Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 11
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Upper Alton News Events Merchants Okay ParatletParking On College Ate* Parallel parking In tht 2500 block of College avenue was approved Wednesday night at a meeting of the Upper Alton Council of the QAAC. The proposal wtll now go to the City Coundl for final notion. The change from angle to parallel in the heavily trafficked block of the business district has been a point of contention among business and professional men for years. Working to make the change more acceptable at this time was the opening of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot, In the 2600 block of College, to shoppers, ftpratned ankle and a hack injury hi the Ifrfoot fan, he said Sheets ww wwWng on a building in the 2200 Modt of Smforfl avenue Monday afternoon when a 2-by-4 supyoit on the scaffold broke and he plummeted to the ground, landing on trash lumber, he said. MAM RRftAfc* KftfiE CAP fft Granville Owen, 270? College Ave., suffered a severe fracture of the knee cap in a fall at Col- legp and Worden avenue Monday afternoon. The 72-year-old man underwent surgery Tuesday at St. Joseph's Hospital. It is not known when he will be discharged.' He is expected to spend months hi a cast and wheel chair. Owen WHS stepping into the gutter when his foot was placed on some object that .threw him ioff balance and he fell, a mem- The loss of parking space on her of the family said. His weight College by making motorists park parallel to the curb Instead of heading into it will came down on the sensitive knee cap. breaking it In several go)ng SO(J(h Mrs. Brown rather insisted on explaining that they have a bathroom but it had Just been cleaned and sh* wasn't going to scrub the blue popsicle off Tammy up there. That's why she was In the sink. Anyway, h* drug companies weren't producing fast dissolving aspirins she would have been able to determine If the pills were In the bath water or In Tammy. After all was said and done, though. Tammy had no ill effects from the aspirins, the blue popsicle. or the bath in the sink. REMOVAL OF MKTfOtM OH MAW STREKT PROPOSED An ordinance will be offerer! at the City Council meeting tonight proposing to remove four parking meters on the east side Of Main street immediately south of College avenue. The measure also would prohibit parking on that side of the street starting at College and places. In other cases: Kelly. 11-months-old son of Mr. The ordinance was prepared in Connection with an automo- more than he absorbed by the church lot. I ™=.v. .,-..""•«""•»•'»«" "•""•,bile service station that is under The roadway for moving ve- and Mrs._ Jame. C. McLaughlln >onMrUrt , on 8f Co ,, eKe flnd hides Is 25 feet wide but if the 1923 Burling Dr.. is In Alton Me-i County Board Told of Need For 3rd Circuit Courtroom KOVVARDSVlLLf; - A request was madf to the Madison County Bonrrl of Supervisors at its Augi tisl session today for permission ; tn use the grand .fury room on the iconithous' 1 third floor a* a Third ! Circuit courtroom and as cham- i hers for one of the three circuit judges. Circuit JudRp Jnmes O. Mon- Kinrnm Club See* Film on Drug Making ror Jr.. of Collinsvillf, in a brief .tddrcss to the board this morning, stressed the nrrd for a, third circuit coin (room and for facilities for court chambers where judges could he assured of privacy to \vork without interruption or distraction. None of thf alternative suggestions offered to date would solve thr two problems of an additional courtroom and office quarters for the circuit judges, it was explained. The proposal Stale's Attorney ed minor damage to the auto. Kight factories have •Jftftf- Engine companies 2 and 4 went to ert to start production it Wiin- Alton Pla/a Shopping Center at nun Airport's new Custom* free 8:30 p.m to extinguish thr fire. /onp Dublin learn*. They will At 4:40 this morning John A. pmploy 2.000 Sims. 1823 Piasa St., ropxirtpd to firemen that his .into was on Helios a Grecian firm, will fire. Firemen from companies prospect for oil in Thrace jl and 3 went to 1821 Piasa St.. Northern Greece. 'and extinguished a bla/i' in thp I back seat of the car that had, ibeen stated by a cigarettr. Thf entire rear seat was destroyed > by the fire, firemen reporter! Fire Chief James Lewis snid The newft member of Kiwanisj company No 2 inspected homes presented the program of thej today in the Central avenue evening. Tuesday at Mineral• Tonsor mad area. Springs hotel. representative SAVI 20*« t* «*/• On Conn Organs Kimtmll Organ* A Ptanoi Portable Oman* 4 COMMUNITY MUSIC CENTER van cones*. uowr Jerry Jenner. a of the Upjohn brought :\ manufacture Pharnicicputical Co. film depicting the and use of hydro-cortisone, one of the new synthesized drugs for the relief oT /certain aches and! pains. Following the various powders and lieniids through the colofful pipes and machines of the factory, the camera showed how many steps are required to ; prepare the drugs which physi- is opposed by c j Bns prescribe. Dick H. Mudge. Next week on Wednesday, the Main. Council approves a new park- m ° rinl Hospital with a virus in-i ing regulation then the widlh! fectlon j PimJNCi STORE OF would be Increased to .15 feet, Thp boy WflR entered Monday! ARTKI.R* TI'RNED IT helping to alleviate one of the< and hr was fxpecfed to be dis- A , in s(orr of used artjcles traffic headaches in the business I cnar R pd soon Mls <^^mn is ^ foumj m |hp ^ Qf ^ j;«. ( ,.i,,» satisfactory. , . , , ,. ,. i- i , district. • . _ . .„! block of College avenue Tuesday Roberts, is in Alton 413 Me- RETIRES AFTER 25 YEARS Mrs. Thelma McDotv receives a rift from Harvey Rrillpy, president of Reilley Bros, liu 1 ., at a retirement party given in her honor at Lockhaven Country Club Tuesday night. She was the first person to retire from Reilley's in the firm's 41 years of business in Alton.—Staff Photo. Faculty of Edivarthville Unit Will Meet Sept. 1 KDWARDSVILLF: The newier Hassit;cnUon and assignment. presided at the meeting which — Rey *_«,..- Woolsev nas-i thf> *>°y lost thr? wallet last June, j school term in the Edwarrlsvillelmay be made. These offices L..U ~. * *!».. tl'Iku J*~. i II /"*•»* — * Jl I . 1 II .1 _ . _ ... . _ _ . pected to be dis- His condition is satisfactory. The change also would result! Ml * s .) VilA|pnp . . „ i morning. ,n greater 8 afety as angle park-l^ooksKie Aye ism Alton Me-, sjx ing results In numerous m'™ 1 ™^ Vri^ a rain hat. cap. and accidents as parked automobiles 1*^,., ^^^"[Ht^u"^ -*?!li^»i green belt. back out into the the traffic; thej The Alton High School student j stream, a spokesman for Upper Alton Council said. Judge H. I. Streeper, chair-;IJHT pected to be discharged soon. EVENTS AT man of the Upper Alton Council, BROUN ST. BAPTIST One of the wallets bore the ! name in it of Jerry Middendorf, 12103 Ridge St. Mrs. Francis Mid- ; denforf. mother of the 11-year-old ' bov said that she had assumed who contends that the grand jury Kiwanis Sports Day will be held room adjoining his office quar- at Lockhaven Country club. Others are used as a waiting roonvpr service clubs in the area have for witnesses before they arcjbren invited to participate in the ''•ailed to testify in criminal cases. ;golf match which begins at 1:30, Use of the grand jury room as!and to the dinner in the evening; <t circuit courtroom, with 6:!iO. C. V. Nance, manager H| of thr board, would involve no of Young's, is receiving reserva- ,(.-: \pcnsp for alterations and it (ions. I uould be adequate to solve problems of the needed Ihird Circuit courtroom and private quarters or chambers for the three circuit judges, it was pointed out. Cost of convening circuit court -\llon Firemen AiiMver Three ("alls Alton firemen responded foi one day. during jury trials, is, M)1 . ep ( . alls> two -Tuesday was held at the Windmill Cafe on Washington avenue. tor. will continue the Bible study on Corinthians tonight at the 7:30 service of the Brown Street Bap- in the 1 automobile i tist Church. In other news: .SURPRISES THIEF, HE BREAKS FREE A man was surprised act of looting an automoinie | at , ne cnun?h Tuesday night in the 3200 block | Morning schedu i e It contained about one dollar when it was missed. She added that it was thought the boy lost the wallet while al a movie. REPORTS THEFT community unit No. 7 will stir t are open Monday through Fri- wi1h a teaching staff and gen- rlny from S a.m. to 4:30 p.m era] faculty meeting Thursday. Anticipated enrollment in the Sept. 1. followed by a teacher-, Kdwardsvillo unit in September workshop Friday, Sept. 2. ,v 4.12". an increase of approxi- Parents of kindergarten chi<- malely 174 over the September {about $800, it was reported. : The grand jury room has been j used in a number of instances for Circuit Court jury trials in emergencies, and for conferences by attorneys The plan proposed ap- of Franor avenue but tore loose j vrjsitation and Ull j te from the car owner and made his escape. ; dren should enroll their children 1959 enrollment. ;and pay materials rental fees The Edwardsvillc Community Mission Circle No. 1 will meet: _., „,,,.,,,, „ , Ur nlLYU.<C« include 1 Mrs • R °S er Farley. 3017 Lever- ^ __ ... work.' 01 "' Avf! - re P° rted to P° lice thp 'Sept.'Tat'"i p.m. Rental toes unit was organized July 1. 1950. Regular meeting will start at' a PP art ' nl Ihpf1 Tuesday of a b'- u . nl ))n $?j 50 fot lhr . fj rs1 seme «. approved by voters in 13 former 1 p.m. with Mrs. Charles Wil- <; > r|p from fheir Premises which t<?r an(J jnc | ude ( , hargp , (l , r districts. The original area w«? i 8 "^?..^ 8 ^ :....' l.-Z!^ 10 . 1 : ton > President, presiding. belonged to their daughter. nij]k Kindergarten Children approximately 84 square miles. Seventeen senior high young DRE-VARV PARUIVS: RAV will not remain in school on hul 1°, other districts or frac- to and onr this morning, all of which caused minor damage. At 4:15 p.m. Milton and com-; panies 2 and 4 went to the home of Paul LaRussa. 2T22 Seminary Rd.. where children had been parently would entail use of the i playing with mutches and had set boar of supervisors room on theifjrr to a mattress in the bed-, courthouse first floor for grand room. The mattress was destroy-! jury sessions. ^ed and the house suffered some! A suggested resolution for use smoke damage, of the grand jury room as pro- A short in the wiring of an au- posed was referred to the court- j tomobile belonging to Harold Se- house committee on motion oij grist. 1614 Joesting Ave.. caus- told officers he was attracted to his car about 9:45 and saw a peop , e ^,, mee , at the church man^ removing an object from , Saturday 7.45 p . m to go hy ! bus to the ni-Mo Christian Life PARKivr R4V PKEPAKfc I AKHIA«.HAH AT Cl T ST. PROJECT Granite City Supervisor William 'fjfjj^ B. Quebb. Hospital Notes EDWARDSVILLE-- One area A MADRAS HAW SHIRT DRISS IS IXACTLT RIGHT! $ 12 M Dpsi&ned in hand- wa«hable cotton with a small trim- stitched collar and tinv moonstont buttons • delightful dhirt dross to span th* Sfasoris! Red or Bin* rnmbini* tions Sizes 6-lt. Others Priced Prom 205 W. Third St. Over Grants. Room 207 .MRS. ETTA CAROTHKR8. Owner Dial HO 2-9011. Oppn Every Friday Till 9 P.M. the back seat. He grabbed tbe thief by l he< Ca shoulder but the man tore loose and ran west on Franor, tancing Markel. The brace bracc-and-bit tool was missing. at Casanovia. They a week there. Mr. registration day. Kirst day o! tonal parts thereof have pcti- resident was admitted Tuesday actual altendancf will he TUPS- Honed r.r annexed themselves to St. Joseph's Hospital High- Looking ahead to the reloca- ^ ny s f ,p t f, i,, iho original area which, and six patients were dis- willition of Cut street and recon- Anv child who he fi\" '-'ovei-s 169.5 square miles. charged. Richard Kretschmei 1 All. or some portion of. thej410 Aldrup. was admitted. ue '«**:, S pe n rj a week there. Mr. andjStruction of the Broadway-Mam- vpaj .;. Q( on w bpfore DP ,. All. or some portion of. thej410 Aldrup. was admitted. , outdis-i Mps p vH | ph scheffel will be deans'Cut intersection, the city is pre-;^ 19RQ ]« e ij g j|,] e f or kindergai-- follov^ing townships are part of| Discharged were: Mrs. Paul ice of a of the camp for tha( week !paring steps to comply with a: t en Assignments for all kinder- the school district: Edwards- Weber and son, Rt. 2: Mrs. ffllSSlrlfir. « »_>_ t . _—„ /^__t_ _»_ :n ..*.*.-. i' T>I. . :_:«„. —.r TT: .%...._...« «.*!:.»»! _ ...:ii_ tr** n >.«««! i /*\__*t..-.L. A «A tj^l^n 1VA*<^M**tc>f^*« nn/4 *1 n i irrVil a i • Mrs. Lynn Cochran will attend Police and Markel then toured i as a counselor. Cochran and their 'son. now Ronnie, are at the assisting with the Division of Highways ruling Rarten children who have al- ville - Ft Russell. Omphghent, that parking of vehicles must be, readv enro j| e d are being mailed ; Chouteau. Hamel. Moro, Pin camp banned fora distance of 100 feet' froni ' lhp hoard of education of work.)beyond the area included in flf . f . O|(ipl . ,.hi]dren are gener*! were told. TWO CARS IN MIHHAP ON E. BROADWAY Two cars were in a Tuesday morning at 2200 Broadway, police reported. p'.-u-ed in thp afternoon se«=- .s'eadily increased since 1950-51 :;.2(i6 to the anticipated the neighborhood in search of the thief but were unsuccessful. The man was middle-aged, tall - ncy vvii| rcmain , hrough next ;, he i mprovement pro j e ct. and wore a white shirt, police wppk Young Cochran is an as . Ap ordinanf . e will ^ offered ejr)ns wjfh vounger students a sistant life guard. in city Council tonight to forbid i Pnr ]i nK morning class. *• - V1 ~ Twelve of the Pioneer Girls parking on K. Broadway be- Registration may be made will meet at the church Saturday,i tween Lampert street and Ser-iprior to the beginning of school 9 a.m.. to go by automobile to ; j ng avenue, on Main between. a t the board of education of- for a:y aeKer an( j Broadway, and on;fjpe. "08 St. Louis St. A birth Cut for a distance of 350 feet (certificate should be presented of the GM&O Railroad at the rime of registration. Oak. Alhambra and Collinsville. Enrollment in the district has John Morrison and daughter. 222 West "H" St.; Mrs. Mary Vadalabene, 64 Circle Dr: Miss Lynita Hartley, Modene. Glen Rt. 4; Charles Carbon: Mrs. Patricia Leonard, 7 Washington Place. near E-iweek. Miss Ethel Green, church j secretary, will be a counselor. Drivers were listed as Kenneth] Men's nravpr mpptina will ha " , ..,, ^ t ^ • .... . — . . , ,. men » piayer nieeiing wiu oe,t~ an \fc i All rhildrpn erades 1 throilEi a;e* y i.°'wnr™un, l Si, he s ,-„ te M —»-i"^-*-.«~«b,» me je. *;« *JL, ~*\< St. Wooley was traveling west on j P effective after comoletion of the I District 7 last year should Broadway and Mrs. Wilson wasiTA.MMT CAUSES UPROAR pulling out into the traffic lane AT HOME AND HOSPITAL when the accident happened, pol-: Tammy B rown caused con- lice said. : sternation at home and in the MRS. WILMA JK.VKINS HONORED IN WORK Mrs. \Vilma L. Jenkins, 3708 Aberdeen Ave., has been award- ..„„ R B ., m ,, n * ,.., .»•» i j*ii ?». rvcty iiiuii ed a qualifying and life member- ^ orn g t ^^ j_ er ship in the Women Leaders^ h ; ;• snatched Round Table, an international or-u . gani/ation made up of insurance agents. Mrs, Jenkins, associated with the Franklin Life Insurance Co. has qualified for 1960 membership her third consecutive recognition which entitles her to the life membership. The organization has headquarters in Washington, D. C. and it is comprised of some 300 j ° r of the leading life insurance women from many parts of the world. effective after completion of thej District 7 last year improvement which the city is;register at the board of educa- to carry through with Division tion office prior to Aug. 31. AH of Highways support under ap-!children in grades 7, 8 and 9 propriation of motor fuel tax should register at the office of .funds. Efforts are being made the new junior high school. By- hospital Tuesday evening after !to expedjte the project so , hat ipass 86. St. Louis Road. Those she had consumed a blue pop-j bids can bc taken in time for a ! planning to attend the senior side and may. or may not have.| 8tart Qn ronstruction this year, ihigh -school should register at eaten 25 aspmns. Undc) . ^ p , ang fof ^ pro- , th e senior high school officp. Cut street is to be swung' 145 Wf ' st to align with Main sol tne l-way intersec-! lie bahv lion a ' the f00t ° f Main ' ' ings of relocated Cut street over •• The improvement entails thei tne Neu , Yor | c Central and widening of Broadway in the in- GM&O tracks, south of Broad- the aspirin j thcrewil| she giving a dose to the Randy, five months. St. Some evidence af school last attended must order that ^"the^'talin^a tersertion area so thflt ^ ight and !way. whir hare to be protected bath £ waTh D " to w taina . of Ihe lcf1 tUr " ' aneS may * P" vlded -hy warning signal lights. , . , off the and the movement of traffic in but harmless residue ,, directions expedited . = EXPERT FURNITURE = CLEANING Give your Furniture the care it deserves. Let an expert clean it. HO 5-8141 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS FOR EXTRA SAVINGS Superior Carpet Cleaners 1636 Main St. Upper Alton HO 5-8141 August FRAMED PICTURES Smart Wall Accessories Antique Pistols, Shaded Early American Maple finish. Dark green background. Brass ring hangers. Glassed. Overall size: 9x21 inches. Florals, Godeys, Fruits. Shaded Early American Maple finish. Black line. Black and gold mat. Glassed. Overall size 11x21 inches. don't know if she dumped aspirins in the bath water down her throat," Mrs. Brown said. A physician advised her to CARPENTER HURT WHEN SCAFFOLD BREAKS Warren Sheets, 3217 Edsall Ave, was discharged Tuesday of traffic is to be controll-' ed by a system of six stop and' RO electric traffic lights. Last preliminary details in. preparation for a call for bids| , now are underway. One of the; take no chances and Tammy fjna , st , to , ete was shipped off to the hospital i V ,_„ iU . __... -, shipped i where attendants at ! ach pump turned white when hoap.tal; agreements for the new cross . the stom- ... the blue popsicle that had es- HAMMOND ORGANS escaped being smeared! Mrs. their from Alton Memorial Hospital af- on Tammy, appeared, ter treatment for injuries suffer-i Brown explained, and ed in a fall when a scaffold '• fears were quieted, broke. , Tammy had nothing to The carpenter Incurred a (about all this. say • Sales • Rental HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS OF ALTON S4 C. Bdwy. 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