Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1958
Page 6
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New Western TV Series " §y CHAfcLES MERGER YORK i APi- If Ihc count Of the notches en mil Run is iii'- cDralc. we've shM it nut in inter- Views Wilh 23 Wrslrni heroes in tho layf couple of yc.irs. Bill never have ue met a hem Who loved and knrrt- more about Ills gun and his hmsc than Kevin Joseph Connoi s. brttrr known us Chtlck, a InweriiiK. muscular, blotid fellow whii pnnidly luiils froln Brooklyn nnd nv.rti 1 his wny to Ihc Wijstern ranges by the unlikely route uf biK league bnsr- bflll. Toniuht he launches his TV en- recr as "Tin? Hifli'intin" on AI!C- TV, a Weekly sjign nboiil a \mln.\- ei' with a young sun xvhn seeks land in Ihe West. As n first baseman foi the Chicago Cubs nliri in the Oiirlm is farm system. Cnnni'rs discnvrri'd With surprise ;nui pleasure n fi-w years bnrk Ihnl h;ilf UK- cnsliiiK directors in Ilnll.\^\iiiiri nu- bii>c. ball fans. BrcaiiM' (In y knew ,-IIT.I liked him they hri-nn (!i\'i;ig him profitable bit purls in the winter sonson, One break led In nnothcr ami Chuck CiitiMors. (he first baseman, gradually -bee:'UK Chuck Connor; actor. Then everybody bc-gnu telling him that he '.s i s a naliiral fi r Wosterns. ^."Theif were Iwo (lungs wrung With me," r/oniinrs ^aitl the olhev day on a trip Knst. "1 hud n crew cut and I'd never been on n hor.se. I did something about it ] let my hair grow and I shopped around for . n horse. "With lhn help ol un old wrnnftlrr friend I lolind n pinlo mare thai couldn't run brcausi* slip had a bad K-» one! 1 ijfckcd lior up foi SI50. 1 rode hfcr every day to get Ihe feel of ;, hnrse ar-.d alter a cnu|jle of moiitlis I trade:! llor in 'in a 2-year-rild son el gelding that conic! barely run. "After six months I bought , quarter horse, n buckskin and a beauty. Just shifl your weight in (he saddle and he'd run in cirelea. I became a proily t-'.nod rider, but DeGoulle Wins Bottle for Constitution MewJay, f, 1958 ^iz^^zmmm „ ^ THE "SCHOLAR"-Kaisoc! to tho simple life are''bareiooV pupils like Li-su-r Uyh-r, 12. who shyly peeks over his lunchbox, shaped i,| u - the barns of his folk—the Amish of Ohio'i ' Ceauija. County. Fifty-mile pupils (the Amish call them M-nuiars ) i-rowd into the one-room Hunlsburg Private School wliere hey receive educalion through the eighth grade—and ' in. fur he,-. AS Jonathan Miller, 3B , school board treasurer, f-.-iys, '\Ve raise our children lo work. Other schools are trying ^u pin more men in Hie (bow 1 ) chair and Jess men on th« • job. i he strict religious sect .maintains six schools through- • mil the county, «v*_ J| MAeAHfHUR PARIS (Af) — Premier tip Jauile has woft his fight ttetums rorri IHc ffiosl sweeping fcfcrCH' dutti iH French history today gave him a fcsaundihg pci-sdnai W> umph and a strong Constitution for a HOW fifth Republic. the fifth Republic will be prd- clalrned IH the official journal hexl Sunday, And f ranee will enter Into a now, more powerful system of gdVerttrnorit so daring thai many Frenchmen gasped at tho conception while they voted their approval by a landslide Sunday. voters of continental France approved the nc\v constltullon by a margin of almost 4»1. Complete official tabulations in Fratiec showed 17,866,848 "yes"' Votes and 4,624, 415 "no" votes. There Was a record turnout of 84.0 Per cent of France's registered sent to the polls, including some \vho cast blank ballots, the new constitution was approved by 78.6 Per cent. Wilh one exception—French Guinea in West Africa—the overseas lands of the erstwhile French em Niwsmm Art Unhurt by Had Gunflrt QtJfeMoY fAP) — Four news- rncn and a Chinese escort officer slifviVPd 10 minutes of Intense CornrnUhist artillery fife today fafotceted only by the shadow of a Chinese pagoda. "that pagoda Was only a flimsy foof oH fotif slim pillars," said bhc of the group. Amiciated Press president, with powers that hu French chief of stale has enjoyed since Emperor Napoleon 111 was overthrown in 18?0. In the Interval), franco has de« ilbcralely fnainlaihed a strong ioRislalure and a Weak e.VeCUtivo, be Gaulle's dramatic Victory as the worst electoral black eye Ihe Communists have suffered in postwar France. The Communists formed the largest bloc campaigning ayalnsl do Gaulle's Conslllu« lion. They said, it would open tho Way lo dictatorship. QaulJist loaders hailed the results as a decisive blow at the Reds. who haVc hamstrung French politics with " " Officer Found Guilty of Hitting Negro by ED LA VANWAY Copyright 195J t) U tJ Vonvoj. PlUtilmtW t> NU'to»fa» tak Legal Notice lot of PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 49 - ~ BK IT RESOLVED, by Oic House o< ,,Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by Uie St'nnle, » majority ol all members elected tu each IIoust* agree!ne'thereto: ' * That Ulc following i* hereby proposed as an amendment to th« Con- stiruUon ol the Stale ot Arkansas, and npou being submitted to the electors *t the State for approval or rejection •t the next genera] election for Rep. rcsentatives and Senators, if a majority • , •( doctors voUng Uicreon, at such ' an election, adopt such amendment, , the same shall become a pnrt of tho ' > Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, ; / to-wil: •"SECTION 1. Any city ot the llrat cr second class, any incorporated town, " ' and any county, inay issue, by and with the concent of Hie majority of the qualified electors of said municl- , * pallty or county voting on Uie ques- > " tion at an election held for the pur- ,' |xise, bonds in sums approved by • ' _ such majority at such election for Ihe purpose of securing and developing industry within or near the raid ., ' municipality holding the election, or ' • within the county holding the flea, tion. , ' SECTION 2. Such bonds shall bear ,' ' Interest at « rate not to exceed six per e«itum (6%) per annum and shall be sold only at public sale after twenty (20) '.clays advertisement in a newspaper l)«iwng a botia fide cit> , . cUlaUoh /in the' municipality or county issuing' such bonds; provided, however, , that Uie said municipality or county . , may exchange such.; -bpnds for bonds of. like amount, ra^e 'of' Utte^est, and i 'length of issue, ' ' • • •' w SECTION 3. To provide for the pay. ment of such bonds, principal and in'" Jerest, as they mature, Uwa municipality , w county may levy a special tax, '•- payable annually, not to exceed fiy« 1 . (5) muls on the dollar, in addition Hi, tbe legal rate permitted, on the ••' real, 'and personal taxable property '.therein; provided, however, the munioi- - rallty or county may, from time to fame, mispend the collection of such •«nw»l levy when not required lor the .^payment of IU bonds; and provided -further, however, that tn no event „ Bhall the real and personal taxabhj •- property in any city or town be sub"Jec< to a special tax in excess o< live (5) milU for bonds issued bere- Cljapter XIX Colo said grimly "I heard what yuu JVllows said. Yru'rc planning on throwinfi 1 .1 stick of giunl powder in here " "They would sun.' bust fruit jars." ham. 1 said. "Coming out, Tom?" "You UHOW I'm nol. Go ahead and throw in your dynamite. Then .find out what kind of a life a sheriff killer leads." Lane drew his six - HUH. He re versed it. He tapped (lie lawman on Ihe arm with it. "That's good enough for me," he said. "Take I and gn on out," Cole said "They do mean biuu less. Bui 1 think I'll stay her .hen I got to thinking .vhat do know about n horse? "Well, I fenced in a half acre, doing all the work myself, and buill a little stable for him and I learned to do everything for him — clean him, worm him, saddle him, pare him — everything but shoe him..." When tapped to be star of "Thp Hide-man," ho look home a Winchester 92 and practiced handling it as •diligently as he had practiced horsemanship. He gave us a demonstration in handling and twirling this beautiful and serviceable rifle in his hotel suite, aud lake our word for il that he's pro.' I'ieicnt Legal Notice . jiSECTJOlf 4. Rich bonds small b* perjaJ, maturing annually after three years frpiR date of issue, and shall . ^be pmo us \frey mature, and no such ;' bonds shall be jssued tor * period longer than thirty (30) years, SECTION 5. The governing body of: •• the municipality or Uie County Court *pf the pounty shall exercise 5urif>dic- - tion over the sale or exchange of any i»«c{i bonds voted by the electors at 'fiH ejection held for that purpose anij -' sh,aj} expend economically |he funds ,f9 provided, «, SECTION 8, The election on the Is- ^suatvce of sueh bonds fahall be held - MV such time as Ihe governing body of the municipality may dehignate by ordinance, or as the County Judge of •„ {he'cpwnty may designate by order, wbJFh prdmance or order shall state the sum fotal of Uie issue, the dates p|, matvritte? thereof and shall fix v»r 4§t e » election so tjiat U shall flVSt ySPCUf earlier than thirty (30) Bays fitter the passage of the said ordinpnee or |he granting of said order, ".tfte ?Sid jFlectton shall b? held ancj 'JFfifltetpBi the yoje thereof panyasged KOS .WPifWull thereof declared ur j ii> yi e manner now 'Je?J for municipal e, f , r slection tf held by gnd iij the mannej , provided for county J85s jejecttcfl Is jje.l?| PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAU AMENDMENT BE IT RESOtVEO by th« Ho«s« at RepreseiUaUves of the State of Arkao- sas and by the Senate of the State of. Arkansas, * majority of all m«n>- bers elec(ed U each HOUM •greeuvf thereto; JSf'J""._*^»?!*bL.* **".*>' Pr^ Coi>- poscd as an Amendment to the Coi>- stitution of Uie State of Arkansas, and , upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Rep. resentativcs and Senators, >f a majority of the eleplors voting thereon, at suci an election, adopt buch amendment, Uie same shall become a part of ui« Constitution of. tl>e State of Arkansas, SECTION }. fio ad-valorem tax shan qppTnnN^" P. r ,°P crt - v b - v «>° Stale, SfcCTJON 3. All provisions la th< Constitution of the, State o( Arkansas or any amendment thereto, or m the Statutes of the State of Arkansas it conflict herewith «K; hereby repealed. Approved; MarchT?, 1857. ^ C. G. "Cripx Rait Secretary ef ' Just to show them .what, their"clod hopping brains arc up against, We can throw that dynamite out as fast as they throw it in. Sorensen won'l have a house, either, after the first stick." - • "No way of smoking us-out," Lane said. "They i can't burn us out. Sorensen would .lose, his smokehouse nnd everything in it, and his house to, as close'as it is." Cole was silent. Finally lie said, "If 1 keep messing with''Ihem, I'm liable to kill a few of-:Ihem. Maybe I had belter go out-.' and talk to them." He took 'Lane's gun. "Sorensen," he said, "I've got Lane's gun now, I'm ready lo palaver.' Daylight flooded the smokehouse again as the door wop open," "Throw it out, Tom Both guns." Cole did so, the six- shooters thudding into the sand near the porch. He moved through .the door him self and faced Ihe men at the south corner of the building. He walked in thai direction. Someone swung the door shut behind him. In tho oppressive darkness' of tho smokehouse, Lane mopped his perspiring face, , He listened, and presently heard a Hurry of scuffling sounds, He hoard Cgle's spurs jangling, Cole grurilcd as 1 hough struck by a bludgeon,'" The door swung open. Propelled by iiardfaccd grangers,, Cblc, s(um bled back inside A bearded-'nes ler stepprxl into sifihl and" threw dole's hat in. Cole's head was bat urcd. Blood streamed down his acu, He was breathing heavily, lot accustomed to strenuous exertion. ' Ycllowhaired, spade boarded ing bloc—148 deputies—in the 396- seal National Assembly Approval of Ihe constitution aii» tomatically rejects the old AsseriT- bly. Do Gaulle now has four monlhs of ncar-dtctorial powers in which he will write a new election law to scat a new Assembly. H This set them up oh the world political as a "French communily," a sort of global confederation, with commonwealth status and oven independence waiting in tho wings. Even the "no" vote of indcpcnd- pnco-minded Guinea made little impression In the general massive oulpouring of approval that ex- ccedcd even Ihe mosl optimistic estimates. The landslide raise the pros- poet thai Do Gaulle," the 67-year- old World War II hero restored to leadership in a rightist uprising last May, can almost write bis own ticket lo cure the sicknesses of this long ailing country. Chief of these is the four-year-old Algerian rebellion. Do Gaulle probably will become November or early Decen , Germany — .'—A ebuft-rnarUal of seven coloriels today found Maj. Leonard V. Salley guilty of disorderly Conduct in striking Negro enter* tc'iiridr firnmie Rogers. the court subsliluled Ihe disorderly conduct offeiisfe for more serious charges under wHich Bailey was bi'oughl to Irlal. The decision was announced afl* si 1 Ihe court had spcnl dearly Iwo hours deliberating lestirnohy given Thursday and today, Afler announcing its decision, Ihc court recessed before fixing a sentence. In testimony at today's session photographer George Swecrs "The only protection it gave us was to keep the sun out of our eyes. We huddled on the steps as shrapnel hit ail around us. Some pieces struck only 'Iwo or three fuel from us." Others caught by the barrage Were Bruce Russel, Reulers: Francis Lara, French Press Agency; Raymond Long, CBS; and Lt. Gmdr. Low Ho-Ping, Chinese Navy officer, The newsmen hod been watch" ing and photographing the arrival of Ihe biggest .Quomoy supply mission lo dale. A cock that coUldfi't cfoW announced the dawn of lele* scope making. According to the story, about 1608 a Dutch spcc- lacletnaker, Hans Lippershey, Was at work in his shop in M t d d 1 e b u r g, Holland, By chance he picked Up UVO lenses. Holding them together, he looked through them al Ihe weather vane on a nearby sleeple. The cock on the Vane appeared as big as life, © I3ncyclo|ici1ln Britnntilca. Negro Women Held i n The ff of $10,000 LitfLE ROCK (AP)—two fte* gro wqrlien, one a veteran fern 8 pioye of a Lillle Rock department store, were arrested last night in connection with the thefl of ah estimated $10,000 in merchattdi^ frorn the department &lofe over "a period ol several yeai's. Mildred Surhmervillo, 32. an em- ploye of Keinpners store, was jailed in connection with mail' fraud charges: Evelyn While, 30, on charges of receiving stolen merchandise. Officers said Ihe arresls Cli- mafce'd an intensive' invesligatioii) ay a'private delective agency, pos- .al inspectors and sheriff's depu- ,ies. j)^ Private deteclivcs said the merchandise from the store was resold at half the retail price to a 'large clientele." The agency Was employed lo investigate a "sul> slanllal shoi'lage" in IRe store's iiv enloi-y, the 40-year-old major from Sail Lake City. Utah, admitted he hit Rogers in the fsce at the Baunv holder officers club last Aug. 3. The husky, C-foot-2 Bailey said Rogers, master of ceremonies of a three-act show, was 45 minutes late to rthe show at the officers mess, Bailey Was in charge of the lub and was pressed by his juests. who wore growing restive localise of the delay in Roger*?* :rrjval. he testified. *' After Rogers had repealedly sed proiane Words, and had reused lo go out on slage, Bailey aid he hil Ihe entertainer tn Iho jce but never on the body and enied kicking him. It Was kick- ng which the charges alleged aust'd the fracture of at least one f Rogers' ribs Sorensen himself stepped into view. "Tom, these fellows won't listen to me no more." "Vou hyporrite You're worse than any of them " "I'm just what I have to bo, Tom," Sorensen said 'slowly. He put his gaze on the-Four Arrow foreman "Got any word to send to anybody? 'Any property to dis pose of, or anything?" Lane said, "No." His gray eyes glinted in a fashion that made Sorensen recoil, and when hp closed the door, he did so gently. '/'x?': Legal Notice Legal Notice PROPQS.EP NO, 45 (E IT SJ!SOL,YED by flw pous* « fiepresentaMveg pf the State P{ ArljBi^ of Arkjinssis, « tnajoj-Uy of jy *? S? amendment to the «f the State o{ , being subimlte4 to yip pleptor? o| State (or general or |or , Pi the ele?tor$ vsttiig thereon, at suc an eleeUon, adoRt WeJ? Wen4mpnfi thp same WialJ becpine a tte Orowfi, ft&BBqr ilTaTr'Foseifg -« thw salary the Sum of T*'|lY» JJuS fted .CfM&Wi ..^«fl JwlJWWSP IN THE HEMPSTJ5AD CHANCERY COUR 1 T. N. BELEW AND KELPA.D, BISUEW, HIS WIF13 PLAINTIFF vs. ROBERT GAY^E AND OWVB J GAYLB, HIS WFE DEFENPANT WARNING ORDSH Tlio doi'endants, Robert QayJ and Olive R. Gayjc, his \vi|e, an' eacli of them, arc hereby >v8j'fle' to appear in this court within \' ' ' days hereafter ancj answof complaint of the plaintiffs Up;,.,,. WiTNESS My hand ai>4 tjjo spa of said Court on. IJjJg-gU) day o September, J958, , ,. PYEBS, CJerlv BV J, ^.,BYSRS' Sept. 8, 15, 88, g9,'}95§ • ' Ugol Notict IN r , Rig vs. '."ANP -MARY .. PtAIHTJPfS B09BRT , BBRT flOPWSTT, 1C§, Wife, SRBER Most of the light in the smoke Jjousc now came through the holcj Where Ihe chain belonged. Lane said, "What did they hil you for?" "I tried to grab a gun and use one of the hocmon for a shield," The hours dragged by. 'Daylight laded. Sheriff CTOe settled down on a sack of salt nnd dozed off snoring, Lane settled down for some sleep, himself, • then. • He was awakened by'a noise "at the door, and saw a coffoopol and a pan of bread and meat sand wiches siting on the ground. To one side of the door; a roush voice said, "Sheriff Cole, gel th.s grub jf, you want it " Cole brought the coffepol and sandwiches inside. After thoy had oaten, Lane expected the smokehouse door to be closed. Soronscn left 'it open, Aft or a while, hearing wagons clat tering up Ihe hill, Lane knew that boronsen's people were all gat!) firing here to make a holiday uf- n, jiie door was open so that the more bold of tho grangers could ako a peck at the "badman" their leaders had captured, Lane moypd to the door, looking out, A large group of overall clad men and poke bonnclted, women stpod npar the south corner of Soiv repson's house, arguing heatedly. Lane also sasv a sodbuster seated on a bolt of unsplit stovewood With a shotgun pointed at him, kane recognized the fellow as onq of (he men 1,0'c) tangled wjth at Twenty Springs, "Sack irisjdc, t,ane," Ho lurnec} back toward the sher. iff, Co|p's fenluros were gium, "lr ma probably won't send the out Jit lo look for us. }V<? wouldn't "'""" a cl^nco even if sh.e did. . ?n PoyW toll tl)eni ho hadn't seen us, ai)d tl}py woij)^n't kpjw any different, Qur Jioj-ses are Ijici rf?n, Bui W^bstw wou}4 figutv wc'cj traijeo; tlip tl)ieve§ 90 yp tl>o motintain somowhoro " Several gun totiug mpn rn,oseye4 J fH an^ Jforjji |n fi-pnt g('. thg cjponvay, glaring in at Iho """"", aj;tj flnsWy Sovpngpn emn<? out onto 'fie , -•• HP sat. d.o.wft"po Jh? *'Tom," J)J9 ' Here now from finest orchards! Crqcfc/ihj-cnsp...oncf priced to please! «*^- v*< * V Extra Fancy Red Delicious Large Size Etx.r«i Fancy ... 3 Lbs. For . , . School Boy Size Red Delicious * » " k. * *- * - „ f i •* "f - ^ t Perfect- Size For School Lunches ... 4 Lb. Bag For.,, All Purpose Red Jonathans Jonofhons For Cooking or Sating . . , 5 Lbs, For , ,, / Yaur The new crop's in! Glossy red bwities, 50 crisp anp fresh they crackle when ypu bite infe them. VVp'va hwrried thgm in by rhe corlsod '*-*• right from y9H the bg?t gpple in tewn, Come !<,„ for tjepd eating at MR, , JJOPNBTT. JAMBS ., j'm iipi. HXP ]R,9sj this county ever ^ad," it's pepse Tin j«|t RBpre8entatly.ee Cole sHo-sIs his Ijea4. " P9i'P mp put Xr 'I/ &»•&£« '£^M>

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