm Siebern ; was the "Goat" in New York's Joss Sunday. He allowed four drives to fall out of his reach, all of which appeared "Catch- able" These lapses figured in all the scoring and ruined an otherwise fine pitching performance by Ford. Norm, 25, normally a good fielder, just had n bad day, The strong sun and (he shadow-making third deck behind home plate didn't help him either. In the fifth, he failed to get a rump on Del Crandall's fly and it fell at his feet for a single. No damage, In the sixth, he got over to Red Schop.ndiensl's Jong fly to left center, then deckled to let Mickey M'anlle who had come over, take it. Neither did. The .ball rolled between them for a triple. Shortstop, Tony Kubek's error of Johnny Logan's grounder scored Red with th« Braves' first run. In the seventh, after a walk and Andy Pafkos double had put Milwaukee runners on second and third with one out, Spahn blopped o fly to short left. Siebpnv hesitated, charged \n, and stopped The ball dropped at his feel for a run-scoring single. In tho eighth, Lognn sent a routine fly to left. Siebeni flipped down his sun-glasses — and lost the ball altogether. Then the ball hopped past him into the left field, boxes for n ground rule double, Eddie Mathows followed with a double of the right field scor«- bonrd, scoring Logan with run No. 3. In tho meantime, Spahn simply mesmerized the Yankee hitters, Mickey Manile, with a tremendous 1 425-foot triple in the fourth, snri Bill Skowron, with a single in th0 seventh, wpre the onlv betters fo fathom his delyiery. The 37ryepr- old southpaw, who called ii tho best game he hod pitched all year, walked two ami struck out spyon, Ho appeared stronger at the." fin/ jsh, gelling the last nine inpri, Hope Star Classified Adi ADS MUST BE IN OFFICE,DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION — PHONt 7*3431,FOP, AD TAKIR them halfway down the slope, two of the yacjucros >vlio,'rt with Lane vode pn, to rejlpve stilt circling the ca,ilje, "Any trouble?" Lcmp Webster said, "Not 3 bit, They've been grunting nn,d Wo>V- ;ng. Spine of them got , UD and nosed ground a little, but they're tha laving flown. agSijn MOW. "Not paying any mind, v to •U\Under anci H<jJ,itnU)g l> ' ' I spem \o ]bo. ^ob)) ** Lan? saif!, A 'you on in and hit tho ha.:r and bacl? in tho roornirje." shifted, 3 b P u t ' in hesitating. "You're boss, fojin, but I fifur-o \v,e tho to st,ay here. in a |o\v j5oin,as apckj \vilj , feppt to it\e i-pad f tbp' bpsgue when .h? Whv|-,e Hie. The schedule ol Soiunar" PefiedS, 1 as printed below, has been taketi from John AldeH Knight's Solunaf Tables. Plan yollr days so that you win be fishing In good territory Of hunting in gc-bd Cover during these times, if yoQ wish to Mftd the best sport that each day has to offef. The Major Periods are shows in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration, A. M. P.M. ' Minor Major Minor Major Monday 11:45 Tuesday' 12:05 Wcdncs. 1:00 Thursday 1:55 Friday 2:55 Saturday Sunday 6120 7! 15 8!15 9:10 3:50 10105 4:45 11!05 12:40 5:50 6:45 1:35 7:40 2:35 8!40 3:30 9!35 4:25 10:30 5:25 11:30 The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 op 7-4474 Thought for t n e day The finest lives, in my opinion are those who rank in the common model, and with the human race, but without miracle, without extravagance — Montaigne. An Open Letter What has happened to the foot ball fans of our town? Have they lost their love of (he game?- Have they lost pride in their school? Where is that old spirit they used to have, win or lose'' Have some parents lost interest In the team because thcii 1 boy has graduated, or .because their boy didn't make the team? Have they decided that "Oh, well, it's no use going out there, because they are going to get beat anyhow?" These and hundreds of other questions have come to my mind as I've stood in tha concession stands at Hammon Stadium and looked at all the empty seats. Fans, have you slopped to think what it does to the Tigers as they come onto the 1'ield and glance up,. at the empty seats and fail to hear the yells. thul say "Come on" boys, we're with you." Have you considered what may be tho reason tor our defeats this season? Most of 'our best and most experienced players graduated last term. Most of the players out tliuro are in their first year of football. They can't become perfect overnight, It takes time to bullet a winning team, They need your support and confidence, Don't kick a man when he's down, Instead of running the team down, encourage them, support them and attend the games. We plfiy Langston of Hot Springs this weekend. Please don't let the Tigers ,ciown, It isn't fair. Posts, Figures on World Series FACT§ ANP QC (best-cM) ' ' •!• «• P°t Milwaukee (N) ,. . 31 750 Now Yoi-H (A) '- v . First game New York 000 120 QOO Q—3 § ] 'Milwaukee 000 2CSD OJO 1—4, JOD Fora, Q lu . on (8) on d g wi Spaljn and Cwidall, L—Dur'en. Home runs—Now York: ~" Pauer, Socond gjjmo New York, •' JQO 100 003-r- $ 1 5 710 000 ?3x-rl3 Y\ I ..,, .,,.,.. (5). Monroe- (8 an,(j B.OJ', ra; Pijrciette ant} Cranda.ll. L, r? Turley. ilqmg ryns—f/5\v -Yprks Mantje '" " Bruton, aOO oaQ 0?0 ?0«-Hl 4 Gopd Citizenship Club Meets TJie Qood Citizenship CJu-b ot Slipver Street Elementary School held 'its regular meeting Oct, 2, with the president, Muriel Moss, presiding, 'Devotion consisted of tho song "America," with Joecjuclyn Ifie aj, the piano, prayer was Jed bj Herbert Phillips, 1 Alter the business session, the sick committee reported Robbje J. Pfiyis and Johnnie Jones were ill. BUBS collected <!0c, Remarks by the . teacher, Mrs. Neva Car micjjeal, Muriel Moss, president; Patricia ,\YilUnms, seprctary; M garet L. WiJJiams and GJofia Hjll, reporters, n^ <39ing ',, and Mrs. Fred Fringe oi , guests of their daqghter, M'rs. poe Smith, flli^ Mr, Smith. (each) 1 fhareg ufi f WTfiAkt- IBA8WB gy -TH6 A8S981AT68 PR6S Q ' ^ gSStsr^ €9rif?f*n9? ' ' <'- W ?"-?«• TP- 01eyeJnp?l ,-• ?' 0 -0 1 QCQ 15 r ' asfSS'lU'SB^. SB - raS'jfa '4 P « -fifla W sa ^RK^As, « **wf*? T" , i n — — — —•• ••• — &** $f~ ""V \ I- Business Opportunity Mdse. Store. All fiJc* Sell stock cheap. Living c(liarters. 12 acres with pecan orchard. Lohg rental. 12 miles N.W. Lewisvillc. IDale A. Landes. Rt. i, Box 50, Lewisvillc, Ark. 3-Gtp MAN Oft WOMAN. Responsible person from this area, to service and collect from cigarette dispen« sers, No selling, Car. references and $000 to $1800 investment nee> essary. 7 to 12 hours weekly nets up to $350 monthly income, f'ossi- bility fulMittie work, For local interview give phone and particulars. Write International Distributing Co. P.O. Box 865. Oklahoma City, Okla. G-3tp Real Estate for Sale Large 3 bedroom home, double carport, 2 lots on South Main near High School. Buy equity and assume FHA loan. Small 2 bedroom home on corner lot near High School and hospital. FHA loan available. Near Garland School, large 2 bedroom home in good condition. 10% down on FHA loan. In Beverly Hills, large 3 bedroom home almost new. GI or FHA loan available. On. Rosston Road, nice 3 -bedroom home, garage, 3 large lots. School bus by front door, makes this ideal for family with children. FHA or conventional loan. Close in just off Highway 4 east, 10 acres, 5 room brick veneer, good garage and outbuildings, city water and natural gas. Ideal sub urban home. Priced to sell. 247 acres east of Hope in Nevada County. Approximately 150 acres open land. Ideal for pasture or row crops, ample water, lots of young pine. Fenced. In M'cCaskill, beautiful 6 room brick veneer, deep we'll, natural gas, electricity, good barn, new tool shed, 60 acres' highly improved pasture. 2 stock ponds. On pavement. GREENING INSURANCE & ' REALTY CO. Real Estate — Loans — Insurance 209 So. Main Phone 7-4GGI 2-tf Notice WE Buy • We Sell - W* Rrat REAL ESTATE R. D. FRAlfKLIN COMPART A, P, Deloney, Manager Howard Collier, Salesman 17-tf HCOVINGT Long Distance Call Col lect 592, Free Eittmatei, Lowei Rates, Have Vani — Will Travel PKESCOTT TBANSFEK * STORAGE CO, PKESCOTT, ARKANSAS SUBSCRIBE to 'i'exarkana Ga zette, Complete sport and news coverage, 35e week, T, V. pro grams. Early delivery, Phone Ray Puke 7-2743, 17-lMo. BARHAM Brothers House Mov* ers, Insured and free estimate Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas, 31-1 Mo, NO hunting or trapping will be allowed without a perrnit on my land in the< old proving ground. This Innd is posted, W. I. Stfoud, J0-l-2mo. c Room and Board ROOM ANP BOARD FOR room and board, cooking a! }(s best, with clean comfortable ropms with innerspring mattress. es t attie yentijaiigrj, Sjiy HoJeJ, , • ?34 Mo. Fcmole Hglp Wonte4 . A-l New, York Homes in. To $g20 mpntbly. a,nd bogj-4; fflJ'e a ' AgPOPy, 35 For Sole or Lease to Jjome. Sitviate4 pn cornev Jot ori JJprih Hfl?-ol- Phone 7-3743, Lost JVHJTS With '.'flog. Boblfil. Has in For Sole or t-. Ha? life s, , > ewitoatw wd i ^?T ••, tlJ ^.Tr?i^li t <. -i JOn, i"-. IVT rtit» iC.VJfrt ..1» O 4 For Rent ftDOM house and bath, autotha* tic heater, across street front Murphy's Store oh N. Haze! St. Call Mrs. «J. E. Schooley, 7'3577, 1-Blc 2 BEDROOM, a living room, den, kitchenette and carport at 419 E. 13th St. Plenty outdoor room, If interested call Sert Wingfield. Phone 593 Prescblt, Ark. 2-Blp Help Wonted WAtTRifiSS or trainee. Apply in person. Oaks Cafe atid Gift Shop. MEN-WOMEN $20 Daily. Sell Luni< inoiis nameplales. Write Reeves Co., Attleboro, Mass. 3-lm-p WANTED AT OMCE. Man or wo^ man to supply Rawleigh household necessities to consumers in S. Hempstead County or Hope. Full or part time. For details Without obligation see Corwin Crow, Rt. 1, Box 30, Nashville, Ark. or write Rawleigh's, Dcpt, AKJ-G41-271, 'Memphis, Tenn. G-tf For Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, Insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9 HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond Byers Phone 7-295G. 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. . Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p 19.50 STUDE'BAKE'R-pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-40V1. : . 29-tf WANT AD RATES All Want A is are poyaVa rn advonce but ads will be icCSpte-J 6v£^ the felephorte and oixomocla- {Ibri accounts allowed with fhe tn- defsfahdinS the account is payable when StdtdWent is rendered. Number 6f Words Up te> 15 16 to 20 Jl to 25 to 30 31 fo 3s 36 to 40 to 45 46 to 50 One Day .45 .60. .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 270 3-.00 Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 3 times 6 times BOc per inch 65c per Inch 55c per inch Rates quoted above are for cort- secutive insertions. Irregular of skip dote ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted Until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right fo revise or edit all advestlsements of fered' for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will riot be responsible for errors in Wont Ads unless errors are • called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE:'PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January IS, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs, C, E. Palmer, President Alox. H. Washburn, Secy-Tres. ot The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass.-35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland. 7-3731. 3tf H. C. .MURPHY'S 1958. Chevrolet. Excellent condition. 'Less than 4,000 miles. Call Murphy 'Estate. 7-3742. . 6-3tC ONE half Jenny Lynn bed with Serta innerspring mattress, 512 W. 4th. St. .'.".'. 6-3tc Services Offered LET ui renov»t« your 'old mattress. We t specialize in »r«iiuri- zed innerspring. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phon« 7-3933 RALPH Montgomery Market, eu»- tom slaughtering, We have meat for your deep freeze, See ui before buying, 17-tf SINGER SEWING MA.CHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd, L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695, • 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel. Phone 73721. 23-1 Mo, FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs, Call O. T, Clark. 711 EJ, 6th, Phone 7-4364, 26-1-rno-p Instruction BEGINNING lessons in O}1 Painting will begin Oct. 3. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones, 514 East Third St, or pall 7-2732. 23,jf BEGINNING Lessons in ojj pajnt- ing and pastejs. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones. 5J4 East Third Street, or pall 72732, , ' ' . 234t AIRLINES HAVE GOOD J03S HOSTESS, STATION AGENT, TICKET ASENT, RESERVATIONS, COMMUNITATlONi, FlISHT CONTROL, RECORDS Jl Interesting, varied and jQbsnvith'a'fuUire in p world's most spiting you 'are a Jj }7 to 39, -with B pleasing it)\' inyes(jg§tp now |Q sw if. ?ov qualify: • sbprt JPW \«9§t , Jwuyns \yjl], iwt intevferj?..wUh ployment, |jaijorj,v\'i4 service, write lor full J giving' Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor 8, Publisher Poul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Porker, AdvcfHsIng Mgr. George W. Hosmeiy Mcch. Supt. .-Entered '- as 1 second class , matter at the 'Posr Office at Hope, Arkansas,. under the Act of! March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of 1 Circulations . Subscription Rates (payable In ' advan-o) By carrier in ;Hope and nolahl«rin»j towns — ; For. week ........... . ................... S_.30 Per ycor ........... .... li 60 .By moll in HempstoaH, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller Coun- One month Three months ;Si« months ..... ,• One year . . . ' All other moll One month • Three months Six months One year 1-85 3,50 6,50 1-30 3.90 7.80 15.60 Naf'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sl<?rirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 T oxo? Bonk Bldq., Dallas 2, Texas; ?60 N Michiaan Ave,, Chlcaoo 1, III,; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor Bldg,, Dr>trr>H 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. ' Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press js entitled exclusively to thp U'P for ropuhliration pf all tho ln<-al r>°\vs printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches, WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut In Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 16th & Louisiana, Hope',-Ark, D One Monfh 4.50 6.00 7.5d , 9.60 10.50 12.00 13.50 1500 NATIONAL A AERSN A/ HPJ?§ Star/ $3$^ B».W -*?-.*»,<* vt**-,^** rt*?v^r«q^^-^jFrys'l4£ «-j Femok Help Wont«0 ^titowjtfto&ijM New 9psn f°'r ' iusln'esg SMITH'S aiNIRATOR and STARTIR 5HOP> § §, Rebuilding a. sf Sinfmtsrs and _§tartsn MATTM55I5 t'

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