Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 8
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SAVINGS TO 50% FRI.-SAT.-MON PINWALE CORDUROY 35 inches wide — full bolts 98c CANNON NYLON BOYS SHORT SLEEVE DRESSES Iff I \ L. <*? i*J &-.- wl Values to 13.95 MEN'S 98c STRETCH COTTON GOODS MEN'S HEAVY IS'/i OZ PLASTIC DRAPES Rayon, Nylon Panels 2 PC. FANCY PANTS SET I A /"* %/ r"T°C' I JACKETS and Matching Pants H 0 F I STARi M 0 PI, ARKANSAI Court Cases in Arkansas Piling Up By GORDON BROWN Associated Press Special Service i WASHINGTON IAPI — the back log i>f fodernl cmnl cases in Arkansas mounted in th" past year, possibly reflecting Hie fact that the slate is short two t/.S. district judges. However, thf growng docket jam in Arkansas is in line with a gone nil trend, according lo the iintuiiil report of the Administrative Office of the Untied States Courts j The picture in Arkansas is this: In the tensloni District the backlog (if civil cases increased from • 210 on July 1. l!)57, lo 318 on June 1 30. Kir*, although the court dis- 1 posed of 2fi8 cases during the i year. The district has been short i one judge for more than a your I and another vacancy developed rerontly with retirement of Judge Harry J. Lemlcy. In the Western District the in- i crease was from 8 to 134 al- I though 220 civil cases were Icrm- • inn led. i The picture on criminal cases ! was considerably different. The Eastern District had 39 cases pending at the slnrt of the fiscal year, disposed of 221 cases during the year and had only two pending last June 30. in the Western District Court 1") criminal cases were pending July 1, 19:t7. the court disposed of 184 during the year and only five were still pending last June 30. The report showed that in the Eastern Distric ho 17 civil cases tried were heard in less than two years from the time they were filed; seven of the cases were tried in less than a year. In the Western District 27 cases were tried. 25 ot which wore brought lo trial in less than a j year from the lime they were filed. The other two were tried in wo years or less. The Judicial Conference of the United States has sol for a goal a period of six months from filing to' trial for the normal civil case [ although the national median for the year covered was about 12 months The conference holds that when a case doesn't reach trial within 15 .months after filing **. ' justice for the litigant involved, two years or less However. Sen. John McClelUn (•D-Ark) still has hopes of working out his plan for filling (lie vacancy. This would involve' creation of a new post on the Eighth U. S. Circuit Court of Appenls and promotion of Arkansas District Judge John Miller to this office. This would leave a. vacancy in tho Western district in which Henley lives and permit appointment of someone else for the now existing' vacancy in the Eastern District. Some Arkansans have objected to Henley on the grounds (1> that ho is not a resident of the Eastern District and i2> that ho was in the Department of Justice when that agency drafted the order sending troops to Little Rock in the school row a year ago. The proposal for a new circuit court post was contained in a bill —not acted on by Congress— which would have set up a batch of new federal court judgeships. Arkansas farmers arc reported by the Agriculture Department to be faring financially this year about as they did last. A Department report shows that up to Aug. 1, If)!)!!. Arkansas farmers toko in $212.(if>0,000 from sales of crops and livestock, compared with $210,510.000 a yy*' earlier Farm receipts from crop sales for the first seven months of. tho year were clown some seven mil-' lion dollars as comparer' wUh a year'ago, the report showed, whilo income from sctcs of livestock was up nearly 10 million dollars Silver is bhe of the iiiosl widely distributed of all rriel» als. Some investigators think ' that about 2,000,000 tons of it floats about in the sea, but it would not pay to get it bill. Once, in the mines at Kongs* berg, Norway, a piece of solid silver weighing thfee-qliafi ters of a ton was found. In the main, however, silVef comes only in ores frpnj which it must be separated. PASTEURIZED SAFETY- Empty milk cartons can make excellent safety flares by stuffing pint and quart sizes inside a half-gallon container and lighting from the top, They will burn for about 30 minutes. Cpl. Harold J. CardweU of the Ohio State Highway Patrol demonstrates in Cleveland. Last Marines Have Left Lebanon BEIRUT, Lebanon iAPi — The last U,S, Marine battalion in Lobanon sailed early today ioi a rendezvous with the U.S Cth Fleet. The 3rd Battalion, (itli Mqrino .Regiment, is lo remain with th» fleet in the, Mediterranean. It cop- sisls ol 1 300 men. The Marine departure loft slightly less than 7,500 U.S. Army man m Lebanon. Notice |rj THE PROLATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAR COUNTY. " ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF George Lawrence Thompson, de> ceased Last known address of decedent! Old Highway 67 Bast, Hqpo. Ar, Parents Lost from Child Who Dies LfAWEVIiEW, Ore. (A'P) — Little Craig Williams died Wednesday after being separated three days from his parents on a long automobile trip across five states •bea.tlv. came, said a doctor, because the 2-month-old child failed to Tcsppnchilo treatment for a condition 'caused -by premature birth. tBut the doctor said that the frail, weak child also had been unable to withstand the effects of the long trip. The trip began in Slick Rock, Colo., when the infants' parents, 1 Mr. and Mrs. Otis Williams, set off for Lake-view. Making the trip with them, in another car, was James Shelton, a bachelor. The baby was put in the Shcl- lon car, because ii had a belter heater. The two vehicles later became separated during the trip. The Williams car pushed on for Lakeview, thinking it was trailing Shelton, But Shelton for a time hold back, thinking he was ahead filially, hS drove oh to and fotihd the child'* pafSfifs. ffie baby was rushed ihtd aft Iftcubatof and was fiVen special treatment-* but It died a few hours later, Williams earns heird lo get a job as a miner. LOWBLL, Ohio f/P> — Mr. and Mrs. Donal D. Hart have an all' star family, Twelve of Ihcir 13 children ate named for figures in the! entertainment world, Latest is Elvis Presley Mart, aged 19 months, Legol Notice STATEMENT REQUIRED BY TH6 ACT 6F eONoHeSS 6P AUGUST 24, 1912, A§ AMENDED BY THit ACTS OP MAM6H 3, 1933, AND JULY 2, 1946 (Tltl« 39, United States Cods, Seetlan 233), SH6WIN6 tHE OWNERSHIP, MANAGE MINT, AND CIRCULATION OP Mope Star, published daily eX« ccpt Sunday at Mope, Arkansas, for October 1, 1958. 1. The names and addresses ol the publisher, editor, managing editor, and business managers are: Publisher, Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. Editor, Alex. H. Washbum, Hope, Arkansas. Managing Editor, Paul H. Jones, Hope, Arkansas. Business Manager, Alex. H, Washburn, Hope, Arkansas. 2. The owner is: (If owned by a corporation, its name and address must be stated and also immediate* ly thereunder the names and ad» dresses of stockholders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, the names and ad- drosses of the individual owners must be given. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated, firm, its name and address, as well as that of each individual member, must be given.) Star Publishing Co., Hope, Arkansas. Estate of C. E. Palmer Texarkana, Texas. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, Texarkana, Texas. Alex. H. Washburn, Hope, Arkansas, 'Roy Anderson, Hope, Arkansas. Palmer Profit - Sharing ,P]an, Texarkana, Texas. 3. The known bondholders, mort- gagees, and other security holders owning or holding 1 per cent or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages, or other securities are: The State National Bank, Texarkana, Arkansas. 4. Paragraphs 2 and 3 include, in cases where the stockholder or security holder appears upon the books of the company as trustee or in any other v fiduciary relation, the name of, tHe person or corporation for whom-'.'such .^trustee is acting; also the statements |h the two paragraphs show the affiant's full knowledge.and belief as to the circumstances and conditions under which stockholders and security holders who do not appear upon the books ot the, company as trustees, "hold slock and securities in a capacity other than that of a bona fide owner, 5. The average number of copies of each issue of this publication sold or distributed, through the mails oiv otherwise, lo paid sub scribcrs during the 32 months preceding the" date shown above was; (This information is required from daily, weekly, semiweckly, and tri- weekly newspapers only,) 3,314 ALEX. H, WASHBURN Publisher Sworn lo and subscribed before me this 1st day of October, 1958. CHA.RL-ENE EATON Notary Public (My commission expires 3*7-62) " i // *."<+ ' t' J ~* "* '' ^V«*"T< -• ^ yf \ """' t\ ' A'•'•••'—Xi-X *vU> -^G.,,* .// J /t-4 /WL rr ..„' A >\ Date uf death: September 16, 1958 An instrument dated Mjy 26, J934, was on the 23rd day of S'ei> lumber, 1958, admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned has been appointed executor tjiere- i under. A contest of the prgbate of thp will can bo effected only py iiling a petition within ^ jjme proT yided by Jaw. All p<?vs9u$ having claims a.gainj3l the estate must exhibit them, (July verified, to Uic- uiidevsign.ecj within six Jiumths, from the date 'of jhe first publication o| this' opUgpJ &»' they sl)|U fee' forever bay,re4 jind, from any^bciieJEitrltt the •' • . This notice. Jh'sl puMslje4 flay, ,g,f §ept«ttbpr, \05,$,' Tourists who aijpy good fishing, good ing and a relaxing few hqurs at th? gn$ of jin pxgiting day ^ appiwialg Jhs l?gal sal? of b?s?r, In Arkansas, litgrjJl}' hyndrsds pf s of yisitpfs gash >'sar bring nuHions .our p.yr s io ator B i Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 74431 — Wi DfiUVIR SUN VALLEY 5 LIMIT SKINLESS c BY THE PIECE 100% PURE PORK FRESH GROUND HALF or WHOLE MOORE BROS. FRESH DRESSED MIXED TRAY-PACKED SLICED LARGE-21 SIZE CAN 10 LB. SACK RED 1 IB, CAN AU MEAT f^lrifSiSflH '

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