Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1958
Page 7
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TTtunJey, September 5S, 1ISI ANSA1 Page S«f«« * by ID U VANWAY THE SfSHVi Law V6f-dU§6 While 6H8 . . Ume OH the Utters firsf iti town and La«s Him. efdugd asks fe? the M» IUCH 6f the knife Lane teelo artd Larte fetuPHS It, XVI Tliu Fbur « Arrow yard was filled With buggies and ibtick' ^boards, and the C o r i' a i was crowded with the teams of the guests, Lane found a gathering of men tihdei' a CottonWood irt the back yard, On a bench lay a keg, and the -men all held tin clips; even the red • haired sheriff held one. George Finewait, a portly man of meduim height, gray headed and leathery faced, called, "Mold on, John," arid Lane reined in, k JPlnovvalt came toward him with "a cup of whisky, but he said, "No, thanks,, George. Not now." "ill drink with you after a While," Lane said. Me had hired two Mexican youths to do chores around the ranch. Both of these ha'd ibeeh tending the <bar,becue spit, but one of them followed Lane to the corral to take care of the two horses. Lane then came back by the Cook- shack, looking inside it. He found I the place empty, . 'Pedro Rodri: 'guez had taken over, the cook- shack during the absence of iSchullz with the roundup wagon, and should have been .here now, cooking up grub to .go with the beef. Turning (back out, Lane stopped at the barbecue pit, asking the youth there, "Where's Pedro?" "He saddled a horse and rode away, senor." - The youth pointed toward the ' north. At first Lane could see nothing unusual in that direction, but then he noticed, high, in tho sunlit sky, a circle oi' buzzards, Lane decided that wolves had pulled down a yearling. Whatever it was, he would soon know, be' cause the height of the buzzards told him that Rodriguez had already reached the spot. He went on to join the men around the whisky keg. I , ' ' ', Finewall was chewing on a cheroot that had gone out. Relighting H, he nodded his head- at the sheriff and said to Lane, ' Tom's scared. See how white around the gills he looks." Murdo Mitchell said; ' 'Gelling hitched up to a pretty' girl is enough to scare any man." 1 I'm a mile nervous," Iho gaunt lawman said. "I admit it ' John - Lane < wasn't scai'Q or nervous,, but there was a hard knot o£ disappointment in him, Hcd hoped to slop the marriage somehow, and suddenly he real izcd he couldn't stay here and . watch this crowd make merry He wouldn't be here tomorrow, either, whan Irma toecamc the wife of this lanky badge - totoi- No, he would ride back down lo the wagon again, after a while, and slay there. Mrs, Erwin was standing in tho kitchen doorway when he put I •dipper back, She said, "John, will you come in for a moment?" Lane stepped into the kitchen sind started to follow Mrs, 13r\s into the living room, which was jioisy with the conversation ot womuifolks, Mrr. E r w i n indi cated a door that gave into a back bedroom, however, and said, "Irma wants you to- see her wed ding gosyn." The girl stood in the center at the room, a vision of loveliness ih While salih. "Mow do 1 look?" Lahe swallowed. "It's beeil a lofig time sihce 1 saw a girl itt a Wedding dress." Irma made a slow turn for him, lifting her skii-ls, and he crushed his hdtbrliti with a grip that whitdhed his knuckles, "Look all fieht behind?" "Prettiest thing I ever saw." Lahe said, ahd then he Was s/.if» ihg into the" girl's long » lashed eyes. The answer came to John Lane thch 1 ^ he realized why Irma was man-ying Tom Cole, Except for Mrs. Ewin, she had ho one. She had ho menfoiks what* e-Ver, and deeply hungered for male strength to draw upon when her own courage faltered. There was, for a woman, Lane knew, something solid and comforting about Tom Cole. "Wish me happines?" I r m a asked. "1 can't." ' She searched his face and said in a small voice, "Arc you angry with me, John?' Lips tight and gray eyes smoldering, he caught her by the shoulders and pulled her against him. He held her there, crushing her wedding gown. Her eyes wore pools of mystery, of understanding, too, though, and submission. Lane kissed her, hard, and part of his mind told him not to be so rough with her. He kissed her again more gentle about it. Tears welled inlo her eyes, and suddenly Lane heard someone gasp as though shocked and outraged. Someone came in the door. Irma pulled away from him, cheeks coloring. Lane turned to meet Karen Mitchell's mock ing and highly pleased stare. He said with defensive anger, "I grabbed her and kissed her. She couldn't help it." With a faint smile, the sheriff's sister sa i d, "Don't apologize to me. She not my intended.' Lane's fists tightened on his hat. "You're right, ;!M'rs. Mitchell. Tom Cole's the one I should apologize to." He went out onto the back porch. A calmer mood took pos-, sesion of him and he reflected upon the expression in Karen's eyes. Finding Irma in Lane's arms had not only pleased her; it had made her downright happy (To Be Continued) ' (Distributed by NEA Service, Inc.) To File Appeals in Virginia Case ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP)—At., torneys announced today that ap peals will be filed on behalf of all 30 of the Negro pupils denied im mediate admission to white schools in Arlington County. U.S. Dist, Judge Albert V Bry. an ordered last week that four of the children be admitted but post, poned their move until a new semester starts Feb, 2, He held that if immediate action were ordered the formalities of putting his ruling into force would cause enough delay to break up a semester, Bryan declined to order trans, fors from Negro schools for the others, « *• Attorney Frank !D, peeves said the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals will bo asked to order prompt while school enrollment for all 30 children, The 30 integration applications had been rejected by both the State Pupil Placement Board and the Arlington School Board Canada Shifts to Missile Protection defense emphasis frbfti jet *:eptbrs to |rorlidl-trt-air tt was announced Tuesday by Hi* ahadian government. Prime Minister John Dlufchbrife er said two fiornai-e aHtlaifSi-aft missile base's Will be established ahd that final deeisioh has bs§fl postponed until next Mafcli nfi Whether to order limited pfodUd' lloh of Canada's supersonic AfroW lighter file fiomarc. 9 U.S. Weapdfl guided from the ' trotlHd by lha same radar system used to ton' trol interceptor operation's, is a*h pable of carrying a nuclear wpr< head, file two bases, lo bd built tn northern Ontario and Quebec as part of the Norad defense system, will be completed by 1961 al'a tolal Cost oflG4 millloti dol> lars. TB Group to Observe 50fh Anniversary LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Ark» ansas Tuberculosis Assn. wl)l open its 50th anniversary conference hero today, with a new tbjj.1 for 'detecting the disease high on the list of topics for discussion. The tesl is Ihe inlra-dcrmal "Manloux lesl". An association spokesman said thai while X-rays are still one of the most Important diagnostic tools, the field of detection is moving more away from patch tests and toward intra-dermal tests. The patch test, in which a tuberculin derivative-spread patch was placed 'oh the arm, often was found invalid. Children tended to remove it, or the derivative was scuffed or came loose from perspiration. In the new method, a slight injection of the drivativc is placed under the top layer of skin. Reaction to 'it, as inthe patch test, determine whether the tcslcd person has tuberculosis. The State Board of Health recently reversed -an old ruling against use of the intra-dermal method and its use is planned in a limited program in Pulas'lii County public schools lalfi' fnls year The first general session of the Association's meeting will begin today with lectures. Also on the program will be an address by James Stone, executive secretary of the National TB Assn. The 50th anniversary dinner meeting will be held tonight. The conference will conclude tomorrow. Man Indicted on Mail Fraud Charge NEW ORLEANS (A?) — A federal grand jury yesterday indicted Joseph Parkinson Newsham, 03, en mail fraud charges, Asst, U. S. Ally. Lloyd Mclan- con said Newsham, arrested in Hot Springs, Ark, Sept. 5, was charged with' /obtaining from the New Orleans investment firm of Scharff 1 Jones, Inc., a $1,000 negotiable bond of the Misissippi River Bridge Authority by giving a fraudulent check on the Chicago National Bank Postal inspector Jack Staples said Newsham was released July 1 from the Federal CorreclioauJ Institution at Seagoville, Tex., tor serving a term for mail fraud. Staples said Newsham, bcfora arriving in New Orleans, bad made similar deals in Binning ham, Ala,, Memphis, Tenn,, St. Louis, Mo, and Shreyepqrt. Newsham is held jn ham whore charges wers filed fore his arrest in Hot Spring* the New Orleans ease, To Introduce the NEW Robin Hood Bag! This Smart, Modtrn the Qertifte&te inside my bag QfRgbin HQQ$ Ffour bertjtfultf wmstm &m to-fll ywlmm Cinnamon Rolls ckg. ParUf NO LIMITS! Closed Sundays! Jini Parfer p\ ~f •»«"• P«rl if -Seeded ^ »-» Spanish Bar .................... ,., 2/C RYE BREAD ............... i!& 1 DC MAYONNAISE QK ANN PAGE Btl,. SOUTHMOST FROZEN PEAS ,.„„ ^ TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Rag. Bars TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE SOAP 2 Bath Bars .................... 2?C TOILET SOAP Cashmere Bouquet 2 Reg. Bars ........ .'.!.' ........ 1 9c TOILET SOAP Cashmere Ba.uquet 2 BalhBars ............. ::.'....27c Colored or While FACIAL TISSUE ZEE PAPER,. 2 10 4 13 10-oz, Pkgs, Pkgs, of 20 Boxes of 400' Rolls , DETERGENT VEL St. Pkg, ...75c DEODORIZER • FLORIENT 12 ? z ' Slrawborry,,,,,,...Jar Heavenly Pies in October Woman's Day 10* DAILY DOG FOOD 6 45 GREEN BEANS.«s» fe2S Pillsbury, ORANGE JUICE 2 47 Can.".. .75c KRAFT, OLD ENGLISH CHEESE SPREAD 5-oz. r\ —i Glass Z/C *»£ "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF'BLVoBiCUT • - DOLE FROZEN PINEAPPLE JUICE ' ^1 (~\ I VC ?m Can DOLE FROZEN ' BLENDED' JUICE ORANGE- 6-oz, /-^Q PINEAPPLE Can ZOC "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF SHOUIDEK "SUPER-RIGHT" THICK CUT "SUPER.RIGHT" HEAW BEEF PINK DETERGENT LIQUID VEL Bonolesi Ib. "SUPER.RIGHT" FRESHLY 22-oz, Can,,,, .69< AulomaH? Washer Detergent •AD ARM ROAST 55 4 69' Ground Beef 49 " '• ; FRIED/PERCH,« ,., , b ;5,9c FRIED CHICKEN BSSSUSPc 25 Sliced Bacon % "SUPER.R1GHT" REC, , Sliced Bacon 65 "SUPER.KIGHT' 1 8-14 U, AVQ. Hen Turkeys >45 ( Grilled Steaks SBSff -.,„.....„ 49c Sliced Bacon SSSfSC. St49c'

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