The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 3, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
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"f;? •?*.• CvY If • ' •» ' '. ,,, <**f^i !•««»*! „ „. ,-, , ,,.,.„;?,„ ;,\^ n &d$^'/i ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, I0WA, WEDNESDAY. JtTNE 3, 1896. KO. 36. ELECTRIC LIGHT Council Listens to a Representative of the Ft, Wayne Company and Appoints a OUR CUSTOMERS TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE OUT PRICES ON SKIRTS, SUITS AND CAPES. WE HAVE A EEW LEFT AND WILL CONTINUE TO SELL THEM AT OUR FORMER PRICE. Committee to hear HimFurther—Sugges- tion of a Home Co-operative Company Received with General Favor, U.K. Hitcncock, representing the Fort Wayne electric light company, was before the council at their regular recognized standard into vaults or out Of the country, creating a financial Stringency in comparison with which ;the present would be considered a time tif overflowing riches. He told the convention that a parity in value could be Mo mnre maintained between gold and .Silver than between horses and cattle. '^Nevertheless, the convention adopted the doctrine that free, and unlimited coinage of silver shall be made the law &t a ratio of 10 to 1, and. in self consistency, it protested against preservation of the gold reserve as is now re- Quired by the law to maintain the parity of the metals and redeem the notes df the nation. In other words, the Iowa democratic Convention, protesting also against the "We are Showing Good falues in' 'Duck Suits, Millinery and Shirt Waists. Jas. Taylor. meeting Saturday night and talked electric lights. No action was taken by the council, further than to authorize the mayor to appoint a committee to confer with Mr. Hitchcock. -The committee appointed by Mayor Haggard are Ferguson, bayers, Slagle, Wadsworth and Rice. Mr. Hitchcock has made several tentative propositions, one being to furnish the city with 7 2,000 candler power arc lights and 80 incandescents, 20 or 32 candle power, for $1200 per year. His company would want a 20-year franchise. There is considerable public interest in the electric lights question at this time and the desire for action appears to be general. At the same time there is little probability that a franchise would be granted to any outside company, if an election should be called. The reeling seems to becrystalizingin favor of a co-operative company, to include all the business men of the town who HERE WE ARE WITH A Carload of Furniture Fre^i the from factory. ....... The Latest Styles! Fine Goods! Low Prices! 0 O •.Retirement of these notes, declared in favor of not merely a slump to the Chi- 'itiese basis of silver currency, but in favor of irredeemable paper. Is Horace Boies prepared to come to the Chicago .Convention on this platform? -: Wr. Boies must answer the questions put by Kathaniel French, who presented the minority report, namely: "Is it fidelity to the wage earners to cut their Wages in two? Is it fidelity to the people's interests to cut in two their deposits in the banks? Will you vote to protect the masses ot the mine owners? Horace Boies will have the eyes of his country upon him until he announces his decision. ' WANTED A HORSE CHEAP. Some time during the middle of last week a party of horse traders came to the vicinity of Emmetsbiirg and camped and commenced plying their vocation. Friday Bob Hutchinson, a boy We are handling . . . From Battle Creek; also their Cereal Coffee. JUST LISTEN- We can furnish you a good, - well made, three-piece chamber suit, German bevel plate glass, at the low price of ....... ........ ..... ,•• •'•. ...... •• THREE-PIECE CHAVAL SUIT -,- 17x36 CD 1 C^ 00 German binel plate glass ............................. • •• <K * v -'« Come and See Our New Goods, For everybody in Kossuth County. Did you buy your Shoes Algona Shoe Store? will take a share, the main idea beings to give the town the cheapest possible'; lights. If fifty or sixty business men would take stock very few would need to invest more than $100. The city is' not in position to put in an electric light plant in connection with the war ter works. With the city furnishing the power and the home company putting in the plant proper the city could get cheap lights and the company would be required to make only a mod? erate investment, probably not more than $7,000. There would be no doubt but that a company organized on these lines would be given a franchise. A provision of the franchise would un? doubtedly be that in five years or at such other time as the city might be in position to take the plant, it might be turned over to it. There are several, plans by which such a company might be formed, but the object in all would be the same, to secure the lights without giving any corporation a 20-year privilege to bleed the town, and without making it a burden upon anyone. The saving in lighting bills would many times over pay the interest on the small sum that Jiny user would be 'called upon to .invest. In Des Moines a telephone company is now operating on this co-operative basis, the stock holders buying as many $45 shares as they desire to operate instruments, and getting their service for the bare operating expenses, lessened by the reasonable profit realized on outside patrons. The principle ot co-operation has been applied in so many forms of business, and with such uniform success that no other is now a more popular candidate for favor. There is no reason why we may not at once set out on this plan and win. On any other plan we should probably fail. of about 17 years of age, came to town arid they wanted to trade horses with him. He didn't want to trade but told them that he would sell the horse. One of the traders asked him what he wanted for it and he told them he would take $35 for it. The fellow said all right and offered him 35 cents, which the boy refused. Whereupon the fellow threw the money on the ground, snatched tne lialterstrap from Hutch- insoii's hand sprung upon the animal's back and away he went. Hutchinson came uptown and notified the sheriff 'of the circumstances and had a warrant sworn out for the fellow's arrest. The party was found HI one of the trader's camp Saturday morning, about 1 o'clock and arrested. The horse was also found in Mr. Nolan's pasture, where the rascal had turned it. He gave his name as Chas. Fuller, waived examination, and put up $100 bond to .appear at the next session of the district court. The only excuse he offers for his rash act is that he was drnnk. Perhaps he was drunk, but before he is through with it he will think it a dear dd. drunk.—Reporter. , De Sherman Frow. I am ono Sherman farmer's fiow, I feed do pccgs und milks cler gow, I feeds my man mit tings dat's goot, I build de lire und chops der wood; Yet all day long from morn till'night He drink him beer und schmoke him pipe. I digs der garten mit my foots, I sows de seeds und plants der roots, I brings der water from de spring, I vasb oop efery dirty ding; Yet all day long from morn till night He drink him beer und schmoke him pipe. I feeds de cattle in der stall, I house de lambs ven dey is small, Und tro'derschnow on vinter's day I feeds de stock mit grain und hay; Yet all day long from morn till night He drink him beer und schmoke him pipe. I dells my madecho-.ns, if dey can, To find von sober vorkin man, Who vorks der form und doos de chores Und looks to all tings out of doors; Who luffs his t'row unt calls her dear tint schmokes no pipe unt drinks no beer. —Armstrong Journal. EHflS, MAENUSSnirS ICE WAGON will deliver Ice any time, 'mlers left at Hamilton's will have prompt attention. TELEPHONE NO. 44-. Doxsee & Foster, ABSTRACTS OF TITLE, REAL ESTATE, LOANS, AND IN' SURANCE. State street. AIXJONA, IOWA. There is a large stock and a fine assortment to select from, and the prices are the lowest. , , If you want 8hoes or Boots give us a call. Brownell & Alfred, •- BOSTON BLOCK, . ALGONA, IOWA, Don't be Deceived... Impossible To buy Lamps, Crockery, Glassware or anything in Groceries, quality considered, less than our prices, ' . . . ,JIi0hest vrices paid for good Butter and $ggs. PATTERSON & SON, A, D, Painting, Paper Hanging. 1 damage Painting a Specialty- a? Bradley & Marble aiW Granite Work OF A^L KWPS. Factory on ftt»t* St ast°f J. B. THE DILEMMA OF HORACE BOIES Chicago Times-Herald: Horace Boies is an honest man infirm of purpose. His conscience and his ambition are in conflict. Reason and patriotism still dominate his intelligence. He will hesitate between common sense and an apparent fate. The financial plank be offered, only to be rejected by the Iowa democratic state convention, convicts him of fearing that unlimited free coinage of silver would ruiu the country for a time if undertaken by law and of believing that the ruin would end only with repeal of such legislation. The text of his rejected plank shows also that he does not believe in the stability of a parity of gold and silver at any ratio with free coinage of silver. His own handiwork convicts him of knowledge that ho matter what ratio should be adopted with free coinage law could not prevent commerce from compelling an alteration of it with all the attendant disturbances that accompany empirical currency tinkering. . The rejected, Boies plank is as fol-, lows: "While we believe a ratio which has been substantially continued for three-quarters of a century in the most prosperous period of our country's his* tory will prove equally efficient and equally satisfactory if yeadopted now, still, if when silver and gold are restored to absolute equality before the law with equal rights in the mints of the nation and as money of final redemption, reasonable experience shall demonstrate that parity at the "ratio aforesaid cannot be maintained, we pledge the democracy of Iowa to aid by every means within its power in the es^ tabjisfcment of » new ratio just to all classes of our citizens alike, by which such parity shall be maintained." Thus believing, how pan Horace Boies consent to align himself with free silver coiners at the Chicago convention? My. Bojes must decide his political future before the Chicago, convention meets, The temporary chairman of the Iowa convention Samuel s, Weight, laid down the true money do,ctvine of the world in plesr and lucid terms. lie told 'THEY.WERE DISCOVERED;, Whittemore Champion: "It is told that two school m a'ams from this vicinity drove to Emmetsburg with a fine horse ajd carriage last Saturday. They saw several of the young men from this neighborhood who were drinking a good deal out of the stand pipe or in that vicinity, feeling quite hilarious and they suggested that they were not representing Kossuth in a proper style. The boys got their liveryman confused so that when they ordered their turnout to come home, he hitched up a mule with split ears about tour hundred years old to an old rickety road cart and drove up in front of the hotel to help the ladies in. The rest can be imagined as one of said boys stood near by and said "we didn't represent properly but you did, so its all right." Cattle Bustling. Buffalo Center Tribune: Cattle rustlers are not a thing of the past in this county even though nearly every quarter section of land now maintain its man, and the days of big herds are over. On Wednesday evening May 20th, Bay Baxter and a companion who lived just east of Lake Mills, entered Keeler & Southwick's feed yards where about 100 steers were being fattened, and drove three of the best steers to Thompson and sold them the next morning to Joha Ellickson for $125.50 and started to walk back'tpiake Mills* but ;the T ste&rs' had :beeh missed ;aii,d,the telephone bad been put into' use and the boys were met on the return trip by Deputy Sheriff Turner' and taken before Justice Dennison wlio bound them over to the grand jury in the sum of $500.00. Baxter's mother went his bail and he is now at liberty but the other young man was more unfortunate and now languishes in the jail at Northwood. It is truly a pity that young men who have been raised differently should do such a thing. NEW RULES FOR '96. Woodbine Whiner: Hens will bo taught to provide worms for themselves and a spirit of independence among all fowls will be fostered and encouraged. Roosters who have been in the habit of calling public attention to a large fat bug and then eating it with vulgar joy, will get their necks wrung. Unhappy married men will be permitted to look over the fence and bewail their hard lot on Tuesdays and Fridays. Socia- bles and meetings for the spread of the gospel will be held on the first Monday in the month and men who have lived exemplary lives will be permitted to pass their money through a crack in the fence. Women who are unhappy with their husbands are invited to corne to the farm and pull weeds for their board. P. L. SLAGLE, Manufactuiei of and dealer IQ Harness and Harness Goods, ALGONA, IOWA. Ohrlstensen'sold stand*opposite Tennant House. .THE... lejiir Sliq Is the place to go with your Bicycle, your Gun, your Machine of any kind, your Umbrella, your, everything that needs fixing. ;EqulpRefl with wooc^ and iron AVpr.Wng; Iftihe and all iieeded tools/and machfnery,' 'Next to>Stea,m<La&fldiy and' 'opposite- the 1 REPUBLICAN Office, Algona. E, G, Bowyer, Chicken Industry Threatened. Bancroft Register: The Armstrong Journal thinks the town council should pass an ordinance prohibiting owners of chickens or other domestic fowls from allowing them to run at large, and providing a penalty of- a fine of $500 or two years imprisonment in the penitentiary. It would be a good law. —Dealer in- Jewelry, Silverware, Watches and Clocks.- Flnest Line and Largest Stock. Bepalr- <g\ ilip a Specialty. We employ only com- lay potent workmen. Call at our new quarters in the Boston Block. E, G, BOWYER, - Alpna, Iowa. the convention ttjatto make a piece of money out; of 51 or 53 cents' worth of silver and say that it shall be received iu payment of all debts aa 81 is to con- fiieate one-half of the wages and sav- ' NORTHERN IOWA VETERANS. The sixth re-union of the Northern Iowa Yeterans' Association will be held at Clear Lake commencing the second Tuesday in June, President W. A. Buinap has sent notices of the meeting to the posts and members and says "all veterans are detailed to report for duty Tuesday and Wednesday, June 9th and 10th, All ladies of Relief Corps and sons and daughters of veterans are especially invited, Rooms on the camp'ground that will accommodate your whole family can be rented for $Vto $1.50 for the. entire week. Bring your blankets and rations ana wife and children and have a good time." The railroads have made special rates for tne days of meeting ana the note! rates are quoted at $1 per day, LQV S4TEB TO MA1B On account of Annual Meeting, Volunteer firemen's Association, tne KortJiTWestern Line will, on June 8 to 12, teU excursion tickets to Marsball- towp and return at> reduced rates; tickets good returning until and including - ADM1NISTRATM MICE. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as administratrix of the estate of S. G, Maine, late of Kossuth county, Iowa, deceased. All persons in any manner indebted to said estate will make Immediate payment to the undersigned; and those having claims against the said estate will file them with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance. Dated this 1st day of June, A. D., 1896. KATE MAINE. 30-39 Administratrix. DON'T STOP TOBACCO. HOW TO CURE VOURSKUP WHIMS USING IT, The tobacco habit grows on a man until his nervous system is seriously affected, impairing health, comfort and happiness. To quit suddenly is too severe a shock to the system, as * Good Painting I have been in Algona 13 years and my work done during that time speaks Tor itself. I am still prepared to give the same first-class service as ever, and solicit your patronage. House Painting and Paper Hanging...., I devote special attention to and also • do carriage painting, kalsomining, etc. tiF'Shop on Call street, GO TO THE UUFO IS M BVlvU* 1 **** UUIO »W» |ft*0 KWUMIWVIW «* MV *w| in all its forms, carefully compounded after the formula of an eminent Berlin physician who lias used Jt }n his private practice since 1872, without a failure, It is purely vegetable and guaraateed perfectly harmless. You can use all the tobacco you want whlje taHing "Baco- Curo," It will notify you when to stop, we give a written guarantee to cure permanently any case with three boxes or refund the money with 10 per cent interest. "Baco-Ouro" is not a substitute, but o, scientific cure, that cures without the aid of will power and with no Inconvenience. It leaves the system as pure and free from nicotine as the day you took your first chew or smoke, Cure4 IJy Baco-Cwro and Guinea TM*ty ponmls. From hundreds ol testimonials, the originals of which are on file and open, to inspection, the following Is presented : , on _ Clayton, Nevada Co., Ark.. Jan. ?8. 1885. Eureka Chemical & Mfg., Co., fa Crosse, Wis-—Gentlemen: For forty years { used T°- baeco in all Us forms. For twenty-five years o that time I was a great sufferer from gener debility and Bearc disease. .Forfltteen years For warm meals at regular hours, also short orders at all hours. Keffulftr meals for 36 cents, . WE ALSO CABBY Fine Fruits and Confectionary, We have the finest Ice cre&m parlop in the city, Ladles' entrance on the east side. We have located our res- . taurant iu the L. M. B, Smith building, A, H, H, L KIMBALL Northwestern HAS FQF? SALE? / r ' 3 ,1 >• Cold," etc,, Juqp J3,1896. For tickets and full in- fornpL^tioft apply to agents Chicago & •NTorfclvWestern E'v. 35-36 Jl'y •'-.A.I' * v t. •...«..'....' \-ji ,.-.. *.-, L - - eae one-a - Fre,8h vegetables and strawberries ings pf li,bor' and to double the price of daily a^-Langdon & Hudson's. everything labor has to buy. He *• , r- — * — •> — r-r» — r ed tie convenWw against a sir 'Mm Royal .id fijianije Shjllouda^^ ^v'^iir-," ..x;,, 4' v I-, AUllUVbD, ^/VI»M*V Y. -* v * fl ^^i%7* c., but none of them did me |h$ <jod. finally, however, I pujr . entirely cured we of the and I have Increased t and am relieved from all the ttflU <yl#A ftutlwv^u JtAVU4 c.^* VMW ••^^•vfw- and pains of body and mind. I could quire upon my changed feelings ana e yours respectfully, P. H.MA^J MWA*A ffjt w»» ****»iao"**'**f *v « 7 boxes, (thirty days' treatment) * ' * * t Jh" 1 •C*/ ^v- "J , x " *" * -« ' > "? 1 * *^' ^' i ' ''*- *" *< Ll ^ * *** .,

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