Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 22, 1958
Page 6
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HOM ITAR, MO Porkers Likely to Have Long, Hard Season By JOHN R. StAHH Associated Prts Sports Writer LITTLE BOCK fAr>-"n in,,u$ "like a lon«. hard yr.-u." thr T?:\v.- ot-baok f.'in on Ihr Inst row snlc! glilllly ns cuslomris began filinc out of Hip Arkansns-BnyW gair.f hiidway of the fii,:il period. Thp Bruins ehr-wrd largo chunks Of Hog nnd the 12-0 final si-ore -U-as not Indicative- nf the drrlslvu- - hpss ol ;lu> Arkansas' tirfrnl. It wrt's a said ind'irlrlnatlnn fnf Drank Broylos. the rod- lu-ndci coach Who may wish lip hnd slnyi-tl - nt Missouri befrrr thp Pnulhw-sl ' r Confoi etirc- sets thrnuch wilh Irtm. r , ftroylos Innrnnd in his- first nut 4ng thai you Just ran'1 dpppnd oh thp ralinps in the Southwest t'iav. lor, picked for Ihp collar, wtnlnty rlid not look HUe ,-i ci.nlciulcr Co' 1hc 'basement. Rnlhor. Ihr Boars ' sccrnpd morp likp rouj-b rllamnnrti, with the tnnUlngs nf u ton-notrh foot'bnll loam. Arkansas loonod like very lilt IP __ al all. Thp Pnrknrs' offc-nso ronl.l- ,,In'J. operate against an :ii?4ircslve defense and the Porkers wore caught riiil-footed half n dovpn ,_ times when Baylor was on tin- "nttack. ' •« All is not In!ally diirk. hinvrvn'- - Witness Ihnt Arkansas held tha | N( ' w Yl "' k ""Brtiins score-loss nflpi- hfi.iftinipj Chu-afio when Broyles hud nn intermission if, AKKANIAI OVERBEARING—A playful bruin slops Iralllc to say hello to a motorist at Tofte. Minn. The unhashlul bear and his friends make their hc;u1(|iinrlprs at tin' county dump and never hesi- Inic to pay their respects lo curious visitors. Authorities constantly campaign, however, again 1 ;! allowing the friendly—but strong—bears gelling too close. dinner- to chip Diem In on the B.-I.V- - lor offense. Witness the fino punlinc of Standings n Monday Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. G.B 80 00 .507 — 7!) 60 .534 O'A 74 74 .500 14 "i .400 .500 Cleveland Boston „. I Kansas City ( „ " < c ,v or, !•, ,,.• , ,, ,f |/(f, M 111 u 1,1 J_jff.v- ' "" ' ' *' " " ~ ' ..lies ketsinger nnd Mike- Cooney i Baltimore »-.»• Wilness, the soggy lurf of Wnr WashmgMi ^•Memorial Stadium which draslical- "]y reduced the offc-divr-ness n/i 1 Arkansas' speed. Ol course, any number of ex, cuses might bo made. Broylrs offered none, "we just «o( bc-lii." he said "Thoj* were rend.v for thl< "^ / Broyles main criticisms WPI-P Iho 1 s glnrins lack of offense nncl slopny K "taqklin". Many limps Porker de^ fenders had a eloar shot al Bsvlnr "' f runners and failed to bring thorn -, < down, ''*• "feBlopklng was another absent fnr .*<nV.'*When thp Hoss wore on or ..Sense, the ball cnri-ior nn snnno I'pof (hr> loathor th^n hp S'SIIT, _ down the throats of two or thrp' " hu<*o Boar linosmpn ; , And the Bavlor rnnnors ""-• W> Ij ' Pct G ' M ' had hnlpt! (hat inninr hi I'll si ' cniilH hnvo mndo varAnm* throuph ' Bnvlor snored both it* iflowns in Ihp sncond Quarter, the t 'ifii-Al nfpi- th" Pj.orkoi's. hficl th''ri\vi 1 Tin"»r Ihvoo luno-os; in'(; 0 The three Rub halfhnek Piekie Plark crashec -fieivi^s on fourth down. Tbr, creiind «r..-,- r , el fontnro the hniisipff njnninu : Ppnr Cullhnnk Ljirrv Hickmnn n"r 'Khnrn nnsRJnp- (ram nnnrlpi-'-in'- 1 Burfrh' Humphrey lo ond Albor J Cavlnn Grain. Hipkm.n" 1 ': snbstl 1"lQ W.as nc, prvnrl r, fullhnok' <ho lijtr folloiv for i'>is o;iii">f l . lio (lip eo-into*' with n ifi \ ,pnv-v Jo (),/> Porkor 7 (hen ho JT'""'li» nn\v (liree lircl dnmi J onlv firsf Hn\»n in (lie fir Tnme on (he last play before HIP .-pp" , Rlivlor Oi-iaeh <?'vn Bnvr) '. ^kinrl word fnr Hie IOCTS, fia^'P I'U " he f"i'1 ' «'"ff> miehinc (hem badly, they kept on scrapp^ in jfo eoon'ilinlo Jlin of eomnlinvm' n kind of recommendation far Broyles. Cards Now THE ASSOCIATED PRRSR final N T ,ntionfil Football SHY u $pi<i»s exhibition ha n Chir-atfo subwpv the 'Rear'i and Oj Ihp world chnmpionshui in the tnno has been known chanpe before ih^ dnnnp is OVPJ as t h *»v heuin tha NPL se-'ison weekend Ihp onlv solid fnnt !'~lbf!t the Bears are back — ' bad, ner Georpp Halas look over ,Jje' Pears' coaching duties this '' after giving Paddv Driscol) -ypaj- try .at a world cham o. -The bpsl he could do wa> try against the New irj the championship l^^o far, Jinlas is, undefeated as '-"'!':j3ruins. |ijiishpd the "no coun.' 11 iJXPS >4Vith a 0-p record, bpnlinst " i|:;l ""'.Qfl ' §7-?4 Suiidqy. They a national television FJLI^ that the trademarks of the of old — a big, lmmova,blp and. fjgshjnp runners that hnllmark, to UK* end of the eshibl ; in tho paste of the sui'Pvises o| Th,ev ; polished o|| Pficke^s 3.1 ,'ilie wpcrls througixt RotroJt thy 74 74 74 74 .500 14''j 71 78 .477 18 70 77 47G 18 (il 80 ,415 27 Mondny Game Washington at Bultimorc (N) Only Rame scheduled Sunday Results Baltimore 3, Now York 2 Boston 2. Washington 0 Cleveland 3, 'Detroil 1 Cheapo 2, Kansas City 1 Saturday Results Baltimore 1, New York 0 Boston 2. Washington 0 1 Cleveland 2-1, Detroit 1-4 Kansas City 3, Chicago 2 Tuesday Schedule New York at Boston (N) W.-ishinglon at Baltimore (N) Cleveland at Kansas City CN> Detroit at Chicago (N) NATIONAL LEAGUE Milwaukee Pittsburgh . .. San Francisc^ Cincinnati .. SI Louis Los Angeles Chicago . ,.v.. Philadelphia ... W. L. SO 60 .GOO 84 65 .5U4 78 II 75 76 70 79 (SO 80 08 81 .523 .407 .470 .468 Ifl'A 20 "a .457 21 ' 03 85 .420 2G Monday Games Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (2- twinight) Only games scheduled Sunday Results '.. Milwaukee fi, Cincinna'U : 5 Los Angeles 2, Chi'da'go':. 1 Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (2, ppd, rain Saturday Results Milwaukee 5. Cincinnati 1 (6 innings, rain) , Pittsburgh 4, Philadelphia 3 Chicago 3, Los Angeles 2 San Francisco 5, SI. Louis 1 Tuesday Schedule Philadelphia at Milwaukee Wt St. Louis at Los Angeles (N) Chicago at San Francisco (N) Only games scheduled Half a Dozen UpsetsasGrid Play Is Started By ED CORRIGAN Associated Press Sports Writer The hoavy artillery in college 1 football rolls out Saturday—llio lilct-s of Ohi o State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Michigan Stalo —and you couldn't blame them It they approach their tasks with (••omelhing less than enthusiasm The season is only a week old iincl already at least half a dozon dreams have been shattered, Teams like Maryland. North Carolina, Penn Stale. Georgia Tech, Duke and Texas A&JVt are picking up the pieces. Ohio State, tabbed as the No. J team in the country over the protests of Coach Woody Hayes, grnb' its feet wet against Southern Methodist. Oklahoma faces a loughic, West Virginia, Southern League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE | Balling (based on 380 or more al ' bills) Runnels, .Boslon. .32i; Kuenn, Detroit, .319; Wllliarrjk. Boilon, .314. I Runs — Mantle. New York, 122; Power, Cleveland. 90; Runnels, Boston, 04. I Huns batted in — Jensen, Bqs- ton, 118; Colavilo, Cleveland, 100: Sicvers, Washington, 104 j Hits Fox, Chicago, 179; Powdr, Cleveland, 177; Runnels and 'Mfil- Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST Bt IN 6PPI6I BAY iCFORe PUBLICATION — PHONE 7»343t WR AD TAKIR The schedule of Soiunar Periods^ as printed below, has beeh takefl from John Aldeh Knight's Solunar Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good covet' during these limes, if you wish to find the best sport that each day has to offer. The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last for an hour and a half or two hours there* afior. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are shorter duration. A. M. of somewhat P.M. Minor Major Minor Major ' ~" ' 1:30 7130 .2:10 8:20 3:ou 9:10 3:50 9:55 4:35 10!40 5! 20 11:25 fiiOO -— Monday 1:00 7:05 Tuesday 1:50 7:56 Wodnes. 2:40 8:45 Thursday 3:30 9:35 Friday 4:lf> 10:20 Saturday 5:00 11:05 Sunday 5:45 11:45 zone, iBoston, 175. Doubles Kuenn, Detroit 37: Power Cleveland, 36: Kaline. DC. Aparicio, Chicago. Triples which hasn't lotft Conference game in Braves Moke It Official by Winning By JACK HANP Assppjated Press Snorts Writer It's official now. The Milwaukop Braves will meet the New York Yaiikoos in (he World, Series for the second straight year, PUls. bureh put up n eamo fight but ths liehts wont out Sunday while they ( in tha rain at Philadelphia and Mi'waukee boat Cincinnati, T(io Brayos had their troubles hnforo noiling down tho cHnc|ior (i-5. Warren Snahn, the Jikolv choice to open thp Series gtrainsl Ihe Yonks Ocl. i in Milwaukee, roliefi along with n one-hitter through six inninps. Then the Reel legs Knocked him out in n five- run inning. Don McMflhon finally subdued Cjncy. Tt was Spnhn's 21sl victory. As a result of the Braves' yip- lorv nnd thp Pirates' rair.out of a seheriulcd doubleheader nt Phila« deinhia,' Milwaukee boosted Jls ]ead to ,5^3- games with lour to Mays opened, up more of a lend, in the National batting rso-p with two hits in thi-pe trios tl\fii wave him a 3*1 «v<?rage. The Sm\ h^s point edge nn Riehifi Ashburn of the Phils, Mon?.ant, roiioved, starioy Johnny' Antonejli ' 'n the innins, was th,e iior as the Giants whipped. Uouis 7-J.' jjos ^ijpgles took nycr by shading the Chip'a.se toupili UiP P,,o,c|gers 'iy.e pitchers,, they J\a.d a . , t» the ninth. Tl»p G.i^s Ipad- In" , \yjth, years mid years. Auburn, (he na lional champion hist year, plays Tennessee — still in (he rebuilding stage— in the NCAA TV Game of the Week. Notre Dame, which appears on the way back, plays the Bis Ten's Indiana — a blood brother. Michigan Stale, which is tabbed to fight it out for the Big Ten fitlc with Ohio State, has whal looks like an easy assignment against California, which was vie- limixed by little Collage o.t Pacific ?4-20 last week [Easy assignment? Well, now, Maryland flgwcd It had an easy assignment against Wnkn Forest Saturday. The Deacons had lost 12 straight and were headed nowhere. Tommy Mont. who had taken some unpleasant lumps since taking over at Maryland two years back, thought he had a real ball club this time. Rosull: Wake Forest 34, Maryland 0. That about eliminated Maryland from consideration ns a possible Atlantic Const Cpnferonco champion. North Carolina figuied miphi be. ready to take over sinco North Carolina State, defending champion, was on the downgrade (someone said), Instead, for the third straight year — an this one hurt — State liked Jim Tatum's Tar Heels. Th,e score was 21-14, "Duke, another hopeful in this traditionally strong league, tnoughl it might IIP in there. And Georgia Tech had hopes of winning the Southeastern Confereco crown. So Sodth Carolina blanked Pukp 0-0, and Kentucky shut out Georgia Tech 13-0 Penn State had hiph hopes of sv'mning the very mythical Eastern championship and had a set up against Nebraska, But Ne braska picked H-7. That leaves Pitt, which belted UCLA 27-0, as one of the top candidates for Eastern honors. Tjp - fjrst day under ihp ' now scoring system was inconclusive. This year, if a team ejects to pass or run for the eon version after a touchdown, it svil Ibe worth' two points, A' kick remains at one point. Qnly one game actually was decided iby the new system. >vas the 1 JOp.Culit'ornia battle. POP, trailing three times, went for two after es»eh of its thro'is downs' and -made gooc] each 'li up the marbles President Calvin Poolings set xip Jhe suirimer White House ji\ the Bigek. Hills gf Sputh Dakota in June, 19?7, ,. • , d.unAp.ecl the qhanipion again 3-2. Cleveland boa) Power, Cleveland, Tuttlc, Kansas Cily and Lemon, Washington,C 9. Home runs —Mantle, New York. 41; Colavilo, Cleveland, Ce'i-'y, Kansas City and Sicvers. Wo'sftr infton, 38. f Stolen bases — Aparicio, Chicago, 29; Rivera, Chicago, 20: tan- clis, Chicago, 18. Pitching (based on 15 or rrior.e decisions) — Turley, New York, 21-7, ,750; McLish, Cleveland,•?lfi- 7, .GSG; Ford, New York, 14 7, .68,7. Strikeouts —Wynn, Chicago ^and Bunning, Detroit, 170. Turley, Naw York. 164. : • NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting (based on 380 or more at bats) — Mays, San Francisco. 342; Ashburn, Philadelphia, ,333: Musinl, .St. Louis, .335. '". ' Runs '—' Banks, Chicago, 117; Mays, San Francisco, 115; Aaron. Milwaukee, 109. Runs balled in — Banks, Chicago, 127; Thomas, Pittsburgh. 109j Aaron, Milwaukee, 95. flits — Ashburn, Philadelphia, 199; Mavs. San Francisco, 198; Aaron, Milwaukee, 190. Doubles — Groat, Pittsburgh, 3fi; Cepeda, S^n Francisco. "''$$• Aaron. Milwaukee, 34, The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day The opinions of men who think arc always growing and changing, like living children — Hamcrton, Mrs. Evans Open Kinclerijariern All parents who are interested in their children, ages 3-5 years of age. attending kindergarten, contact Mrs. Joella Evans, 803 North (Hazel St. Phone PR 7-2377, after 4 p.m. School will open Oct. 6th. Par Rtnt 8 room furnished apart- inent with private bath. Phone 7^3174. 203 High Street. 26-lf 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Adults only. Phone 7-288G. Close in. 500 Wosi Division. Ifl-tttc 2 rooms and bath apartment downstairs at 805 South Main si. Apply at 823 S. Main or call 7-26'H. 19-31C 2 ROOM furnished" apartment wilh private bath, front and back entrances, electric refrigerator. 321 Bonnor St., phone 7'3;153. lf)-1f Real Estate for Sale 3 ACRES adjoining city limits in county, fronling Old 07 highway, 1 mile wesl of post office. Old barn on property, unoccupied, known as old Johnson farm. Excellent location for various enterprises. $2500. ANNIE JOHNSON, sole owner, 69.11 N. Oregon Ave., Tampa 4, Florida, Phone Webster 5-9427. 12-Gtp Triples Ashburn, Philadelphia, 13; Virdon, Pittsburgh. 11. Banks, Chicago, Clemenlc, Pitts burgh, Mays, San Francisco and BIpsingame, St. Louis, 10, Home runs — Banks, Chicago. 47; Thomns. Pittsburgh, 35; Robinson. Cincinnati, 31, Stolon bases — Mays, San Fran, nsco. 30; Ashburn, Philadelphia. 27; Blasingame, St Louis, 20 Pitching (based on 15 or morp decisions) — Sp?ihn, Milwaukee, 21-11, .fieG; Burdotte. Milwaukee, 19-10. .(155; Friend, Pittsburgh, 2213. .029. Strikeouts — Jones, St. Louis, 216; Spnhn, Milwaukee. 147; Pod' ros, Los Angeles, 137. Runnels in Hie Lead for Batting Title By JACK HANP Associated Press Sports Writer Pot? Runnnls challenge for (he Dotting crown and the three-way f-ci-ap jor third pi nee among pp' f troit. Clwelp.nd and Boston prn- vjde the interest in the final week of the American Leagpe season- Ted Williams, a Boston teanv mate who nqw Is nine points be ninrl Rimnpls, tried so hard 'f<» patch UP Sunday tlwt he fl ccr dentally hit a lady f nn with a bnt. , Disgusted wilh himself for taking a third called strike in the third inning, the 40-ypai^old slug* ger let his bat f!y imd hit a wom» an in a box seat 75 feet awa/i The woman, apparently not se» mot^sly injured, \vas M,rs. Gl^ys ?rnan, the houseJceeper Cronin, B.oston genera} . Williams got a double p,nd ished the day at .314. Runnejs 1 three hits in four trips for a ' fading average Peft Kuenn is second, qt . Sunday School Officers Installer! The Sunday School , .Department of Bethel AME Church held its (Installation Service Sunday night, Sept. 21. The following'is the roster of officers and teachers: W. M. 'Muldrew, General Superintendent; iM'rs. 'Lola McKiiitey, Assistant Supt.; Miss Carolotla Grigsby, secretary; Jerry Johnson 'Assislanl secretary; Mrs, Ine?, Cannon, treasurer; Kenneth Muldrew, librarian; Donald Johnson, assistant librarian; Linda Johnson, pianist; Gallic Hicks, assistant pianist Mrs. E. iM. Nelson, Cradle Roll Supt.; Mrs. Velma Muldrew, Home Department Supt. Adult Class, J. J. Taylor; Senior Class, Miss Myrtle Yerger; Intermediate Class, Mrs. L. M. Davis; Junior Class, Mrs. Lillian Torrcn- ce; Primary Class, Mrs. Aliens Henry; Beginners Class, -Mrs, Mary L. M'organ, Jr. Dept. Supl., U, P. Grigsby Jr. and Rev. J. S. Morgan, pastor, , Modern six-room home, excellent condition, builUin,. garage, floor furnace, atlic fan, fenced backyard, top location al 412 East 14th. 25 year FHA loan available. Two bedrooms and lovely den, bath and half, double carport, 90' Cool frontage, utility room with plenty storage, vacant at 1514 Pecan St. Only $1500 cash and assume payments on new PHA constructed home at 807 Sunset Drive, two bed rooms, den, central heat, carport, 100-foot frontage. Modern two bedroom home, wall to wall carpeting, built-in garage, attic fan, floor furnace, 75-foot frontage, 1514 South Pine. Two bedrooms and den, floor lur- nace, new roof, possession in 10 days, 90-foot frontage, only $5500. See at 1203 West Avenue D. LEONARD ELLIS Real Estate, Insurance, Loans 108 East Second Phone 7-2221 10-Glc Sister of Local Woman Dies Mrs. Willie Jones, sister of Mrs, Veronica Phillips of J-lope, died at her horn ein Milwaukee, Wis. after a long illness on Saturday, Sept. 20. Funeral services \vil Ibe held Wednesday, Sept. 24 in Milwaukee, The family., address is 2335 North IQlh SlreoC "Milwaukee 6, Wis. 20 ACRES, 15 open, 5 pasture and wooded. 4 room house, natural gas and electricity. Located on Patmos-Shover Springs cut off road, l!/ 2 mile from high school. Joe Lively, Hope, Ark. Phone 7-5836. , 19-3tp V^onfcd to Buy ONE inch rough .green oak lumber. — regular lengths and tie siding, for prices and specifications, write G-URDON LUMBER COMPANY, B'lERNE, ARK, 12-18tc For Sale or Trade 1955 FORD in excellenl condition. Only 39,000 New tires, radio and heater, two tone. $995.00 Need pickup. Roy Casio, 1413 Elm St. 22-12-tp Notice WE Bu? • We S*U > W« SEAL ISTAf I ft, B. ffiAWKLtN A. P, BeJefief, Mafiag*f Howafd Collier,. Sileifflill »** Loni Biataeee Call Collect 692, Fttt Jgatifiiatet, Lo»*i Will Tr av*i Have Vafii P-RESC0TT CO, PttESCOTt, ARKAK8A8 SUBSCRIBE to 'rexarkana Ga« zetle, Complete sp6rt and fieWS coverage, 3ac week, T, V, pro* grams. Early delivery. Phone Ray Duke 7-2743, IMMo, BARWAM Brothers House Mov> ers. Insured and free estimate, Write Bnrham Brothers Gale, Arkansas. 214 Mo. ANYONE trespassing or intcrfov* ring with the sale of my property will be prosecuted, regardless of person. Annie P. Johnson. 17-6tp RENT free 2 bedroom house for caring tor livestock across Crorn Beards Chnpcl near Emmet. Apply Sal., Sun.,, .Mon., :and Tues. James L. Key, Call Emmot 811K21, 19-3lc THE property known as the Johnson Place, Highway 67 west, recently advertised, is not for sale. Mrs. Ethel Whar'ton, Mrs. G. C. Transier and Dick Johnson. 20-3tc For SaU ALUMINUM screens, doors, storm windows, weather - stripping, insulation, roofing-, awnings, : guttering, ornamental railing. .Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Phone 7-5867. 9-tf HOUSE TO BE MOVED For sale by bid. 422 West Third-. Street, Hope, Ark. Raymond Byers Phone 7-2956. 13-1-m-p MY home at Ozan, Ark. 5 rooms, front and back porch. John W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 15-1-m-p HAVE tail, will wag. Male Dachshund puppy, choice of litter. 7 weeks old. Call 7-3268. 15-tf CONCERT,approved Spinet Piano, Guaranteed 100%. Available to responsible, parly in Ihis area, a-ble lo assume small monthly payments, W^ite Mgr., JOPLIN PIANO CO'.; '312' Main St., Jclplln Mo, / 16-6tc ONE Sa'ddle, medium size, good condition. Call 7-4627, 16-6tp WANT AD-RATES All Wdftf Ads 6fi pay8bl§ 1- Rc8 6uf 6(K Will b* 6£esgf«l Jh§ telephone and ddcbfhodo occduhti dl)6*ed With the U)' __._:aHding the account Is wKSfi stoffefrienf I* rendered. Number 5f Words UpiolS 161620 21*625 2«»630 SH635 36 la 40 41 1645 46»650 6tie Bay ,45 ,60 ,75 .90 1.0S 1.20 1.35 1.50 thfs* six boys Bays .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 110 2.40 2.70 i.50 5.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 8m Mon* 4.56.0 7,5' 9.010.5- 12.0 13,5 tS.O * *' 3.00 DISPLAY 75c per Ihtf 6 times 50e per RdfeS quotso 1 above ore lot tot securive ihsertions. Irrfe^ular of Skip- dole dHs will tdke the One-cloy rdre, All daily classified advertising COOV Will be becpnterl uhtl.l 5 h. W. fol t)tibllcatl6M the yolldwifig day, The publishers reserve the rlqht fo revise or edit all advertisements of fer<!d for publication and lo re|ec' onv objectionable aclverl Islng sub- mlfted. . Initials of ';r.e or more letters, group? of figures such as house of telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Acls unles' errors ore called to our attention after FIRST InWHnn nf fid nnrl <h*n for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE; PROSPECT 7-343' Star Star nf Hnee 119*,' Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoor by STAR PUBLISHING CO. MM. C. E, Palmer, President Alex, H. Woshburn/ Secy-Trei. . ot:The.Star Building . 212-14 South Walnut Street < Hope, Arkanf al- Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publish*? Poul^H.^,'?"pf."' Mrtpnilng. Editor Donaf Parker,;Advertising Mgr. Geprae W. Mosmcr, Mech. Supt. Entered o 11 second class matter at the Post. Office at Hope, Arkansaf. under the Act of March 3, 1857. Member of the Audit Bureau at Circulations ' Subscription Rotes (payable In advance): By carrier in Hone and neighboring towns — Per week ; $ .SO Per year 15.60 . By ! mail In Hempsteud, Nevada', LoFoyerte, Howard, and Miller counties — One month $ .8! Three, months 1.85 Six months 3.50 One year , 6.50 All other mall — One month 1.30 ".Three months j •. .,..., 3.90 ' Six, month's' : ! 7.8Q One year 15.60 STATION Wagon, Willy's '"Jeep," Deluxe model, good condition, good tires, battery and brakes, Economical, safe, dandy school car. Phone, 7-3208. " 'l6'-tf Instruction Lost or Strayed 2 WHITE face sleer yearlings and 1 jersey weighing about 250 pounds, strayed from 1710 South Elm St. If found, contact John Flowers, or call 7-2479. 20-3tp Services Offered ager, >,u, . ot Washington for 5 ?--,0 viptor-y mm Sturdi van( 4 ' • injeJJve si Aug. 12 with arm trpublo a,r,4 injured hoe!, starte.d for (he Yerger Drops 2nd Game to Pine Bluff The Yerger Tigers took on the Pine Bluff team in Bammons Stadium Saturday f night and when it was over the Tigers had taken another licking, this lime by a 25 lo 0 tally. Pine Bluff scpred six points late in the opening period nnd rolled op to a 10-0 haWUme lend. Yerger defenses stiffened in the thh'd, period to hold the visitors scoreless. However, Pine Bluff punched over another tally in Ihe final period and that wps the game 25 to 0. Yerger rushed for ?30 yards and Pjne plufJf Yoj-gci 1 ' com pjeled three of four passes with, )io interceptions and Pine Piuff v tviecj pne unsuccessfully. The first downs went to. pine Bluff Jg to 5. drew '40 yards in penalties to for. the visitors, Seeing action for Hope were plater, Griper, Pearsons', . d?n, EJdwiu'ds, Scott, Pee, Pennis, Wjtl}ersppon. Knq^, Warren, Puff|e Ijarvis.- Hplyfield- and Nel?on. .Ipv Chiqago City 9 1, turned Indians, Tigers and p'ed, avp tied for third tplace at - ^590 >vith 74-74- records. , e.ljnched its ' sp?on.d, peniiai)t g-5 ji,r victory, ehaJlpii -a . shadjng ' th<| last w.as St ?ls't LET us renovata your old mattress, We speciallz* In prewurl- zed innei spring, . COBB MATTRESS SHOP ' 712 West 4th, Phone 7-2*21 AIRLINES HAVE GOOD JOBS HOSTESS, STATION AGENT, TICKET AGENT, RESERVATIONS, COMMUTATIONS, FLIGHT 'CONTROL, and RECORDS Interesting, varied and well-paid jobs»with'B-future in one of the world's most exciting industries If you are n high school graduate, 17 to 39, with a pleasing persona]' ity, investigate now to see if you qualify. Short: low cost' training PASTURE clipping, see Mike RALPH Montgomery Market,, cut- torn slaughtering,, We have' m«»t iof your deep freeze, Sea u* before buying, VM* SINGER SEWING' MACfflNE CO, Sales and Service;,-513 East 3r<J. L, E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695, Will not interfere with present em ployment, Nation-wide placemen! service. Write for full information, giving address and phone number to: ' AIRLINE TRAINING, NATIONAL' SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS, Box A, Hope Star, Hope. Ark. '. - 32-ltp Ust Jemon spot Birddog, Medium' size, Please caj} 7, '493?, 'k, J. Ha.n.iplon> 19-3tp Attorney Demands Release of Youth A" attorney taday deiT»?nflpd veJeage fvoni of Jr., thp 8- ,)'e;u'-,oW boy who has tojd officials pojifjicjipg Dories abpui tlui of his parents. javlfs E, .Rqrnsgajfi in Ppunt/ fJJiildren's Comi lie jiisjy release ,Jlxe Jb.cy, top distj-jpt ' aliwnpy cjn ' which Her, at Sny(?er 3721, PhOi)e 234- Mo, Cegil Weaver, agent for ' Pixie tjfe Underwriters, LitUp Rock, Arkansas, states he is>ece!ying calls, from • persons, who state iVjat their Hospital Jnsuranp'e has, been raised or Company has merged or gone out of business; ot^eys state Not'l Advertising Represantaflvef.- Arkansas Dnili^s. Inc.; 1602 Sterlck Bids., Memphis" 2," Tenn.: 505 Texas Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N, Michigan Ave,, Chicago 1, III.; 60 E, 42d Sr,, New York 17, N, Y. ; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg.,' Oklahoma City 2, -Oklo.' Member of The Aisocalted Pren: The Associated Press Is entitled ex- cluslvely to the use for republicatlon ot all the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as all 'iP newi dispatches SAPWOOD VS, HEARTWOOD In old' trees, the sap moves through the xylern in the wood be- .neath'lhe bark and this part of the wood is called sapwood; the part through which the sap docs not move is called the heartwood. M GRItL CAFE — BREAKFAST — 35c - 50c - 65c Home Style Hof Biscuits Open 3 a, m> to 8 p, m, ROAD KING Al modem of tom?rrow<* ?Q? S, Plm Phone 7 58QO , Mo^ART ARAQE that they ar,e recjuired to pfly, first $35.00 pf any pJsini/ Jf /our policy is insuKipJeni, or you are fied with present pojicy, why noj pon,t'apt Mv. Weaver end'Jpi him' ejjpjain the merits p| •' a'ble, guai'an'ee4 issued by an oM Call 7-3)43 or wj'ite jfope, MATTRiSSiS Rebuilt cr Ma^e Jnte Inner* iprlng, W9rk Gyarnnteed, 9n» P»y lirvlst PAVIS Furniture ft Mettffn Ct, |17 l«i Ilm; C Pfllicy, SPippeny, s P r «P? St- Roomondioord room its best, with jga?rspring HMNGRY? Fpr QppjCOId F"fh|en»(» HICKORY lAR^QU 1 JFARIRI15 DAIRY DINER Opin

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