Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1958
Page 5
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, 19S§ Negro Leader Has Touch of Pneumonia NEW VDMK Dr. Maftih Ltith&r KIHg Jh, t- stabtiihg victifn, is HfeoV&Hfig Sfc, Jtofdijr thai his ddcWfs tBday WWitled hiiti to tvftlk 6 shbM disMfite, With bsSiSlSHce. the Negi-o lejitJdi- Walked So to a hospital i-ooffi fof- htt ckaltiirtaliofi. Me Was back to his feolice-gtiaMed feofrt Hig cOhdliioti haS befeh eoffipli' |*ealed by a totith of islielHtiohia. But doeioi-s said it had been eJc* ahd Was iiothihg to Worry HiolloH 12 tfOtjtioiritl !hdiaH IS SllkwofrM ,14 Horse cnlof i&LoliengHh's bride 18 River iH , ^_, , -i, -• SWlUeHahd jtiihiitos bedding heWspfibor'Si ' , '|^ {|i e |afld about. . King w&s allowed to sit Up fof About hh 'hour Monday hight alicl •iis fnorning he sot Upi for 20 Screen I Screert *1 High B2 tlfeelc eommtinS 14 b!s}iafctwd 1 SHiftly 2 Shield beafihg 3 Sound of disapproval 4fldlpr 24l--f-ed iickcl 5 Closest 25 Algerian 6 Age sen port tAlMIV/kl 21 Clamp ife'ltfHale, The- 2b'yesr<pld MMgdfrie.ry,, Ala , fragtor, advoentp 'fit 'rtonvio* lent resistance for Negroes hi- 22fKileh iiieii 1 struggle against fiegregaUorj, ,23 Expire has beefi on the erllic&l list at'l 24 Neediest Harlem Hospit&l slnOe SutlU'ddV, ,28 Sdefed sbhg 41 Withdraw 42 Night before 44 Dindcms 46 Idolize ) Telegraphed 26 Prc-iwsitlotl 48 IncUCsiort 8 Motinlalh SV flip 43 Oi-attetl (hef.) ei-ests 29 Singihg voice 50 l j lant pai-t •S dticdhiil flbef 3o Prevai-lcaloi- B2 Col-i'Uption 10 Weight 31 Simple 53 Biblical 'deduction 3 1 ? Cuddles gat-don f 1 ShIeUel- • 38 Former Sj For fenr that 19 G&-mmrrU'er ftussian Kilef 6*7 SmaHtufflcir He was stabbed with a Sl£el"l6t» Ibr opeMel- by a Negro wdttiah In' a Harlem department store as hcv outographGd bdptes of 'his' bodk; Stride ToWarcl Frccdorn,"" ' The Woman, Mrs. hola WbfS Curry, 42, Is under mental •obser' Svalioii at Bollovuo Hospital, where It'octors said she could gWc no eo« jherent cxfjlanntlon far tho attack Jon King, Goldfine Says 'What a Crime' BOSTON (AP)—Friends Of Bel" lard Ooldflne quoted ' tho textilo dusli-lalisls as saying "what a crime" when he heard Sherman Adams announce his resignation Monday Might, _But there was no direct comment from the man whose gen erosity led to the difficulties that brought about the resignation. Goldfine's wife told Veijoi'tors at 1 his home that she didn't where her husband Was. ! FRESH RIVER FISH DAILY Plenty r of. CAT and BUFFALO A. C. CUTCHALL 800 W. Third Highway 67.We«t ROACH -HUGHES INSORANCE I Auto • Fire • Life & Casualty, 108 E. 3rd. Phone 7-4681 Hope, Ark.. , ' .'- „ '' 82Sd6HIsh ! alder trete 33R6ute (ab,) .30 Social Jnseet 36 fitch: 40 Breathe noisily. in • 43 Reconstruct 45 Uncle .Tom 1 * friend 47 Caijuchin ' monkey 48 1'aused 51 Make a trip 55 Against 56 Wise bird , 58 Be borne • 59 Ijioman road BO Scottish , ' sheepfold TIZZY. 12 IJ 16 21 R . » ; Hi HJ » >9 o.. 1 ; ZJ S9 ) a ; 5 ' U > ?0 1 1 u ; v # ^ HI H> 5 : u.i ». H 1i 4 5 1} • It . J, ', ,-.. f -!..,* H ^ HI ^t to 1} V l> S ^ 17 i-i H H> , ^ M M 7 ZO w 1 n 57 T/ Jl il i ' « £8. ( '///; % 3B 8 '1 . 17 m ^ HI >« tl IH 9 w Jl » ' H 10 V 5} II il , 11 1 tf T . M .R,,.UB. Pl J) \>it b> N6A Slf.lci, IM. THEN VDU FI8SER COOLA KKIO\VS /SHE I '£ OOP eee.r DUMNCLBUT: SUSE ACTfiD 9URPRl8t=l?/ HOW WHEN SHE LEARNED /AftOUT It/ HE't? BEfeN OJt WTH / 5OP, TMIS OTH6K' DAMS ( \Ou &5T' VVMEW IT MAf P6NED *"S •And I say that flat tire comes under the head of housework!" SWEETF PIE M. S. BATES District Manager PIONEER • WESTERN LIFE .Phone:. > PRospect 7-4454 , Hope, "Arkahtaa U&TBN,..A> BOAT 1 . 6BT'UNP6K THIS CA.NVA4 ON THB FLOOR. 1 . 1 601 LO SURVfcy tE!»IAl , WIUARW PA.P^ ^ON'T fi6T LOSfl HUNTEP FI5HEP ALL THRU ' THESE TELLM STORIED AT By Nodinb Se.tzer By Kate Oionn If; I9!G l( NEA 9«»lci. Inc. T,M. II. r Us p,|, oil DO VOU }(I WON'T KNOW UNiTlL LIKeiT?)> I GET CLAM A SURPRISE FOR- YOU, DEAR- CATCH GIFT-WRAP IT REAU. PRETTY-ITS A SURPRISE FOR MV WIFE I >i\i<=>' V-OVt TM. *.|. U.S. P>l. Wl. , If) 196B b/NCA Sirvtci, lnc - _*" \ "It isn't a real tattoo!,;! just pasted i* / * " * * By Galbrafth BUY THE "Freshest Eggs In Town - "_i Prom — HAROLD STEPHENS' Liand-O-Lakes Form Blevlns, Ark At Your Favorite Grocers (I WM »» M* •«*», IM. T.M. *>(. *,». M. 01 "Please'dpn't repeat any of this. It's just an idle rumor i i r T \l made up this afternoon."/-" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' In case of Illness or Accident, Call an ... Oakcrest Ambulance • Air Conditioned HER BUDDIES FRECKLES/ I'D IF I WANfA RIDE- TO'scrtoou/ I ALWAYS KNOW WITHOUT -WMEM HE'S READ/ THEY'LL MAKE MAPS OF EVERY PEAK AND VALLEY n 'OH, PRISCIULA DO YOU REALIZE WHAT .THAT GEOGRAPHY • Oxygen Equipped dio SOME DAY • 2. Way . Ra Dial PRospect 7-2123 Oakcrest Chapel, lnc . MEN WILL / EXPLORE THE SiMOON! 300 E, Second Memorials in Bronze Provide! Sculptural Beauty, and a Permanent Record" at Moderate Cpst, - ' Contact Salesmen: Terrell Cornelius 7>f!513—7-2227 Blnford McRae 74618 OM! EXCUSE- ME.' You SOUNP POP OUT OUR WAY MY BO/ FR/ENP? MEMORY GARDENS PAIHS WAV V<9U WOULD .'IKE % TOUT? you,/was,x 0T IN MITH Story o(Q«lity , SCHOOL SHOES «FJea§§ fre Qir'efw! 'gf the bevy,, It's ji wedding prewfrt FOSTIR'I FAMILY SHOE STORE LRYTO WHY MOJH^K^ 19S8 bv NtA Sllllci. Inc. T.U, RtZ- V'8- f»V W 1 NEWSSTAND

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