Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 6
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Jfe§e SI* Bobcal Backs Crippled, May Nof See Action Hope and Tevnrknna have tapered off Ihr rough wn r |< in preparation for ,1 nnn-cnnfpronrr haltle here Friday nielii in Thimnmno SffldfuiTi. Two local tram,? will fnko the Jirld fnnlght with (ho local .liminj- Vnt-sfly or B tenm. onlrrlalninn Cnmden al 8 o'clock, flu. Hopr Juniors will journry In Cnmden fnr n gamp with thr Panther Juniors. In Friday night's contest here lhe Bobcats will br oper.-ilinK Without (he services nf llnlfhark Eddie King who j s imrsini> a broken toe. And the ntbcr hnlfhack •Johnny Graves, may see onlv llm- Jled aclinn as he h;is Bruised hip. This will hamper the Bolx-nts who Fi§Mn§ Guide l.tTTLft jinck .APi.~tfc.rt. fe a rising repot t nnd fnrrrasl fr'oftl DIP AHcan«ns rtnrne nnd ( 'nrn mission l.nkc Hamilton: Rass good oil Tickets Htirl worms, bream fnir to medium on pnppinig btiKs. l.nkp Ouitrhita: No report. R'lll Shoals Lake: No report. Lake Coirvny: Walpr clear. Buss Konrt i n plugs and minnows Lukf Orr"c<in: ftn report. I .nkp Norf.uk: ftlnrk buss fatf n crayfish and ailificial bull • i MinitrimnrTr^.jm:-i^^----^^^--^ rJ ^»..^^^.H ; ., WHAT'S IN A NAME * « . *PM, AHANIAI (".-itli N Braves Capture First Game of World Series By JOE REICHLER ....... i(ii . rated about even with the" howVr- ' Assoclate d Press Sports Writer fill Razorbafks of the I3i.« £) district I M "'WAfKKK ,AP) - The New weights ol the two loams are k Yi '" k '''" i "''"' inC 5 !1 n ">"St un- Mont oven bul the visiting Pnrki-rs' '' nviflblp I'"'' 1 '"" I "day as the) boast perhaps the fastest bfu-kfieW' " VVi " tcd '•''"' l? n'- (1 ''Ue nnd the Mil Wilukot ' in Arkansas, having three who enn loallv go. Gary Brown at IGr. j s i K " nie of Iho fastest man in the stair ,-,,,d ' ' Jncob and ISdwards are behind. - Texarkana's line is n,|,.d f,,,( A sn - Sl ? thp Bobcats, with a three- seeonc team they ha cd go far. With the loss ..string backs the Braves in lhe e World Series. Jmagirie brine oi-e down, theli fal . | best piteher, Whiley Ford, chased from Ihr iimunn ;md the fellow who v(iiii|nislird them Ihrci' llmos ••i _.vr;ir ajin wiiitinu in the winus? meet the 1 ''!'/'' w;l>1 " lfl Yankees' position ve eiirounlrr- of two boys . • • ....... 1>iv ' i"|Ji- utjys have to put out every effort • rc ' n «P»lin in th as they siiught to even the si'fJu.s after Wivlnesday's ID-inning Milwaukee Iriumph behind Wnr- lo beat Texarkana. Porks Looking Better, Says Coach Broyles FAYETTPVILLE. Ark. , A P> Jho University O f Arkj:nni s R;r backs whipped through n practice yesterday end (' ,Frpnk Broyles commented> 'lhe boys looked .,. littl , ter. You might say I nm p With our morale at the . \time." :u™?--^.- si ?**°« blocki »K-'" !t'ice opener brisk ; , el, plVSi'llt. what the -work on, nnd Broyles said thnl was loam most needed to , progress nf second learn -fullback Paul Dudley of Snllisa", •Okla has been impressive and the Arkansas coach indicated Dudley would get nn equal amount nf ,-playmfi Ump w j th f j rsl u?nm . ;bark Donnie Stone a R ainst Texas .Christian at Fort Worth Saturday » Stone played about 50 minutes •; in games against Baylor and Tulsa, i T The Hogs also continued to work on their kickim? game yesterday ; With halfback Fred Akers of Bly' ' thovillo kicking for Ihe first team •and quarterback Mike Cooncy of "Uyler, Tex., bootins; for Ihf sec. ond unit Hmht-hiiiHler Bob Turley, who won 21 while losing only seven was the scheduled Yankee' pitcher He started twice last year, lie w muted the first lime but earn hack In defeat thr Braves 3-2 i he sixth Kiimc. This year. BurdeUe won 14 Ills lust 17 decisions to wind u with a 20-10 record. In Wednesday's game. th j Braves tied the score 3-3 in th ' eighth and then won It in the IOC on Billy Brulon's single. "I think we cnn bent 'ern i; five." Spahn saici aftor (he gamp "In fart, it may even be four, Lew Clients Turley. And I liiink Actually. Ford was not the los ins pileher. Ryne Durcn, the fireball relief pitcher, was charger with the defeat. After blowing "his ffst ball with sppclaculnr sttc.cc;;* 'or 2 1-3 innings, during which he struck out five, tho bespectacled right-hander lost some of his Jlindine speed Singles by Joe, Adcock. 'Del Cranclall and Bruton produced the run which broke (ho S-H tie and gave Spahn his third Foof-ball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Thursday Night' s Games ^Blytheville B at Keiser 'Mansfield at St Annes Little Rock Centra! B al Bauxite World Series triumph against two oof eats. The 37-year-old southpaw yit-ld- 'Hi eight hit's, -walked four >aiid struck out six, Pour flavors-shared tho Ynn.feee hits. Yogi Berra, Hank Bauer Gil McDougald nnd Bill Sicowroii collected two hits each. Skowron nhd Bauer homered, Hrmk hilling his with one on bnse, to account for all the Yanks' runs. Milwaukee gathered 10 hits, six off Ford in seven innings. Spnhn helped himself to two hits. one 1 nf <hrm driving in a run. Crandali, with a single, and Wes Covingion, Hope Star Classified Ads Kicks, Punts Getting More Attention Braves Admit Ryne Duren Plenty Fast ASS MUST BE IN «M^f_i^ Little Second Guessing on the Series By fSB SMIfS Assdcldted Press SpoHs Wfitef MILWAUKEE fAP) — What would have Impponod in the first World Scries same if Hank Sailer hadn't been si engtr in lhe first inning? And what would have happened if Wart-en Spahn hadn't been wail- inp for just what Enuer didV Here was (lip picture.' Bauer, first up for the New York Yankee?, rnpped :i single to led and thereby broke his own World! Series record by hilling safely i If) consecutive frames. Maybe thai made him a littl loo cureless. At any event, ho loo] ton wide a lead oft first am Sp;ihti. on the mound for tho Mil waukee Braves, whipped lhe b.ll lo ,)oe Adcock al first ns Bauer hopelessly (nipped, bolted for sec ond. Adcock threw to Johnny Lo an and Bauer was out. Then up c-imo Gil McDougalcl He singled through short. II Bauei had played it safe, this would have put Yankees on second and third .vilh none out. Mickey Mimlle popped out to Del Crnndnll. but Elsfon [Toward (lied to center— :md If Baivr hi.d been on third ie could have scored on the flv ball. That would have meant n Yankee run, which could have meant hal instead of the game being tied al 3-3 in the nimh, lhe Yankees would have been on lop 4-3. instead if was tho third out What did the principals say? Bauer — "I was just cdiighl running." Spahn — "I fell beforehand th.- Yankees were going to try a run DAY BtrORt PUBLICATION — PH8NI 7*3431 FOR Aft TAKIR Wanted toftiiy ^jge-j-^-vn^-^-^^. 7frM .^j., £ ^ t ,^ ja .,.^, J ^ i . *, i'ficH rollgil f i-eefi 6ak liffibef f- regulat" lengths 8hd tie Siding - for Rant 2 rtc-OM furbished fijjartfHeHt with private bath, frofit afidlback 6h* trances, electric refrigefaldf. 32) Bonnet- St.. phone 7'3o53. JJkf Room and Board fiOOM « its Bc-AftB es, u a with deafi eamfof table With infieMprifig Waitress attic ventilation. snyker S3<i Mo Real Estate for Sale Large 3 bedroom home, double earport, 2 lots on South Mai.i near High School. Buy equity and assume FHA loan. Small 2 bedroom homo on corner lot near High School and hospital. FHA loan available. Near Garland School, targe 2 bedroom home in good condition. 10'i down on FHA loan. In Beverly Hills, large 3 bedroom home almost new. GI or FHA loan available. On Rasslnn Road, nice 3-bedroom home, garage, 3 largo Jots, School bus by front door, makes ,his ideal for'family with children, or conventional loan. fi JtDOM house and bath, 8ultftti&« tic heater, across street frottl •Murphy's Store on N. Hn#.el St. Call Mrs. J. E. Schboley, ?4f)77. WANT AD RATES All Wdnr AJs Dfo |3Ovo'-.'<5 )n ody.ahte but ads will be -jccepte'l byef fhe telephone and or.:r»riiada- fiori bccbunls bllowod with tho u^- dersldhdihg Ili6 account is payable whefi slafetrient is tendered. Of VVords Up to IS 16 16 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 3) to 55 One Day .45 .60. •75 .90 i.65 __ 2 SEDROOM. a living „ ,„ ... kitchenette and carport at 419 4? \l 45 ,35 E. lath St. Plenty outdoor room. 46 ta 56 \'so If interested call Bert Wihgfteld Phone 303 Prescott. Ark, 2^Cl For Sole or Trade 1955 FORD in excellent condition, Only 30,000 New tires, radio and heater, two tone, $995,00 Need pickup. Roy Cagle, 1413 Elm St, 22«l2-lf> By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN Associated Press Sports Writer MILWAUKEE (AP)—"I nearly days around By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The kick, and its first cousin. he punt, qftcn a dull bil of routine o some football fans, gel more! rould feel the breeze of'his"fast han their share of attention these* ball clear over in lhe dugout,''' the college football I said lhe Milwaukee Braves' Andy —, .. Pafko. He was talking about New York Yankee-rookie Ryne Duren. Diiren'-_i£. about the fastest thing on the mound these days, and the Braves again probably will be seeing his lightning or trying to see it, as the World Series progresses. True, lhe strapping 29-year-old right-hander who winters in San ning game and J believed I cotiH cope with it " Manager Frr- c i . Haney of the Braves—"Picking ofl Bauer was the key play of the game." An:l .=o UIH gfime. which began Jn a rather leisurely, sloppy fash- on, wound un in a lense 10th- inmng drama that was decided by Billy Bruton's slnshlne hit (o right center scoring Adcock with the run that made it 4-3 for the Milwaukee Braves. B at Cotton Plan) White Hall nt Watson Chapel S'ith a sacrifice fly, drove in the )lher Milwaukee runs. Managers Fred Haney of Mil- t'aukce and Casey Stengel-of New 'ork promised to shuffle their neups for the second game. Haney said he would use Frank 'orre at first base, in place of oe Adcock, and Bruton in cen- . in place of Andy Pafko. Steiv el was coy with the writers hi.it inled he would start Norm s'ie- ern,. 5 left-handed hitler, in left hat "means Elston Howard may )o either on Iho bench or in right field instead nf Bauer, who is still The Nec?rq Com m unity Esther; Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Close in just off Highway 4 east, 0 acres, 5 room brick veneer, ;ood garage and outbuildings, city vater and natural gas. Ideal sub- rban home. Priced to sell. 247 acres easl of Hope in Nevada ounty. Approximately 150 acres pen land. Ideal for pasture or row crops, ample water, lols of young pine. Fenced. ;In M'cCaskill, beautiful G room brick veneer, deep well, natural gas, electricity, good barn, new tool shed, 00 acres highly improved pasture. 2 stock-ponds. On .pavement. GREENING INSURANCE & REALTY CO. Real (Estale — Loans — Insurance OUR home al 919 Soulh Elm Street Open for inspection from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. Wall to wall carpels, metal cabinets and double sinks in kitchen. Equipped for additional income if desired. 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Initials of one or more letters groups pf figures, such as house or telephone numbe.rs count as one word /The Hope Star- Will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless e i£ ot - s ..& ro - ? alled to our attention ?I e «u ^ S T '"'ertlon of od and then for .ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-mrp Hope Star MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p S»q> of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 1950 STUDEBAK'E'R pickup, Cattle bed. heater, clean and in good condition. Phone 7-2204 or 7-4011. 29-tf 209 So. Main Phone 7-4661 2-tf Antonio, yielded the by Bill nursing sore wrist. Jor Uimpo, a left-handed hitter, may replace the right-handed hitting Carey at third base. The Flattering New CENTREDENT with "SELF-CdNPOBMING" Comfort by EESISTOL that ypy'll friends. Th hat j s and wilh/'S^Copfponlnfi" ^mfert Bruton in the 10th Inning Wednesday that gave the Braves a 4-3 opening victory over the Yankees. Bui until the product of Cnzeno- via, Wis., 130 miles west of Milwaukee replaced Whiley Ford in lhe eighth inning, iho game had ' not reached lhe crest of excitement. After Hank Aaron's sharp double to the right field fence had signaled the end of Ford and brought on the bespectacled. Durcn, tho Kamp in in.iny respects h,-uj nio.Mod along in routine fashion Ryne, who struck out more, than one butter for every inning of re- Harvard's John Voyir- whose Buckeyes piny practice fields. For (he fan whq likes to see the running-passing phase of the game, a man who has to kick a b;ill is looked on as somewnat of a kill joy. Not so to Ohio Slate's Woody Hayes, or " - • sin. Hayes, Washington this week, feels his team must match the Hijskios kicking game if they are to win Washington currently is No. 6 m the country in punting, Jim Owens' team, in upsetting MJnnesola 24-21 last week, pi,,Ued six limes for a 44 3 yard average. In two games il has 10 punts for 423 average. Ohio State managed four for 31 vards aeainsl Southern MethodiV last week. Woody alsq has' his bovs looking to the field goal n j weapon he used sijpcessfully' in j winning the Rose Bowl 17!}" th> and one Ihw s ame lf ue (p to bent Minnesota, i saw his Harvard team stunned with a 0-3 loss to iin heralded buffalo on a kick. His HIPPO punters an ulenty of time workinc nnt, V4 „,.„. ?" i :L£2 m JJ» J llis week in Thought for the day • What a vast deal of time and ease that man gains who is nol troubled with the spirity. of impertinent curiosity a'bout others; who lost his neighbor's thoughts and behavior alone; who confines his inspections to himself, and cares chiefly for his own duty and conscience — Selected. Calendar of Events The members of Church Hill elation Service for the pastor and wife, Rev. and Mrs. J. \V. Hutchinson, Oct. 2-5. The public is invited. Mrs, P. Bowles, mistress of core- monies; Mrs. EuJa M. Smith, reporter. Services Offered us renovat* your old mat tress. We specialize in preiiurl- «ed innerspring. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-3099 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Soey-Tres. of The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H., Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donol Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supr. Entered as second cless matter at the Post Office at Hooe, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Mcmuer of the Audit Bureau of Circulations RAL ?H Montgomery Market, eua torn slaughtering. We have meat for your deep freeze. Sec ui before buying. 17.^ Subscription Roto: (payable 111 advent) By carrier in Hope and towns — Per week , Per year S .30 1 j 60 SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd L, E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel. Phone 723-1 Mo. FOR. a complete line of pumps, water wells 01 work overs. Call O. T, Clark, 711 E,.'6th. -Phone ,26-1-mo-p The Usher Board of. Rising Star Baplist Church will sponsor a program featuring the Southwest District Congress Chorus Sunday, Oct. 5, at- 7:30 p.m. The public'is invited. The Fall Revival is in progress at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church. Prayer meeting, Oct. 1-4 at 7:30 p m. with Ihe Deacon Conn, cil in charge. Preaching by Ihe pastor, Oct, 0-10 t ft 8 p.m. ^Al} churches of the city are invited to attend all services. IVJrs. Lula Piggee, church clerk; Rev. M. S, Riley, pastor. The schedule of Solunar Perio'ds,- as'printed below, has been taken from John Alden Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has, to I NURSING work wanted. 8 hour offer, -...-The Major Periods are shown in Boldface type, These begin at th ;imes shown and last for an hou and. a half or two hours there after. The Minor Periods, shown in •egular type, are of somewha ihorter duration, A, M, P,M. Minor Major Minor Major Wednes, 7:50 1:30 8; 10 1:55 By mail in Hempstcad, Nevodti, LaFayctte, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ... $ .85 Three months ........................ 1.85 Six months .. 3,50 One vear ... 6,50 AM other mail ~ One month , 1,30 Three months ' ' 3,90 Six months 7.80 One year ...... 15,60 Thursday 8;35 2:15 Friday 9; 20 3:00 Saturday 10';05 3:45 Sunday 10:55 4:35 8:55 9:40 10:25 11:15 2:40 3:25 4:10 5:00 Rev, E. A, Porchia will preach at Mt Pleasant CM1E Church, Two Mile Branch Community, on Sal- urday, Oct, 4, at 7;30 p.m. After service, the Stewards poard. w}l sponsor a wiener roasf on the church lawn, The public is invited Sidelights From the World Series What's Happening In Washington Friends of Mrs, Li^ie White will be happy to know that she is do- jng fine after undergoing surgery in a Jocal hospital. iMrs, Vajtee Porter, T. B. Trot, ter, and Miss Maudester Witherspoon of Gary, Jnd. a,ce vacation, here, on/j r 7 rt - . («•--. i •. v, v i- fn P^ Miu Saturday, practice^ kipkoff and punt returns. The Mu S "tqp!' s ranH No. 5 in puntina, with 2-for- yards a?ainf( Qhj 0 g tat g *• ieams ai T P °x f n S °A ! !lV Vest , Cm ^^ 4 "n . v . Te;K ? s AW end Aliv-.qnsfls, ;tlr^od.m k,cking, with both Ipog , wg • for" <n}tial victories Saturday jatlev two consecutive losses, /ust wjw wjU do the puiuinr *"" 'Poiiji is the pi-Qljlem today. (Quakers fa<s« pavUnouth with (wo {vaifbaoks W ho ,f>( the chore Jasl week Cornelius Cole, Charley and Co> UimbHs Wadie, Simon Wjthevspooi; pnd WiJUe Bradley Jr., piade a bysiness trip to Texavkana fj-iday. Purvey Cheatham hqs returncfj hoipe after a brief visit in Toledo, Associated /?r??s Sports Writer Because . Warren Spahn patted ,'333 during the regular season, his Isvo hits in Wednesdays' gome came as no particular surprjso. But tl;ey actually were Spahn's first World Serips sgfpties Ho went hjtjess Jn four tries in t))e duly in Hope. 20 years experience. While lady. .Mrs. Delia Travis. 7-4337. ].3tc Instruction BEGINNING lessons In On Painting will begin Oct, 3. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jonos, 514 East Third St. or call 7-2732. _'_ , 23-tf Female Help Wonted Npt'l Advertising Representatives; Arkansas Doilies, Inc., 1602 Sterick , 'Bldg, Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 ""'exes .Bank Bldg.,'Dallas 2, Texas; ?60 N .Michigan'Aye., Chicago 1, III.; 60 l r . 42nd St.,/NewVYork'17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor. Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg;, ' Oklahoma City 2, Okla Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local neves printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. TWO waitresses, Apply ni person, Diamond Cafe, Hope, Ark, Earn $100,00 per month jr» spare ime at homo addressing envelopes. ''or information and instructions end $1,00 to Northeast Service Co., Post Office Box 84, Sommerville, Mass. Money back guarantee, WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut In Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR";7<4321 16th & Uouisisna, Hope, Ark. TWO girls to train as c^r hops, Steady employment, goojl salary. Must be 18, Apply j n person; 1 Kings Drive-In, ^ gp, Lost Phone 7 58QQ S, glm JAMES 194S cUssjp aggipst Cleveland qnd had another Q'foH wgoinsi th? YanHs last year, Spahn 1 s extrsrlnnlng pitching phor Jas his first sjnce beating (he YanHees 7^5 in the foiirth game of the 1^57 series. 'between Hope' p Mound. Rewarc} $3,00, Busse)}. phoi>e 7,3 }D, Help Wonted did noi go more (han nine jn fln.v o{ his 36 starts the P9§t Someone told Yenfeee ,.„.„,.„,. Casey Stengel; "I see where ynu signed your pontrsct |or '5? al repdy." Sai4 Ggsgy; "Yeah, I vead th^t m the papers, Jop gj.it fjgrpe^ jf J £a.i) remefjitee^ AOJJJ' jj;" lief he pitched this spa son, fanned five graves jn his stint a.rj$j tongues wagging abqut his "fastest pitcher J ever ?aid the veteran Paflja. . was, the «r?t inning opening sprjes. ga 1934 when Py?ty Rhodes a three,rvm hopier in the 10th 19 the WAITRESS o r trainee, Apply in ppr«on. v QpH» and Gift Notice WJJ Buy » ffs sty RJ5AL &'§TATfi B B li timw - ^ Now Opsn For SMITH'S OINiRATOR flnrf STARTIR SHOP 1Q§ §, Walnut §t. « Phg, 7-g4§1 Bs building 'all makes 4 models ef Qsn$ffi<ir$ and Starters " -K MATTRi55iS Rtbulit sjvMgde Jnte inner' 9m D§y: ItrvJ?! PAYIS i Mattrfii Gt, ' Herndon-CorneliMi Horra and fiyrlal

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