Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1958
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

Page MOM STAR, MOP!, ARK A NS A I t 195§ ' Barons Win Dixi© Playoff in Six Games (AM t Jiafti Won !(<; fifth DIXIP S M.^terday, defeating Cotpus Chi .- 8-3 and 2-0 behind tin , hurling of dill Hnnlnglon niitl Boh Football By THE ASSOCIATED SOUfH Vnnderbilt n. Alabama 0 'l!o> Fin. Rtntt 2$. Wake Fnresl 24 Ln. Stair- 20, Hni'clin Simmons 0 Oflvlrlsoft fl. The f'itadr-l 0 Centre 27. Wnsh •!,<(• 8 Pn-bvt- ri in 1!!. Wnlfoirl 14 Mi' St Smith 24 M< ivi.l SOUfHWEST Purdue 24. Rice 0 Texas 12, Texas Tech 7 Texas A&M 12. Missouri 0 Ti'.x Chri.'tlatt 12. Atkansa* 7 Miami ft'1a> 14. Bnylnr 8 Mississippi 2), Trinity 'Tr-xl Arr/. SI <Tempe' 10 W Try Abilene Christian II Trx U'es< N 2 K. M-xim 12 Legal Notice CONSTITUTIONAL AMENbMEXT " ' HO. 48 SB If KESOtVKD br-th* iBwwe rf ' •KeiireSenlnUVos trf tile SUte ft Ark»B- BOS and by Uie Senate ot the Slat* bf Arkansas, a majority of aU Members elected lo tAch lioua* agreeing — thereto: , . That the fottowtng ta hereby proposed as nh amendment to the ConsUtutlort or the State ot Arkansas, and upoil being submitted to the electors of the Slate for approval or rejection al the next general election for Rppre- fcenitiUVcs and Senators, tf a majority ,-of Uie electors voting thereon, at such an election, • adopt »ucb amendment, the snme shall become a part of th« , Constitution ot tin SUU ot Arkansa*. to-wft: SECTION 1, Th« members ot fh« General Assembly shall receive al their salary the slim of Twelve HUB- 1 dred ($1,200.00) Dollar* per annum, 'i except the Speaker ot the Hous« of Representatives, who shall - receive hi* salary of Thirteen Hundred and Fifty ($1,350.00) Dollars per annum, with such 'salaries to be payable in equal monthly installments; and In addition to stich salary the members of the General Assembly'shall re'celve Twenty ($20.00) Dollars per day for each day the General Assembly is in regular session, and thall receive five cents per mila for etich mile traveled in ' t'otng to and returning from the scut , of government over Uie most direct and practicable route! and provided, further,; that when said members are required to attend an extraordinary Brurr- The Si itlhern Assn. rhntnplhh* broke n 2-2 tie in the besl-of-seveii series in the afternoon affair A second game was played lust night because rain had put the serif 1 :! behind schedule. Harrington nee righthander, surrendered four hits, funned seven and walked ciif Gintil in gain the first vicli'i.v n\ci the TeX:i<i l.eaj'.ue chumps. Bruce struck out 13 Giants and Have up two hits in the night cap. Uddie Kishrr was the loser, ctrf- pile foiir-hil pitching against the H,u OIT- Legal Notice Texas .12. ifowanl P;i.vn PAH WEST tfliihn 20. Utah 0 Colo. SI. Univ ."2 Young 6 New Mexico 44. Montana 1(5 Colo. St. Coll 42. Adam? Stale AH* SI lands 14 (Flagstnffi Ra MIDWEST Houston 34, Cincinnati 13 Bowling Ore-en 2S Dayton Javier (Ohin) 22, Miami <C Okla. State M. Wichita 12 Toledo 13, Louisville 7 Tulsa 34. Arizona 0 Iowa Tchrs. 20. Drake- Ifi N. Dakota 2H. Dakula M P herein provided, the sura at Six (S6.00) >•'>, Dollars per day lor each day they A ore" required to attend, and mileage. i «t the same rate herein provided. jp. SECTION Z. All provisions of fh« Is,, Constltntlon of the State of Arkansas :f tn conflict berewlt* «r« hereby r»- 1 ^ pealed.' AM>rov«i: Mart IT, »9T. C G. "Crtp- Hal PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMUCT NO. 47 BK IT HESOLVED by tfac HOUM <* KepreseutaUvei of Uie State of Arka&- sas and by Uie Senate of ifc* SUU of Arkansas, a majority of »li numbers elected lu each tioua* atfrecJaf thereto: That ' Uie following M hereby proposed as an Amendment. U the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors resentntives and Senators, U'a'majority of Uie electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of Ui« if Uie SUte m Ai'kaivsaa, SECTION 1. No ad-valorem tax BkaB be levied upon property by the SUte. SECTION »: All provisions ta U>« Constitution of Uie State of Arkansas, or any amendment thereto, or in th« sUtutes of the State of Arkansas ia conflict herewith *c bdrcby repealed. Approved: March 27, '1957. C. G. "Crip" Bal Secretary ot Slau Tli u rs tin a, Oct. Hi iliffure.nt new Slimline design . . . fresh, fine, fashionable! fnbii Ion ft nviv fini. Ji Magic-Mirror acrylic lacquer needs no'V/axing'pr" ' polishing for up to three yeafsl • / /'*> c % " Vs^VK K <• ? -Hv , Burdette and Spahn Doing Repeating By WILL GRIMSLEY Associated Press Sports Writer NRW YOnK (AP)— A jo.n nfio, Warren Spahn und Low Burdeltn liKche.d the Milwaukee Braves lo a World Series championship over the Now York Yankees. Spahn, a 37-year-old left-hande-, won one, and Burdeltc. 31. a right- hander, won throe. Today Biirdelto sors out to try to wrap up another sonei Spnhn already h-Ts beaten the Yankees twice Burdelle is shooting for No. 2 today. "My roommate will finish it up today," says Spahn, who pitched a m-ii|nil'ieent two-hit shutout Sunday. "If Spahn says so.'that's right." quips Burdette. ' The two Braves get their greatest delight in whipping the mighty Yankees. Nebt to that, hey derive their pleasure from berating each "(her "Certainly wo % re roommates arid good friend." sayt Spahri, "bit as a result of (his competition, f lltink we're good for each other In ISo 1 ? Warferi and Lew Set n goal for themselves—a total ot 45 victories between them Spahn won 22 Biirdolte 20. counting the Undaunted, they fixed the 1033 goal al n flat SO. For the regular season. Spahn won 22 and Bitr- delte 20 lo 42. Even should they let Ihelr four in the series they would still bp four behind the make. "We'll up our aim nexl year," says Burdeltc. Burdelte. a tobacco chewing West Virginian who now lives In Knrasotn Sorlrtes, Fla., is n jesting, loud-talking cjclrovt-H- He nev '(• is at a loss for words. Ma i.= quick wit wise cracks The tall, slender Spnhn, frorri Iliitshorne, Okla., via Buffalo* N. Y., is more reserved and more sulitle. but through long association lie has learned to match hi;» teammate with friendly barbs. The two Yankee killers kid each other on their respective prowess but seldom talk about how to pitch lo rival teams. "We are different •style pitchers." says Spahn probably meaning mainly they throw from different directions. Left or right, Manager Casey Stengel of tile Yankees has had his fill. "Thai right-hander feller has Sophomores Carry Browns to Victory By MIK§ BATH&T Associated Press §pdfts Writer 1 Students Studying in Living Rooms <A'f>) — Bleary-eyed students Sal down to a letilure in rJliclear physics this moaning— btii son over two days. Saturday flight, Baltimore's ! Colts broke Lcnriy Moore loose for Jimrm Biown—are threatening to again make the Cleveland Browns the dominant force in the National Football L'eague.. The two youngsters, Plum is 23, Brown 22. have provided Coach Paul Brown's tdaril With nn awesome offense compara'ble t.o Ihe ntirifk Cleveland was .able tb-rno- bili/.e in the days' of 5tlo Graham & Co. Plum, former Penn Slate Star, passed for two touchdowns and completed 13 of 14 passes for 197 yards Sunday. Brown, >U1 All- America at Syracuse, scored three touchdowns and carried the ball for 120 yards. The result; the Browns second consectilive Victory, a 45-12 whacking o f Ihe Pittsburgh Steelers. Meanwhile there were a couple of olher surprises as the NFL splil the second week of the sea- beaten us four limes and the lefly now has whipped us' three limes,'" says Casey. "I don't know which Is tougher. 1 don't enjoy cither one. played a strong atlaek in rolling up a 51'38 score over the pre^ viotisly unbeaten Chicago Bears. The Cai'dihals, Usually looked upon as Chicago's poor sisters, Upset Ihe Washington Redskins 3 1 ?' 10. In other Sunday action, Philadelphia defealed favored New York 27-24, Los Atigeies belted Sail Francisco 33-3 With the 49ers' Joe Perry selling a career rushing record. and Detroit and Green Bay played a 13-13 lie. Cleveland was so superior lhat Plum and Brown sat out the final quarter. Plum's 1*D passes went lo Pete Brevvsler oti an eight- yarder and lo Bob Mitchell, for 21. Brown notched his scores on runs of 23, 59 and three yards. The Colls slruck for three touch- clowns in the first six minitles to knock off the Bears, Undefeated in six exhibitions and the league opener. San Francisco's Perry gained 44 yards, surpassing Sieve Van Huron's Hfteime mark by 17 yards. Perry now has rushed 5,877 yards in a nine-year career. in their own living rooms instead fit a classroom. A televised physics course for full college credit began todai? over local station WMCT. The course is being credited by five colleges and universities in th'<? area. . , The lessons are being televised by the National Broadcasting Co. five days a week al G:30 a.ltl (CST), President 3. M. smith of Mertv phis Slale University said his school will give three semester hours credit for the course, aria students Will follow regular 'regls* tration procedure. Smith said the program is designed primarily for high school physics teachers Besides Memphis Stale, olhct 4 schools participating are -the Urti versity of Misissippi, Arkansas Slale College, bella Slale College at Cleveland. Miss., and LemoyrtS College In Mernphis. Legal Notice No 8135 frt the Chancery Court of Mempstead County, Arks j Kathrine Burns Plaintiff^ Vs. Jessd S. Burns liefehdant WA8NIN6 OftB§S T>ie Defendant, Jesse E, Burns is warned to appear irt ihis court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Kalh' riftsf"Surris. Witness my hand and the seal of said eeurl this Und day of October 1958, Jj Clara Myers, Clerk ' By J. P. Byers, D. C. /SEAL) Oct. S, 13, 20, 27, 1958 Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-r-Refieves Pain New Turk, N. Y. (Sp«lnl) ^-POr the first time science lias found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemor^ rhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case after case, while gently tuiioving pain,actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most nmnzingof all—results were so thorough that sufferers made astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problenil" The secret Is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a World-famous researdh institute) This substance is how available in gitpjiosittry or ointment, form under the name /•reparation Ht* At your druggist.'Money back guarantee. •&eg. U. S. Put. Off. Legal Notice *JK ^ % ^ k"> V v * ^ ^-' K^-^f >^ ^ fc? IF? PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 49 BE IT RKSOLVED, by the House ot KepresentaUves of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majoiity of aU members elected to each House agreeing Uicreto: That'the (oUowlng la hereby proposed as an amendment to Uie Con- lUtuUoo of Uie State,, of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors •i Ihe SUte for approval or rejection •i the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority c* electors voUng thereon, at such ah election, 'adopt such amendment, th« same shall become a part of the Constitution" at the State of Arkansas, SECTION 1. Any pity of the first or second class, any'incorporated town, and any county, may ibsue, by and with the consent of Uie majority of Uio qualified electors of said municipality or county S'oting on Uie question at an election held for the purpose, bonds in sums approved ;by such majoiity at such election for Uie purpose of securing and develop- Ing industry within or near the vaid municipality holding the election, or ivithin Uie county holding the eleo- Hon. SECTION t. Such bonds shall bear intermit at a rale not to exceed six per centum (6%) per annum and shall be i>old only at public sale after twenty (201 da>s advei tisement in » newspaper having a bona tide circulation in the municipality or county issuing such bonds; provided, however, that Uie said municipality or county may exchange such bonds for ponds of, Uko amount, rate of interest, and length of issue. SECTION 3 To provide for the payment of such bonds, principal and interest, as they mature, the municipality pr 'county may Jcvy a special tax, payable annually, not to exceed five (i) mills on Uie doUar, in addition tv tt>* lega) rate permitted, on the real' and personal taxable property therein; provided, however, the municipality or county inqy, from time to Hm e i suspend the collection of s«ch annual Jcvy when not required for the payment ot Jts bonds; and provided further, however, that Jn no eyent ah»U the real and personal taxable property In any city or town b? *W> tect to « special tax Ui excess ol » M j> " " . .-.-^i -. i. VIi lid softness; new r9ad.st§§£iing§§ troni new §u§P?n§ipn system Mj$j$ji&! ! ^ •njf ^ *£ . ^- f T Sl l 4 ,,*," 1 "^ ** ,'l J f. f j y^fVn 'w >'ifi f -'' -^^ §"*•*<• '• ' i ' - ^M - • ',•>-, \Jf~-^:-'''~'"'•"'''''— •. ^WI—'-l . . u '^>. I ^ i" 1 - ^S *f?m** ^'^ifM. a I jaJlU lor bonds issued here* ,„-,.,.,*. ewch bonds shafl b? ifrisj, maturing annually after three rear* from date of Issue, and shall * paid as they mature, i»nd no such ' ids. shall be issued {or t pefWfl ..ger than Uiirty (30) years, SECTION 5. The governing body ol = je mynicipslity or the County Court >|'the county shall exercise jurisdiction over t^ 8 S 9 ]B Pf exchange of any jyph, ponds ypte^l by Uie sleptor^ at '- ejeption held for'tli^t purpose and B expend economioglly fee Jvtnd? g provided. §«:OTION ?. ^ PS 6 ^ 1 ??,, 0 "^*! 1 ^ nance o( sueh boni^s shgll fee rvelq t *«?li time as the gsyarning Ndy | the Hl»$9»paUty may designate by ,-r^U\ance, or a? Uie Cpynty Judge e{ 8ie r fO«nty fnay designate by order, t& prdin«nce or erd e r shaB state sum total of toe issue, Wig d B»an}ntteii therepf an4 sh ?lj „,. dste srf slpotioa sp unat it i_., noj pccujr fftrlier ftian tWrty (30) ••-yii s»er the passage ot the -••<* iftl»n?e $r U>e granting o| ?atd f said fiectJon ghgli bo ' lfit\«^> ^R>«T,«W» isum fan rete is Bw,,ft^s ,«Lto? ••WiJHfffife' WH JBHftUflS* fieptsjs ol^th*^ fiald mumoiDalllv or counts rePT*** •*.» ^^ V^^M* <*» wvr vfrrynm Kwsx »« 7$»»t)r. «w» Jftif-jasRPW » jNm *«x. st fe\xi ibatt my, s$ «Ug®B ta x?Jf .to wj!Sttft& H ^13s«i •oS^wsuU -jsrf Jhs lid ^tefitWTfftp slites *, i /! as the.allure/of autumn fc>$ekons;you - QMt^Qors to patio, porc.h or lawn, add modern lighting to your outdoor living,, .-Gaslites by ArK!a.'Th@ir soft light enhances any owldopr Pitting, Oho.PM;jl"po|K!ar-9jabiWo* $ |martiy»dlfsighed Flpir, Call ufrtpdj^*o puy^jslite, or aifk any AW < employee. ^pw pfffiw start at Mp-JhitaUrtj with wp to 7 ' r '8J5'tofit^f-fi9J

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