Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 10
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Page TM. A I i A N I A S Injury Making Changes in Predictions &y JACK CLAPY Associated f*rrs Sports Writ«f One nf the threat flient eqmili zors in college fnotlinll Ihe inuiy •— is making Hit cxpeitp tnke u loilgUlR look nt Saturday's games. Jlirentivc and mud - Hie nllu-r two — are alwn.vs o linznrd In picking Ihe winners, but the re turn or los of? key plovers in mid- Week makes things more interest Ing That could be thr rnse at Dartmouth Saturday where Venn, a -13 0 loser lasl week to f>onn State. must fare the Imiimi? without Frc-d TioilihR. llmjr rii'ht InlfljarV; who twisted an ntilde. Dolliii(i led the Quakers' n round ofOnsr l;i--l year with Ml yards Form'? ernirr John Marchiann i" plso nut Dnrtmouth. nliep.clv a 1? point early favorite, lost tnekle Hi I Pettwn.V. perhaoR for Hie sea'-nn. with o knee injury Jn the t.;i fayette game. Illinois, a three point favorite Soes out of the TVifj Ten tn Din- liatn, N.C.. for n battle :i«nir\^l thp Atlantic Const Conferenee • 'Duke nnd will have tn ^>^•\ aluiu: with only limited service 1 , nt lens 1 from captain and fitllhnek .T.irU Delvenux. JJe pi'lled a Jej; musrl- against UCLA while .qitarlerhaek Bob TTickey lias n sprained ankle that cnusud Coach Ray Kliol In move soph .John Rsterbrook to No 1 quarterback Purdue, worried enough with Hice's powerful .offense, will prol> pbly be without first stung quai terback Bob Spoo. out wjth bruised ribs suffered against Nebraska Te Boilermakers are 7 poir.l«: ribs suffered against Nebraska The Boilermakers are 7 points favorile against the Owls. Pill has been listed an early G','2 point favorite over Minnesota's Gophers. But the Panthers slill don't know the stains of quarterbacks Bill Kollden. who has a bruised inslop, Ivan Ton.ilin a pulled rib muscle, anl halfback Bill Hijley. a "Drained ankle. Ohio State will be the favorite over the Washington Huskies Saturday, but the absence of Buckeye quarterback Frank KrcinMa;: .could lake its toll. Kremblas 1 pas.i- • iris Rave Woody Hnyes bovs ,\ sutiden shift from his ground of, /ense'in their 23-20 Southern Methodist ( victory '- ';Any.' hopes Indiana, a six point ! imdpictog, had of catchinfi West ',, Virginia, still down after its '17-11 1 -blnstinR by Oklahoma, were dimmed wi,th the return of Mountaineer quarterback Dick Longfellow Though he played his team's .first same, Michigan fullback John Herrnstein. an injiuy victim most of 1957, is still the'key for the Wolvoimps againsl Mu-higai State. The Spartans are 13 poin favoriles, but llei rn^tein is lookee on as the possible erjuali/er Ho ,dupcd his cjitne J957 autpu with 144 yards Rained again" Southern Cahfoinia laft uci^ scoring two touchdowns. mommy get' foi Ihp bathroom pnidiires untold delight Provided, of rotirsp, the young tormentor can make the tissue (roil like n kite's tail while he—or she—runs up and down aisles. flare pleasure from pushing nth-, cr people's carts. Pop chases .aft- n but befoip IIP can apprchehd the bunclli 1 of humanity .oh HIP Ic.ose. many stl-nnfiers arc- apt to 1 pel bumped. j Ifnpi isutilns. the youngster in I those souls in the carts lakes its i loll of adult nervous Systems, too. There is an occasional scruatn When mommies aren't looking, (lie young things have bppn sceii dropping canned goods on eggs. At this point smacks are futile finecis push cash register button:! mommy or the clerk Isn't looking At this poinln smacks are fuhlo and the toiJdlorK get a quick trip lo the car. Bui seldom is there crying, fn another w e e k. they know, It will be time to shop) again, NORFOLK, Vn. f/F> — Two 12- j year-old boys interrupted harbor i traffic and brought shivvcrs to shol-ebound adults here. They were discovered in the 40-foot deep Elizabeth River channel afloat in a ' . 3 by 0 feel mortar box used by] ' brick masons. The- Coast Guard ' did its duty. | Fisher Looked Like a Man WithfroMble By WILLIAM gWALB United Pfess Inl5fhall6rldl NKW YOHK (tJPIi—fcddie i"ish- PI looking as tteivous as a turkey in mid-November, skittered in for his first NBC-TV show Tuesday night Young Fisher had his Ihoubles on MHKP last season and seehns to be having a few offstage this sea- sonn but it must -be said thai de» spite his obvious jitters his opener was polished and big league. It moved It contained some fun. !t used coor effectively. It had professional gloss. "il'm not so sure, however, that Fisher can pe credited with the" success of the show He remains a raihpr door.ous host — a stiff singer, a bad reader of lines, a performer cowled with nauseating phony boyishness. What matte the show eick was its slick production 1 pus its power guest line-up of Mrhie KoVacs and .leiry Lewis. Kovacs was in fine form, wasky and loose. And although Lewis is hot my idea of Avhal civilisation has been labor a ing to produce,- he was bouncy in his own biirrtplibtis way. It's a show that'll rise or fall oh Us guests. Garry Mdore also unpakaged a variety ^sho* on dBS-T/V Tuesday night. It was an uneven hour, loose ahd in some spots a trifle sodden. But U did have Moore, a gentleman with harm and taste. If f >yei-,e aSked to compare the Fisher and Moore shows. 1 would say that over the long haul it'll be Moore's that will wear best. The best moments of Fisher's show uper impoited — Kovas' spoof of a beat generation poet, for example. The best moments of the Moore show, on the other hand, were those in whih Moore had a djrcl hand — a wonderful skil with Janis Paige called "i! Male The dotintry Life" and a svaky bit in whih Moo re was | tossed In a blanket by a -group o! . The different Is tHi§: $to»fe adds plus to his show; Pisflef must hire his pJus- Afic-TV" " unveiled a oUfile «! bak-to-bak shows Tuesday Jiighl that slruk file as respelable Id' ditions to the shedule: "the Ki- fleman' 1 and "leaked City.'' "The Riflefnan' Stars Chuck Connors, a lanky gent who once dabbled at first toase for thd Brooklyn Dodgers, donhors plays a widower with a youhg son itt this Western and he's simply fine! leathery and ohvinlng. 1 liked parliularly the relationship be» iween the widowef and liis boy- it was affelioh'ale without mawk" ish Hitter, ftehnis Hoopef in st feature role lurheti In a neat job, f '$aked diiy" is an adventure series set ahd shot in New York. The opener had a good feeling for the difigy disorder of some of the 1 ily.' ft also paked an exellent hase sehe, full of push and im- mediay. it's a series worth peek* ing at. WgU/sHCB WttiPPAttV. N. J. f/W - M«l Mazel Mooper has a collection 01 more than 350 pairs of shoes -» frotned jeweled ininialtires to ex* olid slippers — and has nevctf bought a one. tier friends send them back ffotrt Iheit travels, "feveryohc knows that ,Wheh they go away they buy a shoe for the Hoopers?' she says. HOPf STAKt HPM, AIRANiAl undryPlqn Fair Goes Drain , AN'tiEL-ES (Al*)— Sorhaifi bg's plan Ic show off a U.S. y at a Moscow fair went fine drain. BUt he cleaned Up" Soviet ttunioh anyway. Idlnst n 38-year'old dealef ifi "ry eqliitJment, flew home lo \h£?eles to aWail hf'rtVat of the money , The Rusians. nil started as a potential Ink- Right to the Pork free . juiiKBt lo ftussia." Fielding 1 said/"!' heard thfere* Was to be an American" trade* fair there and sighed up for" a laundry exhibit, fhfen' 1 gathered together four ac- CoMhts to supply the machinery ahd put everything aboard a Ship Bouhd for Helsinki, Finland." ' 'Fielding's laundry was still oh the hi|h s^p.s when he got news tfie Moscow fair had been called off fte went oh anyway ahd hiadc a deal tb demonstrate his equip- Hiettt at a Moscow housing project, "We cottldh't put lip 6ft<? of Hid Jnfjdei-ft type American laundries," he said, "but we took over a basditichl alkl hung out a sign, Practically everyone high in Russian" circles except Khrush- chev and his Cabinet visited our e&hibit. They ail rnarvcled at the speede" with \vhich our Ahirican machines worked, especially the shirl-pressihg equipment." Fielding's laundry had been cranking awsy for about two Weeks when a Moscow city Soviet official approached him and asked Whgt he'd take for the works. Me named is price and tat was U. Everyone was happy except Mrs. Fieling. tJhilc her husband dazzled tho Soviets with Mankf-e WasTufcg machines, se Vlid teir personal laundry by and. Richard, Tucker, the Metropolitan Opera Ichor, Was first an errand boy irt Wall Street banks. Important Visitors Are Well Greeted 6y HUGH A MULL.I6AK NEW YORK (AP)—Four or five times a month, Capt. Ronald L. dl- sen takes hLs fire engine out into Jfew Yoik harbor lo embrace some Very important visitor with n warm and wet \\elc.omihg kiss. As skipper of the fireboat John D. McKean, otherwise known ns engine No. 57. Ol?en functions as a soil of C-rovor \Vhalei1 greetcr with barnacles ahd without ennia Uori, |lls job <s |o wave the,ot|i-i cial municipal hello \uth ftor^l&i SiAcfc B good many digisltnHfes of baiious rank asked renown go fliting in ?nd tttft of ^ew #otk Jn any given moflth, Olsen hns -1o gauge the gush ,of his grecllng to (he importance of'the ctl^brily. Someone like Winston Churchill, who has sampled Olson's spumr, would vale Ihe maximum cascatV of cordlalily. That Is eight boats in Ihe fire depailivtenl fleet gathered round in a rlHiJ and each pumping Up lO.ftCO Rallohs Of sea water a minute In sproys 100 iecf high. It's a s!?ht that the visitor is apt to remember all his life, pnl- licularly if n stiff btee^.d fans few .hundred gallons across his 'Jtfheft dhe afdtrtic - submnrtn* NnutHus KQ{ baqfe^^fti tt>t? ^otjih Pole, wr t^'tfl utefcp out two of three mil ho^cs oil fncli side; o! the boat, itt jtdtJtUott to li>e five big monitor glinS 6h deck." OlscH recoiled. "It 'was fflfntng Very hard, but that W.as ft Very spectnl occasion so it called: (or rnoro water." The esti-rt rnil ffipes put tliC Nautilus on n scicinl level wiih th# Queen oi tihRjahd. Rut lesser rtobllily or events, sny the nrrK'ftl ot a new 0. W. delegation of Ihe obehlng of new Jilcr, might iate only two' or three boats, depending on tlt standing in njilntlc pfntocol. "It's Ilka deckling whethe somctrne should gtt afr it-^f h snlyle." tjisfen e^ftl. orntJinJefe', Wb rJon't H^Ve Tit ' 'the flec-fsloti. the ftfC etfn1« mlssiofier, sathctlmes lyvrfi " thj) Stale bcTiflrtrtieht, defclrtes nwfr marry bo«Js will go nhd *hat Iftey will do." Sottifcljwcs, If n Wrt^erfft*! flro rtittd brcrtk out nl the' saftto llfrtc, nn elght-btiftt big shot Is llh- bio to riud himself without a ti-tcfe- \e of wtjeom,e. "iVhen lite alntw souttde," said pison. "\vr turn riflhl ground nfid lynd for th.c iflfc, no 'h\ nter ncJ w small II Is or how big .thf? Vlslto^ Is. ThtH's.our prlmrtfy lotj, nfter nil. The eighi brtnls hrtvd lo p'ru trof 5?fl trlllbs of jvntcrfront, «ftd \ve ofloh get enlled dbWti In This week's biggest meat buy! Freshly cut from top grades of fine corn-fed pork. These are the tender, fine•^ ' grained medium-size loins. Flavor is superb. Just the thing for brisk-weather appetites. June Peas Sweet Potatoe: Toddlers Are Aping Super Market Clerks By P/M7UCIA MCCORMACK Uijited fress International NE)V YORK (UP) - Tiddlers on tho Ipose are prematurely ngma. supermarket clerks and managers *, across tho land. 'f!« To l» toddler, there is joy in '.pulling one orange- Jrom i);e' bottom of a neal pyramid Done lig'n the whole thing tumbles down. Jn the bottled goods department nothing atlrncls like the skiny neck of Ihe catsup bottle. It's easy to pick, up and has inherent ability to slip, accidenlly-liko, out of pint-sized hands that are "jus! looHin'" forismashing success. LilUe finglers 1 Mic.cumb easily -to the temptation of H weal package Stowed on tho lower shelf of a supermarket cart. Poked' properly tlie tfyng squirts juice. Unwrapping those paper rolls YOUR HAIR,,, Can Be 'Year? Yoynger INJUSTMINUTES DIANE'S i^AMTY SALQN ?04 §. Main " PJANP esauce les Tomato Catsup Tomato Gardenside Sweet Peas Highway Brand Cut Gardenside Cut Beans Townhouse •. . .-Made From Selected Apples Comstock Pie Ready Taste Tells . . . Made From Ripe Tomatoes Townhouse Tomato Sauce Np. 3 fin 'Sandy Saver Spys' With Each Purchase at Safeway You Ger Gold Bond Stamps Plus Low, Low Prices! Town House A 303 Sweet Po to toes 1™? y wSe 4 Tins ^ Sauerkraut ^ s Apple Rings-" : spiced ., ! 4 jar 2 ' 3Jc Lalani Pineapple Sppie.^n 1 Libby's 'Pineapple pSppie'iin 1 Alma Spinach c r c esh No ] Crabapples whole Spiced Peaches Canned Tin '**.•.. for This . SlEJkl^* Tangy-sweet apples, so fresh and crisp they crackle when you bite into them. Great'for munching! And their bright flavor can add zest to your autumn meals. Big value now at our low price! Your Choice School Boy Size ... 4-Pound Bag For Extra Fancy Red Delicious ... 3 Pounds for. All-Purpose Reid Jonathans .. .5 Pounds for. Biscuits ...23, 8 ^10c t f v i f right J S"oi ? Btr l 'milk 6 ' 9 ' 3 Tins 2 ' , y . .1 , - , .1 v - . » ,.,-,. . . Ric/-uife- Oven . 8 '° Zl DldCUIlb Beady Tin. WessnOil For'Baking' ' - ' Qt. Frying or Salads .... Bot, . OH - ^yinSdrlalads ,:.. Bot.j45C FresfrCrackers • ^ ne ...... ^ 27 c 4J! ^ •*'V".V r -- •f «'«.!?,»,, 1 Prettiest pork you ever did see! Gj pink meat, edged with clear \vs *i"' '' fat ithgt says to the experienced sho| ; | S " ', '• i'f 'is truly top-quality pork," Our buyers' ^ rigl^t'to the- por.k-producing areas to-pick ou| very, finest 1 of'the'tender young porkers — and Coffering'7our,fav9rite v cuts now at money-saving pric great time to ?j stpck, yojjr ^re^zer,) Gardenside • Fresh Canned 303 Tin Boys Size Washable T-Shirts EACH With Purchase 2 Lb. Bag Airway Coffee , . $1,29 '•»," ;}FresH*Ror,k 'Roast ,Lfa, Northern Beans ....2 'Si 29c Pinto Beans Town Medium Rice Minute Rice Dried(Peaches SSK Apricot 5ES Prunes SK .... ............ Pkg/ ft, pkg, gf Ise Creom Cenes Center Rib.Cyt jfC • PQrk r ,Chops 9 Center U|n Cut,<lb, 79c,,- 'I %*; Legn ahd 5 MsBQty t 3 to-5 Pound ' Fresh ^Slabs, ",:,,,.,.', fiegdy §Jis§d Fresh Cfdckers Nobisco * Busy Baker Oven ^ Peaniit Puttier Peanut Butter Lb. ' Premiunr.,•.-,-, -Box "' *' Fresh L-b. OO^« «c BO* Toilet Tissue ' ,63c '• 13-0?, ,...„..,,Jgr Ub,- Waxed Paper Colored k , Qt. Liquid / Tin D@torg©nt - QW^,,.\..:,.., Sf f M m ' ;'ss? }2 ^ 29c 4£!639c 34c You AJwgyfi-Spxe 'sfh'Sflffiwoy irand i Coffee * ' r • ••> -•"^''^ „, i," * Porjt Hiim .Tt r J.*-,». ffti (V-y- & Here's More Safeway Garden-Fresh produce! Swe.et"Bell Peppers Perfect for Stuffing, Look at' This Low -Price White Russet Potatoes 10 B ,g 59c Yams Sweet Potatoes-, Lb,. ;I| Cglifprnip Grown Fresh Crisp Green Pascal Celery Firrn Heads Lb, Qygn Mrs. Wright's * 'Vz <3ol. gto, Milk 48 c ' ^^l««'-' ••''""'' ~':Wti$!&t W W: m\ "i i.' • v»V* DqnisJ7 Whirl? JQ'Qi Coffee Cgkf Pkg. Coconyf Wei Qf Lb. Lux Liquid - -j*c>*. * ' Tin 3 s By WILLIAM L RVAM *? Under Gfimal passer's nationalist • rriindcd «v.»,«.v .s are nlmlng a body nl \fofclfifi oil prodiicrs lit IhS, Middle fcnsl. The Arnfa lofldors inlehcJ fi S6n" trtts hntlohfic lo U.S. pniiy. A hint of IhliiRs to omc is frttind id n lltttd-hotlcrl developrtlcnt * itt Nfissct-'S rt|)it(tl, The ,Ai-n^ Ldnguc IS invtling fill ^ Its member slfttes to send dclega* '** lions to wlinl Is being billed as'the "/If-st Afnb oil ohterene," sHcd' uled for Nov. -I In £nlro. this is OH Nasser's initiative. Me is pushing hnrd for the Idea of lion Jn Uto oil industry, nil tho way from cviraclton of mnrkatlng. jfe \vants a ill of Hie oil riches. Among the projcts to ome bd- fore tilts meeting will be a plan for ah nlt-Arfl'b pipeline parallel to the present Western-controlled lines, qnd a proposal — from the. revolutionary Iraqi regime—for art nil-Arab tanker fleet. These may be plpcdrenms' Jit the moment, but they show the' way the wind Mows. The u.S» Stale Detriment cannot ovetf* look Die fact that if Wesern-hn* inj; Premier Mossadegh, bak in ifl53i had had access o transport —even a handful of tankers—ha could hnvo marketed Iranian oil and triumphed In a dangerous anU4Veslurn crisis In Irnn. , "one of "the most Important figures In tlic Cairo meeting will be 39-ycar-okl Shuik Abdullah tar- , Jki, director of Saudi Arabia's Department of Pelroleum Affairs, . He Is an ardent nationalist with a • grudge against the United Stales. Tarlki hopes to persuade lltllo Brllish-prolectad Kuwait, most * fabulous producer In the world, lo join in Ihuso ail-Arab schemes ' lo weaken Ihe Western position. -, ; This is a mailer of gravesl tm-' portancc for American policy. There is u temporary glut at oil In tocliiy'K world market, but this^ cannol a.nd will nol last. Demand -.wJJJ Soar In years) lo come, Al the same time, American (i search £01- oil becomes more ditfi-',' cult and far more expensive flU the lime. Afler %World War 1 Washington; 'had u fright over Ihe future oC .American reserves. The State De- purlmenl backed American com- , ;nerdal jnitiatlve to the hill in the S search for new sources, When lha , /Uibulous fields of the Saudi penin-,- su'la proved to be the world's grout oil bank, U.S. policy moved to make .certain these reserves did not fall under potentially hostila t control. , This fact alone played a large v part in Die successful effort lo bring shattered Western Europe 1 back to -economic health after- World Waf 11. If control of the oil * ^low^hpyld pass gradually oul*q£'t friendly hands, Europe once ugaln^ would be endangered. * \ ', American oil men abroad neecJ^,, the same kind of resolute support v , /low, They also need to look to- „ ward building a defensive position jn the face of Nasser's burgeoning offensive, ' ' Nasser's men shrewdly invited non-Arab Iran and Venezuela to he Nabembcr oil conference. Iran apparently will resist the ovor- ..turx-s, but V.enexuela, smarting " over its current irritation with ; Wasnlngon's protective oil impor ' quotas, has accepted. Iran, Venezuela and other non"' 1 ^ ,Arab producers would be import- 1 *, tant links in a defensive chain, against prospective Arab oil" blackmail. The other links would ',. )je forced from a highly flexible ^ transport situation and greater storage facilities in Western Eu-' rope, ,The Arabs cannot drink their op, '. They cannot a/ford any,-long in-~J ^ei't'Wfltions in its'flow;'unless they ,' want to risk neV revolutions. Jf the Wcitern posilipn continues : y/pak, the Arabs are likely to talk 4 (Dlaekroail. If it is strong, they " arc nwfi likely to talk sense, r *^ NP TIN DIN ' ' 1j ' ; NOGA^BS, Ar!/.. Iff) — Armanj} Alfaro, conslruclion material dea}« er, tpld police that 142 sheets, of' gaJyaAizod tin wortli ?350 wej'9 -J Itolen [topi hiu truck - 1 "" "»»<& ••;•*'% I soy or out to Long Island to kelp f;>|| right a ship or poor Waze," •• *"' ANNOUNCIMENT Amsyp U isryls« Ing tb? her husband, JQS Amswri ?sas?d, p!w? call Pr9§P?st 74413 ist any infermstien yw may Toylor & Jordan ''ysiD SARS >?» And "* ' S0PY SHOP .UNNJJI M.61(SON • ' ' •

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