Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 16
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ALTON 1VOOWO TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1960 I The Telegraph'* Radio Chart K8D AM KC (MRS) 1T6 RC KMO* (CBS) 11M RO KWK ISM KC WOK* 161* KC N. S: Law Business; weth N Lombardo: N D. Gordon » * N Oortne, 9; N N: W S; N N; S N; RtcMrd K. RicMfd N: Went* K. fttefiard N: N: S Man on Go World N E. Morgan f. LtwU Jr. D. Oordotl N: Gordon t/ordon; N N In Period fan In Stands Interview N: K. K Richard Richard iciMrd iichard N; P«t V: Music D. Gordon Cards-Phillies N: Richard N; P«tt Music " " (at Philadelphia) K. Richard .J. P*M S: Gordon " " S; Jenkins Pees: N Gordon: N " " B. Janklns Sign Off MIXED DOUBLES? WATER SKI CHAMPIONS Mrs. Klmrr (.Jenny) Stoinmann and Clro SiMvolt hold trophies won in flip Illinois State Wafer Ski Tonrnamrnt last weekend af Lake .Springfield. Both are members of the Alton Water Ski lltvor anil Outdoors with Harold Brand Water Ski Champions j watched the Alton Pirates Out- Cleo Sewell and Mrs. Elmer j board Boating Club's fourth an- Stelnmann of the Alton Waterlnual races Sunday at Clifton Ter- Ski Club were named mixed dou-'race. reported members Mrs. bles champions at the .Illinois j Mel Scnn. There were 20 entries State Water Ski Tournament at!in the pleasure boat classes and Lake Springfield last weekend. I five in the stock utility run- Other club members who placed ;abouts. One pilot turned over in the tournament were Tom j and another ran Jnto the bank KiitR who placed 15th in the | but fortunately there were no in- slalom, 17th in tricks, and 25th,juries. Club. Pour other members participated and placed in various events. The club Is rated as the second largest in the state.—Staff Photo. 40-Day Season Is Scheduled For Hunters SPRINGFIELD, III. (AP) 'For the second time in six years, Illinois duck hunters probably will get only a 40-day season because the birds are scarce. Last year Illinois got a 40-day season from federal authorities after enjoying four straight 70- day allowances. The season this year probably will approximate last year's dates of Get. 30 to Dec. 8. in jumping. Bill (iam-r placed i C omm. Bill Taylor and other George Arthur state biologist of 17th in jumping. club members extend thanks to Bill Stutz finished 23rd in the'the Wood River Volunteer Emer- slalom. Don Woolsey made threeigency Corps, Gent Ambulance jumps of more than 80 feet but j Service, constables Clifford II. fell. There were 120 entries and: Lee and Charles Mil I on of God- competition was keen, Terry Nergaard, 18. Lake Charles, 111. injured his ankled on the first jump of 100 feet but came back to jump 115 and 117 feet to win the frey, Madison County Deputy Clarence Payne, conservation officer Mort Tlbbelts. announcers Herb Behrens and Harold Ward, the Ladies Auxiliary, John Witt- championship. Then when Ner-! man sound service, and skiers gaard reached the dock, he col- Ollle Meyer, Alice Kay Dodge, lapsed. 'and Jim Crow, as well as others Last year the record jumpi wno assisted in the event, was 86 feet but four skiers ex-i Winners from one to three in ceed 100 feet this time. They be- eacn elass ai ' e >" order named: came Century Club jumpers of B Paul Matthew, Gary took many skiers by surprise. Ski Show Sunday which there are only 120 in the Holmes, Chester Peck. D — Bill United States. King said the jump Allen - Holmes, Richard Hunnl- was coated with "4 inch of \vaxj <iutt - E — Bob Wording, J. King, making it extremely fast which Allen. F — Gerding, J. Ashlock, 'King. G — It. Wilson Don Clark, Gerding. H — Art Shaw, M. Watson, Clark. Free-For-All — Shaw, The Alton Club members are- clark and Watson stock Utiliry proud of their contestants but already concerned about next jj er j, er- r_) U year's competition as they wanl JGutweiler. more honors. The ski tow boat! pulled by twin 75-hp. motors ran, at 35 mph lor jumping but'the i skiers cut in and whip into the! jump at speeds up to 50 and 60 j mph. King pointed out. : The Illinois Water Ski Federation was former last weekend and King was elected vice president! o( tin' southern region. Other re- j gions are East. West, North and; Central. The purpose is to pro-; mote skiing and favorable legis- •J. Ixuig. T. (iulweller, G. C. Allen, Holmes BAWLING HOWL, IIAVKN Tuesday Ladies L. Rcidt 170, V. Veltjes 176, lation. All ski clubs are asked| G . Mills 165, C. Rhoads 187, to join to work together for aizmnwalt 166-179, G. Luly 179- comnjon benefit. (181, D. SieiKcr 182-214-185 (5811, The Alton club members will: D . Harris 178-169, D. Mikott present 28 acts in a two-hour < 198 , Redier 181-190, Lucker 164, show next Sunrl.iy at Ihe Louis-; K Marquis 165, J. Marquis 167, iana (Mo.) River Carnival be- v Hosey jy b R . Schmidt 167. ginning at 2:30 p.m. While practicing last Thursday the state waterfowl section, told a newsman the 40-day season probably would prevail again. Arthur's studies of the duck crop will take him to Canadian marshes again this summer to study damage done by the birds to Canadian field crops. Arthur also forecast a probable prohibition on shooting of canvasbacks and redheads. "It'll take another year to get caught up," he said, referring to drastic reductions in duck populations last year. Moreover, Arthur said the crop of Illinois wild foods — the tibbits that make the birds stick around the Illinois River and other streams during migrations southward — are "quite poor." High waters on the Illinois river — "It just raised another 15 inches" — disrupted natural reproduction of millet and other foods. Even state feeding areas which have artifical water controls are short on food production. Illinois probably will have the option of choosing between a 50- day season with a daily bag limit of three birds or a 40-day season with a daily bag limit of four birds. The possession limit probably will be eight on the daily limit of four. State authorities are likely to choose the latter. They believe Illinois hunters have few hunting opportunities and would like to get as many birds as they can whenever they take the field. Prospects for a repeat of the 1959 goose season limits are seen also by authorities. The goose season last year ran the same as the duck season except in Alexander, Union, Williamson and Jackson .15 2 MMHB 3 .IS .M .a .4.; .15 ..It N; Music Music * N: Image Image Metronome N Memorlei # N. MemorIM Memorial Memories: N MAD Off M ti ii ii •I ii ii ii Q Music N .1. Buck 1* M tl II N: BlICk .). Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B. Jenkins N; R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Hecord Shop N* R. 9R00 Record Shop S: R. Shoe Record shop N: R. Shop Record Shop N: R. Shop Record Shop THURSDAY H. Gunther N H. Gunthar N N; Gunther H. Gunthar N World N H. Gunther N: Gunthar H. Gunthar N: Wllioa Ed Wilton M *• N: WlHon Ed wiiipn 11 *( N: Wilson Ed Wilson n ** N P'houia ftp. it »t N . Party P'house ^Pty. N: Burka J. Burke n »» N: Burke J Burke >i ii >i ii N; Burka J. Burke Burke; N Opener N: Farm vogei Farm N; S 1. Dalley N; Dalley T. Dalley N; Dalley T. Dalley N! Dalley Dalley; N Dr. Eberhardt Unity; DM G. Cantrall H. Christian B'fatt CluU i» •• II * 0 II *• N: Dallay T. Dallay N: Dallay Dailey: N N: Farm Vo*e) Farm The world N: Witt D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N D ; Witt, Ni Witt Witt; N D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N: Gordon Gordon; N N: Williams G Williams Clockwatcher N; W Rex Davis Cinckwatchar Rex Davis Clockwatcher n N Clockwatcher •i •t N; Godfrey A. Godfrey ii ii N; Party Housaparty G. Moore Crosby-Clooney Rex Davis J. Mccormtck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'ness Whispering Sts. Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Mrs. Burton N: Seller Best Seller G. Williams it »» N; Buck .T. Buck N; Buck J.,Buck „ Buck; W G Newsoma N: Nawsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Newsome N: Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Newsoma G. Newsoma N; Nawsoma G. Newsoma N: Davis G. DrfVls N; Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davis N. Davis G. Davis N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N, Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N, Day Bob Day N; Day Bob Day N; Day S: Day N. Day Bob Day N Bob Day •• i* N: Walter H. Walter Tello QU« R. Benson N : Benson R. Benson M •• N: Time Cty. rime M. Galnas N . Farm-Mkt. A. Grace Club Naws N; Day Bob Day B. Counter N: Palen J Palen ii i. »* •» N: Palen J .. pa 'F. n N; Palan J Palen Chaney Jr.: "Big House U.S.A." (1955) Drama of an attempted underwater prison break conceived by a man convicted of extortion. 10:10—(4i Weather: Fontaine 10:1.>— (4) Eye on St. Louis 10:,'?0— (2> Movie: Gregory Peck, Joan Bennett: "Macomber Af-j fair" 119471 Hemmingway story] o( a lion-hunting safari in Africa. (4) Movie 1 : James Cagney, Olivia de Havilland: "The Irish in Us" (19351 Story of the bat- tie between two Irish brother*, one a policeman and the other a fight manager. (5i News, Sports. Weather 10:4.V- (5i Jack Paar Show 11:30—(11) Bed t i me Stones: "Trouble with Youth". 11: 55— MI Movie: Dick Powell, Ann Sheridan: "Mystery House" 11938) A girl decides to investigate her father's death. 12:00— (5) HI) News 12:05—(5) Night Court 12:20— (21 NPWS 12:25—<2i Home Digest 12:30—12) Sherlock Holmes 12:35—15) Weather Report 12:55—(41 Late News Roundup l:00-(2i Daily Word (4) Give Us This Day TIH ItSDAV, AI'GUST 11 5:45—14) Give Us This Day 5:50—(4) News: Tom Brooks 6:00— (4) Town 'n Country fi:30—(4) P.S. 4: Math 7:00—(4) Morning St. Louis: News. Weather 7:05. 7:30, 7:45. (5) Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25. SPORTS ON THE AIR Wednesday, August 10 6:30—(2i Ten-Twenty Billiards 7;00—Ul) Cardinal Baseball: Cards vs Philadelphia Phillies. (Also on KMOX Radio) 9:00— (2) Boxing' Eddie Perkins vs Joey Dopes. 10 round lightweight bout. Jack Drees reports. —Compiled by TV Digest Tuesday Men 11. Nelson 201. Stalker 224, | and ran through Dec. 15. counties. There it started Nov. 6 to ,. y in me first. CardiiialsCop Twin Bill From Phillies PHILADELPHIA (APl-The St. Louis Cardinals, working smoothly, swept a twinight doubleheader from Philadelphia Tuesday night and went into second place in the National League, Curt Simmons shut out Philadelphia 6-0 in the second game and the bats of Stan Musial and Curt Flood provided the 5-4 vic- The Cardinals scored three runs on Alton Lake near Clifton Ter-. y auer 203-205, R. Cress 202, L.I The limit* were the same as in ln the sixth innmg O f the night- race. Sewell dropped a ski to steiger 214-222-211 (6471, Loth-lpasl years: five daily and five in slalom and it was picked up ,,,. wn.vuu. Scott 229, Churchil'i possession with only two Canada by persons in another boat. Se- v^ B artow 2U1-202. -KW'se included in both figures. well, who resides at HKf Fergu- - ' son Ave.. Wood River, would like to have his ski ivtunicd. H Boat Haw K.-MJll* i Ferguson 210, Crepps 205, Hays| Several thousand spectators. 2111. Ticmann 200, Skei 225. ! •" " ....... ~ ........ BOWL INN Barnard 220, Haitizy 201,! I All * vt4 lies Mel Ott DON'T KEEP YOUR MONEY In Homer Derby PROBLEM TO YOURSELF Bring it to HOUSEHOLD. Whatever your money needs, you'll find the HFC office manager and his staff well qualified to give you money help. They're the best trained people in their field and are backed by Household's 82 years' experience. No wonder over 2 million people a year borrow with confidence from Household. Why don't you drop in, too? You may borrow up to $800 with up to 24 months to repay. you get more than money from HFC Life insurance at group rate it available OH alt loan* CLKVKLAND IAP> — Opposing pitchers have a new hone in their continuing battle with Ted Williams—maybe some day he'll over slwp. Nothing cist 1 serins to stop Bos- Ion's Splendid Splinter, whose formula to combat advancing age includes an afternoon nap before every night game. Tuesday night he was wide cap — without a hit. Gene Conley, the loser, opened the inning by walking Ken Boyer and Moose Moryn. He then hobbled Daryl Spencer's sacrifice j bunt for an error and the bases I were filled. Carl Sawatski walked, forcing across Boyer and Flood drove a long sacrifice fly to center to score Moryn. Spencer crossed the plate on a wild pitch. Boyer hit a two-run homer, his 24th, in the ninth. In the first game, Musial hit two doubles, scoring on one and driving in a run on the other. Flood's two hits produced a run apiece. Simmons' victory was his fourth and third over his former teammates. He has lost two. Reliever Lindy McDaniel was the winner in the first match. It was his ninth victory in 12 decisions. Tonight, Bob Gibson (2-3) is scheduled to work for the Cardinals and Dallas Green (3-4) for the Phils. awake, blasting the 511th home run of his career to move into a tie with Mel Ott for third place on the all-time list. Only Babe Ruth (714) and Jimmy Foxx (534) have hit more. The cloul — Ted's 19th uf the year-sailed over the right field j me ' ts £ ^7 frnee \\nh nobody un in the fifth! •inning. The victim was Jim Perry,;home and I'm sure I can auction Beverly Hanson of Indo, Calif, finished in the money in 26 out of 27 professional golf tourna- Peoria Driver Takes Honors For Co-Karts Jerry Young of Peoria was the top winner at the Miniature Monza Go • Kart Raceway Sunday. Young, driving a new Go-Kart 800 powered by twin McCulloch engines, broke the B Class track record with a time of 33.45 seconds. The old record was 33.85 seconds. Young also won every race in B Class. Russell Day, Bunker Hill, won every race in C Class and Ken Schmidt won every race in the A Junior Class. Sunday was an exceptionally fast day at the track as track records were broken in four classes. Mike Streeper, Alton, set a new record in the A Junior Class at 37.8 seconds, Dan Wilmes, St. Charles, Mo. set the new A Stock Class record at 36.00 seconds. Ross Williamson, Alton, ' shattered Ihe A Super Class record at 33.85 seconds, the old record was 34.7 seconds and Young set the new B Class record at 33.45 seconds. The only record which has not been broken this year is the C Class record of 33.00 seconds which was set last year by Jerry Sitze of Rosewood Jieights. Class winners wore as follows: A Junior Clast* Heat Race, Trophy Dash and Feature Race won by Ken Schmidt, Godfrey. A Stock Claw Heat Race and Feature Race won by Dan Wilmes, St. Charles, Mo. Trophy Dash won by Dave Ninni, St. Louis. A Super Clans Heat Race and Feature Race won by Ross Williamson, Alton, Trophy Dash won by Joe Copeland, Hartford. B Claw Heat Race, Trophy Dash and Feature Race won by Jerry Young, Peoria. C Claw Heat Race, Trophy Wash and r'e<itui'i! Race won by Russell Day, Bunker Hill. In tiie Special Races events Barbara Sit/.e of Rosewood Heights won the ladies race while TV digest in the Ameri-lthis off for $1.000 for the Jimmy ID. Malojie of St. Louis won the OUSEHOLD FINANCE tan League, who went on to de-iFund (children's cancer research lleal the Red Sox, «-,'{, for his 14th! fund I." victory in 19 decisions. I Williams, who will be 42 on Aug. 123 W. Third Stratf, 2nd do* FHONI: HOword MI71 "I hit I)K Ii- off that ball." jWilliam.s said. "I'll Keep «;oiiig unless 1 collapse 1 gave the ball to (trainer) Jack Fitddcn lu keep lor me No, mad* to re»id*nt* witkin a 100 milt nuttut it't. not uoins: to the Hall of Faii)e in Cuopei&iown I'm going to a dinner when we get back :iO, lias a ready explanation for his napping routine. "As you get older, you get pep less in the lute innings oi night games," he says. "I learned 1 can retain my sharpness at night by taking an hour or more of deep in the afternoon " duds' race. Three I League By THE ASSOCIATED Lincoln 3, Burlington 2 (10 innings) Sioux City 2, Fox Cities 0 Topeka 4, Cedar Rapids 2 Des Moines at Green Bay, '.vet grounds Bold face denotes highlight — (R'l repeats. WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—12) Jim Bowie (41 News: Spencer Allen 15 > News: John Roedel 6:10— (4) Weather: Fontaine (5) Weather: Armand 6:15—(4) CBS News: Cronkite (5) Sports: Ingham 6:25—(5) Spotlight with Nancy 6:30—(2) Ten-Twenty Billiards (4) Reckoning: Dane Clark stars in "Enemy Within", drama of an Air Force survival course in the Nevada desert. (R) (5) Wagon Train ill) American Newsreel 6:45—111) Pre-Game Show 7:00—(2) Music for a Summer Night: Margaret Truman narrator for "Concerto" with pianists Eugene List and Olegna Fuschi. ill) C a r d i nal Baseball: Cards vs Philadelphia Phillies. 7:30—(2i Nelson Family: In his new job with a law .firm, David shadows a suspicious character in "David, the Sleuth". (R) (4i Men Into Space 8:00—C.'i Hawaiian Eye: Suspicion of hi-jacking a half-million dollar diamond falls on cabbie Kim and London courier in "Cut of Ice". (R) (4) Millionaire: Librarian Karen Summers' little white lie weaves a tangled web when she accepts credit for writing a best-selling novel. Joanna Barnes, Ed Kemmer. (R) (51 Happy 8:30—14) I've Got a Secret 15) Tale 9:00—(2) Boxing: Eddie Perkins vs Joey Lopes. 10 round lightweight bout from Chicago Stall uui. Jack Drees reports. (4) Steel Hour: Red But Ions »t«r« as g Cockney police Inspector who investigate* the mysterious disappearance, In (be Malayan jungle, of the wife of a Healtay rubber plantation owner in "Case of the MUsuujj Wile". | (51 This Is Your Life 9:30-(5) Lock Up 9:45—12) Sports: Harry Stone 9:55-(ll) Post Game Show 10:00-(2i Not for Hire (4) News: Spencer Allen (5) People Are Funny (11) Movie: B rode r i c k Crawford, Ralph Meeker, Lon 8:00-(21 (4) 8:15-12) (4) 9:00—(2) Oil 9:.TO—(21 I'll (5) 10:00— (4l (5) 10:30-12) (4) (51 Camera Two NPWS: Grimaby Cartoon Time Cant KanRaroo Jack LaLantw Show Bride (51 or) 11:45 (4) (5) -(41 Romper Room Vidro VillaRP Play Your Hunch 1 IXIVP Lucy Pi-ire Is Right (Color) Topper Clear Horizon Concentration Janet Dean, R.N. Love of Life Tnith or Consequences Coffee Break Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You (Col- Noon- Guiding Light (2i News: Hay ward (11) Morning Chapel (2) Restless Gun (4) NPWS - Weather Beat (5) Charlotte Peters (11) Cartoons 12:05—(4i People's Choice 12:30—12) Love That Bob! (41 As The World Turns 12:50—(lit News: Daust 1:00—12) About Faces ('Ii Full Circle ' (5i Quec'n for a Day (11) Movie: Diana Barrymore. Robert Paige: "Fired Wife" (1943i An advertising business and Reno all go topsy- turvy in a marital mix-up. 1:30—(2) Susie (4) House Party (Si Loretta Young (4) (5) 4:30—14) Priscilla 2:00~(2) Day in CoWt (4) Millionaire (5) Young Dr. Malone 2:30-(2) Gale Storm (4) Verdict la Yowl (5) From These Rootl (11) Mickey Rooney Show 3: 00— (2) Beat The Clock (4) Brighter Day (51 Fibber McGee (11) Wild Bill HJcta* 3;15_(4i Smrt Storm 3:30-(2> Who Do You Trurt? (4i Edge of Night , (5) Buckskin 3:45— (11) Capt ll's fflwwboat 4:00— (21 American Bandstand SS Popeye You Askfld Far It Movie: John Gttfleld. Lane: "Four Wives" (1939) Drama. (5) Life of Riley 5:00— (2i Rocky and Hit Friends (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 min. in («lor. (11) Sgt. Preston 5:30— (2) News: Hayward (11) Suspcnsevllle ( 5:40— (2) Weather: Hayward 5:45— (2) Cartoon Tim* (5) Huntley-Brinkley News (11) Three Stooges CRICKKT WICKETS BIWD THE COMMONWEALTH Cricket . is one of the unifyinK elements In the Commonwealth, !said F.arl Atlee, former Prim" Minister of Great Britain. Speaking recently at Oxford, the Labor I Party elder statesman comment|Cr that enthusiasm for cricket is a tie, "because it gives you «ome- ithing to talk about." FASHION LANE'S SCHOOL B01D&&WS! 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