The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 6, 1966 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1966
Page 11
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ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, OCTOBIR 6, 1966 VOL. 101 NO. 76 Wesley Sends Many Away To Colleges WHEN I WAS IN ALGONA THIS SUMMER, several people remarked that about all they knew about our present home, Sarasota, Florida, was that It Is the winter quarters of the Rlngllng Bros. Barnum and Bailey circus, Well, It used to be, but the quarters were moved from here to Venice, 24 miles south, In 1956. The Greatest Show On Earth Is due back there about Nov. 26 after a very successful 1966 season. - o - NEVERTHELESS, SARASOTA REMAINS very much a circus city. Several smaller circuses still headquarter here and there are many retired circus performers living out their days In Sarasota. It is not unusual to see trapeze riggings in back yards with acrobats working out on them. There are props for human cannon acts, and menagerie cages on otherwise vacant lots. Once in a while there will be an item in the paper about an elephant hunt after some gigantic beast pulls up his stake and goes traveling. KARL WALLENDA, AND MANY OF his "royal" circus family lived here. They were long-famed for their pyramid act and also for their tragic accidents. A McGuire boy from Burt replaced a member of the act after the first tragedy, but I haven't heard anything about him since. One of the Wallendas who was permanently paralyzed in one of. the accidents has a popular restaurant here. - o- LITTLE PEOPLE, MEMBERS OF the most exclusive society in the world because they are midgets, are frequently seen in stores, at beaches and on the street. It is a bit of a shock to see a tiny man at a supermarket, his head barely clearing the check-out counter while he smokes a big black cigar. At a high school play a while back, former Algonan, Bert Carr, and I sat behind a tiny lady, who before her retirement was a famous circus midget. She was perfectly proportioned and fashionably dressed from her bouffant hair-do to her miniature high-heeled shoes. A small man, who in the daytime hosts the tourist attraction, The Circus Hall of Fame, doubles as a dispatcher at night at our neighborhood fire station. He says he always wanted to be a fireman, but his feet would never reach the pedals, so this is his solution. - o - ON THE OTHER END OF THE SIZE scale, are the Fischers, who until recently owned and operated a motel. Geneva and Bill Hilton and Curly and Helen Pratt stayed there many times and we lived there while we were looking for a house. The Fischers spent 30 years in show business all over the world, beginning in-Germ any, where they met and ending with 10 years with the Ringling circus. The Fischers are quite touchy about being called "giants". Giants, they said, are freaks -there's something wrong with the glands that make them that way. The Fischers are perfectly proportioned so they billed themselves as the "World's Tallest Married Couple." They wouldn't say how tall they are but they each certainly filled up the doorway. - o - SARASOTA YOUNGSTERS PERFORM in a circus of their own. It's Sailor Circus - The Greatest Little Show On Earth. The participants come from all schools in the county and it's part of their regular school-credit work. Each year, on three consecutive weekends in the spring, they present a two-hour, three-ring circus, complete with Big Top, Concessions and Side Shows. One girl of our acquaintance, the younger sister of one of Mary Ann's friends, became world famous with her mastering of a triple flip. She was the youngest woman in the world to master the trick and one of only three women who could do it. Before moving here from Ohio, she'd never even seen a circus! - o - EVEN THE WANT-ADS SOMETIMES HAVE a circus flavor. About November ads for attractive young girls to train as aerialists will be common, as well as for strong men, free to travel. Also there will be a demand for animal trainers "experience preferred" and musicians for the band. > - o - UNFORTUNATELY, MY THREE BUGABOOS - Time, Transportation and the Tab have prevented me from seeing a circus performance. But maybe this year I may be at a civic function when the sad-faced clown, Emmet Kelly, gives his occasional performance, or I may even get down to Venice to watch a rehearsal. Meanwhile, it's fun for a "rube" to have a few backstage glimpses, - o - DURING THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 2 through 8, people having birthdays Include Sandra Bay, Shirley Snyder, Mark Snyder, Robert Straub, Ruth Jorgenson, Jim Harris, ffl, Robbie Claude, Harold McNertney, Meta Gunder, Mike Boekelman, Janice Troutman, Susan Nash, Virgil Smith, Kathleen Rooney, Warren Nelson, Gary Lane, Sherry Teeter, Todd Miller, Lyle Mathes, Mrs. Raymond Reid, Helen Anderson, Nels Anderson, Joan Skogstrom, Michelle Anderson, Delia McCullough, Elaine Deal, Bill Detrick, Chuck Farrell, John Geelan, Dena Boekelman, Norma Johnson, Tom Snyder, Lloyd Muckey, Leo Cassel, Shirley Schenck, Ruth Johnson, Melanie Jayne Nelson, JoAnn Taylor, Mary Lou Mawdsley, Les Kenyon, John Fraser, Esther Smith, Mark Goodman, and Steven Koob, Wedding anniversaries include Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kollasch and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sundet. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR 50-Yard Line Soup - perfect for a quick meal before or after the game. 1 lb, ground beef I tbsp. minced onion 1 tsp, salt Pepper 2 cans condensed chicken noodle soup 2 soup cans water 1 cup diced cooked carrots 1 tbsp. chopped parsley 1/4 tsp. poultry seasoning Combine beef, onion, salt and pepper. Shape into 24 small meatballs; brown slowly in sauce pan (use a little shortening if necessary). Pour off any excess drippings. Stir in soup and remaining ingredients. Simmer a few minutes. Makes 5-6 servings, GRACE WESLEY - Students who have gone on to places of higher learning include Mike Lickteig and Ronnie Root to Dubuque; Vicki Detmering, Ray Stevens, Francis Hildman, Rose Ricke, Mason City; Dick Jongewaard, Jeanne Nelson, Helen Skow, Paul Pfeffer, Iowa City; Louisa Skow, Ithaca, N. Y. ; Daniel and Rueben Skow, Lorri Funnemark, Christ Nygaard, Ames; Marilyn Skow, Linda, Detmering and Mavis Nygaard, Cedar Falls; James Walker, Grand Forks, N. D.; Vicki Arndorfer, Cedar Rapids. Diane Robinson, Decorah; Mary Jo Becker, Mankato; Don Potthoff, Emmetsburg; Dick and Bob Bieich, Esthervllle; Ronald Johnson, Sioux Falls. - o - a week in the home of her son returned to her home Monday with Mrs. O'Tool. Mrs. Lucy Brabec returned Thursday from a two weeks visit with her daughter and family, the Herbert Rices in St. Louis, Mo. Gerald and David, sons of the Anton Trcas of Garner were guests in the home of their uncle and aunt, the Dean Rickes several days while their mother was hospitalized in Britt for the birth of a baby girl on Sept. 22. The Trcas now have a family ofthree a son and two daughters. Marvin Ricke, Gerald and David Trca spent Sept. 24 in the Dennis Cink home. Mesdames: Margaret Root, Clara Erdman, Irene Muehe, Hazel Studer, Marjorie Goetz, Maud Studer, Mildred Arndorfer, Mary Rockwood, Pauline Pfeffer, Mildred Studer, Mary Bode, Helen Plathe, Marion Youngwirth, Erma Kunz, Bernice Vitzthum, Mary Weber, Marie Doughan and Viola Studer were guests of the C.D.A. at St. Joe Wednesday evening. Officers and past Grand Regents from four other neighboring courts were also guests. A Cub Scout pack meeting was held Wednesday evening in the Legion hall and was well attended. Cub Master Cletus West officiated. David Evans of Algona, district executive, presented a film on "Scouting." Dale Lockwood of Burt presided on a discussion on the roll adults should play in Scouting. Kristi Studer was honored on her llth birthday Thursday after school when the girls of the 6th grade of St. Josephs parochial school were entertained at her parental Cletus Studer home. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Erb of Aberdeen, S. D. were Thursday overnite guests in the Elmer Doughan home. They were en- route to Rock Island, 111. to visit relatives. Mrs. Erb is the former Irma Mathias, daughter of the late John Mathiass who were Wesley residents many years ago. She is a cousin of Mrs. Doughan and Mrs. Leonard •Arndorfer. Mrs, H. E. Hemmingsen has been substituting In the post office for Irene Hanig, who has been confined to her home by illness. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rockwood have remodeled the house they bought from the late Veva Lease estate. Mrs. Rockwood has- equipped a beauty shop in their home, which she is now operating. Ed Mettille returned recently from Viet Nam for a month. He has visited his sisters, Mrs. Harry Foley at Corwith and Mrs. Mary Rockwpod of Wesley and other relatives. He also visited relatives in Milwaukee, Wise, and in Arizona. Rick Tegtmeyer, son of the Louis Tegtmeyers left Monday for induction into the army. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Kirk, Hyattsville, Maryland called on the .Frank Hauptlys Monday evening. Mrs. Kirk is Ruth Miller, daughter of the Oscar Millers of Titonka, formerly of Wesley. Mrs. Coletta O'Tool of Carroll spent the weekend in the home of her nephew and niece, Rich Rollings and family. Mrs. Josephine Reiling who had spent WOULD YOU BELIEVE... THE NEW BRADY GRINDER-MIXER WILL EQUAL OR OUT PERFORM ANY OTHER MILL ON THE MARKET? Big claim? You bet it is! And we're prepared to back it up with proof. Why not let us show you what makes the BRADY the finest in the field ... at any price. Just ask us for a FREE demonstration on your farm. No obligation. It's all the proof you'll need! BRADY FARM GRINDER-MIXER Hay and ear corn arc no problem for a BRADY! Grinds and mixes to your own feed specifications. Precision engineered and time-tested to blend concentrates, grains and roughage —use in filling silos. Will deliver high moisture ground ear corn and ground shelled corn into silos up to 50' high. BUSCHERBROS. IMPLEMENT INVINCIBLE METAL FURNITURE franchisee! dealer — Upper Dei Molnes Pub. Co. Kossuth Leaders At Auxiliary Meet A total of 124 per sons attended the Fall Conference of the Eighth District American Legion Auxiliary In Boone Sunday, September 25th. Introduction of pages Included Mrs. Bill Goetz of Wesley. Interdenominational Services were held at 11 o'clock with Bill Goetz, 8th District Commander in charge of proceedings. District Chaplain, Fr. Gerald Zeiman of Wesley gave the sermon. Mrs. Gus Slmonsmeler, District President called the afternoon session to order. A membership skit "Dancing Stars" was presented by the Fourteen County Presidents. Our Department President, Mrs. Baird, gave an inspiring message on her theme, "Service by Those who Care." Various questions were placed in the "Question Box" pertaining to the membership and the Auxiliary projects. During the business session conducted by Mrs. Slmonsmeier various committee reports were given. The Auxiliary members voted to raise the 8th District Dues. ...BUT LONG DISTANCE RATES ARE LOWER! Thirty years ago a Long Distance call was a big event for the average family. Putting the call through often took several minutes, and the cost could put quite a dent In the family budget. Today you can call anywhere in the nation In a matter of «econdi. Your voice is carried across the miles as clearly as If you were phoning a neighbor. And as for cost—just look at these comparisons: 3 MINUTE STATI0N-TO-STATION RATES DAY RATES 1I3S 198 Dee Molnee to Seattle Sioux City to Miami Davenport to Phoenix Council Bluff* to New York Mason City to Naw Orlaana $5.25 5.00 4.23 4.25 ' 3.50 $1.70 1.70 1.55 1.55 1.45 NIQHT 1 SUNDAY HAUS-ltM* $.90 .90 .80 .80 .75 •Lowest rata* In hlitpry are In af fact aftar 6 P.M. dally ar time on Sunday. Durlnj »..-. parlodi you can make a 3Pmlmrte £*_*.!._ ^._n *_. • •«i.iih *•• IM that thoM itatlon call to anywhere In the U.S.. except Hawaii and Aleeke, ... excep a for $1.00 or leaa. Northwestern Bill's finest personal car SKDAX clc Vll.LK...unnlluT clrumuiic Cuclillac surprise INTRODUCING THE 1967 STANDARD OF THE WORLD You are looking at two of the newest luxury cars ever created. They are typical of Cadillac for 19H7.The Fleetwood Fldorado— the world's finest personal car—is the first exciting case in point. Fldorado is a styling masterpiece ... with its spectacularly long hoodi its daring new roof lines and its dramatic rear quarter design. It is also an engineering triumph. For Fldorado is the first car in the world to combine the surefooted traction of front wheel drive with the maneuverability of variable ratio power steer- ing and the balance of automatic level control. And with all its spirit and action, FJdorado provides unusual five-passenger spaciousness and the quietness and comfort that only Cadillac- could create. This brilliant newness also marks the Cadillacs you are most familiar with. For they are the most beautiful Cadillacs of all time .., with a new forward-sweeping grille and a new side contour that flosvs from front to rear! And with this new Cadillac look come a number of other achievements... the most luxurious interiors in history... a new generously padded instrument panel...a more responsive Cadillac engine ... improved variable ratio power steering . . . and a new General Motors-developed energy absorbing steering column. Discover Cadillac for 1967 for yourself your autho« rized dealer's. Once you have personally seen and driven these exceptional new automobiles, you'll agree that never before has anything on the highway said new so beautifully... or Cadillac so well! Odilloc Motor C«r D!v!$!pn SKI-: AND DRIVK TIII-: KXCITINC. iwt>7 CADILLACS NOW ON DISPLAY AT YOUR AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER'S. SCHULTZ BROS. SOUTH PHILLIPS ALGONA 1015 No. Mqin ALGONA

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