Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 30, 1958
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.'f Think Much of Hie Murray Party Miimiy Show. Frnfri whnf f Rn« ploy is sopfticd n ralhef r.wenfinn „/ „ H8M ffAl, HdPI, ARKANSAS <1 By WILLIAM Uniled Press lnt?ffi.ition.-ll Nrcw YORK Might "Studio One , Morning ouiine nhd HIP prodfglolis fitifftbe? of plihkrrs thnl "gltirfio One" h« turned out In rcepnl seasoN f <imii miss ii. it brovided live flrnrnn and oh iVfond.ly hlflnlfc H was Ihp only whppl Ih l ow fi, '••* "»tj vtnrri ui io\vn< I-I'M - Monday! ,"^ s fnt ' "AHhill- MliM-ny Pfirty," nignt ••stiiclid one" |pf| for R nod , !. rnf) ' s . n ^ ? Mollicr* }OV6 H nnd "Arthur Murrny Partv" av. | b ! cs , cry ff "' " """ '" ' rivpd for not so Bond. ' fitirk for It. I mus * ..... _>. . « . . . . ji . . alltlfl II O 'I rlnl.t.kiif. f entiRhl only Die lost hnlf of CHS-TV's ••Slndlo One" drnttln. of Zinr" beenupr if over the drbut of the NfiC-tV find t Rn y Contribution a kind oJ with a good Legal Notice NOTICE IN THfe PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTRf? Of THE KSTATE OF •1HRNE E. AU/KN. docenscd 'Ijaflt'known tuldrcss- of dot-fdfnt Hope, Arkansas. Dnto of dc-nth: October 2R, 1957 mr> ns a (ItibiotlR trie-vision amateur night job i Mntiday niehl Knthi-yti Mtlrrtiv, who is Arthur's wife, starred jh 'a tedious pantomime- Itmt hot! something or other to do with adfobaa find niiln hoops and beach chiifrs on n Mew York toof. Well. rmi.Vbr- vour roof. Kfithryn, but tiol mine, Most NPW York roofs are so small you rnn barely KP t rnn on thprn. Wes»e^« Sbwg Als-n mi the Murrny show, thorr was the pirrp de 1 reslsttifide—• , --•—- -- — which, in this casp, mentis a blecf ,, !r,!, nstl ' UITlcnt datl ' d Septembc-rli-r cnlci-lnlnmphl to resist—which •11. "1015. was on the 27th clay of. involved a dancing bee betwech September. 1058. admlttpd to pro-! Krnnchot toho. Hnn t)a!l P V nh bntc on the last will of the above j Hicni-do Monlnlbnn. Mr Monta nainod decedent, and the under- ban, incidentally, hns a has been appointed ex'crtHor name, but when M/-S, theri'under. A contest of Dm pro- nou/ic'os'it in" her"f'icVep ll NVw If or. a i i ri le M ' ll! ca " (b(? cffectpd •'"••y accent, it cofnes out sounding only-'by filing a petition within the: like "Bert Clunk" » u "'"»nt .time provided by law. i Mrs. Murray iinnounced. •! be- All porpons having claims against llevo, lhai (he quests were con- the estate must exhibit them, duly) tribuli/ifi their $5,000 fees to vVr - Vni'1 flftri lr\ ( 11.1 i i.irlf>i.t>l r,-.,.-.,! ,,,li !.!». »,, . i ... . - • •«••»* otis charities. I guess they all fell they were stealing the money And you know, they wore right. There WHS another debut Monday tiight. ft was called "The tcxart" and was on CBS*TV, It starred Hory Calhoun, and two corpses, a lynch mob and several bows. I suspect the dialigifb wote written by Johnny Weissmutler. Oh yes, it'll be a hit. to Hit' undersigned within . six months from the date of the fii^t. publication of this notice, or . they, shall be forever barred and precluded from ;my benefit in the '.' *lVs notice first published 30(h dny of September, 1958. NORMAN WHITE ALLEN Executor Route #4, Hope, Arkansas Sept. HO, Oct. 7, 1(158. A Way Will Be Ptm *a§<s S6hs with copies at a festfaihfht Rfdef. l 9/"?!*, to ',^%^ teimffi fed". dd „. *--— ••-,»-.*. «*ii\4 j i ii;« . ifi complete eofifasibh, to saj^ V/Hat Ihej' wiih th* tifci (« serve g tm» «» ' .S. MSfihal ft, Meal KltJd* Ifttef fl to him, ACCIDENTAL ART-if it JBIrd," this natui-c study of a wcre'-chtillcd "StiJI'Llfe With j; .—,--,»" "i y ? ! a tmce P° st a ' ld waving Wheat 1», ! M re f eive((l P ho '°«™Phlc! salon award. But tht , .photographer whose lens caught the artistic ' to lllusli ' ate ;;-, ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs, Joella Amour Is servlo- Jng^.the investment accounts of her .husband, Joe Amour, deceased. Please call Prospect 7-2419 for any: information you mi .,y Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — 7; BODY SHOP 215 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orville Taylor - John Bill Jordan LENNIE JACKSON Has joined the staff of Hazel's Beauty Shop and invites her friends to visit her. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP 104 S. Elm Pho. 7-2878 * 86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5 Po. Maple Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware. $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise. HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 16th & Louisiana, Hope, Ark. The Channel Swim: Bean Martin is nnglinR for Hing Crosby and Sammy Davis for his opening NBC-TV show Wov. 22 — Martin is trying to coax Frank Sinatrn into his second show. NBC-TV is axing "Youth Wants to Know," .'it'ter a seven-year run. Charles Van Dorcn will host "Kaleidoscope," n new NBC-TV (hour show that will alternate with i "Omnibus" on Sunday afternoons "Kaleidoscope," which kicks off on Oct. ta, will explore such sub, jects as ballet, psychoa'nnlysi.s, apting, the American Indiana and news events.' The 21-year-ok! Ago Khan will make 'his live TV debut :this Sun- Legol Nefricf they cottfeffed feVeHsHly bUI ohhouhced ho dedsloHsi Marshals Wailed 1ft lot the he*l move, the dilemKia Wfi§ sbafked bv two federal 'judges 1ft Omaha, Nob., When they JsSUed a restfafh. ihi* o^de^ at the request ot th* National Assh. ifof the -AdVahce« rnont of Colored PeSble, stlpf>8M. cd by the federal leVernfTJeht 11ie 6rder Jftstrtieted all pefs6fl§ cohfiected With the JjMvhte Schaol Mnfi hot to take "fUHhef . adtibft lo.trahsfel- possession, Control t>f opci-AUbh, directly, bt indirectly," of Little Rock schdals. It also forbade altering the 'status qti6 of th« sehiof high schools Insofar as theif IbWrated status is concerned." * th.e order eame. a few hdttfs the School Boai-a had turned T, t r m, Kh • d >?rfJ>ulW]n«« over o tc Little fcoek t-Hvate School ~orp, and plans were In the mill ,io open the schools t<xlay, the judges made their ruUnf- rotroactive to last -Thursday after Justice Department ,Atty Doftairf MacGulneas .said the 'school leas*, had been executed- In haste to complete' action before the "fne." ' • • '\ '.' < *n> th « fe W6llld be M "e6d 10 *li tlie gevefnof physlelfiUy. until Oct. G when a f US. 8th . a * St, LdUis td hear the case fof a tehi&ofafy ihjttnetioft, Continued PfoM Pa|§ 6fi8 kit also to the ffalioiiaint 86V' efttffient, He fif/iied inis wMlW be a /air feH-attgem'eht and that it wdtifd be Utdftg td ask the fceds nlbHc io fettbtifiee fopee. It! the past two w"£eta the ftfds fi5f ls J or a Peaceful oiiteom^ - O f the Pofmbsa erisi Woved, fittiles .said LITTLE itdCK, Atk. (Af>) , , o e diosfd today and signs Wefg Dlaecd o« the cafrtpuscs which read! "this schodl closed by 6fder ot the fcdefal ,*i , to l o g schools as private but Seglcgated MUtuUoha was halted officially d L*'5J 1 whKeh # T - J- »6hey, head 6f the operating corpotatioh, dp. Rainbow Garden Club Meets With Mr«. Ray Duke Mrs. Harold Ingram was assisting hostess when the Rainbow Garden Club met on Wednesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Kay : Duke for the .September meeting. 1-oveJy arrangements of full flowers, were .placed ut vantiiKo points in the rooms. The president, Mrs. Albert Poa- chey, presided and called the meeting- to order. Mrs. Bert Wingfielcl read the minutes and called the roll. The .treasurers report was given 'by Mrs. .Duke. The now year books were distributed. * The club is studying a ibook on ''Flower Arranging," The first two chapters were received by Mrs, \Vingfield, "Frosted drinks and cookies were served toy the hostesses during the social hour to twelve members, her 83rd birthday anniversary. Covers were also laid for Mrs. Mildred Bnwson and Mrs. Pye at the dining table covered with a white linen cloth and centered with a blue toowl filled with (bachelor buttons nnd cuJeus. The white birthday cake was embossed py Birthday" in green. (Friends called during the day and showered Mrs, Newth with lovely gifts and wished her many happy returns. Mrs. Pannie Newth Honored Mrs. Funnie Newth was honordd with a suprise luncheon given by Mrs. Sid Ward, "Mrs,. Bess Montgomery and Mrs, Charlie Pye nl her home, on Thursday to .celebrate — Now Open For Business — SMITH'S GENERATOR and STARTER SHOP 100 S, Walnut St. — Pho, 7-2451 Rebuilding all mskes & mptfels of Generators ant) Starteri GIRLS — — NEW FIESTA COLD WAVES Guaranteed, MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP _. Pehlnd Chllds Phpne 7'"H>14 m s, ypURHAm,,, JN 0 JulT f MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTY SAWN iWfoT rJHStfW & ^& *&im^Wsmm NOTICE ~ ' IN THE PROBATE COURT OF> H EM PSTEAD "COUNTY. ARKANSAS • . IN THE,MATTER. OF THE ESTATE OP '' ,'£ *"' ' No, 1209' GEORGIA W1THERSPOON, de censed • Lust known address of decedent: Columbus, Arkansas. Dnte of death; September 22, 1958. The undersigned was appointed julininistrator of the estnte-of the above-named decedent on the 27th .day of September, .J958, ' - ' All persons having claims against the estate must ehixbit them, dijly • -• --•verified, to Jhe utidefsigned.within *>>' n comforiablo 'margin all of its - -• - • - • opposition — NBC-TV's "Northwest Passage" and "Steve Allen Shpw" find CBS-TV's "Bachelor Lions Club Meets Thursday Fourteen members were present at the weekly luncheon of the Lions Club on Thursday noon at the Lawson Hotel. • A, E. Evans, president, .presided Plans for the new project ot sell 'Ins,' , . ,. I Thp retroactive 'eJaute 'apparent'.' tv was aimed ,'at -nullifying anv tegal Advantage, .sought, by .the' tniick transfer. •' :An official -statement of the' School Board .sold the board Tvould comply-with'the'court's order. • _' ' , But Dr. T/_ 3, Raney, president Pf the corporation -that leased the school facilities, 'said. "J don't hnva any idea what will be done " i He made ,the .statement after Hours of conferences and declined to say anything more. Teachers were advised by their nttorneys not to take snv part in the operation of the high schools' D.V a private g'rotip. ' i. Copies of the rostraining order w'erc served,later by-federal mar,- shals on teachers and others C. Stivers Thursday. 1 rT " ;,!.', . Mrs. Thomas' Dewoorly and Mrs.* Cov Dewoodv w.er'e .Thiit-sday visitors in .Texarkana. GoV^Orval E. Babbits cotnmetit> a way will be 6 found \o* pf£. ~i.?W tr .^ ltion 6 and cducai* chlldffeh," j said in the face of the Injunction ''other avemies ahd means of providing education for the students will be explored. We think the action pf the federal govern* Jnent Is illegal but If the Injunc- live action of the court is made permanent, It will make our- efforts more difficult but not at all impossible."- ' Raney acknowledged that the corporation was restrained by. a court order granted -in Omaha. Neb., Monday by two judges of • h ^ 8lh - Circuit Court of'Appeals, i The judges' moved 'swiftly at the .request of*the-Najtional Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People to keep -the school hoard and tho corporation from proceeding. Baney issued a statement which Me attributed this td Sotn* slight t6fidenay- iowfifd siatiltoalien tl the comdhdihg forces in the Que> may i-eglon ahd oh his feeling thai there is fibW less chflhee of hdstil' " g Spfeodlg Into a bfggef Waf The chief ettdouraglflg fiOte w'as Premlef Ghou fifi'lai's stalemeht Sunday that the fted Chinese "do hot give tip their efforts' id ftfid' a -solution to the disputes between China ahd the United 1 States through peaceful negotiations," Although Chott surrounded thht remark with mare- belllge'reht statements, Some State Depart* hietit officials considered |t' to vr«-^ n , in ^ portaht te.arihg oh the u.S.'Red China ambassid'orial talks at Warsaw. The fifth session of these talks Was scheduled today, >fo progress was made in 'the four earlier meetings, but the .United States is anxious 'to- keep the contact in hopes ''6f{.finding some common ground for'-'peaccful solution. Chrysler, DAW 6fi8 .--..... wilh 3,006 at ** a *, aaa --./(.Mb , had Voted against a re* ItlMi Id work toda.v. .1 tUW Vide President Leoiiard Woodcock safd the international Won believed the neeitJtnilati&H of focal grievsh-ees ffi those im plants Wefe so iafge afid bt * tic It l&hg duration that they prompted the Workers t6 feffiaih Oil sit-ikb Uhtfl their 'problems were Settled* Hb, said the Votes t>jt the tw/t Jdals did hot fepreseht a reject llotl of the international's .baelMo* work bfdef, MetfitditH Asked to A id Negro Col leges New Zeland is 1,200 miles east'of Australia. It is composed'pf "two large and several smaller islands. said in part: ' "Through the concerted ..efforts of the government of tho * United States and the NAACP, 'the' Little Rock Private School Corp." has now been enjoined and porhlbited from operating the hiyh schools." dists were asked today to flftp millioh dollars to help 12 eol« leges for Negroes, The appeal 'came ffom Bishop Paul N, Garber 6f ftlehmond, Va i( chairman of the Methodist Cam* mlssibfl on Christian Higher eiitton, whose executive tec (g meeting here, Bishop Carber said the ' mission has called for a church' wide offering Feb. 8 for the benefit of the colleges *rhe Rev, John O. Grpss, Nashville, Tenn., director of "the commission, said the financial condition of some of the Southern colleges for Negroes "has reached crisis proportions'' because of" ever increasing enrollments, . * '* Bonk Colls Issued by Comptroller . (AP) — The comptroller of the currency issued ! a bank -call today. It requires national banks to report - condition as of Sept. 24. ; \A/otoh and vi/olt for ing .birthday was also dis- sej calendars cussed, The club will 2 Ib. quilt -bundles. Dwight Martin and John Barton representatives of the, Trading Stamp Company ^in l/ittle vJ5<jck were guoslsi day on CBS-TV's; '"Face The N»- tion". Arthur Godfrey 'Will take ;i broatlicr from' his' CBS-TV inoi'ii- ing .show next week — Rusty 'Draper will fill in, ABCrTV's Sunday show, "Maverick," ou'l-Trcndexcd six months from the date of 'the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and 'precluded from any benefit in the estate, This notice first published 30th dny of September, 1958. JIM WJTHEBSPOON Adrpinistr»tor Columbus, -Arkansas Sept. 30, Oct, 7, 1958 Legal Notice . ... Budget of _.._„,,, Together with Tj>x l-evy fpr cat Year Beginning July 1 ( 1959, to and Including June 30, 1969 The Board of Directors of Spring 1 .,411 School Pistrict ,Np, JO ot Hpmpstead county, Arkans'as, in I compliance \vjtl? (ho rpamrenients Pf Act 403 of 3951 pnd of-Amend- [inent 40 tp the Constitution'of the i State,, of A'^ansftS'-havp prepared, approved, ;ind hersby jnake public (ho proposed pudsfei pf expend}, tures together with {he Ja^ rgte as follows; tion, |4g,opOj Operation of School gehool Plant and. JScj; fg.pOO; Auxiliary Agencies , ins transportation, '?6,j)QO: Churgos', $POQ; Capita} ( $7,pOO; f)ebj- Serviee, S2.5M) tTa ^rovWe for Jh,e sj$j __ T , - , „-,,,, r proposes' -30 wills, TJus In* ^S^'pWBOTPW JfiU SehPfit- Pigtrie Father' imd Sullivan Show. Mrs, John Dewoody has returned Crojn iDeKaib, Texas where she wns the guest of her son, James woody nnd family. (Barney' De'^jociy returned his home in Deanborn, Mich, , , visit witli ;-Mr,]Vabd day after Mi's. Tom Devyoody nnd! 1 IVIr.v and Mrs, Coy Dewoody. f Mr. and Mrs, W. H,'Cranfo'rd of Little Rock and Mrs" -Frank' ll of McCaskill visited Mrs. 'P,. 'Mr -and Mrs.-..Alfred. Pry hove as their puesfs her parents, Mr' find Mrs. .Charlie'Copeland of D' light. • ., i .(-..' Mrs, -Blain «av s has returned from sevcra\ weeks sta'K...in Little T) f\r*'\t- ' Rock. IL. L, 'Bucharian and Walter Hirsf spent Thursday in Mena. Mrs. 1J, P, .Hamby q'ccomonnied Mrs. .Claud Wilson, (Mrs, Ernest Cox, Mjss Mattie 'Koystop and Mrs, ,r; ; J. Battle ot^iilton to Little 'Rocjk'Thursday 'for 'the day. " ,4 ' ' ,,-T~ 'Bill ..'Anderson, son of Mr, and, VTrs,'^rank >Ancierson of Prescott las been elected president of the Engineers Club' at Southern Stata College; , ","•• , '- • Statement of Conditiorvof '--,-. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HOPE, ARKANSAS' '-, ' \' At the-Close of Business on Septe'rntJer'24, 1 , , Resources a Loons ', ,• , Furniture anrf Fixtures Other Asset? , Stock in Federal Reserve Ponk , , , , Ppn{i§ and 3 e curities , , U, S, Qprnnrngnt gpnds 4 Cash snd §ight ^ghgnge , , -- TOTAL-',,,,, $1, 249,685; 1? '3,167,20 1,408,751/13 3,078,381,88 tegolNgfiet VS. LlabJJJtJes Capital Offers 'Lloyd ^penc«r i President VV.KendGliymlfy i.'Hpvs CwllJ, '?!&! ! Chambfrlsin Stotement of Condition &f rh^- ,.' CITIZENS HOPE, ARKANSAS" _ At the Close of Business on: September '24/1959 "'' ''' ' ;,v^«j. .Resoyrces ; - ;||V l^ogns and Piscpunts , , , ?2,!73;69'6$C*';' Panking House snd Fixtures , 182,643,^1^. United .Sjotes Bgnds , , ,''1,137,000,00. QtJjgr Bonds snd Securities , , 1,§62,8§^,62 ' St^ck in Ffdfra! Reserve • < ^ ^ 8n ^ • .... . , ' 19,500,00 Cosh and. Exchonge , , t 1,080,612,28 - 1 Pthtr Reel £§fgt * > t « fsr », , " -», * * • « » * i i r';^'-*'*fir**f«Wf - , ; f;-;&;%w- 1 *' "*, *• L •>, i ^tWW'QMWS&F' M AC>n V»«.. L._ ^JTl ^^*? "iV^-T^**^ 9 ^ . *•- <". , TQTAL , , , , , I&465;3j3$j , Officers OiA, qr9ve§ . • chpjJTOBn of the jjoa ^ M, LbGwne, h, ' Pa'le Jones e«sw*p '. QllnUivls ^ AiiJ^SRt as .. ftaymgnd F, • SSfcS Mi * V * ' '»\ ' ' s ' ^ ^>" ^ ' '^ ' tj - 1 -.^'' £''«'• ^tJ* f ^i 1 , 1 fi I''"-V 1.1 s <* ^' • S* Svg^ -?•*>:,; •"W&, 'iy*v.,£A «Y?s; ' •*':>",,>/' •. ?-;y^ Jv >'i

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