Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 26, 1958
Page 4
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Pagi four Hope Faces Crucial Test Standings Tonight at Smackover THe Hope Bobcats jnurni'y In Srnackover tonight foi H cnicnit gnitto with the rvoc-tmign Burkn- roos at ft o'clock Tl will be TIopr'« Jiist district ftamo Fair «'firirnj> h;is :if»:i issued emphatically to HIP Bobeatr, Ih.'l Slnarknvnr is fjnins to £'i nil nut! for this nnr The Bucks wr-re IIMS"' I last woek by Fairvirw in a c»n- | lest Ihnl was plnyprl : n the rain- and mud. The previous week the' Smncktivpr (fiim Hofrn'fd Vfnlvrnt I AlwnVs toiiHh at hnme llv Biuk.-!,' 1 1hl ' p <- straight years of undo- would like nni'hu ucll »•> >un (his " t>ul ' >d timlbnll tonight nanlnyl ,|IP ono as they nnr.ulv h.ivr- i.nr d.'.' la <' '<'<»» '" l»pnl ho Tigers Hid ins--- Annihrr vv.mld oil but! /{I 11 ™ 1 '"vndM JMfouma tH«h ehminalr Ihnm Cnnrh Rw Brown # *$™ ftoliRP. sMklrtH Victory plans to «..( Uii, .mo .,nd n mnk- ft" 3fl In a stimg xvhlrh bcgnH in ins no bono< about if i IB " '"!'"«"«* a dofont by these Me has a onuplo of defense "'.von Key Games for Arkansas Grid Teams By JOHM R STARR Associated Press Sports WHtfer .title Hock Central bids to rrirtkc by THS ASSeeiAflO Bostoli W. L 30 61 86 1\ ffl 75 W 7S 73 77 M 7!) Pet. O I .300 — .SSO 1} .sn.1 H sort MI .500 14'r .487 10' .477 18 .407" 28' Kansas Clip Washington Pf-lday Haltirnnrp at Nhw York (Mi ttnsioh flt Washington <2-T«»i night) Detroit at Cleveland rtf) Kansas City at Chicago (M) dors" in 200 pound Crtlvln Rnr- baree at end and 175 pound Clydell \Voni;u«k at tackle Both of these boys were all-district Inst season aiu.l ore reportecly even bet lev this yen!'. Aeeordint! to weiRhls released. samo Indians. d If the underdog Tigers pull out a triumph, they will be favol'ed to run on i (heir 1058 schedule to winning sti'oak of 48 a record Sumes. The Big Mlnp Conference sprit- Fort Smith tonight Hope will heavily outweigh the j p inp Burks. Thp Bobcats avpragi' 11)0' Jino Is 170 is cm wherp I ho Grilles meet Pifio In the only league Korl Smith is favored, prln- bacltfield is the big difference with the Mope runner averaging HI7 to 138 for Smai-kovor. However, the •M -Bobcats aren't fouled a bit by those **•' woi)?hts which liavc ti hubil of ^\ .turning out grossly cxngKerated. n . • Conch Pierce knows what ID ex••""• poet aiicl has boon warning the ""' Hope boys nil week Hint it will take I, a top effort to win nt Smackover. 11 should prove one of the toughest •* games of the season. •»««.• ^ large caravan of cars along with the band will make Die trip ""• in rt group under escort. They will k-nvo from downtown Hope. , Ancient 1 Archie to Defend His Title 'H . * ' MONTREAL lAP) — Ancicn 4 ' t 'Archie Moore, whose nge. runner •.in A'arious estimnles from -II to •<•, 49 years, will defend hi.s li heavyweight boxing title for the " seventh lime on Dec. 10 v ~-' durable Yvon Durclle, Ihc Nc\\ - »' Brunswick fisherman. '-,*• ~ Arlicles for the in-round Iclc- ,,£)•• vised scrap wore 1 signed Thursday ', •>- Moore, who recently admitted ho •- • was 49 although the books list him --"", - as 45 and some sny 41, will got i ' '' '$100,000. Durclle will receive a guarantee of $12,000 or 20 per cent •-T^ of the net Rule. ''"* Archie, who Inst clcfeadccl his 4. -title against Tony Anthony Sept. |,'.'27, 1957, checked in for the sign* ing coreriionics w o i s h i n g 192 \I,, 'pounds — so he said. Others '. "" thought he weighed quite a bit ; W ,' more. '* But, as usual, Monro said he "wouldn't have any trouble getting down to the tTfi'-poiiiTd limit. DII- t*f , rcllo, 28, the Brjlish;JRmpirc lighl '"• heavy king, lookoil ^jh'u'ch more < * rugged and closer 'to fighliiig ccffT- ' • dition. ,-*•• l Tlio fighl will be televisod na- K ' t lionally (ABCi in th<- Unitpd : «> Slates with (ho except Ion of border -f -points within a 200-mile distance •' ' of Montreal, which will be blacked 0 " nut. Legal Notice < Proposed Pudget of Expenditures Together with Tax Levy for Fis>' cal Year Beginning July 1, 1959 The Board of Directors of Patinas School District No. 9 of llempstond County, Arkansas, in compliance \yjth the requirements of Act 103 ,' of 105J and of Amendment '40 to ",-thp Constitution of the Stale of Ar• JvansaSi have' prepared, approved, i-, and hereby make public (He proposed budsot of expenditures to gother with the tnx rate as lol- Blvthevillo nnd Texarkana are imdeitloRs to out of stnle foes. Whitehaven, T c n n ., perennial power of the Shelby Countp Lengtie, visits Blytheville while TexnrkMiia goes across town to meet Texnrkana. Tex. Hot Springs and North Little Rock are on the road agalnpt Clas s AA tunms and both are favored—the trojans over Benton nnd the Wildcats over Carntlen El 'Dor.-ido dofoatod Fair Park High tit Shrevoport, La., M-7 Inst night. Conway beat nsussellvillc 14-7 in Region Three. Three conference games are scheduled In Region One of Class Detroit 7, Chicago 1 Ohly pame scheduled Saturday Schedula BaltlWnre at New York TOtrolt at Cleveland Boston at Washinnlon Kansas City nl Chicago AA Sublnco at Fayoltevillc, Springdale nl Harrison nnd Van Huron at Rogers. .Tonesboro Invades Stuttgart of the unly Region Two tilt. Little Rock Catholic is at Mai- vorn in Region Three. .Crossott visits Magnolia and Hope is a! Smackover in Region Four contests Milwaukee . nO 01 r>9(1 — Pittsburgh 84 07 .550 6 San Francisco 78 7S Sin 13 Cincinnati 75 ?(! .497 1(5 St. Louis 71 BO .470 19 Chicago 70 81 .4114 20 Los AhRcloS 70 81 ,4f!4 20 Philadelphia 00 85 .437 24 Friday Games Philadelphia al Pittsburgh rN< Cincinnati at Milwaukee" (N> St Louis at Snn Francisco (N' Chicago at Los Angeles (2-Twi- nighO Thursday Results No games scheduled Saturday Schedule Cincinnati a I Milwaukee Chicago at Los Angeles St. Louis at San Ffanc'Ao Philadelphia al Pittsburgh fN) Mafor Le?gue Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting (based on 38P or more at batsl — Runnels, Boston. .324: Henry Lists Covington as Doubtful By JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sports Writer MILWAUKEE <AP)—Milwaukee . .. Manager Fred Haney. could prnb Williams. Boston. .320: Ktten. Dti-l ab 'y announce his Wosld Series JL^^ATA^J * * • Grade Football to Be Planned on Monday All boys interested In" playing Orartp School agp football for' the coming season should report to the Litllp League Baseball park oti Monday. Sept 2S)th Immediately aflpr school. Plans are for the teams' to practice in the afternoons after I school twice a week and piny their games on Saturday night at K-Pnrk. Possibly some games Will be played as preliminary to the Bobcat "fi" uiid Jr. games. The Teams will play "Flag" football and it will be a requirc- rttpnt that all players have a hel- fnol and a Jersey matching their ic'am colors. Players who do nol linvt- a helmot should report to Charles Cough. Players will not liavo to bring a helmet out to K- Park cm Monday. There will be no practice. This meeting is only to determine, how many boys are interested In playing. Players who do not have a jersey matching their school colors may buy a while jersey and dye it Hope Star Classified Ads ABS MUST IE IN OWCI DAY BtfdRI HJILICATION — PW8NF 7-3431 Wfi AD TAKiR very easily. All players should find out from their parents whether not they have the full 24 hour coverage school insurance. Coaches for the teams Will be oy Taylor, Monty Monts, .Jerry O'Noal, Jimmy Hollis, Bill Gunter, Bob Westbl'ook and Larry Cox. The schedule of Soluftaf as printed below f has beeh taken from John Alden Knight's Soluhaf Tables. Plan your days so that you Will bo fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you Wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for ah hour and a half of two hours after. The Minor Periods, shown ill regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Friday 4:15.10:20 4:35 10140 Saturday 5:00 11:05 5:20 11:25 Sunday 5:45-11:4.5 6:00 Monday 0:25 12.05 ti:40 12125 Tuesday 7:05 12:45 7:25 1:10 Wodnes. 7:50 1:30 8:10 1:55 8:55 2:40 H«lp WAffftfiss or mime, AMI? it i. Oaks Safe and Slit shop i§<l'frio.-e for Hint 2 ftOOM ftlfhished apartment with pfivale bath, fcont and back entrances, electric refrigerator, 321 BohHcr St., phone f-3553. iO-tf ftii-nished garage apart ment. Adults only. 520 W. nth Call 7*38n4. 24^6t For Sole or Trade Stalin'Plot' on TV Called Fascinating By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK (AP—"The Plot to Kill Stalin," the first Playhouse 90 qffoinjr of "(ho new season on CBS-TV Thursday night, was a fascinating .drama that imngimi lively probed "K "secret chapter of troit. .31(5. RUns — Mantle. New York. 125: Runnels. Boston. !)S: Power. Cleveland, n?, TUihs batted In — Jensen. Boston, 120; Colavito, Cleveland, 107; Siovors, Washincton, 105. Hits — Fox, Chicago. 183: Power, Cleveland, 180: Runnels and Malzohc. Boston, 178. Doubles — Kuenn, Detroit, 37- Power, Cleveland, 30; KaJinc, Detroit. 34. Triples -Power, Cleveland, 10: listory Under the direction of Dolbort Mann, this superb ,Fred Coc pro Uietion look the talevision aucli cnce inside' the Kremlin and in sido (he minds of a group of men vhose ruthless drive for power nis resulted in no peace in our ime, Seldom has TV drama presented itieli a gallery of vivid ohni'ncto.ri .alien by an outstanding east. Life n-'a police state, as staged with Aparicio, Ghlegb, Tut He. Kansas Citv and Lemon. Washington. 0; Home runs —Mantle, New York, 42: Colavito, Cleveland, 30: Cerv. Kansas City and Sievers, Washington, 38 Stolen bases — Aparicio, Chicfi- M, 29: Rivera, Chicago. 20; Lon- ci/s, Chicng'o and Mantle, New York, 18. Pitchins? (based on lij or more rlpeisiohiO —Tnrley, New York. 21-7, .750: McLish, Cleveland. 107. fiflG; Ford, Now York, 14-7, .607. SIrikoouls Runninar. Detrcit. 175; Wynn, Chicago', 172; Turlev New York, 168, NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting ('based oir 3CQ. or more at bats — Mays. San Francisco. .346; Ashburn. PhilfdolDhia, '344; Musial, St. Louis, Runs Banks, 3SG. Chicago, Ilfl: Mavs, San Francisco, 116, Aaron . ..„ ... Milwaukee) 109. cmarkablo realism, appeared as oRmis bald in — Banks Chipn- f 1*1 m fni* I hn r»lii rtt'o nf t\f\Mnri » » r«.. rm i on> mi.,-....-._„. T^»11 _i.... ..i , n*. lows: General Control, $1,000.00; In-;". struction. $20,050.00; Operation of ,;^ Schopl Buildings, 51,100.00; Main,!',„ tenpmce of Schoul Plant and JSquip- $GOO.OO; Auxiliary Agencies transportation), $8, 000.00; Fixed Charges, §700.00; Cap. ,;jtal Outlay, S150.0Q. 1 To provide for (he foregoing proposed budget of epenxdilurps tho ', Board of Directors proposes a tax .jevy of 27 mills. This lax levy in"'.eludes the present continuing levy Jpr the vetiromenl of present in- Ihis 23 day ot Sept. 1858, BOARD OF DIRECTORS Patmos School District l\ T o. 9 of Hempstead County, Jjmmje Griffin, President Qsvy Formby, Secretary 6, }958 y Interested in Y'purFuture?-. SERVICE grim for the chiefs of police as for tho prisoners, Melvyn Douglas brilliantly por Irayod the a$\ng Stalin — relent less, crafty, bold, susplcioious, As his -private secretary, his con fidanlo Poskrebyshev, Eli Wallnch playocl a man of unprincipled, mindless lovaltv. Oscrtr Homolka, in tho role of Khrushchev, was a polilican whose fqlsoly' jovial mnnpagor failed to rtisauiso his lust for power. As Beria, IS. G. Marshnl) olaved a suave killer, Uilher Ad Ipr's Molotov and Thomas Gompz's Malenkov wore equally memorable Tho world may nnver lonrn the entire truth about the secret qon fliots within the Kremlin in regent vpnrs. But on the basis of known facis, David Ka.ro proiectod a hiehlv plausible fiction in l)is fino sprint. "Tho Plot to Kill Stnlin" was drnmn. not lUstorvr As such, it n( Uijnod n hieh rio^rep of dr truth, Beneath its absorbing montalion of persons mid lions that had orawded ()ie front oases in recent .years was n, eonstructoc! drama o( a group of men's stsuggjq to Attain and nvosprye power. A tougher 'gang' of powermnde raseals never ' has boe;i on American ' eo 129| Thomas, Pittsburgh. 109: Aaron Mllwnnke nnd H. Andorson Philndolnhla, Philndolphii. 307; Mavs. San Francisco, 201: Aaron, Milwaukpo. Jflfi, nDoubtes — Oronf. Pittsburgh. SO; Copprla, San Francisco, 35; An'-on, Mi)wauk(>r> p34, nlrlpls — Ashburn, Phllndel- nhi.-j. 13. Banks, Phienpo, V/rclon, Pittsburgh and Mnys, San Fran- ii.=fo, 11. ? Home nms — Banks, Chicago, 47; Thomas. Pifsbureh. Robinson, Cincinnati and Ma thews, Milwaukee, 31, Ptolon bnses — Mnys. San Ft'nn- cjspo, 31: Ashhurn, Philadelohiii, ,30; T Taylor, Chirngo and Blasin- snme, &t. Lnuis, 20. Pitchins? (based on is or mor« rierisionsl — . Snahn. M'lwaukeo, 21-11, ,(150; Burdotto, Milwaiikeo, 19.1P, ,fi55; Friond, Pittsburgh, 3213. ,m. , Strikeouts — Jones, St, Louis, 220; Spahn, MUwaukop, H7; Podres, Los Aneelps, HI. opening game lineup today if only he were assured of the physical fitness of Wes Covington, thp Braves' hardhitting loft fielder. Unfortunately, Haney will not know for certain the condition of Covington's ailing left knee until Sunday or Monday at the earliest The lefthanded slugger, hobbled by poor underpinnings practiaTiy all season, is scheduled to undergo an extensive examination of the damaged knee within the next tew days, Wes also is plagued by a pulled muscle in his right thigh. There is a possibility that" tho knee will have to be drained once more before the start of the so ries. Until the past month, the draining took place twice a week In the last four weeks, according to Haney, Covinglon's knee lias had to be drained . only 'once a week, "Usually after the draining," Haney said, "I've had to rest him a day because the knee becomes sore. Should the knee have to bo drained again, I suppose we'd bo better off if I did not play hlrn against a lefthanded pitcher," The New York Yankees have not as yet announced their first game pitcher, but Haney, lil'o many others, assumes it will be southpaw Whitey Ford. If Covington is unable to play, Joe Adcock will open in loft field. Normally a first baseman, tho 8'ighthanded slugger saw suffi ciont service in loft field this sea son to assure Haney thai he can do an adequate job in the outfield. Jf Covington ploys, Adcock will alternate with the lefthanded hit ting Frank Torre at first bqso, depending upon the opposing pitcher. Thursday 8:35 2M5 Friday 9:20 3:00 Saturday 10:05 3:45 Sunday 10:55 4:35 9:40 3:25 J0;2o 4:10 11:15 5!00 1955 FORb in ekcelle"ht Condition. Only SO.Odd New fires, radio and heater, two tone. SODS.OO Need pickup. fto.V Cagle, 1413 film St. 22'12-tp OUR horrie at 919 South Elm Street Open for inspection from 8 a.m. ' to 0 p.m. every day. Wall to wall carpels, metal cabitiets and double sinks in kllchen. Equipped for additional income if desired. Call 7-2201 or 7-2257 for details. 26-Olp Real Estate for Sole U. S. Launches Continued 1-rum Page One job. The 22.GOO pound rocket climbed slowly lofl at 1038 a m., EST. It began to accelerate rapidly as it rose steadily into the cloud- filled Florida skies. The sleek missle was bucking a brisk westerly wind as it roared skyward. After atout 10 seconds the olive- drab and white missile ended its vertical flight and curved toward the Southeast. It was a tiny while dot in the sky as it darted in and out of the clouds. After about 2V, minutes burnout was expected from the first stage engine and the recond stage was due to ignite at an altitude of about 28 miles. The lift-off appeared perfect to news observers watching from an observation tower about a mile and a-half from the launching site. At 1113 South Walnut Street, attractive two bedroom home with glassed in porch for thii'd bedroom. Vacant now, Veteran can buy for only $200 cash and balance like rent. FHA loan. $750 cash. Move in now artd rent until the loan goes through, Total price including complete repapei'ing and .painting interior, refinishing floors. $6,150. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 South M'ain Hope, Arkansas Phone PRospect 7-4091 26-3tc Notice ire Buy . We S«ll • W* X«i SEAL fcsTAf K M, O, FhAWKLttt A, P. Deidttef, •Mt MOVING 1 ? Lofl| filstitle*'Call Cti ieet S62. ffe* £itiJn»t«l, LoW«J ttuve V»ai-Will 1 PHESCOTt tRANSFEB Ik StOttAGE CO, PAK8COTT, ARltAlfiAfl li-tt StfBsCRlBE to 'i'exafkafia GA- tstle. Complete sport and tiews coverage. 35c week. T. V, programs, EaHy delivery, Phone Ray Duke 7-2743, 17'lMo, BARHAM Bt-others House Movers. Insured and free estimate, Write Barham Brothers Cale, Arkansas. 2l«l Mo. For Salt ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, Insulation, roofing, awnings, guttering, ornamental railing, Free estimates, Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. . . 9-tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers WANT AD RATI3 All Want Ads ate payable !• hce M adi will be accept* tHS tSlgphoM ahd accomddtf bccdunfs allowed with the ulf afidirtg (hs account ii payabli Wher) Statehnent is rendered. Numbtf Of W6W4 16 to 20 21 » 25 26 to 30 St fo 35 36 to 40 41 1645 44 to 50 6n6 Day ,45 .60 ,75 ,90 .05 1.20 1.35 1.50 thMS Six bays Do/5 .90 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.60 5m MrtW 4.5< 6.0* 12.01 IS.? 15.0V CLASSIFIED DISPLAY j tjrtii ^Se peC thcf- 1 tlrrt* .i 75c per Irteh e times sot t>ef tnef. Rates quoted above are for cot Secutlve insertions. Irregular or skip, date ads will take the one-day fate. All daily (blasslfled advertising copy Will be aeeeoted Until 5 p. m. fol publication the following ddy. The publkhers reserve" the rlqht }o revls* or edit oil advertisements a? fered for publication and to reiec* anv objectionable advertising sub* mltted, Initials, of '.f.e ur more letters, proutfs of figures such as house of telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Wont Ads unles- errors ore rol/H to our attention after FIRST In^prHon nf od anH ttmn for ONLY the ONE Incorrnct Insertion, PHONE: 'PROSPECT 7-343 Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p M"Sj home at O?.an, Ark. 5 rooms, front .and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p Odds Favor Williams and Mays If all went well, the 50-pound spent third stage rocket would (rail the satellite into an eliptical orbit after attaining a velocity of 18,000 miles na hour. Thus, a total of 7Ho pounds would be in orbit. Because the payload was heavier, the latest satellite was not expected to match the imposing orbit gaine-d by the only hitherto succesful Vanguard which begnn a 200-year journey through space last March 17 That satellite is swinging as far out as 2.4GO 'miles and as near as 407 miles in jls 2-hour-14-minute trip through orbit. Al; Fores Its Newest Missile Air sgid, tariqy jjs nf\r ong>rango inte^c^pjor m i s s i 'destroyed'* a I'.QQQ-m missijo flyisig fa miles ' tiwav at ,P| , the gornarp fl'l4 tllP Vp,se;u'ch rocket '|eot, Sports in Brief L.QVJSYJLLE, ' -I?p. ( nrf Mrs. Iv, P. ShrvopH stopped to • pieH UP a hitphhifeer, U was their son Paul, on his 1 way h on lea,yp from military duty Korea, The ShrvocKs ' known he was coming. \vjis in , crossing a street neaj- his A par knocked him dowij. got up, and another ear te hip (|awn. Again jjp got up. lirne he r»nn inta the side pf ' pvits and fell, recovering bruises, is jo q ha,d trouble stuffing luji ietjpv ihe m,ail JJQX. jf & V a? still Americans Almost Sure to Win Gup NEWPORT, R.I, (AP — Unless Columbia is swallowed by a whale almost everyone along 'the Amor ica's Cup waterfront expects -her to win the J07ryefiriojd trophy to day with the greatest of ease, The American defender has shown complete superiority over Sceptre, the British challenger. She's piled up her 30 margin in the best-of-sevon series with victories in light, moderate" and heavy air. Even when a fourth, race was eaj)ed because the yachts couldn't finish within the time limit, Columbia wns a mile ahead. Even the prii}s>h have now eon peded pvtbliejy th,nt Columbia js the faster boat, When asked if Columbia the superior boat; Sceptre's slstant helmsman, Colin Ratsey, answered simply! •' wpuJ4 say so,, 11 U. S., Chinese Envoys Talk Over Formosa By ED WILKS Associated Press Sports Writer Willie Mays goes Into the final three' days of the' National League batting race tonight with a .273 average. Richie Ashburn has n .185 mark. In the American, League, leader Pete Runnels is 'batting .222. Ted Williams, the runnerup, is at .235, fThose aren't typographical or rbrs. That's the wny_thci fighting four have hit thus far'against the clubs they'll be facing whan the season closes this weekend, and in the parks where they'll be swinging. For the record, Mays leads the NL race with a ,3458 average ,is his Giants play the St, Louis Car dinals in three at San Francisco Ashburn is second at ,3439 as he and the Phillies open a three-gamp finale at Pittsburgh. Runnels is batting 324, while Williams, ' his Boston teammate, has a .320 average as the Red,Sox open a four-game series at Washington tonight, Mays, 27, has hit Cardinal pitch ing at a ,359 clip for the season with 28 hits in 78 at bats, But while he batted ,422 in the Jl-game se- STATION Wagon, Willys "Jeep," Deluxe model, good condition, good tires, battery and brakes, Economical, sa'fe, dandy school car. Phone 7-3268. 16-tf HOLSLAWD BULBS, just arrived. Monts Seed Store, We give Gold Bond Stamps. '24-4tc Hope Star Star nf Hooe 1199; Press 1927 Comolldoted Jonuory IB, 1929 Published every weekday afrernoor by STAR PUBLISHING CO. MM, C, E. Palmer, President Alex. H.. Washburn, Seey-T«f. at The Star Bulldlnq t 212-14 South Walnut Street V Hope, Arkansai Alex.' H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones. Mrnnnlng Editor Denot Porker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. APPLES — Fresh load Illinois ap pies red delicious and Jonathan 9 Ib. sack of Schoolboy Jonathan 65c, Hussolls Curb Mkt. 901 W 3rd. Call 7-9933. • 25-3tc ONE good used baby bed. Phone 7-3790. 20-3tc Services Offered LET ui renovate yeur old ndtt- tress. We ipeciallz* la yreuurl* ted tnnersprlng. ; COBB MATTRESS SHOP , 712 West 4th, Phona 7- RALPH Montgomery Market; custom slaughtering. We have'meat . (or your deep freeze. Sec ui before buying,- ' .. '-17-11 SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service,* 513' East 3rd, L, E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. , 5-14-tf PASTURE clipping, see Mike Sny- ker, at Snyker Hotel, Phone, 73721. ' 23-1 Mo, The Providential Insurance Company of Little Rock,-Ark,, issued a NON-CanoelUvble hospital policy, which is guaranteed renewable for life, Policy is for 365'days, Good at any Hospital or Doctor — You do NOT pay the fivst $35,00, of. any P.VPW hflcj.Jjeen to say so until Sceptic sailed it) Hie l?eayy winds sH<? expected. t<j find in the Atlantlp off hei'P i,|) September, Sceptre had her blow Thursday and Columbia the finish lipe a mjlp art d " By STANLEY JOHNSON WARSAW, Poland I AP—United Stales and Chinese representatives conferred for one hour find 45 minutes loday on a Formosa Strait censo-firo and agreed lo moot again next Tuesday, -.The lengthy delay was interpret ed as meaning the two power would -make a final effort to reau agreement by next week, Western diplomats believed th focus of attention on these nego tlations would shjfl to Washingto where Secretary of Stale Dulje and President Eisenhower are ex peeled to redefine the America) position. There wa.s considerable surpris at the decision to continue th talks here since sources close ! the conferees had freely prediotei that today's meeting would be th' last for some time. -Today's meeling between U, g Ambassador Jacob Beam find Bee China's •• envoy Wang Ping^aj was the fourth since their talk started, go fa,r as could be learned, tlii ym'ted states js still demandjns, a, cease-fire in the offshore islands of Formosa stvajt. ries at St, Louis, he's had only .a cTa im - | ^'s for ; is" "atpo to ' s . ,273 average against the Cards m Ashburn, is s for ' squrces pxprejs beljgf JJati°naljst evapuqtjon of Quornpy Matsu. could bring P08?e-fira Communist China. might be willing to negotiate at, a international Stink Bomb Tossed Home ' . vradpjy pf, a Negrp Jiojn? jn a against the Pirates for the season, With 22 hits in 71 at bats He hit ,386 against the Buos in thojr 11 games at Philadelphia, but he's hit -only ,185 — five hits in 27 at bats— at Pittsburgh, Runnels, 30, picked up from Washington last, January Idr Norm Zauchip. ppd Albje Pearson, has batted ,373 against his old mates for the season — swinging for a dandy .475 mark in U gam us, at • Boston, but managing only P ,222 average at Washington, Williams, 40, the ' defending champ shooting for his si>;vh title, js batting 327 ag.ainst Washington for the se,ison- HO was ,373 agajnst the ' Senators at , Boston, but is hitting only ,235 at Wpsh jngton with levir hits jn 17 at bats, ' Musial of the Cord,s, the defending cherop' who has won sqypn titles', {s the closest com petjtor to — Ages; Birth to JOO years, Hospital costs have increased. If your policy is not sufficient or rates have been increased, call or CEOH, WEAVER Phone 7-3J'43 ' ' 214 Spruce St.p Hope, Ark, lfl'1'210 Entered o* second class matter at th« Post Otflco at Hope, Arkan'sai. under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance): By carrier lr> Hnrje and neighboring towns — Per week ; J .30 Per year „ 15.60 By' mall In Hempsteud, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller counties — One month J .US Three months 1.85 Six months 3.50 \0ne year 6.50 All other mall — . On* \ month ,...,, 1.30 Three% moriths ; 3.90 .Six 'months' :,.,.„„„.; 7.BO On* year 15.60 ' „ Nat'l Advertising Rep'resentativei." , Arkansas Dailips. Inc.; 1602 Sterlck j*Bldg*''.(^e'mphis" 2, Tenn..' 505 Texas ^B'ank.'Bldg";, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. ,-Mlc'hlgan <Ave,, Chicago 1, III.; 60 E, «d St,, New York 17, N. Y. ; 1763 '"Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal 1 Bldg,, Oklahoma City 2, Okla, Member of The Aisocnlted Presi; The Associated Press is entitled' exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all *>P news & dlspatrhe^ <, IMPRISONED AUTHOR Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author, was captured by pirates in 1575, After five, years as a prisoner,- he finally was ransomed through the efforts of friends, FOR a complete lino - of water wells or 'work, 'overs,- CaJl 0, T, CJark,'711 E,' 6tlv Phpne -'•• ,. ,.; " 2fi-)Firto-p Room and Board . .-- .- •• . « «*«T'i 4 -~^ 55., FOR • Us ^esj, s • with' board, gpoHlrig at jpJp^iaWff mBttr"4ss " is third and |s third ^ .33,0. }>«eim P| the Ameilson Wtting .m after" losing point with 9 l=for4 iQ'b as the PJ'S beflt the phjpa,gq 71 in, the only game Scheduled, in " Femole Help Wonted TWO waitresses, Apply Cfllhf(jfiL|(jiijlBtf| Conference GRILL CAFE —BREAKFAST — 35c'- 50c - 65c H«Jme Style Hot Biscuits Open 3»o, m, to 8 p, m, or Mage,Into Inner* •prJng. WerK GMwrintted, <?/!• Pay $trv)et BAYIS Furnitiir* * MflttreM Ct, 117 I?, Win' HUNGRY? Avon. Bep}'?fignt?Uyf W y'Qur ' ' •F -- j -71 "^ "arf -"•*;•-. Afflffifift'-' Witt t-A'SBjJPvW-

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