Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

> i-i Sit .MOM ITAI-, MOM, AftKANIAf Sspftwfeff 10,19SI Til© by ED U VANWAY e«ryi«M 1*51 If U U Vmsj. biUtiri If fvU J«M<i, 1*4 Chapter XX Sorchsrn's Into Iho m i'M nin].-. du.> h.-iir ;il UK- nn|>o '. MIL 1 d'.n'l think so musncss of il slarl ronli;:mt! it hvi- Won't hint '».ir mouth shut. ' urimy .-iiicil of his neck "'I' .Vou rnnli/.c Ihc iJul ymi'tl brlti'i if you wiinl in >'0u to keep V' "Suppose I do, ' "We'll KII nhc.id \\ith cur placs We'll let tin- McKcnzir fjj) kno-.v where you ;iu I mean. we'll toll her uc vc «<>! vim. And we'll Help Wanted EX-TEACHER SUBSTITUTE TEACHER OR HOUSEWIFE For u position with i\ highly reputable Nalionnl Ori'.iiiiua- lion and kvidcr in its field ARP 35-55, desirous of rendering nn important i-dncn- tiblial sc'rvii-i 1 •-• this vicm- Jt.V in school rimrdiniitifin work with gurirnntred income retirement plan hnsud on ProfH-Shni INK nnri jjroup insurance opportunity for rflpid nrlvaiicoini-nt for tliose Showing leadership ability. For interview write immediately P O Box 30-1. TPMII- krina, Ark.-Tex. linrlp von to hf) ' "Trade rnr for wlml?" "Anothei deed to this land. She'll flu it. loo. to have you back. Think it over. Tom. But don't think for a minute thnl we'll let your lift stand in the way of homes fin our wives and babies. Everyllnni: we have is right here in this valiey On land that 1 p,jlfl lor and ain't Rot no title to." 'I don t think von ever did have a deed to this land, Soren 'ell ' Snrciisoii's face ronlorlcd ivilh an old frustration, and John Lnnc at tins moment was convinced ihc i '.liafjK.v li.ured man was telling tlie tiulh. | "No use for me lo keep repent in« it. Sheriff, but I held Hosa MeKen/ie's deerl to nil this creek l.md. I've sold most of it lo these lell.m* ni time. Tlicy pay me a;" llie.v MI I the m o n e y. When I moved out lieie. I left a lot of debts back in Kansas, and I paid fur this land with money that diiln'l re.-illy bHung to me. Bui I've bein si|tiariii|! i,p back there. iind I can't Hi\'e these fellows tin ir money uacK or titles lo their land that will stand up in court." Snriensen made i\ gesture of defeat ''You're «"ini! to do somclhing worse than worry if you don't give us our guns ami horses back " After a moment. Soreiisen said wearily, "If you won't listen U) reason. Sheriff you just won't." La>ie said, "Sheriff, you'd bel irr rhake a tfnde with him* 1 would." "No, you Wouldn't, either, LahG. You'd do jnsl like 1m doing," "Both of you are going to bd n cotlohwbodV Soren DIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY Red Hot- Wednesday-Thursday Specials SUN VALLEY 10 LB. SACK RED SWIFT'S FRESH 1 LB. CAN ALLMEAT FV0Q 1 LB. SOX WORTZ BOX , i ^ i in Form«Fit Knits by t the best of you show p§rp«l Ml 9birte that fit f your fo in to fcfe-3%- Colai-^kijpaaqi Blapk^ flj.S ff^^/%^^^, y-v* W,$-r 3t~~j' ~'"~-*-'^'**"-':'' ! ' i -*^ -'-."'- - ; J»' ^ sen snid. "i can't slop these lei lows how." Along in the afternooh Lane hoard Iho ehntler of e.Vciled worn fhfolks inside (he house and ice oKiiizod one of (he voices as that nf the shrill biddy, who'd stirred up the emigrants the day he had Ined to talk to the wounded The shrill voiced woman other pokebotihcted, . and the porch to slate &\ the »*>» i« IFi* srhbkfehoUsc They Wtfe 1 jbiftfid §fftS6ftlly by two girls ffiuch geh Cole said, "Val Rudhidk is aft er that gal on the left there, and the other Woman is Nel's widow." At that, lips trembling, one of the womeH siiing her head nhtl Whimpered, "Poor Ncls," and be giiti sniffling into her Handkur chief. Lahe stood in the doorway, hold ing t his hal in his hand. Me caught the gaze of the widow. and said, "Ma'arn, do you think Nels would waM you to keep quiet? iNels told you how he got that slug. Me told Dr. Brewer. YOU and the doctor discussed l cfltTie oul °'itoit. Why don'l you tell your father iri-Jaw that ftels got that bullet if! & raid oh he four Arrow?" fad youftf Wido\V hef lips, staring at hl», afitl ii hdlly said. "You aim to driVe US off our land " '•Rhowihg what you knoW and still keeping qUlet i's awful dirty thinking, ma'am." The shrill-voiced biddy put ah arm behind the girL "Money, come back ifi and sit dbwH. Vou shouldn't toe out here ifi your con* dition." She guided Mels's widow through the door. Afterward she hipped her hands and faced the men south of tc porch, "Oafiiel, cjUil that arguing. Vou then make me tire! li you havefi't got gMl Iti your craws, 1 have, fetch a rope and let's get on with it. I've Si (his heft fUfifnah isbcfUt S ibfia ftl I Can stafid "!f f Hid a wofrvafi like h6f» fl said, ^'I'd keep hef head ift a loWsiek when shs was eat 0moH| corlipafiV.''' Sofettsen carHe down bis back steps eaft-ylHg a iai-dpail ttiilk bucket, ana tufhed toward his lof doww the slope lo the soulh. Me fetufhed in less IhaH five mill ules, indiehtiftg he'd gotten some oho else* lo dd the chore, Lailc thought, but then he saw a group of gi-ahgei'S at SbreHseh's heels. "Sheriff," Lane said, "here comes a delegation with some thitig OH their minds." Lahe was. mistaken in the hi tehtioHs of the hoerneti, Soffdhg Up, Sbrenseh said tb the x Shfififi, "¥bu'ffe fight, fbm. We haVefi't'iot the futs te db anything fe-aliy wrong. ¥ou can have y*6uf |uh§ and horses back We're going tb Jet you go." "Mow you're showing sense." "We'll just have to knuckle under about that pistol whipping —take Whatever you deal out." the spade bearded sodbuster con tihued. Me looked at Lane. "And I'll drop by Tom's office and leave rhofley to pay for the cattle, we butehei-ed, one of these days." Lahe said. "We'll call that part of it square if we can get some thing else slaightened -out. 1 didn't shbbt Nels oh the fbad to town," "Mildy told me," Sorensen said Helena Planning a Special Election HELENA, . Afk. K. Cracrafl Jr , an attorney, and W. E. Straiten, an aUto dealer, haVo qualified as candidates fdi- n special election Nov. 4 to fill Ufcl term of Mayor John CJ. SheffieW, who died last month. Deadline lot qtialifyiri| ifi the-' election is Oct. 4. quickly. Ho rnoVed his gaze away, face sorely IroU'blued, like that of a matt who'd seen his way out of his difficulties ottly «to have them pile up higher thah ever. (To Be C6htlnueu - mi f f!l ' ™ *™ { ? <««*•< **« ™*»f* -orbing out fWT bf gg «t, most exciting em*r hod to offer! Our laboratory worked t.rele.sly checking for quality! Th,n w. togged .vtrything with low prices we haven't seen in all our born days. Now P«nney « n ready w.th surpnses that'll make you check our pric.i twic. . .. with .om.thing n.w and .xciting in every department... the biggest collection of "greats" ever gathered together! Come andI get >ml -t. > ' , ~ ** COME AND GET A SLICE OF OUR BIRTHDAY CAKE! AND GET A SLICE OF VALUES!! HELP US 33 YEARS IN HOPE!! STARTS 9 A.M. SDAY! 'ifi? p*Yf;:..,-,\ •-'&.¥>''"'•£& mi %» •:& S S£ Eii'a"«? » ^;,v y-*-' 1 ''' ^ ??•'«-' &t^ ¥-Wt^?J?: iWx'-*, t*S') •". - V ;~i«r ! ft<&* f'JSM" «*Mi &-j , i£ivi :%S«VL. >,;>•«••• '••:'.. ^ &<; ;>:. &?:•: •JM*5S 11 il» J«rlck JTexa. S30 N. S : «0 E. Ill 763 !:;;*ich.; SSS 2, •;*'" SANFORIZED PRINTS! S0FTfcY-NAPPED COTTON FLANNEL GIVES YOU MORE More .medium-- weight , • warnifh!...'More cosy com: <; ., ; ,. K fort! : " More savings Ihan^ ^H • you'll find anywhere else at^ Pepney's Jow price, Sanfor-^« izedt-stripes, prints, novek^ , N^.- 1 , ' • 'Yds. shrinkage 1% 2-PIECE-GRIPPERS! I BEEP SCULPTURED CHENILLE CELEBJlXtl^SAMiSi^ GET SOFT COTTON KNIT f||! . Gripper back ;and waist «•;:!.;*. make, dressing eaTsy, Nonskid plastic soles'a're porous, ". Absorbent'knit cotton, Ma- , «§ chine wash in lukewarm water, Pretty'maize,'mint; 'blue, pink, " .' v 'fi E*TRA FULL SIZE Lushly fringed, closely tuft- _ ed, sparkling stay-true col- MB Oft ors "like white, gold, pink, m^ ^Mf rose,' green, 'turquoise, They're pre - shrunk/ machine, wash* .beautifully, *Ijr lukewarm water 96 by 108 inph<?s i*,?N* K m ^ •xc^* ikm m Mil '^ •f*' &$, .-&i ?y& ^JWJ ;ife;.r y *%& I wm M ;%S i%ifes VBl'il msiUiiiiip? i^^r.'' 1 v!-?;',-!)P.JK,'^:'rA*ff , r , mf #;m\$ ; taMUS?.;-. P^jjit 'WlfSB^aJjnem'iiJagsMlian'-' w^i«-'-30 >1 fey < S 1 4 v Kishs&-^s i Vy : ,f0 ','ifl, :i,' r ;Wgh« ; ',|fW Rilt; t8 :: 'i»tte;fli";'§an,V- L^ f «' T: " 1 -•-hsrg^--fl- <xnisi':U v '«t ' first m Si l ^m ^s- -->W. ' : «ia|Sv4 . (Q^ m& SK ,-!>& fTjQ •mmi; .<!., fJ-^sr-'"' ' islin,gsysf; '"a^.-l?;" wi>A ( i-.S'-'-'

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