Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1958
Page 2
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Pagt IVa f, AUK AMl A I Negro Students Continued t'rom One fnlllod nbout arrn<^ (he from the school, brnlidiiliitiR nn'i integration SIKH"; nnd linc.-ilfiiii) to rptnovr il'f NP«KIPS by fnrt-d if they did tint Innvc vnlunt.icily „ ,Tht? 13 Nrgrot"! nttrhdinis thr (!S2-pxi|)il high ff'hool nnd fivp - tilher Kouroes enrolled nl UIL •junior high sthool here c , out of class ppnriiiifi h srlllcnx-ni Of the protest. Two of fhr Negro high schol Students since- have Irnhsfrrrpd lo Segregated <irllnnt<! In other Arknn- sas cities. The whereabouts of the others tt'ho did not rfMurn to class hero today wns not immediately known. VAN RUUKN. ArU.. teen Nofit-o sttidt'iils will ntlrmct lodny lo rp-phloi* Vnn Rurcn jj'ib- ]ic schools, frotrt which Ihpy W<*fts loreccl Iwb weeks ngo by tht'b.il* of violence The Ndgrdes tlecltlecl to return despite HIP fact Hint U. S. nislrlet .Turtle John K. Miller <if Port Smllli declined Frldny to order the school bom to phfmoe Its voliih- tnl^' IhtPEt-ntioh filnfi .-Miller, who said ho fell th" 'MegPOPS POdld jetiirn Wlthbill sue)) tin order, ns-iiltpcl them thnt they could seelc hi* hc-lp if fill liter ob •Ktpelos nrise to their nlendlnii clnsses. * Thirteen Nef?ro students withdrew from Van Buren High Sehor find five from the nearby junlo high after about 50 students singe n classroom boycott ngnlnst inle Rrution nnd thrcntonod violence the Negroes continued lo nllen The boycott evaporated when Ui Negroes withdrew, but leader promised that it would resume 1 they returned. The "Little Hock, foc.il point c the slate's resistance <o inte^ra lion, boards of two churches anc ministers of two others called I residents to vote "for integration 1 In n special ejection Saturday. The election, provided for In bill under which Gov. 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On camera is Mrs. Elizabeth Huckabv, Central HlHh Sehealfe h.m.ir.r,! *r «ui. -ru.., were reMearBlMfl educational telvelalmi for the city's 3,480 hloh school ' ' — NEA Telephbtd jus clnsod the city's four high schools Sf|)( 12, requires votoiN o bnllut for or UMiiihst inteerntlon. io( for 01 against reopening c'huols Tin- f!cv. Dale Cowling, pastor if the Second Baptist Ciliurcl), nnd he Rev. Kenn.Mh Shiimblin, pastor of ihe Pulaski Heights Methodist Church, made similar plcai, from their pulpits yesterday. Other evidences of resistance- to I school closing are formation <jf n women's Rmorgoncy Committee to Reopen Our Schools and n news paper advertisement signed by UJ Litlle Rock attorneys staatitig that private operation of public schools would be illegal, "The real Issiri in the Sept. 27 vote is whether we shall reopen our schools under the court-approved plim of limited Integration or close thorn altogether," thu advertisement said. Critical Test Continued J'rom Page One materializes here. Prpai-atlon for such action went ahond last week with formhlio'n of tho Little Rock Private ScholR Corp., which hopes to open privates Institutions in public buildings with state funds if Arkansas votes ngnlnsl Integration in a special election Saturday. , The election is provided for in i bill empowering Gov. Orvnl E Fatibus to close 'schools as a scc;- regntion measure; and another bill antheming transfer of tax funds to private schools In dis- tnuts where , nub"Hc,.,»*S(:hcjols nrp closer! ' ', , • line' against integration. * Jfiiubus,' who invoked the sehortj' closing law Sept. "12 to shut down' tfanrf'high schols, points out that the Supreme Court, which ruled ignmst public school segregation, lever hns ruled ngninst segrega- ion in private' schools On Unit fact, Fiu'bus pins his lopes of preventing forcible in(n- jration. « Some residents are skeptical of 'innncing proposals. Faubus' plan s to withhold from s'tale funds in amount equal to the sum of "(ate and local district funds ril- ocnted'to operation of the closed ehools, School Supt. Virgil Blossom ro- jorts 'that Hhb four high schools ire a $l,183,SSO-n year operation, oughly equivalent to the entire imount of stale nid received by he district. ' , So in effect, the district would ose all stntp funds, which account Most segregationists view con- or about BO per cejit of Us onnunl ive-million-dollar .budget. Junior nnd elementpry schools vould have to be opcrqtixl civ irely with district funds _ There is no asvirnnec 'that (ho nvtue schools cnn be operated on segregated bnsis, The Justice Department, responsible for o\\l Supremo Court ij<2' orders, has pot out- oed its planning! Department poHesmen indicated a plan ' s gainst the converted sphools, - <nidy to so@k nn integcotlon or4or fresvu-c is mounting fj-om pHf' nls mid. other lntRif4eci pnrtigs ho ,wi\nt the schools opened uickjy at any- cosj-r-c-ven •WAR AND PEACE—A Chinese Nationalist antiaircraft battery'''. in the background spoils the illusion'«f pastoral peace given' ; by (he toiling farmers in the foreground.. The, incongruous ' grouping was seen near Taiw.ui, capital pf "Formosa'. t WAVE>OF THE FUTURE—Not to be outdone by the fair sex, *, tonooivbvisinessman Anthony MOSS has his hair,.waved at a' •Jqco.ljpejmly sajorj for men. Hair net kpeps his tresses in place while beautician Mr, Charles wte)c)s an electric dryer that looks ' Ill "p a Martian's spapp gun. The salon provides men with per* " f "-' waves, niud. papks and other beauty aids, LAST: GALL TO FILL n, jC iM'Jueetujg pf hg '"' .m On Tuesday afternoon the 'Pose Garden ,plvib met in the howp of 'Mrs. YJrg |1 Danipl Jr, for the firsi •HiepUpg pf the plub season, Mrs. \y. Pj WQQsley anc! -Mfs. John T Rse 'were -assisting riy full blossorns in arrangements deporpted the rc/jms. TJl? «'Pl| PaH syas answered with tiP filSUt In-0ftobe*\" , - W. }< Patgs had. s)ierge -Q|i'9m ancj gave an informal live t»fls,oii tlif, Constitution and B/'^BWS *>$ the plub. • v T!)p hPstPsses serypd a ,ppuyse to the j? men^bevs juvtf two !& Mff W. B,- Jordan. 25. and to yepeiye !\ Sii'ed sis an associate Tlie program for ihd was on d.rjed. flovypi's moit interestingly given by Mrs,J. A. Cole, who tojd. oC various. ffif» thols of drying blooms., .displaying a number or sunime.- flowerS'jhe had drie^ \vhi9h retained. Jjveiji color and beauty. jMr§. Omii?} &1 S P showed n nwpbpy pf »'i}d f]R\yej'5 »nd grasses that n?^ been AtiSfA ojicj pould -b? u§eci supoessfull/' in au-angernents. The l)p§tcsses sevve^ a clpiiripj^s. dr-ssprt p,UHp wilh.poffpp durjiig !]}£, social hour. ,' , '*.''' T)r, B n4 JM nwored thpir with a. p^vly fit thjij; day at f e-rnftpn io ; Gunman Continued ^forfi .„., ..-.. sorneohe VercJeH haJ ilrrosled shortly faerofe SI .(tififfi were rid firlsoHcts ifi fflB jail a§ far as he KheW. Vrrdch's. gtih ahd his billfold were rhissinf. At Stttttiaft th6 tJddy bf H \fc j'eor-oW rJegrd, Jaffieg Jdhfi|6fl jf t was found CHI a street left thefe By hts ions who fletl after the yViiUi shot SaUirdaf hlehl, jifillel ported. Officers stild J^bhlSsbtt, Sidney Av-ry Jr. add SleHH 'Stlgef both Nettroes, Wore fldlrlg In k pltktlp truck in the mill section of Stuttgart about 11:30 p, m. night \vheft Stiger, thn swerved the -Vehicles ill a couple who were walking, told polled It Was Ifileftded fts prank. The Negro itiafl, Itfefttffied a.-i Leroy Smith,-22, pulled a ,38 eall her pistol and fired at thd truck hitting Johnson in the head, The youth died within minutes. Avery said he and Stigcr became fright* ened and "dumped" the boy onto the street Karly Sunday, police Said, Avery told his father, Sidney Avery St., or the Incident, and the wan brought the youth to police headquarters. After questioning witnesses;. p(>, lice picked up Smith, who admitted the shooting. Prosecutor Bill Lee said Stigcr and Smith Were .being held on open charges. Avery wns released. Lee said no format charges had been filed In the case. At the Millville Community, neat- Camden, Marvin Goss,-30, was killed by a shotgun blast. A cent- ner's jury returned a verdict of jurisdictional homicide, in the matter. Coroner George W, Ma this eald W. L Hopkins, about 50, Goss's step-father, shot-: the younger mnft during an argument. Dolph Crabtree 65) died Saturday at a Fayelteville hospital'of injuries he suffered Friday when hi* truck struck a bridge on U. S. Highway 91 and overturned near Brent wood, Leroy Beard, 26, of Hot Springs was killed Saturday when a ; boat carried on top of his car -shifted, throwing the vehicle out of control. The car smashed into a bridge abutment on U. S. Highway 70, lt> miles west of Hot Springs, and Beard died instantly of a broken icck. Dog Racing Issue Ruled Okay at Spa Jlqf SPRINGS, Ark. fAP> - A feqUiF'efHehl lhal a rhajorlty of all Voters itt the coitflty was, tiecessaf.V to approve a pi-oposed dog fading track at a Ideal option election was held ineffective; Saturday by Cli<* ettit Judge <2, Fieyd Muff, A sirriilar fjrbVlsioh is ifi a 5n\V Uhdet' vVhleh resid&nts bf the LiUIS fiock District will Vote Saturday on whether thb folir district higH schools, closed by <3ov, OfVal Pali' bus, should be reopened oft art !ti« tegrated basis, Elections customarily arc ttecid* ed by a Minority of those 'Voting the dog tfack election Was held last May 6 and 4,6d2 persons voted favorably to 3,882 against, Muff held this carried the issue for tltn track proponents, The judge said: "It Was noted that for the (C!OR truck) franchise to be granted, * majority of qualified electors must vote In favor of It,..,Since there was ho criterion fixed on the hum- be(- of qualified electors in tho county, it would be impossible to detei'rrtino the exact r.umbiir ri? siding in the county on May G." Huff's ruling will be nppelled to the Arkansas Supreme Court, track opponents, said. The decision of that the Supreme Court could have an, effect on possible litigation. g'foXvihg out of the Little Rook school election. Would Demonstrate in Support- of L. R. •HAYNESVILLE, La. (AP)—Congregations of seven churches here called last night for a one-day (Statewide closifig rff LouiSiafiA's pttbiic schools as a demonstration- of support for Little frock segregationists. State Sen. C. M. ftattiach, cHair* .'iiaH bf the the state's joint legls* IrttiVe Comhiittee on segregation, .sfiid the churches also judged the sthebl ciosina as a means of pro^ lestlhg the U. S. Supreme Collf! integration Hilihss. In Little 1 fidck. Arkansas Oov, drval PaUBtls elbsed the four hl»li schbols after the Supreme Co lift ordered bonlinued inlegration &l Little fibck dehtrai High Sehdbl, Maynesville dhure'rtes urging a demonstration schdol elosing In Louisiana U'el-e llie Pirst Saplisl Church, First Methddist Church, West Side Baptist Church, jhe Church of Christ, Cavalry B.iptlsi Church. The Sible Church and the Penlecoslal Church Jury Directed fa Wotch Private Clubs John Lewis Wins Boost for Miners WASHiNG-TOM (AP) — John L, Lewis today won a bbbst ih/thc miners wage rale required fbr government - produced obal Me also was reported near teems fbr a new industry contract. : The government prepared Id an« nounce a boost of about 50 cents ah hour required to be paid for, coal produced for govethment. purchase. Terms bf this order be> canio known in advance th'rpiV?h publication In the Federal Register, The old rate fixed by the government as the minimum wago .re quired to be paid by producers' of coal for sale to the government, under the Public Contracts Act, was $2,245 an hour. The new rate seek ato Judge William J, Kirby today di- 'reeled a he* Pulaski County Grand Juff IB keep close watch M ihe eohlroVersifll pfiVsde efub s«D ItaUon here, In his charge lo the jiifv, kiib> said! "As yau ktirw, the outgoing tJpafld JUfy-, at ?he slfggesliofl {:/ the eotirt, spent much time In th§ (nvestfgfifiofi of the oberaUdn ft/ So^alled private elubs 1C this jilt" isdidtiofl! §iid, a restilt 6f triplf 'of- forts, Softie 21 , closed, bf vVfei-i' Closed for Various Violations of tho law, • • , . • , *'Whlie It Bppdei'S that lha c)t4| sittiatloH has beeH ffaatly lflt» proVed, It might be Well, for this jufy to see that this sllftatl0h' ddes not. again get but of Hand,", Kirby appointed Phil tkitln, a businessttiah, as juj-y . foreman, btiltn hfAS Served on p f e V loui juries, Cultured pearls take about seven years lo develop, is $2.74S, ,. Lewis, president tit the United Mine Workers Union, was report' ed to have Worked out a tentative contract deal With Edward Pox, president of the Bituminous Coal Operators Assn., principal industry bargaining agent, fox'AVas reported to have called n meeting of his association's fix- ecutive Committee in Pittsburgh Tuesday to Seek approval of tho. tentative terms. '••H They were reported to call for a" daily wage boost for.'miners of $1.20; a 10 cent <boost to 50 cents per ton.'Of coal produced to go to tlie. union's welfare fund! holiday pay provisions, and shorter Working hours. Faubus Declares Continued From Page One Rock high schools to resist inte- tJoh,* said r«ce it*ri»mK> would have -.proceeded peacefully and more rapidly in Arkansas''if there lad been no force or Ihe'threat of 'orce. Observing, that Negroes,in ome sections' are generally self suppo&ihg, he said such areas vould have integrated, to boost .heir economy, Faubus added, however, that federally-imposed integration huji urned some moderates into strong segregationists, He blamed the National Assn, or the Advancement of Colored 3 eople for the present conflict at L-rttle Rock, He said the NAACP picked the city as a "guinea pig" o further integration in Arkansas and the South, Faubus has called for o referendum next Saturday to determlm' whether citizens of Little Rock vant their schools integrated cr segregated Sixty three Litlle Rock attorneys iave declared publicly their belle/ hat the city's closed schools can. not legally be opened privately on segregated,basis, Faubus implied these attorneys •epresent five Jaw firms on thf payroll of the kittle Rock School 3oa«l and pddedi "If you t°ta) he number of attorneys In these "Irms, you hqye as mpny or ban 6J," , A( the iime only 61 Jnwyers signed the statement, Two Igned jWost of the nonrly five tons of diamonds mined. nnmmUy go into ' pjothes and served, jco cream and he white birthday cake with yel o\v decorations, ?he napkin? also parried out Jh« >ody WpPdpecHer'theme. Fflyprs re.pjow <ni(s and horos, 4-Pgt,, an4 'J$ps, William Ray}?! 'l e i Jwei ap(J iMipfwJi wiw ,'g been the guests of their par» s, j^r, and MJ'Si H°r^ce Jjajg . 1 Mr, sn4 Mrs, grow? Ifsiynie, git Weflnesd-gy'ior hi? new assign* liJ, at R?nde)ph FJeW. £an A onio, Tgsas, Mr, sod Mr?> Jto Jewell tp4 on, Jim, tofy? returned !Q Witje 'Jojck, after a yWt with, her parents Mr- and -Mr?- W- T> Murry, to m M&fs KC iSPsnn ara^, i m w fr 't.-S ^'',K For the Third Consecutive Year HOPE STAR Has More Circulation in Its ABC Retail Trading Zone — Hempstead Co. & Western Nevada THAN ALL DAILIES COMBINED ." ' . "• /yiV)' ';,' * i, •, Not?) Today Has— ( 51.9% of Tota! Daily Circulation and 75.8% of All Mail Circulation Newspaper Audit Year End Hope Star 12/31/57* Arkansas Gazette .3/31/58** Arkansas Democrat 3/31/58** Texorkana Gazette 12/31/57* TOTAL MAIL CIRCULATION CIRCULATION 3,230 1,056 1,395 171 449 Times 12/31/57' TOTAL 51 21 6,217 1,393 >p s$hfre,,,,i; v«i* ^

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