Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1958
Page 2
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Pagt Tws Un needed Secrecy By 6. YAtES Raps XVASItlNOTON (APi — The (Vn- tnKoli swims n major btnw iit tin- iieedrd secrecy today. H ordered ttorlnssiflcntlnn of nl- inost all military document sUirnpod lop secret. sec- rut mid confidential before .tan 1. l!)40. Sonic date back lo World War i days or before. Many millions of outdated documents arc affrrlod The dcclassificulioli order was Signed by Secretary of Defense Neil MeKli-oy ln?t Saturday. it was le.irtipfl. and Is due for loiriinl announcement today. The order also lakes n preliminary jnb at the continuing accumulation <>( clnssified papers. It orders tbe automatic downurad- iJi«. after n r>rrl.od of yciirs, <>[ documents labeled top seerel. Left for future action Is 0 llmc- plum>d schedule that will remove till erades of secrecy from rloru- ttienfs after they hove been stored for n given number of years Specifically exempted from (ho mass deehssificafioM order nre papers detailing U S. and Allied wai plans and almost everything connected with intelligence and counlerinlclliKence. 1'ersonnel and medical records nlso wore excluded because Jheir confidential nature Is covered by numerous re.eulatUms. bws nnd customs thai normally prevent the invasion of personal privacy. 302 czxclbyl or 'j ssz2cktkcz7.cc7.zceyx U. S. Parcel Post is fourth-class mail, but you can speed delivery \vitn extra stamps for "specia handling service." Legal Notice NOTIC E IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTEH OF THE ESTATE OF No, 1211 TROY FRANKLIN BAIN, deceased Last known address of decedent: Emmet, Arkansas. Dale of death: August 1C, 1958. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 2nd ' -day of October, 1958. All persons having claims against "tho estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to tiie undersigned within i-jx months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 3rd day of October. 1958. B. F. Bain Administrator Emmet, Arkansas Oct, 3, 10, 1958. AIMED AT MARS—This delicate device Is a l/20th scale model of a basic design for a vehicle thai could make close-up studius of lhe planet Mars, Looking It over are the Boeing scientists who developed it, Richard D. White (standing) and Henry K. Hebelcr. The full-sized vehicle would be about 40 feet across, weigh GOO pounds and be assembled and launched from a satellite platform at least 400 miles above the earth, Taking power from the sun and propelled in space by continuous low thrust from an ion accelerator the unmanned explorer would take about three years to orbit Mars and return to its Earth-satellite launching place. — 11 --i-^-^-~-™ Russia Admits Resuming Nuclear Tests By HAR5L5 K. MILLS' MOSCOW iA!*) - the M&vV4 tfovernmcnt said today it has re- sumwl testing of HC nuclear iyca ons bocause the United Slates' (if 3ritoin have kept on with the esl shols. A special announcement j,, U u hrough lhe official Tass ho\ agency declared the blame fol on the two Western powers sine they did not follow suit when lh Soviets announced suspension lest blasts six months ago. (The Soviets, who wound up »ig series of experimental ckplo MOMS before swearing off las spring, are known (o haVo deton nted four nuclear devices in a les iii-pa north of (he Arctic Girci this week. The U.S. Atomic En ergy Commission announced ii ,!;'!:." glon "?" Detection of tw MOM, AtKANSAI II 3, 1§S§ v Thursday.) tests 88 e " VP "° d ° lni!s 0/ the Hcw Jt accused the United States Britain of using the Soviet Su hi 0 " '' l ° SGCUre l»« greatest possible military advantage for theU V- S lgn ° Hng lhe wi)1 °f tho Prescott News Brownie Troop 2 Meets Brownie Troop 2 held their firs meeting of the school year at the Toeri Age Club on Monday afternoon. Susan Ward led in prayer at refreshment time. Brownies present wore Charlotte Arnold, Sandra Kay Anderson, Dorothy Covington, Helen Friend, Gail Graham, Gilda Faye Ilines, Jeanutte McAnnally, Vurma Ogk-s- by and little daughter, Betty Jean nnd Mrs. Aubrey Anderson, loader. Sandra T name I Birthday Anniversary Legal Notice V -—- PROBATE COURT NOTICES * V Notice is hereby given that the ' following Executors Administrators and Guardians have tiled their Annual and Final Settlements with the Probate Court of Hempstead * County Arkansas for approval and * confirmation to-wit: „, "First and Final Settlement of ,- Albert Graves, Administrator of the Estate of F. B. Ward, deceased, filed September 13, 1958 Annual Settlement of tho Citizens National Bank of Hope, Guardian of the Estate of Mrs, Maud McNunn, JJH-ompelent, filed September 1(5 3958, Annual Account of Beulah Sioy, Guardian of the person and estate Of Ulysses Janies Stov, a minor filed September 1C. 1958. First nnd Final Settlement of D C. "BUI" Barrett, Executor of the! Estate, of Li})ie Simpson, deceased -fjlod September 30, 1958, "First and Final Account of Mnry ,P41a Pree, Administratrix of the Jpstatj? o| Clinton'Free, deceased filed September 30, 1958. . > First Settlement of H. L. Hano•£an, Guardian of the person and „estate of AJlie H, Daniel, inconv petent, filed September 30, 195.8, ' *A')d all persons interested in the . above named estates are ordered 4q pome forward and file exceptions it any they have within Sixty (00) days from the date said settlements "tea. of they will bo forever Mr. and Mrs. O, C. Tramel entertained with a lawn party at their home on Monday afternoon for the pleasure of their daughter, Sandra on her fifth birthday anniversary. The gifts were .arranged on a tiible centered with an arrangement of spider lilies. Cumes were played after which ice cream, pink lemonade and the birthday cake decorated in pink and green, topped with a girl doll was. served to Jerry Jackson, Tenu BoJton, Niles Stockton, Charlotte Arnold, Beth and Connie Morris, Dunny Beavert, Ruth and Sherry I Galley, Bill and Betty Woodell, Gail Willis, Rosemary Lee, Sara Lou Pounds, M'ike and Angela Payne, Al M.artindalo, Gilda Fav and Bronchi Hines. Mrs. Tramo was assisted in serving toy M'rs J. C. Mines and (Mrs. Clifton Cal ley. Favors were hats filled with candy and gum. parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gist. "This is evidenced," it said, "bv ic act Ihnt precisely after March .J — that is the moment lhe Soviet Union suspended nuclear tesls and called upon other countries to follow suit—the governments' of the United Stales nnd lhe United Kingdom undertook the bigghesl ever series of tesls of atomic and Hydrogen Weapons. "The United Slates alone has set olf about 40 nuclear shots during I llle llAttiny) this period, "Considering SHIP OF THE FUTURE-Uhited Nations Secietat-y Dag Hummatskjold, cenlci, inspects a mode) of a u atomkspowered ship at the Scientific Exhibition of the second conference on atoms-lor*peauo at Geneva, Switzerland. by ED LA VANVYAY Co(,,ri 8 ht I9M ky U U Vinwo/. ClitrFbutid by NCA'bntet, In4 this, the Soviet Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Tramel have had as their guests, Mr. .and Mrs. 'Dale Francis and children of Mansfield, La. Miss Mary Nell Bolls of Little Rock visited hei- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bolls over the weekend. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Davis and Mr. and Mrs. David Dougan spent the Weekend in Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Shell -Blakely and daughters of Little Rock were the weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Woosley. Mr. and M'rs. Wallace McBridc of Smackover spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. K. VV. B'ur- cott. Mrs. U. G. Westmoreland spenl he weekend in Rosslon with Mr, and Mrs. Robert Purlfoy and family and attended the Rhodes reunion .at Friendship,Sunday. John Gann nnd son, Jimm of England spent the weekend with Mrs. Julia Gann and Mrs. J. C. Woodui. government cannot allow the seen- rity interests of the Soviet state to suffer because of such actions nt the United States and the United Kingdom. . . . "Tass is authorized lo state tha although forced by lhe actions o the United States and Britain t resume its own nuclear tests, th Soviet Union will in lhe future con tin.ue its struggle for immediat and universal termination of sue tests." Talks are lo begin among So viet. British and American repre sentatives at Geneva Oct. 31 to seek an agreement on suspending tests under adequate safeguards Full Production on New Autos DETROIT (AP)-^fe five auto divisions of General Motors have •been in almost full production on 1959 models this week. Last week the corporation buiU some 33,000 new cars. Buick and Cadillac already, have 1959 models on sale. Oldsmobilq will be introduced Friday. Pontiae is due Oct 9 and Chevrolet on Oct. IB. Chapter XXIII The next morning six of the ent out to wash up as the coo nick triangle sounded, and af • they had eaten breakfast, the nme back ouside Into 'unusual arm daylight. Lane said, "Sheriff, you ca orrow my mug and razor if yo want to shave." Mr. and Mrs. 0, C. Tramel and Sandra spent Sunday in Delight with relatives and friends. Mr and Mrs. Delmor Dame] spent the weekend in Texarkana with their daughter, !Urs. Troy Mai tin and family. Dr. and Mrs. George Pakis Jr. nnd sons of Little Rock visited her mother, Mrs. J, O, Colo nt nil during the weekend. iMrs. Joo Tuminello of Shrove- port was the weekend guest a[ her (Legal Notice Miss Jackie Gill of Dallas visited her parents, Mr and Mrs, Ranee Gil), during the weekend. Mrs. J. B. Ritchie and Mrs, J. W. Bull returned Sunday from Tulsa, Okla. whore they were, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. P, Hart. Mrs. Carrie Hart accompanied them home. M'r, and Mrs. Paul Ray Hamric and Mr. nnd Mrs Watson Wells of Garland, Texas were the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs, Gordon Pnnner nnd her parents in Hot Springs, Fire Losses Hit Hiahest Point BOSTON (AP) - Two million fires with aggregate destruction of $1,280.000,000 last year sent American fire losses to the highest point in the country's history, the National Fire Protection Assn. reported today, Losyes hnye moved up to new record totals for three successive years, the announcement said, and i" 1957 exceeded 1956 losses bv about $-18,350,000 Cole shook his head. He looke toward the ranch house. H looked toward the corrals. H seemed to 'be studing the foo hills and the sunlit summits o Lame Steer Mountain. He was standing about 25 fe» from the cookshack door whe Lane again approached him, ask ing, "How did you come out wit Irma, Sheriff?" The lawman cut a sidewise look his skin pale,, his eyes sheenet with malice. He squared arounc and dug thumb and forefinger in to a vest pocket. He held out his cupped hand, showing Lane the ring Irma had been wearing. "What did she say?" "Said she loved you." Lane knew the blow was coming, but Cole's fist traveled too fast for him to get out of the way. Struck on the jaw, he staggered back, arms flung wide. • •" "Hold it, Tom, I don't want to fight you," Lane's words didn't .penetrate he curtain of outrage and haired hat had enveloped Co'les brain. ie advanced on Lane swinging joth fists, and Lane knew he had o protect himself, Each of them was wearing a ix-gun. Cole's feral stare warned Lane that the lawman wasn't above using his gun. The lust to maim or loll was in Colo's eyes. Lane drove a blow into Cole's midsection, Breath gusting j n an agonized grunt, Cole folded dou- 'ble. He came erect sledging at 'Lane's face, Ho missed a swing and then stiff-armed Lane on tho brow with such force that the joints of Lane's neck pained. Sucking breath noisily, Cole clenched with Lane ancl attempted to break him backward, Lane kept Tom." Cole stepped away and brought a knee driving up at Lane's crotch. Lane pounded him on the temple and drove knuckles qgamst Cole's mouth. Cole stepped away spluttering blood. _ He hurled himself forward, getting an arm around Lane's neck and going to the ground with him. They rolled over- and over, digging at each other with spurs, thumbing at eyes. Cole got a hand loose and . pulled his gun. He treid to beat Lane's head to a pulp. Lane caught a wrist, shoved :t out of his way and landed a fist on Cole's chin. It knocked Cole groggy, Cole groped for Lane's throat, grunting. He sounded disappointed and desperate. Lane tore the fingers from his hroat and found the lawman winded and tired, almost exhausted. He slugged Cole in the ace and kept hitting him until Cole was still. Lane went on hands and knees his hat, aware nosv that Web- ter 'and the other hands had (been houtmg.at him. Lane saw Irma and Fay. Irrha'S fdce Was tragic. The sheriff was out cold. Lane saw at a glahce, getting to his feet, and he said to Irma. "I didn't want to fight him, Why did you make me do it?" tie headed for the bunkhouSe. with the gtf! only staring at him. Before he got there, hd heaid Tom Cole say, "Get away. I'fri all right." fly the time Lane and Webster reached the Four'Arrow rourtdit/p wagon Hear the north line of MUN do Mitchell's Quarter * Circle M spread, the inner sides of thdif Levi's legs, where the}- gripped the leather that curved arotliid foam * soaked horsehide. were a§ wet as IhottgH rinsed in a watef trough. The Four •> Arrow outfit had al» ready made the Hlornihg circle . ahd svas branding calves, aftd the I four * fine dust tho ropers faisud as they dragged the choked-doWh, j bounding yearlings away from thfi I bawling cows seemed to hang )fi | the air endlessly, I After the noon meal LaJle him* I self helped catch and haHH'ss Sehultz's four-horse chttck'Wagort team. Afterward the wrangler turned the saddle band loose to graze, Posting point, swing, flank and drag riders, the Pour « Arrow foreman strung the herd, out lit regular trailing fashion through lhe low hills toward the north, cast. As far as grass Was concerned, the land along the Quai'lei'-CtrcliS M - Twenty Springs road was th.fi best spot on the range for holding a gather of • cattle for any considerable length of time; yet. the water there would present a prob* 1cm. There was no Shortage of "Water Getting the steers to it was the hard part, and there wottld be lots, of bog - pulling to do Lane was thinking. He and one of the vaqucros took the count. They rode to a rise of ground ahead of the lead steers and sat their saddles there while the herd passed. Lane used a tally string fastened to his saddle pommel. He had tied 10 knots in the string, and kfipt count by dropping a knot on pach even hundred. The Mexican used 10 horseshoe nails, passing a nail from hand to the' other when marking a hundred head. When the dust of the drags floated before them, the vaquoro asked, "How many,- Lane? 1 "Seven head short of 3,000." ("Yes," the vacj/iiew) said; "I myself count seven less." Colonel Richards hadn't figured on there being even 2,500 head, so ho was going to be pleased with this count. (To Be Continued) Remmel Slere Is Lotted of $1,200 NEWScmf, Afk. <?Ap-^ lars'lp'ok |i,300 ill easfi frofii the W. H. Mcfittfjhej- MefcafilllS Ctf at Memmei eai-Ily yesterday^ Sh6t» iff fi. G. tiyke refjorled*. He said the thieVeS fo.i'cec! Mileii .§ | (he front door of the Store ahd Silt' \ ried away a oOO-pouhd Safe which" [the lirm had used" since ]012. A V FAT OVERWEIGHT N6W available to y&ti ?£r fifst witheat a Master's prsseplptioH. BUP new dcu§ ealted OBRINEX, Veu must. lose ualy fat IH 7 days 6P ydur mangy bafek. Nd wece stacv^tldrt diets, strenuous exefelse, laxatives, massage or taking of sd>aalled FS« dUdlHtj c^MdieS, crackers OP cook' les, oc chewing gum. ODRIN&X is a tirsy tablet and easily swallowed. Absolutely harmless, When yeu take ODfilNEX, you still enjoy your meals, still eat the faeds you like, but you simply don't have the H^nt 6 ^*?"" 3 unions beeause ODRINEX depresses yeuc appetite a.ndidecreases your desire fap feed, Autamritleally yeur weight must come down, because as your own deleter will tell you, when you eat less, you weigh less, Get rtd of ex- ** cess fat and live longer. ODRINEX *• is said on this GUARANTEE! You m,ust lose weight within 7 days or your money back. Just return the pacKage to your druggist and get your full money back, ODRINEX costs $3.00 and Is sold with this strict money back guarantee by: John P, Cox Drug Store — Hope — Mall Orders Filled. SAME DAY SERVICE REASONABLE RATES Qualified Sevice at Lower Prices. Dick Hoggard, Technician, guarantees you qua), ity service at budget prices. Save 107 0 on any service work with this ad until October 4, 1958. ' EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. hitting him and saying, J 'Stop it, LETS DANCE! "THE COTILLIOiSJ<CLUB BALLROOM DANCING LESSONS (6tn grade thru 12th grade) Sponsored & Taught by Mrs. J. Howard Waddle (Arthur Murray Bronze & Silver Medalist) Complimentary lesson SATURDAY, OCT. '4, 3 P. M, W..O. W. HALL Phone PRospect 7-3250 Mr. ancl Mis. Moso Smith of Rtiston, La. visited Mr. and Mrs. Oren Eljsworth and Mrs. S, T. White over the weekend, t *F> , ^..,—, from excepting said ac- PQWits or any item thereof. Arnold J. Middlobrooks >-;' Probate Clerk of Hempstead *4 County, Arkansas. w * Px.&ybvr C. Anderson, r>. c. y.c.t. 3, LEGAL Notice is hereby given that the D->C Sunnjy QiJ Company has rnndp application to erect a service station at Jhe norihwest corner of Third and }I<?rv<?y Streets, Giles Addition, Hope, Arkansas, Date of; hearing in regard (a this building permit is $01 fpr the re-g* uliu- meeting of the Boftrd of TJj. rpclors, City Jin.ll, Monday, Qp, lobcr G, 1958, 7:30 p, m, Mrs. Clips, J\ Roynerson GJerlv Sept. 17. Oct, ?, JQ58 RiOPENINGOF |AT, NIGHT - Oct. 4, 1958 ; 2 B1Q SESSIONS > M't99 P. M. — 9 F, M, fg 1 1 ftBhedule of Sessions? Nights — 7'QO to ] 0:0(3 P. M ' ' Mr. and Mrs, Convad White of ittle Rock visited (Mrs, W. R, White ancl Mrs. Clyde Qrisham during the weekend, Mr, rmd MVs. Brozie Ifaynie had as their Sunday guests ivjr, ' and Mrs, Ralph Haynie., Jop and Glenn pf Smapkoycr, Guests Sunday of Mi', nnd Mrs, B, P, Hornby were Dr, and Mrs, Cr. D. Royston of Hope. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs, Jirn Nelson wore Mr, and. Mrs. Charlie De*s 3 nd daughters of Little Rook. Sunday guests of (Mr. and Mrs, FJoyd Ifvibbiird wpre Mr. and. Mrs. Pin'j' Harris of LjHle Rppls, Mj;, and Mrs, >!, A. Cole fmd. ;heir guests, Mr- aod Mrs, J}jr»my CoJe and sons of jrjoustori, spejtf Sunday wi,th W. G, McQjll at Tales vii i-a? ij^;"...^ * <. ,"i , 11 ,, ,-••• ,' tnii ** """t" .A<I * *i • vf.i»'W 't' 'j^' 1 Johnson of , sppnt the'weeHend W'jth her v, Mrs. J. B, ^ This makee Us^vyl In only ten-days' time introdujtia^37;2fc *•: people have bought TOg OAB.The t inoit dwnfttto hi§tQjy! fQm$ in and §§@ what yo^Qjiality Buipk This y^ar of all yws, buy m im ear.until W m anygf-2Si @l " '.and soaby Qray?on o| Lonokp wpre vvpeHond, IMPSJS p/ his mptlxer, M''S- Bernme o|her rpjejtjy^s pni'Qto tg to Session Se«lgn -^ ?: 00 tp §: 09 P. to sad Syadcy nights, '"^ m w «&VW '' '

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