Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGfc EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, AUUUSI1 1U, Dean Smith'* Resignation Accepted by Dist. 14 Board WOOP RTVER The official rrsignntion of Dean Smith as Pis« member of Hiph trirl 14 Roard of Kduc atimi was accepted hy thr hoard Tuesday night Smith -tnrted serving on the hoard in Apni. Thr board named Ant:. W the d;ite for » sperial nieetinp to naine a successor for SmitK His natural term would ;md tenor Saxophone, two snare drum* and stands at a total i-net ol *.~Fi~i 3P from the Ackerman Music Co . was approved MP thr recommendation of Ches- lei Hughes, band director. Pun-ha^e of a new electric tv pew liter fin use In the srh"<>' registrar ;it a net cost of $'JOr> fic:m IBM Corp. a ' so a l'' Discussion of the purchase expired April. 1W2. hut a rt-jo[ 15 individual honth type replacement will only he able loicordine units for the school for- srrvp hy appointment until f-icjeicn language laboratory cen- nexl school board election in April. 1%1. Durine a discussion of policy lerrd on a bid of SK.305 sub- initled hy the Klcctronic Specialties Corp. of Rrenlwood. decision, the hoard reaffirmed! M the rule that all non-resident and a bid of S..13.1 sun' 1 h V wmi « m shortal fnr students must pay S31K) per:'""' Knne equipment year tuition nhen not residing in thr district. Kach year the board is requested to make exceptions to this rule, but they feel thai the rule must stand firm for all Discussion of use of the foot- The Imarri instructed Smith to have qualified personnel continue examination of the two i products and then recommend Golden Age Club Picnic Set Thursday 1960-61 Budget Drawn UpbyDist.l5Board WOOD RIVER — A temporary budget of $663.800 was read \VOOn RIVER - The Golden!Tuesday night at a hoard of ed- control, $15.200: instruction, $389.000; operation, $66,100; fixed charges, $8,300: auxiliary, $61,Apr Club will meet at thejucation meeting of the Wood Riv- 500: maintenance. $1.500: mis- Roundhouse at 10 a.m. Thurs- er School District 15 at the Lew-cellaneous, $500; capital outlay. day and then go to Kendall Hill j s and Clark School. The tempor- $5.000 and contingencies, $1,000. lor f, picnic. ;ir > budget will be on file Friday The p t . opO sed 1960-61 building Everyone is to bring a cov- and a public hearing and budget f um | budget totals are: fixed I eierl dish and table setting, adoption will bo held Sept. 13 charges, $4.500: maintenance. service, $73.175: Those with cars are to provide at 7:MO p.m. al the Lewis and;$25.825: debt transportation. Clark School Plans will be made to go to The proposed 1%0-fil capital outlay. $11.000; and con- budget tingencies. $1.000. thc Illinois State Fair's (ioldem is $32.300 higher than the $631.500' T nr audit report for t e 1959- Agc Day. Aug. 19. Bus reserva-i budget of the 1959-60 year. The l(i o school year vvas read by Genei (ions will he taken through; proposed budget's increase was Kratschmer. representative of ! Thursday. Buses will leave the ; reported due to an estimated $32, -I the R.^C. Scheffel and Co. of Al' Alton YWCA at 8 a.m. and ii'-OOO increase in the salaries of ton audit report was ap- tui'n at 7 p.m. teachers nnd employes for the ,, roV ed by the board. A prelim WCTtJ TO Elect ! coming veal'. . ina) . y report was given on ex . WOOD RIVER — The Wo- The $32.300 increase over the penditures by Superintendent men's Christian Temperance Un-; previous year's budget lies in the Glenn DeAtley on July 12. the Wood River Junior Women Announce Program for Year WOOD RIVKR Mrs. .Tnmes Milford. program chairman for Ihe Wood River Junior Women's the Torrh Huh. Special guests at the affair were The Rev. Ray Johnson. Clnh announced Tuesday that I former pastor of the church the program for the coming !»nd the Rev. and Mrs. Glenn yc;ir has been completed. Smith. On Sepi 2fi Mrs. horns Chair- Kollowint; <h p ™e 81 th * Rev ney will derm.nsti-Hle her talents Johnson gave a short tnlk. in'ceramics at Fine Ails Night. Harem e Wilson, president of On Oct. 10 Mrs. Stan Crouch tnp R'otheihood. was in charge of the Mndison County Meritnl lflf "i tangements. Mfalth Clinic will he Icatiued speaker. Mr. Cameron Meredith fessor ol education and psychology, vvill speak on "Helping Parents I'nderslMiid Their Children" on Nov. 28. IVoplr of (rpr pro- „, ,' t-i . lo Instruct l ( ,lprtor« SCHOLARSHIP WINNER ATLANTA iAP>-Tt is now up lo the people of (ieorgia to decide whether they want their 12 On Jan. W Miss Carol Marsh Hri-lors to back the Democratic of the Illinois Bell Telephone l' nrt > or go to the Eire- for a school board-faculty picnic Aug. at Westerner Club were started and ball field for various reasons by .,,. ran p cmcri t s to secure the club other groups than the :vgh: f()| . usr wil) mm . )K , mar1r school football teams and school | Rj ,, s t()|a | jng $49,586.48 were band was held and the board ;M ]| oxv(? d ga\-e A. Edson Smith, district superintendent, instructions to call together some of the poop'e that use the field, such as coaches and a band representative, in an attempt to formulate a more complete policy 1o keep groups detrimental to the turf on the field from using it. C. Wayne Stevens, superintendent of maintenance, told Cottage Hills Man Injured in Fall From Porch ion will elect officers at a break- proposed educational fund total, j n t | 1P auditor's report fast Friday morning at 8 o'clock of $548.300. The 1939-60 etluea- cash balanee of the educational the Roundhouse. :tional fund budget total was fund a , Junp 30 1960 Was $33 . Members are to bring their own! $51(5.000. Both the 1959-fiO and the 155.70 as < food and table service 11160-81 budget totals 9;^ 56 OI1 Juno ;iu j^v, an in . Teen-a K e Dance are $115.500. t . rpasp of $28.220.14. It was re- WOOD RIVKR A-teen-agel The proposed 1960-151 education- ported that there were no ad- dance^ Will he held Thursday a) fund budget totals are: central vanee payments of the 1959 le- Kenneth Carstons, left, son of Delbert Carslens, 241 Ohio St., East Alton, and Mrs. Wanda Carter, 14 E. Penning, Wood River, in shewn here receiving a $300 scholarship from the Wood River Optimist Club Tuesday at the Comet Drive-In in East Alton. Kenneth Sweet, club president, presented the award.— Staff Photo. from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Club. Music will be furnished) by the "Off Beats." A pass or paid-up dues receipt will be accepted for admission. Dance sponsors are Mrs. Mildred Herman and Mrs. Virgi] Foster. Navy Mothers Union Talks i Resumed at Shell Oil vy on June 30. 1960. At the end of the previous year, $33.480.80 had | been received on the 1958 levy. ; The building fund had a cash 'deficit of $11.007 on June 30, :1960 as compared with $13. i344.99 on June 30. 1959. In the ; previous year. 517,141.07. repre- Wood River Youth Wins Optimist Scholarship WOOD RIVER Kenneth Ca'-- tuid fourth Tuesdays of the slens. 18. a 1960 graduate of month to the second and fourth WOOD RIVER-Charley H. Tuck- T. 73. •!."> Thelma St.. Cottage members the problems involved!Hills, was admitted to Wood Rivin keeping a good turf on tr,ej er Township Hospital Tuesday at field when used for such detri-|n a . m . fol - a frachlre d left an-i" a - ves W » E appointed member-; morn , following talks •; mental functions. A more com-! klp and a contusion of the righti^ lp chairman of Jhe^ Greater! day prehensive policy decision is! up pp,. arm received in a falll A . n Area Nay y expected to he announced by|f ronl the roof of a porch, the next meeting Sept. 13. j others treated and released Another policy to be invest!-:, rom the hospital Tuesday were:, , „,,_.„.., afla ., tn ., 0 .. gated more thoroughly by the Mrs . Mary Kay Durham. 114 ]recently appointed were: Mrs. i continued aftei today. srnlinga time^ deposit of S17WO. • R . ypf Commun|t HWl Thursday. and interest of $141 67 had beenj St;hool was awarded a ,-„„ rnj . Announ , emt , nl UH , 111adr , hH , WOOD RIVER-Wage negoti- erroneously credited to this ac-! V(?raity of ,, )!no , s Sl . holal . ship 1)y :t ()00 Christmas trees, including . .members of the Optimists Club tlrosc to be painted and flocked. Name Chairmen ' ation talks betwcen um ° n re> p re - co ". nt ' Tliereioi ' c ' the actuai 1959 'luesdav Niuht. sentatives of the Oil Workers cash balan(>tl at J""e 30. ..,_-.. -„.__ „ A , Council at Shell Oil Refinery was a deficit ol $3.796.68. C «, , , WOOD RIVER- Mrs. Arthur anfj She] , offk . ja|s ,. esumed |hi ; the current year a transfer of $17, The youth, who '-' • •• Tues- Wl.&i vvas made to the bond and interest fund. Club| u °f' i There were, no anticipation i Monday night at the East Alton! So far a I J P arent] y no a 8 ree ' warrants outstanding at the be- Wanda Carter, 14 L have been ordered to he M>!d a t al the annual Optimist Christ- Ih.o mas tree stand. son of Delbert Careens. 231' Money from this annual pro- Ohio St.. East Alton, and Mrs.i.ifct is used by the club to proc-mote and finance various uivi<- " pt ' Hall. Other committee ment has been reached chairmen I e ' tner side ar| d talks by be gjnning „ end of the A ve. improvements within the eoin- review, and the only obligations: The scholarship was presenl outstanding on June 30, 1960 ed by Kenneth Sweet. Huh P 10 *- cl • board is the rental practices ; QJJJ O $t.. Routh Roxana. for an and regulations of the ( 0 her right hand and school. A study of insurance forearm: Robert A. Smith, 21. factors involved is to be madej Sixth street Hartford, for dog before the next board meeting, !|)jt P wound to his back: and by members. Stevens gave a progress report on the summer mainte- Miss Rose Alesandrini. 17. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Alesandrini, 606 Virginia Ave., nance work and announced thatjCottage Hills for a laceration of more extensive repairs than originally planned will have to be made to the boiler. The repairs must be made at the request of the insurance com- Allshouse, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. pany involved or the insurance the left knee; Gregory J. Kane, 40, 509 E. Main St.. East Alton, for a laceration to the great toe of the left foot and Russell E. Ernest Franklin, welfare; Mrs.i The Oil Workers Council rep-Were the normal current expens- president Al Beckwith. hospitality; Mrs. j resents 11 craft unions. l,500>es which paid in July. 1960. In other club activities it WHS Hartford C. of C. wage increase for one year or a Parker Asphalt Co. of Alton for weeks in the club sponsored John Stassi. ways and means; | employes at Shell who are ne- The contract for black topping'reported that '.'50 youths parti- Mrs. Robert Carrol, scrapbook j gotiating for an eight per cent school areas vvas awarded to theldpated during the past six Mcet.s Tllltixlav und historian. Mrs. J. R. Bock joined the organization. A discussion was held on entering a float in the Halloween parade in Alton, and Company vvill present a pitJ- K^am entitled "Your Voice and You." i Feb. 27 Wood River City Man- 'ager Leland Kraft, who is also 'civil defense director, vvill show a lilm "Invisible hinernv." Federation Ni^bl has been set for Man-h 13 and the puest speaker vvill he Mrs. Kldon Orr. 22nd District president. County Farm Adviser Truman May vvill speak al the May 8 Mother's Nixht' tneetiriK. His •'topic will he "Lawn and (iar- dens." UOM .McetliiK WOOD RIVER The \Vomei, ol the Moose observed chuptei ni«ht Tuesday. Mrs. Wedley Dudley vva.s the presiding ol- llcer. A report VVH> i^iven on .lu'y humrcominK arid Mrs. Sila'- HourlHlid WHS enrolled as a neu Dif'inber. Hefiesli;)ienls \>eri' si'i'ved and prixes were won by Mrs. Walter Matjuire. Mrs. Dudley. Mrs. Kdward Heinnia- miller, and Mrs. I^-roy Wixxi- ard. Family Picnic- \\OOD RIVER A total of .,b intended the annual family picnic sponsored by the Men s Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church Tuesday night at of (oral College unpledged. The State bciiiocratic F ('riminittee approved inc the si raw ballot on the primary by a 71 1 vote 1'ndi'r the state's 19. : )8 u elector law Ihe electors vvill not lie lH)iind legally to follow a mandate of the people if the primary volt favors pledged elector*. Bui (lov Ernest Vandiver h,is tiiiid Ihe elrclors vvill b<' obligated morally tn comply witti the straw vote result. When Was Your PILLOW Sterilized Last? PILLOWS $1.19 August Special Free Pick-Up and De/ivery 909 E. Bdwy. HO 5-8877 12 per cent increase for a two a bid of $2,057. A contract for i free swimming lessons at the 'year period and various fringe;tearing down and building up a : Wood River benefits. i brick flue at the Washington ming pool. HARTFORD — Bill Fewell, municipal swim-il' l ' (Vsiclont of Hartford Chamber of; | Commerce, has announced that ul A meeting of the Oil and Al- ! School was given to the Titsworth! Approximately 95 per cent of!regular meeting of the group for; a cash donation was approved j ]j e d Unions Conference repre- Masonry Contractor of Cottage'those taking the lessons learned i Thursday at City Hall at 7 p.m. for the project. Commander Gvven Sargea. ;{(• swim it vvas noted. Letters sentatives representing 14 affil-! Hi ' lls for a bid of $405. iated unions in the Greater St. Tne building committee vvasio! thanks will be sent by th< James L. Allshouse, 917 Haller of the boiler could be discon-jAve., Wood River, for laceration tinued. to his chin. One bid of SI.185 to make. Birth Announcement the necessary repairs vvas pre-; WOOD RIVER—Mr. and Mrs. sented from the Nooter "Corp.'Otto Baierlein, 575 Leslie, have of St. Louis, but action was j received word that a daughter, waived pending further inspee-|6 pounds and 13 ounces, vvas tion of the toiler and clarifies- j born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence tion oi what parts should be Stockhauier, DeKalb, 111. Mrs. Attend Reunion r -.. . HARTFORD - Mr. and Mrs.: gave a talk on her recent visit. Louis area among refinery, authorized to receive and approve i club to W ; ood River city officials Curtis Summers of E. Maple o the USS Sierra, a Naval re-|p jpelm p and bargeline workers, bids fo1 ' repairing and coping land Howard Oeting. pool man- street, and Mrs. Beulah Sum- pair ship at Norfolk, Va. Herj was sc | 1e duled for noon today : walls on tlle L^w' 8 an d Clark'ager. for their ion-in-law. James Thomas, )S| in , he Mj nera i Springs Hotel, Scno0 ' and tuck pointing on all the program, serving aboard the Sierra. i ' The club invited any mother .vjio has a son in the Navy, Coast Guard or Marines to attend the next meeting on Augjpeak in 1946 with 2,291,045 wed- ton School. Bills approved total! Members voted to repaired at this time. The purchase of a baritone Stockhauser is the former Elizabeth Baierlein. Sum- : cooperation in me rs of W. Birch street, returned home Tuesday from West; .schools. A report on Ihe district opti- Frankfort, 111., where they attend. . : Mrs. Mary Blodgctt was hired;mists meeting July 30-31 at e d the Tackett family reunion., Marriages and divorces in the by the board as a new kinder-1 Alton was given by Cecil Nuu- while there they visited Mrs. : United States both reached a'garten teacher at the Washing-inaber. 22 at the East Alton VFW Hall.ldings and 610,000 divorces. 1 $15.806.16. meeting nights from the second[phews. Curtis Summers' sister-in-law and 1 change with her many nieces and ne- Ifou Are Invited to a Trunk Showing of PURITAN SWEATERS this Friday *• from Noon to Nine p.m. ORDER YOUR SWEATERS FOR FALL FROM THE DOZENS AND DOZENS OF UNUSUAL SWEATERS THAT MR. KEN FELD of PURITAN WILL SHOW YOU. PRICES FROM $8.95 TO $25 Iraffleri WOOD RIVER PARK FREE AT REAR OF STORE Have a "CoJce' On U*l LIAN Our Neiv Location! 131 EAST FERGUSON WOOD RIVER feature NORGE NORGE WASHER I ^ " 11 i«i tollt I ** HiLl'll (*H* IW»" v^ys&fftfassi fegHH^^ i -. * • .1.*tit NORGE .V "A'pti> Location Drawing" PRIZES *30-GALLON GLASS- LINED GAS WATER HEATER *SINK GARBAGE DISPOSAL * GAS RADIANT SPACE HEATER 43-PIECE CORNING- WARE SAUCE PAN SET *2-FURNACE AUTOMATIC HUMIDIFIERS —/Vo Purchase Necessary to Register! —FREE GIFTS TO EVERYONE! — Draning Friday, Aug. 26! RICH'S Ladies' Apparel NOW! Just Say "Charge It" SUMMER DRESSES Values to $25.00 $ 5-*8 SUMMER SKIRTS Values to $9.98 $ 3 $ 4 SUMMER Values to $2.99 BLOUSES 'I 50 Specie*/ 1 GROUP WINTER COATS (Discontinued Stylet) Values to 39.95 ALL SWIM SUITS l /2 PRICE! Rich's Ladies 9 Apparel 2 East Ferguson DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER Open Friday Till 9

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