Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 24, 1958
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Wednesday, September ,54, 1951 NOPI ITA IETY Phens M4S1 §eiwe:n 9 A.M, and 4 P,M, Calindar There will be a meeting of the Gin Seoul Troop leaders arid com* ffiillce members al the Litlle Mouse Thursday, Sept. 2o at 2 p.M, The Bridge Club luncheon of the Hope, Country Club will -be Thurs* Way September 25 at 12;30 p. m. The hostesses will be Marie Men* drix, Mrs, E. M. McWiliiatns, .Mrs. CHt Stuarl Jr. ahd Mrs. R, L. Broach. Friday, September 26 The Friday 'Music Club will meet with Mrs. M. A. Spraggins Friday, •Sepl, 2G at 4 p,m, |Coming and Going Mrs, Eva Alford of Shrevdport spent the Weekend with Mrs. C C. Collins and family and Mrs. J, S. McDowell. . -* McKitthon, Earl Thoinason. J. A. Davis, Mr. ahd Mrs. ftoiahd Pear- soft, Mr, ahd Mrs. Raymond Rob- ifts and Judy, Van Buren Has a 'Spitting' Incident VAN Ark. (At>)-A re- Oh Sunday, Mr. and Mrs, W. A. Mudgelt, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Whit* man, ahd M'r, and Mrs. Dewey Saber" motored to Hot Springs for the Arkansas • Missouri blstricl Kiwahis Convention. Mrs, Harry Bosweil Jr. oL.Hyat- tsville, Md., is visiting her mother, M'rs, Alma Moses and her sister, Mrs, Wallace Cook. Th'ose who allended Ihe Dislrict K meeting of Christian Churches in Arkadelphia were as follows: '.Rev, and Mrs. Harris, Miss Lucille Bright, Mr. and Mrs, John HEY CATS Get a Load of These Two Hopped Up... Rock 'N Roll Specials Tonite & Thurs. 6:15-8:30 THE TRUE STORY OF TODAY'S YOUTH! Personal Mention Friends will bo happy to know thai Mrs. Quinlon Cox is reported as doing Well after undergoing surgery, in a local hospital Monday. College Notes A frcsman studenl at Newcomb College In New Orleans,- Miss Ca' rolyn Strong has recently pledged Chi Omega sorority at the school and has joined the Newcomb Glee Club as a second soprano. She is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Sam Strong and is a 1958 graduate of Hope High School. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Clyde Tullis, Rt. 4, Hope. Discharged: Ira Turner, Washington; Mrs. K. G. Hamillon, Hope. Memorial Admitted: Lance Nosaska, Hope; Mrs. A. A. 'Stockton, Rt. 1, Fulton. Discharged: Mrs. Phil Sutton, Rt. G, Prescott; Joyce Talley, Hope Sccva Gibson, Hope; Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, Hope; Jack Starnes, Rt. 1, Hope. Judge May >/a?«t*«' Vvit*f" j«j,U * ROD *r2 f ~ »i-j-"x- J Mice Copers SMNQIER Continued Srum Page One njssioners will accept the total count of ballots cast in Ihe referendum and certify them to Faubiis ind Hall for a ruling on which side won, he said. • The school board voted 4-1 to ask for instructions from the fed eral court on what to do about easing the high schools. Disenting Was Dr. Dale Alford whc said last night ho thought the action was premature. The segregationist Mothers League of Central High School has been., circulating petitions asking lor,(..an* election to decide on lha recall-on all school board members except Dr. Alford During the Lillle Rock- integration controversy, Dr. Alford frequently has differed with board policies. Mrs. Margaret Jackson, president of the Mothers League, said the organization had ob'tained the necessary 6,300 signatures on the petitions and planned to file them with the county clerk soon. The president rif the Arkansas State Labor Council and a Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools locKiy wore ;il- fempting to line up votes for integration * Odcll Smith of Little Ronk, president of the state AFL-CIO orpan ization, said in n statement tha Ihe forthcoming referendum 01 segregation-integration -(.o-sed al terivilives oi expensive piivat schools or no schools at all, Smith said most working people r-Aild not afford to send iheir chil dren to priviite schools, ''Calling our schools 'private' in order to avoid abiding by a cour decision won't work," ho assert* Smith charged that Faubus am other backers of the private schoo plan know it won't prevent inte. . ported spitting ihcidtSHl n Negro boy arid a white boj» yes* tcrday i-cslllted iti the stispeHsiori of UVih White youths froffl Idle- gi-atiort'lroubled Vatt Bureil High School A school official said Eugene ahd Gene Matthews, 15, Were sits* ponded indefinitely because they refused to return to class after the repotted Incident ahd Used abusive language. Eugene had reported to the principal's office that Nathaniel Norwood, 15-year-old Negro, spat on him ns he rodo past thd Negro youth on a motorbike. Norwood denied the incident, ltd said he spat toward a gutter and the spittle "didn't evch land on Mathows." School Supt. Everett Kelley would not Comment. Confirmation of the white boys' suspension came from a school official who declined to be identified. The incident was the first re* ported since bight Negroes returned to the 622'pupil school Monday after a two-week absence that resulted from a protest demonstration iby about 45 White students Norwood and the other Negroes resumed classes with assurance from U. S. District Judge John E. Miller that they could seek help in his court if further obstacles to their attendance arose. The reported spitting incident involving Mathevvs and Norwood occurred as the youths were on their Way home at noon for lunch. Norwood told newsmen that he would report to school officials today that a while boy spat pii him from a car as he walked home after school yesterday. The Negro youth said he had never had trouble with cither of the Mathews boys before The twins confirmed that they ItOPI* AIIANIAI N THE LITTLE PEOPLE-A for 33-lnch-tall Porehc 'Tob ' Franz Haas, mayor of Nilen • "assistant mayor" of a G2-m who arrived from England West Germany. epladder comes In 1 right'handy as he presents a bouquet to rg, West Germany.' Tobias It ber '.'Lllllput City" of mldgeti begin a circus tour through DOROTHY DIX Wedding Pic — Except fo refused to obey instructions from the school superintendent to return to class from the school yard. Their mother and stepfather, Mr, and Mrs. Hubert Rockwell, told newsmen they talked to Ihe superintendent and were told 'the boys could not return to school. Rockwell, an engineer for a Van Buren ice company, said he might have to move from Van Buren to provide schooling for the .twins and his son by a previous marriage, Dale Rockwell, who is in the same grade as the Mathews boys, The Norwood youth was among 13 Negroes who entered Van Buren High this year for the second straight term of i n I e g r aled classes. Four of the Negroes transferred after white . students,jbcgan a protest Ihe firsl week 'of school. Another Negro did not rpturn this week because of illness Last night, an organization' representing youth groups of 26 IVTis- sionary Baptist churches Jn Arkansas and Oklahoma went on record here in support of Gov. Orval E. Faubus' integration, stand. The group is affiliated with the American Baptist Assn. iDcar Dorothy Dix: Help! Help! Help! I am 17 yea old and am going steady with :boy 19. He intends to give me' a engagement ring at Christmas/an we hope lo ibc married next sun mer. He has already talked to h ve can sclllc folks'and received their consen ut a strike.' In fact, his father is giving hi a piece of property for a houtf We've picked our 'bridal part chosen the invitations' and ha\ prices on reception and picture Everything sounds swell, doesn it? I guess you expect at lea one hitch and we have.il — m mother. I have not told her of ou definite plans; only discussed vaguely. I don't think she'll -go long with us. How can f expla to her thai I'm ready for man age? — Viola. Dear Viola: Only one way: te her! Considering the fact that n the expenses you have so glib! discussed fall on your parent they ^certainly should have a voic in your'"Selections,* M'om'Vill pr bably surprise you by her under-"J standing and co-operation. Giveji'liV her a chance lo show It. Are Ready Aom's Okay Chrysler and Continued From Page One ve can settle with Chrysler with- YOUR HAIR ,. t ,C<9n Be Yeprs Younger IN JUST MINUTES DIANE'S BEAUTYSAUON IPJTH §. Main PIANi AP&L Plant to Cost About $43 Million LITTLE ROCK CAP)— Arkansas Power & Light Co. today art' nounced that its new electric steam generating plant on the Mississippi River near Helena would cosl nearly 43 million dollars, The Arkansas Public Service Commission lasl week officially approved AP&L's application for authority to construct and operate the plant, The utility said the plant would be equipped wjth the largest gciv era tor of its typo ever constructed, a 325,000-kilowatt turbine gem era tor The station is to have an' ultimate' capacity— with four generating units — of approximately J, 500,000 kilowatts, The plant's boilers will bo .fired with natural gas--up )o 75 million Dear Dorothy Dix: Here arc a few suggestions to pass on to readers (including a recent writer to your column) who are justifiably disgusted at guesls who overstay what might have tocen a welcome visit. If t they pay no allenlion lo Ihe suggestion that you must 'be getting ready for bod, excuse yourselves, one at a time, and get into your night clothes, If that doesn'l work, gel up and make a speech, such as, "It's been charming having you here. Now it's time for me to hit the hay," all Ihe lime gelling their hats and coats, assisting them out of heir seats and to,Ihe door, If •your "guests" arc insulted, it's good riddance — Edie, Dear Edie; These suggestions are swell 'and there's-no need to worry about the Uite-stayers 1 getting insulted, Those -people have hides' like elephants, 'Any other readers with workable ideas?-Lets have them, .Tjhn D. Lcary, Chrysler vice resident, termed the brcnkoff in he negolialirmst needless and nc- used'the union of "trying to whip- aw Chrysler into accepting terms ml arc neither sound nor enuit- blc." Retithcr said he might rclurn to Ihrysler for resumption of talks Thursday morning, lie was asked that meant the UAW was going o pxtcnd its noon deadline ulti- latum or serve Chrysler with an- Lhcr deadline notice, "Wo have ot made any such plans," lie relied Rcu'Jier said he would join Genral Motors negotiations. Asked if lis meant Chrysler is "now on {,p back, burner.', 1 Reuther said it iff in the Chrysler- came as nsurpriso, ere had been numerous reports dicating an agreement ,was ar. Jord and the UAW reached eon- ict agreement Ja?t Wednesday or a seven-hour strike affect- 3; 98,000 Ford workers. GM and rysler subsequently offered to UAW three - year contracts pilar to the Ford pact cubic feet 3 <3ay — to supplied under a 15-year contract with Ar« Kansas Louisiana Ggs Co, The new facility, will be designed pnd constructed by Ebasco Services, Jncj> It is pxpected to be jn operation by J961, Kiwonions Elect Q Hew Governor HOT SPRJffQfS/ AfH, (AP) J M99H Pon of Polentas ye? -dsy was ?!eele4 go.yern.or q( ;jwanjs international at He succeeds Jasppr Wi of ips of delegates named as A feJ' ,M9 , as jpj 1 Of |>J Vijrjpus jjiyjsjgijs jjj ajsp, wej-e selected, re than 7QQ Ki^ wives iBttQ«de<l ingi which, J )?e}ieve th^y Hve* by enpjnjes «f free, tioiv'^ |w sai4 ^ ? vvna have aiwaj' it , .' at , 'Dear Dorothy DJN:' I'm employed as clerk* in m'y •brother's store, Jie doesn't believe in vacations, ,AU summer he pro. mised rnc a few days off p'ut the store was always- "too busy" tp spare rne, He tplls me to jist just one -good reason why J shqujd jjavc a vacation. Can you sugges't a couple? — jjij Dear Jill; This is one of tno disadvantage? of working for'reja. lives. You'd op much better off wilh,5tranggrs for proplpyers. Now to the list, There aj-e p l^undrpd and one reasons why, ygu. should have your vacation, } can't tJiinH of a sjpgig opg on -the negative side. Hand him Uje?c, ftr samplers, AH : vork and.no. ,pj a y maHes J|}1 « dull girl, Roing the same, thing every day \yil} turn ypu into a rawhine and'/Qu'Jl Jg^e 'all injeiv est m- the wort A , Vf»ca'J}o«i is ' y,9ur l of yg'gej tired a ff?t «nd recreation. EvjJtj ehine need§ ,8n r 99Qpi9nal people need a jljange o| " the oblessMan Continued Prom rage One i;«; too," the boy fuid Prosecutor stuait 'Hoffius said 'Itooytold of witnessing two of i.* deaths, He said his father cod the shotgun against ttio Jdren's heads as they slept, and /tcMillan was found in his bated '1950 auto about a quarter of mile from' the home, Roberts, ng with stale police and Sparta iqcrs, said he offered no re« •,anco. ' ' ' ifficcrs found a loaded 20. ige sholgun in the par, „> ' r 12-gauge'shotgun wns /ound ashed in an upper bedroom 3t v dcath silo, • , - IpMillan and his wife worp.wed ce, They remarried in, divorcing "•- '"•"•' ' te (rs, 1 flcMJllan told police her band broke through a screen p; Tuesday nJBht and attached ,', She said ,he ran to a neigh,to call fpr pplicc help and tgd there until' Rqbert ar« !r> McMillan told poijpe her bend was jucensed over he? to' move to Chicago with, the jn I94Q neee.nt)y tiled suit .for >§ep* dren, Pigorsh said McMil=(in formally charged JatCf Wear ? Jic,r 00 fepy to do n Joye m hag a ehapse year ^ tre wg Jifee 8 jeejph -1. AWVP .until J r, fcesiPJ- • fcgster; J $^ ttm *wnw*d .pUi a Uie- t« t?Jl'her Fjlters Into Pistwre into the picture i today. ' tq morn and central 4| oi § pool trend {hat pxe* ?d frpra .the nsrthprn plains ftc sputhern plateau, je chilly • 'Ao;i,e was part of 3 ley ig,\v pressure- arp^ that sgat? ig shqwers / r pn\ the' upper ' th.e m l Miny St udtnl GIHs __ . . =- Sctf, ,f. W. (B-Af-k) vvns SWflhiped with sifts last Might at A Brussels banquet eaiebmllntf the tenth nftHlversrtry of student exchanges between" Belgium nttd LuxembotirK itfid Hit* United Stnles The sehntoh who finve his fiitme lo the iflw pi-ovldlfiR for U, S. foreign students exchanges, rd- ccivedi A sculpture of a horse by a Liixcmboiirfl artist from lha drand Duchy's government. A colored flower vase from tha Belgian govdi-htncnt, AH ancient map of Luxembourg nhd an album of photographs of the Ornnd Duchy of Luxembourg from the Luxembourg Fulbrlght alumni. And n silver eignret box from the tk'lfilhh alumni. Fulbrighl' mnde an otf-lhe-ctif speech. Itc snldi "Our Rrent common en emy is ig/iortmce and evun mor sd, ignorance of one another More people like you Who htiv learned to understand ouch olhci might help make the United Na lions n success for pence mid t better world." Citizens Group Hears Founder PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP—The founder of the Citizens Council movement said here Inst night that the campaign launched by In- tegrationists could only result in a "socialistic dictatorship." Robert B. Patterson of Indianola, Miss., told the Pine Bluff Citizens Council thai Iho racial struggle at Little Rock was. Inspired by motives "to destroy the public school system, to destroy the white race and to destroy the nation." Patterson, executive secretary of the American Assn. of Citizens Councils, established the first segregationist council several years ago in his home town of fndiaii- Olil. "The Little Rock situation did nol just happen," he said "What has happened has taken about 50 iJ'ears of r/rganixation." Noting that the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People was founded in 1900, Palterson said the biggest problem facing segregationists is organizn- .ton. The scheduled principal speaker, Louisiana Stale Sen. W. M. Rainach, did not appear because of commitments in his own slate, G I R L S — NEW FIESTA COLD WAVES $8.50 ' Guaranteed MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP Bchind^Ch'ilds- Phone 7-4014, ',220.8. Shover. .' -, ."« IV. fffitlftfl. tic-stiff wilhm-ftifcs $«?, about 89 la 3S frar «c"ht 8f theeBSEs beefi partiyife, but that fia fliyiie caies ttit! n6 deaths becfl repdfted flrtloflg peMofiS who" received the full three-shot treat' rtienl of flotle vaecltte, Snik fjolla Vftccfnd was intfo* tliieocl oil n test basis in 1f>54 ntid profiotlticod cssifcmefy e|ffecU*3 pronounced cslrcmcly effective HIP following ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs. Jdella Ameuf U i£rvle> Ins the investment account! ef her husband, Joe Amauf, de< ceased. Please call Prospect 7-2419 fap any infocmatlefi yeu may need. Taylor & Jordan USED GARS RIDING HIGH-Auto adver- •*> Using in Tokyo reaches new 'heights with n model poised over 100 feet above the street. ,The auto, a Toyota Motor's , Corona, revolves oiv Its neon- lighted tower once-a minute. Detroit Hit by Polio Outbreak 'DETROIT (AP) Detroit hns seen hit by its worst outbreak of lolfo since the Introduction of Saik )olio vaccine At least -MO cases lave been reported this year, wjlh 2 deaths, The epidemic Is greater in Dc- roit purl Its immediate suburbs .han in any other suction of' thp BODY SHOP * 216 3, Hazel Phsne 7-4022 Orvllle Taylor* John Bill Jordan LENNIE JACKSON Has joined the staff of Hazel's Beauty Shop and Invites^ her friends to visit her. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP 104 8. Elm Pho. 7-2878 86TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL 6 PC. Maple Dinette, Service for 6 dishes, Place Mats and stainless steel silverware, $86.00 MONTGOMERY WARD WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwooo by Truck Load Cut in Woods or otherwise. HAROLD HENDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 16th & Louisiana, Hope, Ark. — Now Open 'For Business — SMITH'S GENERATOR and STARTER SHOP 106 S. Walnut St. — Pho. 7-2451 Rebuilding all makes & models of Generators and Starter* \ FRAN. . . . Is proud to announce the ro-operiing of her . . . DANCE STUDIO _ Dancing Classes For All Ages: BALLROOM — BALLET — TAP ACROBATIC • BATON Fran's School, of Dance Phone 7-4335 LAST LPAP OF '58 PipUTHS RICHES DEAtERS; TO BE PART OF EflD-OF-MODEL CLEARANCE SALE §«mj])er, {raditiooaly ihe.jhrUUesl 14 m 9 nw w, is pven Jjciier this ho new for ye«V§. A^ {ho sgjno tinip, , „, * , ...--- •„ --,- -rv-r, flyinoutJi's pxWkrating pprfumianw siid year st Wynmlh dealers ail over the U.&. sports-car handling n w ko the MWis-ear f rices. jifpdpvYiUa|l}cyoav>»|jsoiutoJu)v. boys, Jopk to their teurcU, £ vef y car j 4l l»t, m, illitnp IQ the wntittued demand Plymouth's &}d»oftftlQdpl Clomranco SaJp for good MiPd 1>SW* tffldo-u» pricps on cJd , Jujdud.es fswoijs 'JVsion«Aire IJidP. gt'tJQ fflrs ap si])! at a ppak, JJ|i)SLfW'; deuU ' extra tost. Toial-Contu^i Hnik-ns. olp/.trir, are bowig made ij»aj fpally gets g hargwt No, us, vuyu-m pj-wjig on am , jmujuqps ian.i«i!5 ity-siou-wra lu<ie, & mj a peak, figSlJU 1 ; deuli ' extra upsf, TPt«l-GwH«vl Ih-^os, ejcctrb y»oj, mean today's huypr - vuidslijpjd, svipcrs Wl d oiljer fcalures that £«"*• ' ' " *rP Piymqulll's glo^e iu tho lonvprice field, : gets tpflger years qf *raudpyewtU8%ft}iJglwrif^., .„ „ , iPih'ftr JOirt SiyJwg M^ cinum-ed Awards jfj-Qin mil be • u» J w/ttni current g[ iiie war is 'M<jff4'§£ vtyiz -*& Tp'?*t,*-v j'wwvjm^ tyvtyt T f ifyymwwiMiaw' .« . '4- c \-:.\J «{»**« »P7«»«a*9»r^*c*** 7 *4pi,^« H i V L| H i P 4l !|niM ^ w «j|f.v«Mi * -LLv^'. , D-.^i^l'^^iV-l^ ?<::-^ - • • \ -- r-iy-'^t

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