The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York on September 8, 1901 · 1
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The Buffalo News from Buffalo, New York · 1

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 8, 1901
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LA t££w I VOL XLII— NO BUFFALO N Y SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 8 1901 PIUOE ONE CEUf0" -Hgjj y WPTI STRONG HOPE OF PRESIDENT’S Dr McBirney the Famous Surgeon Fails to Find One Unfavorable Sypmtom DOCTORS HAVE UNDERSTATED THE CASE’S HOPEFULNESS PLiildant McKinley is much better! He passed a fairly comfortable night and enjoyed several hours of reposeful lumber Conditions as to pulse temperature and respiration continued to be satisfactory None - of the official bulletins Issued during the night showed any material change from the conditions that prevailed yesterday The members of Mr Mllbum's household were Inclined to take a very favorable view owing to tbe continued absence of unfavorable symptoms The rest which the sufferer obtained was regarded aa very beneficial While Ue slept the physicians left him and rested themselves The nurses alone kept watch over the sufferer Doctors Rlxey and Mynter were on duty during the night but the President was visited later by all of the physicians In attendance The flrstr visitor of the day at the Mil-burn home waa Gen Henry Carrington of Massachusetts - He did not see the President but simply called formally scene about me Mouse The scene about the MUburn residence this morning was calm and peaceful The Sabbath had dawned with a biasing sun and a cool northwest wind About the adjoining streets the soldier guards with fixed bayonets paced their beats and opposite on the vacant lot where four tents have been erected for the use of the newspaper men and the telegraph companies a group of reporters with sin attendant throng of messenger boys talked In suppressed tones At the residence except for a solitary policeman at the main entrance there was no sign of life until 8 o'clock when Gen Carrington of Massachusetts arrived to Inquire of the President's condition Soon afterward Drs Park Wrs-dln and Mann arrived for the morning consultation Then 27 men of the 14th Infantry with two aergeants and two rorpornls tinder the command of Second Ileut Hamilton! marched up to relieve the night detail While the physicians were in consultation Winter 1 lover Senator Ilnnnu'a private secretary appeared with n iu-s-aage front the Senator asking fur news Itr Rlxey snnt him a very eiirmiiiigliig message to the effect that Ihe 1 ‘resident had had a vary good night and that none of the unrii vornlile symptom which were dreaded so imirli hail appeared ir is good news It waa hy far the most encouraging Statement which has yet emerged front the sick room ami the race of the attendant who brought It across to the newspaier tent fairly beamed as he handed It to the rejiorters "It la good news" said ho Eagerly It was scanned and Its confident tone aroused high hopes The fact that the physicians had officially proclaimed that there were no Indications of peritonitis dispelled any misgivings that may have been harbored that perhaps the physicians were concealing something Mr MUburn soon afterward still fur-' ther Increased the cheerful feeling by - a personal statement to the effect that tbe physicians were greatly encouraged as a result of this consultation His ’wanner and his smiling happy counte-j ance bespoke the Joy which he unmis takably felt rue pee si Den t is better "President McKinley is better’’ was tbe word passed out of the MUburn bouse after the' surgeons had finished their morning consultation Dr Park Everything la looking well” Dr Mynter said: "Good progress made during the night" Dr Wasdln said: have high hopes” haired RECOVERY man with' a G A R hat came at 8 A M and was In the house for a minute He gave a NEWS reporter his card with the name "Gen Henry B Carrington Hyde Park Mass” on It and added "I go to the National Encampment as the guest of the Cty of Cleveland" and the splendid old hero of many a gallant conflict sprang lightly Into his carriage and hastened away for the station Mrs McKinley was up at 8 o'clock as reported and brought cheer to her husband The - President Is reported to be able to converse clearly and to be so- strong as to be In need of cautioning against talking too much He Is the best of patients and docile to a degree that satisfies hla physicians "X-RAY" MACHINE IS HBRC At 10:10 o’clock this morning Dr H A Knoll of New York & Roentgen Ray specialist arrived at the MUburn house bringing the X-ray machine which had been sent from the metropolis as told In the SUNDAY NEWS Dr Knoll was accompanied by two operators and they will set up the machine and test It so that It will he ready for use whenever the surgeons decide it Is best to make the examination for the location of the second bullet The machine Is of the most Improved type and Dr Knoll Is certain there will be no difficulty whatever In locating the bullet whenever the President Is ready to undergo the examination ARRIVAL OF DR M’BIRNEY Soon after the arrival of Dr Knoll Mr MUburn and Secretary Cortelyou came out of the house They were Instantly surrounded by an anxious group to whom they gave the most cheerful Information ""The President Is doing splendidly — splendidly” said Mr Milburn "He Is showing a gain if anything and Is certainly more than holding his own with the 48-hour period approaching its culmination Every symptom now Is of the most encouraging character WHY DR M'BIRnCY CAME Mr MUburn assured the newspapermen thst l)r Charles Mclilrncy had been Invited to Buffalo for advisory purpose and that It did not signify any eliiuige for Liu worse In the President's condition or any coneei-n on the part of llu' staff In alteridiiiu'e "Iir Mi BIrm-y Is here’’ said Mr Mll-hiiiii "lieeanse lie Is one of Ihe most eminent siiigeons In the con nl ry a ml been lle (lie pulli-tit In the (’resident of the United Hliit-s" "line Die nil I vii I of I he X -my experts tni-ii n I ha I llu1 mm-hliic w ill Im lined?" "No There Is no liilenilon nt present of using I lie X-ray The rrinchlrie w'iis hroiight on to he here In readiness for iis IT It should lie deemed necessary The Idea was that If Ihe presence of Ihe loillet should give trouble means would he at hand to remove It At present the second bullet Is not going any concern whatever” Dr Keiicrson one of (he Edison experts nt the I’nn-Amerlcnn is here to assist In the use of the machine If It should he required Secretary Cortelyou after accompanying Dr McBlrney to the house visited the press tent and made an official statement bearing out that of Mr MUburn "It is nqj because of any alarming symptoms or of apprehension that Dr McBlrney came to Buffalo but because It was thought wise to have him here for consultation and advice” Mrr Cortelyou said Maj-Gen Brooke was a visitor at the house at 11 o'clock A few moments later Mrs Harry Hamlin and Senator Mark Hanna were driven to the Ferry street corner in the Hamlin carriage At 11:10 o’clock Mayor Diehl was a visitor Mayor Diehl and Mrs Hamlin left the house together Senator Hanna remained MAYOR DIEHL’S errand Mayor Diehl said he had called merely o inquire after the President's condi-tiJfmand to convey the substance of mew jres be bad received from Mexico inTnAri£'PbUlp C Hans a American Consul at Monterey Mexico telegraphed as follows: "Americans and Mexicans anxious news- concerning President Please telegraph me twice dally my expense’ The Mayor will send official bulletins The following was received from Frederlco Elgura mayor Lima Peru: "Learned with greatest regret and Indignation attempt against life President On behalf of municipal corporation and all citizens this capital begs you to convey President our deepest sympathy and ardent wishes’’ Secretary Lyman F Gage called at the house at 11:35 ' At 11:45 Secretary Root called accompanied by E Carlton Sprague Maj Symons who left the MUburn residence at 11:40 said: "Everybody In the President’s household feels happy and cheerful this morning His condition is exceedingly gratifying” MAJ AND MRS RAND Major and Mrs Rand who are intimate friends of the President and Mrs McKinley reached Buffalo this morning from Washington and went immediately to the Milburn residence Mrs Rand Is one of Mrs McKinley’s closest personal friends and her presence with the President's wife during this trying period will be it Is believed a great comfort to the latter There is no truth In the reports that the Cabinet discussed the question of the wholesale arrest 'of anarchists in different parts of the country although in an informal' way they have naturally talked over the danger from those advocates of the destruction of all governments and the advisability of possible' legislation upon the subject Neither have they canvassed so far as can be learned the advisability' of a proclamation to foreign countries concerning the catastrophe The necessity for such a notification would seem useless as every government In the world has already taken cognizance of the crime as Is evident from the cables from all parts of the world that have poured in here KINGS SORROWING Either directly or through the prime ministers every government In Europe has expressed its sympathy not only did King Edward and Emperor William cable direct In their own names but the King of Portugal King Oscar of Sweden the Sultan of Turkey President Loubet of France and the King of Italy have sent personal messages These monarchs have not hesitated to denounce in the strongest language the deed of the assassin The bulletins concerning the President’s condition are being sent to all these Inquirers abroad NOT ONE BAD SYMPTOM Dr McBlrney after a thorough examination of the President reported- that he had not found a single unfavorable symptom There was not the slightest Indication of peritonitis This opinion of the famous- physician carries much weight A local physician a specialist with whom Dr Park has consulted told Representative Alexander that Dr Park was - exceedingly -hopeful He said to'Mr Alexander: “I feel certain the President will get well This is not 1881 but 1001 and great strides have been made In surgery in the last 20 years” DR MITCHELL’S PRAYER Vice-President Roosevelt arrived at the residence -at 12:45 He walked over from the First Presbyterian Church on Pennsylvania street where he attended service this morning He-wag accompanied by Ansley Wilcox whose guest he Is Representative Alexander anil j Judge Albert Haight entered Immediately alic-r the Vice-President ' The sermon at the First Presbyterian t'hureh where Vice-President Roosevelt was In iiUi-ndnnoe made reforenee to the eiburilty which bud fallen upon llie nation At II close the pnslor Dr S H Mitchell delivered u fervent prayer In the course of which he mild: "Untie l) (bill (he IisaiIm of nil lovers of i Igb I eiitisurNH In slernesl reprobn' bin f the n na ri'lilc fuiy of rcprnlmlo lives anil whip from Ihe temple of public life men who are willing In tetnpniixi with this mndnesH In lily and Hlnie" j After a hymn the entire eungrri:nllnn ! united In singing Ihe National nntliem HIGH HOPES FOR RECOVERY Shortly lifter 1 o'clock Vlrc-I’resl-rtent Roosevelt nnd Senator II an no left the house They stopped on the rurnei to tell tlu newspaper men of the high hopes they had for the President's recovery The Vice-President said with great emphasis that he fell satisfied of the President's recovery and Senator Hanna Interjected the statement that the President's condition considering the circumstances could not be more favorable Complications might arise said the Senator but there were no Indications of them up to the present time Senator Hanna then spoke of the statements that the reports of the physicians were being colored and did not show the President's real condition “It is outrageous that such stories should be circulated' said he "The physicians are giving the facts to the public” At this point Vice-President Roosevelt with great earnestness laid his hand upon the Senator's arm FA VORA BLENESS UNDERS TA TED “Senator let me put it this way” he said "The doctors’ bull with 'a scrupulous und the favorableness of coi pulous understates ns are made atement of ns a scru-he repeated President William McKinley emphatically adding emphasis with hla uplifted gloves “That expresses It well’ said Senator Hanna "Yes" continued Sir Roosevelt "If anything the doctors understate the hopefulness of the situation” Mr - Hanna again assented to this statement He added that It took from 48 to 72 hours for conclusions to be reached of an absolutely conclusive character and no physician pending such a period would state absolutely final conclusions But for the present the doctors were inspired by the sln-cerest effort to give the best Judgment whloh medical science could render' As Mr Roosevelt and Senator Hanna turned to their carriage an attempt was made to photograph the Vice-President but he turned away hurriedly with a "No no’ Indicating that It was not a time for such scenes ROBERT LINCOLN HERE Robert T Lincoln son of President Lincoln and former Secretary of War came from the Milburn house soon after Mr Roosevelt and Senator Hanna retired Mr Lincoln regarded the condition of the patient as altogether favor-- able SECRETARY HAY HEARD FROM this Secretary Hay was heard from morning from Newbury N IL A telegram coming to Chief Clerk Michael of the State Department Who Is here stated that Ine Secretary would leave for Buffalo tomorrow - morning It Is expected that he will be able to reach here late Monday night When he arrive there will be a full representation of the Cabinet with the exception of Secretary Img On the arrival of Mr Hay answers will he framed to the many niessagcg of condolence which have come from crowned heads and rulers throughout the world The messages continue to arrive one of them being a deeply syrn-pnlhelh message from I’resldt-nl lil-ix of Mexico All of the foreign representatives who have been here have now departed for Washington I In Japanese Minister Mr 'J'nkahlrn being Ihe Inst to leave this morning Leon Czoigosz whose cowardly attempt upon the hie ot President McKinley has borriUed ‘ f be whole civilized work I v ' MRS M'KMLEY'S GREAT PLUCK She is -Bearing Up- Remarkably Well and is Very Brave Mr C R Huntley came from the Milburn house this morning and in talking with a NEWS reporter said: "Mrs McKinley Is showing wonderful pluck and courage She Is cheerful and helpful and her confidence does the President a world of good “She has had no attack of hysteria or -weakness but has risen to the' emergency with a patience and good sense In every particular that excites the admiration of all who know how splendidly she has stood the strain" CABINET WILL REMAIN HERE Considered Safest to Be Near the President During the Crisis Secretary Gage left the house about 1:20 o’clock lie said - there was still danger of suppuration from the bullet— that was the greatest danger he feared This was only his opinion— not from the physicians "The cabinet will remain here at least 24 hours more" he said "We consider it safest to remain together luring this crlMls" JOHN It VAIK FOK AMNKMIlly BKKWKTER N Y Sept 7— The f’utnnrn county Republican eonv-iiilon Uiil'iuel lodny nominated John It Vale or Hrewnler for tin Assembly and J I leruiel I Southard of (’old Killing for I’liunly Judge WILL WAGE WAR IN ALL LANDS National Association of Chiefs of Police Move for International Action WANT BETTER LAWS AND PROMPT ACTION President of Association Sends Out a Letter Advocating a Gathering of Police of All Lands WASHINGTON Sept 8— Maj Richard Sylvester as president of the Na-' tlonal Association of the Chiefs of Police of the United States and Canada yesterday took a decisive step looking to the adoption of a uniform policy throughout the world In dealing with anarchists by addressing a letter to the board of directors of the association requesting their co-operation in bringing the various heads of the police departments of the world together In convention The communication follows: "The National Association of Chiefs of Police of the United States and Canada at the last annual meeting adopted a resolution inviting the heads of foreign police departments to participate in our annual discussions and the distressing calamity witch this country has recently experienced through the assault on the President by a foreign lorn anarchist confirms the belief that the Import of the resolution should be impressed on foreign officials with a view to having such of their number present at' our next annual meeting as may be able to attend "This Is urged with the hope that a closer relationship may be established officially and personally and that there may be an interchange of opinion as to the best methods to be pursued to eliminate from society such organizations and persons as may be evilly disposed toward institutions of government and those charged with their conduct “The question Is a most vital one an John X Scatcherd who left the If the lawurt Inadequate to cruh auclnbon bulletin was issued said: organizations and punish such charact era there should be recommendations from a police standpoint which would forever prevent the like in' this country and aid the authorities abroad "I trust the members will give this matter close and careful consideration and offer such suggestions as may aid In accomplishing the desired end and that the secretary will he authorized to adopt such measures as will bring about a thorough understanding with our for-elgn friends to secure their presence and co-operation "In the meantime there should be active efforts made looking to the eradication of these evils and information gathered and disseminated through the national bureau of criminal identification with -a vlewjof accomplishing such result” This proposition will be acted upon by the directors Individually by mail If the board of directors vote to adopt their executive's views the secretary of the association will he authorized to address a letter to the officials having charge of the police affairs of the European nations requesting their attendance at the convention next year when It is expected some definite steps will be taken to effectually stamp out or destroy the danger arising from anarchistic plots ' MOESER'S SUDDEN DEATH Coroner Duller was notified this morning that 'William J Moeser of 33 Kane street dropped dead suddenly while visiting his father Henry Moeser of 29 Rey street The coroner Is Investigating In the city directory It Is said that Moeser Is foreman for Ihe Wcnborric-Sunmer Cm HODY TAKEN HOME The body of Jime M-Kconof Oswego who fell out of a fn rlli story wlntlow nl 1G0 Erie si rent yesterday nod died nt the Emergency Iinsplln was token Imirie this morning hy Frank Mi-If-on a hndher who Is miHh-r iiiech-inP- of the I Collie Will ertim n a Ir'h-mbljl g rnll- rond Jtv vL I 1-:- A- I V m GOOD NEWS BRINGS JOY TO MANY MILLlOC paces Brighten and Hearts Gut Ha Glad as News Spreads Tf:1'' McKinley The good news of the improvement of the President tnr' 7s ' f J f I the city this morning about as fast as the sad neivs of th I’ ConYrV ’ftj I Friday i' ? 5 t h At: first those who came along to grave countenance At the moment faces bore the unmistakable signs of relief and joy hey - inyv away to spread the glad tidings among their acquaintances and 'Afi freely to strangers Vf The cold and gloom of the early morning honrs passed away the sunshine of the skies and the radiance of the doctors’ iriPi5 D 'mp -JiLaL together Neighbor shook hands with neighbor with a gladnestfll vjr diality that needed no words of explanation “a The humblest and the most highly placed shared the saino f -and expressed it in the same way Everywhere the words wctp: “01 so glad" The little Sunday excursions of families tliat would hav abandoned otherwise went forward The services in the churches ir themselves into ceremonies of thanksgiving in which congregationnt th floor with a heartiness never shown in November aii H v’xnce at the Im He did And as it is in Buffalo so it is all over the world by this timed ha a worrl ‘ good news is following the had with lightning speed The most ing?WHe” salutation about the newspaper tent near the Milburn house xerT" aekei break was “How cold and raw it is” Bjaln t( But when the 9 o’clock bulletin came out men began togalgneia not a splendid day what a delicious air how fine everything i” escaped his it Never has the suffering and danger of a man been felt aled to 1 grief by so many millions of human beings as in this instance seen at hrj----has the news of his probable recovery been so eagerly wel connB 5 alfr i good masses of his fellows as in the case of William McKinley J — definiftV ’ 7 LATE BULLETINS FRi THE “Mr McKinley is as clear as a bell magnificently” 12 O’CLOCK The improvement in the President’s conditioi'' last bulletin Pulse 123 temperature '101 Or McBimey is here and will meet the Presidei iikeiy a reply consultation at 3 o’clock snnon i ' yfendhig the Preslderfc GEOKuJ'j I LClistastefui?” sugges Secretary to 1 g areldedly unpleaH The President passed a good night and his conditio quite encouraging ws sa YS no k His mind is clear and le is resting well wound dresiwi Kept J7— found in a very satisfactory condition 1 r i There is no indication of peritonitis Pulse 132te::ii0 yesterday ii respiration 21 GEORGE B CORTELYOU Secretary to the President 3 A M — The President has passed a fairly good- :Q temperature 1024 respiration 24 P M RIYEY PING HERMAN MYN GEORGE B CO’C A GT'F'l ' 2 A M — The President is sleeping reposeful!’' left the bed chamber to seek rest themselves nnd the riu ones awake The sleep into which the President has fiEcICVCll with favor t t 2 A M — Secretary Cortelyou came out of the MillwCfCu r ’ made the following statement: j “There is no change in the President’s condition” MIDNIGHT — J tin stated that the condition of thentS ' f unchanged STAB WOUNDS BY DOZENS IN BIS NECK W H Crissfield Badly Cut Up By E C Thomas in Poker Game Row William H CrlssfieM on- of the boarders In the Fornes Hotel corner of Court and I’earl streets was nearly killed In a fight that took place In hi room early this morning He was stabbed a dozen times by Edmond UQdy Thomas and is now under th- are of Dr William Prelss Thomas is under arrest on the charge of assault first degree Thomas Crissfield William Thompson and James Marcella met In Crtss-field’s room late last night and decided to have a little game of poker Thomas played in hard luck from the beginning He lost steadily and when he discovered that his losses amounted to 83 he grew ugly It Is said that fYlss-fleld Thompson and Marcella guyed him good naturedly and It Thomas angry I He suddenly pulled out threatened it fill Crly 73 ilnYJ cella jK ear VSrntors on prices have "at once dt second 17121 is Better inquire about his condition Kvv 4 T '( jlWj of hearing that all wm ry 11 InS&i aJSsa i5r-nnlns SICK Rfe ifffu (H$Ajise I Judge TJtus to nr-j Milburn was asked ji’ I can t ny exactly 11 wlsl ° reach homo ieu ulVg blit It limy ho th I ' '-iru then liecmiHe iCK XOON 'J11" 5?ri - ntof Ruffal ditioi ! a tPiK deereeK arcopr-iii: V - legram wiiV 1 Cs L-'iilil M r Ti Preside! likely a reply if I can’t ny exactly I urn IT on HaL that ho m of his Adep nt of Utr Buffalo Thir telegram 1 convention V'i pIMilntment lie (jm report was true hm a to whether i LK JreumstiineeK i-one HERMAN MYXTl Ksln’ EUGENE WASDI ereil to do o by Ih-ld had hecn stubbed i iOX(' morning a Urlesllrdd dropped to th ysred rct- polb- wr call-! In I’atrol avlmc-w r HUH the first to respond h-U Crissfield 'Pd Tooiim t ll thin terrific sea Dr fries was called and n w" wounded man He says boat posed the external jugular w another opened the carotid aoI ’ that he had 11 gash IK Inchee arm e-4 iVL hark Ills face breast sclS DEAD iq also rut Dr 1’relss fun cut altogether and ay the man wasn't killed n t-pxe at Hi t'rls field Is now In Dr 1 Thornas will be arraigned Murphy In the Police Court morning Marcella and ‘h'Jamc held as witnesses ars a prornl- jt life of U ' EXCITEMENT IN CHcLV While attending service at Th German Evangelical Chure at h"n street this morning I Avenue of 83 Oneida street was tak epileptic fit He fell from h he ' four wherr he was sitting and wrh® "rtal on the church floor raa Interest ij- The congregation was t cited and th service A broken ip w hfs anSdlnIh ' CarrlM from And th Emergency a called lie was taken hojjf ABNER M’KINLEY e" aj CHICAf jp Sept 8-V£T brother tohe here todajprout letal! d orado ’ejk due V 10 P M -£Vhe l&i&fc taatnfr' ¥ b m a ? n Ni i-t iii n 7:3 ! XWS) TXi1 - w-A3 Vf i J iV k I

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