Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1958
Page 4
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fcoH ir'AR, *£M; ARK AMI Ai Booth©, Graves, : Butler Score for Hustling Cots By CHABLES WYLIfe JR. Coach John Pierre's, Hope Hob- cats jourtioyod to Rmnckover lost night and rolled up n 2(1-7 victory over the Bucko Coos. This was on * Important 4-AA football game. Immediately tlio Bobcnls kink Advantage of n BueUoroo fumble ell the- fcirty-elgh! yimi line. '!'!•< 1 JHixt piny qunrlerbnek David Wat, kins flippt'd n pass lo halfback Bill Butler who side-stepped four 13Ucltaroos and scampered ~i2 yards . lor a touchdown. Fullback IJnn Boothc's conversion was j4ood. At * the end of the first quarter the Bobcats led 7-0. In the second quarter the Bobcat's marched 74 yards in 17 plays for a touchdown. Halfback John Graves ripped the last four * yards for the TU. As the half k ended the Bobcats led 13-0. ., At the half both bands gave a fine show. Again in the third quarter the "i .Bobcals took advantage of a * Smackover fumble on the 17. Two ' ' plays later heavy-hard-hitting full' iba'ck Don Boolho Dipped oft -I s.i.yards for the touchdown. ;---In the fourth quarter the Bota' cats drove 5'1 yards in 13 plays l^tof a touchdown. Don Boolhe scnm- *Vpercd the last 2 yards for the T.D. '"•'Boothc's P.A.T. WHS j,'ood. Smackovor's lone tally came in the fourth quarter when they i marched 47 yards in 13 plays. '* Kinder plunged the lasl two yards v for the T.D. Barbaree conversion '.- was good. *' Around 500 loyal Hope fans jour' neyed to Smackover to see the Bobcats overcome the Buckaroos ', in the mud and rain. _ Coach Pierce said, "It was tre- '. mcndous team effort and every .man ployed his position well." 1 , The Bobcats meet the Texark- 5 ana Rnzorbacks next Friday night in'Hnmmons Stadium. Statistics: Vd.e. rushing Yds. passing Passes roin. Punt avg. Is clowns Hope I8n 129 S 4 17 08 0 5 0 32 7 Store by Quarters Hope 7 Rmnrknvrr 0 7-26 ^Baptist Church • " -Continued From Page One -V ** /or wrongdoing and Christian acts „ .omitted from their lives. Throughout the service, white ; slips of paper fluttered from lh.> balcony and wore passed lo the ',' front of the room.' From them, a ~_ minister read greetings from oth- f.r'er' Baptist churches behind the „ Iron Curtain. .The congregation re/ ponded: "Greetings." Other mos- . sages requested prayers for tho -'-sick-. j'^As'wo left 1hc chyroh, Victor — '•a '^member of ihoYountf Commu- i'-Nst League — said: "tl \vas ^'jammed. This surprised me " ** i "It surprised me too, for I kept 4 ; ihinking of the pressure* asainst 4'cljuvch going which l ( lu\d notc-d society — n society Arkansas Football Hope 2(i, Smackovc-r 7 Ctiirdon 13, C'amden Fait'view 12 Pi-oscott 13. Ark.'irielphfa 7 Oossctt 19. Magnolia 7 Tex.'irh.ma, T("x 8ft. Te«nrltana 14 De Queen 54. fdr.brl. Okla. 3 Fort Smith 7. ttne Bluff C Bnlon Rouge fslrnumn 42. Llltle Rock Central n. North Lillle Rock. SO. Cfimilen 0 Hot Springs 2(i. Benloii 0 Blythevilh- 12. Whilohnven, Tehn 0. CliirUsvilJc I!, Atkins 0 Little Rock Catholic 19, Mnlvern 7. Bauxite 37. Mnbclvale 7 Pnrayould 215. Balesville 19 Bald Knob 7. Scnrey 0 Cabot 20, Bryant C Berryville 19. Clinton 0 Calrendon 2fi, Dfs Arc 0 Dermott C, White Hall G (tiro 'Dumas 40. E'udora 14 Earle 35, Kciser 0 De Witt at England, postponed until Monday. Elaine 0, Cotton Plant G (tipi Fayeltovillo 13, Subiaco (I Fordyce 33. Bonrden G Gould (i, Ha/con (5 (tie> Springdalc 20, Harrison 7 Holly Grove G, Gillolt 0 Mincarl Springs 21, Horation () Lewisville 46. Murfreesboro 0 Morrllton 39, Dnrdanello 0 .Marion 27. Joiner Shnwnee 0 Mansfield 15, Alma 7 d Menn IB, Ashdown 1.3 M.'irianna 12.' Marvpll .0 Newport 7. Walnut Ridge 7 (lio> Newport 7 Walnut Ridge 7 (tie) West Memphis 39, Ofccola 12 O/ork 14. Boonoville G Parkin G. Wynne 0 Paris 13, Fort Smith St. Annes 13 Kiel Van Buren 19. Rogers 7 Lake Village 32, Risoiv 0 .lonesboro 13. Stuttgart 0 Dnui.inbvl Stamps 18 Rnnrkmnn 01 Hnmnlon 6 r Wilson 3fi, Luxora 0 VUnklvon 28. Tfartford 13 Watson .Chnoel 19, Wan-on 0 Beabc 31. McCrory 13 Jonesboro B 13. Lepanto 0 North Lit (.If Rock Jones 20, Hot Sorinffs Lapcston 0 Cnnwav B 28, Dnnvillc 0 Hot Sorings Lakeside 33, Bismarck 0 Sheridan G. Lnnokc 0 Forrr-sl C\\^ 21 Rrinklov 0 T-l'-uiThura 27. McCohee 0 MnnUnello 19. Stnr Citv G NnrphLM 23, SvU'nn Hills n Marked Tree 20. Poca'iontas 19 Jacksonville 2G. Nashville G t hnvc encouhlered many crisps Where bitches' ware bfi?d unsiice"ss fully when considerably overweight conceived and vvhelpnd vvhoh thoir weight had been substfliitiniy ro- dtieed. If, therefore, you should have n bitch which has not been contributing successfully to your breed* ing program, and slio is overweight, it would be worthwhile to try reducing to normal before Writing her off {is a non-producer. Cnrc must be taken in cutting dowh weight lo furnish nil ek>- tnotits lo tin essential diet. It Would not be wise, for example, to reduce calcium lo the point where tho bitch mlRht wind up with eclampsia fit whelping, or Suffer froni a vitnmin deficiency which rnighl contribute to some skin disorder or deficiency either in the rnoliibr rtr the pups. The host method nf r»i1upifijt is exrrcisp — not a sudden, drastic inerenso that may do ns much harm to dog or trainer alike, but n general increase in activity that will condition both the bitch nnrl thr owner. If ihe bllch is of a sporlihg breed, shape her up for the hunting season, and use her. If not. she may. nevertheless be trninnblc for retrieving, swimming or some healthful exercise at which shb can be kept busy for a time without too much stress on the owner's part. by ED LA VANWAY I»M k»<M U Vonwoy. DUliftvN* kf NU'hnUj, I* THE STORY: On the day before her wedding to Sheriff Tom Cole, Irma McKenzie asks John Lane, her foreman to come In to see her weci- ding dress. When they met, Lane kisses her. The act is witnessed by Karen Mitchell, who Is a sister of Sheriff Cofe. Chapter XVII ' Lane went down into the yard ind croscd to whre Rodriguez lad dismounted. "What was it? What attracted the buzzards?" Excitement in his brow n face ind white teeth flashing, Hodri- UC7. said, "The remains of a cow, senior. Carniceros have helped - Arrow hemsolvcs lo the Four K-rd." '.Grangers?" "Si. The men with the bie zapn- os." Lane said angrily, "Thai's Just. oo rank." He glanced around at Tom Cole, coming up behind him The sheriff said, "Slow - elked beef?' "Yeah, that's what Rodriguez iays. I reckon those sodbuslers igured we'd be celebrating your vedding and not keeping an * eye on things." He turned (oward the corral. Sheriff Cole followed him. "I '11' landle it, Lane." "You're not boss of this ranch vet," Lane said, stopping to look •U him, "and you wont be until 'omorrow noon." Cole b r u s h e tl his droping mu s t a c h c, his eyes becoming guarded. "I didn't mean that", ane. It's a matter for the law to ook into, and the, law hereabouts lappens to be mo," He kept walk- ng town I'd the corral. They led their saddled horses nil of the corral and mounted and rode onto the open range west of the bunkhouse, with "the you ain't got a defective shoe or something to go by." The hoofprints Lane was interested in crossed Sorensen's yard to circle around the north side of the house. Lane followed them to the smokehouse. He dismounted and studied the sign, Marks in the sand indicated that two men had carried something heavy into the smokehouse. The smokehouse oor, ho\yever, was chained and padlocked. Hope Star Classified ADS MUST 61 IN ©WCt BA¥ JtfdRI PUIUCATI8N 7=343? fob AD TAKER" J^ W*^^^ ^^w ^I^^^^^P I The schedule of SOltinaf Periods, as printed below, has beeli takefi from John Alden knight's Tables. Plan your d*ys so that you Will be fishing in good territory 1 or hunting in good covef during these times, If you wish to flfid the best sport that each day has to o/fer. The Major Periods are shoWfi in boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours' there* after. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of Somewhat shorter duration. A. M, P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Saturday 5:00 11:06 (5:20 11!2S Sunday 5:45 11:45 Monday 0:25 12.05 Tuesday Wednes. Thursday 8:35 2:15 7:05 12:45 7:50 1!30 Lane cocked the six - shooter and stepped around to slant the slug downward. When the weapon roared, the padlock sprang open. Hens in the >barnlot uttered stupid cackles. Bolstering his smoking gun. Lane jerked the chain through the hole in the thick plank door and pulled the door open, peering into the gloom. Sheriff Cole asked, "What do you sec. "Lane?" "Two quarters of ibeef,'-' Lane said. He stepped inside the smokehouse, his gaze on the steer hams hanging from a pole near the 'back wall. Colo came in behind him. At this moment both ' of them whirled around, startled by • the noise the door made as it slammed shut, placing them in almost total darkness. Chapter XVIII Sherif Cfole said";'-"'''-What' was thai, the wind?" He walked back to the door, which was fashioned of two - by - sixes .and ;, fitted tight. He found the door unyield- mon directing questions at Rodriguez back from (he When he came horse barn. wanted lo put his mount on Sunday morning for a niovi'. sponsored by Communist youth or- pulls children from worship , l P r rof . 'A. W. Sehorgov, emeritus of wildlife University of Wisconsin, cnu.v wrotp an arliolo on the lacios of tho bounty svstem, n^this nrlicle, P'-of°s?ov Schor- '^{fnes into tbr histpry of boun- it E.yidrnllv tho> b'mptv Ideo is YjpW, Bark in 1523 ihe Snanish pn,y of Daripp now nart of ,ia.ma, was pRvins f'vo gold ;os for a dead ''Hi in ihp ra*-!v rlavs ronl'-ol of tho lar or of c!$. A 11V Hvestnok a' \volf as pnrlv in proioct w"f»>' who ^i inGO in One tract was trapped, and shot "foxless" while the other not distvirbed. Over n space of two years it was found that the und turbed tract offered qvcn botlpj' shootina han tho one from which the predators hod been removed, In many of the \vosjem slates there svas at ono,timp a bounty on coyotes, }S T ot now. For examp si concenlrfitod prpdlpor pampai?,n in Colorado , resulted almost in the • extermination ,of coyotes, Then Ihe rodents took over, In one year thcr consumed about 30 ner cent of the grass witji damage pstimafpd a( more three million dollars. Now you sop signs aplenty in Colorado, advising all and sundry that the poyotq is a uroieoted animal; no §hpo(irig al'owcd,, Herp and, there, howoyep, yqn vvill find qn which lui s roc'oivpri from fhp iasurv onp npiviv for ovory livestock on IT'"? plnre. howev°>'. thp lof'ov nro- ire wrpftv well eliminated. ?v must a fprmpr dpff?ncl c (leninst wildlife exeunt *n la.npf>s- Thus, the n>-t'rif)(nrs which some of us f*>el )haf t take mensu'yps are (hose rey on upland game, song ^ood many years the fo;;, and gray, were accused of yilliftng of fgj- preotej' than '\vfls, their just due. irouffb the years careful, npunl pf good they do by up* the over-sunply of t in the jg and meadow rats rnore NOW many pppple jeaji?:? i|. - 1 ---->s the harm they t but in most states Jftgrp arg no legal prpoprfy ' r|ghi§ yesteq ^]h a way of foalanersig > llje ovyijprihjp, pf 4. h°y?? 'jn'-the wilds, Mostly the { moment a g|t is pff yoyr turned specialist and making lipayy inrnad§ on ^ Jarpner's stock. puri has solved Ihis pro^jein WRl): now the conservation ijeparti ment teachers the fprrnqrs Jjovv io do their o\vn trapping. . tljere i§ tjne predator which actually heads ih,e- jist ,fov donp Jp \yiWJife, 1 tjjat [s \h$ garden-yarietv h9.jise .eat. slain, hunters al), tjiesg animji]s, if contvolled. 40 : ,\wJiieli |oxes pick up are H^-Khicb/'-are 1 inured "" —' in no jpQSitioji Jg. l\a'y,e Ino a high lope. The sheriff restrained him. "It's too hoi to hurry, Lane. Beside5, •Soronsen will ibe at home, I've never known him to lake to the tmiber. Our trouble will be in getting him to turn he guily n»an over to us, Pretty hard lo make him believe something bad about any of his people." Sheriff Cole, gazing into (he hollow, said, "Somebody sure butchered one, Lane." "Big fat steer, too," Lane said thicky. lie nnd the lawman both drew rein, attention centered on part of a brindle steor carcass that he 'buohers had left behind. J3isrn° l 'nted, Lane said harshly, "They're choosy — I'll say that for them." Slowly he moved around the remains of tho carcass, reading sign, and saw the imprints of horse hoofs and the tracks of large • heeled shoes. Three horses hud been here, and two men, ap- "Was it n Four - Arrow sleor?" the sgrrej - haired sherif afsked, spurs Unking ns he moved closer. pane said, "S u r e-" Tfe flung the skinned - out part of the hide so that the lawman could read (ho brand, Mapping hjs fnco, Cola said, f'Sprerison didn't do it. Bet you he doesn't know snylhing about Jt. S,o)iio pf the yqung 'bucks smojlpd the bflnbpcue down at the ranch, rnaytop, o,nd decjdpd they would hnvq a' bapbeoue of their own," '*we'Jl find them at home some* where,' U ,we Jpok for them, and I SUJI-Q; aim to look for them. 4 ' "The \vasn't worth 'a fight, "It w,es' to me. It \yas to Jrnf\a, too.' 1 The |ront quarters hadjni shinned or touched, >by coy» qr buardsts. Still g'p'od beef. ing, as though a fence post or something, was 'braced against it on the outside. Pulling his gun, he .pounded with the butt of it. "Open up here! What are you trying to pull?" "We're sorry about you, Tom. but IhaUs what you get for keeping such company." Cole muttered, "That was Sorensen, Lane- Sounds like he neerv laughed in his life." The lawman look a deep breath and lifted his voice. "What company, Sorensen? What in tarnation nre you talking about?" "We're after tho killer in there with you. We're going to fix him this lime." Lane said, "You may find on you've got a bear by the tail, too, Sorensen," "Skunk by the neck," Sorenson said, Cole said, "Lane hasnt done anything to you follows, As I recollect it, the only trouble he evei had with you was over in town. Ho got the worst of it tha day. Come on and open his door." "Sheriff, my iboy Nels is dead, Died from a toullol that gunman put in him, ft ain't Nejs so rnuch, as it's Hildy's young one, I'm going to get old pretty soon-' Who's going to provide for Hildy and my grandchild?' "Hjlda will marry again, Sor onsen, A woman as young and pretty a's she is won't stay wid owed long," "I probably did PMt that slug in your son, Sorensen," Lan,e said, "but I didn't stop him on a public road ,lo do it, That Port of it is a lie. He raided the Four - Arrow. He shot into our kjtphw, and there were women in that room- It's just luck that they're, aj} alive. I'll put a bullet Anyone* who eridangers my \vomehfolHs. YOU ought to understand thai-" gorensen was silent, One of the other nesters. farther from the door, said gleefully, ''Fellows.'he admits jt." Sherif Cplts salrt t ''kanp's tell. ing it straight. jSpreiysej). A.ud don't worry ab.ou,t JJilda., §he')l make out.' Friday 9:20 3100 Saturday 10:05 3:45 Sunday 10:i ?fi 4:35 6:00 -—0:40 12:25 7:25 1:10 8:10 1:55 8:55 2!40 9:40 3:25 10:25 4:10 11:15 5:00 The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Calendar of Events The Young People's Choir of Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will meet for rehearsal tonight at 6:30 o'clock. All members are asked to be present. Help Wanted person. dakS 8? tralflSS* Afiply- ifl afttj Gift st For (tint 2 fiOOM !urrtiShed aparlmeht With private bath, front and back en* trances, electric 1 refrigerator, S2i Bonndr St., phone ?<3553. i94f 4 ROOM furnished garage apartment. Adults only, 520 W, nth. Call 7-3854. 24-GtC For Sole or Trade .F0&D in excellent condition. Gnly 39,000 New tires, radio and heater, two tone, $995.00 Need pickup, Roy Cagle, 1413 Elm St, 22-12-tp OUR home at 919 South Elm Street Open for inspection from 8 a.m. to 0 p.m. every day, Wall to wall carpets, metal cabinets and double sinks iii kitchen. Equipped for additional income if desired. Call 7-22(Ji or 7-2257 for details. 26-Gtp Real Estate for Sole At 1113 South Walnut Street, attractive two bedroom home with glassed in porch for third bedroom. Vacant now. Veteran can buy for only $200 cash and balance like rent. FHA loan. $750 cash. Move in now and rent until the loan goes through. Total price including complete repapering and .painting interior, refinishing floors. $0,150. . FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 South M'ain Hope, Arkansas Phone PRospect 7-4091 2G-3tc Notice We Buy • W* Sell. *• MMt REAL Mf All «. B. FfUUfitLttl A, P, Delefie?, Siitiffiift fliitaaei iect 595. ff*« Eitifiiktei, L5w«i Rate*, . Mavg Vafii - Will ,*M'V*1 TftANSffc* eb, PRESCOTT, SUBSCRIBE to Tekafkaha zette. Complete Sport add tieWs coverage, 35e Week. T, V, pro grams, Early delivery. Pliort Ray Duke 7-2743. 174MO, BARttAM Brothers Hbttsfe Mov< ers. Insiired and free estimate, Write fiarhato Brothers Cale, Arkansas. 214 Mo. For Sole ALUMINUM Screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing. Free estimates. Ahdy Andrews, Phone 7-5807. 9-tf HOUSE TO.BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark, Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark, 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p A Pageant, "The Beautiful Gity of God," will -be presented at Munn's Chapel Baptist Church, PrescoU, Ark., Sunday, September 28, 1958, at 7 ,p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend. Turner Chapel and Pilgrim Rest Baptist churches will honor ; Rev. A. Legans With a special service on his seventh anniversary as pastor of the two churches,' Sunday, Sept. 28. ' '* Rev. Shep Jackson Will :preach the morning sermon and Rev. N, Young will 'be the ^speaker for the afternoon service. Guest churches: New St. Paul Lewisville;-Calvary Hill; Mt, Plea sant; Union 'Hill; West Track Garland; Common J-Iill; Mt, O' Lear; New Bethel; 'Hay'nes Chapel and Galilee. Sister Lola Hunter will be mistress of ..ceremonies. on Sunday, Sept. 28 and will preach at the 3 p.m. services. The Alter Guild Club, of BeBee Memorial CMiE Church will sponsor a weiner roast oiv Saturday night, Sept. 2, at the home of. Mrs. Persie Turner. yitcd to attend, The Rev.' M. L, Riley, now pastor of Rising Star Baptist Church of rlope will assume the pastorate a monxenj, he sajd in angrier {one; "H§ye .you fellows gone plumb' wild.'- defying the ppunty sjjerjl'/ , Yo«'4 'batter have Q UHle respeqt for- thij b/aidge I'm wea.yin,0. You'll t»e, coining tp 5(04 UJQ sliariff, climbed itito £ we \vj(h your* falls ie'twfen.,jro,ur prints J legs sonaetjiyie, a,n.d, y\\ • moved. Daylight flooded tho smokehouse when th'e door swung out, No one stood on th2 porch, Members of the Church of God in fchrist,-808 South' Edge wood St. will observe the Seventh Anniversary . of Elder Lj. C. Washington and wife as pastor of the church with special services this week, Sunday services sponsored by Sistei\>M. Martin, Guests churches: Mt. .Moriah, Rev. V. L. Loudermilk; Davis Chapel Methodist Church, Rev. H. A. Davie; -Rev. ;P. Turner and congregation. Sermon, Rev. C. S. Stearns of BeBee C. M. E. Church. Niglit service, McNab Church of God in Christ. Anniversary sermon, Elder "R, G. Gulley. Promotion Day At BeBee The Sunday School Department of BeBee Memorial C. M. E. Church will hold ils Promotion Day service Sunday, September 28, at 7:30 p. m. Mrs. M. Z, Glien, Guidance Counselor at Yerger High School will.be guest speaker, Mrs, A, B. Yerger, Superintendent; Rov. C. S, Stearns, Pastor. "Good Citizenship Club" Organzied At Shover Street School The 6th grade class of Shover St.,Elementary,School organized a "Good Citizenship" cjub Sept. 15, Officers were elected as follows: President, Muriel Moss, Vice- Pre- STATION Wagon, Willys "Jeep," Deluxe model, good condition, good tires, battery and brakes. Economical, safe, dandy school car. Phone 7-3268. 16-tf HOLLAND BULBS, just arrived. Monts Seed Store. We give Gold Bond Stamps.-*' 24-4tc APPLES — Fresh load Illinois apples red delicious and Jonathan. 9 Ib. sack of Schoolboy Jonathan G5c. Russells Curb Mkt. 901 W- 3rd. Call'7-9933. 25-3tc ONE good used baby bed. Phone 7-3790. 26-3tc Services Offered LET us renovat* yaur old .mattress. We specialize ln ; preuurl- zed Inner spring. COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-3681 RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering. We have meat for your deep freeze. See ui before buying. I7-tf SINGER SEWING" MACHINE, CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd, L, E. Booth, Phone ,PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel, Phone 73721, . 23-1 Mo, The Providential Insurance Company of Little Rock, Ark., issued a NON-.Cancclla'ble Hospital policy, which is guaranteed renewable for lifo, Policy is for 365 days. Good at any Hospital or Doctor — You NO one siooa on iiu ijui^n, jdn , Bfehda Bostic' Secretary I u noticed, and the two horses SL -^miririf^ ^tslarit sLol ? ? !|11 ~ had bepn led away. "Step out, Tom," Sorensen said, 'and be careful what you do. These follows mean business." " "You might as well tell me to pull Lane's teeth and bring them 'as bring his gun." Sorensen's voice had, sounded as though he stood at 'the eornor _ of the building, where he could. cluck* out of sight, tie was safe enough with a wall -between him and his prisoners. The logs werp hewn, put "together solid, rjeeding no chinking. Very few of the crapks let daylight soep throng)), The roof was solidly sheeted, too, kape saw, and there were thick hand - split shakes on top of the Sprensen had >buiH this place for a vault in which to store his hams < and bacon and shoulders, his homo-canned, fruits and vege> tables, as well ns fov use as n smokehouse. Ifp hadn't intended, H4or s makeshift- hoosegow, but It -made a good one, J_,ane - tojcj , ggrensen. and thg others were getting restless Cole said jo I^ane, u Mpy*bp I cap palm them down. Maybe J gan settle l\ with, them," ,"qp ahead, bu.t j['U just hang onto;'_niy gun, if you don'i pave,'" sajd, > , knuckled his IJ6 ' g'ajd tot h,ose putside, . "Easy on "th"e trigger? now, fellows. 1 '*pon'l do it if yp'u, haven't got gun, 1 Sprehsen said, . would.nl sjioot me.' dopv 5ta'»nj«9d shut. post -bangeij ag^ns] H. "Jni S oy» ry, To'U," goVgnseft' saic|, -"byt gpfng to let y«u coTg} ya\\r. til you do som.plhing aljout » U e j'. }f yow'rj! 491 . tbjg ,n_04iStl to, get i)is um, .xpy're not big Patricia 'AVilliariisi Assistant Secretary, Carolyn Ross; Treasurer, R, C, Burton; Chaplain, Herbert Phillips; , Program Committee; Gloria Williams, Ruth' Braggs: Sick Committee: Robert Phillips, Bertha Odom, Robert Hamilton; Recreation Com'mittce; Larry Hie. kles, Jessie Rutherford; Hospitality ComjTHttee; Robbie J, Davis Wayne Dempsey; Pianist; Jac- cjuelyn Hicks; Reporter; Margaret Williams and Gloria HiJl, office, Pays for Accide'nts 1 or Surgery at Doctor's office or Hospital — Ages; Birth to 100 years, Hospital costs have increaseo 1 . 1C your policy is nol sufficient or rates have been increased,-cal) or write WANT AD RATS Aif Wdftf Ads aw iSSySbfe- I' advance but ads *ni bi accept* ever th« t^fSphoh^ ond occomocto florl occbunts allowed *itH trig Uif d^fsloliding ihs dccouHf Is Whefl sfdterrsenf Is rendered. Numb«f df Wdfds UP to IS 161620 21 to 25 26 16 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 d 45 4J 46 I 46 Id 50 fiftg Dai/ ,45 .66 •75 US 1.20 1.35 1.50 fHfeS Ji* C^i BdyS i'.2d 1.50 /t.SO 2,10 2.40 2.70 6r« 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.S* 6.0 3.00 5.00 IIS Gv 15.0* CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time .-. :.. ?5e p»f tfitf 1 '.tlftl* ,u.,i,i,,.i 75t f>'6t Ittdr- 6 flrheS ...„ ;... 50c per Ihtf fedtes quoted above arg I6t tof secutive Ihseftions. It-rcatilor or skip- date otJs will take the otie-tlay Pate. All dally classified ddvertlslrig ti)»i will be 'aeeeoteH -nhHI 5 p. rri. foi publication the following day. The publishers reserve (he right KJ revise or edit all advertisements of fere'd fdr piibll.cqlloh aHd to reiec 1 any obiecflonable advertising sill" mltted. Inltlols .of, 'jr/e or more letter*, groups of figures such as house ot telephone numbers count as one word. •..The Hope Star will not be respofr slble for errors in Want Ads,, unlos* errors are caller) to our atfen'TJisn after FIRST IntoHton ot nd'ahrf triort for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion, PHONE: PROSPECT 7-343! Hope Star Sfor nf Hooe JI99; Press T927 Consolidated January 18, 192f every weekday afternoon b» ' STAR'PUBLISHING CO. Mri. C. E, Palmer/ President Alex. H. Washburn, Secy-Tre>. of The Star Butldlnq 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansai Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publish* Paul H..,.-,Joncs,"'M"nnalng Editor Dona! Parker, Advertising Mgr. Georqe W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supr. Entered ,05 second class • matter .at the Post OMIce at Hope, Arkansai. under the A<-f of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In odvance): By carrier In Hnne and neighboring towns — Per week $ .30 Per year 15.60 By mail In Hempsteod, Nevada, LaFayertb, Howard, and Miller counties — fine month .....$ -.85 Three months 1,85 Six months , 3.50 One'year 6.50 .^ All ether mall — One month, 1,30 Three months 3.90 Six month« .'. 7.80 One year ..' , 15.60 Nof'l Advertising Representative: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis' 2, Tonn.; 505 Texas Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave,, Chicago 1, III,; 60 E. «d St,, New York 17, N. Y, ,"1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of The Aisacaltcd Presi: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively lo the use for republlcation of all the local news printed In thi> newspaper, as well as all *,P news disDotchns IMPRISONED AUTHOR Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author, was captured by pirates in 1575, After five years as a prisoner, he finally was ransomed. through the efforts of friends, O Mrs, With With sUrp~ris§ . Birthday Rarty A surprise,, Birihday party, lion» oring Mrs, .Cy^to'if Epps, was given in the JSpps home on. Tuesday evening, SeptefriibKQr . 23, by < Mr. Epp.s nnd Mrs, Jne? Cannon.! The house \yas Beautifully decor afed with faJJ |Jp>yers, and the din ing, table, was Jaj§ >vijh. , an old fashioned gr|)poeted renter piece Fouieen J}^) gifests we're pre^ sent- Mrs, Epjjg., was the recipient of many bp^utifu.! gifts. earning Mvs. MyrtJ? J^Pbie has returned to her horns, in "Qhipagp, jj},,' after having spej^J , several days with, her motheh'JJl'lHW, Mrs, Lu)s Noble - 709 Laurel St, Hope. Mr, Mrs, MavppH tW and, Tod.d. and eft 'Frjcjay inor.ning eji« tQ.JJipif home i» peiroU. ., af{ej- hgyjijg ,?p,ent a lew yisjtiog parents, Mr- and. K(n)ey and Mr. and Mrs- Amon Mc Stopped Gcff ing •—•* ff* *,g»*^ii a '* 1 *i* l ' ( l ' ' W CECIL, Phone 7.3H3 214 Spruce St, — Hope, Ark. 16-J2tc a complete Jjrje of pu*mpf>, water wells or work pvers, Call 0, T. Clark, 711 B,'6th, Phone 7-4364, ' • 26-UniO-p Room and Board „ , ROOM ANP PQARP, , FOR room and, bpa^d, pookJng , Its best, .with glegn, pp rooms wjt,h, jnn.eFSDrjhs'roajtress esj attic. , ventug^n,. gnyfter , ,, e '. „, , .884 MO. ' Fcmoje Help Wonted TWO Piamond s, Apply. ni ' IJopf, ArJ?, GRILL CAFE — BREAKFAST — 35c - 50c - 65c Home Style Hot Biscuits Open 3 a, m, to 8 p, m, phone 7 pop JAME^-iyioLART'i 9T Mad* Into iprlng, Wprk PAVI5 FyrnitHr« * 117'fprilm C*, Ph?, 74211 ing how you, ept'syv?. In yoyr pbJJfaUcn.., Fre« , . Q'pgjxingf l\v Fulton SFABIBJI5 DAIRY

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