Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 27, 1958
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Pa§§ Twa MdM IT A I, MOM, Aft ft AN! Al September 5?, 19S8 • Pheftg Between § A.M. 4 P.M. Calendar Saturday, September £1 there Will be n tlnhrc nl thr Country Glub Saturday. St-pl 27 (it f) p.m for nit ndull members. Mrs, 6, A. Brown HoslfisS To "' Swe<H Home H. D. C. ' The ( seli'clibn use nnd en re of l t , Elccti'lcaf appliances was the \oy>\c of a talk given by M'rs. ,1. E, Ward when the Sweet Home ' It. D OHlb mrt al the Church for the September meeting. Mrs. •• Wdid (old (tie group to consider safety, cost nnd durability whrn buying appliances for the home. The meeting was opened by repealing the creed. Mrs. C. A Brown .gave Hie devotional from Matthew '6:0-13, "The Lord's Pray- i:r," Roll call was answered by "my favorite small appliance with ten members present. , The group voted to build the cltvb-house on the piece of ground in front of the church Riven by Mr. and Mrs. IMx, Low. Plans were made to piece a quilt by the same pattern.used last year. The club adjourned to meet ".with 'Mrs. Will Campbell on Oet- over' 17th. ... 'Paisley School v \'*Holds First Chapel "-•"' Exercise . . , 1 The first chape! exercise was ,-heltKnt Paisley school on .Septem- 'toor 2Cth at 10MO a. m- The Rev- ,erend .lames Hunt ot the First . Baptist Mission Church was the speaker; his subject was "Strangest Day in the Woi;ld." Miss Vicki _Tjppit introduced the speaker, while Donald Almond lead the ling salute. Grady Burton gave the Bible reading and Julia Ellis was at the piano. Mrs. White then led the group in singing • "America." (he class voiced the opening er and presided over the btisihes! session at which time the follow ing officers were elected for IhC coming year: M'rs. Earl I'hornfi soii.prpslrfiffil. Mrs. Torn Gray- vice president, Mrs. Louis Sutlph secrelary and treasurer, softj leader— Mrs. Itomer Cqbb, Visit- niton committee!- Mrs. C. B. ler. and Mrs. Arthur Lee welcoming committee;' If6fiic_d Billings and Mrs Tom Gray. Mrs. Earl Thompson, president of the class, expressed gratitude tc the class for the co-operatiph 61 each member during the SiiMay School year Which closes Wli month. Twenty-three members Were p sent for the meeting, Loyal Ladles Ctess Have Covered Dish Dinner 'Tlie Loyal Ladies Class of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle combined their September Social and An- ''nu'fll 'Business meeting Tuesday ".night nt 7:30 in the FellowsKip of the Church with' -a cover red-"dish dinner. Mrs. Oryille an, Mrs. Earl Thompson d Mrs- Louis Sutton wore in , charge of decoration. The tables wore * centered with low copper containers holding lovely arranRu- ments of dwarf zennias, marigolds and scarlet sage. Arrange- fnerits of white and pink Dahlias wore placed at vantage points in ' , the 'hall. . , Miss 'Hazel Abrnm. teacher "of AENGIER "LAST DAY — 2 Big Hits LATE SHOW TONITE11;QO PF TARTS $UN PAY ' Time =- T- Coming and Going l.indn iMoorc dnughtcr of Mr,, and Mrs. C. C. Moore left'Sqgf. cnvber 5th to enroll at the'tJhiyer- sity of Arkansas School of ^har- mncy nl Little Rock. Bob Bryant Bundy from Denver, Colorado. Is visiting friends' and relatives in Mont;. Jack'Bundy and family from West Memphis' spent Wednesday and Thursday visiting relatives. Bill Bundy and farnil^ from Hot Sprint's aft Nesyt' Bundy and wife from Stephens 'will" spent. Ihis u'Ci'lu-nd wilh relatives. • Mrs. Gcorgo Podds has returned home after a two weeks vacation in Hobbs, Ne,u' Mexico, with li'er daughter M'rs: L. 'W. Sparks, 'Mr. Sparks nnd children. Many Markets to Feature Chuck Roosts ••> *- ", n > ' 4 i <- ' v^ r, , v By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Docs your pocketbook "have, that lean and hungry looki" If so, you'll bo "jjlad to learn that many of the natio'n's supermarkets and neignbdrhood grocery stores .will feature -chuck roast — the housewife's budget standby — this weekend.- Some are backing It up with offerings of other low priced cuts such as rumT> roast, plate boiling 'beef and- also smoked beef tongue.. This week's eniphasis on bargain beel is evpect'ed to be only lomrjornry, however, as government experts 'look for ''ample amounts of hi'sh-gra^e beef thH fall but lessened 'supplies of tha Jowor frntles. Although , ilie !!W3 total is expected "to 'run "about" 5 per cent loss thn'n 1957, October supplies will be seasonally* large', Large mnrkotihgs of 'fed cattle will combine , with 'shiprn'ents M ~of gniss-fecl animals, Fryers -and pork Joins! two more items that lean more toward economy than luxury, also are" 1 due' to lop billing in some 'places. Smelts and flounder -arc featured in fish- eating areas. Egg prices fire down 2 to 9 cents a dozen over wide areas, although some higher prices are reported, too. Small eggs 'are (he bust 'buy at this time 'of yeas' bqqause "of heavy production as joung hens start to produce " • The outlook for early fall tabks is for ' considerable Increases over last year in cabbngi; ai;d carrot's, with smaller 'ih'creasps for tomatoes" and uriiiljflowqr. Let ' ' ' Union Warns •• One )nc medical director, attefnptcd to rtMve oUl of the bSecutfves' park ing lot. tiJM spokesmen s/t!d fnore th;th ISO pickets thfbhged" tibotil Wood's ear, kicked In the,side panels nnti srhashdd the windshield nh side" windows, 1'he doetdt wild wns tin- ihjur«1, backed into tlid parking Iqf again ahd later left in a taxi crib by a side entrance. More Iliad 20 other Cadillac ex ccutlycs, Including General Man* fe'fre'F" James RSehe, rchihincd in the plant for rn'ore .thafi an hour after Hie Incident 'and finally left their cars In 'the; parking'lot and Went hprrie b.y "i&iili'. "In the olhef ipld.enl, Some sUf ervlspr'y workers'Si the suburban Warren tc6hhie«l 'Center "told' (10- U'efc the dlstribut'6r wiles on their ciif$ Werp'"tpr'ri'16o£e' Uy persons imkhp\yfi \yhlle fe'vefal hundred iuckets from the plflht's 3.BOO ringed the plant. Vitc' President * Leonard „-,-,..: said the Union wij'uld 'nhk?"a 'thprpugh 'lnyb'sti|!atioh of he ""allcgccl " viblcnce "'arid U it 'oiind'the v rep9rts X^ere tr.tie, typiild :ak?" steps to "ifrialfc" coHaln there no. repetition. yAW 'alfea.dy /has a eon- ;racl agreerncht' With Ford, other rnembet* of v thc'' Big Threer and is jrepa'riht; 'nmV for' a secret ballot imong 9(1,000 ford workers on ac- !cptntiq.(> of' .tliif threq-y0nr con- njct which woiild provide workers wUh-'ari 'additional 24 to'30 cents aVhoutYover (he 'Hf? of th* contract. :,Thc- UAW's 'Nrftloiinl ? or<l-'Council' app^rovgd tho pact Thursday?"Ford' workers now av- rage $2 02 hourly, Comment's and ••"! *•«»•*,. **, Nptes From Hollywood ' A PM6H6R Pletuce' WflUf HOLLYWOOD (APj— f^otes and comment on the Hollywood scche — U Frank Sinatra hhd his way, no'd reVoltltioni^e the habits of the movie 50 years, Ih6 sUicJlos have operated the same as rftdsl nesses— from 9 in the ffiOfhihg' until d at night. Sinatra is H6\v doing his third film on a ftoofl t6 8 schedule, and he thinks it's the Ircolest. The picture Is "^ohld -nmo thinning," and Pratik said t was over four days' ahead" of schedule. "My system makes Setis'e," he irgued. "Most show people have pill: tied to perform at their best n the afternoon and evening, \Vhy should they be required to work n the; morning just to follow the custom? •This way. you can get a good sleep and start work refreshed. t's especially great for the girls, vhp can get up at 9 instead of a.m. to start their fnakeiip flhd lalrdressing. We have a ibreak for I me.il at 4 and eat right on the et. Very often we'll finish much ?efpre 8 .because we move so fast," _Does he have any trouble con- 'incing the studios of his shooting nclhod? "No, wo just tell them ' ' GouMy eouficil of P?f A Mgtti. Nevada County dottfrcil of Pared Teachers Association met in the Laheburg cafetefia Tuesday high Sept. 23 with fk) member? fcrcsent Mrs. T.. A Mafia!-,' fioUfleif 'p're'si dehl, presided. Sro. Jess White of the Sodeaw PTA gave the deVotiofial ahd Sro Loy Per|Usbh of Prescoll led In prayer. ' Musical selections presented at the meeting were furnished by the Laneburg' PTA, They inducted! Vo cal solo, 'Mary Jewel McBride, nc compahied by fiobby ' afi<: hat's .how I like' to work, hat's that," 'and Frank's next objective: a . four- ay shooting week, Thatli toe- the' day I. . . . '—• ViiVcenl Price 'has done 80 TV DOROTHY DIX pipst .fjjhppier's Cloudy but Story Ends Happily (Dear Dprothy Dix: Nels banielSofi!' trio, Kathy Sud Allic ivtae Ward and Mary Jewell McBride, ac*fc6mbanied'ttt the piano by Margaret Ellis! Vocal solo, Sue Spencer: "quartet, Mrs. Jewell Caf licfatt, fichvar'd Spencer 'and Mr, and Mrs ' Olen Mart. PTA's from the county attending the meeting an.d' the number frorii each association Were! dale, 8! Bodcaw, 8: Laneburg 1 , 23; ' Willisville, 7; Emmot, 3! Rosstoh,' '2| Prescott Hi|h School, 6; Prescott Elementary, 4. Mr.s. Splma Bailey tiieo,' 'celery, cucumbers' arjd ^nap berms will* be down, 'on. the o'(her hand, ' ' 'For this week "best l?e|s arb heels, corn/ 'onions,* ctj(?ry, potatoes, swept peppers and the Roniaino and big "Boston of - on, (AP) — ,Typ^on Ida ^ "" , •swept up the ^JapsnesoJ eoq""^ late today with W£ing''l£5-njU£ ,'^jjipd.s and be'ean veering, Siway/'fronj a' rain-drenched, and flooded " Tpkyq.* Tokyo's ' M^feorojogionr IJogfd. said Icta, WHe4 as * one' of the >yorst storms' eyer to'hit, Jjip^ri", \vas hej\d.ing norlhotjst, off' tl/e coast 'beJow'"the papJtaJ. '" '•• Polipe reported 1C 'dea,(J, ant} 8^ injured sproM Japen' and ''^{rdgad. and 30 missing in the Tokyo £fp!|. Priving rpins ponre.d. l? r jn;ph>5 of wpteV on Tokyo in }§ lipu/s? Frj' da>% ' Weathermen called, it "a f,ec* " - " DRIVE-IN My parents Were divorced before was born I don't know if my pal father ever saw mo. Mother •emarried when I was two years ild. "Now I'm'13 and want to know ibmcthing' about my own daddy Mother won't tell me anything. low.can I get her to tell me the ruth? — Ann. Dear Ann: Your mother has her <wn reasons for withholding the vhble story of her first marriage. strongly advise you to stop nag- ing about it and wait until you are™-18 or so, when, f am sure, •ou'll hear the "facts. Meanwhile, •ou're a lucky 'little girl to have a good stepfather. Count your pre- "erit blessings and don't delve too deeply into the past, My steady and I have 'been going together for six months. We see each other every day and go everywhere together. Suddenly he "comes up with' the idea that we're seeing "tbo" much of each othe 1 -. Hi? suggests that we ibreak up and date Other people. I 'guess he's right, but I'Ve lost contact' with other boys. It will be hard tp start dating' again. 1 don.'t .'even have a 'girl'friend with whom I can dis'- cuss the prbbiem. As 'for my parents, while they are'Wonderful people, I've nyver been able to talk with them — Mercedes, Dear 1 " Mercedes; 'Slipping from one groove to another is no great engineedne feat- Qiher .boys will soon catch on to the fact that you're^spld again, Get into school and church 'activities, be a good sport, a' ple~aYa'rjt com'panton, a cheerful w«Qrk.Qr, That will take cure of the, prpbleiTi ,of friends, 'As for your L parents, have you ever really tried'to talk "with them? Teemagors are apt to be aloof ahd expect other people tp makp all the' a'dvances. Their •"chief < "tnlent seeqis' to be 'in ' bewildering their paints. Morp ' find End' will probably i(>e delighted' to" kno^y that you want' to talk "to then), r Porothy "Djx: at the beginning of e, "summer and *ive' wej-p sooji going sfea'dy, When' so'hoo! st wp .drifted apart slight}}', n»4 ' me! '-*•-' Palsy, ight}}', lhaj ))e »d. dictn ' ))e gaye a ar»d. it's Ue up p rprnpee pink 'ribbon nnd stow it awjiy \y H ptf to over my mmr bas very an ,• mi 49«'!k p vith w 'pi stiy, ie ask.'py>¥sy, I wish sg Tiwr.fi Plea- Worn, ij v$)u «o\44 tsavs ' it "need. with y$>u.r a /ourcent stamped, self-addressed envelope. Dear Dorothy Pix: I've been married 25 years to a perfectly wonderful man, so, I guess ypu think I haven't a problem — but I have! It's "other WJD- men." They can'.t or won't keep their hands off my man. They 'fool with him, dance .cheek-to-cheek and will do anything to* attract' his attention. iHe's'handsorne and jolly. Since I'm satisfied with just' his attention, why can't other" women be content with their <own x husbands? He never makes advances arid I guess he really can't' be ^impolite- to the'm. He "says I'm" -just jealous but it isn't that sirrjple. This is the soi;t of , thing', thai -can bre*ak' up a marriage. Please don't say that's the price 'I .pay j for a good-looking man! — 'Eve. ' . Dear Eve: All right, . I won't say it, but it's true.all'the same! These "other -women"* are married to tiresome husbands who won't dance or joke with them. Ypur husband is what "they would like theii'S.tQ be, Can you, be 'SO annoyed because 'another woman envies the wonderful man you have? We can have Very little in life' exactly the way we want it, You have a handsome, energetic, fun- loving husband* who, at 50, still enjoys dancing- You can-'i keep. him locke'd up in an isolation booth._He tries hard to pJeasVyoiy but th'o only way he can be really successful is to withdraw from 'society altogether. Would you" lik,e that? I'll sgy ypu "wouldn't! If 'an unpleasant situation* develops from all this, it's your fault, 'Be 'generous, You have the man. If he can shed a ray of sunshine on. some olhpr Jadies' boredornV Jet bjnj, \yhen you' get borne,' he's all' yours, Dear Dorothy Pix;" My boy f fiend and 1'h.nve been going together "/or ttlfee months,' He' says hp feels Ufte a pviisanee nroupd the house' aHhpwgh my, parents ' have donp th§ir ''best ..to i! him wejcp/nij. ' V do or" say to "make him 'f pall??. ' I love to h^ve hini * Pear Nancy; Ypwr fri#n4 * really ' he's'ij you to kj-e-p j-eassyring he's, w?l?°pi|< Y9»i)f ,- 'b,qys usitaljy rate a'plnys °a'8ny ss» cohfi^enge 'q^iz, T|)f y n'ees| *g in the ego'aji'd. ihf -gsj?" wl^i give pgipjess' j?ops{fr ?,hots the ones' i™b so'rjjg '' read the "minutes of tKe lnst"'rncot ing. An entertaining skit Was presented by; Jane Weems'"of Rossloh, The president asked the" differ* cnl associations to explain how they conducted their membership drive, Mrs. Wayne Etcjj ' told""li6sv""'(h"b Prescott ? JUn{6r'.Senlor'- PTA* was coriduucting r theJ'r'driver"and Mrs. Dudley Ro'tise the Elementary,-PTA drive. "*:-.'... ' ' '•- A : '• ! Russell Moberg, chaii'man of the Prescott'• "Library!Board, spoke on the value -of* a -county library^and the one mill library tax that the people of the .'county would have an opportunity! to vote 'On' in the general election. ' , ; 5 Mrs P-. A/'Escarre, president of the Prescott" PTA'"ihvited '•"everyone to attend the Oct. 2 meeting of the Prescott Jr,-Sr.' PTA' o"> hear? an address on lesislatioh by Harvey Sncll of the State "Department of Education. Mrs*. Dudley 'Rqusc," president of the Brcscb'tt Elementary PTA also jnyited the group to attend the" Oct. 9 meeting 'of the" as- sociatipn at which time "they . will have as guest' speaker "Miss Amy Jean Green' of Henderson State Teachers College. Bro. White voiced the closing, prayer. Methodist Men's Club, Meets The~M'ethodist Men's Club met in the educational building Monday evening at 7 p.m. and observed Father and Son night. The 75 present enjoyed a covered dish supper .after which Adam Guthrie ' Jr.," program chairman, introduced Coach 'Phillip Regincllj. who showed .films of last y.ears Arkansas ,- ( Texas Tech football game. , ,. \ " ... Masons Entertain Wives' Prescott Lodge --No, 80 F & A.M. ente'rtained th'etr wives at the Ma- Lodge Hall 'on! Monday eve- been the 'guest of her parents, Mr. ahd (Mrs. Wells Hafhby. Aide Admits Cqfttihued ^rorrt Page 9fiS may. As Gov. Jahles P". do!eff5afi of Mississippi put it. "we intfefid 10 ' Anofher Charge Show IffiW Mr. and Mrs. Koy tiavis of El tSoradd Visited Prcscotl relatives Tuesday. Mrs. V, ft. ttardiri of Fairfleid, Teic., Mrs. Sdgar A. Elliott Jr. ( of dorsicatia, Tex, and Misses Lyhrt and Gwyh S"mitr! of Dallas retUi-11' ed to their home on Monday after a visit with Mr. ahd Mrs. S, C. Griffin. tfiaJfitai'ri our positiofl. quietly With dignity. We doh't Wahl 5Ry' trouble/ 1 1 they haVe shifted tH6 ._.. Versy lo a different ground, iff'tHe milid of the hian on the slrfeet. Ufitil the die was east, aftd tits schools actually closed, ths issue {Jl-esehted itself to .people itt several differeftt" Wa^s—gtate^Vei'SUs' federal a.iithtM-ity, hbW the 5 14th aWeHdmefit le the CoHstjtutiptl *'- fects seMfegatjofi and t). S §U]3i'(?rriM court itself iri its '1954 ruling that legation is cofileilaKt OR ciu!2 Show was s : gyl«g figged sh* &iid off'CanHera rehearsal/i were efrrpioyed op the {jrograni, **' Iri & Mew Vprk Post iHtferview. artist tfaftieS §nodgrass, 33. sajd he Had figured in a court OVel-'stepp&d Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McKehzle haVe returned frofti Abilehe, Te.V., _ _ n where thcj' were the gilesl's of Miss These are" compjicaVcd legal fivelyii McRcnaie, They wer flc«. citiestibns, uncharged watersi companid', by M'rs, S, O. "Logan, "But to'th* pateftt in Little Rock who visited her datlgh'ter, Mi's. Slcele Moore and family in Dallas. today, these Cortsfdei'StidftS Nippon I' to have dirrtinlshed in Impot'tance Christianity Increasing in Indonesia -.- ' f s ^-i- 1 ^ By DAVID LANCASHIRE JAKARTA, Indonesia (P)' -* Christianity, brought to I his Moslem land by the • colonial Dutch and Portuguese, has not only survived the* depiise of. VVestcrn rule, it is on the increase. The 'Indonesian" Ministry of Religious affair repprts^ there were 01B ure l;luseu . KB1 If? than 414 rnillion Christians in measure he has taken. eked" 'iHtfWeht on "fvvefity-Oiie" ill ibesifcte the ijlain, psittftfl htima*l question; ' ' : "Does Johnny go to school? If] not, What do We do? If he goes' to a private school, will he have the accreditation to go to college?" A .Vear ago, a Georgia nc^vspap^ er editor; discussing these aspects of the question, said: "We may face the alternative in ths South of integration or ; iilit» c.racy," ' ' , Now the deserted school is a re:- ality. A Little''Rock fatlier.,' taking his ' cKildre'ri' to '"ari" "put-of-statp school, 'Said"'"I still amTopposed to integration.' But that isn't the point now. The 1 point is to get my kids educatedi 1 ' The artist, competing with .cpii* teslaftt ttahk Mipemgardenj vv'as ruled to ilaVe gfVeh a Wi : oiig dil- SWef to a' : medical qaegtion. flu ruling brought ,,i storm pf protest frorrt -• dpelprs, They said Bloom* gardett's answer, termed Correct.* was .3iist as wroflg as the an" Snodgrass gave Shodaras was quoted by the Post as relating that he Was given answers to qitesiiong before pro a grams Went on the air, was rehearsed ift mannerisms to uSe and finally was toid when to loser A similar story concerning the shotv was told earlier by former contestant Herbert Stempel. Producers of the. program have denied allegations of any rigging,j| young David while the rest of the Thomases, plus a bush pilot and second plane with came,ra crew. did the Alaskan film. A great part of the time the group camped out, with the adults using sleeping ibdgSi.'but. with daughter-Anne oil a pallet on the tent floor. "She refused to use a sleeping ba#," .•snW-'her mother.."! guess I should have broken her in before we left Princeton.. • "I also had planned to Schools are closed- can take the ning", "the" island "nation when'.independence was achieved''in* 1930. NovV there are about six million. Leaders of, the 3'/ 2 million Protestants and 2 ,\' 2 •'million" Roman Catholics'ihl the laridi of 75 million Moslems advance several reasons for the ''increase. ' -•••-• When • the Dutch left Indonesia o go its independenl way, the Christian churches began putting emphasis 'on the training and development of native Indonesian church leaders ruid clergymen. "They immediately brought the church closer to the people," says he Rev. Simon Marantika of the •Jatio'nal Council of Churches. When the newly independent government first took steps to spread education , among the 3.000 slahds; it found the best school^ n the country were run by, Chris ian " missions. '' Many students adopted Christianity with their ed- icatiori. "Also," ad t ds the.Rev Mr. Mar- intikn, ''(Here had" been a great deal of unrest in the" country and Qme* have'''come' to Christianity as a sort of a sanctuary." ' 'Much 'of t the" unrest' 1 has caused by thcTpar'ul Islam's, a sect f Moslem's" who ' have" waged >loody warfare for eight years to jress ( their demand 'for a theocratic Moslem state. "Tfiey.'.are not-working against Christianity,, in, particular," says the Rev, W, B. Johnson of the Not all the people in cities where her in corduroy pants for the trip, - • - • so Id, have very little ironing. The day before \ve were* to'leave. she announced firmly she wanted dresses I did some "hasty shopping • and,of .course spent half my tiny! 'in Alaska ' doing lalmdry/ as a .result." been " Bussey Lee, worshipful master, 1 American Southern Baptist Mis- presided ajid.^ the meeting was operied with 'prayer by A,' B. Bonds. The] wqlcomq address*• was" given by 'C, 0. Wahlquist, , (Mr, B^nds, "past master called for' all past masters to come before "the 'altar and a'ftqr being jpfiied''ib'y their wives, they pinned a r^d carrption", at her shouWpr, a'fter~ which the group "went to the Legion' Hu( fpr supper, Mr, Bonds gave the invocation, " 'Gene Lee led "the singing of several ,songg and Mr, Bonds offered the closing prayer, those 'from" out of U\n who, attended funeral services fr| ' ,' Lee Carruthejs , afternoon were Mr. and Mrs, Jim Winchester, Mr. qnd |Mrs, James, Winchester,- Wr. ^ M'rs, Carroll Andrew?" and 'Pavid, Wr- 'and Mrs. Camithers and Mrs, Maxine Robb ...Mr .and Mrs, Tilljnan Cgpyuthprs and^soj)s", of 'Pine Bluff; Mr, and ' Kirs, 'OjUn ' of Hope; ^ and' Mrs? phCrles Leoj) Carr u .ther.s ^ "^n r "M>r- apd Mrs. r?, Thelma 'Pfjrrujh- Johnny Paughtery ai?d- W< ,?n.^ Ws- W n 9 Mr," ariH Mrs, Tomn}y ' ' Mr Mr*- McE)(i?)) ( anfj JM&s, or P. k9}', Mrs- mos Pedf,op, Mr- ?Pd |4rs. MptUgat i^fOVf-^itfi.^ sion, a North Carolinian who came to Indonesia after 39 years, in China, "They a're against everyone." Since Darul Islam activity began', the" community of 70,000 Christians in central Celebes .has Dwelled to 150,QOO as villagers adopted Christianity in opposition to terrorists, ' Its leaders feel Christianity will continue to grow as the country develops, ' "At one tlfne, to become Christian was" to become "Dutch," savs the' Rev Mr, Marantika, '.'But no>v it' has become fully accepted and Integrated, With the ,'jfcrease in Indonesian workers, Christianity )s jjo Jongpr felt'to be a tl)ine of tho West," " ,, ' Life of Sanders B, , J^lWt nnd gomeiini.es ttjey "" served, pnly at . tragedy t^ft hwpg oyer the jjfe gf Albert Broccoli ' In Kentucky, where the schools are integrated, Gov A. B. Chandler said: '.'The pendulum (of public feeling is going to swing back, ^.nd when ' it 'does, it always, swings harder than in the first swin'gj Some of these fellows .may hhye misjudged things. When ttie swing comes, it will wipe out everybody in the way." Chandler said he is a close friend of Virginia's Gov. J, Lindsay Almond Jr., and he added: "I don't think even Lindsay has any real genuine hope of making that (massive resistance plan succeed in Virginia," Almond himself recently told tho Associated Press, "We may have to take it between the" eyes." At the governor's conference, Arkansas' Gov Orval E. Faubus said litigation might block his plan to reopen thee Little Rock schools on a private basis. ' ' "If so," he said, "if the children don't get back to school, it will be the responsibility of the federal government." The' big question now seems to Has the change of heart, on which federal authorities counted, begun to take place now that the schools are closed? Even Tots in Thomgs Fqmijy Get Around ' By GAY PAULEC UPI Women's Editor NEW YORK' VUPI) —Even thp tots in tho Lowell Thpma's family got around. ' " ' ' Three-year-old Anne Thomas, srand-daughter of the traveling newscaster - author - lecturer-film producer, is just' back from two months in Alaska, roughing it with b'er parents'as they mode-a film about the" 40th state Now,'Anne's mother, Mrs, Low- ell'Thomas Jr,, is just waiting' nfl- til son David, 15 months, 'grow out of diapers so the whole family can -take off> 'for -places, ' >'We wnnt to trnvel as much we can as a family," said nttr live '29ryear-o]d Tay Thom'as, a tall, bluereyed brunette, "But I don't'think jfs fair to keep chil- dren'constantly on the go," That's why she, Anne and Payicj will 'jv main at their home in Prinpeton, N, J,, While kawej} Jr, vjslts th« JVIjddle ^ast this falj. Film Featyr?? Pawght^r < • HP Is producer -'of his father's ."High Adventure" ?ew?, whicfr CBS wtU Jejevise this fall, fit§rtln« with' the Alaskan Story .Oct 8, ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs..'Joella Amour Is servic- inn the Investment account* of her husband ( Joe Amour, deceased. " • Please call Prospect 7-2419 for any", information you may need. Toylor & Jordan USED CARS — And — BODY SHOP "'>216 S. Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor - John Bill Jordan LENNIE JACKSON Has joined the staff of '« ; Hazel's Beauty Shop and Invites her friends to visit her. ,' r HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP 104 8. Elm Pho. 7-2878 "• 86TH ANNIVERSARY S P E C.I A L 5 Pe. Maple. Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware. $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load ' Cut in Woods or otherwise. HAROLD HENDRIX Phone >PR 7-4321 16th & Louisiana, Hope,-Ark. ' <• ' r—'Now "Opeti 'For Business — SMITH'S GENERATOR and STARTER SHOP 106 S, Walnut St, — pho, 7-2451 Rebuilding all makes & models 'ofrGenerators and Starters . Pfl u gMer ^ Mt»ny el thp§p t \VhJfih §he she » s 'featured jij the visit largest Travel Thpms? i>§ wsll as h?r Her father is ' vise pr§«4.ent , gt Pan « Arngrican . W«rJ4 a fgtslui •At 18, .*h> was mgrpp4 ior to AQ ptft wjith tourists mth .a jyyfg aivt jjip^ g«y« § ssd hft wttots io to IMf W&WW W-M* GIRLS — NEWFIESTA COjLD WAVES $8,50 ' Guaranteed MARTHA'S 8IAUTY SHOP Behind Childs ; ggo §, §hevsr

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