Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 10, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 10, 1960
Page 4
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AL1UM iU, Editorial Fain IT Kmorgonry Policy Needed Tbf citv i<, prorefrfing to pay its tret cleur- | downed limbs from their yards into the streets, ing bill now. ' unvway, for municipal cleanup. So whv !t h*i) to fiml si",000 in other part< of its shouldn't they all? Some, of coxir»e, didn't, and budget. unused, to meet the cost of clearing up : naturally don't like to help pay the bill for thos?' sfter the June '0 <torm. A question of (.onsidfr.ihlc importance when it .jror i.ime up m connection with these ex- pmso David Lawrence Precedent Established In Congo Side Glances «* far- should be cleared by the citv. Th» ritv will nrvrr know how manv extra loadl^f tree bra^;; aJdels 17 to JJ . . i i i , ij L cleared up and hauled to the citv dump bv citv . . i trucks because property owners were encouraged to throw them into the streets And th.s doubt- to who did. C,mini> aMde this more or less cvnical view. NASHINdlON — A . , ' i . , ., ', t. i , reachine precedent in world ,if- one miant » so point out that piles of hmbs and , . . ' . ... . . .. 1 * ' ' lairs is bcmt: established in the brush in v.mis and homes commuted a f.rc Cnns ^ An | nk >,. nfltlnna | military M.nor P. V. D.iv raised it. and it is worthy haranl. Much of the damage was done in sec- four i* ;ictn;ill\ heine ordered to of tlinrouch consider.! t ton in preparation for any tj o m of the city where yards were not large intervene within an independent future emergcno of similar nature. enough to burn the brush safely. In thc end. the country to establish "law and Should" the citv be expected to haul away f ew thousands of oollars spent clearing the extra °'' rfpl branches and debris which have fallen on private O ff , hc strcc ,«; m j g ht have saved many more Tho n ' flson K' vp " is thal " tho property and which owners |,jvr been encour- thousands in residential fire ciama^f. ' complete restoration of law and .',... t ' orner in the republic ot the con- aged to pile m the street/ Wc M - KVt the qiiestlon is we || worth a f u || ^ wouk , offoctively ( .. O iitnbiite Mayor Day doesn't think so. And he has dj scll , s j on j n City Council, supported by as to the maintenance of inlernn- «ome basis for his assumption. He holds that only mv|c|l re , eilrcll ^' (Ws j b 1 e . We got caught off tional penre and security." limbs which fell on thc streets in the first place guj|rd thj$ timei and (nc dty ., uministrati on h.,d That s the language of the .Inthe best of a had situation. Somethinu M ' 2 ' 2 '™olutlon of the Security , . , , . , r ;Council of the United Nations. Ll • ° which has just been reaffirmed however. l )v j nr same council. Though circumstances as they worked out B U I jf this can be done in the ... expenses alreadv had been incurred before he i also in other countries? Today less contributed much to thc length ot time re- i ., , . , ', , ,-• r~ -\ .u 'Soviet troops occupy Hungary. v. t could object oetore tne i.-ouncit, otner cii'- 1 ' '• " • quired to do the cleanup |ob. . .. . Poland. C/echoxlovakin. Bui-i There certainly arc two sides to the argu- tlimst -" 1ccs * l lcast won him onc P omt ' g ar ja. Rumania. KHS! Germimy ment. M.vor Dav stands tor the vide represent- The mayor insisted last spring when the a, ld other « : ,,ptiVT S t«les. Soviet ,„ in • an America that unto, tun.iu-h . m.iv well he budgci was presented to the Council that it i troops continue to impose their uon ' niSliaie TO IP11 me II l m noi going mis llgni. *" i i A '•' • i • i could he nrnned tn avoid a tax rue increise next 'tyrannical power and to inter- passing mto obhv.on - an America m which «-ould be pumed rate nuuase ^ ^ .^^ ^ ^^ fttff|f(<>| .. >v Fo| . ||M| folks really worked to do things tor themselves H" n K' freedom of the press and free and despised government paternalism. He also At least the Council tound J:7,I100 to p.iy r | et .)i ons by the people of those: speaks for a very modern America which doesn't for thc storm cleanup and another <.16,865 from [countries. 1 like to be burdened with added taxes. other sources in the budget for the Salu Park n || lc United Nations is to be I have taken a great deal of 1 The action actually taken bv the city repre- improvement program. the policeman of the world, it interest in reading of the GAAC's »cms another w,y of thinking—perhaps more The Council will do well next spring to'h«* "Job; cutout forJMn j^:™^ ^ ouhl °;;;. E .^°TJ!?. th * ; realistic in view of modern mental trends. It was likely many citizens would have thrown the j budget for savings. 25 and 5O Years Ago Aufu»t 10.1935 The engineering phase of prepaidtions to seek PWA assistance in the widening of Shamrock, Smith, anrl Main streets at East Alton was com- Augtut 10,1910 The Shurtteff Collet* MWrtivi committee announced that with eompletton at fh* $1,000 fund heing raised by the VTA from Upper Alton- ians. the Carnegie library was assured. Board pipte. The project aimed at alleviating a bottle- mpmnprs we re to replace any toss by Unpaid neck for traffic to the Western Cartridge Co. | pledges. nK ol the project would be divided between a spcHal assessment, the \illnt<e'.s slrnic of tho motor Iticl tax. and what ledeial aid could he obtained. An opinion of State's Attorney (Seer* thai Because of the difficult downstream passage throtmh thin water of the shifting channel at Freeman's hat, especially qualified pilots were beiiiK sent here from St. Louis to meet the reimnini: packets and guide them past the danger |w>inl. Meeting the Bald Eagle and O. W. Hill hero were Pilots Kellog nnd O'Neill, who had tightened channel at the bar since extreme low water prevailed. Over three days, the Mis- township supervisors could not be paid for then interim scrvu e as assistants to the county over- been keeping themselves familiar With the seer of the poor brought Z\ of them to the county hoard's finance committee meeting. The commiltee WHS discussing a resolution for the Maf?o of , 9 abovp )ow W(lter mark interim administration ol pauper relief until A mortgage by the A.J&P Railway In amount the county could levy for funds to finance the n f StiOO.OOO to secure a new bond Issue for «X- pmKram. Township relief lind been cut off by tension of the line to Jerseyville was formally legislation. .Joe Drexelius and fjeorgc Naylor leaped to delivered to Alton Banking & Trust Co. as trus- ice. It was announced that only $450,000 in bonds would be immediately issued, and that safety from Drexelius 1 heavy steam threshing par) f)f )ms MJm w<)ll)f , hp , |sed tr) ret)re ., n machine when they heard the planking on the PH) |jer $15.000 issue that had helped finance Foster Creek bridge giving way beneath them, consliueiion of the line from Alton to Godfrey, i'l'he machine broke through the floor. ! The City Planning Commission inspected a map for Oak Limn subdivision, to be Inrated Most Interested in Todav , , . i j i i it -j L c .u „! eni Europe. The Security Coun-i Telegraph gave the irlea of realistic m view of modern mental trends. It make an equally ng.d search of the proposed .s IJne The City Council held the line against raising its tax levy Monday night and presumably i within Christian churches tod.iy, but Negro will put its vote into 'orma! effect tonight. j co ]| ece stui j cnts have launched a "kneel-in" resolution, .wherein the trouble may lie. As 1 adopted by a 9 to 0 vote Mon- usual. 1 have an opinion on the !day night, that the United Na- subject. itlons forces "will not be a party Seven or eight years ago 1 ito or In any way intervene in or ;was so |j C jt e d to become a mem-; i be used to influence the outcome j Der O f tne GAAC. Naturally any It's a sad commentary on the condition |0f any internal conflict, consti-| 0 ,. ganizaUon has to be replenish-i mitleos were discarded. Interest a commiltee composed of alumnae. On Sad Commentary Forum. Writers, Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Readers Purum. Letters should he concise and k'glbte. All are subject to condensation. its present north terminus. Christian Edwards, well-known farmer of .Moio area, incurred a fracture of his nghl , , . miiUnc. A arm when kicked by a cow he was milking. A in Ihe old Hollmeisier tract. I'ndcr chairman- l1nrtl(r WilN ,. a || m | f, om Alton to his home to iship ol I. H. Streepcr. the commission decided vrdin e (he fracture. 'upon another meeting to go over lln- location. Marriage of Krnnk S. Sawyer of Chicago The plal WHS the lirsi of major si/.e (o he con- ;uif | \jj ss c'yntbia Mason of Godfrey was an sidered by the commission in scveial years. afternoon event. The Rev. H. A. Cotton offi- \V. II. Bauer announceil through his brother, cialed. Miss Nellie Brariish played the woddlriK George, who was cijnducting Ihe business, thai march, and Miss Gertrude Degonhardl sang tvso the Bauer Furniture Store on Kast Broadway appropriate sclerlions. Kmil HfK<hn and Miss A closing out sale was Kdilh Ashlock weie united in marriage by the. Rev. Father J. .1. Brune in St. Mary's rectory would be discontinued, advertised. Monticcllo College's buildings were to un- Keiail Merchants HI their monthly meeting Somewhere the line must be held—and it \ campaign in the South by attending services at tutional or otherwise." Yet Katanga — the province which has seceded — has been protected by Belgian troops, which the United Nations now orders withdrawn. They came there as a result of incidents in - dcrgo a complete piograrn of re-decoration under discussed a plan, proposed by J. A. Glberson, the ' to organize a civic welcome committee which their first Sundav in Atlanta. was, Monday. , , . A , , , _ . , • e L c i n i • „» -,,•, ' white protestant Atlanta churches. Despite this fact, thc Salu Park project can r be undertaken in a modified form—with about Perhaps the Negroes will find there is less one-third less expenditure than;:.was originally j resistance than they expected. They did on jLeopoldville,^ where dozens ^of proposed. Pending some other developments the Park Commission may have to take its proposed program of improvements at a slightly slower pace. If thc city had not suffered its stiff windstorm earlier this summer, thc amounts which have been rcbudgcted from other funds to ed by new members to take the lwanedi and it appeared the Committee were Mrs. Arthur R. Levis, Mrs. would give the "glad hand" to new residents I Eft htnred it I felt honored, but was run by those in the Spenccr T. Olin, Mrs. George Duncan, and Mrs. l of the city, office, and a few chosen ones. , Eben Rod> , e| . s _,,. Qn a i. ommitlec to raise Kire, believed due to spontaneous combus- poorer. I felt honored again j { t^ e GAAC would only rea- when I was appointed to thei| ize tna( th ere are more small i noeded lunds were Mrs - Jonn Duncan ' Mrs. tion from incompletely-cured hay, destroyed health and safety committee, [businesses than large ones and Meetings were held once month- cater to them and seek their Lcvis, and Mrs. Olin. ly at a local hotel at 7:30 a.m.! 0pinionSi and advicpi j sincere | y '__ _ Park Lane. Mrs. William Perry, Mrs. j the bain of George Henry, near East Alton. His loss, including contents, was estimated at $3,500. I Belgian women were raped by 11 couldn't see tho'results of these; believe they would have money J the troops of the very govern-; meetings, although I enjoyed ij n the bank It may well turn out that the larger part of ! me nt that asked the United Na-jthem. The discussions were stim- The people of today are intc- thc segregation in protestant churches has been ''°" s forcps to intervene. There lulating. and it made a person ,. psted in thr futurc ^ per cent onlv fancied based on false conceptions of both is no evident* that any plans ar ei f ee l like they were a part of the and 75 per cent interested in sides- On the one that whites need extenil ^ in S made to secure redress for community. wha| wil , hrlp , hcm , 0 bp||e| . • the wrongs done the foreigners Aftfl| , Waltcr Woodcock left us, their lives today - now. Victor Riesel Says *•• Prague Red Training Ground ... "° " lvltJt1011 , ,, thc ' ould ., thc . Negroes to try attending it they wanted to; en O f them were Americans. ' ' who were attacked. At least two the D j c t U re changed. The com- I ... J^tUlUV.^ IU VI V rtlkVIIUIHU II lilt V ,vrtllli.u I.W, nil assist in the park program could have been , . i ' «. T < <• j i a *" ^ ' " the other that Negroes believed they were un- greater. Instead, the emphasis has been welcome. Is PARIS — There is in Prague to train experts to hate us and|chinery — though our farm 1m- HARRY E. RICHEY the world headquarters of the fight us in their home regions, iplement plants in the midwest International Union of Marionette There i.s, for example, the In-!could well use those Brazilian Theatres — which is as it should stitule for South American Stud- orders these days. ' /Jf/VS ' )e - P ra Kue's Communists have ies. While in Prague the other 1 All within a comparatively few , i WCICUIIIL-. Here is perhaps the place where j placed on the withdrawal of the Ij Barring accidents next year, the amount | .^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ { .^ , . &n tmops Qnce Ms de . *c _„.. „ -„ , _^ & -".r- bc , ( . omf> , he most artfu , fabri . wppk , Raul Castro talked with sllwls of Pa ch other in Prague available from these other sources may be great- ! j mand is C0 mplied with by the; Having read Dorothy Darner's i Now, what has happened to cators of p U p p ,,, s _ specializing young men he and Soviet of- are the Central Office of Chinese er, and the park program won't have to be ' nc Atlanta camp.ugn is starting irm proo- | Belgjans the Unitcd Nations article on the "hot-dog." I must! Luer's? in the political brand of course, ficials hope will be the future Propaganda in Europe; the Chi- slowed down, after all. lem toward a resolution which should be a good fo ,. crs arp supposed to maintain!admit thai when it comes toj Tha| js , hp jon am , O ne of its pri/.e showpieces is Castros of the British West In- „ e s Q Press agency, Hsinhua, The Park Commission can look forward to f influence on both races. The Christian con- order. They will not be able,j"hot-dogs.' I feel exactly thf. somponp Hsks mc a) ]pas| on( . c> i Rau i Castro, brother of Fidel, dies. and especially the; a nd the World Federation of Sci- that possibility. science can hardly be clear at thc thought, that wish to commend the Com- i members of onc race would be unwelcome in mission s policy of putting high quality, durable j the worship services of another. workmanship into the physical improvements it j It would be well for whites to go visiting wero responsible for the disord- takes up. The shelter houses at Rock'Spring in the Negro churches, too—here as well as injers in the first place, is cap Park are a good illustration. ' the South. able of maintaining order. however, to remain there inde-|Same as she. I remember back the question will be whether the Congo government, whose troops Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round GOP Trap for Democrats able of maintaining order. Maybe an international force will some day have to enter Cuba to do a similar job of protection. The organization of American States is at present the pri- every day. No one seenv to! know the answer. least of all Raul Castro, who commands Argentine, where theCuban* have enlific Workers. , , lth thp anti . pa. to the meat-market for his In P r a g u e too, there is the World Federation of Trade Un- Iclosed the doors when the meat iantanamo Naval Base, was turn- Out of thc same central pro-.ions, described by CIA chief Al- . , ^. employe,. be,,use theyjday soon may fire on our Gau- Rovernment forces. riuilv «nnnlv nf mpnl (hp ran a viv^/i o *TH»TM m^ in^nt t cuiiaunuiLi i^tixTii tjtisi-. won IUIM- ^ui -^i i,,^ ^«,MI. vv.j,,iut i'«v-.iuiis. ui-^ui uy v_irt inuui /M- ro«t«ii«n»i Tho mn m roucnn! sales wei '° at thoir best - ' ed into a disciplined Communist paganda headquarters there op-'len Dulles as a conduit of money I, like many others, am ha v-| operative in Prague's Charles ; crates the Institute for African and man power for the global sa bo- ing a hard time trying to find|University. He was there for ov- Studies. Here are students fromjtage of U.S. base*. Not far off hot-dogs to come up to the ones| er a V ear while brother Fidel j Nigeria, the Congos and the oth-jare the World Organization of restaurant). The main reason for my going was that the butcher always gave me a "hot-dog." Even back then, it was Luer's hot-dogs, and Liter's meats that my grandpa bought. Little did I realize then that we were used to. Everyone agrees with me. Luer's was in the hills. |er West African countries. Most Journalists, the International While in Prague Raul was of tnem were recruited by Soviet Radio Organbiation and the pub- 's''we're the" best Still 'the 'housed and fed in special student j a 8" nts working out of a camou-1 lishing headquarters of tbe * are closed and like everv-ihostelries run by elite cadres O f :fla 8 ed Communist school in Braz-|World Marxist Review. The lat- mary agency for "the task in "the j when I grew up, I'd move toj doors are closed, and like every-jhostelries run by ,. 11 . in ^ a ,.„.« ,, nm , „,, M m» > • > , i , ,c , Western Hemisphere and, for!Alton, and work at Luer's. and.'one else, I'm wondering if;the Soviet global student recruit-./av.llo arross fiom Leopoldville. | e r » printed In 16 languages WASHINGTON - The Repub- regard to the Antarctic treaty (national inspection. American; thc time being, it is assumed: yes - you guessed it - in the, there will ever be another mg agency known as the Inter- I hey are told daily how much ,.",., .. .,,„•„. .._ ,... dphatp in the senate 'diplomats tried for months to i the United Nations will refrain i wiener department. Luer's. That is the question national Union of Students. It the Soviets aid their countries. beans have laid an interesting >, now up foi debate in the Senate. J ( „._._,_ ,,„,„„„,_ ,„ „_ ,,„ j,, ,„,„ „„ lhf ^ D ,,, r „„,,_ ^ iH „_,„ H ,, O H nt we'H all like an answer tn was organized there in 1947 and They are not told that recently ^ •'dmon now bolstering Cas- ln and Toionto. The Spanget Russian delegates to the Ge-jfrom intervention there. But I never did grow tired of. we'd all like an answer to. neva nuclear test conference to! United Nations forces have hot-dogs. EMU Y WOOFF trap for the Democrats at this The Antarctic happens to be special session of Congress one of the few places where thej agl . ep , 0 { , omp | e(P international i been used heretofore to try to • » » which Messrs. Kennedy and United States has had excellent! inspection. In contrast they did i squelch a war between two Johnson may walk right into. cooperation with the Soviet. Adm.; agree in the Antarctic. This is'parts of a given country. It will' They $OOn Lc (im ! Eisenhower has sent to the Sen- ««"'K" Dufek. former U.S. naval i one of^the most _ important Jea-i be /e called_ that^this_ was_Jhe in .. Tho ,. p W . JS ate for confirmation two of the toughest trust-busters and b i g- monVi cooperation and'cordiality a ti/./y about. business bailers in recent his- |DetwpPn || u . Russians and the t SA I SSI! In Antarctic tory. Y« Senate Democrats. de-i Amei . jcans .j-|, e R Uss j ans had- During the geophysical year tbe Antarctic, lures of the treaty which Englei basis of the entry of United Quite a number of strangers,! The cold blooded butcher Mr. bar- and Grucning have got into such Nations forces in Korea in the while driving through the city of K knows absolutely nothing summer of 1950. The Soviets hap- Alton on Route K7, end up lost '^ ( ""~" " ""'"•""'•' "J ....... * brainwashed and fed back into 'pcned by accident to be absent 1 on thai beat up river road west ' K ' rin P p °l )|p - revolutionary movements such f' 1 "'" Hie Security Council meet- of the city. "° H1 ' p m possession of the as Castro's. We compete with «' oalosl spite a long record of yang or an obspl . ver with us in Little: Antarctic cxperiruenls by the '"g or surely would have vetoed They miss the turn at Piasa • «' oaos W ™P™ nown to man- ts operaton with the speed of ,,. ( en ors a un control of big business, have Amem . a ; we had an observer j United States and the USSR, the : thal action. A single vote by and Broadway. The sign there (kind. Russia's great missiles and an old iwo-motor propeller job ' • ' Thj ' ',. ' l .': sl SJ « V "I<'«- >or Castro, . ' J ' " n!l "'* not how is headed by a Czech Com- this aid has consisted of C/echo-- 11 ' 0 ' l ' f >mes off the presses in niunist youth official, J. Pelikan. .slovakian quick-drying cement. Buenos-Aires for Latin America '•• There always are some .'i 000 Most ° r jt has Sonc to Ghajia, ;ind '" Prague for undercover students from across the world NiKPria. French W. Africa, the distribution in Spain, in Prague — especially from f - : ° n f»'° and Sierra Leone. Brazil, ft is out of this milieu that Raul Africa and now Latin incidentally, has been getting Castro came lo harass us. And considerable agricultural ma- when he returned the other week, it was not for a class reunion. Tmln*.?* Pf^.*^>. " e Wits (iot>ply '""''•^tPd in the J tHlliy A rrtlyvr projects of the K. C,. Vorosilov Armament VS'orks at Dubnica in this guns are not outmoded. Arntl| ' ica - Tll(>v •"''• ording to Thv perfect will Mde-trackeel their confirmation. : wjth thom We brougnl alongiSoviet chief scientist I. E. Tol-'thc Soviets could have defeated j s hard to see. It should be on'sputniks are mighty insignifi- ; '« ainst su l' cr .i (J|s - i-ur,,, nR „, , nv pcrieci win in n u The two trust-busters, are: i photographic apparatus and tookjstiekov asked Dufek if he could the measure and the Red Chi-1,he other side of the street. It's canti indeed compared to (hjs • Before I report on what Raul. the heat of i ne summer may noivatomTc I Robert A. Bicks, assistant at-|all the pictures we liked. It wasjfly over the pole to visit the U.S. nese anc l North Koreans, who m-pKnnt incatinn was OK when ICastro shonoed for when HP onti_ , , _ . „ . .. ! " i "«'» torney general in charge of the the same way when they came (base. Dufek said he would be Justice Department's anti-trust to visit us." i delighted to have him come and Justice Department's division. Acting only in a temporary job, Bicks has cracked down Dufek even turned one U.S. among otber things, took him outpost, which he didn't have'to lunch at the Navy cafeteria on more big Republican cam- enough men to man, over to the: where U.S. officers ate with en- The ^United Nations byjormal i h ' nese and North Koreans, who plotted the overthrow of the Republic of Korea, probably would have been successful in their annexation program. i resolution of the assembly de- proper way. For how could a Red China j glate ,. oad u , so uunipy? paign contributors and golf ing: Russians for observation pur-1 listed men. friends of Eisenhower than any;poses. j It so happened that when Dufekj clai ' e£ ' '" 1951 . ,_ ^Justice Department official since! In negotiating the Antarctic!B«t into the chow line he and the was an a gS llessor . b " 1 nomin 8ji n Illinois.? Judge Thurman Arnold. Never-j treaty furthermore the United Russian commander were behind has ever been done by the U - N '! FHKHK theless, Eisenhower, despite thejg lates and R Uss i a agreed on al- 'our blue-jackets, and awaited anguish ol friends, sent his name most everything. The hold-outs!'I' 011 ' lui ' n for food until alter the to the Senate for confirmation a( , a j nst agreement at first were!four had been served. The Rus- where Democrats have blocked i Q,J| P anc j Argentina, whose ter-. s ian made no comment. He did present location was OK when West Broadway was a one-way street. But thc river road sets these strangers straight and causes them to ask questions as to their it 'ritory boi-ders on thc Antarctic i ask how many personnel Dufek Earl Kmtncr, chairman of the and who bad staked out claims loi had. Feder,. Trade Conmnssion. who the future itself to punish the aggressor. In fact, many members want to! reward the aggressor by admit-1 ting Red China lo the United Nations. Although an armistice : was signed between the United ,,. . . ,„.,„,, , , Nations forces and the commu- i A tolal of .ISO was the reply, (|HS|s j ( n>ls | )(l( , n r( ,,, OH ( pd | v vlo . I has been as forthright as any The motil extraordinary fea- "plus eighteen newspapermen." ,,' , ,' n , . . . rh j n ,i trade commissioner since Victor , U1 , of the Anlal . clll . lrt . a , is .. W| so ma newspaper- ^j the Nor Kcre marmies i MurdOCk Of Kansas in the Ted- thp , ac , lha , Russla ;md lhp Unit . mpl ,.... Tolstipkov asked . V-vSenJl. of m innlsn f«hlr.i A\, n..nw/ji nil Rnii \inn>.u H'i\t , . lAicienic oi ciii iiinisputaoie oy Koosexeii oun .\ioose aujs. ,,/j <,..i fivi -.1 nni> ^vt 'I'M-ccil in ..o .1 . , , , . . . ^ , u .->iai<.* .11 luiiv, MM ,until lu So ( | K , ( aX p;,y ers ,. un know character also has been reveal- Kmtners conlirmatu.n has inspection in order to prevent JUS , how WP spond thei| . moiu .y." e( | showing that the soviet gov- been side-tracked by tin- Senate atomic bomb tests in this vast ... Mity , SPP yom . l|Uai . u ,rs7" ernmeni furnished arms and Interstate Commerce Committee unexplored waste-land where a- ,| 1( . Russian chief asked. ammunition to Ihe forces of tho at thc very same linn- H ua> |.,omb experiments would be fair- u h ,, n he saw the rather mod- Red Chinese and North Ko- confirmmg such men as Robert ly easy to stage without inter- Ps , Barters in which the Amer- reans. Vishmski formally confess-• E. Lee to the Federal Commun-| ,,,.,„ admiru , |iv(>(1 , K , obsi .,. ved . pd thjs „, H UN meeting . This ications Communion. dcKpiic { . |. f . n p vpn | n(r x < »|p 0 ,.. in l 1 "These are destroyer <|uarlfrs." act of treason against the United Lees lung sworn • lo rceord of -'I'll'lid V t nillj; I rie{"l dj»l) FREDERICK J. MILLER, Jerseyville America has gone to war ny times, always confident fin, due I Castro shopped for when he gotj let greatnehs or trutn. the fact that we had the to best weapon. ifo-ifu Southern State K.1- , , IJWIT *v>v4«««.i. i. wui t«l IL1I llkJll l\j ,this operation which has made| Thy lovp whjf;h js ]ikc , |)c ! Czechoslovakia into the Soviet's i shadow of a mic-htv rnrk in a What is this weapon? II is a favorite son satellite and hail^^nd we-.i wonderlul thing c a 11 e d earned it the rightMo be called i Christ Amen MORALE! ;, hc fi rst official Socialist Repub-i._ Robert w .' Blll . ns , Atlanta , PAUL A. HOCK He of Russia. i Ga mlnlgter> p oa chtree Chris- Brighton In this showplace of the East- tian Church. , m . OOH .... fi . • ern world there are some 25! 'O I860 by the Division of Christian L 1 ' |wldllon IO1 HoBionoH 1-duculiun. National Council of the i IStence.' uebigneo' churches of Christ in ihe U. S. A.) (Q I960, The Hall Syndicate Inc ) This armament works turns out heavy 152 mm, 252 mm — and obile guns. It i» also that the Soviets have been enlarging this installation, though it is making traditional I weapons. But the old guns are what the Castros of the world will need for local wars. Is this Chairman Khrushchev's peaceful co-ex- Antwtr to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS DOWN 1 Principal port 1 Low tide of this state, 2 Great L*k» 3 Small kangaroos 4 Renege on a bet 5 Wild ox 6 Dwarfs MIRROR OF YOUR MIND " JOSE ™ WH1INI!V Or lean* 4 Insect 6 Mardi , celebrated in that port 12 Age 13 Within (prefix) 14 Nevada city 15 Trouble 18 Name of thil state T !rai«i ra wir« irdH WIJ-IHH 7 Hawaiian food 8 Electrodes 24 Container 40 Horned 9 Peruse 25 Arabian gulf animal 10 Girl's nam* 28 Veteranc («b.) 41 Fold , , , "Thais rigiu." said Dufek. .Nations has gone unpunished.! J,:.. playing Jialsy-walsy with S e n. p ub ii*hed^Daily by Alton Telegraph' Later Dufek visited Ihe soviet:The U.N. charter says: | 20Viper base and found thc Russian had! "All members shall give the 21 Tree Joe McCarthy and acceptance of entertainment payola from TV-radio owners he is supposed Printing Company P. B. COUSLEV. Publliher •nd Editor Subscription Price 30 cents weekly ; by carrier by mail $10 a year with not accepted In towni where carrier delivery U available to regulate. The excuse of Messrs. nedy and Johnson for Senate failure to confirm will be that they personally have no control over S*natt committee^ GOP .u.t.| EB|tt%d ., ^ cla> , pUn to make that excuse tn* po.t on tee at Alton, in. Act sick in campaign speeches. of Cun«re»». March 3, 1879 THO TU*y feuatort MEMBER OF _ , . ... , „ . THE ASSUUATHD PRESS Two intelligent Senators who rht AMOtlaIed Hl •JT* unart enough to know bet- emiutd'io'ih* u»e'*" p*ubMc«"?dn*o y » t»r have got themsvlvf* in a iw-,«" "•*• dikp«ich»» credited in tnu trl , • ' . . .. P*P«r and (o Ihe local n*wi pub ay ovtr on* ot our tew u««tiet>,iikhM n«n • with Runia which h,elps pre-^ MEMBtK serve the peace of the world OF CIKCULATION They are: Young Clair Fngle' Local Ad\enisjn« Rate* and Con nf rnlifnrniH uaA Bi-izzled Fr- "* cl '"'u'ln^ilon on application al oj UJJiioima ana guzziea r.r (he i e ie K , 8 p h bu.mens uihce ill nMt Gruening of Alaska, both t.«n Bru«dw«y Aiion in N<mun<ii ...i.u .. tint, rlt( ..,,.,i ,„ the <4i>nalp . Advertising Reprebtniainet the a lUie recoio in uie stn<»ie, Jot)D Buod ( , uinpany Ntw VorK , transported much more luxurious j United Nations every assistance quarters to the Antarctic. But in any- action it lakes in ac-j 18 It» nicknjun* 19 Parent* <rf is" State" Neaw ww 83 South American mountain* 11 Fly 27 Imitated 17 Shiny cotton 28 Scent they were very generous in shai inK lhoil . cavia ,, sniokcd salmon 22 Makes lict 24 Vehicle! 29 Underling 29 Capital of Switzerland 31 Relax 33 Conspiracy 38 Hindu poet 42 Biblical king 43 Mexican coin ''• 44 Mineral rocks 46 Prayer ending 47 Memorandum 48 Rip i 50 Uncooked cordance with the provisions of; 37Weep the present charier, and shall and other rarities with the Amer- i refrain from giving assistance leans. to any state against which the NOTE — It is not unusual j Unitcd Nations is taking preven- IHE AUDI I BUKhAU to have scientific cooperation between the USSR and the United Stales even while the heads ot governments are hurling hot notes at each other Commissioner Hurry Aiislinyi'r. the American narcotics chief, pays tribute lo lhe Russians for cooperating with the United Stale-, to live or enforcement action. But since the Soviet government has the right of veto in the Security Council, it disregards I that plain warning. That's why: ! the S'oviet threats that have been made recently lo intervene ; in lhe Congo and the wanton 30 French farewells 32 Determine 34 • eye dof 35 Enchant 36 Measures ot type 37 Morsels 39 Char 40 Plateau 41 Comrade 42 Gating implement 45 Brave use of communist propaganda * point* gn> to upset peacelul governments 51 p e dal digit stamp out illicit dupe trade |in independent countries go on 62 Employs belter than any other eoun- j micluvkcd. Si'ciiiingl>, only the! 53 Region but both -now teeing Russian bo- in Chicago Deuou Atlanta i-iantitco. Lu»| try The Russians even back- oil Anslingcr to head the In- Icniiiiiuiial Niiivutic Control Bo; 11 d (C tttbO Bell byodit*ie Inc ) smaller countries like Belgium.' ** ?/•*'' lett * r 9 <«...l J.J. ILi jjjljl Q«» v\hich seek to protect their na- jgpepjftej tionalb iji troubled areas ot the (7 German uurld, must obey the U.N. . articlt ij 19ou N V Herald lnbunc. UK j ' because l hey are frequently in- \olved in emotionally-charged decision conflicts. H o w e v e r Americans, with a ratio of 6. per 100.000 population, make out very well In comparison with other nations. The World Health Organization reports Japan as having the highest ulcer rate, II'.9 and the West Berlin rate runs a close second with 12.7. Mill a long day make you sleep better? Answer: At a recent space- travel symposium in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman. University of Chicago, expressed the view thut space travelers may work bel- ter and sleep more reslfully hv discarding the earth's '. J 4-hour clay cycle and establishing one considerably longer, Expeii- ir.fiits with artificial rhythms showed that a longer cycle raise body temperature, bring- Are I'. S ulcer-prone Should children's birthdays be celebrated? Answer: Up to school age it is a good idea to celebrate a child's birthday each year, no matter how simply. This recognition is important in developing a child's sense of being a person in his own right. Unfortunately many present-day mothers who follow this routine tend to forget it is the child whom they are honoring, and EATCBPIllSif ASSN become more concerned with Answer: Stomach ulcers are impressing the parents of their ing greater alertness while closely associated with one's child's friends. If the child hap- awake and greater relaxation emotional state, and business pens to eajoy himself |t is " .during periods oi sleep. executives are likely victims lucky coincidence. ' i<o itttiU. King features Snyd., Inc.)

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