Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1958
Page 2
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Pa§§ H 0 M STAR, HQlf A ft KAN IAS 54, !§§§ Court Docket THE GREAT SPIRIT—A workman puts the finishing touches on a 9,000-pouiid aluminum reproduction of American sculptor Marshall Frederick's, heroic "Spirit of Dotroit" at an Oslo, Norway, foundry. The studio wtis shipped lo the U.S. to b* erected in Detroit's Civic Cenlur. Prescott News Mrs. Ann Jackson Klwnnis Club Speaker Hussi-ll Mobcru, presiden'., pre sided nt HIB weekly meeting of the Kiwanis Club on Thursday evening at the Law son Hotel and in troducod Mrs. Ann Jackson, libra ry consultant of the Arkansas Library Commission who Rave an informative talk on the possibilities Tor a county library in Nevada County Kenneth Ledbetter was welcomed back as a member. DAR Meets In Logon Home Thu homo of Mrs. S. O. Logan wns beautifully decorated with nr- rqnge'mcnts of magic lillies and mixed fall flowers on Thursday afternoon for the first meeting of tho season .of the Benjamin Gulp Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. D. L. McKae wits assisting hostess. Mrs. Carl Dnlrymple. regent, presided and led the ritual and Legal Notice Proposed Budget of Expenditures Together with Tax Levy for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 1959, to and Including June 30, 1960 The Board of Directors of Blovins School District No. 2 of Hempstcnd. County, Arkansas in compliance with thr> requirements of Act 403 of 0951 and of Amendment 40 to tho Constitution ot the Slate of Arkansas, have prepared, approved, and Jiereby make public the proposed budget of expenditures together \iilh the tax rati- as follows; General Control, $3,000.00; Instruction, $75,000.00; Operation of School Buildings, $0,000.00; Maintenance of School Plant and Equipment, $5,000.00; Auxiliary Agencies (including transportation), $20,- OOQIOO; Fixed Charges, $2,000.00; Capital Outlay, $20,000,00; Debt Service $12,000.00, To provide for tho foregoing proposed budget of expenditures the Board of Pireotprs proposes a tax levy of 37 mills. This tax levy includes the present continuing levy lor the retirement of present indebtedness. Given this llth day of September, 1958, BOARD OF DIRECTORS, Blovins School District No, 2 of Hpmpstead County. Arkansas P. C. Stephens, President Ralph E. Boyce, Secretary !=ept. 24, 1958. Ugql Notice NOTICE TO CQNTRAPTQRS, SEALEP PROPOSALS addressed to Garland Medders, City Manager, for the furnishing of the materials and tho construction Qf! SANITARY SEWER RELOCATION for the- City of Hope, HempsteRd County, Arkansas, hereinafter called "Owner", in \appordancp ^vtth the plans, specjficWipns ancj contract documents \yhich were prepared by and may !?° from Thomas & Ha.\ykin,s, Intt Engineers. Citizens P.JUIU Bids., Hoon, Arkansas, \V)W jm j-pc^lved at tho offices of the Cif<- Mnnnfpr in Hope, Arkansas, until 8:30 o'olopk p, Ttf,, on Qc* tobpr 6th, 3958, and tlien PVrt>Uo|v onpnpd and read aloud- Apv hi!? received after closing time will V s The pwner reievvps thR vignl tp any or oil Wrts 911$! to waive and all form f 'litic < '. and .snppifioaticw? mnv Uft firt wJthwM rhar^e jn th^ pf, »/v» of'ih^ F.n^ineej', qr mny b,e s t,o tj\e pf ib^ nlnns and sr>epi- f\#s<iirve>f, \h& full jimfVHut of which tho pledge of allegiance to the flag. She also read the Star Spangled Banner. Prayer was offered by the chaplain, Mrs. ,1. W. Teeter. iM'rs. Norwood Smith was welcomed as a new member. A short talk on "National Defense" was given by Mrs. S. O. Logan. Mrs. H. H. McKenzio, program chairman, distributed the new year books. The program theme for the year will be "The Fruits of Freedom." , 'Mrs-. Dalrymple had charge of thu program and spoke on "Let's Have A Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution of the U.S.A. — It's Needed Now." She closed her talk with a prayer for the state and nation. Other members present were Mrs. Wallace Pemberton, Mrs. J. B. .Masterly, Mrs. Charlie Thomas, Mrs. O. C. Hirst, 'Mrs. C. H. Moore Mrs. C. H. Tompkins, Mrs. J. A. Cole and Mrs. Allen Gee. A dessert course ss'as served by Iho hostesses. ..,-. Lions Pr e sent Trophy .Nineteen members of the Lions Club met Thursday noon at the Lawson Hotel for the weekly lunch- con meeting with tho president, A. E. Evans presiding, :Suldon Blackburn, program chair man, introduced Richard .Lynn of Searcy wjio spoke on the "Birth- clay Calendar" that will be the club's project for the year to raise money. Bobby Lynn was presented a trophy for being the outstanding player on tho Lions Little League tumi. Ronnie Barksdale, couch, was also presented a irophy. V. D. Daniel of Boclcaw was also a guest. ClfV 58CKlt Frarik Sujifia, Running fted Light Forfeited $ii Cash bond. Elijah Morris, thinning Stop Sigh Forfeited S3 cfish.;bond. a itflhe Ash, Phssinc in h zone. Forfeited $5 cn.ih bohtl. Itai^y Milldrow Jr. Disturbing the peace, forfeited $25 rash Ijofid, .John B. Chappell. Charles Rich- imlson. Driving while intoxicated Forffcltt'd 5>")0 cash bond, served 1 day in jail. slim Fulks. Miley b. Ornndstnff. .tack Brewer, Speeding. Forfeited $5 cnsh bond. Sai-nh Bradford, R. F. Bolster. No driver's license. FoiTeilcd $o Cash bond. Louie Presley, Fulton It. Gay- Ian, Hazardous driving. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Mack HaKland, Resisting arrest. Forfeited $50 cash bond. liattie Bishop, Possessing intoxicating liquor fo rsnle. Forfeited $200 cash bond. Cashle C. .Johnson, Drunkenness. P1en fiuilty, fined $10. JVlack Ragland, iMclvin K. Johnson, Drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. Charles Richardson, Disturbing peace. Dismissed. James Houston, Driving while intoxicated. Dismissed. STATE DOCKET San Antonio Tent & Awning Co. No identification. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Norman M. Jones, Fictitious Bill Lading. Forfeited $100 cash teond, uf which $50 is suspended. IByron Vaughn, Fictitious Bill Lading. Forfeited $100 cash bond. Byron Vaughn, Norman M. .loncs No Decal on car. Forfeited $25 casli bond. Jerry E.stes, Reckless driving. Forfeited $25 cash bond. The following forfeited $100 cash bond on a charge of No PSC authority: Eugene Vaughn, James T. Holland, Robert Sipes, Simpkin Bros. Trucking Co. Aaron Elliott. CIVIL DOCKET Williams Gro. & Market vs. James Armstrong, Hope Brick Works, Garnishue, Action on account for $33.17. Paid and dismissed. J. C. Atchley & Co.. vs. Allison Woodoerry, S. W.'Packing Co.. gar- nlslK'e, Action on account for SB2.S9 Dismissed. President Is 68, Seems Hale, Hardy jsl Novernber He Was hit by ft fight Stroke which affected his for ft while. 1 8ul if you are a feportS? whtt |M covered ElsefinoWef'S fas since! he wns nominated he presidency In July 19»1 Ml knriW thpt this fftan'iOpbear* incfe means little— intiepv' it liaii By MARVIN L. AHaoWSMITHh wost deceiving—so fat as the WASHINGTON (APi — The •taitate °f " is health is confcet-rted, garrison flag wasn't flying IhV Take, for e*jir|vple, IhSt Saliif- glriomy Saturday morning thrpy mohilng iff DehVbf->-Sept. 24, years 'ago today. WP didn't knd'^—whett the big garrison flag it Ibfn bul It mrnnl President Wasn't flying in fr'dttt Of the Pfesi' sonhoWer had sulfered a heart llcnt'S Vhcattori dffiee at LoWry tack. {Air Force Base, Today, his 08th birthday, 1m To sleepy-eyed tlett'srfidh ni'rlv- Uian a 'month away, the Presiding at the base hi -/TS'30 a;w, from is ruddy and apparently much fa downtown hotel, that fit the ttio* freshed after 3'<> weeks of a lotfment was good neWs. It rneanl golf by the windswept sea at Nflhoy were oil hand ahead of tr.o port. n.l. fearly-rislng Eisenhower-^and that Today most folks never Wofitakos some doing— to see him nr* guess .just by looking at Eislrivc from the Lafayette Street howcr thai since (he heart Seizfihomc of his rnplhor*in»law, Mrs. in Denver exactly three years a* John S. Doml. he also had brushod close to dot A medium-size American flag with iloitis in June 1950. i fluttered from the staff In th>5 They wouldn t guess, cither, u Miurky early autumn weather. But Dollars for L, R, Drive Underway CAMftlA. &S. rAPt^A day ^Collars for Little Meek" Campaign to Jet residefils trf At^ kansas know *'we ore behind them With Hior<? than jttsl words." lief- fr'd |4?§ here. S. Mi Archibald. (59. originator of the drive, said he had air mail- a much larger garrison banner always was run up in its place the minute the President arrived, and it had hot been" hoisted yet. Time passed, and still no word the President was 011 his way. The newsmen pondered the pbs- sibilitidSi but the delay wasn't disturbing. Apparently the President, for once, was coming to the office a bit later. Or maybe he had decided to skip the office and go directly to the golf course. Not until midafternoii did the.V learn Die real reason the garrison flag wasn't run up. ed the money to Sov. Orval Fail- Mil, . , "It's our fight, the same as Lit' tie frock's,'* said the soulHw|M deofgia farmer. "We're not fight- irij* the government, we're ftol fighting! the Supreme Court, but it we can get around it (school integration) legally, we want *g do it." Pine Bluff Group Plans a Roily LITTLE SOeK (AP)— t. B, Poynie-r, official of the Gitiiterts' Council at Pine feiuff, lliVitei! inos« present at u Little Sock Citizens' Council 1'ally last iiight to alelid a douncu meetirig <u Pine Bluff tonight. Poyrttef said speakers at the Pine Bluff rally would be State Sen. W. M. Haifiach of iHometv La., head of the LottlslaHa GUI' zetis' Councils; Robert B. Pnttoi son of Indianola, Miss , leader of the Mississippi Councils, and fteV, C'ofbett Ma§k bf fiehtott, 5fi Ark' ShsaS t3fie* 6f the hahdieaps faced by ffafaaleoh'^ armies' in thefi retreat frorh Mussia was lack of salt hec* essafj' to Help heal their woun'ds^ WAKE UP RARIN' TO GO Without Nag g'ftg Backache , Now i Vml cntiKetttiefaslfeliefjrou heed froffi fiatfgih^ b(itkhch6, hendache ftfiii ffiuscvilni' aches nhd tiuitis thnt often cnusc fesllcsa hifthtS nhd irtiscrflbic Uri-d-out feclihgSi Whtir thtse (1iscrtWfo1-tS tonic nft Wlh dvef--t;5c6i-tioh of stress nhd stfnlfi =yod want Wter-wnht !t fnsll Ahothcf dlslui-bnnct! hioJocfnildblftddcrirrilntioB ^, folloivlfta wi-oWB/ood hhd dflhk— otteh Sei> Q l\M UP tt i-pslless uficoftifoiinlite feellhg. Uonft's Pills fcofk fast Ifl, 3 6c|jhfnle ivnys! li by speedy iinih'i-elievinS actSoft lo case tol-rneftt of hBRglng bncknehe, head' aches* Milsctilar nclies nhd pnihs. 2, by edothlhg eitect ofl bladder IM-itallofl. 3, by Wild itiul'ellc hctlon.tefidliift. to ificfchse bUtiiill ttf tits 16 hillcS 61 k!dhcj» tubes. Efijoy ft good hlght'a sleeiJ afld Ihfi shWe hftppy relief millions have for over BO years, Ne»' ( Inrge size saves Get Dona's Pills today 1 Mr, and Mrs Oren Ej|ssvorth were Friday visitors in To.xackana, Dr, and M'rs. W, O. Arnold were gMests Insl week ot his mother, Mrs, C. P. Arnold. Mr, find Mrs. Gene Lee ;in;l Rose mary, Mr, una Mrs- Dick Hurvcy and Jackie iutended the Prescott- Foremnn footbaJJ game in man Friday night. Mr, and Mrs, Arthur) Turner have had as their guests, Mrs, WUHpm Ynrbrougli nnd son Bill of Mi', and Mrs. Ql. H, nnri Mr- and Mrs, Frank Gilbert were arnopg those from Prescott that attended the Presgott«Fore- man lpoba.ll game in Foreman on Friday Mv and Mrs. Ernest Co?? of FuJton spfent, Friday in Prescott, <MV, and Mrs. Albert Rfdfern ranrlson, Junior Redfern, attended the Four S|ates Fair in Ta W Kan3' Thursday, , . AUe, Grantt is ?p?nding da/s in Wttle Ro?H WJU} her daughter, Mrs. ^n^mon4 AY« - ai}d family- Mr, anid 'Mvs. J," R"> Semis, Mr, and Mi's. PoJa Yprbypugh .8«,4 M?' and Mrs, Putphl? gright f^twrppfl Thursday iron; Jfpw Organs, V s ' where they attended , we Pi HQtgl Oil w t ta8&w& jyi&'feir^if ii ^.j ' Tells of Attempt to Bribe FCC gressional staff investigator today related a story of an alleged attempt to bribe a former chairman of the Federal Communi'cations Commission and of a countercharge the chairman solicited a bribe in a Pittsburgh television case. Without giving any names, In- .•estigator Oliver Eastland told tho House Legislative Oversight Committee of conftic'ting reports he said wore given investigators by the former FCC 'chairman and one of the applicants in a fight lor Pittsburgh's TV channel 4. .Eastland said the former FCC chairman had been a witness br- fore the House committee. George C. McConnnughlcy, who left FCC June 30, 1057, after serV' ing as chairman since 1954, Iwr, testified before the subcommittee about the Pittsburgh case Channel 4 in Pittsburgh was originally sought by five applicants. It was finally awarded to .-i combination of two of these, WCA'E, Inc., and affiliate of tho Hearst newspaper organisation; and Television City Inc, Expect Sentence to Commuted j\ MONTGOMERY, , AJh. <AP^ — Sources close tfl Gay, James B Fojsom said today they expect hj(n within the, i)ext few days to commute the death sentence of Jimmy Wilson to Ufp miPVlson- ment. Wjlson, Negro handyman, crew the death penalty for the $1.05 rob bery o( a white widow who tysti- Jied he threatened her and at* tempted to rape her- Wilson admitted the robbery but rleiuod any violence, The State Supreme Court twiro reius.ec) to pvemile the lower court verdict In Alabama, vobbpry is punish- a,b}e . fey d.eatb, The goyernor, hospitalised with a rol»or illness, tojd The Asso- pjflted Press he plmis to send for Wilson 3,1$ JU>IK (o him, sfhe<iu}ed to o"le In the £iwr Oct, JH, is in PUS at Atmoi'e prison farm. Of Group Award Woman Who Shot Preacher CARTRSyJWfE. Gfe- CAP) - Qf while citizens today B .pvisiy swtrjbj,ition to ^rs. WttV? Puny, t)ie ^egro wtip stflbtod, yitegra,tiojiist Martin UVAm- King Jf. , J. B, Wlule Jr., a was tp b^ wsed by 'e is, in BPWsvw If s Fiji-lfs Exciting-It Pays Off! PlayfThe Big Hotpoint 21 Came I With EASY HUND HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE PAY TIRE STORES EDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF FREE PRIZES! No Obligation — Nothing to Buy! Look Here's all The Hotpoint 2 Then take the nearest you. HI i these Simple Rules: i have to do ... Take 10 minutes to fill out ame Puzzle at right, following the rules below, mpleted puzzle to the Easy Pay Tire Store — Nashville or Prescott. 0 puzzle at right with the figure "7" in the numbers in each of Vfye blank squares so across, up and down and diagonally. Use 1 to I/ but DO NOT use any number more p '"9 trmht 1. Fill out center square 1 t as to total 21 st any number froi than once excep tat th^' figure 7 counts horizontally, vertically or on the diagoi 2, Only oiionswer permitted per family. 3, A corre of the valuable ties, 4. Take y< Easy Pay Tire S answer entitles you to a chance to win one correct solution without delay to your nearest ;, Hope, Prescott or Nashville, • - NAME DOOT MAIL — Contest Ends Oct, 4 ADDRESS CIECK THESE HOTPOINT SPECIALS <• ' "i" » '-',• i <feu ' :

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