Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1958
Page 5
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4, 1$S8 MO PI IT AM, HO PI, Alt AfffO Incline Ptmte 1 §ftewsli6g$ 2 ffdoi-ss til i HaFem . S Qet up 14 Kind «! heund 4bM"etiis» 41 Harvests ftdman 13 LONER — Mrs. .Agtia fiosset, Sweden's ficw -enVoy to the United Nations, is the only her* niatteflt woman representative to the Seoiii'lty Council. She took over her new post after seven years as a delegate to the General Assembly, Mrs. Rossel H.,fs in Lai-chmotit, N.V M with her two children, §1 scratches 22 Fatigue 25 it has an. ==a 61 &6§,§22 43 Bcnomihiitieh square Miles 44 JBtciWsii 24 Movers' tf-UciiS 46 Curds of tthdy S7 Ellipsoidal 47 AllOU'Shce 1 25 Corded fabrics for Waste 4 29 drafted (her.) 48 Essential 85 Small pastries being 38 Artificial 50 Boundary language (comb. form) 3 1 Birds' homes 52 Light touch I x: A- i canter SOBi'azllIatl macaws 31 Baking ' thambef 32 iHdetttatibfl 33 Enthralled 34FaclHty 35 It ranks second in world ' production 38 otherwise 39 Perusers 4J United States ship (ab.) 45 Got Up 4(5 Sainte (ab,) 49 Narrate 51 Small candles 53 Contemns 54 Relieves 55 Beloved ol Cybele (myth,) 56 Condition TIZZY H ' U> n 5) Ji 10 TfflS RE&Jtlf ENGINE WU DO (fit PLASH GORDON SOJ SAY THEY THINK ... IMPLICATED IN THAT ATTEMPT ON YEW BEltHA. (3UZ VVE'BE N i AN' tH 1 CHIEF 1 ALMOST j OF BE SURPRISED TSEE U Tno ,',7iJ ' "a v"v tAKGN.HrA Llt^E? T,M. Rtf. U.S. Pit. Oil. ® teit k, NCA iltrvlci, hie. ..AMD THeV WERE JU9T AWfUL ABOUT IT,., AMP THEV WOM'Tf WMT, LET ANYBODY SF-K X EH? , OR TALK 10 WEL(...,MAYBE I CAM PREVAIL ON SOME BODY TO CHANGE THEIR H8 "Would you mind, your honor, if I had a few personal words with my husband . , . while he's under oath?" SWEE'HF PIE By Nodine Se.tzer By Kote Osonn / XS~ff li'^.' FACING FACTS — A. pretty , Nassau vacationer reminds the ' beach crowd that Halloween is just around the corner as she sips refreshment from a pumpkin-faced Bahamas coconut. I The words of the pledge to ! tbe flag ol the United States, in I its original form, first appeared !jn the Youth's Companion in i 1892, The authorship was dis- ijited for many years, but in !1 J939 the United. States F)ag Association gave the credit to Francis Bellamy of Rome, N,Y. The words "under God" were added by an act of the U,S, Congress in June J 95 *» © fjncyelopeaifi Britannic* ROACH • HUGHES INSURANCE to » Fir? • Life 4 OMual 198 i, grd, Phon? M5I1 Hep?, Ark, M, s, "Freihtit fgg» In , Form " - " T.M. R«e. U.S. Pil Ofl. © 19£8 bj NEA Scrvie*. liw- "I made it up! It's called the 'Sweetie Pie Stomp'!" IDE GLAMfTS By "I'm sorry about what happened to the roast, IVIother, but when I invited Freddie to dinner I had no idea he j hadn't had any lunch!" { FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS S I'LL PULL THE RJSB FOR-THAT ELECTRICAL OUTLET, ANP — ^ -r»? r,*C PW5F ?9X TFACM us , MR-SWEMPf 858 I>| HE* Smict. Inc T M Riy. U S Pat. , ~* * £ 0&-, "• T.M. R.{ V8. PH. CKt, g> If 5? »/ NfA ?mltf. Int. "If I 9iii catQh him I'm going tQ tak§ him for his 1,OOQ- mile chpf^uD!" sgis pf nfc Sail 91 M , Oflkcrest Chopel, / WINTHROP?I§ VTHAT Y6U ? ^*^!=!J "y -S8KP, 1 HEARP ABOUf VARBBK ON RAPID. HAV& TMBV P<?UWJ> dR.THEKlP.V6r? PIMP'S KLEE8EK At HIS FATHERS FISHIM6 CAMiP CAPTAIN AFRAID WOT! H6 PIP HE'S 6B6W OOlNdi WHAT HE'D WANTED TO WHERE He MAY ; DO POR VBAR&! DOCTOR FBLT HE'P0fieW ABRO «n iwNEA suvict, li«. T.M. me. u.a. F« GEE,IT'S GOOD TO JI"" 1 l{! 1958 by HEA S..tlc«, li« T.M, t»|. U S. fit, F T ^ AND HER BUDDIES POP OUT OUR WAY QUICK! GO DOWN AND FRIGHTEN HIM QFP,' J, R, QU« BOARW'WG MQUJI1 5 -il 1.1.< tU tAt Ml ' FOR HEAVEM'S SAKE, WHAT T { JUST \VAMTEP YOU TO SEE V > KIMP OF A SILLY STUWT l& I WITH VOLJK OWJJ EVES THAT I \ THIS-'CALLINc&ME POWN , FRO/A MV CUEAKJIMS IMTHS HOOK, CUT, WHEN) V\V SMART ATTIC JUST TO SHOW ME / SISTER GETS HQM& SHE'LU vop HUMe up VOUR, CAP y ppoexv PUMP 'PM * — JACKET? r*-—^T FLOOR,CLAIMIN'it- . HER HOD<.' 50 PLEASE POW'T BE HAUMN' " OUTA BEPORS"' »->••< ' I l_J I V THIN' TO PICK <K9L I -I Vl_ -EM UP/ WHAT ARf YOU USIN< '' TBLL THAT AWOSe'N06ED,C^leRSTUFFBp BROTHER OF MJNP, WHeM THEY Bf?lN<5 HIM HDMP OH F£f? A 'FIRST-ftAND L'^K AT THAT GUSHER/ v YOU CA(^ TELL MIA\THAT I 6^LL MY STOCK-HV iw GONNA HANS<S AN* MAKE A KILLI^ /w NEXT TIME x y / Pl IgiM BUUATMI KP UAMT-IIK^ opt" Tc ^- ^/I ""LA n eS; TIP5/ THAT STICI<UP . r fl?,-. * ( j- "•'• 1-. . r ,^i^N /•,,--*,

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