Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1958
Page 2
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<l Pa§§ HOI • 1 STAR, MOM, AIR AN 1 A 1 Tuesday, Sep^wbef 53, 1$I8 Court Orders Continued i-rom Page One schools closed further, thnl will be iholr rosponsibilif..v " Collins Rticepsloil in ;i sprrrti to the opening -business srssinn nf tin- conference that Ihr Integration controversy bpennie Ihr first or dor o fbttsinc'ss when Congress mods In ifamimy 'Tragically t soo little h.irie for pulling out of Ihis crisis—short of hnliohnl cntastrdrthe—if we eoti Tin- Slnle nf Viteinln .ilrenrly, hns closed Wnrrf-n County Mifih School at Front Ptnynl nnrl TJ.HK; Hieh nnd Ven.'ibli Klehiphl.lry al Clinrlnttfsvillc 1 Rnbfloff prifller re- rusi-rl In dehiv Intrgrntinn dl tlirtse Adams Out But Continued From Page One Arl.-ims' rr-latimis uilh tik- mngnnli- Brrnnid OIK- matter o Boston lex Goldfine B' to follriw lite prrffnl pntlerfl one eleorpd up by A An hi a' exit, of events," he said. "Too much j nnd lo present Adams himself n j litilp YillPfltly hn" elapsed In wftf , ;i victim of smeats rant any further delay in extrical-[ Rut nenioenits Itepl right nh ing the nation from the desegrega- j talking about 'c< iTUpllnn." They iidn dilemma." . i anvr every sign they will A resolution urging sUppciH nf rltrht on reminding the Voters of the Faubils' effort lo keep lU" Ut- costly fnvm-s Adams had accepted tie Hock Schools segregated «.TI* I from his n]rl liieml (ioidflne al n .ndpptod by the youth group of 17 •Missionary Baptist churches In tho Little Rock area. At Johnson City. Tonn.. five T\*c- ftro undergraduate students n' tended classes at RnSt Teiinesscu Stale Colletfc for the first hrrm In thp history rtf Ihe school. No incidents were reported And nl Kasl t.nnsing, Mitftt., Ernest Green, the only Negro to gfadnnle from Little- Hock's Control High last spring, begnn his college cnri-er «il Michigan Stale University. He was assigned a dormitory room with a while roommate. time when the presidential aide H-fis- making TO insliijallng ilifiuir- ;PS to recleinl n-Kiilalory agcneit'S about enfes invol\-iiig Goldhnc. And oven <;omr Republicans ox- liressed the view that Adams' dc- parture took so lung I 1 won't do them miirh good al the prills ir. November Monde Aleotn, nepublicnn n.l- tionnl cluiirman—"It is tragif nnd nmincius thnl nn honest man can be smeared into leaving public .•BALTIMORE. Md. (AP) — Tho ,. ..Norfolk, Va . school board loilnv - lost ils latest bid fur n delny in admitting 17 Nc»m>e<; to its .ill- \VhltP secondary schools • , iChief Judge Simon E. Sobeloff Of the '1th US. Circuit Coin I of "Appeals rejec'ted a request by (he board to postpone for one year ,i 'lower court orc'i-i directing admission* of 'the 17 Negroes to six jun- ' 'ibr and senior high schools The six schools, with a total en rolimenl of 10 000 are scheduled 1o open next Monday 11 appeari-il virtually certain that, in view of Judtfp Sobeloff's acHon, Gov. J. •Lindsay Almond Jr. of Virginia wquld order these schools closed. Vice President Nixon —"A dedicated public servant." Sen Wayne Morse (D-Ore) ~- ISiscnhmvor "has been grossly derelict" by nol removi/ig Adam.; long before this. Sen. Thruslun B. Morton ("R K.vi--"No'.v that thp damage Is done. 1 am not sure there is much !>:i'm for the country or for ihf party " Adams himself showed up as, usual for work ;it tho White House today. TUB IN A FLOOD — What's better than a tub In a flood, Well, the water could be warmer, says this Port Arthur youngster floating down a boulevai'tl In Port Arthur, Tex,, following a 10- inch rainfall which flooded the area, Some 200 persons were evacuated frorti 'their homes 'around the Beaumont-Port Arthur aren. — NE'A Telen hoto. Ohio Woman Wins Baking Contest NEW YORK (AP) — Mrs. Don do Vault, 36 year-old Delaware, Ohio housewife, today won tho contest with n new version of that all-time favorite-aj^lo pie. She called her creation "spicy npple twists." In addition to putting apple pic into a new form with (loth taste and eye appeal she halved tho coking time Her apple twists bake in 20 to--2f. minutes, compared with 45 minutes to an hour for the time-honored variety of dessert. The apple twists are made from strips of flaky paslrj twisted around quarte-rcd apples, then brushed generously with butter and sprinkltd with clnnir.on and j sugar. When done, they look l'i;e I .'.mall eclairs. The 10th annual bafee-off was i sponsored -by the Pillsbury Flcin Both Sides Step Up Vote Campaigns By JOHN R. STARR ARKANSAS FARMERS ASSOCIATION FALL HARVEST SALE September je JO thru 27 100% virgin polyethylene plastic. pipe \ approved for drinking water, f " size, In handy 200 ft. coils. Hcjvy guage metal, 10 bushel capacity,. complete with hardwood skids, metal devices and feed flow regulators. Sc per H. 6e per ft REGULAR PtICE $27.50 SAIE PRICE $18.25 rowNsrr rcNce snerCMM A rigid, one-piece hfgh<arboo «leel fool with A (t. smooth, wwltief rcsfslanJ hdn- dies. .,.,... ^ 8IGULAK PUCE $5.65 SAlt PRICE W.75 A one-m»n ? fence stretcher, kleal for baibed wire. Positive g'rip frees.both hands for nailing. REGULAR PRICE $3.00 No. »W2 fENCE PLIERS SALE PRICE $2.45 / UNICO IAWW BROOM 22 flexible Jteel leeth In far» shape. Does quick. and thorough , , .__ ....... REGULAR PRICE $2.15 } HOUttHOtD WOOMS $AU PtICI $1.40 This single tool cuts, splices and stretches wire, also drives and pulls 'staples. Cushion handles. ,,. of ,Arkansas,broomcorn, five sewed end cJt straight, \'4V> inchSrt from shoulder to straw tips. $2.50 EXTERIOR WHITE. PAINT ' $ME MICf We i ___ OAtVANIZIP WATW f All , Hot dipped In molten zinc fpr |ohg«f i life, handf« wn'l ?ome pff, 10 qt, I ?apsf|tx. -•r'i|-''"~^»^^fa 'i-i '<? MQMLA* MICE •*: High quality paint wijh excellent hiding, leveling, brusliing and color properties. Very durable and mildew resistant, »r 'REGULAR PRICE $5.67 $AtE PRICE $3.95 gal. WMATfP'ASPHAlT IOOF COATING Seals small hpjej -and er»ck? in Worn roll roofing. Won't rwn Ul l>9» weather or cracii in cold. p!p« as w"e(l 'flamp A5PHALT ROIL ROOFING long Bearing, e^lra heaylly coaled for weather and fire prelection. C9mplete vylth nails MNIC9 NfW MOPPW M|» WIRE 1 Jer strength, Khskl : ' J ) HjalJ 'if ntllj ilrf npfh, -• p'f* 11 **'** mvsh'SEiis. >** Wjiihtwno HJ, §9 /9d ' ' 9AN9YWTWJB *tt ( MW, *iiy te stsin, i& ** u». ftnidi *« *y lirtiUjia, * LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Both sides stepped up "gel out tho vole" campaigns today ns the possibility loomed Hint a simple majority could decide Satul'day's special school integration election: The law setting up the election provides that a majority of 'qualified voters, not merely a majority of those going to the polls. must vote "for integration'' in or^ der to reopen the city's four, high schools on a public, integrated toasts. Some legal obsc-rvers point "to a constitutional amendment governing rpfercndums, however,,; In ' claiming that a simple majority will carry the issue. The amendment, which super secies even a ' subsequent legislative act, holds that P majouty of those voting is sufficient to carry, an election. Legal experts hiiW that Saturday's vote is a referr enclum, despite the 'fact that; It- was set up in a legislative act. Circuit Judge C. Floyd Huff- of VIot Springs ruled Saturday that a ciog track election had carried Garland County although the vote; favoring the track was only a ma- v of those voting, while the dog track law. backed up by 'an; i attorney general's opinion, stated lh.it a majority of qualified voters \\ould have to approve the track The Arkansas 'Supreme 'Court is oxpocted to make a final ruling • •n tin- matter duiingjts fall tern!. Jn the Little Hock election, court oction is p.xtremcly likely, no«-rnat- ter how tlic vote goes. No local groun is actively supporting integration, per se, but the' Women's Emergency Comrnitleo to Open Our Schools, various ! churches and ministers and a legal NoHce 8133 In the Chancery Court of Hempslead County, Ark. | Gunlor Land & Timber Corporation ...... Plaintiff VS. Joe B. Trotter and Mary Jane Trotter, , Defendants WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Joe B. Trotter is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Guntev l.mifT & Timber Corporation. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 22nd day of Sep. tetvsber 3958. f , (SEAL1 Clara ?yors, Clprk, By J, P. Byet-s, p, C. Sept. 23, 30, Oct. 7, H', 1P58 • Legal Notice NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS addressed to Onrland Medders, City for the furnishing of the and the construction of; SANITARY of OH . for the Citv of Hope,, Hempstefld, County, Arkansas, l)ere}na.f|jjpr called "Owner", jn with tho plans, snepificotiphs contract documrnts, \vliic]i by and may be from Thomas ^ Hawkins, nm Eneineeps. Oitiaeiiis" H T3'dg., Hope, Arka!>? rpppiypd, at tho offices Oh- Manager in until 9- no a'ojock, P, ; M-, tober 6th. t£>5,g, and ih^« ooened and read slovifl- A.ny rx>coiveri after closing Jjrfie jvjU unopened, Thp Owner rpsprves tlXP rciect any or all bids ,91$ anv and all fornxaliUes, , Plans ond snepifl^aU^ns mas' "\aminert \yi<hout pher|9 If}, of th,e En«iti obtained frpm h,irn Dpofl 8 of $1500 as a Puai'gp -veturn of thp p|ajj,| the be- repaid and m five dav§ ofjey Governors Are Split 1 Over School PfobJfettt gy fefeLMAN M68IN Ky. rAP)-"- Dem- ocrnls al the Southern Governors Cnnf> rencc aie well and tfttty split today over de-segfegatihg thd schn il<! but they sgr6e completo- [v nn one point! " TJi<?y dollbt that a third political paitv will develop out of the t6w- eflng controversy, Some express erriphntlc opposU tion Others simply say the po?* of another broa'k»a\vai- himemcttt, as In 1948, Is rerriotp. Ami none reports any serious talk of it in his slate. We're not going lo fee chasud otil of our own house," said dov, Wiirvln Griffin of Georgia, "I don't think there Will be a .hi id party for the simple reason primp of attorneys have called for VOIDS "for integration" as the only vny to gut the schools legally reopened. Working for votes against into- ;r.-ition are (he Capital Citizens Council, the League of Central Iigh Mothers and othur segrega- ionlst groups. The Women's committee Was scheduled to rrtoet later 'today at he home of Mrs, ,'D. D. Terry, lore. The original committee of it) have expande'd to more thnn ;00. officials said. that it would only give ai-d and comfort to the ftepublicarfs." Safd dov. James P Coleman. of Mississippi. The only fe"sefvaffoh came from doV. A. §. Chandler, of KeMuohy. who said "it coilJd be, if there are emntelt bltte-f-eHde-rs." Gov. drVal Fntibus of Arkansas said he saw little likelihood of Insurgent movement within the parly. Onv j. Lfrtdsay Almond, bf Virginia, is Hot altetiding the cdfv fererice. , this Is the View here—ih spite of riots in Little Reck last yertr. empty Schools in Arkansas and Virginia this year, the prospect of a long federal-state fight ahead and tho potential effects of al! this on the presidential election in )9Gi>. So you come to the question; Whdl will the Democrats do about a civil rights plank in tho Win •platform? Chandler—who proudly felate^ how tie segregation was accomplished in -Kentucky—said, "You eah't write otio, as things stan-) How. It would be Impossible." Others gave We'lWiavo'to-wait and^see answers. Apart from the cleavage between northern and southern Dem crats, there are. side differences Here Tespecitifig the next steps. (Pleading for a compromise, •Florida's Gbv. Loroy Collins said: "To contend that no de-segrega' tion is feasible at any level any- Where in the southern states is simply not true. On the other hand, it ,i's equally false to assume that some desegregation is possible everywhere in' the squthern President Ends 25*Day Vocation WASHINGTON <AP>—P'residfht, Fisehhower returned to Wasning- ton today from a 2i-day vacdlloft at Newport, R } One of his first big jobs is lo pick a new chief aide as successor lo Sheritiaii Adams. The President looking tunned, arid rested, smiled and whved' briefly 'to a small crowd on hand ai he left his private plane, tits' Columbine III Mrs. Eisonh&wef Was With him. Eisenhower left immciately for the White Mouse. states, or that mass integration Is possible arty where in the southern states " Collins wants Congress to take up the pfdblem, and promptly in January. Gov. Price Daniels, of Texas, a stale With Sharp Vai'ta* lions of opinoin in the eastern and western eiids. soys, "it is a mat' tor that should be left Up to the local school board. That is the only principle that will work ifi the South." But Griffin has in his poeltet a resolution that he iViay propose! "Resolved that this conference go on record to support the pres- crvnin of the constitutional gov» eminent in this nation and protect the 'Sovereigny 151 ' the states agains all federal encroachment." Thus, the range of position represented. Nevertheless the .governors here are saying, they, don't expect, ti third party in 19RO. Those Over 65 Can Fish Free fAP) - The ate^ general's office said yes fe^flay that uhder authority of a J95l afct anyone 65 or older is en,j tilled to free hunting and fishinfe,' licenses. But a spokesman fot tin; Game- atid Irish Commission said tint charge everyofic over 18 for a license. The ruling, by Assistant /4tV. Gehi Jdhh T. tfaskihs, contllcU riot bhly with ? commissioned tet;- tilaUdn bill also with ah opihlim written by a former assistant attorney general in 1953, John R Thompson, the former assistant^ held Ihen that the 1951 law wn.4« Void in view of constitutional amendment fro. 35. which sets Up the Grtme and Fish Commission. as an independent agehcy. The matter apparently could bu 1 definitely settled only by a court decision, Yesterday's Opinion Went to Al* dcfrrian Janies Pit-kens of Da QUeeh, Little Rock Gets New <1 C of C Monoger LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Boyd Ridgeway of Greenville, Miss, has been appolntod executive vice ijfes" ideht and general manager of tne Little Rock Chnmber of Commerce, Rldgsvay, 38, succeeds Raymond \V. ..Hedges, who resigned to become Chamber of Commerce manager at Odessa, Tex. ( |« A L WAY S F IJiSiT Q^U & L t T 'Y i \f Pardon the Confusion! WE'RE OVER 400 PAIRS REDUCED TO GLfM!! FALL AND WINTER SHOES FOR THE for Women e • • For Tee n-Agers! 3 BIG GROUPS! ALL AT TERRIFIC SAVINGS? 2. 66 3. 3. 66 Flats in Suede or Smooth Leathers! Flats in Tie and Slipons! Black- White Saddles! Dozens of Styles' Save More at Renney's For Children. . Infants ,. Girl's and Boy's OVER 200 PAIRS — 4 GROUPS! PRICES SLASHED!' SAVE PLENTY! • Dre§§ Patents, Slip*Qn Scheel.'QasvTols, Saddles^for Girls ,f Sturdy School Oxfords afrcl SlJp^'Qns for.B^/s t High Tops in White ond 1 Browns for Infants &Teddl§rg t'sizesfromSmollStoBigS!'-''' . ' ,'•' '^-'"l^vAy ERU(*ei41 - *>i'^••r4K^^ ^ fi !'<-;,^, '>« kx' v ' y r^ IKlKJM v l-.l^i* *^p \'% ^"T^*4 '• ^^ v'''fif'^?,-|f«H^E'*J^''^ j~ &^m,^tt^;^

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