Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1958
Page 2
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TVa HOM Sf Al» MOM, ARKANSAS Bears Serve Notice They Will Be Rouah By MIKE Associated Pres epoi-ls Write* George (Poppa ficnii Hnfas, of profcssionnl football - founding fathers ptirl iti ehlrf inovat,if. lifts made a successful return trt Ihe conchlng ranks nftei 1 a two- year absence IlalrtS decided lo fofpgrt coach jng in 195fi, Imntlitifj ihe icl^n^ of his Chicago Heal* to l j addy DrlS coll nnd content ing himself with his front-office duties hs owncf. The Bears won n division title Illal year but last year they hud a dismal season, finishing fifth In thp Western Division with a .'-7 'record. Poppa Boar quickly (!<*• cidpd in ronie nut uf his ,«elni-' letirement TnkitiK nn ntitstnndlng bnlrh n( plnyors like Willie Gi.limore, nn unknown picket) off ihe cnmpus iif liUle Florida A&M: q\inrlorbficV Ed Brown; Brillltint end llnrion Itill, and n sturdy forward wall, Unlns had mixed Wdll and at^ia- rently ha 1 ; a winner, Boltiiif* tiwny from the wire a«> tho.National Football LcnRiie sri« iSon opened Sunday, the Boars lopplcd Gtcen Bny 34-20 to ron- tinuo the out«lntuiini' play which snw thorn cftmpile a 0-0 exhibition record In other games. Prank Gifford scored tlireo time" TS New Yoik trounced Chicago'* Cardinals 37-7 ' Cleveland oveicnme Los Angeles 30-27 on Lou Grocln's field go:>l With 2") ^econd left. Baltimore up rncled defending champion Detroit 28-1H; Washington be.it Philadelphia 24-M nnd San Fi.mciscn cdptd 1'iltsbuiBh 2.1-20 Galimore scored three touch Three Hoien Grid Players injured HARK Aik <AP> - mcmbc'is of the Ifnyen ffifih Sehottt football 1e;>m were injuf-pd ld.1l night in a fnll frofri a grand' slahrl. whore they wt-hP watching a junior high school game 'School K'.i|it. A. If. McDVhoil •in id rhvlEhf Mirtl/rh Stlf/efed n b r n k p n nrfn mid that .fame* Whentlcy and Tommy Isbell cs' raped will) Irssrr injuries. McDonnell said the thret Were sittini* on a i-nlllMK at the tear of the grandstand. The railing bi-okd nnd the three tumbled about In fcpt to the ground. Jlc said Minion would be out fof Hie remainder rtf the football season mid thtil Whcatley ahd isbpl) would not be able to piny Ih n game Hayen has scheduled for In- nlKhl. Mittton and Wheafloy are tihe- nipn; Isbcll is a bnck. downs as Iho Dprns won their firsl ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs. Joella Amour Is servicing the Investment accounts of hef husband, Joe Amour, deceased. jPlease cnll Prospect 7-2419 for any information you may need. Williams and AshbumWin Batting Titles By JACK HAND Associated Bress Sports Writer Hichic Astiburn clinched his second National League batting title despile a strong chnJlpnge -by Wil» lie Mays as (lie teams finished their seasons Sunday. Ashburn collected three singles in four official trips while his Philadelphia Phillies were ' edging Pittsburgh in 10 innings 6,4. Manager Billy RlBiic'y 4 gave Mays ,1 hand by bMttlng 'him jp the leadoff position. Needing a iper- fect five for five to catch the -Pliils center fielder, he managc-d.to get for five, including hi's'28th run. The final averages Taylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP 216 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan . v . LENNIE JACKSON - Has joined the staff of ""• Hazel's Beauty Shop and r '"invites her friends to 1 \ilsit her, -HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP * 104 V S. Elm' Pho. 7-2878 86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 5 Po. Maple Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware. $86.00 •MONTGOMERY WARD three home showed Ashburn .350, Mays 347. Alex Kcllncr and Brooks Lawrence of Cincinnati teanned tip with a four-hit 4-0 shutout of the ponnantAvfnnuiji M i J w a u k c e Braves. Manager Fred Haney paraded Bob Hush. Carlton V.'illey. Ernie Johnson and Juan Pizarro in a World Series I lineup.. WilleV, likely third game pitcher, was the loser. With Mays showing the way, -the Giants drubbed St. Louis 7-2, :fitu ishing in third place, ^.gnfnes .behind the Braves. St. Louis, a major disappointment, wound up in a fifth-place, tie with Chicago, 20 sames back. The Cubs and Los- Aimelcs finished their seasqns Sat- uiday while the Coliseum was giv. en ovci to pro football, Sunday. Ted Williams, 40, won his sixth Aniencan League batting title,, beating out teammate Pete Run- noK on the final Jay, 328 tp,.322, Williams had n 'double and a. hqmc am 'in four trlp while' 'RiuinVls . SPUTNIK t, 125 IBS./ PELL U, I9M; Bba PA?- 184 IBS; JANUARY 4, 1951 IXN.OMH I " STILL -EXPLOREK IV- 384 IBS, STILL IN ORBIT -SPUTNlk III- 2,920 LBS.; STILL IN ORBIT -EXPLORER 31 LBS.; FELL JUNE 27, 1958 —VANGUARD I— 3.25 LBS.; HIGHEST OF SATELLITES; STILL IN ORBIT Manday, S@pl§mb§r 29,1958 THE SPACE ACE: YEAR ONE — The year beginning October 4, 1957 saw man's first, faltering—yet spectacular— iteps into the vast space surrounding his planet. The orbiting of Russia's Sputnik I on that date ushered in the year of the .•atellites, launched in connection with the International Geophysical Year. The successful ones, thtee Russian and four American, are depicted chronologically on Newschart above. But alongside these successes are recorded the -numerous Besides the satellites, other developments included the discovery of an intense band of radiation above the Earth, currently being mapped by Explorer IV; the first American attempt at sending a rocket to the vicinity of the Moon in September; the Russian announcement thaUhey had rocketed animals several hundred miles into space and returned them alive; and the successful launching of the British. "Black Knight" rocket, putting that-nation in a position to add its •nti r IT .--V.V.-V. ...,. ..u.x^iuuo **»,E,,,u iw».rvtv t tuning inciu iitjiiuii iu a uuMiion 10 auu us failures; five Vanguards and two Explorers, Any Russian .satellites (9 those of Russia,and America. Space Age, Year , failures &UI1 remain a matter oi soeculation to the West. Two? Probably the first attempts to send a,man into space: ' WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo fay Truck Uoad Cut in Woods or otherwise, HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 16th & Louisiana, Hope, Ark. i — Now Open Fop Business — SMITH'S GENERATOR gnd STARTER SHOP 106 S, Walnut St. — PhP, 7-2451 Rebuilding all makes 4 models of Generators gnd-Starters GIRLS- NEW FIESTA GOLD WAVES $8,50 MARSHA'S BEAUTY S,HOP "Behind Childs ggo §, YOUR HAIR,,, Cen 8e Yeeri Younger JhUUSTMINUTIS DIANE'S BI^UTY SALON JPJlB, 7.3111 fiPITH * Main went hitlcss as "Boston slugfi'cd Washington 6-4. The ' .victory clinched third place for the Red Sox Cleveland took fourth by n half game on thr> strength 0f a 0-2 victoiy over Detroit. The New York Yankee'; SuW Doh Larson nnd Tom SUircJivpnt warm up for the series in a double victory over | Baltimore 7-0 and fi-3. Chicago used kid pitchers in an 11-4'romp over Kansas City. Almost overlooked in the excito- mpnt over the batting rape was (ho fact that Dove Phillay set a major league rc-coid wit!) bis eighth strajgh.tt pinch hit .for the Pils. Rush pitched three scoreless innings, Willey and Jphnsofl oaoh gave up two runs and Pjzarro retired the side in order in (he ninth, Solly Hemus New Manager of Cardinals ST. LOUJS. (AP)-Solly Hemus, former pJnycr will) the |S{, f-gyi? Cardinals, today wns named the no\v manager qf '(Jie Qjiib,* * • The CQ|i(rjief of (ftp fiew' Jitije Homus is fpr one year, the Cords announced, {le suqceeds j^Hd Jlutohinspij fir(?fl rijcpi]!!)', \whet) it became obvious, the club woujd noj finish,- as l]^'h AS Ul9 Car&hml bosps })od p,Np.eptecJ, The announcement confirmed an exclusive sAssociatert Press, re two weeks ago that Dennis, ' Qlpipe p£ pwntjr WPuJd, be the new ger The Cnrdinals, whP the 195§ season in a with tiie "'' GOOD CLEAN FUN—Executing a graceful "mulotaso" pass, bullfighter Elizabeth Bjlboa, 20, .^ffles.the bull in the ring at Lindsay, Canada. Trie encounter was a unique "bloodless bull- light" in which no weapon-, were used and the bulls went uninjured to the slaughterhouse oiler, the performance. ' ' ' * -f, .,,-.,-,„ ^.. r ,,» Johnny Wplker as pofl hps been up ,ijo qn4 ' l\\ fc-r minor tf JJl? eluh-at Praaha in as cardinal mansMer, wa? S§r Jjf Hie to . third fourth mi ^'Ii is a Uv possibly a lat<tr. ' hwi Prescott News Mr-*,, Hays Entertains 37 Club of the '37 Contract Club "enter! flined with a dessert Esearre, Mrs. Alfred Pe£jpgl>, Mrs. Jmon Goo, Mrs. It, C, GatJin, Mrs D S. Jordan, 'Mrs. W, "R, bridge 1 given by Mrs Jess Hays Hambnght and Mrs, Westerly, at .her home on Tuesday. Falli graceful arrangements' the rooms nrrnnged for the pjayers, The high spore prjzo was won byjfijrs, Areliie Johnson, ' members inolndpd WIrs. J, • ;: - Mrs, 1 Tom " "'" O, ,Q, 4{ lrs t, Mrs, B^Jph Qordpn, , M)'S. P, " Scott, Mrs. 804 Mrs, Parrell 'March. Mr?, B. A, guest Gilbert, Art Reg- Jr, Afrs, Justjss wos Mrs. AUa Qrantt has re{urn e d from iiittip RocH where she visited hei daughter, Mrs, Raymond 4v» ery and family. Mrs. Artie McGvure, Miss ces -MeGuire and Miss Agatha Me Quire reuirned to gtt J--oii)s Wed* nesday atter a yjsjt with M'r- and Mrs, 4. E. McQujre, ^ ' France Cuts Off Aid to French Guinea By JOHN 'RODERICK PARIS CAP) — Prance an- nounce4 today it is cutting off eco- npmiQ aid to P>'eoch> Guinea, the Pfjly qvei'Seas territory to vote lor POWER PLANT —A tomato that apparently didn't know its own strength is admired by young Chailes A<xtra in tlu gaiden of>his Hioksville, N.Y,, home. The tough toipato grow i ight through the loop atop the metnl stake which was used to suppoit the plant, independence in Sunday's copsUtu- A~ ppmrwwque said French ad- mjm'stratovs \yijl be pulled out of the liJUe ulumimtrn'rieh country m west ?oast wMin two nptiep ilwt t)ie Paris gpv-- js ending French credit Mrs. Robbie Wflson Fever Ojmie in on ^Yednesf^ay, Glyfe arrangements of , and gntdejiias ( nteji corated th,p home P! Mrs, de- she entertained the Wednesday Bridge cii,ib, wpn the hjgh Mrs. SarJ Appier Mrs, tloyd Hayw'e flnd Mrs Fred Polls ?pent "Wednesday in Camdeji i}? tije guests of Mr- and Mrs. Bail, Mrs. Beverly Idren of Magnolia visited. jiej'"m'otiv er, Mrs. " " "" ' nesday. ftfrs. 8P4 ftlrs, Regan, C?. -A- Y. , Jim JipJsojj, 'Mrs. Basil g. Mrs. Mrs, fip and te«i Mr. and 'Mrs. in Py? spent Mrs. nesday y^i^pr m. W9S s"aM was served py Mrs. Warte JwsHss''»'sis § nesday visitor < Fi lends o| Q. g, gret that I\p is Donnell tt'Ul in f9i|SWini , to Guinea's premier in th9 capita} of Rist(?j'u?cj, the SIZING IT yp-cp mp a,.jso n Im&p 3opve gjves a gpo^ j^ea • of thf ?i?§ ef Quempy, cnrrent ppjnt Q| the East»We§t jjependence s \vhjch Premier de prpmJsei any oyerse^? tei> voting againpt jiis jwv con- n, the sqrnjniimqu^ spec}that the responsilsiliies b,y Chinese „ with Santa Cstslina,» | Calif., 75 square n)jle§ in area, ng igjan^ n-Y J4QQ miles, Woman Takes Negro to a White Church ROCtf fAP>— A Uoiruih who said shd wanted to see if members Would "practice what they broach 1 ' took a Negro WoMstrt to an all-while church hefd yesterday, Mis. RoJ> T. Moriisoh said Sil« and her cofnpailjofli H>hoW sh£ declined to identify, Were asked lo Jeavo the Pulaski Heights Mettt*' clisllict Church, but remained throughout the service, Mrs Morrison, mother of fatll', said she would take more ttegfofS to the church if the pastor, Dr. $ Kenneth Sharhblin, fonlirtUed to speak ill favor of school ifitegia' tiotl. Shamblin said the incident "is a good e.Vample oC the extrertte*, some will go to On order) to foffcd everyone Into two radical t)osl» (ions add destroy any rational afr proach to the pioblem We face. 1 ' The Rev. WoodroW Shiith, as< Distant pastoi'. tci'hied it "ail ft- foil to cmbarras outig pastor," Mig, Morrison saia 4ici action wa-? prompted by Shambiin's sor- moii last Sunday calling Jfor school integration as the only way to re* open tlie city's fottf high sclios's, closed by' Gov.: Orval ,E, Paubus in a move to thwart integration "What's good enough for otli' children is good enough for us." sha declared. None of her children have ''attended integrated schools. Mrs. Morrison said tin ushei asked her and the Negro woman lo leave. The pastor did not speak to them, she said. She added that she was not a member or any segregationist qr ; ganization "but I have believed 7n t'egegation all my life." "If he (Shamblin) keeps on peaching' integation. I'll keep on taking more colored people to church and see if he really means it." Mrs. Morrison said. ATOMIC EeG-si**story»high aluminum doines like thig bfie someday may dot the Ameticari landscape, housing atomic fe» actors and atortVpoWered elee» trie generators. Structure shown here is used by the Industrial Reactor Laboratories., located hear Piirteetoh, NJ, The ;hurst" at the end of a name' of a village or town means that plenty" of H'OeS lire in the vicinity, ties are planned /by the Arkansas Audubon Socielj fur its secono tall meeting herp Oct. JO-12. H. It. Daniel oi Little Rock is president" MOHRILTON, Ark. (API — The Arkansas Savings and Loan League has elected Deener Dobbins of Searcy as (president for the coming year. Other new officers chosen Saturday include S. H. Hurst of Helena, vice president; Raymond Lcclwidge of Hot Springs, secretary; Miss Betty Bailey of Hot Springs, treasurer, and John Jackson of Helena and David. McDonald of Stuttgart, 'directors. NEWPORT, Ark. (AP) — 'Rice growers will hear Rep Wilbur D Mills^ (DvArk) and otheis at a meeting he'i'e Tuesday to discuss industry problems. Other speakers include Clyde Carter and J M. Spicer, iespiesenlatjves of the Ai- kansas,.Rice Growers Assn. LITTLE^ROCK (AP)—Bow and ariow hunting season on deer opens in Arkansas Wednesday and continuing until Oct. 31. Bag limit is one deer of either sex, any age or rii'e taken in special areas set aside. „ , LOWEST PRICES EVER FOR KODAK COIOB SLIDE CAMERAS Bw~; • 'See Ihe BROWNIE STAR CAMERAS here' BROWNIE StiMuf, CAMERA ° Reflex camera for color slides at a low, low price! took through the big reflex-type • finder lo see your picture in advance.'Set the lever to indicate color or black-and-white. Then just touch the feather-action shutter ' releate. Get gorgeous Ektachrome color slides, Koda- color snapshots, or black-and- white pictures. A great value! Camera . . . 10.75 Flasholdcr . . 3.75 t YOUR KODAK AGENT Ward & Son Druggist Service, Quality, Courtesy Ph.7-2292 102W. 2nd Month SUITES Sove $60 on this sturdy bujlf Bedroom Suite, Foyr shqdes to select, Sojem Mpfile, Wfllnut,,Mohogony and Limed Oak,, Big double sized'dresser with dusrproof drawers, Urge clear plote gloss rnirror, Full sized Bookcase Bed, Large chest with easy sliding, drawers, $12 Down $ 2 Week fa wofjrf?rfii!«buy for fhf 'lasy Pby fend of Month Sole, A iBrge couch rrjor wi|| moke info a^pmfartoble feed, iosy te keep flenn Hphplestry ovojloble in rwp color, A reg- Mlor borfom buy Qt$57,95, Sgye $14,95, ? $4 t>mn - - - $lWf«k I .- I tarsi *W» t»|l«\wlfb s?reniipii js>iygj, Purob)§ Prj?9f Pl9itJs,tap.r«W8, Eight nft chgirl thet will (,»„,, kgep clean. Monufgetgrers price wo 5 SH9.95 ^ Our pricets^yjiv;. " " $?l?pfii engagemeijts are stfife in puineq mugt be 'profoundly i'evjsed,, Toe geyernov is to attend "Fegtivgl of 1 * at *Try«n?a Thursday and. q| Jpaij Stft? Park ,E4l|ay , 37, le^n,? fa tp

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