Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1958
Page 3
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NOM iTAtf Nttf I t PHBM ?'§4§1 i.A.M. and 4 P.M. Calendar Tuesday, le&teffibsp °6th The Hdke blsiricl \Vesicyan Service dutid of the McthoHist .Chufch Will have a dlhrtet- mcetini? at 7:30 p'.rti., Sep-tomber 30, al the t>ia» ttlottd dafc. Wednesday, Qet&bef 1st The Ckl-dettia Gal-den dlub Will <§iheet Wednesday Octobei' '1st at the home of M'i's, J. Ross Mooi'd at 2i'30 fj.in, All member^ ai'c ask to brihg bulbs for the Jimloi' Gar- deh Club, Notice The Jell B, Graves Sunday School Class of the First MetliO' dist Church will have its class supper on Tuesday, Sept. 30 . at 7 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Grav» don Anthony instead of Itt th« church as .previously announced. A pot luck supper will be served. ceh-ed fnafiy lovely gifts. the hostess served a delicWUs salad plate With Cookies, cold drihks and coffee to the guests. Those present were: Mrs. Pete Fuller, Mrs. Hoy ttogers HceVes, Mrs. Ceeil Allen, toelrflar frvln, Mrs. John Gowns, Mrs. Sain lahd and Mrs. Lessie Gentry, Coming and Going Martha Anne Ekm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Elam has returned to Ouachila Baptist College at Arkadelphta as a sopho* more this year. Mrs. Toni McLarty Hostess to Bridge Club At the meeting of her Bridge Club on Sept. 26, Mrs. Tom McLarty had lovely arangoments of Celosla In silver vases and 'bachelor buttons In brass containers to decorate her home. |J; A new club member Mrs. R. E. Cooper, and Mrs. C. C. Lewis won the prizes lor high scores. At the conclusion or play the hostess served a salad plate to her guests. Friday Music Club Meets In Home of Mrs. Hetidrix Spraggltis The home of Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins was the scene oi the Friday Music Club meeting on September 2G. The first meeting of the ^new club year was presided over "by the president, Mrs. Jewell Moore Jr. During the business session, Mrs. Sam Strong was elected to .fill the position o£ 2nd vice-president. The Hymn of the .Month, "Jer- saleni-the Golden," was presented by 'Mrs. J. C. Carlton. "The remainder of the meeting was devoted to practice oi' the selections ' the group will sing at the District Music Club meeting to be held in 1/APrcscott October 11. During the ' social hour, the hostess served coffee and cake to the 14 mem'bers present. Shover Springs W.M.A. Program "Neighbors", was the subject, of the special program;' rendered by the W.M.A. of the Shover Springs Missionary Baptist Church, with Mrs. Lcssic Gentry as hostess, Mrs. Gentry brought an inspiring I devotional reacting from the Matthew Chapter. 24. Prayers were voiced by Mrs. JJelma Irving and Mrs, Ed Evans, Those taking .part in the pro- pram were the .following; 'Mrs. Troy Grconlee, Mrs. Sam 'England and Mrs, Dclma Irvln, The topics wore, "How to be a neighbor, Living with ones Neighbors, and Who is ones Neighbor"? Mrs. Howard Reece was sur. prised during the social hour with I a pink and .blue shower, and re- Mrs. J. b« Barlow returned last Saturday after an extended visit with 'Maj. and Mrs. Hat Bllyeu and children in Wiesbaden, Gof many. During Mrs. Barlow's trip, her brother, T, J. Williams and Mrs, Williams of. Buenos Aires, Argentina, were in Europe for two weeks and joined the group in Wiesbaden, Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Russell and baby are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kitchens, The Rus> sells live in Clovls, N.M., Where he is stationed with the Air Force. Mrs. C. E. Wincmlller is now homo after a three weeks vacation with her sister, Mrs. Ella Elmore of Belflower, Calif, and M'r. and Mrs. Monroe Prince of Scat Beach, Calif. Rules States Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. Ed McCorkle, Hope; Mrs. Jamie Osborn, Alma- gorda, N. MDischarged: Clyde Tullis, Hope; Mrs. Quinton Cox, Rt. 2, Hope; Geneva McGehec, Hope; Mrs. Clyde East and baiby boy, Hope; Miss Janie Porterfield, Rt. 1, Hope. SAENGER LAST NITE 6:30 - 8;30 TUESDAY ONLY SPOOK-A-RAMA Memorial Admitted: Mrs. C. C. Simmons. Rt. 4, Hope; Geneva Moses, Rt. 3, Hope; R. S. Burns, Rt 4, Hope; Oscar Latterly, Rt. 1, Patmos; Harvey Washington, Hope; Georgia Jefferson, Washington; Mrs. Vin- .nJe Powell Rt. 4, Hope); Don Gani'mill, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Simmons, Rt. and baby girl, Rt. 4, Hope; Rose Wilson and baby boy, Hope; Mrs. Chas. W. Thornton and baby girl, Hope; Nona Eley, McCaskill; M'rs. C. Lynn Harris, Hope; C. C. Bryant, Hope; Areather Cooper, Hope; Earscell Isley,-Hope; Geneva Moses, Rt. 3, Hope; Albert Boswoll, Rt, 2, Rosston; Mrs. Cecil Smith and baby boy, Fulton; Mrs. Irma Davenport, Hope; Mrs. Jim Moore Fulton; Harvey Washington, Hope; Albert Hamilton, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Simmons o£ 4, Hope announce the arrival o£ a baby girl, born Sept. 2Q, 3958, Georgia and Joe Eddie Jefferson of Washington announce the arrival of a baby girl, born Sept, '11, 1958, Hopes Soar for Continued From Page One vclopmcnts, It had boon reported that i Washington became convinced the talks were fruitless the United Stales would disclose the details and take the cage to the United Nations, Communist circles here began taking a cheerful view after a so cret meeting of Communist Chi' nesp Ambassador Wang with Coiji munist newsmen. Wang was re, ported to have told them, in general terms, that everything would turn out all right, Sunday's statement 'by Choi was regarded as the highes 1 ranking use of what diplomat? here call the 40-hour technique They say that 40 hours before eacl meeting between Wang and Aw i bassadpr Beam the Chinese ^ jsswed a press statement whici sets the tone for Wang The talks will continue wilhou much sens? of urgency- Pipiom» tig 'circles think the two omln.? sadfirs arp not negotiating, P u merely, delivering mesage? fron merely delivering messages fron their governments, . Parltej.' Bleaks" of a time Jtmi on the talks by Washington seerr \o bo forgotten and there is «™ no indication Pf A cjpliberate t off, although the possibility of fail uyp at any moment js freely a? mittcd- 1 informed circles say U ie Ph iiese gommunjsts hayp presspd by A.merjpa.n buildup in Formosa Strait .. ability |o supply Qwepwy, Th<? § $j4 ttyis' Jias rrvpcjysled. the ton .pf Jhe tslHsi Ffoi« Page £!o« o! all Qualified Negfo dreH. , "fH Such dfdurflstafides, now* eVei-, Ihe tBlsU-tcU dotiH should senitirtite- the pfogi-aW of Ihe school authorities to make Stifd thai the}- had developed" rHtmtS pointed ld\Vai-ci the practicable c"6InplctloH of gallon, ahd had taken approtiHald stetas to put their jjrdgralli Ihtd of' fetilivd operMtfoil," WASHINGTON "(AP) — Thfl Supreme! CouH detilai-ed" toddy thd constitutional Hghts of Negro sttl- dents "afe hot to be sacrificed of yielded" to Violence ahd diSor» ddr The assertion Was In thd foi-rrial opinion setting out tha reasoning back of the court's Sept, 12 dbcl' ston against any -delay in Integra* tioh of Little Rock's Central High- School. With the justices assembled In a special session Chief JUSlidO Warren read the court's 17'pngd printed opinion. It said that violence and disorder In the Little Rock situation "followed Upon the actions of tho governor and tho legislature." "The command of the 14th Amendment is that no 'state' shall deny to any person within !ts jtir isdiction the op;ual protection of the laws," the opinion said, it cited an earlier Supreme Court opinion in another case that no ag'eilcy of the state, or the of. fleers or agents by whom its po\V' crs are exerted, shall deny such qual protection. Anyone who toy virtue of public osition under a state government enles such equal protection, vlo Ties the Constitution, the earlier pinion said This opinion was ited with approval in today's. "In short," Warren said for the 1 nanimous tribunal, "the constitu- ional rights of children not to be iscriminated against in school idmissior. on grounds of race or olor declared by this court in the Irown case (the 1954 decision out- awing race segregation in the chools can neither -be nullified penly and directly iby state legis- ators or state executive or judj- Mai officers, nor nullified indirect- y by them through . evasive icliemes for segregation whether ittempted ingeniously or inycnu- nisly." L©ve Slid§§ Downhill On Skids of Jealousy Bear tJorothy til*: VINTAGE ROLE-Tired ftf previous roles, where Usually U is ' "all goodness-' and' nothing happens," Hock Hudson is.hap- py Mn his new, picture, "Tills Land Is Mine." ftock plays the nigged role of an illegitimate I son and family rebel In a saga t of a despot-owned grape and wine empire in , California s j lush Napa Valley, ' j LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP)—Tho .iltle Rock ; Scliool Board executed lease today for four closed high school buildings, turning thorn over to a private group for opera- ion as p r i v ate, segregated schools Rights Measure Continued From Page One or a minimum number of workers on trains operating in the state and were credited by laUor .leaders with being behind the "free' dom to hire" proposal, The rail unions countered with the proposal which would have [iven constitutional status to Ihe ull crew law and another which vould have required railroads to nstall certain safety devices at a ;1 grade crossings. My fiance is n wonderful fellow Wilh only ohd fault — « Jealous streak. He's Hi the service mid writes me every day. t also write every day, but if my letters ni-e ayedf he goes Into a jealous Inhlrtim nhd writes to neaise hie of gellitig out with other men, for- gbltthg him, elc., Of course, wheft .he Wall finally catches tip with ilm, he's very contrite ahd begs me to forgive his outbursts, He says It 1 ever break our engage- neht he'll kill himself, but break- hg II is" exactly what I'm consider* .Hit. For the pnst few months my love lias been going sleadily rio\vii- ill!. 1 don't look forward to his let- .ers, sometimes 1 don't even want o rend them. I'm afrnld to mnri-y ilm, and afraid to break up. What shnll 1 do? I'm 10. — Mcllnda. cngaferhfehl. YoxJ Involved Ifj nbotit Beaf break tfutcil loo yt\\ht o*h6. fthyw«y, t5ofi'( wotfy youf 'benu'S klllihl himself, Hint's Jusl fl forttnhtlc lh^cnt, Scfid a slrtrhped, solf-nddressed envelope fof my lenflet, "Broken Engage* inents." It will help you handle this one., tSear Dofolhy My boy friend is very fickle. Time and ngnin he's.j?ohe o\il with other fllMs, but f nltt-nys forgave htm ahd look him 'back, the latest episode was \vllli a divorcee. 1 cnh't ask my fitfully's ndvlee be* cause they would sny 1 should leave him, — Hesitant. Dear Sister; You wasted fl stamp. Your futility's advice Is exactly what mltte is . Dear Dorothy t>lx: The girl t love Is only IS, but Very sensible and mature. She say she doesn't know If she loves me or not. Why should she have a sense of doubt? We're Very coil' «onia1. — Mike. luHfy. Sh* fully lo6 »eSr Mlfcg* Vtrttf glrf Mefrf'S Jeally cofiflrw htf ffif' fully rHfllises thai te commit hefsilf urns te kn»w hei- owfi and yoiifs. Rely oh hfct ttient, (bear tJdrothy GlS: I'm only 14 but most people think I'm old ehotifih la too In high school, Doti'l you think H fcottld be O.k. for me to wear earrings and use llpsllck like my older friends? — Sharon. Dear Sharon! fro, ma'am, t don't You'll grow Inld these things In lime, but the natural chat-m of being very yountf will be losl, never to return. Knjoy It while you can- Send your problem lo Dorothy Dlx. Be sure lo enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope and address her in care of this news* paper, The lax on gasoline in Utah has Climbed from 2',ii cents per gallon to, G cents per gallotij , , TWVtUM ih the tuft-letter b! ttniviHitir ftni ihwe ths .. wsatt'tfw-al tibefalartsr, and th6t»«d» ' r " cullm-ec! pearls at-ft ...„„_„,---. nti irritant insfaV tfi8,f shells of cyclopedia tJHlnnttiea FRAN'S TAP-BALLET.BALLROOM' ACROBATIC-BATON: . Speclni Classes for Tiny Tola I v PR 7-1335 LITTLE ROCK (AP)— The Arkansas Supreme Court was ex- jcetcd to announce today whether five general election ballot pro. posals will go before the voters on Nov, 4. The five proposed measures are Ihe States Rights Amendment, a Freedom to Hire Amendment, n Safety Crossing Amendment, a Train Crew Amendment and a proposal to repeal existing full crew Jaws, The Freedom to Hire Amend? . ment is proposed by business and industrial interests and the latter three involve railroads and rail' road labor unjons Legal action has been filed to Keep all the measles off the bpl- lot, The proposed States Rt^hls Amendment, sponsored by Jim Johnson, Crossell ' Attorney and Pemocratio .nominee for the state Supreme Court, is regarded *as sn anti-integration measure, Jig' provisions would establish a powerful States Rights Cornmis* sjon— immune to the courts— and tighten voter requirements It alsp would' incorporate into the state Constitution most of the sehoo} cipsing Jaws of Gov, QrvaJ E. Fgiibus, Arguments on two otlxcr issues were to bo heard t>y the pourt. They were an attack oji pity nances designed by Attj'i Bruce gcnne'it, and jjn effort bay a circuit judgQ from sn ejection dj?p«te ?ase. fhe BeprieW ordinances req certain o!'ganizaU9B§t such as Injuries Fatal to Prescptt Resident „ By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Four traffic deaths over .tho weekend pushed 'Arkansas 1 ' violent death toll for the Hvcck < lo eight., including six on the highways. Only two persons had buen killed in traffic accidents last'week before the weekend. " ' Prentice Murphy, 47-year-olc Emerson Negro, was i killed early yesterday when his nutomobilc careened off U. S, ' Highway , 79 about three miles south of Mag nolia. • ' • Sheriff Claude Minton snid ,nc other vehicles were involved. Mrs. Fannie Huskey, 62, of Prcs cott, died in a Prescott hospital yesterday of injuries she suffered in a headon collision near 'Bluff City Saturday. Mrs, Huskey was a passenger in a car,driven by her son, Hester Lee Huskey, 30, of Camdon His car collided on state Highway 24 with an auto driven by Grady Roberts. 36-year-old Negro of Birh'b, State Police said other passengers in Huskcy's car were his sister, Mrs. Jessie Jones, 39, of Camden, and his two children, Brcnda Kay, 8 and Dennis 5,. ' Attendants at n Texarkana hospital said Mrs, Jones was" in critical condition, Bienda Kay was hospitalized at Prescott with a broken arm and leg, Huskoy and his son suffered only minor injuries, Roberts suffered a fractured arm and head cuts, A butane trailer truck, overturn- cd on a rural road near Magnolia Saturday night killing 44-year-old Odell t Chaff in of Macedonia, the driver, Investigating' officers ,said tho vehicle jackknifed nnd the trailer rolled over the cab, pinning Chat* fin inside, The truck svas owned by Zero Butane Gas Co. of iiUle Rock, It did not burn, ' SHOOTING JN BEIRUT Lebanon (AP)~Shoot- jng broke out in Peirut today for the second successive day. The firing opened at dawn and Hpepers, The miltat Phalange party, which is opposing the new Lob' ancse, government of Premier Rashid KBrami, js attempting Jg Jorcb a cltysvide strike., The shooting is r»inied at nejjt metJng of Parliament to vaneerneijt pf ColorpcJ people, LET M THE COTILLION CLUB" MNSIN5 USSQN5 thru 12r,h grade) Taught suit -en th,P Garland Bounty sher? dispute. ., the tho Karaml government will a !qr a vote Q? confidence. The mpeting is scheduled for Tuesday but Jt might be postponed, ana; status information f upon 1 the msnd pf cjty officials, Mrs, li c, Bales ' and Birdie Williams, NAAPP- were ponyictpd of v^Jang ordinances and apueajeii to h'ifh e9U»1.' 'Mi'?. Bates, of Rock, Is ArHansa? NAAOP and Mrs, Williams, of le RocH, i8'hc94 9f Pflspjer in her pity, ~ tile the 49< WALGREEN RUBBING ALCOHOL COMPOUND Full Strength—70% Refreshing, Cooling Mon. Thru Sal, Sept. 29 John P. Cox Drug Co. 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