Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1958
Page 5
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FACT UTAH e largest body of salt water in the Western Hehlis- phere, the Great Salt Lake in Utah, is the reWMttt of a ohce great inland sea, In pfehistbHii times this sea, whicli the g6« ologists call Lake SdJlheVllle, covered northwest Utah. JaMeg Brldgel', a fur trapper, is believed to liaVe been the fli-st white man to 'see the lake, in the early 1840S. "© Encyclopedia BHtaHhtc» Gccd Puiita { CA • w i v A L flfJlJ.IlfallAM» I? Oitk _ t <Jff*R TWlSJ IELF-DEFENSE —'standing Lhinci a bullet-sroof concrete bield, this armed Paris police- jian watches over St. Sulpice' Square, alert for attacks .by, \lgenan terrorists. AWARD WINNER — Naojni Benjamin, 28, o technologist" at Walter Reed Army Institute of search in Washington, D,C,, he only woman ampng five civilians to receive exceptional , civilian service decorations f from Army- Secretary William BrucKer, She developed, a method to ' identify radiation victims after mass atomic aV» lack to speed 1 trea(meij$, . ROACH . HUGHES INSURANCE Auto « Fir?'» Kfs,* (Jasuslty 109 E, 3rd, Ph?n« 74§?i H«j>?; Arki . M, S, PATES biii kick 6t fifil afi) et tehftis |am« 12Sreftd Spread ISOpeHHc Sold 1? Mf, Frablsiitt IS Bcgilihing ifl Best gate heeei&ls 21 Chess 't^MJj 53 dohsilfne 24Salidi' ' 21 i*oi- fear thai 29 Fury " 32 OpeH'thfliti hydtodatboh 34 Raised strips 36 dhaose 3? Not hete 38 Guhlock catch 39 Sjibtts' team 41 Be a spectator 42 Sweet potato 44 Fidctlittg " Roman empeJtor 46 Steal 49 Treatment (suffix) 53 Biblical name 64 Producing one at a time 58 Dry, as wine 57 Siberian river 58 Gaelic' 1 59 Mariner's direction 00 Degrees (ab.) 61 Horned ruminant • DOWN I Horsebacli game TIZZY £ Polish lancef 3 Tennis equipment tpl.) 4" Clan symbol 5 liKmbrahous fiouch 6 AscehdS ? Assess ai pUhishmenl 8 Golf term 9 Destroys 10 Australian ostfich 11 dolor AlOlol— rarasaraara i Ei IRIEIUIAIT1EI 2s Mlhcf of (rack 43 Shape eVehl 46 Participated 28 fijcchahfe, In a regatta as pkyeri 46 Forward —— 50 Heredity unit (football) 16'Slafiled typg 31 Royal Itsllati 4? Employs So Supplies fai family name 48 Arrow poisbfl £2 dangers' 33 tThtahied 50 flipped sheltel-s 35 European 51 Subterfuge 24throw a ball peninsula 52 ftiver In 25 Towal-ti the 40 Baseball Belgium sheltered side period 55 Dance step I V 5T F TW6 hSST v£l '"VENUS-SHE i tNTE BWI^CTfWVVVin T^t. »TRee* -M?V£R k HEARD OF IT / FLASF 'if:*«ij«, "Why, Mr, Woodley! You're a regular bully!" VEE -r IF PIE By Nadine St.tier NtiU THINK t'O BfiSt / VEK .VCANt RUM Qd BACK. ANO FACE I AWAY FOREVER, THE MUSIC ABOUT \ ' AM' BESIDES, WHAT 1 ACClPENTLV / lit BE fclGHt TO tWE GRAND V THER6 \WH M3U ',:~ r -*PV, Wli ALL My OOP WELL,THANKS,/ MAVBB MV' BUT t t»M't [ INPUUEMC6 THINK MDUK I AIWT sd IMPUDENCE \ STRONG- IS STROKia ENOUGH TO OO MUCH GOOD WELL ..,BUt I'VE \NO\V GO!^ f^REttY '' lte (3CXDP RliSHT AftM! HEAttl HEAR! YOu'Rfe tAUKlMG . tHE ALUfiVOOP USfen 1/3 kMOW,' VEH? ves sim cowe DM, BOV, LETS 60 BACK AMD MtK THIS- THIMS RIGHT IN THE TE6TH,' ('.Tl » ' I W\ A FEW NLY rs WHV POLICE PONT THINK MB " P ' AIRLINE, 1 .WAS ALERTBO HEAP START WltH, WILLAKD! By Kate Osann fl MM »I «* »•<*•, toe. TJi. «n- "•« ?'<• «*• ' ' /o-3 O J^ T.K. *•!. «.S, r>«. 0*, ® IBM lij HE* Senict, !«<!. »«fwrSetrtt &• CAPTAlH EASY BUT WITH T THEy THINK HE'fl , HlflHWAV PATROL OP FIUB SfATE 'T HE ' ARE COMBIW6 BAWDS RK AM...._ WHO AAIGHT'VE 5E6N THBW1-' 7HILB 6A$V 'CALL£ AT HOWfe WEST OF froggy TO CALL do EARLY, 5un, now CAN i PEACH lBUr, &ARU i.TN , 6ARL I VISITING U51 VOU'LL PIMP, HIM At dOR " FI5HIWO ; VO-3 IP '19SII hy NE* Gtt™ t -. OAGWOOO.-VJHAT .^, S ON EARTH #RE "' .YOU LAUGH'ISJG AT? J>.\ HO-HO-HO> THIS IS THE 'FUNNIEST STORY I EVER READ 'IN MV LIFE-HOHO \\T YO-HO-'HO HO-HO-HO "Who needs appetizers' By Gafbroftl? *l.don't have anything to talk ab9ut either. Want to hear some of my records?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Y CLICKIMS OM TMOSe PLAYS, n FELLAHS,-- »yr TMI »it fgi» In Tsf*" Lond-O-Lokei Fflrm i f >• sj~ m_.<i_.t AT_I_ 41 j ft? - &h fvfOW LETS GET IM • SOME TACKLING PRACTICE OK THE DUMMY/ A \ »"•'« u on. pi; ^•^^ »o. .•>-Jfc.V ^—' vr S AND HER BUDDIES \T'- HOWSWE JOS" 1 •*=? LLJL gTniC b» tie* 6«r»lc», Inc. T>. Big. D.S. f «l Ol_ "...It's a hi<5h hopper- to 1 thlr-d, filling .the bases,." >lff5fclUiA'S POP OUT OUi» WAY V.this is the 6 moment of the' 1958 World SeHes,,,!' \\ TRY THE (3OOD-MUS1C STATION! IT'S PL/> •STRAVINSKY'S "PETROLJCHKAV x,. J GOODNESS! ^' •-* YOU'D THINK -I SAID SOMETHING •v J, R. With eoyRi THAT/ &^, >SJ BOV, THAT'S ' V CHAJ^PAGWg IS SOMP CRANE i CHEAP Atowfi- MAIJ-fiETTIKI' HIMSELF A _ PRINK OF WATER U HOISTEP.' WITH A7S-TQM 5O(HJ A CHAIR OMOEO t30:?T MAD5 |(S A BLUE CHIP, , A W4IL&WTH THE: •,.„-_..,,. , A WAUL- $TEE£T TITANl.BUT pISCAROEp I IN FAVOR OF SOLDIERING, gl<5 SAM6 ' ?,DIPLOMACY AMD Trie )1 C.1*^, UAI^-ti'APP/' r-—i~-" ' IT'5;. RPK ^__JaiJ/T^»—' •^^^§-/A&^S^~ yTV »^- // ;S-//-, «-- " j^ tt ^S_.. SESfe.*^"" L V\ -*** ^ eC >•' T -""'^fl?«rms "fAKIM 1 LJ^Yif. | l§ iAghUN, 4 / flpUSH'TIH %^^ ^ J EJNIfHgR JUST IN L* > TlWJ"HgRg«M/l6S J? FITWIA-.-NQ^gHg «"• " ^'N^X^i 9j ^5 * 1 w**y// (H S»//a»j4 i* 5 It&>' \C. ^Vr?,i ^'gg^f 5 * ^|^E

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