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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 24, 1958
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To City Subicrlbfrt! if yau fail 'to get-your Star ptecise fgfgphefls 7-3431 by 6 p.m. arYd a special will fetefivif ysur paper, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WNtSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, TOP PRIZE — Mrs., Doi*VaU|t, 36, of Delaware, Ohio, shows off her "Spicy Apple Twlx'which won top prize money of $25,000 in the Plllsbury Tenth- Ind National Bake-Off In New York. .Winning,'concoction-Is ti(|^version of America's favorite dessert,-apple pie. — NEA'Tele For WaatMr Rtpeiti §e« Cafumn at §eHam ef This Pass S9TH VIAR: VSL W - NO, 290 'fife 1958 thi Atttiltfil Mill ft Audit luMM »f Ctft«tlll«M At. Nil Mid etrtl. J mat. MrflM MiMfc 11, mi •« J »1 PRICE Se COPY May Return (•Gunman in Prescott Killing PftESCOTT, Ai-k,, (AP)—Police Chief 6 C-, .Johnson lifts started proceedings to have a Kentucky mail, now held In Texas, returned iherc for cjUestloning In the plstal Slaying of a Prescott city patrol- an Sunday night, Kenneth Dean Nicely, 20, of [London, Ky., was ci'ltlcally wound* Led while resisting arrest Monday [at KingSvllle, Tex., and officers fsald he would be questioned at a [Corpus Chi'istl hospital as soon us [his condition permitted, | At Little Rock, Arkansas State [Police Capt, Alan Tcmpleton said she had requested samples of bul- [lets in a gun taken from Nicely io check against those found In the body o~f Officer Ed Verdun [and in the Walls of the Prescott ! jail. [ Verden was killed by bullets fired from a .45 caliber automatic. I.Texas police said Nicely possesed a similar weapon. The Prescott policeman was • found dead in the Jail and Chief : Johnson said he thought the j officer was killed by someone he (had just arrested. Nicely has been charged with uirder in the fatal shooting last Saturday of Tony Brown, a Ken! lucky auto salesman. Brown van- Fished while demonstrating a cat f and. his body was found Monday on a dump near London. Police Chief, Tiny Condron of Kingsvillc said the motor and scr- I ial number of the oar Nicely was driving were the same as on the car Brown was demonstrating to' a prospective customer. h Condron said Nicely was shot "liter he drew a weapon on a Kingsville officer who had stopped 1 him for speeding through a school ;zone, Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Wednes- 'day, High 90, Low 70; no precip- ' itation; Total 1958 precipitation lthrough'jAugust,. 41,61' inches ^during the same period a year ago, 48.65 inches. RED RIVER rose slightly at Index to 7.7 feel and at Fulton lo : 30,7 feel; Liltlc River dipped 3.7 ! feel al Whitecliffs to 15.2 feet and rose 2.3 feet at Horatio to 18.9 [feet. No important change seen in either river in next few days. ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy kthrough Thursday, scattered thunderstorms ,northwest portion tonight and west and north portion Thursday. Turning 1 cooler north; west portion Thursday, ARK REGIONAL FORKCAST , Central and southeast "Arkansas; Partly cloudy and continued warm this afternoon, tonight and Thursday: Northeast and southwest Ar» kansas: Partly cloudy 'this afternoon, tonight and Thursday wilh. Is c a 1 1 c r c d showers Thursday; Northwest Arkansas — Partly 1 cloudy this afternoon, tonight and iThui'sday with scattered showers (tonight and Th u r s d a y, cooler IThursday, High temperature tbb (afternoon mid to high 80s central, 'Jow to mid 80s northeast, Jow 90s (southeast, mid 80s to loss' 90s in |Arkanss& Valley Northwest and Supper 80s to ]osv 90s goutlwpslj flow tonight Josy to mid 70s central southwest, low 70s • northeast northwest find, mid 70s south. 'west, LOUISIANA — Partly cloudy through Thursday, a few isolated afternoon tlumdershosvers, mainly ijn south portion, THE WF,ATH6R iUSIWHERS By THg ASS90IATIP Pflg§§ ...High U9YY,Pi'* [Albany, clear 79 45 ' ^Albuquerque, clear 83 §8 95 49 T B§ 57 78 51 11- §7 ^85 P? 85 £9 rain Boston, Suffajo, ?lpyclancl ( ^eiw? Ppnvcr, ii, cloudy Worth, , cjpudy ' 15 ' pity, Angeles;, isYjljp, • ploucj}' Memphis, elctydy ,89 . H8 58 fil w. p ,m . % ,„,_,. •NRSY Drlews,- s)88l- ' W M J York, clegr ' .n $Q pity, ,?lo H u4,v m W ,-J Si > 43 Bsjjjsj, jgit& J'lm"-' * * - ^" J& ' T jycim^ond., gJgUtJy., , - ^rJil'-JS/V'-. Rl. U^'-^M^f ' " vr«$ "SZ.j.V* salt Mkj^it^,'wig ^VftflBl•£ PRO gw*ft. rtauty. v<: "$<?!* ?$ few Ftft«\e.Wfl»"*Isai-, ; fiS'JSS*,-™ W.FfMPAlMrfrttF ^^^JW/;5'J" ^mvgW4t%: •4-B* 1 fck^ J 1 Rodeo Phase of Livestock Show Follows Big i Parade Bayoneted Mon Sues Government LITTLE ROCK (API—A bayoneted during last fall's Into gralloh violence 'at Central High School sued the federal govern- mettt for $5,000 lit damages yesterday. Paul C Downs of SprlHgdalC, Ark., contended In his petition that his left upper arm was permanently disabled. His suit said the bayonet, wielded by an "unidentified Soldier," 'penetrated to the bone. His action further charged that (he soldier "negligently and Inad vertently" struck him. The suit was filed by attorney Amis Guthrldge, a segregationist leader. In U. S District Couvt here. The Incident occurred Sept. 24, 1957, when paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division employed bayonets to disperse white demon- ftrators protesting integration of racially "torn Central High. Guthrldge said Downs was an Army combat veteran of World War II and the .Korean War. State Agencies Asking for $160 Million LITTLE ROCK A(AP) — Ths State Comptroller's office yesterday began checking stale agency budget foquasts for the 1953-60 biennlum Approximately 96 agencies and departments are expected to ask about 160 million dollars for operations in' the next two, years. That -figure is ifcased on >^he'1957-59 bi- enlum budget. The .^Arkansas Legislative Council^^directed 'all state agencies not to*'ask<for more money than had, been" granted by Ihe 1957 general,^Assembly, The^ C6mplroHor'g'.] t office \ylll ' roylew -and check-Wdget "5 : equ'o"s*s, and 'the Legislative Counril will begin hearings on the budgets in the last week of October. Tho Counril will make Its recommendations to the Legislature in January. One change has been made on. budget forms, apparently aimed at state colleges and especially thw University of Arkansas It requires all agencies to submit line- item salary schedules, A number of the institutions of higher learning had , submitted salary budgets without designating job titles, The Council several weeks ago tnld oil cmencics to itemize job titles with" tholr, to- quests. Olin Hendrix Speaker at KiwanisMeet Arkansas is faced with losing ten million dollars in federal highway funds unless the 1959 stale legislature does something about it,, State Senator Elect Olin Hen. drix, ,to)fi the Hope Kiwanis CJub at its luncheon meeting yesterday, . "Jn my opinion this matter of matching the ten million or losing H will bo among the number one" problems confronting the next session," Mr, Hcndrix. said. He pointed out that three svays of raising tills amount had 'been suggested. 1 as follows; ' 'An increased gasoline tax; an jncrosscd tax on Jong'haul trucks which Bl'o traveling our highways; or floating a ten million dollar highway fond issue, He then talked of possible legis. latjon to rebuild the kittle Rock units of the ArKansas Stsjte Hos* pial which houses around 3.QOO pa- tignts. tiie WtHe Rock units syej-e buijt in "1883 and need replacing, Jir said. 'tje ppngjuded his address by thanking the pubJig for its yote in thp Augyst primary, pginting put ilia), )io received, eight out of every }} votes ^ast in this senatorial diS' ProHpn 1st Methodist " Sunday ' w}U' be the Fjj-?i At iittt^Juidrwi higher 4eR _,_^ w .„„,.," M^V' W », 'mm* Following the annual parade this afternoon the rodeo phase of the Third District Livestock Show gets underway tonight at 8 o'clock and will continue through Saturday night. Wednesday morning the judging of Junior Poultry got underway as did the N.F.iA, and Negro 4-H Livestock and Dairy judging contests, On Thursday the judging of Jerseys, Holstein, Guernsey, Ayrshire Hereford and Brahma Cattle will be completed during the morning, in the afternoon Angus, Shorthorn, Junior dairy cattle are to be judged. Friday will wind up the judging and the Junior stt'ine show will be held at 9 a.m. At 11 a.m. the Junior Steer and Fat Calf show starts with the annual sale slated for 1:30 p.m. All Judging will be lii the Coliseum except swine and poultry. -Livestock Show officials announced that Friday has been designated as School Day at the show and ail students will be admitted to the show grounds free of charge, during the afternoon. The gate charge will be back on at G p.m. Today's parade, 'svith winners receiving some $255 in prices, actually svas one of the highlights of the show. Entries promised one ol' the largest and best parades in the history of the .fair with many out-of-town; floats entered. Winners will be announced Thursday. Girl 14, Bored by Routine, Kills Brother HOUSTON, Tex. CAP )— The routine -of everyday living closed in on Diana'>"Daye Humphries Tuesday To escape tho boredom she ambushed and killed her 14-year- old brother, Ro'berl D.- Humphries Jr, . ' <;; '"I did i il J> 'beciiuS6""iioihln^ r e3ftiiV' ing ever happens around here," Iho pretty -blonde 16-year-old girl sobbed hysterically to police. She said she alfo planned to kill her father, mother and herself, but weakened when she saw her mother. "I dio" it because pverythins was so routine," said Diana. "My mother goes to .work every dsy and comes home tired. So does my father, and he is sick with ulcers, "Everyone was always tired. Robert was tired of school II seemed wo were always gelling up, going to work or sctiool, coming home, cooking meals, eating, washing dishes, going to bed an.1 getting up again. ' "I couldn't stand it, I wanted to kill everyone quick so we wouldn't have to suffer anymoie," Robert didn't suffer, .said police, He was shot through the forehead with an ancient single-shot .22 caliber rifle as he svalkcd into the den of the Humphries ^ome. His sisler said she stood over him and delivered a coup dc grace shot in the back of the head, "I didn't want him to suffer," ^ UJana is a honor student av Reagan High School, where her teach crs and schoolmates dc- gcribed her as a "brilliant* student and well-liked girl, pot the type to do a. thing like thfs." In her written statement to po- ilic'c, 'Piana detailed ]iow she stayed home from school Tuesday because of an' upset stomach, and then conceived the plan to kil] her entire family 9Pd tal?o her ow« life Ejhe prepared carefully, she said. She went t° the garage and ,'jot the ejd rifle— handed down by Jicr grandfather— and then found the toplt where her father had hid' den it. She said her father, a ie. tired Navy yeoman, who now works for a~manufa.ctiji'ing cpm- puny, hid, the bolt to Keep from- hurting HEADLESS' APPEARANCE'-cTrl spectator retir'ef'within coat to avoid biting cold wind durim.ancelled America's Cup race near Newport, R, I,, presents,a "hejess" appearance aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Duane. — NEAelephoto j. Jobless Man Kills Four of Five Children By ED MARKAITY SPARTA, Mich, CAP)~An un\ employed odd jobs worker blastca four of his five children lo death with a shotgun Tuesday night The fifth escaped by playing Uead, His estranged wife, likliih McMillan, 3B, who 'suffered neck injuries," and, the fifth child wore under hospital treatment' m neav> by Grand' Rapids, Orland puncau McMillan, 45, told Sharjff Arnold Pigorsh: "I can only take so much. I got shot up in the war and, rny nCrvcs acl up " , Found * dead in their home, 15 miles northwest of Grand,Rapids, weic McMillan's children, Roriald, 7; Bonnie,^6; Richard, 22 pwnlhs.; and Micheal Yvonne, 10 rqonjis.. The fifth child,- 8-year-old Orland Benjamin, sintered a head put, Dcp, Sheriff Elj Roberts, first tine family, argument call, StUd he )?lood-spaltcred bed, •'Hey, cops, paddy dlc| this, -1 piayed dead. He'thought he killed Continued, op (hrysler dnd Inion Not in Agreement 3y CHARLES, C, CAIN . 3TROIT (APJ-Chryslor Corp u',the United Auto Workers Un- lo'ailed todup to reach contraci a.emenl in a 20-hour marathon b;aining session in which the cosny charged the union's cle< rrd(s were unreasonable! U) Chrysler and IMV/ offj ei~ appeared bitter when they oeged from, the conferon«fi rat at the 'Chrysler personnel Inquarters shortly tiller 6 a.m AV President Walter J>, Ren/ thjiad told Chrysler it must §c|. U)^' 'noon today or "/be put on ilQpek burner" while he turned hiqntire attention to General Mjs negotiations, t would be useless' to hf'and tpJk until tho noon lufor we arc not even close to agreement," Reulher said enr- lyis morning "I am greatly di?' ajinted in Chrysler's failure Jo foiajn with us on the contract, bisye have no intentiorss n cdg a strike and we still ConUnuecj on pafle Three Nqtjonqlist, RMJetj. in Bottle ,. jets clashed with, over f a gtraR tod.ay in on? °f the biggest ipt b^tucs in " All Aroisd Town •At Col}ege ; ^Jariah'liJcQueen ol opo j will serve as associate editor of the "Hjjnderson • Qrac/e," student newspaper, after sewing as a reporter/ for two years , , , M'ai'« £ia Bpwden, if ope, w^s -recently named edjtor pf the Ouachita Sig- nai, bj-waekly Quaph.Ug newspaper . . . pglinda Barham, daughter qi Mr. aqd Mrs. p. W, Pwliflro of Cplo, repentjy reeeivpd a diploma from the pp.mlp.metei 1 Corporation of Pallas . , , She 1 was the- honor student of the }a58 gjass. an4 j?om- cour<s(f' it? anly ' ' ' ' , ^'reddle McCulloy , , . CJub president, Gloria Martin,, vice president, Wayne ; secretary, jJoyn Butler; ,„, ., . ,„ .„ .. *lpresWonl, Naom Caudle; y>gc j socr£t.ary , flt ! w , Brd - f^rtof, Nancy 13 9 r- v ' s w , )riia « cl Oth ,arfta^'tQ«i!?c;^in. Scott " >tos some. local men, one from Hc|steacS, another from |Co.y an/1 one irpm T -iiupji §Qflae,Jjh!?t}and ponies ja4 J y during, the sale , , -. |Q» sU{6f buying, through the rinj the report goes, the i <«iaa d-ua} for sis; ^wtes un fjypg Johfl Scott ^pdrews,' presi-1 iui|i)j ine report gaes, the ir|c4 ftpnj"', <'^ .^imnyo jfpiinsso.f yipfffifta d«al for sis; .fjpjjjes un th£ fetjfi7\9A4 v /%rie^c}^'-" Rt ^| Wt jpos wcru frtpjep «}' ftW"W}9 £l%i?^Jtr\^'-j\GgJtsby- r gi^Crrac|e!aUhe $& HJ ^ow in, |art . . , Governors Vole Out Race Mixing Resolution By PAUL R JORbAN LEXINGTON, Ky. (APt—South- ern governors opened Iheir final session today nm.ld reports thill a resolution favoring Integration had been turned down, Reports circulated the Resolutions Committee rejected Maryland Oov, Theodore MeKclclln's resolution supporting the 1-llh amendment,-which would In effect put the governors on record ns favoring mixing races In classrooms, Govs. Marvin Griffin of Gcorym and Frank Clement of Tennessee said earlier they might submit other resolutions. Griffin said MeKclclln's resolution received only one vote. Ho said he thought his own -might have a good chance to pass. Griffin's resolution generally would "support tho preservation of constitutional government and protect sovereignty of the several states against all federal encroachment," ho sold. As the Resolutions. Committee continued in session il was not known whether n middle-ground resolution Clement said lie might introduce was actually proposed Clement's proposal affirm o d stales' rights and also affirmed stales' responsibilities. The governors attended several committee meetings in the morn. Ing" nnd went Into a closed executive session at 12:30 p.m. Traditionally, the governors do little more at these conferences than discuss routine matters and relax socially. Last year, howovor, Ihe Lille Hock riots erupted while the conference was in session (it Sea 'Island, Ga, The governors hammered out a six-line resolution thai pledged their efforl lo gel federal troops out of Little Hock—troops sent lo force court-ordered integration at Central lll[jh < School V'statumenf 'of. some kind on the integration problem assumed paramount Importance at the conference, ,Th>! governors hu;vc cxpresed no real optimism that the Resolutions Committee could muster a majority to report any of the three proposals for a vote of the whole- conference, Judge May Rule tin Schools Tomorrow Scout Group Meets, Plans Annual Drive At a Piney Woods District Scout meeting here last night plans weero made for tho annual Boy Scout financial drive which gets underway in, October, At last night's dinner meet the drive was explained by llarley'S, Losve, scout executive; ' JVTannie Stevens, council Jinance chair/nan, George Jordan council publicity chairman and District Chairman Thomas Harris, This group went over the Caddo Council budget in detail to representatives from Nevada, Hempslead, and Lafayette counties of the Pincy Woods dis tricl. Representing Hompstcad al thu meeting 1 were, Jim C'Hty, district field director; Lloyd Ouerin, chair- mqn of the financial drive; Jerry O'Neal and Henry llaynes of Hope and Chester Anderson of Fulton, Mrs, Joe England of Shover Springs Dies Wednesday 'Mrs, M'orje Mary England, aged 52, died today in a local hospital. She was the wife of Joe W. England of Shovpr Springs, Survivors include- her husband, five sons, Travis, Jimmy Joe, Rjii- choli, Cecil and Bryan England, all of Hope; five daughters, Mrs, Mary Ann Smith of H,ope; ^rs. Alton Lawjiian of Shreyeport; J^au- r« 3elle, Ida NelJ and Judy Faye England of iippo; two brother?, U L, Mitchcii, and C.^ Q. Mitchell of Prescott; three sisters, Suja l of Cqdcaw; -tyfrp, JSirdjo of Bodc^vv an4 AJrs. hwn of Naples, 'fxas. Services will 'bo hyld at $\3Q p.m. Thursday at SJiovfiy Springs Church l?y (h,e Rpv. fiollis and th,u Rev. Ed guyial by 9wkcve«t will fep Springs peraeter/^ NearMggnoliQ LtWLE HOCK (AP)—A ,U. S. District judge snld he probably would tell the Little Hock School Hoard tomorrow whether It can legally lease Us tour high school buildings to operate ns private segregated schools. . Judge John K. Miller, Arkansus' only federal jurist al present, said r,t Fort Smith he would hold a henrlnj? on the pctttlrtn at 10 n,m tomorrow, The hearing 'will be In Miller's home court at Forl Smith. He said no other parly had Intervened In the case, "Only the school board has asked lo he heard," he said '<' In -.Lexington, Ky,, Arkansai Oov. Orval E' Faubus charged to day that the National Assn, for the Advancement of Colored People had a hand in the latest school board action. He said the petition for federal court Instructions had been prepared by Thurgood Marshall, chief counsel for the NAACP. "1 have it on good millionly that Marshall prepared it, handed It to Daisy Rales (Arkansas president of the NAACP) who handed it lo (School Supt.) Virgil .Blossom who filed it In Federal Court," the governor asserted. Mrs. Bates immediately replied "This seems to be just anolhei one of GovT Faubus' frequent into the world of funlnsy Another U. S. Space Missile Just Falls Apart CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (At 1 ), I—A Polaris test rocket exploded I high In the sky shortly fiftcY I launching today and rained huge 'pieces of debris back on the cape, It was not known Immediately If there were any casualties." "", One section of the trim missile plunged back to Its launching pad where It caused a violent explosion. A second' section plummeted back to earth a few miles south of the missile test center near Cocoa Beach. First reports said the shattered piece landed In the Bana River, which separates Cocoa and the mainland from the missile town of Cocoa Beach. The distance from the launching site to -where the missile came- to rest sticking up in the river was about three miles. ", • We have no doubt thai the Little Rock School Board has legal counsel fully competent lo handle any of its legal "affairs " Blossom could not bo reached for immediate comment, LITTLK ROCK (AP>— A federal court was asked yesterday lo decide whether the Little' Rock School Board'would face contomp charges it il handed over Ihe city's fov-r high schools for operation on' a private segregated basis, In its petition, the board stud II would be willing to louse the 'closed-clown schools to a private corporation; it • np contempt of court action f resulted. The board'Bunder federal court orders lo", gd7ahoad svith Integra lien, Gov. Orval IS Faubu private school plan also faces a ponsiblo challenge from the National Assn, for the Advancement of Colored People (Wiley A. Branton of Pine Bluff, Hltoi-ney lor Ihe NAACP, said last night that he might file a petition concerning tho private school plan in federal court this afternoon or tomorrow, lie declined to give details Little nock voters will deeidu in a referendum Saturday whether schools lire to be' integrated or segregated, " a he board asked the court what it should do if voters approve i.egreuuliQn. U, S Pibtrlct Judcc John Miller, Ihe onV feden.l judge in Arkansas at present, said at Fort Smith, Ark last night that he hdd not heard about the board's potition officially but there was a possibility he -could conduct a hearing < i n H tomorrow or Friday pt Fort kmith. He said ho would reaoh a decision today on the hearing lime, Presumably a eourt decision mat the hmird couldn't lease the schools would nullify any appiosM of segregated schools in Satuv day's referendum, The "board urged ,1 ciuiclc ruling so Little Rogk's 1,400 white and Negro high school students could get hack 'into classes as soon as r.tiHKibic, At present, three Ic-lC' „,_,,. stations are donating time r supplementary viiuul courses aaily, 'Ihe vote count in the re!eren« duni probably will be completed Saturday ingot put it could bo some time pex.t week, before the winning !>ide" is Jtnow'i The fula&kj County Board oJ JSJecIjt/n Cornmissio.ners intends to let GOV. Faubus and Secretary of §ta.;e 0. Q. Hail decide on tha voting outcome \t pny doubt g called the referendum, '4 «ew ,loV which says a of ' h e s>clwol district's votei'3 musi approve i||before H goes into effect p are w pxiict figwos on the lumber of qualified voters in the district', although officials estimate .he total 9t about 4?,OQQ Jf. IJie yotos favorma integration far .bujow ^l.COO, obvious-ly tho elioji proposisil would be dp- . gut iftthe uitfijr^ipr, vg come plose ( to ' 8i,pQO or ??,OQ, ' To File Recall; Petitions by Weekend LITTLE ROCK CAP)—Petitions seeking recall of /our mcmbcrs-o£'< the Lillle Rock school board pro'-'/ •bably .will ,)jot,' be,, filed until lt«?'"~ end of the week, Mru Margaret' 1 ' Jackson said < today, ,. - './ Mrs. Jackson, president of the League of Centr'al High Mothers, ' said she had extended the dead-V line for field workers lo turn the-* petitions In to her. She hastily added that this waa not because collection of signatures was proceeding slowly but because it was felt there was no immediate need for lillng the petitions. "As long as they're in before . the election," she said. - Voters in the Little Rock School District ballot Saturday on . the.- question of racial integration' in < the public schools, Mrs. Jackson said enough sigmi- ' lures already had been collected to assure u recall election but she- ' could not give the exact number. "• "We're processing them and don't have a complete count at" this.time," she said a ' Mrs, JacUson estimated ye/tor-, day, 'that between four and "'five ' thousand names had been obtain* ed. About 0,000 signatures, will be;necessary to refer the issue to'-a ' voto, Mrs, Jackson's group is seeking ' to oust Board President Wayne , Upton and members It. A Lile, -, Harold 'Engslrom and Dr, William •• G. Cooper, ' Dr. 'Duh Alford, the fifth mem-'. ber is not mentioned in the"'peU^ lions. Alford frequently hud dlC''' fr r -red with board policy on Integra^ - tion. • - ' /£ &3g •-^ •m Emmet Pair Sentenced in Federal Court Federal Judge John .„.-,_. „» Fort Smith handed down several sentences in federal court at Tex? V J akn« yesterday. Ernest Brooks Jr., and Adplph, --* Love, ftmmet, Ark, Negroes, I\Q» > ceiyed sentences of three years /, and a day, ifjrooks pleaded guilty •**to two cQwnts that charged him, .-.' with stealing a U,'S. TreasHry ' check from the J3mmot Post Office' '"* and gorging the narne of the payee/, ,» Brooks was co-charged with Love -".-; in another indictment, 'B.oth ple<*4* ' - od guilty to stealing ,a sovenynpjjji' v^j cheek, ,, '_,^i Ernest Rice, Hope Negro, chare? ^ ,-! ed with possessing a still and u«' -"\" taxed Uqupr, pleaded not fivjiltyi v,l There is^a petition pending to-ye\ 4 >' voke the five-yeac probation gi'arjV ^ ed. to file? in a'-preyipus e?" 1 - - f ' : • -'"M I '4^

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