Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 5
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NOM If At, MOP I, AIIANIAI faifflffi;! fate School Itinued Ffo/rt &M idicale Little Rock spends .COO each wek fof White Ichool education. ftahey said that within of his appeal, offers of use old fehtai Building, a tthiort arid three churches Were Etc to the Corporation. He s,i>d ^individual whose identity was disclosed had donate ?£,W)0 other contributions had been '«"M "Teachers Wilt be ho prob* i.fJlm," he predicted. "Ihel-e &re a "ffftt of retired teachers who would Ihelp." \fhc segregatiol'jst Capita) Cit- Jetis Council isued a statiirheiil Declaring, "we can raise the moii> ey to educate oUl- cliildfcli. Wo iare hot beholden to the mighty flax trough." A council spokesman ! said the organization has no avail 4 able funds but wll aid in raising itiohey. fir Raiiey said, "we are studying several plans tot public ap* peals for funds," an Indication Iho corporation may be Considering « organized campaign similar lo jse staged by community chests and othei' agencies. General Motors Continued Prom Page One inequities in wage scales paid GM workers in adjoining- plants ,tor doing an identical job. Reuther '4raid, for example, thai somo comparable jobs in GM planls in threo adjacent Michigan cities — Bay City, Saglnaw and Flint — tage a wage spread of 10-cents hourly. GM denied there was such a gap. The other was the UAW's ib' termination that any new national GM agreement would not tie the hands of its members hv-handling local grievances at...=,jG,M's 130 plants across the nation fAThe Chrysler settlement glv.-s Its workers about 24 to 30 cents an hour additional in; t .the next three years in their present hourly base pay of $2.,%. Chrysler says it has fewer skilled workers cla.v sificalions than GM, whose hourly pay 'is $2.62 or Ford which pays S2.52. TODDLER'S NECESSITIES—As every mother knows, it takes a lot of food, diapers and other,furnishings lo keep a baby heallhy and happy. Stockholm researchers collected those items to dramatize the requirements of a Swedish youngster during Ihe firsl year of life. Cost is equivalent to aboul $384, J)ulles Assures Conlinued From Page One Ihe U.S. and Red Chinese ambassadors :in Warsaw, he said. "The American pledge to its ially, the Republic. of China, car- ric a iremenous impact in the free world, which is now watching lo see lhat it Is carried out," the oifidnl said. . Tho Nationalist Foreign Minjs- (jfey declined immcdiaTc"" comment on Psesidcnt Eisenhower's state- Memphis Bars All L. R. Students MEMPHIS (AP)—Memphis hns closed its public school system lo •Little Rock students just the same, the schools were already overcrowded, Assistant Superintendent Harry Sharp made the announcement yesterday, after a Memphis couple offered free board and lodging to any white Little Rock student who wanted lo attend school here. But the couple,'Mr. and Mrs. J. M Wharton, picked up a couple of Lille Rock students just the same. Two sislers, Lin Phelps, 16, and Sue, 17', will stay with the Whartons while attending a private school. Mrs. Ivo Phelps insisted her daughters be paying boarders, not school term guests. She said 75 per cent of her daughter's classmates at Hall'High have left Lil- tle Rock to atlend privale schools. The Whartons suggesled other couples offer to lake in students. Mrs. Wharton, a piano leachei", said -she received numerous telephone calls regarding her otter. Her husband owns a trucking company here. ments al his news conference on "Wednesday. Officials were studying a transcript of the conference. ,The President agreed with Dulles that Chiang should, not ha.ve, "conconlralecl 100,000"ircfb'ps on the offshore islands. JudgeSentin to Hear Grand Jury Report LITTLE ROCK (AP)— Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves, 84, of Kansas City, assigned to hold court *in the Easlern district of Arkansas, said yeslerday he will return to- Kansas City tomorrow morning. The retired jurist arrived at Little Hock yesterday afternoon. He said he was sent lo Lillle Rock primarily to hear the report of the federal Grand Jury. Today ho was scheduled to hear motions in civil cases, criminal pleas and other pressing mailers. Federal Judge Axel J Beck of Sioux Falls, S. D., is clue lo arrive here Monday on a temporary assignment, and Judge Reevts said in view of thai ho didn't fee! it necessary to remain, He added he might return later, on to hold a wee of court, since 'U. S- Attorney Osro Cobb had advised him a heavy backlog of cases is pending. Judge Reeves said he would also take care of any emergency matters if needed, but that Judg,p John E. Miller of Fort Smilh Smith would continue to hear any. integration litigation, Judge iy _Recces aneL, Jydgp Beck were given'temporary assignments in the -Eastern District of Arkan- News Briefs LITTLE HOCK IAP> — Dan w. McBride, of Hcclor, a funeral director, was appointed to tht 1 stale Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors yesterday by Gov. Orval E. Fatibus McBridc, whose term expires June 1. 1D63, succeeds Jesse B. Gregg of Jonesiboro. MARSHALL, Ark. (AP) — Dr. Sam Green Daniel, 90, a physician here for 50 years, died yesterday at his home. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. today at the First Methodist Church. LITTLE HOCK (AP)—The Arkansas Assessment Co-ordination Department yesterday reset property assessment appeals by the Kansas City Southern milroad and its suidiary, Louisiana and Aransas Line, to. Oct. 10 KCS has steadily protested ils assessments by the Deparlmest as too high. Arkansas Regional Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections of Arkansas: Partly cloudy with little change in temperatures', this afternoon, tp- • night and Friday, Saturday partly cloudy and mild. High Ihis after- and southwest mid lo high 60s northeast and northwest; ?low tonight mid to high 40s central, low to mid 40s northeast nnd northwest, near 50 soulhoasl and soufi- wesl. sas because Ihe district is without a regular judge. Presbyterians Won't Reject Negroes 1ST LfcAD LITTLE hdCK < API— Four L,ti« He Rock PFesbylerinh churches have VotPct fioi lo nlichifrl Iff bfir Negroes who might ntlend Sunday st-1-vicos It \vns learned todity Ihnl the tJoard of Eldefs of Cetilci-iil Pros* bj'lerian Church look such nclloii last night. In confirming Ih cmovc. the church's pnstoi- sold Ihnl Itii-«i0 Other Presbyterian churches had tnkeh simitar nclloii. Banker dnrdner Lite, n nlehv •bet- of the Cohlrnl bonrd. stlict the bonrd stand "was Hi Ho wajr n vote to Integrnto the Church Wo look Die ncllon tTierel.v \t) tttfo- stnll possible nUompts by si'gre* giHionists lo embarrass us by bringing Ncyrocs lo church." Mrs. Roy T. Morrison, n white woman who identified herself ns n segregationist, look n Negro woman. Mrs. Pearl Lewis, lo services at another white church last Sunday. Mrs. Morrison snld an usher asked her and her guest to leave ibut that they remained through the service. A spokesman for Central Prus- bylcrian said a report had circulated lhat Negroes would bo brought lo Central Sunday In protest to the .moderate stand of Its minister, the Rev. Dunbnr H. Og< den Jr, Ogdcn was nol available for comment. Lite said ushers would be instructed to give unobtrusive treatment to any Negroes who might present themselves and to avoid incidents. "We're nol encouraging Negroes to atlend, but if they do, we're going lo roll with Ihc punch rather than allow them lo slir up trouble," Lile said. "ilf any atlempl is made lo embarrass us, we feel this approach will deflate ils originators," Lilo said. Six Escape as Home Destroyed CROSSETT, Ark. (AP) — Tho home of Bob Webb In Ihc Promised Land community was destroyed by fire lasl night, but Webb, his wife and their six small children escaped. The Uvo youngest children wore burned slightly. The family had not gone to bed when the fire broke out. Ils origin was not definilely do- lermined, A liquified pelroleum gas syslem, which heals Ihc house was turned on the first time yesterday. Authorities theorized here rhighl have been a gas leak. Webb is a forester for the Cros- •selt Co in the Bcrea 'District, The Webb children range In age, from two to eight. FFET FORWARD--Tired of ribbing questions about' hhc puts his feu? ill,l,| 9 tiny foreign car, slx-fool-lhrec- mcn-Uill Cenc Uoycr, of Niles, Ohio, supblles the'answer by putting a pair of shoes on th'c front of the cor. _ _ 50-Year Sentences Are Recommended JACKSON,- Mo (AP) — Kifty- yonr prison sentences have been recommended by a Circuit Court jury for UVo Chicago Negroes who raped a Pemiscot County white woman. Formal sentencing of Morris Williams, 32, and Joseph Bradford* 21, convicted yesterday, was sol for Oct. 20. Prosecutor James A. Vickcry had demanded Iho death sentence for the two men, charged with raping Mrs, A. ,T. Smith, 2ft, while holding her husband captive nt gunpoint in, the Smith's combination store and home at Bcrmon- dalc, Mo. Court-appointed defense lawyers filed a motion for a new trial, The pair also is accused of engaging in a running gun fight Sleele, Mo., police after being stopped for a traffic violation Their (light ended in a wreck In which Williams was captured. Bradford escaped and was accused of terrorizing another family, lie was arrested on a Chicago-bound -, bus. , at Capo Ginir- doau, Mo. Neither defendant testified, New Autos Too Long, Low to Pork Well ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP) — Some 1H5D model aulos are lo long, loo low and covered with loo many expensive gadgets lo risk parking them, a St Louis parking firm has decided. Wayne Sleclclin, vice president of the City Auto Parks Co,, sairl Cadillacs are nine inches ' longer tliis year and so long and wide thai the firm would have lo rebuild its ramps to accommodate them. Owners of 1059 Cadillacs were warned to slay away from the firm's six parking lols. Stcdelln said lights In the front bumpers of some models,, plus fancy grillwork, add to the legal perils of operating Ihe firm. "We are studying dimensions of nthcr cars now on the production lines," he said. "We may have lo extend our. ban to other new models." Streets in "Salt Lake City arc numbered, by the djrection'and dis- lance/'they are located 'from the Mormon Temple in the downtown area. Ashmore Soys People Fight 1 lost Ctiiisi 1 • St. LOUIS (At 1 )—HaW S. Ash>*V3 moic, eSecutl».c editor of the* Ar»J$fj knnstta OafcoUe nl Little Itockfffjj snys the people of thai city arc* <j iiMnttrift tor "n cause already*-* -y lost- ^..^pi Ashttioi-e told an assembly^-of- '1 SltldeiiU and faculty itlernttets* fit* >J Washington University yeatcfajy;" g the people of Little Hock, . { voUHgt || against integrated schools* 1 By^fai, $ fnrtrgln of 2>/2 lo I, voted for sofne'^!| Ihltig they knew thc^ c"6lffl*"ff5t, '-'| have, !-> * e,^ He called It "the really'slgttifi'*; cent thins" nboul last SaWhlnjfts -j3 election it I Llllle flock. r»*f'.» 7 -^] "til the fnce of all the evidence* J to the contrary, (hey aticeflteU :.1 Oov. lOi-vnl 14) l^aubus'.lol'd.thfaU-/J he would find a way to 8tve\*lhem* ' ft the snrne schools they lind befolft,^ d without Negro students, nnd oy* , •;' lawiul mentis," Ashmore said, 1 *'» ,-i The people In Little Hock' 'bit!'* ;_| Jlevetl Ciov, l-'nubus, Ashmore,sajd (t ^ simply becntise "he WHS • telling ,»^ thorn what they wanted to-near,"^ j Ashmore, who received a P'uilt*, j, ?.or Prize this ycnr for his e-dilot* .i*! lals on Iho InteftraUon contt'ovei'*'' ;-\ «y nl Little Hock, .said the Soijlh* ^ tiiusl accept the Supreme >CloU) w,\^j declHlons on public school doset{»» 'I'j j'et'ttlion "however deliberate t W t " f; spcod." i'> • <«' ',i "The South tried to eseapo^tho, ^ Inevitable once, and hns su/JjfKbd';'^ fi-om It ever since," he ,snitl?i<^Il, .^ ctinnol afford to mnko the sama^'d mistake twice," • ' '^iSlj Ashmore expressed doubt poo?'5^ pie In oilier Unllucl Stales eltles/4|| Would have ncled dlrfeiently thfiij ' «1 Ihc Little Hock residents In a eom-//£| able situation, i ,<4.v»"* .-f?| "I Invllu you to consider- ,llio '/v| frightening possibility that k tM ^ licoplc of Litllo Rock arp',; M'\.^ unique," he said, "but very well/, || may be typlcnl of Americans^n'l.'i^ tlit> middle of this critical eehlu|; ?| ry." ,_,,.; 4 "ilj vi',,1 ^J • "•""•* „* vS UA Registration 1 ;: 5\i1j Goes to 6,667 ' ' : ' '^!l^| FAYETTEVILLE, Ark, (AP) ^'; r | A record (i,CU7 students'have cn;t,-i".'| rolled In the various divisions"of^ the Unvlersily of Arkansas for. th(3'\'/^ J'nll semester, Registrar C a r ,t;o r,<^ Short said lodny. ,''> l< y The figure is 015 higher lhan i -'>l last year. ' . *'*^ On tlie Fayclteville campus, 6,f • 71)3 studcnls arc cni oiled, 750 ai : Q'' graduate and extension canters;! studying at Litllo Rock and 125 nt"? graduate and extension ^cenlei'| . elsewhere. ". *£.? The Little Rock figure includes-i ;!30 In Ihe School of Mod!olrffc"t-^ t ? Short syiciL, -the* ,-flguijes ", ivwr^.. liasecl on tlio first ,'two 1 wcok_ss?of" school and could b'i late registrants, MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY October 3 October 4fe WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A TRUCK LOAD OF LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. BARGAINS AND SAVINGS FOR YOU! QUICK TURNOVER FOR US! A FREE WATCH WITH EACH LIVING ROOM SUITE. YOUR CHOICE OF LADIES OR MEN'S: THE IDEAL XMAS GIFT. THIS OFFER GOOD FOR 3 DAYS ONLY. Reg, $49,95 Value psaMrjfuljy styjed, 'one year guarantee, 17 jewel) movement, life time mginspring, 14 K gold ;q$e grid bond. Reg, 329;95 — Less $80 Trade Al! of our Living Room Suites ore offered at bargain prices for this sole. is J.ARS! 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