Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 4, 1958
Page 4
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feu? HOPI ITAK, MOP I, AftRANIAf , Ofcfofcef I/ 19B§ Smash £% & «"l^% V *i Porkers 39-73 , - Coach John J'jorro's Hope Bob- cnls met the 'JY-xarkana H.izoi- btu-lcs in HamnioiT; Stadium In 1 -! night before some 3.000 fans and $duL,,Uie, visitors homo n thoroughly beaion outfit Tho 3D lit 13 «.ruic ^hardly tnld tho -tmy ns the IV>I>- cals i-ollod up then finnlh Mini|;lit victory. Hope drfimlob pim-rd thorn . selves as the powerhouse of this • section. 1t was the si-mnd Big 0 tcrtlll to bo slaujlhloiorl In tho Hope cJwcii this spn«m. Hope struek rally in tho opening period and Don Ilootho night wn-- underway. Tho J3obo<il liiJlbJik, taking deceptive haiulofft. from (Cjuwrterbnok David U'nilUns who kiiever-lookocl boiler, toio the To\-1 •'arkttnn lino all to pieces tho onlne' ' cOlHcsl. In fad Iho \i^llors wore never really in tho umnc afioi ihe. opening quarter, -. Hope kickod and on Uio first play from scrimmaijo roxarKana -fumbled to the Bobc.it.s The Bobcats drove 73 y.irds for imydrrl \ with Booth gome the tmal six. Tho point failed. :'" Hope kickod and eight plays ;• later Haltbaok Churlos Jacobs raced four yaids to lie tho score." point try was blocked Hal' returned the Uu-koff to tho {'Hope'20 and tho Bohcnls diuve 74 j !\ yards to tho Poikoi one. This dmvo ' '-was. Set up by Iho long yardage °-f JlHaltbnuk Bill Butloi Hope fumbled • 'and Te.xarkami rccovoied but thu' f Hazqrbncks were pus-hed deep by *('a ,15-yard penalty. The Porkers ^•liicked and David WatKins took it 1 5, in and raced 85 yards through tho 'j-Jniddlo for Iho M-oond touchdown t;.."Again the pom try f.ulod ami II.ipo I'led 12-0 at the end of tin luM I' Te.xarkrina stalled ,1 ,(n\i in Ihe ^Second period which oniled on Iho j^Bobcat 40, forcing Jacobs to punt. |g"Hope took over nn their own 16 5j!arid eight plays later the Bobruts |Jlad to .kieJt. The PorUeis lumblcd U v and Hope had ii on ihe viMlors 1-1, fvthnnks to an alert Jerry Thurmjn. 6 The" Bobcats promptly fumbled it Eb'aclc after reaching tlio two. But IpToxarlcana was nice iind gave it 5^'back on another lumblo I'Yonj Iho |> 4 17 Watkins flipped a pcrlect pass | r to Hay 'Duke foi tho touchdown §}(ind Graves converted. The half fa score was 19-6 |- .The hnlflime show by tho TIopo &nnd Tcxarknna b.uids dt lu;hlod thu g-Jarge crowd. Brondn Uamm put on pa thrilling exhibition of twilight lif t\\;irling with flnnies shoolinv! from g,<£ncfi end of tho baton. t ^"l,' Hope roceivccl to start tho final ! ^.half-and Erwin returned lo tho 1G, E*fl"d clipping penalty .sont it back to j |ithc ono, Wntkins punted out and' pthe Hope lino hold On fourth down l^'X.the Bobcats took over. Again |>Boothe took over and Hope 6, if)ar«hed 09 yards in 10 plays with |i,Don crashing Iho linal oi«ht'Tor the I' Tp. Graves kickod tho PAT §1''' WatkJns uockcj an onsid" hirk aixinc; Hope tho ball Texarkina m. Bui they Hlici Toxarkann i eeovoi • l.'Qd on their own 30. Again Ihe Pork- wore nice and fumbled it right . Then Boolhe and Co start- to work and Don scamper pd Iho ..sovon for HIP sooro Graves kicked nnd the score was 33 Statistics: To tnl V.'irds 7fopo M43 17 18 :i 1'nssrs Altetripted I'iisses C'onipleted Score by Quncters Hope 13 Tfxnrknnn 212 0 8 S 0 13 Arkansas Football College Southwest rn '•!•'. Hendrix 7 Hlyh Schol l-:i Dorado 7. North Little Rock WVATT OPTS HELP-I" li' 1 - \Vv.itt Kai'iJ series for the new TV sonsoiK ll'iKh O'linan. lull, n.qunes an nss.i-lnnl. The new character K one "Shotuun Ciibbs." plaved by Morgan Woodward riiilll. He'll have the role in 2:", of 3!) "Eafp" shows. J ,i! t ] SpriHK l j ine Central G, Hot 0 Dock U Bluff 13. Blylhcvillo T Hnck 11.ill ^'H. C.'rossott Smilh Ml. Subiiico Ul 3fl. Tex'irluma 13 J-'nyeUuvillc 0. Hogers 0 HiiHsollville 3S). Harrison 20 Van Bure.il 40, Springdale 7 i-'orrost City M. Helena 13 Newport 31), Joncsboro C Do Will 19, Stultgnrt 6 West Memphis 38, Parngoulct IVI.-irianna 13, Wyne 0 l.iltlo Rock Catholic J8, Bentpn Conway 32. Jacksonville C';ibot 14, Mnbclv.ile 7 Malvern 2(i, Sheridan 0 iVlorrilton 25. Clarksville 12 Smachover i!U MiMilieello 14 ieu- 12 De Queen 81, nardanollc 21. Mnenolln Cnmden 12 C Fnlr the kicked of/ nnd six piavs BilJ Hairr stopped a spirit- .Povkor drive with an inton:op- n, Again Hope fumbled, tho team having lakon over. fii'jSt plnv from' scrimmago P,0!'k«r Back Brown skirted end 'fjfjjy 85 yards nnd Jacobs kicked tho 4 |ppjiit and thflt was all for the visi- adrs, , it. Hope's seconds made one ijo're"tally, the final play of the With Bvron Smiley skirting did for tire TD. a 11 yard Bobcats journey to Crossott Blsj" \veek. mfa PAY SIRYICi BATES PAY E Ashdowu 0 AI ma 0 Bald Knob 32, Augusta 13 Siloam Springs 7, Bcrryville 0 Waldron 21, Booneviilc G Barton 34, De Vails Bluff 0 Bismarc'h 13, Murf'roesboro 0 Crawfordsville ll. St. Charles 32 Quark (i, Charleston 0 .EiiKland 33. DCS Arc Q Dumas 20. Lake Village 0 McGoheo 19. Eudorn 13 Greenwood 38, Menu 6 Gil loll 33. Hughes 28 Gurdon 20. Nashville 0 Heber Springs 7. Carlisle 7 i lie l I la/cn 33. Sylvan Hills 7 Hamburg 27, Wan-on 13 Lonoke 12. Clinton 7 Mountain Homo 21, Pocahontas 12 McCrory 20, Brinkley 13 Hurrisburg (i, Marked Ttec 0 Karle 30. Marion 0 Mat-not Cove 20, Bryant 0 Marvel! 0. Parkin 7 Mineral Spring's 25, -Junction City 7 Trunuinn 38, Lepanto 0 Walnut Ridge 32, Searey H Spurkmnn 19, Horatio 14 Stor City H, Gould 7 Wilson 39. Joiner Shawnce 0 ' Fordyce 40, Dermolt 14 Par-is 37, Atkins G H;u-tford 34. Danville 0 Batesville }<), Beebe 7 Clarendon 47. ElniiiG 20 Hot Springs* lakeside ,J9, Fuller 21) l.owisvillo 7, Proscolt (i College Football By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS North Carolina 8, Southern Cni|« fornin 7 George Washington 11, Furmnn 8 Detroit 20, QunnUco I\1ntines 13 Nebruska Woslven 28. Dana fi Washburn 26, Enslorn New Mex. ieo 0 Baker fKon.1 7. MePherson 0 Fort Valiev (3, Clark (Ga.) 2 Alabama Stale 12, ls r ew Orleans Xnvier fi Graci'lnnd 22, SI Mnrvs St, Ambrose (Iowa) 31, Kirksville 25 Tamostown (N D."> 58, Bismnrclc G Eastern Michigan 21, town 12 Mnyville (N.'D.) 35, J511pndnle Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST l§ IN OFFICE DAY §EFOR§ PUILICATIOW *~ PHONE 74431 FOP. AD TAKER Wing Shooting Warm Up Each year when we go afield. we see it happening — gunners nissing game when shi/hld be cnocked down iby anyone who is \sed to handling his gun. It makes man wonder why the average gunner is so reluctant to do a bit of practicing before the loyal hunt- ng season arrives (Learning to shoot u shotgun at cast reasonable well is not difficult. The first requirement, of course, is to shoot a gun that fits you. There have been volumes written atoout shotgun fit, and the more you read, the more complicated Ihc problem becomes. Actually, the thing is quite simple hero are four critical measurements in the slock of a shotgun — drop at heel, drop at comb, thickness at comb, and length of stock. If any of these measure- Insurance company statisticians predict that there will be a national upswing in marriages in the early HIUOs when the record number of postwar babies reach mar- ri.'isenble age. Cardinals in Major Trade With Redlegs ST. LOUIS. Mo. (API—The St. Louis I'lirdinols made a major baseball tniclo today, sending Del JSnif Erlrho Kiisko and Bobby Mabo t<' Cincinnati for George Crmvr. All x Grammas and A[i>.\ Ki-llnor. F.nnis, ;i pmvi.-r hitter an Na» lional t.on.'iio veteran, hit only .2B1 ihis yojjr. Thi' Cardinals said they intended to use Crn've as a left-handed pinch hitter and possible to spell Stan Musiiil nt first base. M.-i bo is a rookie pichcr the C a :• d s brniiL'hl up from Omaha Ho has b'.'on blind in his left eyo since In- was 12. An air rifle pellet blinded him. Grfirnmiis will be returning to tho Cardinals as a utility inflolder nnd possibly a starter at short- slop. The Card-, dealt him to Cincinnati in 1056. Kiisko. a player Hi Cardinals' front office held high hopes for, balled only .220 this year. Kellner is a well-traveled left- hander who made his w;iy ill tho American League before coming to the Reds from Kansas City .file this season. There was no cash involved in the deal Business Opportunity . M'dse. Store. All fixtures. Sell stock cheap. Living quarters. 12 acres with pecan orchard. Long rental. 12 miles N W. Lewlsvillc. Dale A. Landes. fit. 1. Box 50, Lewisville. Ark. 3-tilp Real Estate for Sale by ED LA VANWAY CopyriaM 1958 t> U La Vnnwuy. PlttrltuUd jyjjCAjtrtlt*. I"* nients are not with tlie way in in con form a nee which you Chapter XXIV Lane was riding on ahead of Ihc herd, lo spot out the besl place to throw it onlo water at Tortuga Creek He neared he Quarter - Circle M Twenty Springs trail in late aflernon, and noticed a rider coming up from the south, pen lo be put together, then youi urii It was Murdo Mitchell's worn- should do something about it •First, let's find out just what these measurements are. Drop at heel means the difference in inches between the line of the barrel or rib and the top of the butt plate. Drop at comb Uhe part of the stock which rests against your clYeeki means the distance between Ihe line of the 'barrel or rib and the top of the comb. Thickness at comb means exactly what it swys. Aiv length of stock is the distance bi-l H'i'.'i'n the trigger and the center oi the 'but plate Now. how do you find out wheth Colo's sister. Karen probably hadn't had lirno to hear about his scrap with her brother. Lane 'thought, and if his whiskers weren't thick enough to hide tho marks on his face from her, lie would lie to her, if she didn't notice his stiff neck. Lane stopped ,tu wait for her because he wanted 1o tell' her lo have Ihoir foreman, Boucault, come up and cut the herd for Quarter-Circle M stuff. The law of the range demanded that every cow outfit brand all tho of ownership, putting can alt in the iron of its mama. Twenty Springs Valley had ignored this Ross M kenzie had the bron stallion, the code. died Sine under Quarter - Circle M roundup crews had -been culling Four-Arrow stuff back, throwing the calves back onto the rnnge with slick ears nnd all their pride, were the bull L.IIIC figured il mighl take more than just his word to prove there were no Quarter-Circle M beefs in the Richards herd. He wasn't er or not your gun fits yqii? That's etiFy. Simply close your «yes, mount the gun to your shoulder, rest jour cheek again*! the comb, in shooting position, and then open your eyes If the lino of sight from your right eye i^oes in over the breech so -that you can see both the front sight ,md the entire ; calves were concerned. So now length of tho barrel! or rib, than you are all right on firm at heel and comb. If lhal same line of sight centers along the rib, you are OK for thickness at comb. V there is an inch of clearance between your nose and tho thumb of your right hand as ii curls over the grip, your stock length is all right- It' any of these measurements are off-line, don'l despair; moal of them can be easily fixed, The drop at the heel is tho serious one; if thai is out, take (he gun to a good gunsmith and get him to alter the pitch until the fit is eom- fortaible. He will know what to do. If the cpmb is loo high, your eunsmilh can fix thnt easily. If it is tpo low, ho can odd a small check p»d. If the coni'b is too thin, 50 that you will cross-fire, a leather plieok is too longrnsshwou elo E $ TU& is too long or too short, a leather bul pact or a Utlle wood removed Americans Freed by Iraq Officials FRANKFURT, Grmnnv (API— Five IT R Air Forco officers and 38 enlisted men detained in Iraq alter tho Julv revolt against the monarchy havo flown to Germany It now larv authorities on their experi- eneps during ;md after the bloody revolt lhal overthrew Kins Faisal, Thpv are under orders nol to talk with newsmen. Tho airmen went to Iraq June 17 as a Military Assistance Advi- soi'i' Orotin to helo rain tho roval Imcii fur forrp in he use of American Sabre Jot planes. was learned lodav Ihoy are being interrogated by mili- t'rom under the bull plpte will laHp care of things, Onee your gun fits and is com-1 recuipsted, or ordered, by fort able when you mount it to your r '" K ' 1 revolutionaries to stay shoulder, th,e job is to learn to point ,it. That's right — you 4on'l aim a shotgun; you point it, iusl like you point your finger, If it fils, when you put that front It is understood Die airmen wore the in th v ir barracks area for about H •da vs. On Sept '27 they'started tP return lo Ciormonv, stopping over, first in Baghdad and then sight jin a 'bird and press tho trig- flying out on comworpipj pjan.es. go;<, it is your bird. Man Gives Away ,000 at Tim© LONDON (APi—Gcorge R . ^^^.^.wvw.v, England ^urnham won decrees , —A mysterious boriefaptov in * Hin "'°ni two d'ffWtU worr^ga in ' two different court? today ^- §nd then Rnnounccd ho plans ip sot married. showed vui nl a church Uidav 9114 gavo ii \yay more than $1.000 for the sec- d ^(Jay running. The myslpry donor palVg$ j^t the of the the fltothcr 'superior $ b;ig €8 A n five-pound notpg, some them ; 18 y,ears old. ' live man who saw h,ey mpnev was ypyng an4 in ciyer^ll^s,' ^ declined to, -§a,ic] y^\y\ wj&y jfar has asteesd $s$, fa gi,^" ypu tl>a old Mr, Ashburnham, a SO hand, \vg§ ,a\yard , ed a divoncp. decree on desertion srounds against his legal wife. Mary, whom he \ved io, JQ|8 ( A decree nullifying hi§ An J955 lo Annie He said thi? roren>o,n v performed (n the boH&( Mary, whom be had ual seen 20 - "' no.w to hi? - told dealing with a sympathetic neigh bor. Karen was carrying a tolue parasol, blonde head bare. She was sitting a sidesaddle on a white- stockinged sorrel mare. Her dress was silk. Satin slippers showed. "Where did you take Tom off to Lane?" she asked.' "Why -wasn't he there for his wedding? I'-khow .you went to see about a butchered ,,cow, but golly it shouldn't have taken you a week. Where's Tom now?" "At the Four - Arrow, or was when I left there at sunup." "They plan to be married today?" Karen Mitchell's blue eyes were sharp as she awaited Lanes reply- For Rani 2 HOOM furnished apaMrheht with private bath, ff-ont and back en* trances, electric reiriget-alor. 321 Bonnor St., phone 7-3553. 19-tf 5 ROOM house and bath, autottia* tic healer, across Street from Murphy's Store on M. Hazel St. Call Mrs. J. ft. Schooley. t-3377. 1-Olc Large 3 bedroom home, double carport, 2 lots on South Main near High School. 'Buy equity and assume FttA loan. Small 2 bedroom home on corner lot near High School and hospital. F-ttA loan available. Near Garland School, large 2 bedroom home in good comlHion. 10'; down on FHA loan. In Beverly Hills, largo 3 bedroom home almost new. GI or FHA loan available. On Rosston Road, nice 3 'bedroom home, garage, 3 large lots. School bus by front door, makes this ideal for family with children. FHA or conventional loan. Close in just off Highway 4 east, 10 acres, 5 room brick veneer, good garage and outbuildings, city water and natural gas. Ideal suburban home. Priced to sell. 247 acres cast of Hope in Nevada County. Approximately 150 acres open land. Ideal for pasture or row crops, ample water, lots of young pine. Fenced. In M'cCaskill, beautiful 6 room brick veneer, deep well, natural gas, electricity, good barn, new tool shed, 60 acres highly improved pasture. 2 stock ponds. On pavement. GREENING INSURANCE & REIALTY CO, Real Estate — Loans — Insurance 209 So. Main Phone 7-4GC1 2-tf 2 BEDROOM, a living room, den, kitchenette and carport at 419 E. i:nh St. Plenty outdoor room. If interested call Bert \Vingfield. Phone 503 Prescoll, Ark. 2-Ctp NICELY furnished 4 room and bath apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 E. 3rd. d-tf For Sale or Trade WANT AD, SATES All Want AJs &C poiaVo 'n advance but ads will be iccepfe'J over Ihe ,-telephorte and ofomono- tlon accounts allowed with tho understanding the account is payable when statement is rendered. Number One Thred Six 5f Words bay Days Days Up to 15 .45 .90 1 50 16 to 20 .60, U20 2.00 21 to 25 .75 I 50 2 50 26 to 30 90 , f \ oV 3 Ofi SI to 35 >1 05 2 10 350 36 to 46 1 20 2.40 4 00 41 to 45 1 35 170 4 50 46 to 50 1 50 3 00 5 00 One Month 4 50 600 7 50 9.00 10.50 12.00 1350 1500 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time 3 times 6 times OtTR home at 919 South Elm Street Open for inspection from 8 a.m. to G p.m. every clay. Wall to wall carpets, metal cabinets and double sinks in kitchen. Equipped for additional income If desired. Call 7-22G1 or 7-2257 for details. 26-Ctp H - FARMAti tractor. Excellent condition. Good tires, motor completely overhauled with super-H kit. Has late type cultivator and mowing machine. §1.000. Need one row tractor. Roy Cagle. 1413 South Elm. 3 ' GI P get married today; sure. See my face? - .Lane decided to tell her the itruth. He said, "No, they didn't I'm pretty Tom's fists did that, Irma broke off with him, and he thought I caused it." "But of course you didn't," Karen said, smiling. "Pont worry 'about it, Lane. If someone didnt give Tom a whipping every now and then, he would get so mean no one could stand him." "You think I gave him a whipping?" ".I think you did if you wanted to give him one." Karen regarded iLane fondly, as though she -were his sister and well pleased with something he had done, She glanced toward the southwest, "That your herd?" Lane nodded. "Going to hold it on these flats till Colonel Richards gets here. Or until he sends someone to take it off our hands- Wish you'd have Boucaull cut it [or Quarter-Circle critters." "I'll tell him,' Karen said, She looked away a moment, "Lane, yond sure better post plenty of guards tonight, this close to those neslers. Sorensen isn't going to Jet Irma market those steers. And you kllo\v how he feels about Nels, 'Did you. catch a ncsler with the butchered steer? What did you and Tom do with him; take him to jail? ' "No, Sorensen agreed to leave money at Tom's office to pay for the steer," "What did ypu do — track them all over the- mountain? How did you get Tom la stay with you?, He was just wild to marry that — frma," Lane said, '^Ho worried a lot,' "Shoot any of those neslers?' Lane shook his head, "Then you didnt meet up with Sorensen. You'd sure better keep your eyes open, I 1 ane l He vmsht try to dry » gulch, you on account of scooting jS T els-" • "j didn't shoot Nels, Jijrs Mi^ chell, n°t the wa.y .you've phoscn to ibelieve.' Lane watched hpr ride off, his lips ,Ught, his gray eyps Jwd. Right nosy he knew move Jnsn, Karen. did, ft'bout what Sorcnsen might do, ' and she h,ad spvt o| (lipped her Jmnd, Or jSllis prgp' Notice WE Buy - We Sell • W« B«n1 REAL ESTATE " R. D. FRANKLIN COMPAHT A. P. Deloney, Manager Howard Collier, Salesman •7-tt MOVING? Long Distance Call Collect 592. Fre* Estimates, Lowei Rates. Have Vans — Will Travel PRESCOTT TRANSFER STORAGE CO. PRESCOTT. ARKANSAS 16-B , . , Thunder begaj) to nuxrtMe on. >)ie mountain, as day (|wnv to a, elo,se, and it was a sound bq,th prnin.ou,§ and comforting. Li\ne pjight haye \yith Uie bowl i| a ba,4 PS" 1 ' 0 °*U W? 1 9 spakjng^ rjaja was ixeed^d.. It , turn Jthji |rass gm>n aggin add to thy grpwjh pous, SUBSCRIBE to Texarkana Gazette. Complete sport and news coverage, 35e week. T. V, pro grams, Early delivery, Phone Ray Duke ;7-2743, 17-lMo. BARHAM Brothers House Mov ers. Insured and free estimate. Write Barham Brothers Gale, Arkansas. 21-1 Mo, NO hunting or trapping will be allowed, without a permit on my land in the old proving ground. This land is posted, W. I, Stroud. *10-l-2mo.,c Room and Board • ROOM AND BOARD FOR room and board, cooking si its best, with clean comfortable rooms with innerspring mattresses, attic ventilation. Snyker Hotel. 23-1 MO, ,.j schedule"?! golunar Periods, printed pelow, has pgr- i ~ 1 — t .rn\ John A^en Knight's Tables, plan your days so that you will be fishing in good, territory or hunting in &°°^ coyer during jhesg timesi/ fr you wisji to find tl»? best sport that eaPh day ha? to Th? Msjpr Periods we shewn tin bojdfase typ?i These begin &t th? tjn^eg shpwn ^n4 }s?J for'^n u ~'" end § h?»JJ er two hows u, nfter, The MJ«°F Periods, ^hown m regular type, »r§ si shgrtfr flwratiorj. A, M, P-M, Minor Mwor Minor Msier IP'. > 11: §!?§ j:55 ?f15 3:5.0 19;fi§ 1:§§ 7j49 3:30 §;3§ 5:25 ll;?Q returned. He intended, fp stgnd. a,r,oupd For Sole ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimales. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9 HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, "Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. . 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. • 15-1-m-p 1950 STUDEBAKE'R pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7.-40U, 29-tf MIXED HAY — Lespedesia and grass 35c and 40c at barn. J. W. Strickland. 7-3731. 3tf Services Offered U2T us renovat* your old majt- tress. We specializt In pr«iiurl- zed Innerspring. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-3921 RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering. We have meat (or your deep freeze. See u» before buying. 17-tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L, E, Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel, Phone 73721, 23-1 Mo, FOR a complete line of pumps, water wells or work overs, Call 0. T. Clark. 731 E. 6th. Phone 7-4304, 26-l.mo-p NURSING work wanted. 8 hour duty in Hope, 20 years experience, White lady, Mrs. Delia Travis. 7-4337, l-3tc Instruction BEGINNING'Jessons in Oil Painting will begin Oct. 3, Interested persons may contact Freddie Jones, 514 East Third St, or call 7-2732. 23.lt BEGINNING Lessons in oil paint- Ing and pastels, interested persons may contact Freddie Jones. 514 East Third Street, pv call 12732. ?3-tf Female Help wEutre'j3se*s, Apply n» person. Pia.mpn4 Cafe, HP??. Earn $100,00 per month in spare time at home jBddressjng envelopes. For information and Instructions send fl.OO to Jfort}ie»st Service pa., Post Offigg'BQX M " •" i, jyfass, Money basil TWO girl? to-|rajn as e,ai' hgps, Steady employment good sajaj-y, Must pe }8. Apply I' 1 Pgrsp« • 'j-foijsewJYe's earn ?lp to | ly selling WQHSP Pi Stwaj't tics, No 4eljvwie# » for interview apppintfilpnt Dprolhy Rya.il, Rt. I gQ«'43g th,9 herd as 4p\yu w)ipfl he ^^P^Yt •& j-^."5f=-' ,*Tr *?* ''^Xi aH^tewftt^.'/•:-•.!•' -JWfifcy to 80c pet inch 65c per inch 55c per Inch Rates quoted above ate for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate. All doily classified advertising copV will be accepted until 5 p.m. for puBllcolion' fhe following day. Tho publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all aclvestisemonts of fered for publication and to re|ect any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups of figures, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are colled to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 o (f Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. El Palmer, President Alex. H; Washburn, Secy-Trcs. at The Star Building 212-14. South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Weishburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmor, Mcch. Supr. tn'tered as second rloss matter at the 'Post Office at Hone, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription .Rota: (payable in advan-o) By carrier in Hope and neicjhb xiivj towns — Per week • • . S .30 Per ,year • 1jo ° By mail in Hempsreod, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and AAiller Counties — One month 5 -IS Three months '.8 s tix i mojiths , , , . . , 3,50 One vear . •• °- 50 All other One month Three months Six months One year moil — 1,30 3.90 7,80 15.60 Not'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn; 505 ""Xxos Bank Bldg , Dallas 2, Texas; ?60 N Michioan Ave., Chicano 1. Ill; 60 f. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y; 1763 Penobscor Bldg, Detroit 2, Mich,; Terminal Bldg,, Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Associated Press; The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local IIPWS printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. WANTED TO BUY pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise. HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321- 16th & Louisiana, Hope. Ark, ROAD KING Phone 7 58QQ 2Q9 S, Him ^ MoLART • Now Op?' 1 "Fsr. SMITH'S afNIRATOR .ondSTARTIR )§ §,' w^inyt it- "• Rsbwlldln's all makes 4 at Sonw-iitera and starter* innsr. Piy, lir,ylst PAYI5 Hesnt and §yr)9l v Phont PR 7-55^

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