Buffalo Evening News from Buffalo, New York on September 14, 1901 · 1
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Buffalo Evening News from Buffalo, New York · 1

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 14, 1901
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News o’cnr LATES VOL XLII-NO IX! BUFFALO X Y SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14 1901 riUUE ONE OEN CABINET MADE PLANS ROOSEVELT FOR THE FVNEEt AL T ARRIVED SHORTLY N A r 1 4 l F ri 1 HIS BODY WILL BE TAKEN TO WASHINGTON AND FROM THAT CITY TO CANTON OHIO FOR BURIAL Autopsy Was Performed on the President’s Body at the Milhurn This Afternoon MILBl'IJN’ IIOI’SK 1 I f — that thrc slin II In a State funeral AFTER THE PRESIDENT’S DEATH Within a comparatively short time after the President' death the strained excitement which had previously pervaded the neighborhood of the 3Iilhurn home faded away The nerve-racking tension with which the outside watchers awaited new of tlie end gave way to calmness and resignation No sounds disturbed the peace and uuictness of it all save the hushed voices of the ttv s-paper men and the recseless cllckfni f the telegraph Instruments w hu ll wore hurrying tliclr "stirli" of lie’ dcit n lied scenes to the four corners of t !i earth One liy uuu tbe rui-rcspondcut- finished and one by otic they sought needed rest laborlouxlx tlie lidcci-tpli oicrators "keyed” lln-lr wav Ibrotigii tbe heaps of copy which they p-fi ! hind in the liwiis of the Mil burn rud neighboring homes tie n-ntr'cs from Fort I’rter paced sllenllv to an I fro l'ntndnivn guarding the tboroiiahfarcs nenr the home in which lay the body of the marfyreil Uresldoiit Malketl slmv-ly -trrrf&s h tli dnrkness pausing pmr and then to tell belated pedestrians that all was over Gradually the darkness melted Into dawn and slowly tin dawn gave way to the full-blown glory of the new born day OFFERS OF A SSIS TA NCE James L Qtiurkeuhiisli called at tbe house at S:3l o'clock lo ofTcr Ills services to Mr I'ortelyou The secretary asked Mr IJuackenbush to return to th house between 11 and 13 o'clock Drullaril A Koeli have charge of tli” President's remains After the autopsy the Imily will be embalmed W dnry! Ely end SlaJ Symons also tendered their services at the hmi MaJ Symons drove up at ! o'clock "I had n U’lk with Secretary ! In - the night" said V-i Symons “and I understand the intention is to have a simple rt-llgbuis I'ln-inoiiv at tin house Just before I be lolv is taken awav The body will be taken ti Wnslilngtii where It will lie In state thence to Canton where the burial will tal- place" “Has It been declil-’d definitely to bury the President nt Canton?" “Well I presume so I think that Is where he will be burled I know of no reason why it should be els where” “When will the body be removed?” “I think Sunday or Monday” "What aliout the escort?" “Oh all the soldiers In th city will net escort— the militia and the regulars You may take that for granted" Between 9 o'clock and 9:3d Isiiiis I Babcock J X Adam Enrique Budge commissioner general to the Exposition from Cuba andsjlenry Ware Sprague called -Mr Admit said that Socretary llay’s arrival was momentarily -x- aVSS Miss McKinley and Mrs Duncan the President's sister and A T Duncan arrived ut the house Ten minutes later Mrs Garret a Hobart widow of the former Vice-President and Garret A Hobart Jr called They m it KI arrived from the East this morning anl drove directly to the house Mrs Hobart came to Buffalo t offer her sympathy and help to Mrs McKinley and on account of their friendship her presence will be a great comfort to Mrs McKinley in her bereavement Mr Duncan came out of the MUburn bouse at 9:43 to send some telegrams VMrs McKinley is bearing up very bravely" be said C ORTELYOV’S GREA T ENDURANCE Mr Frank Baird came from the house at 9:30 o’clock "I don't know that there Is anything I can tell you” said he "No one Is stirring much within the house I saw no one except Mr Cqrtelyounnd the undertakers Drullard and Koch The undertakers are awaiting the Coroner I understand "The Coroner was here last night remarked someone In the crowd ubout M r Baird referring to Coroner Wilson s untimely -visit to the MUburn home and bis mistake in announcing the President's death before it took place "Yes" said Mr Baird "I was sitting on Mr’ MUburn' veranda when I saw the commotion which his announcement caused My first thought was that someone had left tie house by one of the rear doors and hud given out Information that the PresHent had passed away I entered the htuse and learned that he was still living Then I ran Into the street to head yff the erroneous report but It seems it was sent out lefore I could stop It “Mr Cortelyot hus borne up wonderfully under the fearful strain Imposed upon him" said Mr Baird "He seenin to have the most marvelous powers or endurance I anrsure he hiis not slept more than four Vmr since the President was shot” t At 9 57 o’clock Ilreetor General Buchanan and Mr Mil turn came over West Ferry street on tletr way to Mr Mit-Purn's heme “The Eire'1 remain closed today and “W 11 r- MHbun VHnon by the directors llrtf f the fact that Presi-if t®the guest of the Ex-rjtmgBUen by the assassin’s pd to pay every pos-ito menry Mond y a Home Tin (’aMnet has ofliriallr at Washington iloc‘i(lel programme at the Exposition that I aware of" "I have absolutely nothing to say" said Mr Milhurn as he and Mr Buchanan resumed their Journey toward the house A carriage was driven up to the house at 10 o'clock containing Abner McKinley lr Hernia mis Baer 1 'ol C F Meeks and 1 W IT Ilrown CABINET MEMBERS ARRIVE Secretary Wilson Secretary Hitchcock Secretary Knox and l'oslmaster-lieneral Smith arrived al the bouse at lu:3a o'clock tuber callers at Oils hour were Dr Charles Edward Imeke of I hi Delaware Avenue M E Church Dr Mann ir My liter S-nator Fairbanks and Judge Day i "oi oner James Wilson came out of tin ionise ns these callers were entering "It was expected to have a Jury pass upon the President's death but the Dlx-trli l Attorney mol other attorneys decide 1 it was unnecessary" Coroner Wilson said ''111x10:111 I have viewed th- remains and after the rnitsc of death is determined from the autopsy a eertlllcatn will b made out and n permit issued to remove the remains to Washington" MRS M’KINLEY COURAGEOUS When Dr Locke emerged from the Milhurn residence lie brought the cheering Intelligence th:it Mrs McKinley was bearing up well under her heavy afilic-tion “She is a womnn of piety and great loveliness of character” sall he "In the past she has leaned upon the arm of her beloved husband but now thut he lis been taken from her she looks to the Divine Cower for comfort and support Her friends are fcaiTul however that this crushing blow may prove loo heavy for her enfeebled M renal h No one ran tell hut the scond tragedy of her death may follow in the n-ar future the passing away of her lamented husband" In response to tpicstlnns Dr Igicke said no definite arraugeuicnts for the funeral services bad been made "There inny be services held al the house and it may be decided to have them at the church" said he At 1 : 41 t’ol and Mrs Myron T Herrick and Mrs Harry Hamlin entered the Mllbiirn residence Senator Hanna and Harry Hamlin stepped from carnage and went into tin house at 10:45 Senator Hanna's private secretary Elmer Dover and Charles li Dawes Comptroller of the Currency entered a moment later Secretary Isng accompanied by Commodore Williamson l S N retired arrived at 10:10 Secretary Boot wen: to tho lions' through the Cienny yard at the same time accompanied by Gen Hoe cunt-mtndcr of tbe Stan National Guard and Carlton Sprague At lit:55 Dlstrlet Attorney Penney lion James Putnam and Dr ChnreK G Slock ton entered the house Mr Putnam who was formerly minister to Belgium called to leave hl card Mrs J II Fnraker wife of the senior United States Senator from Ohio ealt-d nt 11 o'clock nnl remained at the Mil-burn house for some time Congressman Alexander called to offer his services shortly after 11 o'clock and ili-parted a few moments later FOR THE AUTOPSY - At 1 1 ' 03 Dr Gaylord and Dr Matzln-ger of the New York State Laboratory connected with the University of Buffalo went into the house carrying several cnxes of Instruments It la understood they will perform the autopsy in the presence of the entire medical staff who attended the President All h" doctors were nt the house at this hour Gen Hoe left the house at 11:05 “Details for the removal of the President's remains have not been arranged as ye:" he told a NEWS rejmrter "1 shall remain here until after tin body is removed to Washington As soon as the plans are made orders will he issued to the local regiments National Guard No other State troops will he In the escort" Senator Fairbanks of Indiana was among the first anl was seen by a NEWS man Just after he had a brief talk with Secretaries Wilson and Hitch cock this morning Wlll there be a conference Cabinet?" he was asked “I presume there will but 1 nothing definite yet" ‘If a meeting Is held will It be to make arrangements for the funeral 7" “Yes the Cabinet makes arrangements for the funeral" "Has anything been done ln this respect ?' "No Nothing has been dun- thus far" DR MUNSON ARRIVES Dr Munson V s- A" orrlv-d at the Milhurn bouse at 11:4a having been summoned by a messenger to attend the nutonsv The operation to ascertain the rouse of the President's death was commenced immediately upon his arrival cavlord and Matxlnger handled th-operation under - -"" - medical staff dent Vhe doctors present were Dr Stock-toi!or TmLv Dr Me Bu rney Dr Rixey tv- ivivnU "Jr- W asdic of the United Dr l My f Bervlce and Dr Munson Mt 1 OF M’KINLEY I PRELIMINARY ARRANGEMENTS FOR FUNERAL M:ij Symons sail tlii innrniiijr lie lind a talk with Secretary Itoot last flight mill that plans hail been tlismssoil informally for tlie l’rcsi-ik-ntV funeral Aeeortlinjr to iresint intentions then' will he n simple religious oore-lriniiy at tin Milhurii house the Iggly then will he escorted to the train hy soldiers will he taken to Washington where it will lie in Ftatc for some time and subsequently he taken to ( 'anion O It is said the hotly will not he taken froin tln's city until Sunday or Monday of the United States Army' Thomas A Penney was present in his official capacity ns Dlstrlet Attorney and Stenographer Storey of the District Attorney's oltlce took the minutes of tile opera lion fur Hip rubi-i'il report which will probably be Issued to tile press Liter Mr Mllbuiu ulio left tlie house at 11:43 stated that Mrs McKinley while very Hindi grief-stricken was iiiuiuiithi-lug unusual courage and fortitude “Have you any word as to whc'i ltoosc velt will arrive?'' lie was asked "Nn 1 have not1' lie replieil "lint 1 have sent u messenger after Jugdo 1 l-iiud of the United Stitis Court to be lien in readiness ti swear In the President bn-mediately upon Ills arrival" The repnii w in current nt West l-'ce-y Nlrivt i nrivr (bat the Vice President was sworn in before be left Albany iu tbit: Is not expected to clienac the id ms In regard to Judge Jlaicl for the reason that it Is net unusual under sm h !r-enmstances to pci form the avveuriiig-tii ceremony sc vein! limes TELEGRAMS OF SYMPA THY The expressions of condolence begun to arrive almost simultaneously with the announcement of his death show ing that the people everywhere had waited on through the weary watches of the night for the news that the end hud come After daylight the telegrams began arriving in a steady stream thousands real liing tbe house before noon ! Those for rlie grieving wife were of course laid aside nut being declilil sifc to Intrude upon h-r great sorrow la lor feeble ciuuliliou and no attempt could In ma Ie to answer those to Secretary Cortelvou so fast as they eame Tbe autopsy was performed by Dr Gaylord and I r Malxiiiger of lin N- vv 1 os k Slvite Luhoriiory connected with the University of PulTilo In the pns-11101 of the entire staff of consulting physicians an I lUstrict Attorney Penney in his otlh-lal capacity Stenographer Story of the District Attorney's ojlice took the notes as they were dictated NEWS BROKEN TO MRS M’HINIEY It is definitely leaned today that it was Mrs Barber Mrs McKinley's sister wliD broke the news of her groat lom lo the stricken wife Sin went from the bedside of the dead President to the wife whose condition was such that tt st-i-iivl best to remove her from th sick room before the end Mrs McKinley is occupying a large south room In the MUburn bouse overlooking streets Delaware nv-mie and Ferry Through the drawn shades the early morning light was breaking wle n Mrs Barber told her that the sle p into which the President bad passed would know no awakening Mrs McKinley wlmsc extreme d'-lic-p-y was for years the Pn-sIdeiU's ! great sorrow received the m-ws with iinea- peeted calmness end at one- I In the request of her physician 2nd family to leave till details "f Ihe sid e re-inorles In which tin entire nation is to Join entirely In the hands of the ll!-iuj and pi rs-mal friends who are assembh-ii All day long sh- Las remained quietly In her room stricken to tin- soul but bravely bearing her sa-1 burden I sure she knows "th” M'llor" ns sh- 1 iviuglv calls tho late Pr-sl b-nt would l':l h'-r t do so Dr HIxoy who for years lias gii'r''ii her from all cxciienu nt was in r-ipstam attendance ‘luring h--r recent illr-ss !n Sm Francisco is nm--a encouraged by Secretary of the Navy Long came front the Milhurn house at 1:40 o'clock j ibis aficriionii i "All arrangements for the funpi-nl the wav she is bearing up at ptvsi-n: ai- hav'-‘ b:‘"'n uide" lie said to a NEWS OREGON WIN S HEDAL though It Is quite pogsiMri the strain f ! 1''lH1'tcr "and Secretary Cortelyou is The Wilder medal for the finest ex-the next twenty-four hours may make uVV preptuang a statement for the hiblt of fruit six pieees of t-uvli variety It desirable for lu-r S'Str-r to Cfti’t-'ii to nv strain of a Suite funeral Dr Wftsilln said that Mrs McKipl-v had rested vas feeling qlii wond-rfully well in her grief und some of the apprehension as to h--r Is passing a way SENA TOR HANNA CALLS At ll:4X o'clock Mrs Mark Hanna accompanied by her d lughler-in-lft w Mr Dan H-inua drove ro ihe Moburn bouse n saii nun n ia-iri-v well during the night and nuire strong She bears up ‘ urn with P r 1 th” s?ri-'U3 i ! and remained there a fev minutes when ! thev depart d Mrs McWilliams the - Intimate frt-ml of Mrs McKinley a:d Miss Barber arrive! n iiiyim-nt lat’-r Major Symons a-comi-anied by Frank S McGraw refurncl to the house at 13:tit5 o'clfu k At 12:11 o’clock Aim r MeKii'l-y Meek and E A Rice returned Thv were Hveornih-i nied bv Li-ttt Janu-s Mc-Kinl'y At 13:15 o'l-lm k Hi-’ M-xIcan eoinn is-slutn-rs to Hn Pait-Alib-rican cali on liehalf of His Exi-clb-m v lr- -ldcnt Pcr-lirlo I 'i-i of Mexico The parly included Si-nors A R Nuncio chairman of the commission: Roscndo Sati-dovai Antonio M Maya Latiro Vladas and Maxl-miliano M chalu-rt Non- of the uii-lulssiDiters HUi-rel the house They mer-ly left car-ls with an attendant and departed There was -i Hurry of 'exclteinpi't v-li-n MaJ Mann in 1120 'cluck -r-derod the lowcting of the rti” which Is stretched across Delaware a venue south of the Milhurn house and two carriages were permitted to draw up at the residence Col W C Brown and Mrs Droan departed ln the first carriage t nd the sen?'’ -J ’n-Iage went ir-n: i-lth Abper d ! It SENA TOR DEPEW EMERGES Senator Depew eame from tho Mil-burn bouse at 13:45 o'clock "Are they silll at work on the autopsy ?" be was asked by a NEWS man " Yes" "Is tlie cabinet still in session?" "Yes" ' 1 1 1 w soon will I bey be tlirougli?" "That 1 cmiiot say 1 was walling for I licin" "Mas anything been beard from Vice-President Itooscvclt 7” ‘They expect him about 2 o'clock'" Sena lor Dcpi-w then eulcreil the carriage of Mr Frank 11 Goodyear and drove a way I’est in:ist-i Fred Greiner and the lion Daniel N Lock wi ml called nt 13:V1 'clock t'n leaving Postmaster Greiner staled that lo was mailing Instructions ir'm Washington concerning arrangements for hours at th— postofllre P-mor-rovv and lie day after Attorney-General Knox secretaries Wilson and 1 1 itchcock a nd Poslmaxter-Gciii-ril Smith came from tho house together at 1:15 o’clock “We are oil our way to Mr Anlev Wilcox's Inline" said Secretary Knox "We are to ne-ei Mr lCooscvelt there II is expected to arrive about 1:3') o'clock The oath of office may lie a'l-miulstered to Mr Boosevelt at Mr Wilcox's bi'iist Whatever Is done with regard to that how ever will be in neeurl-aii' i' with Mr Uoiisevelr's pleasure "Wlien the Prcxldi-nt dies the duties aul fund Ions if his oltice fall upon the Vice-President but In eannot exerelse llii'ill Until lie has l'lkeli tbe OHtll of ntllce mid has been Installed formally In tin- posirlon of I'hlef l-'xi-cutive" "Mow about the arrangements for removing the I 'reshlent's body from Buffalo?" was asked of him "Mr t'orP-lyou Is preparing u statement In which lie will fully outline the ari-urigfiiieut The train carrying the President's remains will leave Buffalo on Monday nt 7 A M It Is the Intention to have the body II In State In Washington until Wednesday night when-it win be taken lo Canton "Mr C-urtelyou'K statement will be given but for publication later In the nftcriuion'' SENA TOR HANNA GUARDED At I th Hamlin carriage was driven to the entrance of the Milhurn house for Senator Hanna When the carriage left j If contained Senator Hanna Col Myron : Herrick Harry Hamlin ami Air Hamm's s-eretary Klim-r Dover in 1 eiilu-r side of the driver were detectives Gi--irv and Solomon Senator Hanna has been constantly guarded since his ! arrival yesterday morning eith'-r by S'-ercL Servir-i men or local detect LYes j I a fact which tlie NEWS commented l upon when he was here earlier In tbe week As Senator H-iuna is not count d as a timl-l man (be Inference Is vt-iln that the guard Is tlie outgrowth of a warning cl I her in tho shape of a i hreateiiing b-tfi-ror a private warning At l::tn Col W C Brown and Mrs Brown returned to the house As they were going lu Senator Fairbanks and Judge Day went away FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS MADE press I think it is ready now It will j contain nil the information I can give! The body will be taken' away Monday ' and will lie in state nt Washington I v - — - ! th'-i’-- until Wednesday It will not lie ln Imre I do not know the rail- road over which it will be sent but think ! it may I- the Pennsylvania" At 1:15 Undertaker Drullard entered :i carriage and was driven to his home He had Just- c-on: from the house "I think the autjjqy is almost over he said "I am g”lng to leturn at 2:30 o'clock The body will be embalmed this 1 afti-rnoun in the usual way" "I chiiiihI tell you anything about the nutepsy" said Mr Milhurn at 1:50 o'clock Vtce-Piesldent Roosevelt will b- ai iti” borin’ of Arsley Wilcox at 2 o'clock” I 'in-ctor-Gc-tn ral Buchanan came fronr tic It mse a few minutes after Mr'i (liiii-til Tr -l ! n 1 't ' 1 l NE ntt mourning Fropnr cart? was taken to see that no harm hefcll Mr Roosevelt on his way from Mr Wllrox's house to the MUburn residence Snortly before his arrival' D -tective Sergeant Sullivan and several other officers lip cltlsons’ clothes took st ’ms alonao-Delaws're avenue between th' Viliwx'and MilUurn bouses on McKinley Col C F Weeks and E Bice CAME IN SPECIAL AFTER A LONG AND i' TRYING JOURNEY EMMA GOLDMAN SPIRITED AWAY FROM THE MOB Excited Chicagoans Threatened to Lynch Her When the President’s Death Was Announced (By Asux-la CHICAGO Fc-pt 14 — Kminn Goldman was spirited away from the woman's annex of the Harrison Street Police-Station early this morning in a cab when it was learned that the President was dead Cupt Mahoney refused to t'-ll where Hu woman bad been taken Ht-r removal he siilii was im-rely a precautionary nii-HNiire and It was probable she would snon be brought back While she was being hurried lo saT-ty In a cab :l crowd numbering about l')ii men started for tin annex lotnliy threiiteiiiiig In lynch Miss Goldman They had waited In front of the bulb Mu board until nil hope was gone and I lieu itarleil to execute vengeance After proceeding :x few blocks however cooler heads lit the crowd sttci-eedci! in checking tbe excitement find somewhat later the crowil tll'pcrsed No dlstriibnncc was reported by the oficlnls nt the couidy lull where the local anarchists were locked up It was the belief tills morning that tbe President's death would make it extrem-ly unllkely that the court would admit lookout for the Roosevelt carriage !'- tectlvo Sergeant Sullivan wits in charge of this detail RAILROAD DAY Immense Crowds and Complaint That Postponement Was Kept Secret An enormous crowd of visitors came to tlie city today drawn largely by the attractions ad)(-r lined for KaUrond Day They throng all the principal streets and furnish nn Immense business for tbe street cars Tltelr disappointment over tbe closing of the Exposition for Hie day Is dee anil bitter Intensified as a large proportion explain because they were licit liifnrmeil hy the roads that tile programme of tlu day had been postponed No attention is paid to the Jail where fitolgosz Is confined blit the multitude givps itself to wandering about while waiting for return trains Exposition Opens Again Monday 'tr tlu inforiiintiini of hinny persons I'tinim here from nut of town the XKWS is request (-d n stsito that Jlie Exposition will open ajjain Monday morning and pi on as usual Dim tor-(onornl Buchanim liiado :l positive stntcimnt to this eflVet this morninjr "The Exposition will open as usunl Monday uiornincr” said he “without fail" offered by the American Bornological Society hus been won by firpgnn (ire gon Day which will be Sept 25 will-bo ! celebrated In a quiet wav owing to the: iBth of the President The programme ! will probably be announced on Monday VIRGINIA SOLDIERS HERE The famous 71st Regiment of Virginia 300 strong arrived at the Pan-American Exposition for a week’s stay this morning The regiment had a noon breakfast at th? hlK kitchen of the Bailey Catering No Company Dian OLIVER— Entered into rest it her home 11 Eighteenth sireer Sent 13 ' Mary McIntyre tiilver widow nf the !tt' Jarni-H Telfi-r tjilver No'lcc of fjsMnt KI-EI' E — In Tlis i b-iit 12 I!4-! C-ith- rjI1i iiauehw-r of hd-ti aial ih ht I h-reafter KEFKH- flA' J: t MEYER— Entered Into rest In this cltv Sept 11 Ml Henrietta A Meyer (niu Kopyelln) beloved wife t Andrew Meyer age! 61 years 9 months and 14 d---s The ral will take place from R'fJ family ence No 1066 -Mi:hMr! Nu‘t " ' Sept 15 at 1 :) P nL i?ter vrrman Lutheran ’Sktto I -Bl Ktasi Frlendsaged b ' -ttend gfectious erous an r fr AFTER ON A RECORD BREAKING ted Press) them to 1:'1I flilef of Police G'Nidil Is limited as saying that it would be murder to let tln-m on the street with citizens In I h-ir present grim temper Dr I Suylin the Buffiil-i physician arrested Thursday night Is tbe must mysterious prisoner who has ar rested b--re In connection with the In- 'eqg:uinn of an ullceel plot araiil-d tin- Presidt-til's life In bis statement to Ihe police Dr Ha) liri is ii t -! us s -lying that lie end Emma Goldman Mini Olliers wie in liu ft' ill) psept 3 but Mint tin- meeting was puicty social 'nils stn P-meiit however coiitlii-ts with tie "In' given 1 1 V Miss t iold lll'l II who tel'l tin Assocli ti ll Press reporter that she had lieeii in fineiiniati Sept 2 and hud left tli-it city for St Louis that UO'lit I'hlef Malrnii Keei'iii who has hail charge of Miss Goldiuaii told n report e-this morning that when Miss Gnld'iein beard lliit lb pnlir- wre g-tiing a statement from l)r Sayliii sin said: ’lie's likely P ---t us till Jri Jail Jn-hasn't tin- tneiuory for dates that I have and If lo- trusts P- bis nt-mory I'm afraid lie'll make trouble" BUFFALO NOW Somber Drapings in Black and White Replace Gay Emblems ofCelebration QUIET CROWDS ARE THRONGING THE STREET The Exposition Closed for Two Days Will Reopen Its Gates Again on Monday Morning- Tlie ettv of Buffalo N now In mourning and tH- Columbian insurgents and by a 1 11 !iNllir Ills I'ViS pi tk In the rlrapuig ef us imbue bull ligs as I illiust-ring parti s la Nienr-igua :is in iht ''I Its I’lux'MiF ° T il liis I'lsni'inMiis hiurcs if vur maw-r- b- sure the llag still files--and why I j w til 1: b-- lia-- b-i-u eolle-t Srig fur s-v-sboiildu't it? — Inn wln-rever possible it j -ril yi-ii-s It is ln-lii-vr 1 that Ci-tro Is at half lhast and the g-ntb- air f:in-i i ami Zelaya bav- a ieiT-ct i:-ei standoff Hi- lakes barely unfolds th- star:- dig f) -i th-'C t -n !r la n i imk- t -o einlfii-ins It Seems as if every baim-r j jVVdMl'a id' the ’pari '!( i "b-nm'la roiith dl-OOpe-1 Itl g'Ie! ! of t Pch:!l iVe b-in Black ami wllt- ll'e s nu's-r colors r M ( : n H-tn-r t i ' ! alllii-tlon ar ive-yvhr- entwining tin ! ciufi-d muon exfeidlng' fr'iin tin- i I lifltfhf K- xi ml Him nf th Nil- ! Mprlr'in Imnl'-r In vii rk iln1 IsihifUiK I viii anl from th rorni-’r nnl win j v- l'ifpH liii iln- iimlnlnml 'f Sniih I (low’s of 111- big luminess blocks fev- Aiii'-ri- "V-r whl-li Z !aya would 1- ttiolicl In elaborate mournings to tbe j I"' 1 d -r- 1 1 Tlu Inttir -vouid Ira-lude N lear'igu:t lss pretentious lspin sad oci the -Iisfv ri Honduras and city the people give Jillb!- e Vlien- OT if 1 vu r" their sorrow ! Tin- United Stales g-ts In Hie trouble Tl:i c-nnriswnc crowds on the si'-oets j through the famous treaty of 1415 by move slowlv ri whistling ami shoiiHn i ' they guaranteed He- Integrity of ivlv the w hlsi ling and shouting kirs of ve-lcrdny are luisael ing but t:ie ri‘ vs of He- a-t tbe I'jvsiderit an-1 the detal street fakirs no’li1K n"-lrs 41 of th‘ cer-inn:-- to com seem to i - tho throng- of visitors — - Front n gala aip'-at 'trici In honor of the Fan-American Exposition nnd Hi-distinguished g-t'-“' now dead the city I lias been r pa i''--if" 1 into a hug' iViOti-i ument of mourrlrig- ! The followir: announcement mad j thl- afternoon b)- nr-'-c-Lor- ieii'-ril Bu-: chan in of th- j’n a-A tn-r:-:i i Exposition is su ci-ltct -'nd coTiv-ys l'--i-f'y but strongly Ihe ft' Hull tuk -n by tb American dlre-ims In closing of tb- gre: fa'- f-w two ! "Tho board of -bre'-rors of rlie Expo-s-(ia! nt— ting deGded an-! 'it:1- - that as a -- T -t:t- I 'r'-Sl-b-"' ''ho -a g-!-: of l!l- Ext"'- had I"t-r I’-’-' The Weather vVartly cloudy wenth-r tonight: Sun-wltit possible showers rature fresh outhe -Vrc cloudy "'Hi J nnd po’toflicx (’ r ney-Brllop'r- NOON TODAYS President Ttoosi'vf lt arrived at Milhurn house nf 217 in the lu earriajro acconiptinied hy Ansley Wilmv A mounted either side of t lie eiirriajre earn i nyr t lie President In were Jleailqiiarters I Vtcc-jves Ilevine and ileunfelt Theodore lfooscvelt who Is now I ’resilient of the I'njtt-d Slates Is 111 Buffalo He arrived on a special train over Ihe New York (iitr:i! railroad al 1:33 o'clock this nfiernoon Koinirknhly fast thin' was made on tin run from Albany and tlie time of tlie Empire State Express was beaten He itpi'earcd to lie worn mil with th exciting and appalling c-V'-nts of the past few days and did not- look 11 Hi himself as he alighted from iln tram The (rain came into sight at 1:3" o'clock A crowd was walling at the IVntral station but was doomed to ille-appulniiient as the train did not slop but ran through lo the Terrace Thu whtsds had hardly slopped rolling when ITesllent Boosevelt stepped "lY the platform of bis private car Gi ll Roe Gen Welch i'ol Chapin and A ns- ley Wilcox were walling t" greet him ilt grasped Hie hand of Ansley WI1-"X lllfiU'U UP) ” 1 1 mill I lit two vaJk'l to t In m tnxiant ih1 linl WIIAT IT IS ALL ABOUT Practically n Civil Wat in All Ccntml Ainetica Will) 1 Bift ConleJeration Amonjy tlie Poss'liiltt'c Tlu war that -lias broken out between Ycneyiiclii Ecuador and N leiragua mi tin mu hand anil Colombia mi tin olle-r may lie traced (is lo Its miglli back lo isn wln-ri ihe Republic founded in I'll) by Bolivar and called Hi- Grail Colombia foil t pieces n nd the tln'ce Sepal" te republics of Colombia Yeiiexucla and Ecuador grew out of lb- ruins While ein'li of these I'ounirli'S has Its own internal politics these are so mixed with those of the others that the alignment of lsirties and llielr policies is tin same in all Then are two 'great pari: : In all ihe three tin Liberals whose aim Is government sifter tlie pattern of llui United Slates and the t 'mu'-i-vu lives who are often railed Clericals The present Gov i-rniiit'iil of Colombia is Conservative Tin- present Governments of Yoni'xiiolu Ecuador and Nicaragua are Liberal The Liberals of Colombia now ill open ivln limn "Sililed I'l'esi'leiit ''i-sli-o of Y i'll' : in la lo overthrow Andrade ainl make himself dictator Hctii i Ms active aid to tin Col-I nubbin rebels For Mlidlal i'r:i -sins tin President of Ecuador is Ji- iping tin rebels lava the Liberal President of Nicaragua Is said In In- actuated by a desire lo embarrass Cos: a Kira an! Salvador wlili-h are also goverm-l al present by Ciinservntt vrs In making trouble for Ciilnmbki by giving aid l th1' Insurgents Bm as dd T"i'" wli'-ie the Insurgents have their headquarter)! Is rlos tr the Nicaragua 1 1 :i - of Columbia on 1 In Atlantic or t 'aribbmn side A Managua Nicaragua dispatch to the New York Journal says: “Tin adloii of 1 'resident "lay a In giving active though iirefully concealed aid to President 'astro in bis war upon Colombia - ins to Is- dli" I" ills ! sire In tieii ft groat Central American Republic of winch he presumably rxpi els to lc tin- In Ilv gifts of uioiu-y c-iM-on rlli'-r end munitions of war In- Is helping c-isiro dro i!d ril Atui-r- i ' they guaranteed liu- lnt railway ami i t-t I: :ig:iii!i :il?a-k from any IlllUin Tie- Colombian gov-m ttrirt s irejuy to wi-tn t 1 to pro-for-lg!t tiiii'-nl :n-that tli- United Sim-K will protect th'- Isthmus I of Panama against any foreign attack TOO I ATE TO CLASSIFY T O-t'I'-rir sf!-n on M-ilr st front (' W : M!i:-r Tn ns'er Co's vig'r b'-tw-en ! Laekii wanna 'l-i"it ai'l E-ig:- si a large brow n bag With a ' W Mill' r Transfer j o aster eldr-s-"d to j a aw -cl n 'iitll' reward wttl a!-! br re' ro of j !lne t ask'-'l 1 E-It Hh!:!" s: end I i'n -i ioiis j ldt'r j rails: i ft y Ij'I'S for -i!' r-cf: lord's v lldg or N!g-ri Id IT' ' - i finds!”! trout room w'tb d- 1 t kf 1st Elmwood !XiIei E N-V! o!!-- iiurnf ffit tiiinlntr IlkH-ral a nt NTE!)-Tw ranvjirH: ri'”:- M'ikiniji'gb l( X' r ! :t rv tit Ulnia reward by b avlig ham- at a ij - cr - PSION Ut gu-ii’rlNT ry ('all Sunday 2!i Tr ntoi -d iim''i-'"i'-L J been started on a run and tlie rolled rapidly away escort guarded by Col Chapin and at: d'-i-ill of 2" mounted palrnltnfr Georg L Williams was an olT41 sengc r m Hie carriage stood tliit tin earring - w:i I' ‘V v to tin bom-of Mr Wilcox mpr Up 'rbriu-li"Ul tin trip Pro Veil was ieei):iiinnied by ir ( tin New Yiirii Central bis priv-' lliiffalo At Iln al 3:5" Ilial cli li nl 1 1 m-rii miulslerlng nth of 4 M )l(1l ib nt llonsevell had nut 1 ) 1 It was llionghl Iiowt'ver jf®' bike Hu- oath at tho 5111b in tin- presence of Hu meLml Soda ('iililruM i Mil oUn r ditlnK- tiiC lirow TIi- ohUi !t is is t Islerel b Jll"ll-e J'b HWoiWInd eckL United Sillies Court aiTt p‘— ((j Agrlcu' Continued oiiKf? oklldil x- fjT Oklldil 'Vi aral Hnrtat? L liurmon i i I R('l Mcholl 111 PORT A r BULLEl f Society m'HJl uf : ' II I c g i s-d i ring lias been adjoiiruei 8oilpt h Tiles iy MuitIh NEW VnllK Si-jii 14 — 1 Snrlrl eoilfei’i-n-e liei'e today lif’lcb At dent Sli-ilT'-r of ibe Alim Ini Si 4 social lull and l'')j acnln' shliary rompauies i d' airi-o t of tl'-' ?r ' one bale ffscl -1 LGNHMV S-pl J4—L"fy" I"teh from Itoiii” says tholy on an Imur today for llio soul McKinley The Pontiff controllable I-Iiiollriti rr j news of (lie Prcsld-nt's di'1 M Iper KEATTIE AYish F” BlJ -White Star dock In this -jj Nugf J-ipsi-d and several lives ni t pKjP( hive In rn lost uf 1 L " n ' BnrlPljl RcMiiir of -iiraltv dT BbJi fioclet A YET BE BRKi TO jsn r V'ltlnii U 1 ’artln IT Detective O’Loughii l’w'bqV From Cleveland vr''1 ral Bod Hoi dence Against Anai £5! uffir 1 leteetlrr-K'-rirc-ant ( ‘To n V was “(lit to Clf-vclarid bv t"i o-V Pei III y lind Fli! Tli'-‘-i)’ to F-i lire evl-l Htur ’ i 1 Ti tCgu ' -VI-b -J Cxolgiisx and bl fellow-ar turned to Buffalo thin forcn-C y )T "Usblin was In t'le- 1- i Nnpls a'-su-leil by h-'ilf :i doen of lc-“t d'd'-ctlveH nnd it is ’n i obtain— I a 1 t of valimblf: ' j i !:i will is(-t tbi authort' t j ti t iic£ ('olgos j "Beds" e"' J ('Loug!!ln has about ri dilc 1 vlls Suiiii of Hi'-iu arc- fn'- I'1'- M iio filt'-iided tho meeting Emma Gold: m r lVcI-i““ they are to tin cff-i t tlia reti ao'-i-s wre of an a nun hi hri'arg'-in tlammatoi-y nature TliShe i'f!)-crs turned them over to Fijt'-lejihfini afte: tioim Tlu- latter In Ass " lii!b th-in to Mr Roriiey R v-n piat" "II lice H'-idquarti is this u1 if c' tin afiidavlts might bo us'tV4 TES GAT! securing extradition papR preside moval of tic Goldman sMcc-pr'-sldcr: f5t:it- re-president ari While It' was jinnotine l-pf -sidci t T that the jir'K-ee Jiligr lo ClmpHl) W-I t nt 31 woman had been dropped ? antlorith if was HlLi 1 V 1 t I h'! J‘ "1 ol'i-lals wetmK v woi k In their endeavor negie Steel t woman directly with HcUiitig part o ''Loughlli would nut tt hours Hit ec tion wlHiout re J firmly -n ih HUILDERS’ EXCHANGE K? !' ' "'m eriitliic : ll'-solut! r:s or-plui mg v 0f of l hi I'l'isidi-ut an p-i- - - inly that Mry ut State 1( AM KN ’AM 7 till in hi v-1 M 0 WJ sk i nv ' — -r — mnyfortHted today ih Bnnet A 5 via

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