Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1958
Page 3
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Tutidav, Ssptgmtor 30,1951 HOP I IT A I, MOM, AIIANIAI IETY 8 A.M. intf 4 P,M, Wopo tilstrict Wesieyan li16 Church Have a dirifier meeting at ?!30 ., September 30, at the EHa* C'afe, .. 1st • Jfe Gardenia Garden Club will Jet Wednesday October 1st at itHe home of Mrs, j., ROSS Moore "IJSSiSO p.m.. {All- members are ask Jfflbring bulbs for the ifutiioi- Gar< Idfen Clttbv • -"' i'f- Friday Music'.dlub will have iheral practice VVedhesday, Oct, 1 p.m. in the home of (Mrs, B. dardner Jr. allonal Day' of Prayer will be |crved in the First Methodls With a prayer service a , This service will bo led pastor and the public is in Will meet Thursday flight, Ocl, 2, sit 8 p.m. at Ihe Masonie Temple. The election of officers will be held. NtWf Iriifi (AP) - Relief the badies ef 2*5 'victims of fyphodn Wa from IhS mud and ddbMS o? fftv Notice The Jell S. Graves Sunday school Class of the first MethO' dlst Church will have its class supper on Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. in the home of Mrs. dray- don Anthony instead of in the church as previously announced. A pot luck supper will be served, t)f tdkyd, this bfoughi tha fsumbef 6 kfiowh dead fi-orrt th« weekend rspoi-ted by Ihe Rallohal October 2 Order of the Eastern Sla 1 BOWERY BOYS SPOOK CHASERS fStarts Wednesday POW YOU CAN ISEE IT AT REGULAR IKRICES |Motinee Wednesday 1:00 P. M.-*.', llpning — 6:30 - 8:30 JOHN O'HARA'S IOISCUSSID •IST.SELLER PASSIONATELY "SURVIVAL CITY' Mlhdy McElroy Celebrates ?th iirthday VVbC-the(',.CoeisW etao ,(. « Mindy Mc*Elroy celebrated her ?lh birthday Saturday. September 27th with a .party at the Mope Country Club. Helping her celc' brate were: . Jan Herring, Juneanne Reynolds, Jimmy Turner, David Jones, Julia Lafferly, Calhy Field, Judy Beth Amour, Bulch Reeves. Pam But' ler, Nancy Well Marlindalc, Jamie Seamons, Kim Caldwell, Martha Ja'ne Moseley, Jenny Callieolt, Linda Gall Goodwin and Daria Kay lite to S4d. Police isid 9?fi patsans arc still missing, AfHEKS (AP)-Prlme Minisltit- Cohstahtittd Rarawanlis said f-. day cysirus lfid»|5CHdene(i would be adtieblable lo dlcdfid as 8 sok llort td the problem that has brought bloodshed to the island foi three years, The Greek government pro vlously demanded that Cy briots be given the right of self determination — almost certain Union With Greece, Its population of half a million Is about 86 per cent CAlRd (AP) — President Ntis. ser has told an Interviewer the United Arab Republic "will not hesitate to Intervene" should raeal attack Jordan, The statement was made to R. K. Karnnjla, editor of the Slllz hews magazine of India, In a rodent interview, James- A pink and aqua color scheme was carried out and many games were enjoyed by the guesls. Prizes were awarded to Kim Caldwell, Jamie Seaman and .fan Herring. Ice cream and cake were served. The youths especially enjoyed .grabbing for grab bag prizes from a large pink box in the center of Ihe floor. 'Favors were Gail Storm paper dolls and comic books, Assisling Mrs. MeJElroy were Mrs. Phinis 'Herring and Mrs. Alvin Reynolds. KIEL, Germany (AP)—A West German swing toward Ihc two- party system was pointed tip to< day by an cleclion victory of ahancellojr Ko/nrad Adonaiter's Christian 'Democrats over tho Socialists In Schleswig'-Holstelfi. The Christian Democrats won 33 Seats in the 69-member Parliament of West Germany's northernmost stale in balloling Sunday, The Socialists, the only strong opposition, picked up one Seat lor a total of 26. Gives Opinion on Integration ' ROME, iitaly (A'P)^Harry Bcll- al'ontc, American Negro singer here for personal appearances, yesterday expressed .views on the integration situation in the United States. At an Italian news conference, he was asked what he thought of integration progress. "What is happening in the United States now is a ph a % of progress—not a retreat," Bella- Mrs. Gladys Roberts Hostess To Workers Sunday School Class The Workers Sunday School Class of the Garrett Memorial Church met at 7 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Gladys Roberts, Monday for their regular monthly meeting. The 'opening prayer was led by Mrs. Dale Hunt. An • inspiring devotional. was ;iven by the hosless, taken from ihe 91sl Psalm. Prayer was offered hy.IMrs, Selma Simmons. Dur- ng the business session, presided over toy the president, IMrs. Ivory Roberts, various -reports were given N Games weret,played and prizes we're won by Mrs. Varlc Hairston and Mrs! Ivory Roberls. The social ioiir was enoy.ed >by the 40 mem- jers presenl. ' Junior, IrJs Garden Club Me e ts o"n' September. 22 The Junior Iris Garden Club .of Oglesby VSchool met on Monday •iflernoon, Sept. 22 in the auditorurn: of> Ihe -, school with-Mrs.-Coy Breeding, club sponsor, in charge if Ihe rneeeling, Officers for the new year were elected as follows; Wayne Moses, ;„ _, .. . . ^resident; Tommy .Hexroat, vice Js co " d " ct '"g a revival Dresidenl; Brenda Smith, secretary Robert Cash and Clarence Barrong song leaders, (Mrs, 'Lahroy Spates was introduced as the guest sneaker and she chose as the theme of the meeting "Bringing Outdoors Indoors," Mrs, Spates had on display a large assortment of her own house plants and conducted a contest in which the children were CUBBY HOLD-Cuddllng the biggest kitten In Dallas, Tex., •Ruthanc Self, 14, shows off her pet lion cub, named*Phnroah. Shtt'll keep him around Iht lious* until hi'* too big too handle. > DOROTHY "Kiss.and.Tel!" Boys Unpopular With Girls Coming and Going Mrs. Jess Davis spent the week™ '" Con «'ay with her mother, Mrs. Claire Wade, and her sister. Mrs. Gus McClanahan of .Nashville was the guest of her sisters, Misses Florence and Dell McClanahan on Sunday, •Dear Dorothy Dix: My girl friends and I have a Toblcm. Why Is it that so many oys. love to talk about their past omanccs and old girl friends? rankly, we find the subject • bor- ig. Do boys think they're impressing 'us with this stuff, or do' they like to hear themselves brag? Actually, they're giving us :the signal to say "goodbye." — Ardita G. Dear Ardiln: In the good old days when'chivalry'.was .in flower, no gentleman kissed and told. Today's youth has a different code. They tell even if there has never been a kiss. The reason might be vanity. These questionable things about you If you give him half a chance. j (Dear Dorothy Dix: WeVc the very young parents of a new ba'by. My husband works ouring the day and yoes lo school at night. He's never with ir.c. When he does have an occasional day off, he goes fishing'"with his boy friends. I'm very lonesome and, although I constantly ask him to take me out instead of going fishing, he pays no allenlion lo me. — Patricia, Dear Pat: Taking care of a job and an education is a rough grind Mr, and Mrs. H. ID. iMcKinlcy of Dallas-arc, visiting her mother, 'Mrs, C. C. Collins: allowed to name all (he pluii's they could remember, Gloria M'ar- tin won the prize, an unusual plant from Mrs, Spates' collection, Detailed instructions for caring for plants indoors an.d on the caro and planting of .bulbs outdoors were given by Mrs, Spates bofore the children, were presented with small aluminum plants for potting, In the early spring the child Or. John JMcClanahan,. pastor of the .First Baptist Church, js in Durant, Okla. this week, whore he Those from Hope attending the Tulsa-Ark, football game in Fayetteville, Saturday, were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver 'Adams, Mr, and Mrs, Owen Nix, iM'r, arid Mrs, 'Syd Mc- Malh' and Sydney and Mr. and Mrs, Leo iRobiiis, lonte said,, "Men-,like Gov. Faubus (of Arkansas) are disliked in'gen- eral ... I am convinced those who are • against integration arc fighting a losing battle " young men think they're building tan dyour husband deserves somc- thcmselves up when actually they are making themselves ridiculous. They're liars, nnd Ihc girls who listen to them know it. You can learn a lesson from them, though. Always remember lhat if Jim talks a'boul Helen and what a responsive girl she was, he will say Ihe same more for his efforls lhan nagging from you. Be a more pleasant companion lo him and he'll want to be with you, Your job isn't an easy one, cither, but since your 'both unarriod so young, you must learn to accept your rcspon- •sifoilitics like adults instead of grumbling over them like children. Ke.ep ,.your chin, up and , time; will lake care of your problems, >.Pear .Dorothy Dix: My falhcr limils me lo three- In Sherman, Texas, for the Austin College-Henderson State Teachers College football game iast Sat. the plant will receive a prize, At the close of the meeting the sponsors served candy to the 32 lernbers .present, Ship'n Shore lovely new overblouse '" *• it 1 ,,.tucks on the side -• „ '^js&W^tb^yw^sw^fito -, p$s |t|gte?4i^^F*uWJJ.J»^lPwl twig, ,'-.V.--'^-.^4 ;-,-^,-;^;>'>V/i .!.".'•' t 'i-'f-j*"''^ urday were iMrs, Raymond Robins and Judy, Suzanne 'McNeill, Mrs. L, T, iLawrencc and Mrs, Blant Jones and Ken, Mr, and Mrs, O. W, 'Al)un of Beloit, Wis,, are visiting Mr, and Mrs, Blant Jones, IMrs, Allen, Miss Marian Neal of England and Miss Barbara Payne of Arkansas City, accompanied M'rs, Jones and Ken, to Sherman, Texas for the football game on Saturday and Phil Jones returned lo 'Hope with them, Dr. and Mrs, F. C, Crow were in LjtUo Rook Sunday,visiting Mr, and Mrs. Lee Claxton, Rev, and Mrs, "W, IE, Harris and Harold left Monday for Memphis, Term., where Harold will enroll in Ihc Kecgsn Technical School, Miss Evelyn Briant loft Saturday for West TPXHS whore she will be an instructor In 'Methodist Training Schools in Swaet\va,tor, Brown* field, and. Arnarillo, Airman 3-c William A. poyvns jr,, son of -Mr; an4 Mrs. w, A. Down? of Cojumbus, has pompM- his 'basic training at AnwiJJp Air Force Base. He is riow on leaye and will report on pet, 9 /or duty at the March Air Forge gas<? in California, iM.r, gnd 'Mrs. M°se Smith Ruston, IA-I were weekend g.ue. of Mrs, iJVJ', B, Qaranflp, o{ [ ppria,W gjanley, son Qf Mr- IMj-s. J, 'B. §t9i^ey pf 1 J»|j,aT»9? J I unday fpr 'Soythern Stgjp CcW Magnojia where he j§ g Jf and is majoring jn, • fiepl Notes , 'Mrs, Ji i-yJUe p«vvc|» iif'i??^ M^iT Sampson, o| Ji-s. Jienyy Buffeg m< u-rjy§} of a |a.bv !b.yj, n, -J4, U- £oak. fit- I " ijrto Beginning of Month Bargain of Buy now at January 1959 prices, A group of 100 Dresses from our Fall selection have been.marked down, Fall Cottons, ^Rayons and a-few Wools. Sizes 5 to 20'gnd a few half sixes, All ore.-this Fall styling, regdy for you to wear, — Dressy and casuals/ school .dresses too, *• Redweed TO t->!f if.!' i"- •f ».t. Union Monitors to Challenge Court Order WASHINGTON' (APJ - Team sters Uniofi monitors flfepnred tb dny to challenge the" court firdtf under which Ihey were appointed the \ngal nirtHeuv<5f could remoVt. James tt Ifoffd from Hid utiUjti's prusldeticy. Tiid imioH itself filed docume M court Opposing the rrwtillofs' re< quest for additional powers flfid asking removal of dodfrey P Schmidt as one of the moiiilflN. Jloffri wns nllowed to Irtkd offlfie pt-ovisfonnlly under the sttrnd eoif sent order which eslnblishcd the niohlorshl|), The order settled it suit brought Insl year to 1 keep lloN Jn from Inking o/flec, // it tvero voided, the suit could be resumed nnd n tempornry order bnrrlna Hoffrt fi-om office rblnstnlcd, Monitoi 1 inombers snld they pliitined to file lodny court impers questioning ' whether the compro« fiiise order wns properly iiiturutl n the first plncc, They rnlsed a tcchnldil flutist Ion of whether proper advnnco notice of the coin- Promise wns given (o nil eon* ccrned, The clnltns nnd coimtcrclfllms ore lo be hcnrd one) donlt with ul- tmintcly by UlS. Dlsl. .rudKo P. telephone conversations nnd Has ti timer nunr (he phone so 1 won t talk longer thnn thnl. This Is scarcely lime to say "hello" and 4,'oodbyo," Sometimes I cnn't ijot Unit much time ns we're on a four party line. — Carol K, Boar Carol: You young gabbers are the boon>of the.telephone company and a,'? menace to everyone else who wants to use the line. Cad Is being considerate or others. As a special reward, lie might bo induced to permit u ten minute etill once or twice a week. Meanwhile, save the news until you meet your .friends, or rediscover the lost art of Jotter writing. Italy's greatest dbfiihoadr ot opera, aiuseiipd Vdfdl ( was fe* fused admission lo sludy ill the Milan Conservatory, because Ihc authorities there did not think he showed enough UU en I. His friends had sent him •Us study nt Milan because they thought he had shown such great imisllai promise. O K Court Docket 'Dear Dorothy Dix: J just want to let you know lhat I'm perfectly happy and have jio problems — Boo. Dear Boo: Buliy Cor you. Millions of oilier people could wrile the same thing but they urc so busy 'being happy that they don't Imvc lime, Municipal Court of Ifopo, Arkansas, September 2(1, 10!58. City Docktt Dickie Cnrlton, .Tames W, Holt, speeding. Forfeited $fi cash bond. Bllllc Sue, Clayton, currying n. concealed weapon. Forfeited $50 cash bond. Konnie K. llalfleltl, reckless drlv- ng.. Forfeited $2(5 cash bond, "Elbcrl R. Pa I let-son, following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited ilO cash ibond. , B, C. Cook, disturbing 'peace. Tried; fined $28. Helen lllll, Robert Ycrger, dis- urblrig pence. Plea guilty; fined 1.25. Burlcy Green, disturbing peace. 'orfelled $25 cash bond. The following forfeited $10 cash bond on u charge of drunkenness: Martin Gulhrlo, J. W. Adcock, iroiuih Moslcy, Lloyd East, Sam Smith. J, P, Caston, improper parking. Forfeited $1 casli bond. Win. 13. Kirkpalrick, E. T. Mnx- well, D" city corporation license. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Floyd L. Jloscberry, • Fictitious Dickinson Ijotts, who appointed 1 the monitors Insl January.! A, tJtiDum, pUMltf ftil ioftff, Pdrtaitect |s sasH bofut. '- > •',;/ Frank dm*, Elbeft fiemus,";«d drivers ?)ccB»e, FBrfdtlfed $9 CaSH; bond. • '' lialBli Webb, foliating Ida eJdla to another' vehicle, Dismissed. -, Stale Basket , •>,' Dave C, Mill-ditto, Illegal passing*' Forfeited $3 caSh bdhd, . l - OlcH Parks, folldwltig too efesti tft v flnnthcr vehicle. Forfeited $S eash bond, ' ' ; .Juan Mottlfllue, OoM MeAdfitt • company, tJ, ft. Leutfard, Glass Comprtfiy, overload, foiled $2B cnsh bond, Nobbs Troilcr, drunkenness, guilty; lined $10. 0, D, Edge, drurtkeitfidSii, felled $10 cash bond, Civil Docket Moxlcy's Qro. ( vs, June York) Itopi! Uaskel Co., gni-nlshec, ac*Uofi on itdcotinl for $73.22, Judgment' for Plalnitff for $7.1.22. (Time Waga Schedule sustained), J. d, Alchloy & Company, vsi '•'rod Provo. .Hope Baskdt Co,, aurnlshoe, action on naeount foe >75,60. Dismissed. • , x Asphalt Tank Goes Up in Flames Kb DOttADO, Ark. (AP) — 'Att,vyi sphalt tank exploded Into llarrifis, " it Ihe Henry H. Cross rcflncfy. lear Smackovcr lasl night, drlv- *; g workmen from the area, v, There were no Injuries and th Ire was brought under control b lie Smackover Fife Dcpailmcnt,'. Workmen were pumping isphi) rom the 720-barrcl t«/ nt th. ^ line'of the blc.sl, Whlo iow the^l op of,the lank high / ,ihe,nl; Cause of le explr/ was ni mmedjfilely delerm/ TAP- BALLET- BALLROOM ;ACROBATIC-BATON ,< Special Classes for Tiny Tots! • PR 7-4335 -, ; W ^.»- % 6,95 ' •' 'V ' * . ^.il . st IQQ4 fKzensive 1 , , , .toty hqy? THI mpn§y. And fhgy try ^*& &•£&>

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