Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN IUY TOUR . . . Udiet' LEVI'i At Ut Amw Hits 22 ft 30 H7 lent for school (or play- Thc Children's Shop 112 W. Third St., Alton HO 2-1951 Driven for 30 Years Without License SENECA FALLS, N.V. (AP)~ Police said Louis Phillips, 30. had been driving for 30 years without a license. When (hey halted his car Monday on a routine check and asked to see his license, Phillips told them he mislaid it in 1930 and Just never got around to getting another one. Telegraph Want AfJ§~"C£tCK 1 ' Often Imitated, Never Equalled. LEVIS AMIRICA'I tINIST OVIRAU US* Wmhlngton Av«., Upper Alton Church Women Meet At Wanda Tonight Brother and Sister Meet SOUTH ROXANA - The Women's Society of Christian Serv-! At for 2R \t>nr* ice of the Wanda Methodist; ' f '^' *" J^MIO Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. to-j | day at the church Mrs. Mary Ash is spiritual life leader and, | Mrs. Mary Knipping is hostess. • brother, G. K. Ginter 80. of A1- I to Tour Springfield lenvllle. Mo. were reunited here SOUTH ROXANA— Cub Scouts I this week after 28 years, each HARTFORD — Mrs. Cora Nolan. 77. of Df'lmar Avenue and her NO SWIMMING ALLOWED <!. W. Lawrence, Alton Water Co. I manager, shows Alton Water Co. sedl- i mentation pool to Illinois Department i of Public Health engineers at a meet- i Ing Tuesday of the West Central Wa- terworks Assn. From left the engineers are Richard Bosenberger, L. D. Hudson, and Otto Hallden. The water In the pool is a contrast to the river water in the background.—Staff Photo. i of Pack 24 will go to Spring- not know-in* if the other was I field Saturday by train leaving .alive during those years. i Alton at 8 a.m. and returning at| The reunion came about after 1 10:07. They will tour Springfield' Mrs. Nolan mentioned the long 'by bus with a guide. The Cubs 'lost brother to her granddaugh- I are to each bring a ssck lunch iter by marriage. Mrs. Paul Nol- jhut will have supper at a hotel, an of Hartford, and expressed ! Only Cubs who made reserve- 'a desire to find out if he were 'lions by Aug. 1 are eligible to- still alive. The granddaughter ;go. There are 47 Cubs and 17 1 wrote the hrother at his last I adults scheduled to make the known address In Missouri and u r jp in return the aged sister here re-. ! Today a group of the (^ b s > wivpud » le «f from her brother's ifrom Pack 24 enjoyed a hike to ^ughter. Mrs. Ruby Bylath of. Kendall Hill leaving from Cub- Cape G.rardeau Mo., and plans' I master Robrrt Sullivan's homfc were m^de for the reunion^ Gint-j and they took a sack lunch. ' pr and ms dau * hter arrived here Visiting Relatives SOUTH ROXANA -- Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ash of Wanda have as their guest this week her grand-niece, Miss Nancy Bartels, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartels of Bissell Hills, Mo. 'Monday for a short visit with his sister. IN JERSEYYILLE , . , Gef Your — LEVI'S MILLER'S DEPT. STORE Headquarter* for Levt'i In JIBRHEYVILLE, ILLINOIS Roxana Tax Levy $175,690 For Next Year WaterCompanyPumpsOver 10 Million Gallons Daily i Bible School at South Roxana Clones SOUTH ROXANA - The Daily Vacation Bible School of the Wanda and South Roxana Meth- . gram Sunday evening. Mrs. Vic- Roxana Women Get Citations RECEIVES SCOTT AWARD Miss Sylvia A. Lueker, daughter of* MM. Frieda C. Lueker, Bt. 2 Alhambra, and the late Allen A. Lueker, has been presented a $100 Sustained Performance Award at Scott. Miss Lueker, a secretary in Headquarters, Airways and Air Communications Service (AACS), was presented the a\vard for her performance of duties during the past year by Col. Byron V. Pcpltone. A native of Worden, she was graduated from Highland high school and has been employed at Scott two years. __ The Alton Water Co. now! Dean Conrad, Alton Water Co. form of f ™ Production. An av- told the group how the fT^f . . . the two week school. nnmriK more than 10000000 pumps more tndn ju.wu.uuu . . ,. ' ROXANA-At the last village , Ions of water daily to approxi-l"ver water is treated at Alton j board meeting an ordinance was mately 15.000 c o n s u m e r stand conducted a tour of tne Ipassed levying $175.690 in taxes through about 200 miles ifor the fiscal year ending April mains. J. W. Lawrence, mana-i service on behalf better community and as a ,, . . , .iticipant in the 19.58-60 communi-1 tor Herman was superintendent . . . . . J ... , M . „ , tv achievement contests sponsor-1 and cha.rman of the Sunday eve- ^ Federation of nmg program which was ,n the Women . B ^ ^ ^ ^j Roebuck Foundation. ! Mrs. Ray Randle served as| (community achievement chair-j 'man last year for the Roxana j ROXANA - The Roxana Wo- ' man's Club has recently receiv- i Thor-Delta carrier rocket caused satellites into orbit, ed two citations. One is to the!a second postponement early to-! Another launching attempt Woman's Club of Roxana for de-'day in an attempt to launch a iw 'i" he made Friday, dicated of 104 children attended Njcho]s Miss Dp |ore Nichols Miss nouncer. _ , , , , . and Miss Martha Legate were; „ , .. -. , Conrad SHld ' hat " 1C water '^cameramen. Mrs. Mary Ash andi 0 ""^ was ^ ressedf t , 130. 19B1. Th- treasurer report- ge r of the firm, told 26 mem-l |reatef l w '«h alum to aid .sedi- |sharon Nicho , s , ed ^ b in .; The other awardI was from the ; mentation, chlorine to purify j nprs . Mrs ,^ liw> Nnrvillp Mrs _j Madison County Association for and is a certifi- I Club and service to youth of the |ed $22.383.50 in the general fundibers attending a meeting of the;" 1 " 11 " 110 "- ™ionne .o puniy |ners; Mrs Louige Norvillei Mrs., • and $4,909.93 in the recreation West Central Waterworks Assn. ithe watel '' llmf ' as a softener, j B( , Uy Pruett and Mrg Estheri Cripp . ' Inc . , , u . . ifund. here Tuesday night. i and carbon dioxide to control iGrangt , , ed th( , Juniors; Mrs cate of appreciation to the club 1 Bids were received on a street After welcoming t he group, the acid-alkali balance. | Hertha Southard and Mrs . Ha zel for their generous P artlcl P ation ! sweeper. Bids were submitted by which met at the Alton Water Thp company is now using : Russe u were in charge of teen' Machines. Inc of St. Louis.:co plant, Lawrence- traced the: ammonl " -""cording to Conrad, jagers and Mrs. Rosemary Smith, ds .?^ ea Glenn H Marshall of St. Louis, history of Alton and the water 10 remove the taste sometimes and M,- s . Virginia Cuthrell had thc i pleMaenl left from the chlorine treat- primary group jdioup. and on occasion uses Independent Garage Owners Hear Reports P. N. HIRSCH ALTON PLAZA—NORTH ALTON—WILSHIRE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTERS AND DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER RUGGED as they look I l)w tougher the job, the more a man of action wants LEVI'S jean* -tfii long-wearing, easy-fitting overalls with the authentic Wett> em cut. For LEVI'S are cut from the world's heaviest denim, r*t* Itrced with Copper Rivets-to outlast 'em all! AMERICA'S FINEST OVERALL • UNCE 1860 4> *• btckpocM, loot t*r tht **rf 7W f ) ml «u« tlvi'l it •(*«'»» K "U « •• »'!•' >»'«i • M I and O. B. Avery Co. of St. Louis., companies here and explained : Action on bids was postponed to improvements planned by his allow time for more investigation, firm. • The resignation of Charles ! Harbkc from the water commission was accepted and the vacancy was filled by the appointment of Roy O. Williams. A delegation of residents from McCurdy Ave. was present and asked that the street improvement project be completed this 'year on McCurdy. Eighth and Independent Garage Owners Clark streets. They were promis- of Greater Alton met Tuesday pd the project woud be complet- evening at the Wood River Ared but maybe not this year. mory with Charles Mester pre- Prpxhytprian Circles siding, and heard a report from ROXA.NA — Thc Circles of the the National IGO-A convention 1 United Presbyterian Women's at Atlanta, Ga.. by Martin ; Organization of the First Pres- Leimbach. who served as par- jbyterian Church will meet'liamentarian for the conven- iThursd.-iy. Thc 9:30 a.m. Circlejtion. i will meet at Kendall Hill recrea^ Leimbach reported that 34 Ition area; the 1:30 p.m. Circle sta(es were rep resented at the • will meet at the home of Mrs. car- Refreshments were served each \ bon to improve the tastr of the day to thc children sponsored byj water nndrr unusual conditions, the Women's Society of Christian: H. B. Collin<\ ille. is Service of the two churches.! president of the organization. Gifts were presented the teach-; and Lawrence Parker, Green- ers and many parents attended! ville. secretary. : the closing program. : in the "Easter Seal Appeal." It Robert Chappell, of the Easter Seal Postpone Balloon Launching Again CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —Technical problems with the ANNUAL SHAREHOLDERS MEETING THE ANNUAL SHAREHOLDERS MEETING OF THE CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIA. TION OF EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS, WILL BE HELD IN THE OFFICE OF THE ASSOCIATION, 325 SMITH AVENUE, EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS, AT 8 P.M ON MONDAY, AUGUST 22ND, I960. THE PURPOSE OF THIS MEETING WILL BE TO ELECT SEVEN DIRECTORS AND TRANSACT ANY OTHER BUSINESS THAT MIGHT COME BEFORE THE SHAREHOLDERS. Signed: H, Q. WICKENHAUSER, President Attest: ROBERT S, RICHIE, Secretary-Treasurer You Are Invited to Join !Verna Cuddy on VV. First St., and the 7:30 p.m. Circle will; meet at the home of Mrs. Dorothy Williams, 202 Rohm, Roxana. T 4H E R S 3rd and Piasa, Alton HEADQUARTERS FOR LEVIS convention and that the membership in the association has increased to almost 6,000 independent garage owners. Also 86 independent parts manufacturers who are members of this association and were represented at this convention. At the state directors' meeting at Peoria, July 30, plans were made to hire an executive di- i-ector to organize new units. Illinois presently has nine local units with a membership of 200 independent garage owners. This meeting was attended by Charles Mester. Martin Leimbach, and Leon Kohler ot this area. Charles Lewis was elected secretary of the Alton unit. The office was vacated by the death of F. M. Wicker. robe . . Sweaters away till fall! $10,0001* $30,000 Profit $10,000 to $30,000 Profit H y«v MM IM«» «wr Thil ft *n «qp»rlunity l« tnilm Mid cgntrel your Uv»l *f «nnu*l profit far P.»r*o«»l oHort Amirfct'i fttrotl growing miior p.lnt firm ii offwina •xcluiiv* i naU or mulllpl* unit rtKll fr«iclili*i to •utllfitd IndlvlduiU n koy tllltt with prov«n I*)M potMitUI. Wo iro 10 y*m •W •"• will ;»'*4 bv Ktrodlloj »inciti. Ov«r 400 ewnor-mtntgod V ^«J?_».!'t»?»:«W.»;••»«!•>• Jjl profit. 7Z<» tht inventory 0 to $30,000 not profit (iiurtt oro not " ovorfcttd, <Mh only, on<-min owntr- i y*w**w **• <MP **»*••• mmnj m*9 m ^ invMtmtnl or borlor. StO^OO "^ wnviutt for Ihii vniqwt, low "on«*het" (ommiuien optrtter, will op*'*l*d bMiinon. A i«Url«d coinpwiy min, not * •Milt In findi»e dtiirtbl* let I* *nd during Moro op ' Miyro growth *nd profit will m»t hit worktd in . .,.,. >wll . . Ihi builntu «nd it moro intor*tlod in y'owr tnnui oponmg ord«r. i' i YV i* w , WMW^WWI tvimnwivn vporflior, will ittirtbl* ocdiont, ruin you or your mmigor prior oro •MniM, mtintain rtgulw torvic* tchodulo to IP'*'''- Wllhout oxcoption, ovory company nun you >k«d in • ttoro tuch M yourt will b* . . ho bnowi f i. m>» 1.1......J ]. „.... ,| vo | gm , !(,,„ JB I ll It in non-ulabl* 3 <ddltlon<l invMi. / • b »J«"« l '""•»• ^ There h) no franchiie fee. Only IU of •««'»"•»•)• N» lrooj tapir*) i cojlT or ""^X e» * oW »™" W W WMO we VWO HV*»»i • over of I I* 10 tl«ei Mr year the everMO Mary lo operaie on * toundTnventery and coebpotHien you Can a Mary bo aniwered rke market. L, _ yeu to to* itoro* >i«ry, tlotk WMta •UV1 CAN <K»'*H«l{» ll bfl"9 IUMOM ind prrflt to yout Tklt t«n „ ll »y *n, mulu*l tpprtlMl of vowritlf <nd of *ro ono tf rhoTow frtntlmlng'orMPililioni Ihtl U"«M ' it in your «rtt btfort you dteidt * I ?U( U "iSuMdt* n>linM | M M>> $sf£p&£ '»»'"•" JMIf'lMlotk IT OfMI Pro. "l"di» 7 •p*rli*n »nd 10.yo»r n roio" 'of on toniunor tMtJtloM*. aoTropott •romolloiur tu»*u rfrhU idvtrlU- Pill iMtjixvs :UK tfassrtt ?T!r. l £i.Si <J ' yJ " 1 K*u l !f" *wr wv;;;i,iSj «•»•» W49 bwid on wh«l VOVwMt If «>.*nd-«o «l»-i« wSt •WMMM W tMIMloK vwr WuUfw « MARY CARTER PAINT FACTORIES MATAWAN, NEW JIRSIY We Give TOP VALUE Stamps 2nd Annual swum CLUB All the sweaters you want for fashion success'. . favorite classics, newest styles, exciting new colors . . . become a member by selecting your complete sweater ward- Any Five (5) .. and lay them See our complete line of New Foil Sportswear, Blouses, Dressei. SWEATERS from our famous lines. i STYLES of your choice SWEATER VEST or PETTICOAT to ALL Sweattr Club Members! Ple«te Note: Gift Offer Void tf Entire Sweeter Selection it Not Paid for By November I, I960. ALTON PLAZA * ALTON DUI HO 5-6721 MONTICILLQ PLAZA - QODMSY Dial HO 6-3811

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