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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 30, 1958
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To City Subieribtrt! If you la11 to get yaur Star plSd§e telsphdfia 7*3431 by 6 p.m. and a special will deliver your paper, PA*i>t,»ift t SAI 59TH YEAR: V£>L HA *«* NO, 296 Dulles Suggests Policy Change If Reds Will'Give' WASHINGTON of State tinties said today then* could be Important changes in U.S. policy as to the defense? of Quemoy if there were some "give" by the Chinese If there Was a dcpohd'abl'S ecase'fit'o In the Formosa area, Dulles said, the United States would favor withdrawal o.< at least some of the large Chinese Nationalist forces on the offshore Islands. Dulles said the United States acquiesced in Genei'allssima Chiang Kai-shek's reinforcement of the Js* lands in the first place but considered it a foolish step, < At a news conference Dulles also said that the United States thought any renunciation of force In the rFormosa region should. ;ip- ply not only to Communist Chia Continued on Pig* Two Bd»it knile For Wtathtf lUparti This Pag§ HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEf TIMIER 30, 1958 MtfflfitU TM AlM«l*M Hit* t, AuM ItfMM «l A». Ntf tUI tlttl. i w« PRISE Sa COPY Weather Experiment Station report for ^24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Tuesday, High 76, Low 47, precipitation .13 of an inch; Total 1958 precipi- • tation through August, 41.61 inches; • during the same period a year ago, "48.65 inches. RED RIVER is falling slowly at Index with a reading of 5.2 feet and at Fulton with a reading of ,,418 feet; Little River is also falling with readings of 6.3 feet at Horatio- and 4.1 feet at Whitccliffs. Fill No important'changes are'indicat- cd. ARK REGIONAE"FORECAST ' By THE ASSOCIATED'PRESS All sections of A"'r k a h's a s: 1 Cloudy with scattered thunder, showers and turning colder thl.« afternoon. Cloudy and colder to night, Wednesday partly cloudy and continued cool. High this af tcrnoon mid 60s central, low to mid 60s., northeast, mid to high OOs southeast and southwest, low 40s to near'50 northwest; low to- nigh near 50 central, mid to high 40s northeast, losv -to id 50s southeast, low 40s to near 50 northwest, mid .40s to mid 50s southwest EXPLAINS AGREEMENT — Wayne Upton, second from left,'front, president of the Little Rock, school board, explains leaslng-agreement to a private corporation .'to operate Little Rock, schools as, nrlvate, segregated schools, School Supt, Virgil Blossom, right, and members of the board doubted the schools could open before Oct. 1. at left are members of the private school corporation. Behind Upton, In dark suit, is Attorney General Bruce Bennett. Fate of, the schools are still In doubt. — NEA Telephoto ' ^ ' Flying Boxcars Being Sent to Nationalists By SPENCER .MOOSA TAIPEI, 'Formosa'- CAP) The Charge Filed in Teel Murder INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Connie Nicholas, 42, was indicted today on a first degree murder charge for the fatal shooting of her straying, married lover,., F.prrost Tool. The divorcee nWbecrr"under po- United States is sending the Chi- j lice guard in General Hospital nose Nationalists CUD Flying Box-1 since she was found unconscious cars ..and ..big landing ships to ( from an ovordos ' e ' of sleeping plUs 20 hours after'the July 31 shooting man said 1 today. One of the landing craft—22,000- of the 'S^yoar-ol'd^drue executive. Her "lawyer 1 has indicated she (on LSD (landing ship, dock;—haa- 1 w ill plead that she shot Tecl ac- already made -the run to the bat-, •tercd off shore island with U. S. B-lneh howitzers i1ndei\ the- super' vision oi U.S. Marines. ' ' , _"» The. guns were turned over TO Nntlonnli.-t crews for inslollatio'i. Up to now, the biggest guns used by the Nationalists were 155mm- The new landing ships c'ti roirco ave capable of carrying oighi smaller landing vc^,?c'is in \valei- filled Holds, They* can "cavry-up ,to ! times as much cargp fls ihol LST.-: (landing', whip," tank) "now used'by the Natlonalisfs. ^cidentally and in" self-deiense \Vhilc they argued-.in , his auto sdut'sidc the apartment of a newer Chrysler, UAW Fail to Reach / » an Agreement J*. V ttBTROtT (AP) — Walter -"{Jtculher failed today for the SM. in a Week to achieve a Wcar-cul labor eonlraet settle' rtient for his United Auto Workers '.with Chrysler Corp. But hs imported a mooting of minds th.il would make Ills further presence unnecessary. ' Retilhcr had hoped to clear lift the Chrysler situation so the union dould devolo its full attention t> Ihc htipc General Motors Corp. Poi'd, : other member of the auto industry's big three, reached agreement with tho union almost iWo weeks ago The UAW president led his loam through IBV'a hours of marathon bargaining which began Monday morning and was Her rupted only for brief lunch periods, subcommittee meetings and Little Rock Schools Are Still Closed as Private Group Abandons Plan AWayWillBfi Found, Declares Gov. Faubus Signs Erected Despite the School Guards Tokyo Reports Soviet Nuclear Explosion TOKYO (Wednesday) CAP) The Tokyo incterological station has detected what it believes was a Soviet nuclear' explosion. This would' be the first since March 21, [''acts at Chrysler, General Mr. separate caucuses by the union and Chrysler, 'Hc.'.had indicated before (he start of the session that • on agreement could be hammered bill within six or scvc.it hours If Chrysler "really wanted to bargain." iKeuthcr indicated that agree- •nicnt hnd been reached or. major lectures of a contract similar to the three-year ap,rcemcnl which Ford and the LTAW reached Sept. 17. The Ford agreement was expected to set the basis tor con- when the Rusians announcd they were suspending tests. A meteorological station spokesman said, abnormal atmospheric pressures were felt throughout Japan about 10 p m. Tuesday ••8 a. m. EST. These Indicated an prl,.friend. Tool was an executive jexplosion' Jn the megaton—million vice president of the giant Eli Lil- • tons, of TNT— class, he said. ly ..and Co. drug firm. I The "waves came from north 1 ' Arkansas — Scattered thundershowers and turning colder ' this afternoon. Cloudy and colder to- iiiglit,. Wednesday partly clovdy and rather cold with highest fiO to 70, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Coolest weather of the season spread across the nation's midscii- tion today but warmer air mover) into areas east and scuth of tha con! belt. Brisk northwest winds fanned Die chilly air from the Rockips eastward through the northern and central Plains, tlvj upper Ml,?* sissippi Valley nnd into northwest Wisconsin. The cool weather was expected to onvclgp most of tjio Croat Lakes region am; extend southward into parts of Texa^ Li glu * showers and pome snow fJuries foj Jin the cold bolt and ahead nf the edvaoclnij chilly air. Snow flurries were reported in {|j« noi thorn Rockies and parts of Dakota, whil-3 sliower* d areas eastward to Lai;* Mighignn and Illinois and. south' waid into Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi — Mostly o}oudy, spattered thundp?' showers this afternoon and to' • night and in the southeast portion Wednesday. Colder tonight and Wednesday Enough Signatures for; Recall Petition '"' .JjlTiTDE ''ROCK dA'P- — Sponsors of recall petitions against four members of the Little Rock School Board said today they- have ample signatures lo assure recall election but would, delay filing 'die petitions 'until "an appropriate time," Mrs Margaret Jackson, president of the League ol Centre) High Mothers, declined 10 elaborate on what would be considered an appropriate lime. She said tho group earlier h>ul planned, to take the petitions to the county clerk's office today, 'About 6,000 signatures arc needed under provisions of a recall .bill passed by the recent special session of the Arkansas Legislature. tors and the independent, auto makers. Reulhcr, omerelng from n mecl- inf; of almost 24 hours, said: "\Vo liavc reached a meeting of tho ininds," However, he said, problems concerning engineers, office workers and salnrioil employes still remain unresolved, Rruthcr headed immedi.itcly for General [ Motors, the ptharmcnv ,, ' , T i , ,, n.-.-j'bW cf the Bis Three lhat .stiirhas northwes^of' Japan but the exdct (nol como to contract lcrms wllh Man Charged With Molesting Child was filed .location, of origin could not 1 be fixed. ' When the-fRussians announced •were suspending ,. ests, they reserved this governments continued Guy Bosye Is i"'t i* ./ "? Ji ,. __ v , i \^ m i ! Co-Chdirmah of Drive Guy Bnysc has tocen selected bp co-chairmen Mrs: ..Oliho., Franks, _^ „__ „.„ • and Ray, Turner'to 1 hpad'up the (ply forcing the Soviet 'Union _to , ' _;/.j_ _,....•_.. _? j,._ r.^, j- „ f.iU-n hnpk- its umrrJ " ihn hro;7fj- nuclcar right to start them up again if T I h e r theirs. On Sept, , warned that 18 Moscow the Soviet radio Union would resume weapons tests. "The Western Powers are sinv largo gifts division of the Salvation Army annual appeal for funds this year.' According to the co-chairmen, M'r. 'Bayse will select his own aides and conduct this phase of the campaign prior lo the kick- oif for the general solicitation which will begin on Oct. '7, Jt is the hope of the* drive cochairmen to secure enough volunteers to conduct the campaign so that it may bu completed in two or three days, According to thorn, it svill be their .purpose -to see that no voJIunleor. ,is .burdened with contacts, to make. The minimum goal for this years campaign has been set at $2,000, The league socks iccoJl of aj! , Tins amount is needed as the^ do.' board members except Dr. Dale mands upon he local "'"-< h — AJford, an outspoken segregation- been unusually heavy _ _ js ti * year and the local treasury is just about depleted. THE WiATHgR By THg A§§QQIATEQ FRg§§ High Albany. p}oud,y A,)bUqe)'qu,e, plear Atlanta, cloudy :k, cicpr eloudy Chicago, vain Cleveland, cloyclj" Pcjwcr, rait) J?QS Moinos, Petcoit, c!o\idy Forl C6 4? 7? 5? 77 59 co n i ftfi aa so 64 49 55 ,n 54* 3-J .P3 11 eo 73 La," APgejes, rajn 66 8} 5Q SI 70 Bl 55 54, n ¥1 IH 75 a'«« rain Ne>v & It "41 M n st -,'SS* PM^ Traffic Dearh Toll Runs Behind Normal CHICAGO (AP>—The nation's traffic death toll for 1953, '.he National Safety Council said today, be 2,000 )oss than last year and the lowest since 1954. the council warned, yiaf £opj could be reached pnly if UK' rale of improvement in cu(» traffic toil ;s maintained, IjiSt quarter of the year. tins tl in the The Council said there were 22, 830 deaths on the highways in ihp and served three, terms ns an past take back its word," the broadcast said (AP) H, C, Murphy, 66, Dies Mondvy Qt His Home Here H. C, Murphy, aged (10, a native of Ozan; died unexpectedly Monday afternoon at Ills homu on North Hazel Street, ' Ha operated a grocery store at Oznn and in Hope for many years, JBe was a member of the Methodist Churcn Withdrawal From Lebanon Settled By MAX HARRELSON , UNITED NATIONS, N,Y, — Secretary General Dag Ham- marskjold announced today that the United Stales and Britain hud agreed conditionally to withdraw their trpops from 'Lebanon and Jordan. • ,'.>,' The secretary general sad tno Unite States had promised to complete the withdrawal from Lebanon by the end of October If the situation Improves sufficient" ly. He said (Britain would begin pulling out, of Jordan in October and w°uld complete the withdraw-" a( as early, as the situation Allows Hammarskjold mada , his an- ijouncemont in a 80-pgge- report to the General Assembly pn MK r?' cent Middle East pcaci* mission, said lie i)Bd appoirt(.i?d a spe cial representative lo work arrangements to facilitate troop withdrawals an out the the representative, Pier P, Spipclli, a U- N. undersecretary, 'is now in Amman, the UAW. Hi?ulher said the remaining problems at Chrysler ,coul f l be nc- g(&t}*U>d b^' Ihe^ChryslJfr- 1 bargain- 1m; team headed by Jack Conway, his administrative assistant. The Chrysler talks, which covered ifiii hours of bargaining Mficc Monday morning, recessed Jor two hours following Rentier's departure'anil.thnh will tackle''Che problems again John D. Leary, Chrysler vice president, told newsmen: "No, it's not settled. We arc very close and fhould roach agreement yoinetimo today." CM is under a Thursday morn- iny strike deadline set by Reuther who wants bargaining gains from GM over and above those he got in the agreement reached with Ford Sept, J7. The Ford agreement was expected to provide a broad basis for both GM and Chrysler settlements, 'but Reulhcr stressed that tlie Jater two companies had local plan problems which required solution before any full agreement could be'reached, Reuther expressed pleasure that about 40,000 striking CM workers had heeded his call of Sunday iVr them to return to their jobs sci nogotaitions could continue without the overtone of hit-and-run strikes which the company has charged were masterminded by the international UAW, The union denied the allegation and recessed negotiations with CM foi\48 hours until it could get tho back-to-work directive before CM workers scattered across the nation, The UAW said that workers at only two plants, the Detroit transmission plant in ' Ypsilanti employing 3,900 workers, and a [" asscm- Continued ot) Pago Two LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Guards lit two Little Rock High schools todiiy resisted Installation of signs blaming the federal government for Closing of tho schools. One pulled pistol and ordered workmen away from Hull High. Tho signs, declaring "This school closed iby order of the federal government," eventually were erected at all four 'high schools. The difficulty apparently stemmed froni lack of liaison in the Little Rook Private School Corp., which hud leased the school buildings for use as private, segregated schools. The workmen said the signs were ordered by the corporation. The guards, technically, also have been in the employ of the corporation since the lease with the Little Rock School Boaj,'d was signed yesterday. Guard William Mansjiclcl threatened three workmen.wllh a pistol. They talked him Into allowing them to put up the sign, but Mansfield lore it dosvn when they left Later it wns replaced by unidentified persons, A tall, bespectacled guard at Central High scuf/lcl bricily with workmen but. allowed them lo in* .stall the sign on order from a school official who came out of the building, Signs were placed at Technical nnd Horace Mann high schools without reported incident, The private group was to have opened ,thc .schools-, today but cancelled Hs"plan in the face />f fin injunction issued by a federal court at Omaha, Nob. An immoral charge yesterday against a ll^ycitr-old resident of 'Hope IU. -I, Sheriff .Jlmmlc Cnok announced, The Incl dent occurred last week and in volvod a a'A year • old • girl, Sheriff said. The defendant .been released on $1,000 bond. tho has first eight months this year 6 pep tbcJQw the same period last and representing a saving Qf J.oQp lives.- The oqld jvheij 38,500 truffle death toll be" t(ie lo\v&<it since 195-1 ll)c totfil wd« 35.5HO. The toll was 39,009 in Finds Co use of Jef Plane Crosh . .AJr force jiiY9sliga,tpvs d^pided totifty that " in "the handling tuch PQntrjb, uted io the crush pf a nk^,,. with, l& fatalities. •Th,c KQl^'let fished, 'last June ; Wes,tayei\ ^ir* Force B_ase, M tyUiqg all ' ,§' ¥£?,U£aU°«0 |n, Mid. pom.Pi.iea* 4119 pyew hap Fy?i'l®tln?tiiini4H limitations t'Tte- KSW *Wfe$4- wWn .« dcrman here: ^ e - i? survived jby Ill's wife, two sons, Max Murphy wHh. the U.S, Fort Belvoir, Ya, i , Murphy of Tyler, T.pxa.s and a sis ' .. tor,' Mrs, 0, C. Robins of Q ! Funeral services will be held at •'•30 p.m. Wednesday at SI, Pauj Church qf pzan. Burial by Utimer pf Nashville will l?e in- ,St. Paul Cemetery. All Around Town iy The Star Staff Jf you need reminding and, many Qalo Prown.. do, October l ( is (.ho final day to pay your tape's "withput penalty. Js AS!*. woman cd ye§tpv<Jay caught |jre |p jiiiles Local hunters are remipdpd, and Oct- 1 few o,f them. need, ti, a}§o marks llje ppening pf to ljay« a licen,se- ,to pvcn if 'you ?ve p ipciden,tgj!f you have and fish ' old. al jgank is com- jjig "nJqng fast - w|th MS drive' through 'depository t . . they June statistics from the State Health Department shows 37 births jn Ifumpstcad during tile (nunlh and 19 deaths . . , Cancer claim- pel five persons, heart disease six and, pneumonia two • • - Howard County had. 15, marriages, six pirtjis, H deathSj two from Cgn- ec}', twu from Jjeart Disease and ihe rest from other causes . , . . Lafayette County reported 20 births, nipe deaths, ,onc frato t\yo fr«m D\- Plane Lost. Others Are All Grounded LITTLE ROCK (AP) — All planes were grounded shortly be- toix noon in Little Rock today because a pilot flying a private craft from Dallas to Memphis was lost in the area. •Drix/.llng rain and low cut visability lo dangerously short i Bilge and the pilot, not identified, radioed that his navigational instruments were loulcd. Both Pine Bluff and Little Rock airports had been in frequent touch with the pilot but were un able lo locate his position. The pilot told the Little Rock tower ho had twice let d()wn "through the soup" nnd saw tin ground but could not orient him self or find a landing strip. Planes will b<? kept in LiU!< Bock until the lost pilot ianris lie reported at noon that he hac an hour's gasoline left in the tank, Four Killed in Crash at L R. Air Base LITTLE ROCK CAP)—Four Air ;forcu officers were killed yesterday when an RB-47 bomber craslicd and burned shortly after ttikmjff at Little Rock Air Force 3nse. The bl« O'onglne craft apparent- y stalled, base officials said. The ilnno veered to tho right-nt. dn iltHucle of about £00 feet and incl then crashed to the runway, Is fuel load exploding on impact. The'Air Force identified the vic- .ims as: Maj, Merle R. Cunnintiham, 39, instructor pilot with the (list Strategic Iloconnaissancc Sc|. at the base. Ills wife and three children live nl nearby Jacksonville. Lt. Col Zenith Barber, 42, and HE ASSOCIATED PRESS': The Little Rock (Ark.) School Corp , today abandoned;?.;! plans to lease four high school*, and operate them as private, regaled Institutions. Or. T. J, Unney, director o( corporation, announced, the in a brief statement. The schools remained and signs were placed on thc'cnni-Js puses which read: . , £$W/* "This school closed by order. oit.v| the federal government." Later. Gov. Orval IS. commented: "As long as the people 'slandj| firm, a way will be found to .pre-J servo our traditions and odiicat»l our children." Ife said "Other avenues -'hrid'^ means of providing education ttirjK [the students will bo expldrort''l^lf Dr. Raney's statement said: "Through the concerted dipt, Richard L. TTaKgard, 37. I",'„," , both of the 321st Bomb Wing at' hLllows ' McCoy Air Force IBaso, Fla. Thc,(r wives,live ;il Orlando, Fin, Lt. Col. Lin Parlier, 31), of the 08th Bombardment Wln« at Lincoln Air Force Base, Neb,, son of J. L Parker, qf Arkansas City, of Hie ijovcrnmunt- of-the States and- the NAACP, the "Little. Rock Private School Corporniong h«s now been enjoined, and - pro;" 1 ' hibltod from operating" '' '" ''" 1 * 1 Ark. The: In tier three were student pilots assigned to the <!2;5(Hh Student Sq, at tho local -base. Salvation Army Helps Many in Hope The Salvation Army Service Unit in Hope has been extremely busy the past year, Every miso referred to them has been cared for to the best of tl|cir flibilUy with Hie lunds provided them in last yefirs campaign. According lo Social Service Secretary E. R. Brown, nioru than 250 persons have received direct emergency welfare aid such as food, clothing, shelter, fuel, medicines, and transportation. There have 'been cases where some have received furniture as well, Mr. great Army Brown points out that a portion of fund raised The fjalvnlion hero in Hope Man Shot at Home of Estranged Wife HOT SPRINGS, Ark, (AP)-A 38-yoar-o|d ligl Springs ifian, on the his- verge of c'strqnged reconciliation wife, was fatally home yesterday, po- shot at her lice said Deputy Prosecutor Robert Ridgeway sold ,/oc 3\IcCart,v, 39, was being held on an open charge in the death of Johnny O, Hill. • Patrolman Jack Digby suid jlill was shot ono time above tho loft eyo with a .38 caliber revolver, Digby said Hill vjsjted his cs- trgnged wifw early vpsterdny An4 they agr«ed to go back together. He said Hill left and shortly aN 'lerward McCariy arrived- Hill said, alone returned suddenly, pigby and Mrs, together. Slse loft them told officers (•ho hpqrd a shot and ran into "}he room to /ind HfU dead on }he flopr. She saiqi 'McCarty handed her a, pistol and 'left Uigby said McCai'ty was arrest- pd shortly afterwa,^ , |ij ' his 'jncarby, vious argumtajfs about pigby said, ' had pre- HuJ, Hill was seaso . . , Nevada Qoynty had 10 $i ' 000 ^ nd ^ s a births., Jl deaths, two from Can- *-'- ^° " * jpey'and |oyr from Heart E' " rest from other causqs. released on witness. Man Charged in is returned to the community as oil items needed to provide the welfare for the unfortunate are purchased in the community. Then too, Ibere is the untold wealth that uccumlales (rorn the rehabilitation of the needy person. 'Last year's giving to the Salva» lion Army in .{lope amounted to $),047.70. The goal for this year lias been sot at $2,000.00 which amount is felt to be needed by the Jocal Service Unit. Date for the 1958 campaign has been set for Oct. 7 with Mrs. Cline Franks and Ray Turner serving as campaign co-chairmen, Devil's Den Dispute Before Chancelor «*3 i f^ ROCK (AP>~The ..., gupremo Court has fused to stop Washington County Chancery Court from hearing a suit over ownership of about 8Q avvos of land in Peril's Den Sta^e I'ark, The state publicity and 'Parks Commission," which claims Ih'.' Pulaskj County Chancery Court, tended the suit should, be tried tn jpujaskl County -Chancerh Courti the customary forum Jo rliUgsttw ng jState agencit-s, other jclaimanl to the property is #eil Woodward of horna C|ty, Generol to Speak t9 Engineers 1AP- Aft. The U.S. Supreme Court dny blocked one ' of the ' principal routes ' which 'sourhc-'mM "stalcaf hoped Ho use IIT malntainlnt! s scg^ regaled -schools. Ohlcf ' '."Jusll.cc? Earl Warren., .said the', qoiirl'-.wul not permit "evasive sohnmfn*^*! sc'Brcgrillon 1 .' .-to -'nullify ruling, Since 'that historic number of southern stales- passed laws permitting school systems to be turned oye'i?f| to private organizations if t """' ci/tncs necessary in order-to'i tain segregation Two federal circuit Omaha, acting on a petition attorneys for the NAACP, have or-"' dored the Little Hoclc Board to retain control 'of. schools, The board had leased- buildings to the corporation, only,;!! hours before but the court madoff Its order retroactive to Sept. 23.-NT A three-judge panel will liear f the private school case in St.'Louis,^ noxl Monday, but there secrhcd-'jl little doubt as to the outcome" : ~ J the light of the Supreme.' statement. Virgil Blossom, LHUe school superintendent, said i«jt board would bow to the order};, iiK Federal marshals served" copiej5 of the court order on evcryoi]e| they could roach who was di "' Jy or indirectly involved ,|n,. Tfc .... transfer of the schpol propurtJes,;* They tried to .serve Cov, • f B, Faubus, who endorsed t' vatc school plan, but a stopped them at tho gates of governor's residence. -.JVI*ir . filial R Bcal ftidd, howove>v-said' he read Ihe ordpr to Fanbus'SB (he telephone and said, "TJ)fit'-}3' gutricicnt." " .- " Makeshift private classes -' tinued at. CharlottesvlHo, r where facilities in homes" r ",aji<ji churches are available to a 1 " 800 of the 1,700 pupils affected closure orders of Gov. J,- ^jrj Almond Jr. 1 Also closed, are, schools in Norfolk, Idling ]0,OQO pupils and ono zjt' {loyal affecting about liOOQ.j Sixty Protestant clergymen' '-; Norfolk requested QfficlBj5/-?,lQ| "ppon our public schools iinrn.edj;S ately," A group of S3 'p formed an organization IP for prompt rco|3cning of tt]e at Front Royal, ' Only a few Negro the high school and a. students showed up in zling rain for school, most 'of tho students iate.rp'r|igp the torse statement of Sup', •Blossom Monday nigh, |JUlc fiopk, 'board wvuid"g with the court order, schools would rcntain. Federal marshals plan to reppcn the s vale sugreaalcd jnstjtutlonf they fanned out over (he " day night serving scores 'p|M ' ' - Continue^

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