Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 6
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Fait lit MOM STAR, HdM, A IK AN! A I 1 A Wide Open Offense Takes Good Defense fey JACK 'AsSdclfllcd P>ts& Sports Writer Whiit's all this talk about luo JliUCh defense causing a major { shift to wide open offensive uliun- j hients? I l*ctih Slate and Oregon, for A , couple of teams, don i consign | themselves overabundant J dc-' fcnslvc formations. They me Ind i ones who must defend a.ujiihst! Army and Oklahnmn tins ivcck-j end, the first shot anyone has to solve the Inuch-tiiike'J ubmit "wide open" style. j Admittedly Ihi so Ivys have lii-obicms. But so do Hi3 conches Who must face Ihe c-niivciilinnnl Jliodcs of fnotbnll iiltark this Snt- tirday. -That's why irmsl cnllcKu squads spent the firs! practice cluy *(if the week cnnct-ntratmu of defending for Saturday':; gnmoSi • Most of the prnbkm.-i \MJIO in the defensive backflcld* after' a hectic dny of passing last Saturday. " Pill, 17-0 uoiuiuercr uf Holy .Cross and triple tin-cut quurter- biick Tom Greene, looked toward H new nemesis in Minnesota's Jim Hecce. > "Recce can thread the needle," 'assistant coach Curl l)c|j.ixt|n-i 'JJai dof his passing The Gophers' fjtiarlorback completed l2-for-21 tind 207 yards In a losing cauv ngainsl Washington last SaUird'iy Pitt contained Greene by having its bruising line exert continual NEW AGE OF AIR TRAVEL-First American jet commercial liner to go inlo regular service will be the Boeing 707, shown UikiiiR off in ,1 sketch by NEA arlist John Lane. Pan- American plans to start commercial jet service this fall With the 707 Jet Clipper on its New York-f'aris-Romc run. The 707 started rolling o/V the production line in July, 1954, and has been .subjected to tests ever since. It is 144 feel, 6 inches lung with a wi'igspan of 130 feet, 10 inches. Operating at 25,000 to -10,000 feet altitude with a maximum payload of 165 passengers, the 707 will have a cruising speed of approximately 600 m.p.li., enabling it to fly to Paris from New York In six and one-half hours, cutting the lime of pistoh-engincd craft In half. Despite its size, the 707 is said to be far simpler than conventional aircraft — acrodynamically, mechanically and from a servicing viewpoint. Four Pratt and Whitney J57 jet engines power the plane, day niyht encounter with Southern California on the West Coast. Coach Jim Tat urn expected trouble from USC's ability to uso the run-or-pass option play that beat pressure. Oregon Slate and just lost to The Gophers likewise looked to Michigan 20-H). the defensive hatches for its Pri- Rulgc'rs. one of the big snr- icll victim to Washington';; puss- ' prises Saturday with its 28-0 beating atlack find must ' fnco Pill's ' ing of highly touted Princeton, jwosomc of Ivan Tonuc and Bill j posed a single wing problem for Knlidcn. North Carolina, highly touted in Colgate, which must also stop tailback Bill Austin. j:rc-scason estimates, but loser of: The Rice Owls 30-7 victory over two .in a row, tried to batten down Sanl'ord last weekend has Purdue ho. defensive hatches for Us Fri- Coach Jack Molenkopf rc-arrang- WANTED DUMP TRUCKS 25 Mi!e Average Haul 5c Yard Mile — Chidester, Ark, J. Lester Booker Co. PRESCOTT, ARK. — PHONE 515 EXTRA SPECIAL - BUY NOW AT END OF SEASON PRICES! COTTONS and COTTON BLENDS ALL NEW FALL MERCHANDISE Jr.-Reg,-Half Sizes AU SALES FINAL The Fashion Shoppe , 1 i if ~ ^W PHONI 7.5850 Storm Turns Out to Hove Silver Lining By BOB THOMAS AP Motion Picture Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — "Into each life some rain must fall goes the old pop song. Tony Ran clall had his own personal storn last year, but it turned out to have a silver lining. Tony, who first reached fame a Mister Peepers' pal on TV, is OIK of the funniest young actors, bu he can do more than comedy H proved that when he did the H. L Mencken role in "Inherit tin Wind." about the Scopes trial, he was brought to Hollywood b.i 20th Century-Fox and made a hi in the hilarious "Will Success Spoil T?ock Hunter." Then he was cast in a serious rolo with Mai- Ion Brando find Montgomery Clifi in "The Young Lions.' He was fitted for his costumes and vaccinated for tho location trip to Germany. Four days before he was scheduled to leave, he was lol dhc would not do the picture The explanation he was given: Ihe representative of a power-fit agency went to the studio boss and said 'Dean Martin must bo cast in the Randall role. If not, Brando and Clift would be pulled out of "The Young Lions." Tony said the studio chief told him, "I'm sorry, but what could 1 do? The picture had to start in lour days." ,_•' '••> ' Tony was nursing "-Ill's * wounds over losing the pluiji- 4'plc,; when he got an offer to .* 'appear on Broadway in "Oh' Captain." Fox gave him a leave, and he'-starrcd in the meaty part created by Alee Guinness in the film "The Captain's Paradise." For the first time, Tony got to sing and dance and was a personal hit in a hit- and-miss show, Tho result: He's in even great, or demand for films, His return to Hollywood casts him opposite Debbie Reynolds in "The Mating Game." "1 play a tax collector," he said drily. "We consider it a comedy role," Lightning destroys about 20 million dollars worth of property every year in the United States, It also takes about 500 Jives, ing his defenses. The Osvjs run UP 442 yards, 3-11 on the ground. P«r-< due stopped Nebraska. 28-0. •Michigan, faces the same kind of problem in propping for us big game «l JVlichignn State, The Spartans amassed 502 yards whip* ping California, 32-1?, while the Wolverines gave USC 298 yards In wininng 2049 Kansas solidified Its defensive backfield by moving its No, 1 quarterback Bob Marshal) to the left halfback spot and moving Bill Crank into the quarterback postf The Jayhawl>s have yet to sgore (his season, losing 42-0 to TGU and 12-0 to Oregon {State-, They face Colorado this week, One team thai ciMn't need to on defense wqs-/Suborn. Nation's NO. 2 tpsun fle}cj Tennessee (o a mhicus 30 yards pvra.ll. nnd 4idn't yield a flrpt 4ow« i» W'minng 13-0. They Jape • Cjiatta. nooaa this' week. in Auburn's pasp, maybe lied Blaik at Army a.n<J .. . ; tit Oklahoma, d.a ' b^YP 8 that Wg, bad. Auf oniobili D@$!f rs - Qarqpf ond • Service Station Qpirstcp and sttfnd an QwolMttonpl "THIEF" AT WQRK—William' Crowcll ,Jr.' brealts ''info; a parked ear in Cleveland-r—and gets away with it: He is a legalized auto "thief" working for a company, that specialises .•? in recovering cars when owners' fail to meet finance payments.. by ED LA VANWAY C.W'ljM "51 to M U Vm* ClittHrtW ty NUT fanfc» fa» Chapter XXI Mrs. JSrwin. stepped off the won to walk, toward them. They •ode closer, and she said, "Irma old me to tell you to go on back o tosvn, Tom. She didn't want to sec you," Cole was silent, Lane said, "Irma isn't being air, Fay, Doesn't she even want o know where we've been and vhat we've been doing?" "She knows where you went, ,ane. But she said if Tom .was nore interested in whp stole one old steer on his wedding day than ic was in his brJde, she'd had enough. She said it gave her an dca of what to expect if shfi mar- •ied Tom." Lane said, ''She's 'being vinrccv enable," "You mean she don't ajm to narry me at all?" Cole asked. Mrs. Rrwin said, "I think that's •hat she means, Tom." Sheriff Cole gat his saddle si- enily, Lane and Mrs JSrwin vatching him in -the moonlight, md Lane knew the lawi?ian was ighting a battle with himself. Ii> na had hit him hard. Almost an/ given such a message afler laving been through what CoJp been through during the last couple .of days, would have by , resentment to or 'town at a high lope. Alvrioft ny man! too, would regret }cising" i girl as Irma MoKcnzlo. The saw H, she was a voi'th the swaijowing of: a irnounl of prj.de for, jmd o 1 e apparently felt the vay, said, "J think, I pan tajk, Ii9f nit of her mad spell, Mr?. $r ,'in," and S°l down from his sad- lie, passing over his bridjp rejng vhon Lime reached for them, Lgne rod? on to the co\'v&\ pt» ojlowed by the two who came out of tho PC I u r $. e d, th ycj ; to them and (qld them {q _ _ jnj a dry saddle blanket an4 s^cj' dip up 3 jresH bronc. headc4 for the louse, jin§lm§ hi? spyrs ^t < 'aster pacp ^qn he usually .'taoU -Two, at the' haixds h^" the- hay.f J^ane saw wen K a watch §o hp Jeft amps unUt' .QAe-oJ the vvho pretty tight spots when I was riding for him,'He said Tom Cole didn't deserve Irrna," "Georg'e got it backward. Irma doesn't deserve Tom Cole You 'can tell her I said so if you -want to." "Why do you .say that,' John'/" -"Because, Tom Cole is- county shcrilf, Ken, and ho wants to do a good job, He , intends ' to be wherever the sheriff is needed. He'll stay with you in a, p'uich, "He didn't do Irma right, did he, going off with you. and ''not being here w h e n the preacher came?" - , "According to what you pal] right, He saved lives by going with me, Irma can stand up be* fore the preacher with him any time." "Just what did happen, John? Soir»c of the hands said that steer butchering was probably a trap, Pidn't it ,Jook like one to you?" Lane 'had laid out a cjpan shirt and a pair of pants, jie bosjin changing into them, "Not "the way wo waJKed into it, fton., W« found part of that beef in Soa-jv sen's smokehouse without veajj?« ing we had entered a trap," He straightened orccti p u iij ng deeply on his cigarette, "They took our suns away from us nnc( gave fha sheriff a lick on the hea'd with a gun -barrel that split his scalp a httlp, but outside of that we rn,a4c! 4t all right, I'm gind it happened,'? ? WasnH Sprrpnsen angry his son's death? 1 J "He was until ftpis wMow tojd him 'how jt was," • "Well" Webster sgjd., "I' m ,, Q t sorry foe him,. I ju?t hope I |iyc jo see thp day 1 pan fiejp plioysp ihgt bunch of sodbiisiers Qijt gf this valley. 'Reckon we ever will? 'wants to H she wants, jimi what 5h« gpis -is two different things, gut I don't know what PQH and her will 4o 'iftpr J leave, ajmpst linjsljpd my 'job here. We'll Wy lh,e herd tonjorrow," fie found Sheriff Cpje in ilje . seated at the long with a pjaje of gruj $. mug pf ppjifeV before- P&Ung iopls", Lane in Arkonsoi Woman DSti From Cancer fififfifiSBA, Md\ JAPJ-A ^enf-old Arkansas w&ffiSfi, here for special Ifg&tfMni, K'S'tei'afiy of a rare lyfg e She* is Mfl Mldkey Sug of Stamps. Mrs. Male, who Had" ?6U|nt disease fof s ycaf, showsd s improvement sflef arming rnld'July at the National Institute, but her condition cited over the past Ihfee AH anonymous betiefaelot- Af-- fartgcfi fof hcf flight h*fc from TeKafkaha, Ark., cm .totji \(S, att« df it became kHOwH that her fam> 11? had exhausted its financial resources. H6f husband, tiald, and hcf mother, Mrs, Paul Cook, hcconv pShicd her here and had t-crrtauied nearby. The body Will be retUi-ried to suimps for burial Besides hcf husband and tru>!t* er, Mrs. Hale Is survived by a" sister, Mrs, Richard Bryan,' of Stamps. Student Foces o Homicide Charge LITTLE ROCK (AP) — A 16' J'sar • old Central High School student faces a negligent homi« cide charge as a result of fatally injuring a tjcdcstrlah a week ago during a rhotorepdc protest-' ing integration. The youth, Douglas E Treadway, was iclcascd on $1,000 bond. Ho was charged after R. L. Me- Godwin, 07, died at a Little Rock hospital yesterday. A preliminary h e a r 1 n g- for Treaclway is scheduled Oct. 27. McGoodwin was struck as ho sought to .pass between two cars of a caravan made up of about 200 students and 40 cars, demonstrating In support of Gov. Orval E. Faubus' actions against school integration. Refused Stay of Legal Proceedings •LITTLE ROCK (AP) — A lawyer's request for a stay in legal proceedings because the state Legislature technically Is in special session was rejected yesterday by the Arkansas Supreme Court. The lawyer, state Sen. Guy H. Tones of'Conway, contended that) state law entitles him to a postponement of trial of a castk in which he represents a plaintiff while the Legislature is in session. The court did not elaborate on its denial. The' Legislature was called into session by Gov Orval E. Faubus to enact. • anti-inlpgration legislation. It,remains in session-subject to call -until Jan. 10, ever though most'' of the lawmakers have left ihe capital, sheriff said, "I ought to go on :>ackr to town; like she told me to do, but I hate to leave without fin d in g out something definite, Got an extra' pallet in the bunkhouse?' ' - A .. "Got three of them;" Lane said, "Tomorrow," Cole' said, after a moment, "maybe I can talk Irma nto riding into town with ma fine] getting married private, Wish we liad- planned nt that way now," (To Be Continued) (Distributed' by NEA Service, Inc.) Voucher Bring! a Message . Uilatiohs. Little -Mock, Russia Loves Vou/' the fhessage read. !t was penciled on a canceled warrant fp'ay Voucher) spins! the State of Arkansas. State Treasurer J. Vance Clay ton said the warrant was issued to a welfare employe in P"afa* goitld ahd had been Processed through banks In Paragould ahd Kansas tity Clayton said the notation ap« parchtly Was added in Kansas City, PULL NORFOLK, Va. yp) — Wllkle. Virginian-Pilot Columnist, reports this ohei A Norfolk clerk, receiving a pay envelope containing a blank check, moaned: My deductions have caught up with my salary," turkey vultures Si-e WtWr times seerl iri w^Steffi MassaeKtt» setts, where Ihey tfeff not SJSfl 15 years' ag6. The Malitfnai Geo« ,gr6phic Society says it IS du8 Id changes in weather conditions! Why "Good-Time Charlie" Suffers 9 Uneasy Bladder iJS fcntihg of dHhkifig, fnftj» be A of tiiild, but ftfifibj'lhtf blsddef Iffl* lntloh5=Hiak!fij? £oU fecl.J-cstlcs*, tfchse, fttid tJheofflfdflhlilei Ahd if f cSllciss ftlShUi tt-!th hftgglhs? backiibhbi hoadathg bf HiUS' fculaP achde iiHtl t*ai«S due to avor*6*£Hldfli Sli-alh bf bfnotlohat Upset, HHS addiHg td yaur hilsefy-don't wait— Ify Ddah's rill*. . DotlH's Plils act 3 WairS fdf SMeily ti> llcf, i-ThcJ* have a soothing effect, o« blridclef tri-UflltofiSi 2=A fast paih'fplle!** Dili tietioh bfi hnstKihg backache, hi'«k Aches, hititcUlaf, aches itftd fmlfts, S^W ttohdei-fullj' ffllld diuretic hctioft thru th« kidneys, tehd!hi» Id ihCrcase the buli'iit ht the 16 miles bf kidney tubes. Sd, fict the; snine habpy i-eiicf hilllions hav-d ciiin^ea tot ovel" 60 years. NcW, Ini-ge, ecdhotnV «lze Saves faiohey, Gut Dotin's rilU tuduy.l the new in BOTANY 100% WORSTED PREP SUITS STAIN RESISTANT WATER REPELLENT SHRINK PROOF \ CREASE RESISTANT (3495 . The handsomest new Ivy Styling is striped in many variations, all smart, and all as flattering to young brother as to his older idol. You'll see them all in the suits that carry the fine Botany label, your assurance of quality fabric, fastidious tailoring and" outstanding style leadership. You'll like ; the way your boy looks^ 'in the Botany look rte admires. Sizes 13 to 20, BOY'S ALL WOOL FLANNEL SLACKS • Ivy Model • Colors — Charcoal, Grey and Brown • Sizes 6 to 20 8.95 T THURSDAY - 6:30 to 10 P.M. hove been considering for some time setting asjde one night during the week ro be known os Family Night This Thursday. will be our first, We cordially inVite you to bring the family ond din? in a friendly atmosphere while you spve money on these Pelicious Special;: Regular Family Night- Choke tender, juicy Sirloin Steak 3,00 2,19 Choice tender, Medium Steak 1,95 Tender T-Bone Steak 2,25 Mediiim t-Bone Steak 1.50 Cotfish Pinner ......... ,...',. 1.25 §iM6) Jwmbo Shrimp 1,00 Six ty Urge Oysters ; '•'.„..., .,..1,25* One half (i) Spring Fried Chicken Hot Beef San^wifh on Toast Ho fofk fjaniiwifih on foiift 1.69 .98 .69 .59 .89 <9 BA5w®«&;r;5tf™m^»a.-a**S'?Aa<i • ?

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