Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1958
Page 4
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Page IVs PI, A ft HANS At 8 Negro Students Continued Ff-om Page One n Until ncrnss (lie froin (lip fflini)!. binlirlmliitif! nn'i integration sinim nml tlnriiti inn ';tri remove llir> Ncm-oi^s by fmre •If Ilipy did tint Irnvo voluntarily , „ Tlir> in Npgfrif"! nUrtichnn thf 1 t522-pii|nl high school nnrl • other Neerocs pnrnllpd nt the •'junior high school hci-c f btil of clnss pending h settlement of the pl-olpst. « Two of thf Nrfjro high <;c;hnl students slncp have tnihsfof-i-wl in sogrccrtloct schools In ollipi Arknn ' sfts Cities. The tt'hrrrviboutK of !hr> ,< Others Who did tint t-Pttirn to rlnss here today WHS not imineclifiirly known. VAN BUftKN, Ark., toon Negro students will atlf-mct today 10 rp-ohtnr Vnn Burrn rm1»- lie schools, frntn which Ihry Wct'tS forced two wppUs ago by threul* of violpner 1 Tlip Ndp.rors drrklecl tn return despite thr fnct thnt IT. S. District vFUrise .Tohri K. Millpi of Fnr» Smith doclinpd Friday to order the school hour to ohfr)r-<y Its voluntary intfRfntloti fjlnn Millor. who snM IIP Ml Hi" Neuron-; coitkl ipturn Without such Eh dt'dpr. nssilt-pcl thorn thnt th<»y could spplc his help if further ob fclnclos nriso (n thpli alondlns classes. ; Thirteen Negro student. 1 ; wtltv drew from Van Burpn High Seho< ijlid five from the npnrby junto high nftpr nbout 50 students stage 0 classroom boycott against Intp iftrhlion nnd thfcntcnpd violpncr the Negroes conlimied to nttoiu Tho boycott evaporated When Iti Negroes withdrew, but lendpt promised Hint it wouM resume 1 they returned. The;. Li It It- Bock, focal point r the slnte's resistnnce <o inlegrc lion, boards of two churches ntic ministers of two others ciillcd I Residents to vote "for Inlesratlon' in n spocinl election Saturday. The election, provided for In bill ynder which Gov. Orval Fai ii.,«ril«t vh.',S 0 m £* A9S r S L P0 * Htt LE ROCk STUDENTS - Little Rock. Ark., School Supe < L',1. * M tltff 5 .1 uT J°? ks i? rt flt J eft as televlt!l °K director Doug Wells talks with Mrs. itfa- mihr nil of « H« Ih "^ teAc ^. f> °, n «mei-,i (s Mrs. Elizabeth Muckab/, Central High Schooli ' * 68 1 telvels " )n rof the clty ' s i480 hish soh001 stude ANNOUNCEMENT Mrs. Joella Amour Is servicing the investment accounts of her husband, Joe Amour, deceased. Please call Prospect 7-2419 for nny .Information you may need. Thrill like BROWNIE MOVIE Lowest price ever for a ' complete turret camera ^ /Mow, you can have o' »uperb 8/nrn movie camera, completely equipped fpf regular, telepholo, end wide-angle irovfe-malcing— at a new, unbelievably low pr!ce( It'j as easy lo me o's o snapshot cqmera, yet gives you a 3'lens change of viewpoint a( o turn of Ihe jmooih-aetion tvr» f ret, No exlrg leas*? (9 buy, , ' $59,50 YOUR KODAK AGENT Ward & Son Druggist Service, Quality, Cejirfefy Ph, 74292 !02W,2nd inis rinsed the city's four high <!chi)iils Si-pi. 12, requires VololN o biillot fur or against integration, not for or ugainsl reopening U'hnols The fipv. Dale Cowling, pastor if llic Second Baptist Church, tind Uov. Kc-niu'th Shnmblln. pastor of the Pulaskl Heights Mothodist Church, made similar jile;it from their pulpits yesterday. Other evidences of rcslslnnce ro school closing are formation pf n women's Emergency Committed tn Henpen Our Schools and a heWs paper advertlsomenl signed by (11 Litlk- Hock attorneys staating (hat private operation of public schools would be illegal. "The real Issii'i in tho Sept. 27 vote is whether we shall reopen our schools under Iho court-approved plan of limited integration or close thorn altogether," tho advertisement said. Critical Test Continued I rum Page One materializes hero. Prparafion for such action went ahead last week with forhialipn of tho Little Rock Private Scholfi Corp., .which hopes to open private institutions In public buildings with s'tate 'funds' if Arkansas votes against Integration in a special election Saturday, Thfc election Is provided for In i bill empowering Gov, Orval E Fntibus to close'schools as a segregation measure; and -another bill authormng transfer of tax funds to private schools, in districts where' pub1ic,,V£!ch<!>ols nrp closed line against, integration, Fiitibus, who invoked the schonj closing law Sept. 12 to shut down Mann high schols, points but that he Supreme Court, which ruled n^ainst public school segregation, lever has ruled against sogrega- ion in private schools On that fnct, Faubus pins his iopi>s of preventing forcible into[ration. • Some residents are skeptical of mancmg proposals. Faubus!' plan s to withhold from state funds in amount equal to the sum of tnle and local district funds al- ocaled to operation of tho closed chools. School Supt. Virgil Blossom ro- 'orts that Die four high schools re a $IJ8,'),300-a year operation, oughly equivalent to the entire mount of state aid received by :ie district. ' , v So In effect, the district would oso all state funds, which account Most segregationists view eon- or about 20 per cent of its annual ive-ivullioivdollar .budget. Junior igh "and elo'montnry schools •oulcl have to be operated eiv irely with district funds There is no asurance thnt the nvate schools can be operated on segregated basis. The Jvlstlco Department, responsible for arrying out Supreme Court tier regation orders, ' has not out' nod its planning. Department pokesm.cn indicated a plan s gainst the converted schools, eady to geek an Integration ardor Presuro is mounting from pnf» nts and. other jntei^jed parties ho want the schools; opened uickly at any cost—even, i on, WAR AND PEACE—A Chinese Nationalist antiaircraft battery', in me, background spoils the illusion *«f pastoral peacie given ; by the toiling farmers in the loreground. The incongruous % grouping was, seon noar Taiwan, capital of Formosa. PJAL 7-4431 UST CALL TO FILL YQMR FRii£f R .WAVE' OF THE FUTURE—Not (o be outdone by the fair se*, London businessman Anthony Moss has hjs hair-waved at a Iqcarbenijty 'salon for men. Hair net keeps his tresses jrt place while beautician Mr, Charles wields an electric dryer that looks ' like a Martian's space gun. The salon provides men with per* nian'ent waves, mud pacHs and other beauty ajds, Prescof f News garden PHib In Virgil pan,!? On Tupsday afternoon the ,: Garden pli(b' m^t |n the home of •Mrs. VirgH Paniel Jr. for the first •meeting of the club season. Mrs, W. P, Woosley and Mrs. John T :M,t v JJk3P were assisting arrangements decorated the" •p^l pa)| was answered \v)th t° BJant J\j Optober,'' I'j. W. /• Pa,tes had ehsi'gp of «nd,_gave aij informn- op thtTConstttitjion and servc4 a dessert to Hie t7 members and two , Mrs,, \y, p frif Hrsl meeting t»f JUe At S3, and to ropeiye ?4rs tester Stt-ecl as on assopiate mernb^r, Tiio program for ths afternoon \va; or> dried flowprs and' WHS most interestingly given by M.['s, J. A. Cole, who told of yariovis thujs of drying blooms, 4lSP^ ;i number of summe, 1 |lowers had dried, which retainpd their co'.or and beauty, ftjrs, paoJeJ al?o showed a numbov of wild flujyeys and grasses that hal jsepn drif^ nnd could be used successfully t'\ airangenients- The hostesses served, dessert plate wUkPoffee during hour. f M_rs, th9H' daughter, with a party at their day afternoon fourU) Gunman Continued F>6?fi ably was fomfone VehJefl Ha<! iirrp«led shortly befwp a§ triet-i* ttoif M Jhrisoners ih tnir jali as far ns he RheW. V< rden's gun afid his billfold were missing. At Shittgart thd faddy of a id- ypiii-old Megi-0, Jafheg Jaftrisbfi jf, was found OH a street Sunday Morning, left there" 'by his emtlfiah' ioh-! who fled rtftdf Ihe yt)(i(h Wn.« shot Salur'daf ftight, {iftlifig jft» ported. Officers Sflld J'ohhsoH, Sidney Av-ry Jr. and OleHH Stlgof both Ncsroes, Wtfro fkllrlg In fc pickup truck in the mill section of gttttl- tra'I nbollt 11:3(1 J3. fH, nipht Wheft Stlgef. tlir? swrved tho vehicle at a couple who Wore walking, iStigef tnlri police It Was inteftdet! hS a prank. The Negro friafi, identified a.4 Li-roy Smith, 22, pulled a .38 call bc-r pistol and fired at thd truck hitting Johnson in the head, The youth died within minutes, Avery snid he and Stlget- became fright 1 encd and "dumped" the boy onto the street Early Sunday, police said, Avery told his father, Sidney Avery Sl. ( of the incident, and the man brought the youth lo police head* ijunrtera. After questioning witnesses, p«. lice picked up Smith, who admitted the shooting. Prosecutor Bill Lee said Stiger and Smith were being held on open charges. Avery Waa released. Lee said no forma! charges had been filed in the ca.ss. At the Millville Community, near Camden. Marvin Goss, 30, was killed by a shotgun blast. A coirt- ner's jury returned a verdict of jLirisdietional homicide in the matter. Coi-oner George W. Mathls sold W. L Hopkins, about 50, Goss's step-father, shot the younger mnn during an argument, Dolph Crabtree 65, died Saturday at a Fayetteville hospital'of in juries he suffered Friday when hf< truck struck a bridge on U. S. Highway 91 and overturned near Brcntwood. Leroy Beard, 26, of Hot Springs was killed Saturday when a boa carried on top of his car shifted, throwing the vehicle out of control The car smashed into a bridge abutment on U. S. Highway 70, Ih miles west of Hot Springs, and Board died instantly of a broken neck. Faubus Declares Continued From T>age One Rock high schools to resist inte- Bi-jiUon'.J said mce 'itrf.«>K woiUd hn\'e .prqcecded peacefully and more rapidly in Arkansas: if there had been no force or the threat of force. Observing' that Negroes.in some sections are generally self supporting, he said such areas would have integrated. to boost their economy, " ' " Faubus added, however, that federally-imposed Integration hti,t turned some moderates into strong segregationists, He, blamed the National Assn. for"-/the ' Advancement of Colored People* for the present conflict at Little Rock. He said the NAACP picked the city as a "guinen pig" to further integration in Arkansas nnd the South, Fnubus has called for a referendum next Saturday to determliui whether citizens of Little Rock want their schools integrated cr segregated Sixty three Little Rock attorneys have declnrecl publicly their belief that the city's closed schools' cannot legally be opened privately on segregated basis, Fnubiis implied these attorneys represent five Jaw firms on the payroll of the Little, Rock School Board and added; "If you lota) the number of attorneys in thes/« firms, you have RS. many or more than 61," At the time only GJ lawyers h,ad Signed the statemeiU, Two others signed, later, Most of the nenrly five tons of djnmpnds mined nnminlly go into vice. !}othes and served ice cream and [he white birthday cake with'ye) cny decorations, The napkins also P 5 wje<| out th Woody Woodpecker theme. were. Wow oijts and horns, t. and 'Mrs, WilUam David Junel aotj (MielweJ, vvlio inve been the guests, Qf their pas'; ents, Mf, and Mr?* lfora?e and Mr. f>n<J 'Mrs, 8ro?le eft Weijijesciay for his new . and 'Mrs, jjni Howejj son, Jim- hayf* }'eiume4 to after 9 Hsit with hpy, pa ren ; and 'Mrs. W- T- Dog Racing Issue Ruled Okay at Spa ttp'f SPMWGg. Ark. <AP) — A fequif-erhent that a majority of a!t Votef-s in the county \vas_ necossaF} 1 lo approve a proposed dog racing track at a local option election was held Ineffective Saturday by dil-- euit Judge C. Flej-d Huff. A similar provision is ih A law under whieh residents of the Little Hock GislHct Will Vole Saturday on whether the folii- district high schools, closed by 6ov. Orval Fan* btls, should be 1-eopofied on an iff tegraled basis. Kindlons eustohiariJy ftrd decid« ed by a Minority of those 'Voting the dog track election Was held last May 6 and 4,Gd2 persons voted favorably to 3,8fi2 against. Muff leld this cart-led the issue lor liw track proponents. The judge said; "It Was noted that for the (dof> :rack) franchise to be granted, a majority of qualified electors must vote in favor of it....Since there Was ho criterion fixed on the hum- jer of qualified electors in tho county, it would be Imfjosslblo to d^teJ'ttiifie the exact number i»e stdihg in the county on May C." Muff's ruling will be appelled to . h e Arkansas Supreme Court, track opponents, said. The decision of that the Supreme Court could inve an effect oh possible litigation growing out of the Little Rock school election, Would Demonstrate ih Support of L. R. HAYNESVILLE, La. (AP)—Congregations of seven churches here called last night for a one-day (Statewide closing rtf Lottisiafia's ptiblie Schools as a defnoiisirat!6n of support for Little ftock segre- gattiSfiisls. Stale Sen. C. M. fiainach, clifllr-' .-liah of the the stale's joint legls* IflllVe cohimifte6 on segfeg!a!iori. .said the churches also judged the school closing as a meafts of protesting the U. S. Supreme CotiM ihlegralion rulings. In Little Mdck. Arkansas dt)V, Orval f aitbus eiased the four hiah schools after the 'Supreme CoilH ordered continued integralioH at Liule Sock Central High Sthdbl, Haynesville thurfcHes urging a derHoHstration School closing ih Louisiana were the First Baptist Church. First Mclhddist Church, West Side Saptisl Church, Ihe Church of Christ, Cavalry §np1isl Church. The Bible Church and the Pentecostal Church Jury Directed to Watek Private Clubs John Lewis Wins Boost for Miners WASHINGTON (At 1 ) ^ John L. Lewis today Won a boost Ih the miners wage rate required for government * produced coal Me also was reported hear terms for a new industry contract. The government prepared 16 announce a boost of about 50 cents an hour required to be paid for, coal produced for government, purchase. Terms of this order became known In advance thro^b, publication in the Federal Register, The old rate fixed by the government as the minimum wage .re quired to be paid by producers of coal for sale to the government, under the Public Contracts Act, was $2,245 an hour. The new rate rAPj ^ girttii! William S. Mii-by today el). J*cle<! & Mw £ulaski eotint* 1 dFSnd Jury Id keep ele'se watch dk Ihe cohti-dVei-Siai JiHVate f)ub s*D tialloH here. !ft his chaf-ge to the jury, Kii-b> said; "AS y-dti feHfl'W, fhb utllgotnjl GraRd 3W$, al Ihe SUgleslidh •:/ the cbiittj Spehl HlUCh lime iii lh« ihvesllgatioR of the bfjcfatisn iif So^catled private elutJS ifi this jtli" isdicliofli and. a I-fegUll of their *f. fofts, sottiij 21 , closed , of Wei-' 1 closed for VarlciUS ViolHtiohs of lhi< law, ' . ^ "While it afipePhS. tlial the cM$ situation has been greatly Ifti' proved, it hiight be Well for this jufy ta see that this sittialiph d66a not agflitt get oiit of Kahd," Kirby appoihted t"hll ftillln, a biisihessfflnfi. as jtll-y fdi'6fflalt. has Served 6n p f c V loUS gratld juries, Cultured pearls take about seven years to develop. is $2.745. Lewis, president of the United Mine Workers Union, was reported to have worked out a tentative contract deal with Edward Fox, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Assn., principal Indus* try bargaining agent, Fox Was reported to have called a meeting of his association's Executive Committee in Pittsburgh Tuesday to Seek approval of tho tentative terms. ' '* They were reported to call for a daily wage boost for miners of $1.20; a 10 cent ibpost to 50 cents per ton-of coal produced to go to the union's welfare fund; holiday pay provisions, and shorter working • hours. For the Third Consecutive Year Has More Circulation in Its ABC Retail Trading Zone — Hempstead Co. & Western Nevada THAN ALL DAILIES COMBINED (See Note) Toddy Has — 51.9% of Total Daily Circulation and 75.8% of All Mail Circulation Newspaper Audit Year End Hope Star 12/31/57* Arkansas Gazette 3/31/58** Arkansas Democrat 3/31/58** Texorkana Gazette 12/31/57* Shreveport Times TOTAL MAIL CIRCULATION CIRCULATION 3,230 1,056 1,395 93$ 449 207 171 94 51 21 TOTAL 6417 1,393 HppjWs Share ,K,, -^i^-. '_ , •--•^, t . . v.-' yg#; l ^w^vi>? *"?"-\ ..'/•. -^ -; • -^

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