Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 9
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, Illi MOM IT* * * * ** * 5 P8§8 Mini if sr by 10 LA VAN WAY XXil When Lane dragged his spur chains across the front Veranda, Mrs. Erwiil called, "Who is it? ' "Lane " She caine through ah inner tloor« wayt belting a wrapper over her iugntgowhi • it ««& up you?" tors. Krwin shook h<Jr head, yawning. ••i want to See Irtna, Fay, Tom Cole s slaying ail nignt just wailing tu tai.t wiin ner, alia i tniliK biic 1 s doing him dirty." At Uus inomehi a uoor in the north wing opened and Jrma hei'> sen came in. Her brown hair was tousled, but It \vas obvious siie haun i yei been lo bed, lor siio Was wearing u sKirl ana a blouse. Her leuiurofj were impusive. aria rcgaraett Lane in lier evei'yduy businessJlxe lashion, and saia, "J ' don't think I'm doing Him dirty. iJm you get pay for tfcut sieei", 1 \Vhcrc did you go anyway?" "Sorensens place' Ho said ho would pay for it, but i told him never mind about it." "Weil, why did you tell him that, John?' 1 need the money, worse than those clodhoppers do, Have you been at faoronsen's shack all this timt?" He nodded. "Having a high - helerl lime With those nosier girls?" He said hostilely, "Quite a lima, Irma." Mrs. Erwin left the room, Lane dropped his hat onto the floor and seated himself and explained what had happened at the nesler sclllemenl. Irma said then, "That makes it fine for you. You don't have to worry about Sorensen any more. But what about me? Those people are just as big a worry to me as they Were " "I don't think so, Irma. That land is theirs," She gestured with impatience. "Let's not start that argument tonight." "You were the one starting Hi Why don't you see the sheriff, Irma, and reach an understanding' with him? Don't have to treat him like a dog, just 'because he wasn't here at noon? He's here now. What difference do a few hours make? All you've got to worry about is the .Four - Arrow, Tom Cole has to consider all the ranches and all the nester layouts in the valley," Irma's features were wry. "What business is it of yours how I treat Tom Cole? Why don't; you Discussion on the New TV Shows speak iof ybUfSelf, John?" Lafle flushed rfe picked up his hat ahct got to his feet. "You're right, irfna. 1 got a way out ot line. YoUf love lUe is none ot fijy business, Well, good night." Me Went out onto the Veranda, setting His hat on, and stepped down into the yarn, glancing baek. irma's sienctef shape was silhouet' ted in the doorway, "1 didn't mean to hurt your feelings, John," She cahic across the porch and held out her hand, unsure of the steps With the light at her baeJt. Lane helped her lo the ground and moV.ed ; away from her Shi? walked after him, saying, "I'm angry with Tom, and you're angry witli me. Now if you and Tom wore mad nt each other, we'd be going around in circles/' "I'm not angry witn you,' Lund said, She stood in front of him, her eyes luminous in the night and in the thicker shadow of the roof overhang. All at once she voiced Lanes name in a tear •> choked tone and threw herself against him, her arms going around hlM middle. She pressed her face to his vest and gave way lo emotion, openly sobbing, Lane lifted his hands but lot (hem fall, deciding not to. try to comfort her. Finally she regained her composure. She pushed away from him, pulling a handkerchief from er Waistband. "I don't know what's wrong with me tonight " John Lane was silent. He knew Jrma had had tu cry away the •tension built up through expeti- tanry of her wedding', w h i r hadn't taken place, Her tea rs weren't for Lane. They were be- cadse of him. She cried for Tom Cole, so Lane stood sympathetic but unresponsive to her nearness Irma drew a deep, unsteady breath and dabbed at her faco with the handkerchief, and at this moment both she and Lane glanced toward the west, hearing spurs jangle. The wash of lamplight fro in a window limned Tom Cole's lank figure and despondent, mustached features. Cole wasn't yet aware of Lane and the girl. Not wanting to startle him, Lane s a i.d, "Slow down, Sheriff." gy H6W YottK (>AP) « Moore launched a bfahd weekly show Ofi GfiS-fV night that JjbttitSeS to add A new dimension to that lived old spCCiCS bl television enleftaiilHieli called the variety pi-ogfalrh, it is amusing, imaginative, dig* linitive. the iiltroditctot-y number 1H' quired. "How do you build a quired, "Mow do you buisd a show?" Moore provided th-j an> swer as the iiOUf jSrogFcssdd, You tak coffittiedtetme Marion Lome as a regular member oi tha cast, then add a guest like Jtinls Paige teaming with Moore in a song sketch about moving to the country. And threw In a guest like liecf skellon hurling some pttiasafit insults and a singer like Gordon McHae singing music ' as it Was written. The Implausible and surprising are essential to the new Moore recipe — as, for CJtamplei tossing most of the cast thoroughly in Wai' rus blankets held by residents tf the Aleutian Islands. If the discretion sounds cort> fused, take a look yourself next Tuesday night and see if you cou.ld describe the new Garry Moore show as anything but loads of fu.il Eddie Fisher, coming back- Tuesday night over NBC-TV, acted like a young' man with something on his mind -besides a television show. You could not blame him. Ti»e program was not worth close attention. Fisher, as always, was a superb ballad singer. But, as always, he still is not a strong master of ceremonies. As such, he is vis cast. He is an able performer who depends , on his guests. Although Ernie Kovacs and Jerry Lewis, the principal guests, had weak material, they helped to carry the. show. In the words of an Eddie Fisher fan who watched the program with this department: "I didn't like a lot of it. I just wish they'd let Eddie Fisher sing." Cole broke stride but came on, saying, "Thought you'd gone off somewhere, Lane They said you WANTED , DUMP TRUCKS 25 Miie-'Ayerage-'Haul 5c Yard Miler-^Ghidester, Ark. J. Lester Booker Co. PRESCOTT, ARK. — PHONE 515 had a horse saddled." "Decided to wait till morning," Lane said, but Cole scarcely heard him, having noticed the girl. Cole stood transfixed for an instant, and Lance could sense the resentment that roiled the lawman's blood. Irma wouldn't talk to him, but she would talk with Lan, Cole was thinking. In thick ones, he said. "You still want me to go on home?" "I d care what you do." To Lane, the girl said, /'See yo u in the morning, John, and- we'll talk about it-'some more,!' ,' " Cole sail, ^Tallt -about what?" "Ranch affairs.'" "Yeah, 111 bet." Lane said, "God night, Irma Sheriff, when you get rcadp to bed down, come on to the bunkhouse, Plenty of r o o m." H e walked away, with the lawman making no reply. (To Bi; Continued) (Distributed by NEA Service, Inc.) are sound investmtnte ATO TtlAMK 0U« OWOMBBS FOB I X***2»!*"«i. » *i t .*_ii * t •'•Z^' 'Tv 41 ^^^^ ' YEARS, A*P m MOLDING A,,, 99* ANNIVERSARY jant. Parker Anniversary Specials/ Tomato Juice 2 « 59 C VAN CAMP 4*4 *"1 C £ Pork & Beans A A J DEL MONTE CUT M| *fef^f GREEN BEANS/ ':: 3V LIBBY'S ¥% *% I" i SAUERKRAUT / , 2 J COMSTOCK 4% Jl OC PIE APPLES * ": 43 DEL MONTE EARLY GARDEN ^ ^ P* < GREEN PEAS / '% JJ "••"> BEl MdNte PIHEAPPlt-aKAPWUUlf <M| Blended Juice L VEGETABLE JUIC8 ^ JL t\ V-8 JUICE / r:', OT DEL MONtE CREAM JTYLS 4^ <% IP GOLDEN CORN/ &" 33 2 31 JH Com 4F • 43 *1 SUBLETS WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN CORN DEL MONTE FRUIT COCKTAIL SULTANA Pork & Beans ., c c 00 .... »* 53' JANE BARKER JELLY ROLLS UNI PARKCR . ,. CINNAMON LOAF —..,..,, 25' MNl FARKER ''" ' CHIFFON CAKE 0 ^ M 47« JANI PARKER SWEET-BUN) PINEAPPLE rko. LI ANNIVERSARY 'SPEClALI JANE PARKER Apple Pie, 39' HRVI WITH DELICIOUS CRESTMONT Ice Cream a Ga 69 C RED CIRCLE BOKAR SUPER-RIGHT" TENDER SMOKED SHANK PORTION ,„. 39' CENTER CUTS ROUND STEAKS // 89< SLICED BACON sss. !fi 59< BANQUET PIES SLICED BACON s^r ^ $ 1 29 Brcwed Shrimp s£ aa 2 For 39' 59 C SUPER RIGHT WHOLE Lb. FRIED FISH STICKS .sz CAP'N JOHN'S 10-oz. FROZEN ..,.Pkg. FIRE-KINO OVENWARE MEASURING PITCHER — ROUND CAKE PAN —LOAf PAN — UTILITY PAN — BAKER Each 39 MILD CHEESE AGED CHEESE , b w SALTINE CRACKERS *»,.*> S 27 ? 59' ASST. COOKIES .V£: 47' *• ' J *-lSf»Si^ SULTANA BUTTER BEANS OR ' PORK AND BEANS, ANN -/.PAGE RED BEANS OR -* RED KIDNEY BEANS, WASHINGTON STATE PEUCIQUS ALUM, FOIL " " '' GRANULATED OXYDOL GianfSIzo '/;•" .GRANULATED ~ ; PREFT Giant Size DETERGENT CHEER Giant Sizo.' , LIQUID DETERGENT JOY 22-ot, Can TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2 Reg. Bars., 19* TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2 Bath Bars.. CLEANER Spic & Span " ' 16-oz. FOR AUTOMATIC WASHERS DASH 9-lb,, 13-oz. Box.,, FOR AUTO, DISHWA5HIR5 CASCADE 20-c?, Pkg 43* ft ,1-

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