Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 4
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Pali IpBHjttt---* :.-:^Lia First Game of World Series Gets Underway IV Aft, ftdPl« AIR AMI Ai TEMPERS OF THE TIMES •. iy JOfe Assosiaed Press Sports Writer I (AP' - Two uf; *" baseball's jji'entrpl U'fl-hntuii-i -s — Milwaukee's Warron Spann an I MPW York's XVhiloy Fnivl -- wrie expected In make fhr r>p( nor <•! life 1058 World Sorii's- a sibling , tlilchers' di-ol today. j <t)espito (he facl Ihnl the. Sorlc* i ,, W.ls (ipeninr! in Mihvaukoi- ,in«1 1 Ford hrul not won n sintflo fif his five Series triumphs away (mm Ynnkre Stadium, the Yunkoos Mllod 5''i-S tn win thn first game ' nnd 7-5 lo capture the Series. Precedent W:>F. a 3 a I n F I. iN- Braves. No Nalional League eham plon lias boon able to win iwi October classics in snefossHin since tho Now Ynrk r,iants whipped Millor MtiRHins' Yankees in i!)21 nnd 1922. Since then Iho Yankee? hnvr won 17 World championship* in L'l tries. They bowed In Iho Bravo*, however. In tlio Insl nno. in srvon games. Yankee Mnnneer Casey Rle-ngi-l. -sllll smarting from Thai loss. '"blamed it on some bum ndvloo lie had received from Nalional 'League friends. Ho vowed thi.-i time to follow his own judgment. "Thorn fellers sure nave mr a bum steer," he said Tiirsdnv 'night. "They told mo i Eddie) Mathews couldn't field and thai ho was Just a fair runner Thov snid (Lew) BurdcHe couldn't beat "Us. Well, you know wlinl Lew did ;„ against us last yenr nnd ho won 20 games this year." He said, "This time I'm going Jo use my own judgment. T got some Ideas of my own. If I'm going to lose T might ns well blame \jTiyself, not rnybody olso. Bui I .don't expect to lose. I did enough 'losing to those guys lust yenr." ..TT^.Stengel didn't disclose his ideas N"wBul he notified reporters his lineup •"•would I ><?: !T, Bauer, rf; Mc-Dnugnld, 2b; Man- UP, cf; Ilo.vnrd U; Bori-.i, o; 1 §kowron, Ib: Carey, 3b; Kubelc. ' 'ss; Ford, p. Fishing Around Arkansas Lakes , LITTLE ROCK (AP)— Hero is n fishing report and forecast -from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission '.Lake Ouachita Boss fair on artificial bait, Catherine No report. Norfork Dream fair on ehannol catfish fair 'on bait on trotlines and throw Bull Shoals Lnko No report., Lake Conway Urcnm bass good on good oi) urtilieial .boil- Lake Hamilton Bream fair ••worms; bass good on t^pw lures. Lake Grot-son No report. Hope Tangles With Stout Texarkana Team Friday Hope's Bobcats take on the'pow-i : 7— :~ erftil Texarkana Ra/orbacks of the | >' eni ' s » nct have llll ' ce straight wins, BiR. 9 Conference here Friday night two b >' VO1> >' decisive scores. Howin Hainmohs Stadium in a non- corvfcrencu- contasl. Although unimportant as far as district standings aro concerned the j»nme, nevertheless, is all-important in prestige. Hope hasn't been defeated while Toxarkana has lost only lo the Tuxarkana Tigers. Little Hock sports writers, always protective of their Big 9 teams, hastened to dub Hope as Hie lopsided, favorite thus giving the Toxnrkana, learn some psychological boost right at the start. But from about any way you look at it the game should be rated 11 tossup. The Ras-.orbacks have nothing to be ashamed of in the loss lo the ever-powerful Tigers. And Porker fans would readily .tell, you they have the 'best -team i,n years. Certainly they have the fastest back-field and one of the best linos the Bobcats^have faced nil year, On the other hand Hope certainly has oiie of its best teams in ever, the starting Bobcat halfbacks may have lo miss Friday's game. Johnny Graves is nursing a hip injury and Eddie King has a sore foot. Loss of either would sorely hurt tlie Hope eleven. One thing is for certain, weather permitting, one of the largest crowds of the 'season will see this game. Lost Pilot Has Been Identified BENTON, Ark TAP 1—The pilot who landed his small plane near here yesterday alter being lost Cor some 2V!» hours has been identified as Tyson Taylor of Grand Prairie, Tex, **•*& Taylor was not injured and his plane was not damaged, Air IrafCic in and out of -Little Rock's Adams Field was halted until, Taylor . landed ' safely in n pasture. '*' He had radioed that he was lost because of poor visibility. Every businessman expect a fall measure Casey Sees This as a Hurler Series By ED VVILKS Associated Press Sports .Writer MILWAUKEE (AP) — Manager Casey Stengel of the New, Y.or!* Yankees figures the 1958 World Series which opens here tpday'rwill be a pitchers' series. - .£} "That Spahn wins 20 games<''fov nine years," said Casey, "and who's going to toll me how to beat him? Who knows how? "A man wins 20 for nine years has lo be a grent pitcher ahrl one who knows how to pilch to right- handers and left-handers. So what good' is 'it 'f "you put in all ryfht- handed. batters against him or not?" Warren Spahn, the Braves' ace who won 22 this season, matching ADS MUST BE IN OFFICE DAY IIFdRI PUILICATION — PHONE 7=3431 fdfc AD TAKER Grade School Football to Start Saturday Weather permitting, grade school football play will open Saturday night at K Park at 0:30 with Ogles' by taking on Paisley. At 7:4o, 6ar* land will play Brookwood. Oglesby is coached by Jerry O'Weal, Paisley by Bill Ckinter and Grady Burton, Garland by Roy Taylor arid Bob Westbrook and firookwooct by Monty IVtonts and Jimmy llollis. Schedule: Saturday, Oct. 4 Oglesby vs. Paisley Garland vs. Brookwood Saturday, Oct. 11 Brookwood vs. Oglesby Paisley vs. Garland Saturday) Oct. 18 Paisley vs. Brookwood Oglesby vs. Garland Saturday, Oct. 25 Paisley vs. Oglesby Brookwood vs. Garland Saturday, Nov. 1 Oglesby vs. Brooksvood Garland vs. Paisley Saturday, Nov. 8 Brookwood vs. Paisley Garland vs. Oglesby All games will be played at K Park First games will begin at 6:30, second games at 7:45. Postponed games will not interrupt the regular schedule, tout will be played at the end of the schedule. Help Wanted 6f trainee. A person-. Oaks Cafe ana 8ih shop. Wonted to Buy ONE inch hough greet! 6ak lumber — tegular lengths arid tie Siding, for prices and specifications, write CWMboN LUMBER" COMPANY, B'lEftNE, AKR, The schedule o'f Solunaf Periods, as printed below, has been taken from John AWeh Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good .territory or hunting In good dover during these times, If you wish to find the best sport, that ea.ch day has to offer. The Major Periods are shown in boldface .type. These begin at ,the times shown and last for an hour and. a half or two hours thereafter, The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewha shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major For Rant i 2 RdOM furnished apartment With private bath, front arid back eft trances, electric refrigerator. 321 Bonner St., phone 7\3553. 10-ti s ROOM house and bath, atitoma tic heater, across street from 'Murphy's Store on N\ Hazel Si Call Mi-s. J. fi. Schooley, ?'3o7? 1-Gtc For Sale or Trod* 1955 FORD ih e.Vceilertt cohditiott Only 39,000 New tires, radio ahc heater, two tone. $99o.0fj Neec pickup. Roy Cagle, 1413 Elm St. OtJR home at 919 South film Street Open for inspection from 8 a.hi to 0 p.m. evei'y day. Wall to wall carpets, metal cabinets and doll' bio sinks in kitchen. Equipped for additional income if desired. Gall 7-226M or V-2257 for details, 20-Gtp For Solo Wednes. 7:50 1130 Thursday 8:35 2:15 Friday 9:20 3:00 Saturday 10:05 3:45 Sunday 10:55 4:35 8:10 1:55 8:55 2:40 9:40 3:25 10:25 4:10 33:15 5100 Pittsburgh's Bob Friend for National League, high, was the the Milwaukee starter today Whltoy Ford (14-7) was Stengel's choice, making if. an all southpaw opener Lew Burdette will start for tho Braves in the second game. "Take Burdetle." Stengel said, "He makes everybody but the manager wrong because he wins 20 games over in that league this year, and he's only lost three since the Ail-Star Game. "A lotla people toll you Bur- TCU Is Picked to Defeat the Porkers By HAROLD CLAASSEN Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP)—H you hit for .300 in the World Series you are a champ. If you hit for less than .800 in football selections you are a chump. Last week's record was 42 correct and 13 wrong for .764. Here are this weekend's winners: Oklahoma over Oregon: .That new ball-bearing offense of the Sooners fin-ds Oregon no more difficult than West Virginia lust week. ' « . Auburn over Chattanooga: ^Auburn held Tennessee toi minus yardage last weekend, Washington over California; This game follows the World Siv des on your TV. Ohio Slate over Washington: The. "Buckeyes infantry should prevail ^even if Frank KremblniV doesn't heal in time. Michigan State over Michigan This is a family war but Michigan State's sophomores r.ro the pick even though Michiann boasts onc» nf the country's host plungers in John Herrnstem. Army over Pcnn State Th* Cadets bazooka offense no longer dette wasn't really a ercat pitch-r . els """."««» ""f"™ "» '»»B '• and the wav to beat him if'dSi't £^ SUr = >' ^ ^L^ nut any left-handers against him, But his manager pilches him three time's in the last Series, and who is it who beals us? Burdette, tiiev what.mjtt fa f«r ment? pgSfj fc g inv^te^tt by, BW| A.fi.g, cweuJa?k4 r fts ,§§§ssjati9a tf to B$w$pgp^ wiOi tto Audit fiuitii mmd ef wrfukti« ^m itetmA lot ' ' "•--• A.B.G £ivgi>i : fsB fectt wd Bents us three times and wo get boat. 'All tho«e people toll mo how P.iii'dotle can bo boat, but I notice nobody's hoon able to do il yet over in that league." Stengel tlion touched on his Yaiv \oos. "We won the pennant beoauso early in the season .we got some am and vou think thai might hurt i« but it helps u,s bppFiiiso I' ran oUch mv Iwo be^t,- Ford and Tur- lev, in a'lmosl' all of those early somes, "And while I'm at it. T"rley is my pitcher tomorrow in the see- "iid pamo. Ho won 21 for us nnd ho \i'ns crp.it " Bob Turlov. n rJPht-hander, ^a"5 OIP onlv consistent pitcher tho Yankees head pnr\ 1-jo »'on( into .'} .late slumn. Whilev Ford bqsan The Negro Community Esther Hleki Phone 7-4671 or 7-4474 Thought for the day He that takes time to think and consider.will act more wisely thai he that acts hastily and on impuls< —C. Simmons. Calendar of Events The members of Church Hil elation Service for the pastor an wife, Rev, and Mrs. J. W. Hutchin son, Oct. 2-5. The public is invited Mrs. P. Bowles, mistress of cere monies; Mrs. Euhi M. Smith, re porter. BeBee Chapter 'No. 412 OES wil meet Wednesday, Oct. ,1, at 7:3 .p.m. at Davis Chapel Methodis Church. All members are asked t be present. The Yerger iBand Mother's CluS will meet 'Wednesday, Oct. 1, a 7:30 p.m. All members are asksc tp.'be present, The Usher Board of Rising Stn Baptist Church will sponsor a pro gram featuring the Southwest Dis trict Congress Chorus Sunday, Oct 5, at 7:30 p.m. The public is in viteci. Coming and Going Vera Jones had as week will shock the Pennsylvania Lions o-'er Southern' will hut of i»to Ins bcone ham- pored bv a soro p]bo\v, Formosa Firina Threat to Ptac© dent Eisenhower said todgy the actions \ n (he in git ,by the Chinese Communists ule a serious throat to the of the \yorld. madp the stateiT\pnt an esphango with enough Notre Dame Methodist Con Meredith scare the daylights out of Iho Irish but in the end they will revail by, about the margin of a touchdown. Clemson over Maryland The Carolina Tigers won Iholr 100th victory imdcr Coach Frank How ard last weekend, They start on their second century this weekend. Skipping over the others in a hurry .FRIDAY Southern California over NortJi Carolina, Georeo Washington over Furman, Quantico Marines over .Detroit, SATURDAY • EAST Boston College oyer ViJ- Jonova. Navy over Boston Unjypri pity, Yale over Brown, BuckneJJ over Carnetfie Tool), Rutgc.rs over Colgate, Cornell ovei- Harvard, Dartmouth over Penn. Holy Cross over' Syracuse, Prncpton, oyer Po J\imba. M I 'P \V E S TS Wisponsln over j/Iamuette, Houston qyer Cincjn' nati, West Virginia ovej' Indiana, Kansas State over Utah State, Colorado oyer Kansas, Pittsburgh^ over Minnesota, Nebraska over Iowa State, Northwestern over Stanford,'Tulsa oyer Arizona, Ql{« , State ov,er Wichita, Jowa Air Force. 1 M;s.sij5sjp.v)i State Yftudej-pilt over AJ? 1 end guest, her brother, Leonarc Bennett of Denver, Colo, , Mrs," Jones,, Mr., Bennett anc Mrs, Beatrice Johnson visited theii brother, M'r. and Mrs. Otis Ben 'nett in Magnolia. Dick Johnson of Los Angeles Calif, is visiting' his mother, Mrs, Mary Johnson, new ambassador, Pr, China's Qnorgo Kung Clipq ,Yt'h wl)Q at Ihe Whi,te House, to prpsent credentials, , ' . , ihe p.pace \vill not A uolioy o^ 5tB<ie And. to saW, .he is - Jjjindis pypv Dyke,' Wg,ke oyer Florida. State. Ceflfpfl ovpr Tulanp/ So\,jt!> CaroUi; Louisiana Plate YU'sUnia , Yif jj and Mary, Statu OVBV yjj,-fi«}a. sjssippi over f ri|utv jof T°59S .over lor, ,A&M, .Pvvdvp aver- tan' oy,er, over News From (VIcNab Friends of Henry Mercer regret to know that he -is ill. will Joe Louis Muldrow of Chicago was to? weekend guest of his parents,' Mr, and"Mrs. Davis Muldrow Vnd family, Coyal- Staggers, Carlee Scott and Charles Staggers of Chicago were weeekend visitors here. Appreciation Service Honors Qenyentien. On Sunday, Sept, g8 at 2;30 p,n> aiv appreciation service was held at Shady Grove Baptist Church, jgeirne, Ark. in honor of M. Camp* bell for his 42nd year as> Chorister and president of the Sgutjiwest Singing Convention. Rev. P. N, QJoyer of Hope, was guest speaker, Music w.as rendered by the joint choirs, S, L., Lloyd. served as ma?t?r Pf ceremonies, iyjrs t - B^js/tjorton was pianist Rev. Bunt, Form Showing Increase WASHINGTON «APJ « Fwnj roduct priseg insrpasejj about 3 per pent Curing tl)S month ALUMINUM Screens, doors, storrn windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. 'Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. ' 9-tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7 : 2956. 13-1-m-p MY home at O7.an, Ark. 5 rooms front and back porch. John \W Webb, O?.an, Ark. 15-1-m-p 1950 ST'UDEBAKE'R pickup. Cattle bed, heater, clean and in gooc condition. Phone 7-2204 or 740M 29-tf 1947 BUICK, b'lack 4 door sedan Less . than 50,000 miles. Phone 7-5505 days, 7-5562 nights. 29-3tc WOOL tweed sport coat. Sm'al man's size. Worn one season Als6 boys suit. Size 12. David Porterfield. Phone 7-3633. 29-3tc Services Offered LET ui renovate yeur old, m«t- treis. We specialize IB red innersprlnf. ., , , , COBB MATTRESS SHOP.. 713 West 4th, Phone 7-3BI RALPH Montgomery Market, cut- torn slaughtering.. We have mea (or your deep freeze. Set urbe (ore buying. ' < • 17-4 5INGEH SEWING MACHINE CO Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd L. E. Booth, Phone'PR 7-6695, 5-14 : tf PASTURE clipping,, see ,Mike Sny ker, at Snyker Hotel. 3721, Phone' 7' 23-1 Mo. FOR a complete line of pumps water wells or work overs,. Cal O. T, Clark. 711 E, 6th, Phone 7-4364, 26-1-mo-p •NURSING work, wanted. 8 hour duty in Hope, 20 years experience, White lady. Mrs, Delia Travis, 7-4337, \ '* l-3te Instruction BEGINNING lessons 'jn Oil Painting will begin Oct, 3. Interested persons may contact Freddie Jonos, 514 East Third St. or call 7-2732. , . 23-if Female Help Wanted TWO waitresses. Apply ni persop. Diamond Cafe, Hope, Ark, . . Earn S100,00 per month j|) spare time at home addressing envelopes, For information ; and instructions send $1,00 to Northeast Servjpe Co., Post Office'-Box 84,.,'Somrne; vjjle, Mass. Money back TWO girjs to train as car Steady employment, goQd S Must be 18; Apply in person. Kings Di-ive,In, • < - J Room and Board ROOM AW BQA.RP " HQR room and. board.. e,Q9$n| ,its pest, with elesn eQjnferJg rppms with jn,ner§pr}ng,?HBttre?s* es, attic Yeuai8U°8. §nyfcer WANT AD RATE! All Want A^5 o.»c p&yoH'r- M bdvdhce 'but ads will be accepted Met the te'lephohe and af'-omrxla- tioh accounts allowed wifh the ui- defstahdihg tHd account is payable when statement is rendered. Nfurhbef Of Words Up to 15 \6 lo 20 21 to 25 26 td M 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 50 One Dby .45 .60. 75 .*0 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Days .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six bays 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4 50 500 One Month 4.50 6.00, 7.50k 9.oP 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY I time 80c per inch 3 Mrnei 65c per inch 6 times 55c per inch Rates quoted above are for consecutive Insertions. Irregular or skip dote, ads will take the one-day rale. All doily classified advertising copy • will be accepted until 5 p.m. fo« publieatloh the following day. •The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit till aclvostisomonts of fered for publication and to reject ahy objectionable advertising submitted. Initials of One or more letters, groups of figures, such as houso or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for .errors in Want Ads unless errors are 'called to our attenlion after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY tho ONE Incorrect insertion. . PHONE: PROSPECT 7-343 )• Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. M. Washburn, Secy-Tres. .at The Star Building 212-14 South Wolnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Mul H. Jones, .Managing Editor Donal Porker, Advertising Mgr, George W, Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at th* Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the "Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Ratss (payable In advan.'o) " By corner in -Hope and towns — Per ( wceK ' _S_.30 Per ycpr / 13.60 By mail In Hompstoad, 'Novodo, Lafayette, Howard and iMillor Counties — - ," One month ,. $ ".85, jTHree' months . . 1,85» .Six months . . , 3,50 ' Pn« year ,.. L ... , 6.50 All Vrhcr moil — ™ One month ;... 1.30 Three months 3.90 Sl« months 7.80 One year . ••;• ... J5.60 Not'l Advertising ^Representatives! Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Slerirk Bids. Memphiva, Tenn,; 505 'oxos Bank Bldo., Dalln^ 2, 'Texas: ?60 N Michinan Ave., Chirgnn I, III.; 60 t-. 42nH 51 N"v Yor!- 17. N. Y.; 1763 • Penobscot Bldg., Dotro't 2, Mi Terminal Bldg,, Oklghoma City Okla. ' Member of The Associated Press: The Xssociated Press is .entitled exclusively to the use for»republication of a|| ihe local news printed in this ' newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. , WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwbpo byTruck Uoad Cut in Woods op otherwise. HAROLD HENDRIX Phone,PR 7-4321 16th &• Louisiana, Hope, Ark, -=. Now Open'For Business -. SMITH'5 GiNERATOR and STARTER SHOP 106 S, Walnut St, — Pho,-7r?451 Rebuilding all makes & models Qf Generators and sorters _- MATTRI55II Jlf built fip.M^ ln * e Ws D»y furhitwri i MoWreii C», R. D F||AJ«W» P, Df}9Bfj* Herndon-Corncliui Funirgl Hems ond Byriol Ambulance MOVING

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