Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 7
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if •as [S, Business is Final larter Best By §AM BAWS8N AfiSfysf YORK ioday what is Widely «J.t' 16 be Ihci b&st quartOi 1 f>1 'year. Cottfideiifce has beetj 'Ing with the vigoi- of ihe fp» fy from lasl April's low point __ JlsUitier spertdlHg is 11(3 a bif- lm spefidifig by federal, stain local geverttrriehts is ihcfdas* Inroads are al last beihjj into the iotal of t)i6 job' td [If dohstlrrtef Spending C&ntinttc.« 3 ci'cep higher, factctfieg cafi step I Ifj production and re'hlro laid off "hen, Sut most coHsumei's have beert Ihending just about all they had left after taxes. True, the rale of havings has been up as the can- ftioUs Watched the Course ot the fa-. fission, but that rale Is still a valy small part of total Income!. What has held many consumers back from buying the things they Want but can wait for is that they had taken on all the debt they could handle Now they ai'R thought lo have paid off enough of it to be in position to buy more, Appliance dealers, for one group) [ say that is the case, And the auto : makers fervently hope it is so. But Chase Manhattan Bank, [N|fcV York, warns today against ;cting too much from the con- Jstimer or loo big a jump in his (spending. It says: "Consumer markets, while bas- Sically strong, are Tar frfjnj exutacr- 1 ant. People are still buying carefully and are reported to be extremely price conscious. Likewise, looking lo the future, .most estimates today are that sales or tho 3959 autos may run lo 5'/i; million —a good year, but far from a banns* one." •"1'hc bank also says Ihe revival of business spending for new cars and equipment could still be some way off. Noting the consideranlo exces? productive capacity and slill high ..unemployment, the bank economists point out that the gross ria'-' tional producl — dollar value of total output of goods arid services —will have to increase quite a bit to take up the slack, ,i p he latest survey by the Securl- tfes and Exchange Commission, arid the -department of coriirnerce. on the other hand. sho\vs that HIP long decline in business spending for new planl and equipment has 1 ended. A slight increase s. looked for in the fourth quarter that starts today. 5 1.1 2o 14 Ml ,'18 Beve-Mge- 20 Before ,21 Stighl boW 23 f htis 24 Bitter velch 65 Social befittflef (ee.ll.) S 1 ? There wany the universe •30 falsehood 32 Ventilate S3 Lamprey 84 Marem roam high pfiest (feib.) 3 Gafflef a stafld 4 United Stales ship (ab.5 5 Scottish Sheefrfolrf 6 Birds' heffieJ Punfl CAIWIVAL ITAfti H0J mtrmt It Oitle i 1 AH • A J in S Unit of 9 Hawaiian fjepijef Id Chemical 11 Employers 12 Withered 19 dbctdesS Of the dawn 22 Remove mistakes 26 Coffin slahci $6 Philippine peasant 29 Opera by Verdi 31 Yale 36 Coiohted 3d Cushion STHnndied 3S More faliottal 41 Satellites 4$ Cat-tics (coll.) •14 Brazillnh strttd 45 Greek god of waf- 47 Bbythonie sea gods 4tf Pillar BOSUtfimrfr (Pf.) 52 Pefinit 53 Organ of hearing News Briefs VALPARAISO,, chiie (API— Tht> newest and .largest...steamship in the Chilean •..iherchaji.t'. navy wa;s believed lost'" today,,; 1 after firo forced passengers ..arid crew lo abandon ship. . '•'. , The 8,G7D-ton Lebu'.was sailing off Caldera, hilo, 4i50 'miles north of Valparaiso, "• t -/ » , r SEdUL, Korea (AP) — South 12*rean army eadquarlers lodnj 1 announced Ihe interception of fm armed Communist boat and said one espionage agent was killed and five others captured. The action took place Sunday off Ihe western coast and south of the military demarcation line, the army said, SEOUL, Korea (AP) — v "Keep your po\vder dry and hope fjie^ "o'p- i^'-lunily will come before long'," President Syngman Rhee told South Korean trops as' they observed the thir Armed Foices Day toay, Rhee apparently referre to an opportunity to fight against the omrnimisls lo bring about reunification of.the divided jjnlion. ROACH -.HUGHIS INSURANCE • Fire • Ufe « Cpsy 108 g, 3rd, phone 74§S Hope, Ark. • M, S.IAT1S BUYTHi "Fftfhf if lisi In ' * From si . Lond-0-Lokes Form * 3? Indonesian of Mindartaa 39 ^^^ thd heavens through A 40 Pfirt of "be" 42 Social iftsedl 44 Light touch 45 Bustle 46 Sun 48Deef horn 81 Oleic acid ester 54 Tell 55 Tidier 58 Rugged mountain crests 57 Emphasis DOWN 1 P.etly A ' quarrel or gaiter TIZZY I H4' )0 77 19 II IZ . MILL-* ooiiftfls HAVE -creo &v S R£U£F/ 'PLASM GORDON t'D LIKE T'KNOW WVIERE^ - x - • •-,- :-,, 6EtALL/AW,^HUtUfV \20METHlKS0 t WNt WWrf \1H6M tfiV P -- H3 H6AS AMY 1 UP &?ME UW F0« THAtTA BOO . X MORE ABOUT/ ME 1O PfeAf THE ' ^ RAP OM THIS GRANP VVIZER TMISJ6 OOP IO-1 ...TH' POLICE DONT K.MOW VOU \VA3/ ,.•-.tic <3we wi-id f wws THB STARf ED tH 1 AVALAWCHB THW BURIED ... , *u«^« *» A couflcnl ikino"* I wouldn't rC'BAMlNS THE LOUI^I^N^ COteT, VARBER FLIES LOW TO "As a cat- for me, there are several wings i wou on t bAVOID.PETECTIOW.eyXO^TM DEFBMSE R^PAK, ••like about it... doing without lunch money for ones nuvegTiQArioK A&.AN^^ uNiipgNTii'iep^AiRCRAPT... A'HEAPIN6 OP 176''WILL TAKE. ALONG THE WEW,ORLEANS' o sriip L/^KIB ,TO rue 1 coiwr ow THE-.YUCATAM '' SWEE^IF PIE By Nadine St.tter By Kate Osann C 1M8 bj NEA S«vlu, Inc. T.M. fi«J. U.S. P«. OH. 'He's been annoying me, toe. He hasn't spoken to since school started!" FRECKLES AND HIS CAPTAIN W6 WOM 1 T|WILL^RDl SUf TfflS - 5TAV APLOAT LONa EWOUSH fi SHIP TO PICK US UP'. BUT. DEAR, IT MIGHT BE REAL LATE WHEN rw . t'lHO^Ott HE CHILDREN YTHE FINEST WILL HAVE TO f > COCliCS IN WIVES THINK ARE SO J^l' ' ^VbLAjj*,^ .^AiPt>\ —1^ "You call it woman's intuition—1 call it peeking!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrafth me HOUis. WHEN i , MVCOUM- J PJMS He//\WMAisT OM, " 60/NQ OM /TMIS & IN "WERE? / LAMP'S ' ./ ALLOW-p^T ANCf PA// P&' "^E c"^ .i_;» \f-w_ -ANP H& HAVING A PRO'epESSIVE , . ^ ^ P > TJit- Of- «•?• f»»• W. O"? &MD HER BUDDIES _^ ^,^ : | U5B 5'NCA ;«nic«. Inc. T.M. Rig: U.5, P4I. OH Pop worries over politics, The world and aH its ills.., f»C^Ci».i^'i POP OUT OUJ« WAY ** Mom worries } about bud6etinct) And how to, T ' t, pay the bills My brother/ fret? apout thQ',<Jigm'e J He's watchincb -4. on TV., " J X. * CJO But I don't'have-J.-fe a care at "all, •"*"«§ And that's what',s\t* ^Avoh-H-ia^ m&!~ . *-''<--"*'fl worries "But, Martha, §v§n if we. did use to cadge fete Sundwr dinnen off swr pariiits, wt only had two kl«, not six 1 cose afi Until ""' flt an Dokcrest Ambwlonci " v akcrcst Chapel, ' V*-* Memoilfllfjii! TJMgVOUTPOK; ) STIU oSfiSTflry;V5ARl,Y, "T f §TARTYOURCPUNT« Si} VPOWN'^lg/l^l^M ii N^.^ . :..„* ASniiir; JPQNl WANNA GO 1^ THE/AQQNYET, i^^ji. u.:., ^; 3 <*,\f$r- V/ SAV, WORRV WART;\v>-rf^riV^Y IT $VfJo "/ fiET BACK HERE/ WV^ VVj M wfm HOW ^^ : EKIJOY v^'. ,i&AI BE ^Vfl B// I TU'Rcai rriPi ii «,ni ncVd i{R!j-5!r\ \ P MAKE IT*; V7;.Mg NOT 50 ALL-FIR IP YPO ;/ I TH' gEAUTIFUL SOUPS \ r 4,yV r-i f \ AW BEOWKts OF A Srvi Kf J/n^" n ^-\M , M'VI'NI "X I. >/^> ^- Wrf! &} ifys'' I *"--^*t * M*\\ PPUUTICELIKE / WrfK/^a TiPMB.OVBR

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