Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1958
Page 6
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Six HOM ITAI, HdM, AtlANiAI by ID U VANWAY friju t«si if u u V«»B». 6i<f<it«m if , f«i StofiY: While in town, Foreman Jo"n Lane of the f^Oiif < Arrow ranch attempts to gel aft explanation of a Hestef attack on his ranch. r, he is attacked by ahd severely beaten, although ,he wounas one of them, Chapter XIV Two horses pounded in amonu the trees, ami i e »a« .Muruu aVlllclien anu Olid ,11 (.nil. 1 lit lawmen uiiiut\eu. atop n'. i-Ui it out, t say! ' Ulie graiigci nun .,,.ciuil uvvaj Jrom Lj.oic. uiu mi. ...ii ui-v niei'il UUiiiiin, uony uiiyii ii'vcifu, cried, "dllLllll V,OIC, .11 I LSI Hial MUIII. I1C snol JJHIIUI. aim MIL- calico Un: «3iieiniu iiilcn.n.n in me man .Lalle IKIil BIIOI in l.,e Kiiouuiii 'J ins n> anger n.<u .-luiupeu uuwn OI1 U (JULiMllt! "">• 'HI" IKUl ' 4 tiniino jji eoscu i" u.s uiuuu • wei julnijer vuie siiul, "Lei s nol Ret excited, now. "1 allot him lo keep him irom drilling me wnn uun. nue ion- ucr. ' ijimu pieiM-U up nib mil uiiu Siliu lo me sneiili. i \e yol u ijHU gun Here bomewlicte, and I wiml il. one oJ the emi'jninl women yr.ve it to cuie, IIIKI mo Ijwiiiun ptisseci it to L/.uie. aviurclo MucneU, '.v:r.fli nj him, snia, "You eiin t « e .1 r those, .LdliC!. dot any uioi'i. 1 clollies 'n town?" •'No." "Hold on u minute. Uien,' Mil- clicll said '111 fin «rt you some.'; !(,• Riithoi t-rl up Ins :ll ippC'.l roittS find spurrrtl Iwk iu-rnss Ihe pJfiza, and spun-fl acinss Ihe plaza, (Induing limbs und clearing u path IhruiiKh Hie rrnvJ. I.nno wnncliied if hi- should tell Ihe Jawm.m aOoul iVi-ls Sorenscii. UeeidhiK iigiilnsi it, he hcailcrl lor the SJIIIHH west of the encamped wagons. lie eased down to i prul \<\ the . arroyo und \\iislied himseir. Me i was buiised all over, it seemed, I aiul li.s muxcle.s ui'ie stiffening. ; He limped as lie climbed back up ' the bank. ; '.I'he crowd pfirted ap,uin, letting Murdo Mitchell i irle back through willi a new (luniR-1 shirl und a spoiled calfskin vest. "ill settle rtilh you for these." The tj.iarlfl - C'irCle M owner .sliiiiiK hit. head "You don't owe rue Homing. Lane. You and 1 feel i the s.mtf wa.v about these hoe- men, and Ihe bull-necked rancher glanced sourly at his brother-ill- H(\\ sheriif. Cole himself had mobed over I near Ihe women, culling their al- 1 H-.uiuii to the Miillel of meal ' winch was smoking and burning) and it was obvious lo Lane that the soi rel-haired budge • toler had the enugnmlb' lull confidence. reeling an ache where the slab- sided hoeman's brogan had struck lum In the ribs, Lane searched the pockeis of his torn clothing, u-anslemng his tobacco und mutches and tally book to the WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY TALL CANS MILK 2 Cans NEW SORGHUM SYRUP V2 «• 1.29 CUDAHY TRA-PACK SLICED 'NUFF SAID" Lb. 59c HOT - WHOLE BARBECUED FRYERS BIG AND READY TO EAT Eoch 1.12 WILLIAMS GROCERY & MARKET BUCK WILLIAMS, Owner 106 S, WALNUT DIAL 7-3871 Initiated Mtatures to Supramt Court LITTLE MOSK TAP? **• the _A?< kansas Supreme Court, today heard oi-dl arguniehls on suits seeking to keep five initialed measures from a vote nt the Novcttiber general election. Included is the "slates rights' 1 constitutional nrnendttienl u r o- hoscd by segregationist leaded Jirrt new vest; then he said to Murdo Mitchell, "I'm going over to the stable to put these oh." Limping, he struck off through the trees, and he thought, 1 wish it had been Colonel Hichards that sod- buster kicked in the ribs. Lane was thoroughly angry now, mostly at himself. He was the one whose hands were tied, not Murdo Mitchell. He had bound himself to follow the orders of Colonal Richards; yet his sympathies were ail with Irinn McK.cnzie. Hu ought to take the crew and burn every nosier shack on Torluga CrecK, he thought grimly, but at the same lime he knew thut wasn't the answer. For every shuck they burned, two more wotul move in. Neslers were inevitable, once they got a toehold on a range. Thinking of Irma brought a vision of her into Lane's mind — her simness, her long eyelashes and deep brown eyes. Suddenly llicn Lane realized something, something that astonished him He had fallen in love with Irma,' and Irma was pledged to Sheriff Tom Cole. The beating he'd just taken .pulled Lane's thoughts back to the grangers. Nels "Sorensen,. he reflected, hud lied about the man ner in which he'd gotten wounded, and unless Doctor Brewer told the eider Sorenscn the truth, Lane was due for a run - In with Thuri. it could be that Thurs would doubt the doctor's explanation, believe Ills son instead of the doctor, and be athirst for revenge. That was, unles the elder Sorensen himself had participated in the raid and know the truth. Ignoring the stares of trie men on the porch of the livery stable office, Lane let himself through the corral gate and made his way to an empty stall in a shed on the. east side. Unbuckling his gun belt, he hung il over the top board of Hie partition which separated this stall from the adjoining one, and turned the holster so that the .butt of his gun would be within reach. He was in the stall 10 minutes or more, donning the shirt and vest and gun belt. As he lit a smoke, his ga?.c fell on a sorrel horse standing near the shed on the tar side of the corral. Suddenly Lane fell the hair lift on the nape of his neck. Head lifted and ears tipping forward, the sorrel was watching someone. Dropping his cigarette, he suddenly stepped into the open, six- guu ready, and he saw that his alarm .was justified The mini creeping upon him, stalking him like a wolf, was Deputy Louis Schorr. Seharr halted and reared back at sight of Lane, His sideburned jaws sagged, and chagrin became a glitter in his coal-black eyes. . "Trying to shoot me in the back again?" Lane said, (To Be Continued) Mary Roberts Rhinehart Dies at Age of 82 erts ttinehart, bestisellihl author of mysteries and hovels tot 50 years, Is dead at 82 Slid died In her sleep Monday night in hof J*afk avenue apaft rncilt. There, until writer's crarh|i fliclCd hdf two years ago, she an* plied her pch every nlorhihg to one of the most succesful eareet* In the history of publishing. From he'i- pen flowed 1)0 full length Hovels, hundreds of short stories, verse and plays— success following success like chapters In a book, iSstimales on the number of copies of hoi- books sold tutiu'i over 11 million. A publisher ohtr figured that her millions of read crs paid some 21 million dollars tj read her works and sec her plays. She tempered the murders at her mysteries with love and hUnv or and helped the crime story to come ot age. Her first book, "The Circlttai Staircase," published in il03. achieved a storybook success fight olf the presses and has sold somy 800,000 copies over tho years II is still in print. In addition to her spine-tingling mysteries, a scries of humorous short stories recounting the oJd adventures of a droll spinster named Tish earned her a widu leadership. Eight months of Hie year sno wrote in New York. The other fciu she spent in Florida and Bar Harbor, Maine, which served as Ilic- setting for the populai; mystery, "The Yellow Room." Personal tragedy punctuated her life Her father committed suicide when she was 19. Her mother died an invalid. After Mrs. Rinehurl was married and the mother of three, the panic of 1907 Jeft the family $12,000 in debt. She took to writing to salvage the fumily finances and her na- rficr was born. Her husbnncl Dr. Stanley Rlno- harl died in 1932. Mrs. Rinehart underwent surgery 15 times, once for cancel, survived four heart attacks and, against her doctor's advice, smoked a pack of cigarettes daily to Hie end of her life. News Brief i , Ark., Mrs Flela JAliri ttiiSself, ty, tift assistant professor of education' at Hrndersnii Stale Teachers SbllSie died yesterday at a local iiOS- pltal. She taught at ArkafiSaS State Teachers College at ddh= way before comifig to MehdefsoH. LITTLE kOCK (Af) Rock's City MdhSgef Lttiirt V6l6d last night to put 3 ?4,§S6.fl66 feofid Ibi- civifi Ifnp'rovefh'feMs, afl V S 4 fehSfil ei6cti6fi fealloti board fhadc S&fSarSte allS- fof acquisition 6f flpfi bf for planned Ihdl'augh"iarc5, the ffi« Way Street eohstrUctldh buildings, SMd public CMICAGO. 111. (APt- two Ark- ahsaris Wei-e elected to head siilj' sldiai-y bodies of the Amerlcafi Bahkbi'S Assn. at the ABA's §4tH cpiivfehtiph here yesterday. Louis E. Hurley of El tlorado was named president o! the State BafiR BiVisibh ahd Jeff §urh§t of Little ftock was elected head of the State Association Section. NSW YOfcR (AP) — fiascball Commissioner- Ford C. Flick was rushed to Lawrence Hospital in suburban flrohxville Monday night tor an emergency appendectomy, his office announced today. &^Biggj£^jMjjf. the hospital reported his' fofidl* lioh as good altel the ofieratiofi, Church ills Board Yacht far Cruise NICE, Ffaricc (At*) — Sir #ins- loh Churchill ahd Mrs. ChUretvU boarded the yafcht of rhilliofiO.- Aristotle Chassis today for a Med* iterfaheah crtfisb eft route horn«i to EJnglahd. they, play Id fly ffofn Gibraltar to firil«ih, Johnson of Crossctt, now a Democratic nominee for the Supreme Court, Former Alty. Gen. Tom Gentry, who once defeated Johnson? for that position, attacked the Johnson proposal on ground that its designation is misleading. Alty. Gen, Bruce Bennett, who approved the measure's ballot title, filed a reply denying the Gentry allegations. Other litigation centers around a proposal for repeal of the railroad "Cull crew" law, a ebuntfjr proposal to give the law constitutional status, a proposed "freedom to hire" amendment and_'i proposal to require railroads to install certain safety devices at- all crossings Today S'.'as the first day of ,tho Supreme Court's fall term. The court was not expected, to announce decisions In the suits to- dny. Get Your Western Outfit At Remember, This is Western and Fair Week — $e Go Western — at Owen's, See fhe Big Parade in Hope Downtown, Wednesday, Sept, 24th —- 2s30 Promptly! CLOSING OUT — OVER 100 WESTERN SHIRTS For Men and Women Values to $7,95 GROUP ONE — $2.99 GROUP TWO — $3.99 Get Your Shirt Today! COWBOY HATS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS FOR MEN AND WOMEN Just Unpacked Fair Week Special — TO 10.95 GIRLS AND BOYS WESTERN SHIRTS ASSORTED COLORS and 2.98 COWBOY BOOTS Made by Acme — The World's Finest and Largest Builders ot Cowboy Boots BOYS' and GIRLS' SOOTS MEN'S and WOMEN'S BOOTS • JUST RECEIVED A NEW SHIPMENT • 4.95 TO 7.95 11.95 TO 18.95 LADIES WESTERN PANTS GO WESTERN — GO TO OWEN'S . 3.95 to 6.95 WESTERN TIES All Styles and Colors $1.00 WESTERN BELTS For Boys and Girls WIDE BELTS WITH BIG BUCKLE REG 2.00 VALUE $1.00 men s This TOO is Texas Eastern /^ \.\ A i-'V" f, -*.-• 'h* ,/. r ;:, / ; ^M^ ' '" ] v, V 1 •• ^* n ^ r i>-^*'" •'/- A ; • Shipping petroleum products from Gulf Coast to Midwest The little Pig Inch Division of Tews Eastern is a comroon--carrjer petroleum products, Its lSQf>miIe system (inks Gulf Coast, Ark' and Mid-Cofitinpnt refineries witfj steadily growing markets in j? Refined petroleum products, such as aviation and motor gaspline ',",\ Jet and imctor fuels ,,, heating and burner oils and liquefied" butane and propane, move thrpugh i|j§,jjne ft-orn points af far south a§ • ' Sweeney, Baytown and Peaumont, Tesas, to points as far north as Chicago and as far east us .Lebanon, Ohio,' The seropJetisn, Jsst mQnth, of toe UQO.QOO-baircl terminal at Lebanon, Ohio, marked, the ninth storage point placed into semes' alpng the Wile Pip Inch since its eonvpj-sipn JJ-PW Dip of natural gas, The system now provides stpiage, eapasity of nipr? iliaij Jen million, barrels: 6,100,000 barrels owned by Pastern arjsj appj-oMmately '4,QOQ,QOO by shippers, In additteu, (he system ha? aceess jo mne terminals in the Qiifngo area. Ts f«riher txpsnd lh§ §eryis§ and capacity, of ihe system, thg ,. WttJe fiig'Jnsh Pivisjan js mining the first pf several eaverns # Tpdhynter Terminal spujli pf Midsil?J0wn.» WIQ, Mined put ef solid reels fesJ i>gipw ihe suite. Ih? PHYSIOS will stbre i-PQgs ;pr gijput {fpHtliffn Oh|Q and nei of ilje jpitjil cavern will l>s WQ ( Q,QO TJie l-ijtlp B'g Inch Divi?ipn giv^ 4«lded Ysrs^iUjy Jo Te^K Eastern's , Us, «pmmp«'£^!ie r pipline jfitem, pne pi tijg provides a dependahtej ^unwisaJ w§»s pf deiivpr^g peli oleum pjrpriiisJs * jn wplw Mi ite 5pHil)»'e4t » io jhe. WA is i«? r e.8^ fcm ysar is yw. C

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