Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 2, 1958
Page 3
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Thursday, 19S§ MOM STARt MOM, A ft R A N I A I Setwtsn § A<M. and 4 P,M, ILwalendar ^r 'he Order of the Eastern Star meet Thursday night, Oct. 2, at the Masonic Temple. i election of officers d. will he Cub Scout Pack No. 62 Will I Thursday at 7;30 p.m. in the Viand School. 6ctob«r 3 he Rose Garden Club Will meet 5day, Oct. 3 at 2:30 p.m. in ; the hie of Mrs. Olles Luck, with GARY COOPER DIANE VARSI SU2Y PARKER STARTS FRIDAY DOUBLE - BARREL ACTION CARTOON & SERIAL Mi-s. Hay Alleti as co-hostess. Mdndayi OetefaSf 6 Circle 1 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, Oct. ti ht 3 p.hi, for regular meeting in the horhe of Mrs. ftoss Moore. Mrs. P. H, Webb will be associate hosfess. .. Circle 3%. S. C. S..of the fifst Methodist dlhlifch Will meet Monday, 6ct6be> d, fit 3 p. iii. irt the home of Mrs, Webb Laseler Jr. Mrs. Steve Can-lgan will be co' hbsless. Circle (5 W. S, C. S. of the First Methodist Church will meet Mon day October 6, at 2 p. m, in the the position of treasurer oi the club. * Id judging the. fl<JW6f fcftaftge* ments brought br ftiembefg of the chttf Mrs. Lylfe McMftften took flfst |j!ac§ witH he^ t^ff>eficttcutar ar- i-Sftgement, AfrS. Jim (Jatries wag sedond with a line mftsg arrange* meriti and the horizontal affflhge- ment of Mrs. i. fioss Mbofe placed third. Members brought bttloS for the junto'i* Gardenia Garden which they arc spoHsotirig at l&Hd School, ahd Mrs. .f. ft. Hughes gave a t-epot-l on this how Junior daf-den Club. The prograhl was Itt twd parts, wilh Mrs. P. M. Webb explaining "What Makes an Arrangement" an Mrs. Howard Itollihgsworth dls' cussed the topic, "Bulbs." The hostesses served a salad plate and coffee lo the members and two guests. Mrs Lloyd Lev ei-elt and Sirs. J. C. Carlton, Coming and Going Mrs. W. C, Miller and Mrs. Mugh Bscse have returned from Sulphur ',- . , 4-i • 4 f .t-l*-\-»J\- II LI IV. J t, Llll J I V II ilV/llLkJHl|Jllt.(l M !lL I " 1 ^l 0 ".™ nr ^ij'«- s P 1>in Ks. Texas, where they attend ._ „..„„. -«,«...^^ ^^ funeral of a sister and tin. aunt, Mrs. Ethel McDowell. nven. The program will be Mrs. Sam Strong. leader The W. S. C. S. -Circle 4 of the Fh*st Methodist Church will meet Monday, October 6. fit 9:30 a. m. in the home of Mrs. Charles Briant with Mrs. hostess. Annie Edwin as .Circle 2 of the First Methodist Ciutafch will meet. Monday? , October 6, at 3 p. m. in the ho'mc of Mrs. George Newborn. Gardenia Garden Club Meets October I The Gardenia Garden Club met October 1, in the home of Mrs. J. Ross Moore with Mrs. P. H. Webb as her co-hostess. The business portion of the meeting was conducted by Mrs. Lyle McMahcn. Mrs. 'C. W. Evans was elected to DRIVE-IN THEATRE FRI-SAT-SUN 2 BIG ACTION PACKED WESTERNS IN COLOR CURK. JANE .ROBERT CAIU RUSSELL. RYAN — PLUS — THE PROljp ONES ROBERT RYAN VIKIIINU MAYO' JEFFREY HUNTER ClNKMAScopE CQLOR by DE"LUXE COLOR CARTOON Mr .and Mrs. P. W. Walker had us Ihoir guests last weekend, Mrs, Walker's mother. Mrs.' M. P. Ramsey and sisters, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Baker and daughters of Prescotl left Wednesday for Sun Valley, California, where they will make their home, Mrs. Baker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Walker city. of tills Ed .rusljils of Charlottsville, Va. and formerly- 06.Hope, has been a recent visitor>-in'our town, PSC Okays Building of a Gas Line LITTLE ROCK AP)— The Arkansas Public Service Commission has approved a joint request by Western Arkansas Gas Co. to build the city of Pea Ridge and the $14,083 worth of natural gas lines. Under the agreement, approved by the PSC yesterday, the city will 5-finance the cost of the system extending north from Rogers. Transmission " and ' distribution lines would be leased to the utility for 20 years .and .the firm would have an option to buy the lines- In other action, the-PSC: Approved' 'a - request toy the Boonc County Telephone co. of Harrison for construction of a toll line to Western Grove for -5,00. line to Western Grove lor $5,300, The company wants to connect line to one owned by Tri-County Telephone Co., Inc., of Evcrton. Okayed • a -request toy the General Waterworks Corp. to revise the corporate structure of the Pine Bluir Water Co. and the Pine Bluff Water Corp, Ownership' of the Pine Bluff water system js involved. The Pine Bluff Co. leases the' Arkansas manufactured products are featured in an exhibit at the Arkansas Uvssfoel Exposition sponsored by the Sperry and Hufchinson Company, distributors of S & H Green stamps. Miss Dorothy Martin, Little Rock, is shown with some of these products. Trading stamp companies are responsible {or hundreds of thousands of dollars in income to Arkansas manufacturers. j DOROTHY DIX- Parents' Marital Woes Have Taught Son a Lot Dear Dorothy Dix: My parents have never had filad you cultivated the girl. happy married life. In fact, they are now considering separation. Because of the situation my fiancee has called off our marriage She claims that I can never create ' t,. ea t ) lor a happy marriage since 1 was j 'brought up in the midst of constant dissension. I've told her this is titter nonsense but she has an ob•session that our future will be dictated by this marital failure. Can you suggest any idea I might Dear Dorothy Dtx- Durinfi vacation I was working when 1 started to dale Joyce. I'd lo a malted and hamburger, then walk her home. Now school is on, I'm back on a sma'il Elvis Plans to Buy a Guitar in Germany DeGaulle Back in Algeria to Tell Policy FMBDhBHO, Germany (AtM- &* AM, 8 ^ BOBOWIB8 Pvt TCU-ls Presley said today tidj ALGIfcttS (Art - wanls lo meet German girls, srt? pnttllc returned to ' r . tier-man oner-rt Mind buy a gitllhl- I", InsUeel <fwp and flellVrr i ' ' policy stdlomfiil. IIP Is csjsecled to spell out at'least some of his plan's for his Ifaubled Not-Ill Af- I Icnn lorrllory. tto was given a 'blrt welcome, Ihoitfili scattered hit-and'nm Inei- dents of sabotage and lefrorhm weio staged by tinltnnnll&f ie in the rniiiiliy*ildc oVernlRht, 1lc planned lo stnil his /" his tritif .of duty with S Army In West Germany, The rock 'n' Coll- sitiRer, lr>m» ponrily turned ?olc!ler. also sal'f ho sllti wants lo meet Frelich ar» Ires.*- ttrH',111 0 tlrti'dol. The 23-ye.Tf-old Presley held ti news rotifei'ence' before l!iO repot I- ers and photographers 111 the en listed men's club of the 3nl *u - - i mit . ,, r || n n)1 iti.npeeHnrt of mored Division. Iff oirlwl In th!<s ln t |, p Moroccan fl-ntillcr area, old German Rarrison town, *jij l(s ls . Ilf4 [ m ,,th visit of the Wednesday nlghi with H2 olhoi (5 7 .yp n i-old World War II hero lo recruits to stai-t rigorous Iratmnc Algorln since he assumed (He nrc» ns a tank crewman. Of Gel-mail girls, Presley said. I've heard lots of rumors ab"iil them and I want lo meel thorn." micrship June 1, lie Gaulle gave no hlnl of 11 ne\V policy for Algeria In his firiif "speech a( Tlnt'et. lie Hpolte onlv II ivns clefir- thnl he is iiol accenting rebel demands fnt- indrpcndence. • 1 " What rumors? Me quiekl.t re-1 j n pcnernl terms plied: "I'd belter not answer Mini question. Out nevorlheloss f would like to meet Ihem." I votikl also lll<e t- see German opera and hear classic music poncorls." he said. "1 do not rent! music myself but 1 have a (!ieal admiration for musicians of nil sorts. "I hope to s-'rl a nass tills weekend to fin lo Frankfurt to buy a tomobllp insurance underwriters "Uitar ' 1 dicln' brinfU olio wlh mo nre seeing lo luyotlnlo role liv' bennuse I couldn't' put il In mv creases with Ihe stale, InMtiranco diilflc b«« Bui il is hard lo »c>l Commissioner ll.arV^y G Combs alone without one." snl<l yestorclay. Preslev appeared nervous befnm| A recent atlempl lo obtain role Iho battery of newsmen—b l'i i increases failed'niut is being ,ip- Amcrlcan and Gorman. He Ire ! pealed In (he courts, Auto Insurance Firms Seek Rafc Increases UTTLV: noc KAP>— TWO on- quontly scratched his ear. Asked pboul a N'Hv York slnlc-' ment that he Would like to meet Bardof. he said he knew she wa< to another L'uilariil — Sa- -DiMlel—nnrl -added: "f «ni sort of shot out of the saddle ,on hat one." Still, sftid. "I admire her verv much. She has a 'terrific per- sonalitv nnd T would consider it !i nrivilcge to mod her " Of his Army life, Presley said ^"Idlers fipqunnlly h.iv nskorl hitrj lo shoot crao< "but I noyor incitiltre bfc;'U'-f l '( u'ou'W hiiw .'i had effect on the younB nooplo. Thev would lose their .respect for allowance and she me to treat her We -.till experts, 1710 ' - u.ii steady I 1Tc snld ho h-ul r osi 10 nouivi" dating, or anything like Hint; she is just a good pal nnd fun to be with. Can I suggest thai she bring . . . , . . >vtLii. v- (i 11 J o n gi A»-.-T t tt i (t v. ni n: iv t i. i ^ present lo change her mind.' - hc] . uwn moncy whcn w ., .,„ n()t? Chapter VJ., in the Borden Quality Story finds out st-tasting "Tfar&s this grmt big mshim with Mhte anef sort Qi sleek to§ all ever it Slier e's wfat it does* Ptsteurfaa milk it stay and wc*/es W^ ««a» :^ ; ,l^' 1 „ .! 'A^.^irV ,S'\t'^ A,'- -, X*>K' S >4-s«#.:r-«v L v*...«t?Li- "VMv. IT) IH£ lOUtfti Cfitf Ellis. •Dear Ellis: Your fiancee is offering the silliest reason I ever heard for breaking an engagement. She has no confidence in her own ability to be a good wife and is pass,- ing the buck on to your parents. Your marriage will be what you two make it. If you have confidence in each other and tackle ; ihe job with prayerful determination to carry out your obligations, 'bolh marital and, parental, you cannot laii. Don't try to iorco or coerce the gai into marriage, If reasonable arguments won'l budge heij skip it. If she marnes against hei'v boiler judgment, she wit) blame qyery flaw in you or Ihu mal-Vid'gfi'On your background She must feel 'gdequate for hur job before she ,beepmes a wife. Actually, yoi| s aio likely lo be a good husbapcl 'beciiuse your Uither failed as.-one Having witnessed a marr;g^o that didn't woik, you know "the pitfalls 'and are doubly delei mined lo avoid them in ,\our own life. — Penniless. <;ince onlerlna the Arniv and when f ofclnd a |r il of -kldln" entered the Army, f Ihoiurhl the other soldiers "-on i'ive me a hard lime. Actually, lete opposite Dear Son: Couldn't JT.I by some i "m. l)PC ;^f_f ol11| _ stretch of the small 'allowance, " -•—' • buy the girl tin occasional sod si or hot dog? Stale thu conclillon of your budget frankly iind <M lit r allj'uffer'"lo "go you can allord is a Jipht lefic-sh- ^nujnjps''i. < i a 'now fand then. If hhf's a .kid she'll iin'Kvsuiml, unc! .Dutch." Teenogu eco- tough pr'iblt in. The National Bilroim of Cnsttnl- ly Undorwrilbrs and the ^National AtilDmobllo Insurance Assn., rcp- I'csi'iilliiK personal liability and piopcrly damage firms in AriTn- sas, lost a bid for a rate boosl sewiol months ago and both filer! suits contesting the adverse ruling by the Insurance' Commission. Combs said the . two Uions have Indicated a readiness to dismiss the suits If an oul-of- cottrt settlement can be reached HO said calls about Ihe mallei arc In lie preliminary staup auc no definite proposals have beui advanced. Under Arkansas lav Ihc details ol rate requests are no ZUD e M o v, E s RUST ft STAINS from IATHTUIS • SINKS COPPMPOTS •!•» tllTO IIIMWS > FREE SAMPLE RUSTAIN PRODUCTS, fAIRUWN, N.J. Iiselo«fr1 until the ,» mssioner makes ft fifint detWfttt" A fiflt enttfitrf tnlttBrtfi erft t.Hhunftln, wflS «nftHCS:ra 10 RUST- in Ifl4o, GIRLS NfiWP^ m COLD WAVES $8,50 MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP Behind BHllds ai 7-4014 m 8, §h6V8f FRAN'S SCHOOL niiinri: TAP-BALLET-BALLROOM ACROBATIC-BATON Special Classes for Tiny TOlsl PR 7-4335 The most important thing eboot It's Itio bnlnnco of Inorottlents <• In baking powder tlml governi i, Its lopvonlna nctlan, Only when • Ihoscnrcsclunllllcnlly balanced • cnn you !>o sure ol uallorm notion in the mlxlnn bowl plus thnt, llnnl rise to light and Uully tec - turo In tho ovan ... Thnt's'tho* v fitoryofCldbborGlrl's balanced' doubla notion. Deaj Dorothy Dix: Why is jt that all tho lull boys _ ask all the short girls to dance and j leave the tall girls jus standing j around? This makes us tall girls feel very inferior — Five Eight, Pear Gul: Apparently the old saying "oppositos attract" is only half-true — as most old sayings, are, Small girls have a universal appeaj while tall ones are in a spc- ciahzod iield You may not attract many men but those who 4° f"U for n tall gnl are looking for tiling special — and got it Pear Dorothy D|x; " 1 wrote you once betoto about going out with a married man, and you said I'd come to grief if I continued the association. Well; J'm still going with him, and I have copie lo griel but 1 can't stay sway from hjm, }Ie's won- derlul to me one day and a devil the next. I leave him every few, months, but when vve'ie separated^ I can't stand the heprtbieak Amelia. Pear Amelia; Why the first letter wherj you had no intention of fojlowing fldvice, and doubly, why (he second 9 Are you such a glutton {or punishment that you must con- ' tinue tp the bitler end? And H will i JDS pitier, J can assure you. Pel-} |ej- save your jjoslage pennies until you'ie ready lo make moral sejise. Pear Porothy PIX: A new girl came to our school this jerm and wg made friends j wilh her because she looked so, Jonely, We cqrtamly didn't Know she'd ti.i);n out tp, 5?e a drip. She's; jmiriat0/p ' «» d uijrelJsijJo What's t \\ie besj "-'way to cut loose from S her? •— Lucy el al t pear J-uey — and others: Who ^ ' being imrnmui'B? fion' 1 - V °U know \ ih f at the grown-up way to face A ptpblem is to ,pope \vi'h it, not' '.^...,, UV instead 04 cutting, <j lonply girl off frem her few &tuy<|«i ( '! ,- to change her. Helg ht-r in^K'iid' dropping her. Thp schpoftcrjip js still quite yoi^ng; j>y |h« of the* year'ymj profeubjy (30 and the new vacuunvfresh package costs legs! You're smart to save the dum-ence ,,, when the finest coffee conies a Y8euum»fre,sh package, APMJJUTJON'S new keeps it fresh four times longer, And no other coflep, no how expensiye, the fJaYQr'j'jchness of ADMIRATION, Ask anyone ' who took the £85 ( QQQ Taute/Test! Qr better ye,t» try ,;A gee for^yourselfrChfinees yow'JJ agree a though, it costs

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