Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN I'EKN Obituaries B. S. Bricker Benjamin S. Bricker, 54, of Kane, a former Alton brick contractor, and « resident here for 32 years Tuesday. diet) unexpectedlyj and had been at Carpenter before moving to Cottage Hills. In her earlier life she had been employed at Western Cartridge Co., predecessor of Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. She was a member of Wood River Assembly of God Church. of Stocks Steels Edge Cautiously Up NEW YORK f AP>-Ste*1s edged j cautlonsly higher and aircraft- j missile issues cut earlier losses In i - •-..•.« . . ,' .. .. ftn irregular stock market late! He had been In failing health Her husband. Henry M. Gow- tnis a ft ernoon \ for several years, but had con- ins died In 1908 in Colorado volume for the day was esti tlnued active, and was mowing | where he had gone for benefit , matpd „, 27oao0 n sh ares, about i the grass at his home when heiof his health. ltne Mmr as r(K ^^ y Tra dingi suffered the fatal Illness Tues- Surviving Mrs. Oowins are-a wag q u j pt nftpr tne very gj^ day. He was moved by ambu- daughter, Mrs. Frances Lane,, morning ,„,„, was spee ded up a lance to Boyd Memorial Hos-i Bethalto; a son. Henry B.. Cot- ^ pital where he was pronounced j tage Hills: a brother, Dnvld A morr ,t n g attempt at a rally dead on arrival at 5:45 p.m. ;Highfill, White River, S. D., f^ipj to , tfr ^ | )9l wt of its Mr. Bricker was bom at St. i three sisters, Mrs. Daisy Kades. i recen j extremely narrow range. Elmo, Jan. 28, 1906, a son of the Rosewood Heights; Mrs. Mabel ; Brokers liked the way the market i late Mr. and Mrs. John William j Eades, Wood River, and Mrs. held up in the face of poor busl- Brlcker. He was married Sept. j Eva Ferguson, Roxana; 14 neM news and the tense interna- 1. 1930 In Alton to Lola Elsie grandchildren, and 26 great- j tional sitnation, but they felt a Netv* of Aren of (trains Men rind Women Futures Trade lit A rmed Forces | s Balnea. During nearly all of his resl- grandchlldren. Funeral rites will be con- Igood Increase in volume would be necessary to get any widespread C'HKSTKK BOWMAN. age 19, dence In Alton he had worked ducted Friday at 1 p.m., in advance under way. as a brick contractor, and In i Bethalto Assembly of God Gains In steels ran to about a later years when his health he-:Church by the Rev. Alex Fergu- point for U.S. Steel and Lukens. gan to fall he had been a sales- 1 son. Burial will be in Meadow Aircrnfts recovered from losses O f 419 Williams St. Bnthalto. man for the Rawleigh Co. Branch Cemetery, Jersey Coun- which followed President Elsen- ,. omp j ptp( | |,., sjl . training al For the pant eight months he ty. howc-r's statement at his press I^M.,,! \ K<»< c Hasp in had resided in Kane and for sev- The body is at Smith Funeral | conference that it would take time ' ,| ^ ' '.'^ . (( j ( ,, s <lp en years previous to that had Home, Bethalto, where friends to rework defense spending be- heen at Woodhurn. While at 1 may call after 7 p.m. today. cause of the difference in congres- Woodburn he had affiliated with _ | sional and administration ideas. the Baptist Chun-h. ! IfflX HiirnffiSMP ! CoPI* 3 ''* turned mixed. Kenne- Surviving are his wile; five if U °* »*«11 Ul/aonv Kfltt and Phelps Dodge were, daughters. Mrs. Ruth McLean., , . jahnad, but Anaconda and Ameri-l km and » on of Mrs Clara La 'i Springfield; Mrs. Pauline Me- CARROLL TON-Mm. can Smelting werr off. Lean ' Alton- Mrs Lucy Mne ""'-dca.stlf, 85. of St. Louis, the Electronics, tobaccos, drugs lones Dorchester- Mrs Doro- ;wlrtl>w " f W ' lli9m Hardcastle, and m()st chemica | B continued thv M.-Laln. Cottagp Hills, and " formcr "''Went of Kane, died firm but motors wpre mixed with Mrs. .loan Be«-k. Cottage Hills; .Tuesday at the home of R son, u ,. ne| . a , Mo , ors off Ford about CHICAGO (AP) — FJxrppt for fairly general selling of soybeans. trade in grain futures today was di'Hggy and the market was i steady to weak most of the time. ' In thr parly afternoon. so> , beans had recovered about half of their early setbacks which ran to, more than a cent in spots. ' Carlot receipts today were esti- i mated at: wheat 9 cars, corn 104, !oats 42. rye, 4. barley 11, soybeans CHICAGO fAPi — No wheat ori (Soybean sales. Corn No. 1 yellow j jl.20. Oats No. 2 heavy white 70; j i No. 1 extra heavy white 70; No. 2 : I extra heavy white 6SKM . | | Soybean oil 9^b-'/ia. i Barley; malting choice 1.15' 25n; fepd 85-1-02". Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, .r KG \ poultry: 'run 22-23: dirties »«! 18-20: consumer Cartes. A A larer 33-34: A largp 2943: A . .. „ medium 26-30; A small 18-22; B and live .largp 24-27. Fowl, heavy 15-16; light over | KRRS. wholesale grades. lare;e - )hs n . 12: under 5 |b 3-11; I extras. 60-79 per rent A 29-31; fryrr* and broilers, commercial 40-59 per cent A 27-30: mediums whites and crosses 17'»: old 25-27; standards 23-26; country roosters 9-10. nutr Airfield. Chanutc. III. Bow- '^f man is attending the electronk • ^ Hr instrument repairmcns school.! "' a - v He is the stepson of Albert La- Jlv !kin. CHICAGO (APi— High Low Wheat 1.86 1.92'.; 1.91 1.96' R 1.96 1 96" a 1.96 Prev. Gose close 1.85', 1.85 7 « •2 1.92'<< 1.92 i '4 1.9B a 4 1. t Qf'i i -i • !*" Va 1. 1.87% 1.871, 1.87% 1.87^4 __ TRUCK SMASHES HOTEL SIGN The aluminum and plastic sign of Mineral Springs Hotel, 301 E. Broadway, was struck and damaged at 5:15 a.m. today by a Burlington Truck Lines tractor- trailer truck driven by Gary Price of Keuanee, 111. The truck hit the sign when he nulled over to help another Burlington Lines truck which had light trouble and had stopped on Broadway near the hotel. —loth In Warning Cel«r<— NOT IN ALL TIM! SUCN A mCTACLIASNANNWAL | AND Hit CftAZID ILIPHANT AftMYl VICTOR, MATURJ5 2ND THRILL-PACKED HIT! . . . , , , , two sons. Homer-, Godfrey, and Wll ' IHm1 . A : ' ''r '" , H . aml)UI ' 8 ' unchanged and American Motors 1 . ,. N. Y. She had been at her son s Llovd, who is in military SPI-V-,. ice.' stationed at Ft. Lewis. *«™ f '" r . thc '*"!' y f" r - . . . Radio Corp. gained about a Wash., two brothers. Carl H.. ,, rhellthody , w he brought to .^ . Also nigher werc Lorlllardi Hills and Homor Al ' ( ' Hrmllton f " r rltcs an(l ***' Schering (by more than a point), ""'* ' an ' rial in Carrolllon City Cemete.-y Knstma p Kodak and ton; a user. Mrs ,old,c Pau me Troutllne. Hartford, and 201 grandrh dren. Three children |)f . s idp the Rravc „, her husband. 1 hp conducted ' u S us government bond prices and a sister Mrs Anna B Hy-: /riday at , 2 "'"V" ^ impson !slipped lower late today. Some «iiUJ « Sin It 1 . JYJI r>. rt III la O, ny ITimaruJ Mnmr* I* ri*>nH« mflV . f j f. . . . * uriCri Hi null it , r * it nun tiuiv ftnrnnt'jitpti iit*nif»rl n ffpr an irrpff- muii ni>nr>nHnH hif-n in Hnuth • it \ . *••'" I** 1 oH-« III nil u dUCI cilJ JII eg- man. pieteded him in death, ai „ , , h funera i home this ..,..,. om . ninc son. Benjamin Jr.. last June and' !Uldl °P' nm 8- u son and daughter, in infancy. The body has been brought to Smith Funeral Home. Alton, where friends may t.-all after 7:30 p.m., Thursday. Funeral evening. The former Jessica Whcat.ley. Mrs. Hardcastle was born at Rolla, Mo. Surviving in 12 Selected Stocks addition to her! Following are today's 1:30 a b roth cr. a Joplin, Mo.. "- m - Quotations on 12 New York The Wild! Rugged! Lawless! West... .73% .73' 2 I', ].i5u I.M%i Emoloves Still '. .10 7 » 1.11 1.111.4: ' J Council Takes No Action on Refuse Collection Problem 1.15',A 1.14T4 1-15 1.15'i 1.1714 1.17 1.171.4 1.17 ;! ; I I I I I I I I I I I u .73% .73',4 May 1. Soybeans .W* !70' a .73 S « .73 5 R ,73>i .73'i 1.16^ 1.17'/z 1.21% 1 """' 1.26U 1 1.26'i 1.27', 4 1.27U EDWARDSV1LLK -— A solu- irate, an alderman said. tion to the mounting health j '22^ i problem created by failure of j'og^l street department employes to 1 resume garbage and refuse col- Tlic council, in an hour-long adjourned session Tuesday! night, spent a half hour in pn-j vatc conference before an-; lection service will be sought at nouncement was made of thc 2 17 r '« •' IH'/z 2 n-'o 2 17'i a set: «nd adjourned session ori seco "rf a d j o u r n c d meeting -M8U 2!l?4 2^18'4 218'/4' the Kdwardsville City Council. (Thursday nigh! to which offi- 222',i 221'/2 222% 222% '-scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Thurs->ials and members of thc La- 223% 224% 225% 226'ii da >'- ! borers' Local are to be invited 2.V 2.27 >!.'» i.W»'-- The council met Tuesday in an ^iempt to solve thc im|night, in a meeting adjourned passe. Rev. Kane Baptist Church. Burial will be in Bethalto City Cemetery, A.8.C. DELTO.V BOWMAN,, rites will be conducted Satur- Htlornoy ' an d two grandchildren. :siock Exchange issues research day at 2:30 p.m.. in the funeral jhar indicated are widely held home by the Rev. Potter of 111-,,, H««»v««« in the Alton area, as supplied to fllS HUpUCr the Alton Evening Telegraph by age 22. of 419 Williams St., Be* *• '.Ntwhard, Cook & Co., from its thalto, is stationed at Lowery i Mrs. Minnie- Hopper, widow of'Alton branch office. ^The New Field, Denver. Colo., his par-; )v active barrows Ei | ts and sows 17 I? W^icHo! I James W. Hopper, died at 1 a.m. i York Exchange closes daily at e nts. Mr. and Mrs. Albert La-i svtl . one ' Bj0 J J^ VW fj li IjB B my M, : ' » ' •"* ' ' **- - ;.-_» t I O .Of t »i w+ I \\tf,f\ t imr* \ e-ri +\^ftt*Fi I • r *-. . i i . .. . ! O , . in- .from Tuesday of last week, but When funds are available to Livestock I rices took no a( . tion on the prob | em j meet pay raise demands, con- A j-, c , of restoring garbage collectionis'deration will be given the de- /ll Last Of. LOUIS service — suspended since last imands Mayor William C. Strau- NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, m.' 1 ™*** when 15 municipal em-'^ ««"«ted in a brief state- fair oycs reported themselvesi ment after thc Private confer" ' " sick " and unable lo work in -" Ce VVi ' h aldermen Itoday in Riverview Nursing Home 12:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these ki n O f Bethalto reported. A ra-l no u ' .. . ..i.i_-._.._i_ij . i * iv A ' 2 5 hieher- bulk US '' ! where she had been a patient EDWARDSVILLE — Erwin; sjno<? i as , Ma y. She had been in (Sam) E. Weisdel, 59, of High-! failing hea | Ul for the past five land Rt. 2, Helvetia Township as-i years she was 83. art not the closing quotations) : d j o engine repairman, Bowman AT&T 89< s , Gen. Motors 43«i.; is a 5 year veteran of the Air Ib barrows and Granite City Steel Math. 39%, Owens-Ill. entcriiiK the nursingjShell 34%,^Sinclair 37^ s °cony; awai . ded (he nava , good conduct '""" ' J ~ " ""' /T ~ J ' ' ' medal. July 25, at Port Lyau- North Africa, Standard <NJ> 42, i-, Sears 55 5 «. sessor for the past 20 years, died Tuesday morning at St. Joseph's home Mrs. Hopper had resided 38 5 *. Standard Oil (Ind.) Hospital, Highland. , at yl ] Brookside Ave. Mr. Weindel, whose tenure as 1 She had resided in Eddyville. assessor approached a record, ( Ky., before moving to Alton in previously had been a retail and 1929 and the body will be returned wholesale egg dealer at High- * there (or burial Thursday in Hickland before his retirement in' ory Grove Cemetery. Friends may 1953. >call at Smith Funeral Home, Al- Bom Oct. 23, 1900, a son ofU°n. after 7 p.m., today Olin:p orce 100%,i FRAM< ZAGAR Jr vvas U.S. Steel Mrs. Theresa Voegel Weindel 1 Surviving Mrs. Hopper are two and the late William Weindel.jsons, J. J., and R. L. Hopper, he was married in 1922 to Miss | Alton. Her husband died in Feb- Buchmiller, who survives. Alsoi™ary of 1920, and two brothers surviving are two daughters, two sisters and a brother, and five grandchildren. A sister, j Mrs. William Viere of Edwards-' ville, is employed in the county i clerk's office here. ' He was a member of St.! and a sister also preceded her in death. Mrs. Keehner HARDIN — Mrs. Helena (Lena) Mrs. Mitchell apparent protest -after assur- was not forthcoming that Tuesday night's session. The council, in the only gen- down to 17.50: mixed grade No|be met. raise sought would not| eral business transacted, enacted ordinances regulating tey. Morocco, where he has been stationed with the Navy for the past 2'i> years, according to . a' report received by his parents 'the Navy Department. from Mrs. Pansy L. Mitchell of 736, Zagar was awarded the med- Central Ave., widow of Frank]al for three continuous years Mitchell, died at 5 a.m. today in of good conduct and for a high St. Joseph's Hospital. She had been ill for eight months and a patient in the hospital since July 12. 1-3 and 2-3 180-260 Ib 17.25-50; some No 1-3 210-230 Ib 16.00-17.25; 12-140 b 13.50-15.75; No. 1-3 sows 400 Ib down 15.25-16.50; over 400 Ib 14.00-75; boars 250 Ib up 10.5075; lighter weights 12.50-75. Cattle 2,000; calves 400; slaughter steers and heifers slow, generally steady; cows and bulls little The 15 employes, most of| s P eed limits and Parking on the 'nearly-completed E. Schwarz them assigned to garbage and refuse collection work, have not reported for work since last Thursday — although no official strike vote has been- taken and requests to Laborers' Local 179 tor replacements have gone un-' heeded. street paving project eastward from West street near the high school to Buchanan street. changed; average .to high good; j n SO me sections of the city slaughter steers 23.00-24.50; stan-1 garbage collections have not dard and low good 20.00-21.50; been made since last Thursday good slaughter heifers and mixed and householders are becoming yearlings 22.25-23.75; standard and I proficiency rating in meeting all the requirements for high-j low good 18.75-21.50; utility and! good and choice slaughter calves er rank. He is the son of Mr. j commercial cows 14.00-15.00: indi-! 19.00-23.00. and Mrs. Frank Zagar, 112 E. 1902, she was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Har- vidual commercials 15.50; canners; Sheep 700; opening sales fully and cutters 12.50-14.50: utility and j steady; good and choice spring commercial bulls 17.00-18.00; veal-i lambs 17.50-20.00; choice and River Community High School i e rs and slaughter calves steady; | prime 20.50; 11 head 21.00; utility : _ T. . — f -i f\rr *r r-r - . . _i._. ..» ' . . ... Born at Elvins, Mo., Jan. 25, Elm St - Hartford. After graduating from East Alton-Wood «iss. She \\%s married to Frank!'" June of 1957 - Za S ar enlisted (good and choice vealers 21.00-25.-j and good 14.00-17.00; cull Mitchell Sept. 3, 1921. Her husband lost his life in an automobile Paul's Catholic Church at High-' A Keehner, 70, of Golden Eagle, i accident in 1949 land, where solemn Requiem i died Tuesday in Jersey Communi-j Mrs Mitchell was a member of!"" V High Mass is to be sung at 9:30 ty Hospital, Jerseyville, where she Grace a.m. Friday, followed by inter-!had been a patient since Sunday. ment in St. Joseph's Cemetery, j She was the wife of Charles Highland. Friends may call at| Keehner. the Harris Funeral Home at' She had suffered from a cardiac Highland after 7 this evening, j condition for the past year and in the Navy and took his boot training at Great Lakes Naval Training Center, Mrs. Cowins ! since the beginning of her illness i had been in and out of the hospi- 1 tal several times. ' I A daughter of the late Mr. In failing health since 1954,JM,- S . Henry Wieneke, she was Mrs. Frances A. Gowins, 85, of! born Sept. 22, 1889, at Brussels. 1310 7th St., Cottage Hills, died i she was married to Charles Keeh- Tuesday in Wood River Town-i ner j n 1914. then to the I school in _ , . Yorktown, Va.. to study war- Church and for| fare rejaljv(? , 0 d h cn the past 10 years had been a can-1 |and and electrical mines and to 00; few high choice 26.00; stan-i choice shorn slaughter ewes 3.50- dard and low good 18.00-21.00; |5.00. teen worker for the Red Cross. hjgh explosives . From , nere he . She a so belonged to the AuxiJ.| Went to Port Lyaut as an jn . iaiy of Veterans of Foreign Warsj in which she had been active and was a past president of the Order of Lady Bugs, Piasa Bird Council No. 9, and of Royal Neighbors ship Hospital. Surviving in addition to her hus- A member of a pioneer Jersey | band arc a son, Ralph, Golden County family, Mrs. Gowins, the j Eagle, a brother, Edward Wiene- former Frances Highfill, Louis, and a sister, Mrs. born March 8, 1875, at Rosedale. j Levada Wiegel, Golden Eagle. Her parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. George T. Highfill. She had resided in Madison County for the past 56 years BETHALTO FRANCES P. GOWINS 1:00 p.m. Friday Assembly of God Church Bethalto WOOD RIVER Otto Douglas Powers 2:00 p.m. Thursday First Baptist Church Roxann ALTON MINNIK HOPPER Graveside Rites Eddyville, Ky. PANSY L. MITCHELL 1:00 p.m. Saturday Alton Gospel Tabernacle BENJAMIN S, BBICKKK 3:30 p.m. Saturday Funeral Home Mrs. Keehner was a member of St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, Brussels, and funeral rites Friday at 3 p.m. will be conducted in the church by the Rev. Duane Brunette. Burial will be in the church cemetery. The body is at the C. C. Hanks funeral Home, Hardin, where friends may call after 7 p.m. today. F. J. Williams Fred J. Williams of Vandalla, Mo., a brother of Ray J. Williams of 3293 Hawthorne St., died early this morning in a hospital at Hannibal, Mo. Hi* death was unexpected to his brother here. Ray Williams and his wife | had visited Tuesday at the hospital with Mr. Williams and he had appeared to be making satisfactory progress toward recovery at that time. He had been hospitalized following a heart seizure. Fred Williams, a retired painting contractor had visited frt- quently in Alton at his brother's home and was acquainted among Iriends of his brother's family. He is survived by his wife; 11 a daughter, a sister, Mrs. Maude Webber, Piper City, 111., his brother, Ray, and two grandchildren. Sheis survived by a daughter, structor in the overhaul and handling of all types of naval mines and depth charges, the mechanism and maintainance of each one and thc testing of individual component parts for proper operation. In the sum- HELD OVER YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN STAHIIGHT : lOUTf 140, BOX OFFICE OPKNS AT 7:00 Mrs. Shirley Veldes, Hartford; a| mer of ]959 , he Navy Depa rt- brother, Cecil Hargiss and two| menl sen , him to London Kng . sisters. Mrs. Hattie Frey and Mrs. laad for furtnel . spet . ja | ixed study in the field and he left Morocco for Spain for additional instructions prior to returning to the United States. Zagar is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly of 710 Tyrus St., Brownsville, Tenn., and has a brother, Danny. 17, a senior at East Alton-Wood River Community High School. Mrs. Patterson Services Held Funeral rites for Mrs. Margaret Anna Patterson, 74. wife ot" Thomas J. Patterson were con- 1 ducted at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday i in the Assembly of God Church,; East Alton, by the pastor. Rev. Otis Cooper. Burial was in Valhalla Memorial Park. Christina Settles, all of Alton. The body is at Smith Funeral Home, Alton, where friends may call after 7 p.m. Thursday Funeral rites will be conducted Saturday at 1 p.m., in Alton Gospel Tabernacle with the Rev. C. L. Gruver officiating. Burial will be in Alton Cemetery. The body will be taken to the church at 11 a.m. Mrs, Helen Grimm Rites Conducted A Requiem High Mass, with the Rev. Paul Sheridan as celebrant, was sung at 9 a.m. today in St. Matthew's Church for Mrs. Helen Grimm. Father Sheridan also delivered the ser- Pallbearers were Virgil Willis, mpn and officiated at commit-1\viiia,.d Katon. Walter Sweet. Guy Binkley, Lloyd Haynes and ; Herman Rommerskirchen. tal rites in Upper Alton Cemetery. Pallbearers were Paul Alben, Alfred Linnenfelser, Fred Ford, Harold Miller, Chester Franke. and Bethel Kelly. Thomas W, Wbipple Rites Conducted Following funeral rites at 10 a.m. today in Smith Funeral Home, Alton, the body of Thomas William Whipple, 59, an em- ploye of Alton State Hospital was interred in Upper Alton Cemetery. The Rev. C. L. Gruver, pastor of Alton Gospel Tabernacle officiated. Pallbearers were Floyd Black- FIRST RUN SHOWING! THE MOTION PICTURE GIANT OF 1960 BY THE AUTHOR OF 'GIANT' •—cWHWO I Km CADOOK I MARTHA I 3URTONlRYAN!jONESlHYERUo,, £ «,co LW . PLUS SECOND FEATURE RMnOVHSCOTT TWO CARTOONS—CHILDREN ADMITTED FREE Fire Truck, Live Poaiek, Merrj -Oo-Kouiul, Swing*, Slidcn, Auto and Truin KUIe» in OUK FKKK PLAYOItOUNU! Open Dally 6:30. Start 7 p.m. Adults 50c Kiddles 25c FAMILY NIGHTS Today and Thurs. All Seats 25c. Matinee Every Wednesday. Let the Uptown Be Your Baby Sitter for a Few Hours. TODAY and THURS. An All Laugh Riot MARILYN 1ONY MONROE CURTIS I*** '"'BiUY WILDER 'SOME L'KE LTHOT, Today 5:05, 8:46 Thursday 8:45 p.m. WaltDisnc(/s DUMBO Today 3:80, 7:10 p.m. Thursday 7:23 p.m. STARTS TONITE OPEN 6:15 RINCESS REACHING NEW HEIGHT OF EPIC GREATNESS! IIIUI-. COLOR STAM,NS IHIMMUCMO MOOuCCOa* 0,«CttO«r SCOT! -IIM MNIONEY-Km 51 JBW-ttfT COCKKLl • V NEINIRMB • M» SCHCENCIAV ftv Shown at 6:30—9:30 MOOREHCAD' At 8:00 Last Time Tonite Open 6:30 KBHT IS* AT 8:00 KRUGER-BAKER-PRE3LE AT 7:20 STARTS THURSDAY -3 BIG DAYS BLOOD-LUST of th« VOODOO QUEEN I THE MOST FANTASTIC RITUAL EVER SEEN At 9:-'.5 PLUS Plus Short Subjects and Thrilling Serial COLOR by DC LU&C At 7:10 STARTS TODAY! 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AQNC8 MENJOU CRISP Vuwv .ADCU'HE KEVM IXTIA: WAIT OISNIY CAITOON "ftOOFY'f tUDIT

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