Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1958
Page 2
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H6M 5 T A I , H 0 M , ARKANSAS Wednesday, »5 News Briefs ROCK rAPi — Army - Ertglheers will open bid* tut 2i) on a bank stabilli'.itinn piuicrl m the Arkansas Ri\er about .(>',. miles below Wujhtsfille The jnl> Snvcilx'es extension of n M \itfiKnt on the right b.in i>f !h< i i\ei PORT SMITH. Ar« iAP'--\ V.'.1ier ptmty iiiveitifjiiliiin n. be in ; Conducted in the subinbim Siinnv Jh'erte and Sunn.vdnle resirteniinl (irons ns a result of a upoit ih ' : .f0r<?ifjn matter was fmnu! in tun Wrier at one household The sub sfnnre was sent to Hie Male Henllh Department nt Little Rul< .m.l :«l report on a lest i> e\p"'cten to- dny. rVEAHBOUN. Glond.i Adams. Mich (AP) — IV-.vciii -old For • sehui I M mm is represent HIM the Aiknnsis Pie". Ar^n at a 3-tl.iy "TedVn^e Pri • s 'GortfeiTiiCL 1 which opened hen.' today Mi»s Actnms d.iuKhtei of Mr. n'ul P.lis M T Ad.i ns u .1 ' Folootcfi Horn a mnup of 10 hi^'\ school seniois in n nccnt .(,ii • WWe eontost nURKN. Ark. Pressure Will Continued From Pafife fieri ('Minn and the SnVfpf Unlori whirh eupports it. the pfnspectii of (i flenl tn pacify the Fnrjnrjosrt ,,ie:i Tlit' first I'.S. rerjuit-prnerlt would he fin enrl to thr present heavy c'fifnmufilsl .iHHItry atlaelt'* nn the islnnd of Officials were hopeful that hl9 emphasis on possible innjor policy chmiges to bring peace to the tt- gion would win yrealer supfiort for the jlr.vernment'.s Fnrrnosn a I hntne nnd nbrond. Me reileniled the U.S nation not lo retreat under fif-c*, Inn tnlked mostly about nrrnngg* menls dial miphl be fnade If thf present litniterl combnl could be slopped Nutionalist Chinese lefider Chl- finu Kai-shek luis slnted his detRr* minatinn to hold oh to the offshorj isl;md.s ami (o defend them. DulleJ 5 said that the Nationalists do hot always ncrept U.S. views "and \ve d'in'l accept their \leWs In nil ro- ^pccN ' Hut he wlded that "1 thlpk 'that if if ever came down to a point where it was important practical* Voter" 1 , yesteiday approved fnur'ly" lo p,et n eensr-fire agreemnf 'and put (lie Nationalist forces citl the offshore islands, "we would find a wi'v to aincc—at least t hope so." , talk about future posst civic imptovenient bond issues fotalihn flfiO.OOO Piujecl* inelinli' fciici't and pnik impiovemi tils find construction of ;i municipal * swim m mil pool , :J./ITTLK ROCK lAP)— The 1!):>i! Ciii'-'ufe in Aikunsas c»\ lorlod $01, -I in. a record iimnunl fii'. Jcnn C Gladden o( lliniison president ot the Aiknins UIMSIO'I of tlio Ainericn CnnciM Society Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. 7 AN ORDINANCE TO BE AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE TO LFVY A TAX ON TAXABLE PROPERTY IN THE T6\VN OF OAKHAVEN, AR' KANSAS, FOB THE YEAR. 10.58, AND FOR OTHER PUPOSES lie I. said Tin 1 covered three main points Chinese Nationalists as well ns the Chinese Communists should agree to a renunciation of Ihe use of force in their dispute 2. The Nationalists coi.'Ul not return lo the mainland "by thnl 1 own steam" and tlie United" States has no commitment of any kind to aid them to rulurn. He was not even sure that ChinnK would again be a leader on the mainland even H a '•evolution against Ihe Communist reuime were successful. 3. Tho United States 'considered it foolish for the Nationalist 'government to put into the offshore BIT IT ORDAINED BY THE islands as many troops as it now GOUNCIL OF -THE TOWN OF has there. Those are estimated to OAK1IAVEN, ARICAJJSAS: SECTION 1: That a tax of five mil|s i.OOO), and the same is heieby lev,led upon all taxable properly, both real and porsonal, within the total well over 100,000. If a cease- fire could be arranged, Dulles went on. "it would be our ju'dg- v mqnl, military judgment, . even, that it would not be Vviso or prti- Town of Oakliavcn, Arkansas, for! dent to keep them there." U 'the year 1958, and that all moneys Presumably possibilities of tak- &•* collected and raised by snid tax intf mensurLS along the lines /Dulf .shall constitute a general fund to les discussed have been presented ,; "defray the general and ordinary UN- I" the Chinese Communists direct- penses ol the said Town of Oak* haven, Arkansas; and Hint said levy be certified to Ihe Clerk of l.v in the ambassadorial talks at \Varsaw. U.S. Ambassador Jacob Beam and Red. Chfn'ese 'envoy Hompsload County, Arkansas, to'Wiini: Pinu-nnn met there a^ain be placed upon the books and col- Tuesday for almost three hours leelcd at tho same time and in the They scheduled another session .Saturday but made no public report on their talks same manner as State and County ' t taxes are collected. SECTION 2: That all ordinances and/or parts of ordinances in conflict lurcwilh are hereby repe.iled, 4 nnrl this ordinance being neecs- sai'y,'for-the'public hcbllh, safety l nnd -/feneral welinre of the inhab iian^s of the Town of Oakhavcn, nn .emergency is hereby clet'Jareci k and this.prdinance'shall.bo in full force rind effect from and nftci 1 lts pnssngc and publication. PARSED AND APPROVED THIS 30 day of Sept. 1958. Published in the Hope Star, Oct, Negro,Child Is Fatally Burned LITTLE ROCK fAPl-r-A 5-ypa'r- old Nej>ro girl was f b'urni»d fatally yesterday at her home in the Cor.- fierslono community, 14 miles east Manned Aircraft- BcllX'2,Set>r,'S6 (launched in Air) 126,000 FT. f^VV't.V. v^flgflfc ...'.'•"^/^ • *.<•$&&&.£_ '. ' " ' 1 Mi .ir ! i. . •> *•£« ivAf- Manned USAF, »02,000"FT. ,> Manned Aireroft- (Aug.'S7'From Ground) Cuhbefra-BMark2. 70,308 FT, Korean War Combaf Flights. 35,000-50,000 FT. .World War II Combat Flights I- 1 '?' 15,000-35,000 FT. HIGHER AND HIGHER—With the Russian "launching of'"a space missile containing two dogs and their successful return to^'ejKth a new, fronlier in space travel was crossed. Picto- chart/above shows the highlights of man's, efforts to rise above the earth, with eventual goal of a manned flight to the moon. ol here, .Hospital attendants said the 1, 1950. Oct, , John B. Lowe, Mayor ;Pnul 11. Jones, Recorder YOUR HAIR... Con Be Years Younger IN JUSTMlNUTES DIANfe'S BEAUTY SALbN (?ho, 7-3118 204 S, Ma|n EDITH r- — DIANE SAME PAY SiRVICE RI ASOHAPLI RATES at l-Pwer Teph' nual« •Qualified Seyice Rrioes. pisk Ho'g n|cign, guarantees ity service at by$(g 1Q% en any eeryise - J ••-'•" ,. \\. 4, 1??8, STORE little girl, Wilma Jean NViHiams, n'ppnrenllv w.n s en.guWed by flames after she tossed kerosene. into n stove. The child lived" with her grand- futhor. GOOI-KO Taylor. announced (lie result ol tlie cam- pais'n at the Society's fall meeting here yesterdny. Legal Notice ^ NOTICp. pf , BORROW FUNDS TO WH.QIU 1T 4( JMAV A meeting of , the Board pf , rectors of Hetiipstoad , Coirnty School Distj-ict No, 3 ,of-.}le;npsteaa County, Arkansas, was hold «,t Macedonia School in Hempsteatt County, ArHfinsos, on. the daj r Presbyterian Bible Class Holds Monthly Supper The men of the First Presbyterian Biblu Clas? assembled in the basement of the church Wednesday niylH for a supper ancl program. The .meeting was opened by an invocation iby J. H. Robertson, minister, ancl a delicious plalc wns. served by T. E. Logan, O. W. Watkins and W. F, Dickinson,, Mrs. Dickinson iissisted in preparing; the food. ,T'h<? meeiing was called to order by Jim Morris, president of the class, J. H. Nelson delivered the clevqtional with appropriate comments, .Randolph llamby, chaiv- man pf the program committee, Introducod W. J. OBill Dates; who selected as his subject "Bro- therhpod of Men." He stressed the law of the ten commandments, a law that has never been changed and the golden rule ns a guide to promote law, pence nnd harmony. The meeting ->vas closed with prayer" by Chns. Thompkms. BWC Meets With Mr's. McClelland Tl)e iBiisinoss T Women's Circle 'of the First Boptist Church met ,ij) tlie hojiip of Mrs. j\iorrison Mp- lhn,il f °V tlie September mept- , \yltl) 12 members .present. Lovely arrangements of roses decorated tho rooms, ?, 1,. L, Buqhapnn, president, presided and, the. meeting V.WVUH'Ji (*tf»nt***^"'t »'T*«*r»— TI-T- -"~^ ~ f 1 * • i * All iV. of September, 1958, at the hour of| tp v orcjer, \yith prayer, Alter the fl o'clock, A. M., All rnemb&rs o£ opening song.M'rs. Ed\vnrd Bryson, • ••' preseijtpd the program > on "Stale Aljssrons'; in observnnce of the the Board had due notice of the, tiine and place of said-, meeting,, f.ncl tho purpose thereof, an4 8 quorum consisting,, .of the ..following Hienij.jprs,-. Jot»n,,^, Wilso^, Tommy MeP°''Hle. , . »»nd W,, A', powns adopted, a resoluU°n' reacln ing its fopows; . ' ....... "ThiU, this School Board, in 30,y>o proyjsjqRs of (S fi f 4he, 3», wUl corcianpo, A'ct 38J of tjie Assembly, , , , with tho S}8te..|oarcj, of J?cJ ; ' „ y'olving poan Fund ii} atnoupj, $3,000.00,, to,, bo ?YJc\et>eed 07 • Cortif, of |ijdebt§£tapss, an4 ^o retired oyer n pe'riod, of J)ot exceed ? yejirsJi-opj revenues pvuing to OperMin'^ fwntf. proeeecls of, th,e for; system at the OF PJRBPTQ.RS pp Comity District NO, 3 oj County, Arkansa By John j.-Wjison- of prayw •for State Mis- SjOflS , Piirlog the business session, Mrs. '9i5 Phillips., presented the fo!- \(\\<? Pf officers, thnt WHS ; , Prpsicjent, Mips Mary Ppple; vice president, Mrs. A. S, B,Hch,aj\aii; sepveiary and. treasurer, , Mrs, p^wavrt pcyson; flower cjjivirmnn, AJrs, J, R, Sjijpp; prayer pju)ii-inf!n, Mrs, Thomas J-.ynn; mission study, Mrs. L,-<&- Puch- j, i'outh direptor, Mr?. Thell socinj chairman, Mrs. Mrs. Otis Langston; vice i president, Mrs J. Wilmore; secretary and treasurer and class minister, Mrs. Harold Lewis; group captains Mrs. 0- C. Tramel and Mrs; How- aid Graham. An arrangement of candles representing each office was placed on a ta'ble and lighter by each one as they were installed. 'During the social hour the; hostess served a dessert Klvvanls Club Hear Reports Russell Moberg, president,! presided at Ihe sveely meeiing of the kiwuni.s Club on Thursday ."noon at the Lawson Hotel. George H,osvard Hayiiie was in chnrgu of the program and called on Russell Moberg, Dr. ; N, R. Nelson, Bill Gordon, Jeff. Livingston, Jack Robcy, Jim Nelson, -.Vuel Chamberlain, W. C, Woosley, Mel- top Stokes and Floyd HulSbard who gave highlights of the Kiwanis Ark-Mo district conference held at the Arlington Hole] in Hot Springs that they attended, Twenty two members and one guest, Don Hays, were present, (Mrs Ray Slainton, Mrs. Harrell Hmos, Mrs. Mettle Robinson, 'Mrs, L, L, .Evans, Mrs, A. R. Underwood, Mrs, Wilburn Willis, Mrs, J. T, lUoRae, Miss Lillje Butcher, Mrs. J C, Hines, Mrs, JacK. Leslie Mrs, Warren Payne nnd Mrs) H, W. Butler attended an. association- nl mission study institute fit, the Beecji Sreet Baptist Church • in Gurdon Thursciny, 'Mrs, Stainton is nssocin'te chairman and Mrs,. JJarrell Wines'- tiUight the ndiUt book, dpssejt course svas served by hostess, Ruth .glass* Installs The Ruth, Class pf tjxp first Bap. Gliurch , Mrs. Howard, in the hope of fpr the .oi Pffipers, The rooms with fall Blossoms ,,Th,e. following o w,er<? an. impressive ^eryipe by s. Watson Buplninun; ANSINS IESSQN f ttvu 12th jpftOfsrfiS , Tsuph by. , Mrs. Milled Ofiwson was t thp guest Siinday of, Mrs, CJeo in llot Springs. Private Group Cbnlihtled from Page 6d ( fifs debarlmohl has cut, o!f Ftafe aid to the Little ttock School Distfict. Thfe JQepafrhcht withhold the funds, he t said, pending hucoMc of a Te'def'al colirt hdarlng hext Monday 6h a lerViporary ihjune' lion to ketip the school bo'ar'd from teaslh! 'ttic .four high schools to the priVale grotip. Witholdifi:; of funds from the district is required by the school closing taw 'urtder Which F"aubus shut down the high schools, The restraining order blocked blans to open the fottr hlt/h schools to their approximate $,300 students yesterday. Tsvo judges of the 8th U S. Cii-clti Court of Appeals issued the order at Omaha Monday. The judges, joined by a third, will decide o"h wh'elVier to Issue a temporary inju'ncllon — next step after a restraining order -• next Monday. Judge M, M, Matthcs of the ch" cuit court said the three probably will ftass 'on whether a three- JMdge court is necesary to rttlt> on t legality of the 'private school plan. NeM, ,116, said, the validity of the Arkansas law permitting .the leasing of the schools must 'be determined. Dr. Raney yestcraay officially announced ( the schools would not open because of the restraining order. But he said, "We are far from finished. We c'a'n't give up '' Speculation here- w.as that ths private corporation might ,seck to hold classes in churches and ^public .buildings Where financial /support could be. found > without violating, court rulings was not immediately apparent. Faubus 1>(> who fathered- the Arkansas private school plan, declared "a-.^waSr will be found" to open th*e 'schools without mixing the races. The public school board officially kept. a .hands-off policy. It took the attitude that the schools aro closed by proclamation ,.. of the governor , and that he had legal grounds , for his action. Faubus. closed the schools even before they opened 18 days ago because he said he feared new violence . if integration continued at Central High School. The federal , government In- cre'ased its staff of deputy -and special marshals in Little Rock from aboiit 30 to about GO. Ear,- lier, as many as 170 had gathered here, presumably to carry out court integration orders. U. S. Marshal R. Beal -Kidd said some of. the 170 Wore home, but declined to give a Reason for the buildup this week The marshals have s e r v e about 180 persons with the temporary restraining order nullify-. ing the private lease arrangement, Those served included the school 'board members, school board officials, state authorities and staffs and teachers of Jie high schools Parents and pupils in Little Mock avvaited word today of 6 promised nfiw plan to get the city's fouf high schools opened on a segregated basis "We are at the end of the line." But Dr. T. ,J. Raney. head of the corporation, said a nevy plan Would bc> announced today. Me declined to reveal its nature. Faubus. who closed tiie schools Sept. 12 pending n vole on integration, said "a Way will be found" nrtd Urged the people to stand firm in the fight to maintain segregation. A referendum Saturday revealed 72 per cent of the v'olei-s backing separate schools for Nt- grocs and white pupils, More than *70 high school teachers agreed unnnimously to comply With the court order blocking the private school measure Their lawyers had advised them that they are Still under contincl (•) the School Board and not to tl e private corporation. The board leased the buildings to ihe corporation, but the Court of Appeals at Omaha directed it to retain control until a three- judge panel hoars the case in St. Louis Monday. Almond's statement about reopening the nine Virginia schools, all shut down by the governor aft- lor being ordered by federal judges to admit Negroes, came at a news conference. At almost the same time, the governor got a request from ilu- Norfolk Citi' Council that he r-<- open six schools here and operate them on a segregated basis under the police power of the state. jT'he Council acted under Virginia's massive resistance Jaws, which rctjuire the governor to take the action if the cily dt-clarcs. ;>n emergency and makes the request. ,Almond would not comment on Van Burgn Petition Prateits infegraHen VAN BUREN, Ark (Pi—A I member of In* 1 Crawford Colinly 'Citizens Council says about 1.000 signatures have been obtained on a petition protesting intefralioil at Van Buren High School. Rev. Grady Williams, an evan> Relist, said last night that he pe< tilion would be presented to the city school board soofi. Vail Bureh has a population of aboul. 1,000. Eight Negroes are attchdihg the high school, scene of a boycott against integration several wee'** ago. Sam Cox if.i president of th<3 Citizens Council, said Gltgehe arid Gene Mathcws, (Wins suspended from ihe school for ihsubordina' tlon. had been relnstatod in the.lr clr.sscs, The boys Were suspended In aft incident following a report fay one of them that a Negro student, Nathaniel Norwood, Spat on htm. Norwood denied the accusation. The while boys Were suspended for refusal to return to classes when ordered to do sd. Man Killed in Auto Accident 1 EL' DORADO, Ark fAP) — An automobile overturned in a ditch alongside U. S. Highway 167 north of here early today, killing the driver who was traveling alone. Deputy Sheriff 'Grady Purlle said the victim, L. C. Pranks,.. 33, apparently went to Sleep at the wheel. The accident Was d the Norfolk action, and he .refused to say U'hat move he would make toward gelling Ihe schools open again More than 10,000 pupils arc affected by the school closings in Little Rock and Virginia, verpd by a passing truck dHVef. The deputy s&id Franks Md left the warehouse of the appliance .firm he managed here about fnirt- night. Me had spent the eVeniftg takihi Inve'ntof.v. rtis" wrecked car Was lolthd about an hour and a naif lalOi 3 tiiiles from E! Dorado. . Franks is survived bj- nis U'u^f and two yotihg sons The" Port of New York Authority; was created in 1921 by New York and New Jersey. It operates 17 port facilities, including tunnels, bridges, airports, docks, truck tor* minals 'and a bus terminal. ANN6UHC6MENT Mri, Jdella Afn6Ur Is SSfvlej Jn§ the investment accounts 6f< hep husband) Jo« Am6Uf t deceased. , Please .call Pf-dspect ?'24l9 fop arty Irrfdfmatldh 1 yeu rrlay Taylor & Jordan USED CARS " Aftd. *BODY SHOP 2f6 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan LENNIE JACKSON Has joined the staff of Hazel's Beauty Shop and invites her friends to Visit her. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP '104 S. Elm Pho. 7-2878 86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL S'Pc. Maple Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware. $86.00 'MONTGOMERY WARD ',•'•: Legal Notice Proposed Budget ( of Expenditures together wjth /Tax Heyy for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1', 1959, to and Including 'June 30, 1960 The Board of 'Directors of, Hempstead County School District No, 3 of Hemp'st'e'ad County, Arkansas, jn compliance wilh ,the requirements of Act ,-«)3 of 1951 t and of Amerid- , ^ J4,0 to (he Cor\slitution of the State 'of 'Aj'kansas, have ^prepared, ^pprove'd, and hereby make public the proposed budget of expendi- \ures together with the tax rate as follows; , , ..... General Control, .$1,650; Inptruc- . tjpjv $43,605; Operation, of gcljool Byildings, $3,469; M,ainlenan'c'e of- 200; 'Auxiliary Agencieg,, (Jnclucl- WEST FALL 1'00%-Woo-Flannel Rayon Flannel Rayon Gab, Solid - Stripes N'Ob VVfedves Colors - Greys, Browns ''Blacks 'and Blues , Plant, and Equipment, $!,<• Siz'es 36 to 44 700;,Dpbt. r ServicQ,.$ None, To,proyJ4e, for the .fQrcjgoing pj-o- budg^ of, expenditures 'c o^Pjrectors, proposes a t 'of. 3* wiUs,,..Thi§ tpjj le.vy | . tlie .present continuing ,)eyy , retirement of present J Re'aular and Long Styles New Style's 3'iuttpn Front .,. GIVEN this Jst dfjy of October, 3 of Cqunty, Arkansas, , , j,,)yjjson, president -Browdt Secretary Opt, J, )P58 Purchase for Fall Suit Sale. oj pjj-egt.ors of JJ ArHarjsg?, Cba,rges,,$925j, Capital Outlay, $1,- Mrs. A, Y, BRbb.pf Jiope i r guest of hor (JflWghter, JVJi's. P. J, firyson and family. Sici Dpv.ls returned,, Ji'iclay, i( week stay jrj Littje R^cK Jacksonville \vhevo lie visitcjcj and Mrs. Whit payis. Mrs. Mildred .pipkersoii of was t,ho Friday, overnighl gvi Mr, and, Mrs. W, ,D- Durham 'Mr. and Mrs, J, Pavis Friday in Fordype. 1JM.V. nnd Mrs. of Arkadelpliia, \vej-p the ot then.- parents _.. Mrs. L. L. guphanun and 3\Jr Mrs, fl, C, Wv&rnyer A'lj'j and Floyd, Lpyprptt pric| returned, fj-pm Houston, Mrs. Pavis and M)'. iind, lyjrs. Misj J^attie ftm) A,tkin,son.

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